Courtney Hadwin "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" AWESOME!!Quarterfinals 1 America's Got Talent 2018 AGT

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Courtney Hadwin 14 year old sings " Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" AWESOME PERFORMANCE!! Future Janis Joplin. This is the Full segment or full performance and judges comments for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018 Quarterfinals week 1 or AGT Season 13 Episode 11 live shows (S13E11).

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About the show: America's Got Talent of AGT is TV series aired by NBC. It is a talent show for all sort of talents and all ages. It Usually runs throughout the summer and ends in September. Starts with auditions from major cities in the US then trimmed down to quarter finals, semi then the finals. There is also the very popular Golden Buzzer given by each judge given to contestants that put them straight to the live show.
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15 ago 2018

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2dasimmons Hace un día
Very sad indeed. RIP iconic JAMES BROWN:/
Diego De Pauw
Diego De Pauw Hace 3 días
i'm in love with this chick courtney hadwin 4 life
Rick Belisle
Rick Belisle Hace 3 días
She needs her own rock band and go out on her own ,shes in her own realm automatically a staple in rock already !
Raghavan Ramesh
Raghavan Ramesh Hace 5 días
Courtney, you enter the stage like a pet Pussi and then turn to be a storm. You Mesmerize everyone and transfer the energy !! So electrifying !!!!. What Magic that you do to the viewers !! OMG !!!! Simply Amazing. Your performance is Unique and purest !! Long Live and ever stay Blessed !! Me From India!!
Joel Bau
Joel Bau Hace 5 días
Omg Janis found a Way Out of heaven Welcome back Baby girl We love you ;)
Dimpi Gogoi
Dimpi Gogoi Hace 5 días
waw waw wawwww
Jose Luis Hernandez
Jose Luis Hernandez Hace 6 días
brutalmente genial un alma vieja hermosamente brutal brutal brutal , fasinado con sus interpretaciones
Allen Blixt
Allen Blixt Hace 6 días
She sucks she need quit singing
Patrick E. Craig
Patrick E. Craig Hace 6 días
No, she's not awesome. She's energetic and has copped some riffs, but she's not Janis, she's not James Brown , she's a little girl who sings by rote and not by feel. Her timing is off and any singer can hear it. She'll disappear in a few years when she blows her throat. If you want my credentials for this poor post, I'd be happy to give them to you.
chrsntvny Hace 3 días
Oh...she has already written, lyrics and music, her own first song. She presented it in Vegas and it's amazing.
kemal mardiana
kemal mardiana Hace 6 días
Asli ampe kayak nahan berak gw,, wkwkwkwk
Gerry Clough
Gerry Clough Hace 7 días
It's like Jagger and Joplin had a love child. The voice is great the moves are quirky but you can't stop watching.
bob millington
bob millington Hace 7 días
sheez awesome
FABIO999able Hace 10 días
HO LEE CHIT. That’s all I have to say!
Демон94 Многосъмлош
That's my girl
Jutha Sandholdt Stryhn
Shes like Mick Jagger
Pietra Ro Pietracatelli
Não me canso de ver e ouvir Courtney....D+++++++++++
Mrs Fahrenheit
Mrs Fahrenheit Hace 11 días
did she win ???? Don’t tell me she didn’t!!!
Evelyn Grass
Evelyn Grass Hace 12 días
•Panda_ Girl•
•Panda_ Girl• Hace 12 días
You dont have to be inspired by janis! Your greater than her!!!
ALSFIJ Hace 13 días
She’s performing like a possessed Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill / SFIJ era. They perform like they are in their own little world.
Maria Auxiliadora Medeiros Nascimento
Seu talento é comparável ao da lendária Janis Joplin. No entanto eu a admiro muito mais porque carrega a inocência inerente aos seus tenros 14 anos e não enveredou pelo tortuoso caminho das drogas, que tanto foi percorrido pela sofrida Janis ,a quem eu respeito muito.
jacques lustik
jacques lustik Hace 13 días
Extraordinaire ! quel talent ! On dirait la réincarnation de Janis Joplin !!!
layde1 Hace 13 días
I have never seen this before. She is so different and completely unselfconscious when she is dancing/singing. She looks like she is doing it in front of the mirror at home when no one is around. I hope she stays like that. Energy, an amazing voice, a unique talent.
mamet milaners
mamet milaners Hace 13 días
Great instinc by Howie. She is reincarnation Jonis Joplin. OMG, two thumbs? No, More thumbs
Steve Donovan
Steve Donovan Hace 15 días
haters gonna hate
Jim, Catherine Sharman
wow this girl is great i'm sure we will see a lot more of her in the future
Samaa Hammam
Samaa Hammam Hace 15 días
I'm not ashamed to say I'm old, and I remember Janis Joplin well, she was my favorite singers,first time I heard this girl it gave me chills without a doubt she's got that special something Janice has, the voice,the stage presence, even her choice of clothes that fits the performance. But this girl has even took it to another level, as if combining many of the icons from CCR,James brown,Janice Joplin,Tina Turner. I'm not sure what it is,since it's quite rare, hope whoever signs this girl doesn't limit her, she's a natural,just let her go her way.hope her father keeps a close eye after seeing what vultures did to some of the greatest icons.
Cyn Alaniz
Cyn Alaniz Hace 15 días
Did she win?
Photis Sarras
Photis Sarras Hace 15 días
oh my god marry mee
Thanh Ngan
Thanh Ngan Hace 16 días
Nao Mi
Nao Mi Hace 16 días
She's sooo cool ;)
Patrick Wallwork
Patrick Wallwork Hace 17 días
ya I’m old, too, and damn I can’t stop watching Courtney’s videos!!! She reminds me of what real rock and roll was; how artists back then strived to be unique and didn’t worry about commercial success. They just did it because they loved it! Most everyone can see this in Courtney already and I can’t wait to see what she does in the future. I just hope she takes the advice already given and she doesn’t change a thing....just continue to be herself!
Nica Narsh
Nica Narsh Hace 17 días
I get u Courtney
Ti Le
Ti Le Hace 19 días
Why does the show need to give Howie credit just because he pressed the golden buzzer? Funny. Courtney is phenomenal. Congrats on developing your unique gift.
VR Quest
VR Quest Hace 20 días
fstop61 Hace 21 un día
Paula Paniagua
Paula Paniagua Hace 23 días
Que talento no me canso de verla es espectacular ojalá llegue muy lejos se lo merece, saludos desde Medellín Colombia.
Jani Huerta Martinez
Jani Huerta Martinez Hace 23 días
I love you Courtney Hadwin 😄😄😄😄
Jani Huerta Martinez
Jani Huerta Martinez Hace 18 días
Arthur Desouza
Arthur Desouza Hace 23 días
Recarnation of steven taylor
Kamal Uddin
Kamal Uddin Hace 24 días
Terry Moore
Terry Moore Hace 24 días
One of her best performances!
Fahd Mohammed
Fahd Mohammed Hace 24 días
Don’t listen to no one girl ...... u already r a superstar ....... thanks for bringing back rock n roll 😘
Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson Hace 25 días
I more time n I'm gone.. Sounds like Chalk squeek on a chalkboard..yuk
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 24 días
You lost Again??... Get Back into your Troll Closet !!
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 25 días
AWESOME... Get Em Courtz !!
chumbochum Hace 25 días
I guess I'm in the minority here but I don't like it. Just a whole lot of screamin' not singing....
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 25 días
Whitney is down the hall second door on the left.. Enjoy ! yawn
Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson Hace 25 días
Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson Hace 24 días
+Bad 357s But not dumb n ingnorant... Go listen to scream n screeech. Sounds like Hacking up Snot..hahahahaha
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 24 días
+Jeff Watson .. Your the Troll BYE !!
Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson Hace 25 días
+Bad 357s Troll dummies
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 25 días
That's You Silly !
Aydın Çevre
Aydın Çevre Hace 26 días
Ateş gibisin yaktın ortalığı çok süper...from İstanbul...
C Spratling
C Spratling Hace 27 días
I realy like her style and music because its from her soul
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 29 días
Iconic performance by the young Queen... Awesome !!
Marcosff26start go
Marcosff26start go Hace un mes
If Janis joplin not dead an listen to this young lady Courtney Hadwin..........oh my good I'm so happy. The future of Courntey is the new generation. 😲😍😍😍
James Chaffee
James Chaffee Hace un mes
What a gift to humanity, wow!
Savanna Oosterveld
Savanna Oosterveld Hace un mes
Love her dancing
valerie welch
valerie welch Hace un mes
her high pitch screeches give me a head ache i wish she didn't do that otherwise i think she would be a great singer
chapmaned24 Hace 15 días
+valerie welch she'll be fine. Like Howie said, she's not from this era. Old time rock and roll. 60's, and 70's. Generations after that just don't get it.
valerie welch
valerie welch Hace 15 días
+Bad 357s she is going to loose her voice buy the time she is 25 and sorry you cannot handle constructive criticism not my fault she screams you can't handle criticism don't post anything then
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 29 días
Sorry for you... see a doctor !
Larrt Rawls
Larrt Rawls Hace un mes
This is what it would be like if James Brown and J J had a kid together . Wash D C
NeA Hace un mes
Suzanne Gruenstein
Suzanne Gruenstein Hace un mes
Jim Bic
Jim Bic Hace un mes
Should have left this performance till the end!
briza azul app
briza azul app Hace un mes
La gloria trevi estadounidense.
TheTiki1111 Hace un mes
I love her 😍
Michele Ange
Michele Ange Hace un mes
J' aime ! impressionnant :)
Xidiga Hace un mes
A child doing the 21st century remix of black face on stage...in this case, rather than just honing an African American craft respectfully the guise of artistry is utilized to establish an exagération of a feature of African America culture/identity for entertainment. A cosplaying if James brown likely. Odd... no talent and seems comedic. Odd, seems majority of non african diaporas find thos remotely entertaining. Guess a lack of culture drives you to find nonsense imitation of others as "skilled" and talented. Gotta love white obsession over African diaspora existence😏
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 29 días
Babbling??... why are you babbling???
Cliff Riley
Cliff Riley Hace un mes
What do you want? bubble gum music or real music with tons of soul. I prefer the latter every time!
judy Brown
judy Brown Hace un mes
Charlotta Twelve
Charlotta Twelve Hace un mes
She is out of space!!!!! Awesome !!! World needs such people!!!!
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez Hace un mes
All in this in girl is perfect. her Voice, her dance, her style and her dress
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Hace un mes
Les grands artistes de ce monde on ėté frappés par une espèce de grâce, que certains nommeront "grâce divine". Elvis a été touché par cette grâce, et il devint le King. Un surnom très largement mérité. S'il y a eu le King, Courtney Hadwin deviendra à n'en pas douter, la Queen. Elle est partie pour donner un nouvel élan au Rock, et fera redécouvrir au monde ce qu'est la vraie musique, et le vrai spectacle interprété par des personnes habitées par leur musique, qui vivent leur musique. S'il y a un Dieu, alors il nous a fait là un merveilleux cadeau. A nous de savoir en profiter.
sofia Lellouche
sofia Lellouche Hace un mes
ljubisav filipovic
ljubisav filipovic Hace un mes
Comment ne pas aimer cette princesse. J’ai 61 ans, et bien sûr je vécu les années 70. Merveilleux année, et cette petite me faire revenir dans mon adolescence. Elle au moins est une vraie étoile, et qui va briller éternellement.
Amit Motwani
Amit Motwani Hace un mes
Outstanding. ...simply outstanding. .....just wow
Roberta Larson
Roberta Larson Hace un mes
Love love love her!!!
Miguel DP
Miguel DP Hace un mes
Me recuerda mucho a tina turner en sus movimientos... jejejeje ;)
Alexander M Cappiello Jr
But Shin lin won.
そめぷ Hace un mes
日本語訳が是非とも欲しいです(´;ω;`) 別の動画を見てこの子の歌声にハマってしまい…… どの動画を見ても全て英語なのでその場の雰囲気で読み取ってます笑
bellaimages Hace un mes
OMG! Courtney feels every note as she sings it! She is an incredible talent! "We get you!"
chamaleon1963 Hace un mes
the only good thing for not to be alive in the 60's is that it will live longer than 27 years ....
Галина Кравчук
Молодец )))
Jen Pimlott
Jen Pimlott Hace un mes
Mcee Hace un mes
I remember harry styles
Dulce Maria Cobaxin
Y baila cabron.. Me encanta
Dulce Maria Cobaxin
Fantástica.... ❤
James Payne
James Payne Hace un mes
She is sooo amazing
Michael Volder
Michael Volder Hace un mes
to see you and hear you is asking than to see Michael J. you are much more lively, love to see you.
Tusso Kiara
Tusso Kiara Hace un mes
I justtt wanttttt mireeeee
Joel Biger
Joel Biger Hace un mes
Absolutely stunning !
lyx Hace un mes
Wtf you spoil it . This song dont suit her . Just let her sing whatever she want. This not great songfor her
lyx Hace un mes
Why the hell you ruin her with this bs song. Give her something she love to rock the stage like the first song. Not this jack . That is nothing conpared to the first I feel bad for her
Zorica zivkovic ovari
Richard Tringali
Richard Tringali Hace un mes
ok people listen up this young lady is still a child with and amazing grip on life, she has janis joplin living in her and thats a good thing because we lost a great talent when janis died but i think Courtney will bring back janis style in her. so if your a player hater dont tell me your crap and really give this girl courtney a chance at making her fame and really I wish half of the kids today were like this young ladie. Courtney if you see this you got and keep knocking their socks off your a star thats ready to shine.
Sheila Bolton
Sheila Bolton Hace un mes
My GOD this girl is so gifted . I am in my seventies and and I have not seen so much talent for nearly five decades . I Love her Go Courtney xxx
Owl Chronicles
Owl Chronicles Hace un mes
I don’t like the way Tyra mole coddles her. I mean I know she is still a kid but she’s 14, I’m 14 too and she is comforting her like she’s a baby “lil pumpkin”. It is still nice that’s she’s comforting her though but I think that’s a bit too babyish for a 14 year old. 14 is not that little at all. I don’t get comforted like that
Democrats Only
Democrats Only Hace un mes
Talking about a ringer LOL.. No wonder Simon signed her before the finals LOL
nikita savva
nikita savva Hace un mes
Is she for real? I AM SPEECHLESS TOO!
...her transformation from pure innocence into an older supernatural being is quite incredible. Saludos desde Colombia.
Jill Tenda
Jill Tenda Hace un mes
Kyle POON [08R10M]
Kyle POON [08R10M] Hace un mes
Kyle POON [08R10M]
Kyle POON [08R10M] Hace un mes
she deserves to win more than shin lim
Kyle POON [08R10M]
Kyle POON [08R10M] Hace un mes
this is soooooo gud
bonolarryedge Hace un mes
Tashi Thinley
Tashi Thinley Hace un mes
A continuación