Courtney Hadwin "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" AWESOME!!Quarterfinals 1 America's Got Talent 2018 AGT

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Courtney Hadwin 14 year old sings " Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" AWESOME PERFORMANCE!! Future Janis Joplin. This is the Full segment or full performance and judges comments for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018 Quarterfinals week 1 or AGT Season 13 Episode 11 live shows (S13E11).

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About the show: America's Got Talent of AGT is TV series aired by NBC. It is a talent show for all sort of talents and all ages. It Usually runs throughout the summer and ends in September. Starts with auditions from major cities in the US then trimmed down to quarter finals, semi then the finals. There is also the very popular Golden Buzzer given by each judge given to contestants that put them straight to the live show.
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15 ago 2018

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Comentarios 2 029
paulo melo
paulo melo Hace 3 horas
Puta que pariu!
Dircelia Fatima
Dircelia Fatima Hace 6 horas
Essa garota e a reencarnação da Jenny Joplin
Iris Zlotagora Wolman
Iris Zlotagora Wolman Hace 11 horas
Awesome. I declare I'm a fan of Courtney YEAH
Bruce Farris
Bruce Farris Hace un día
Thanks Courtney for bringing me back to the roots of Rock & Roll !!!
DeElSendero Hace un día
good try I guess.
Phoenix Montana
Phoenix Montana Hace un día
Go head lil mommas
Lovetheavocados Duh!
14 her : a TALENTED girl with an AMAZING and wonderful voice Me : *sing*..sounds like a horse
Sonik Fright
Sonik Fright Hace 3 días
nothing or no 1 could have prepared for this amount of energy.
adinda setyawan
adinda setyawan Hace 3 días
14 june 2019..my new fave rock star!!!.. She deserve got a lots of grammy!!!!!!
Noni Yesiska
Noni Yesiska Hace 2 días
agree!! Love her songs so much.. couldn't wait her album
vanessa raphaelle
vanessa raphaelle Hace 3 días
A Janis voltou kkkk
willaim forbes
willaim forbes Hace 3 días
What a talent she is just so different so good and a fantastic singer keep going Courtney
Hamid Boukhemis
Hamid Boukhemis Hace 3 días
Jonathan G
Jonathan G Hace 4 días
Courtney, eres la mejor. Este tipo de música, nunca me ha gustado mucho. Pero cuando tú la cantas......me encanta.
Alisar Alkraidy
Alisar Alkraidy Hace 4 días
Anyone in 2019?? Courtny your amazing and so incredible
JustKhristene Hace 6 días
Omg I love her!
M W Hace 6 días
I liked her more before the coaching
Joseph Marin
Joseph Marin Hace 7 días
Heres una estrella naciente gracias Dios por esa manifica estrella
Jaqueline Dias
Jaqueline Dias Hace 8 días
Oi não entendo nada em inglês me chamo jakeline mais amo essa menina e gostaria de ter tudo sobre ela em português sou muito fã dela obrigado
Happy Camper
Happy Camper Hace 9 días
One of the best to ever grace the stage of agt!
Amor Alano
Amor Alano Hace 9 días
Wow... 😍😍😍
CYNTHIA KERR Hace 11 días
Elaine ramos de souza
Elaine ramos de souza Hace 13 días
Ela é possuída pelo espírito da Janis Joplin
Marcia Hernandes Trovao
Mohammed Fahad
Mohammed Fahad Hace 14 días
The platform is too small for her caliber!!
Thierry Kohn
Thierry Kohn Hace 14 días
Une extraterrestre ! J'adore !
VeganMarcella andMore
VeganMarcella andMore Hace 16 días
what is she doing now, does anyone know? June 1, 2019, I hope she is doing Great!
MrStensnask Hace 16 días
Papa really DOES have a brand new bag
Tsekuteu Luruo
Tsekuteu Luruo Hace 16 días
I'm dying
Rikkimchi Sangma
Rikkimchi Sangma Hace 19 días
Thuan Vu Duc
Thuan Vu Duc Hace 20 días
Tuyệt tuyệt quá
ivo van hoecke
ivo van hoecke Hace 22 días
She is amazing love her xx
Moonwalker Forever
Moonwalker Forever Hace 23 días
I'm be honest she sang it alright but james did it better and took it to another level
Luna Coqueta
Luna Coqueta Hace 25 días
Canta increíbles tiene tata fuerza pasión transmite su pasión por la musica inspira su voz contagia su emoción, estoy fascinada realmente muy talentosa
K. Chris Caldwell
K. Chris Caldwell Hace 25 días
Another Autotune killer and resurrector of humanity in music.
marty faulhaber
marty faulhaber Hace 26 días
yes your great, dont dress up like elvis did oe librachi, their music was great, they became less by dressing up, just be you. you are great. i like david thieobalt, and elvis favorite sound alike and johnny cash sound alike and most of all, you my lirarachie sound like rock n roll.
Dianne Reyes
Dianne Reyes Hace 28 días
Para siyang nag coconcert wooo
Christian Navarrete
Christian Navarrete Hace 29 días
Courtney I love you😹🌹
Max Rockatansky
Max Rockatansky Hace 29 días
Sounded like a chronic smoker choking on a plunger. And the dancing was like watching a standing seizure.
Johnson Isreal
Johnson Isreal Hace un mes
She owns the stage
Johnson Isreal
Johnson Isreal Hace un mes
She is fabulous
44wetwater 44wetwater
The most talented young lady I've ever seen , she just absolutely dominates the stage , nobody could follow her that's for damn sure !.
Daniel Carvalho
Daniel Carvalho Hace un mes
É realmente incrivel, eu nunca vi tanto talento em uma unica pessoa, linda Parabens
MisterTripleESS Hace un mes
She does remind me of Janis Joplin
Aichata Keita
Aichata Keita Hace un mes
Hallo.🏩 🎶🎵🎥🎬🎵🎶🎶🎤🎧📼📀📀📀📀📀💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪❤❤💋💋😇💒😢😢
Tammy Washington
Tammy Washington Hace un mes
Don't change a thing about her.....let her be her and you will never be disappointed. Real talent here.....
Hannes Maier
Hannes Maier Hace un mes
Other girls of her age try to imitate their stars as good as possible. But Courtney makes every song she does, her own.
Lupiita Ruiz
Lupiita Ruiz Hace un mes
Perfec 👏🏻
Mike Curialle
Mike Curialle Hace un mes
Mcjagger and her in concert at superbowl priceless..
Tati Mansilla
Tati Mansilla Hace un mes
robson augusto
robson augusto Hace un mes
tonya armstead
tonya armstead Hace un mes
I love watching Courtney, I could watch her sing the same song over and over she would never get boring , she’s ROCKS‼️
Felecia carstensFelecia
Ms. Hadwin, if you are out there reading these or have someone else doing it for you; I am thrilled that you have a recording deal. I am 56 yrs old, and have been waiting for your sound -yes, it's similar to Janis, yet has it's own style- since 1972....when a teenager can growl like Joe Cocker while doing the crazy footwork of James Brown, as she is SINGING a song recorded BY the same James Brown, as well as make us all remember the incredible talent of Janis Joplin every time she takes the mic...slam-dunk, young lady. I am a huge fan.....please release an album, ASAP.....
Эффект Плацебо
Unreal baby 😍
Kehar Chand
Kehar Chand Hace un mes
Super duper song
James Meeler
James Meeler Hace un mes
Crazy Bitch
ineza safi
ineza safi Hace un mes
Please tell me someone signed this girl
ineza safi
ineza safi Hace un mes
@Chris mayer oh that's great. Thanks
Chris mayer
Chris mayer Hace un mes
ineza safi Simon signed her.
Joslin Van ster
Joslin Van ster Hace un mes
anyone still watching in 2019?
TheZimm4 Hace un mes
shes the cutest and most talented the shows seen
Embry Quintana
Embry Quintana Hace un mes
She's a roaring lion and i don't like that cause it's loud
ashak614 Hace un mes
Nah this ain’t it chief. 🤨
Rickey Tomlin
Rickey Tomlin Hace un mes
there is not anyone today who can out perform Courtney she is absolutely GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
Antonia Ceja Oseguera
Kelly Fleary
Kelly Fleary Hace un mes
Love it love it love it . She is so awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jesse Mitchell
Jesse Mitchell Hace 2 meses
She’s cute when she squeals lol
Jesse Mitchell
Jesse Mitchell Hace 2 meses
Is it just me or does anyone else think she’s kind of cute .
Kelly Hace 2 meses
She's cute how old is she ?
maria fernanda Bottiglieri
Hola 👋 si catorce años canta así no me quiero imaginar lo que va ser en el futuro 😱😱😱😱😱impresionante
Mary Helen Martinez
Mary Helen Martinez Hace 2 meses
She was robbed 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🎤🏆🥇
Trần Bảo
Trần Bảo Hace 2 meses
Ava Horowitz
Ava Horowitz Hace 2 meses
When you can sing like she can you can wear whatever you want and preform however you want.
Angerlean Hammond
Angerlean Hammond Hace 2 meses
She's amazing I am 61 and I also remember Janis Joplin and her spirit is all in her.
Misti BluEyes
Misti BluEyes Hace 2 meses
She's awesome! 14. My gawd !What more to come!!! I can't wait! REAL TALENT!
Ron Farley
Ron Farley Hace 2 meses
BEAUTIFUL and natural TALENT unseen since the baby boomer days- i love this child- she ROCKS
Laura-Anne Jones
Laura-Anne Jones Hace 2 meses
What I love about Courtney is she full expresses herself as a performer and a great artist. I say artist because she makes these songs her own. She has a very unique talent which is so incredible. Never stop being you Courtney!! Your amazing!! 😊😊
ineedahatnow Hace 2 meses
I didn't know Mick Jagger ha died and come back as a 14yo girl.
Ricardo Cespedes
Ricardo Cespedes Hace 2 meses
srta courtney ud vive con intensidad la musica y dios me la bendiga por siempre
Jim Pankey
Jim Pankey Hace 2 meses
Janis Joplin was an influence, and Courtney has her own energetic style! Bravo!
Kyra Lusk
Kyra Lusk Hace 2 meses
Between me and her i think i would beat her, no comments back im just saying
KrowTheOmEgA777 Hace 2 meses
Panthera Leo Leo
Panthera Leo Leo Hace 2 meses
Axl Rose get out of that body now !! ^^
Random Thingz
Random Thingz Hace 2 meses
She's so cool
Jim Bic
Jim Bic Hace 2 meses
What if she saved this for her final performance?
Teresa García
Teresa García Hace 2 meses
What's the name's song? Pleasee
Aranya Chaymool
Aranya Chaymool Hace 2 meses
Fat Louie
Fat Louie Hace 2 meses
My son is 22, he gets you. Im 49, I get you. Its an amazing sound. I am not a fan of anyone doing James Brown, Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston ever, not one person yet but your sound is incredible. I look forward to some originals.
ModulariPunkRock Hace 2 meses
it hurts my throat!!!!! :-O
신명호 Hace 2 meses
사랑해 넌 전설이될거야
JeshOJesh Hace 2 meses
How could this girl be so humble!!The smile on her face tells the world humbleness gives the best success.
jonathan brown
jonathan brown Hace 2 meses
colleen vonCartier
colleen vonCartier Hace 2 meses
Lovechild of Mick Jagger and Janis Joplin .
Brian Francis
Brian Francis Hace 2 meses
This darling young lady gives me the chills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marcos Labre
Marcos Labre Hace 2 meses
Essa menina é algo de espetacular. Arrepante. Que alguém cuide bem da sua carreira e não a deixe entrar no mundo sombrio e perigoso das drogas. Adoro ouvir sua voz e sentir a pureza do seu espíto. Parabéns. Big big big star!!!
Annett Frödrich
Annett Frödrich Hace 2 meses
Ein Riesentallent sie wird es mal bis an die Spitze der Charts schaffen da bin ich mir ganz ganz sicher!!
Lonely Tuesday420
Lonely Tuesday420 Hace 2 meses
I’m just in love with her style her dancing and especially her amazing voice I just love it ❤️
Mark Movida
Mark Movida Hace 2 meses
shes bring back us to the old rock singers
Mark Movida
Mark Movida Hace 2 meses
yeah she is similar from guns n roses
Haneen Afana
Haneen Afana Hace 2 meses
Paulette Sullivan
Paulette Sullivan Hace 3 meses
Female version of mick jagger
Paul Randig
Paul Randig Hace 3 meses
Rock n' Roll is the counter concept to the mainstream way of thinking and living, to the style and commerce, to everything the media tell us is hip. And we who have experienced this before recognice this scream of nonconformity. What amazes me is that she awakens that same scream in the younger generation, too. The scream to not get assimilated, to be raw, to be credible, to one hundred percent ROCK N' ROLL!
Timothy Blackburn
Timothy Blackburn Hace 3 meses
Dont ever let that Angel out of your sight daddy. Hollywood will destroy her. By far, the most talented youngster I have ever seen in my life. I love those skinny little arms n legs flying around that whole stage and owning the show!!! What a precious little girl. God bless to her and her daddy.
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