Courtney Hadwin "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" AWESOME!!Quarterfinals 1 America's Got Talent 2018 AGT

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Courtney Hadwin 14 year old sings " Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" AWESOME PERFORMANCE!! Future Janis Joplin. This is the Full segment or full performance and judges comments for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018 Quarterfinals week 1 or AGT Season 13 Episode 11 live shows (S13E11).

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About the show: America's Got Talent of AGT is TV series aired by NBC. It is a talent show for all sort of talents and all ages. It Usually runs throughout the summer and ends in September. Starts with auditions from major cities in the US then trimmed down to quarter finals, semi then the finals. There is also the very popular Golden Buzzer given by each judge given to contestants that put them straight to the live show.
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15 ago 2018

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Tashi Thinley
Tashi Thinley Hace 5 horas
なばなあばば Hace 11 horas
決勝なの……………??? ライブじゃないの………………????
777 Logan
777 Logan Hace 14 horas
Brilliant performance, carry on...........
Gabriel Sierra
Gabriel Sierra Hace un día
I do not get tired of seeing her
Gabriel Sierra
Gabriel Sierra Hace un día
No me canso de verla
Daniel et MarieClaire Desmarquet
Un 'monstre' du rithm &blues
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez Hace 2 días
She is amazing.
Nia Rosenia
Nia Rosenia Hace 3 días
Alanis morise ... uchhhh she is rockkk
GRACE YOCKY Hace 3 días
Amazing girl
luis silvio
luis silvio Hace 4 días
Canta con el alma, con el cuerpo, y con el corazón ...
Sinobi Aliec
Sinobi Aliec Hace 5 días
lara miñoyazz
lara miñoyazz Hace 6 días
Es maravillosa!!!!
Sofro Papak
Sofro Papak Hace 6 días
She is amazing.But we (all of us and Courtney as well ) have to stop compare her with Janis. The legend has gone, we miss her but we have to live the legend rest in piece and to move on. We have something new here (maybe bigger than the legend ) and we love it. Personally i 'll wait her grow up and hear her singing the best song ever made, PINK FLOYD the great gig in the sky. I 'll wait as much as it takes. Until then huge YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!
Riez Man
Riez Man Hace 7 días
what title of this music ??
San Andreas
San Andreas Hace 7 días
OMG amazing 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Andor Kántás
Andor Kántás Hace 8 días
Courtney = big soul like an angel from heaven she bring us an inexhaustible energy I just need to look and listen to her so that I can be happy and strong again. Thanks Lord , thanks Courtney
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 9 días
She is Perfect !
Toast the ghost
Toast the ghost Hace 9 días
They're all thinking the same thing... "Fresh meat"....
Manuel Saucedo
Manuel Saucedo Hace 9 días
Se parece a Emily Rose
deedee n
deedee n Hace 9 días
Amzing amazing talent yes Janis Joplin girl love your voice. Keep doing what you do cause you're going far.
Noemi Martinez
Noemi Martinez Hace 10 días
She's perfect
Přemek Pospíšil
Přemek Pospíšil Hace 10 días
Sorry to say this, but with this voice and attitude she simply can't be older than 27 years ;(
chiaki asakura
chiaki asakura Hace 11 días
It's feels so good watching her sing and dance. It feels like she enjoyed it so much. ❤
Joshua DuChesne
Joshua DuChesne Hace 12 días
This young lady has won my heart and has inspired me to want to change my life, a life of crime and prison. I am so proud and thankful for you.
waqas sohail
waqas sohail Hace 12 días
A person came from UK and conquer Americanoss. Haa
Southern Belle
Southern Belle Hace 13 días
You are certainly an incredible person you will find your place in our hearts I have no doubt but yes you remind us all of Janis Joplin Mick Jagger Michael Jackson James Brown and others Keep On Keepin On doing what you doing
JJ24Pug Hace 14 días
Courtney is way better than Janis Joplen!
JJ24Pug Hace 14 días
albert hernandez
albert hernandez Hace 14 días
My 😃😀
Francezca Zavala
Francezca Zavala Hace 14 días
George Dazo
George Dazo Hace 14 días
She's so sweet & cute & talented
Kenny Labiche
Kenny Labiche Hace 14 días
Wow shes awesome beyonde this world
theaubad100 Hace 15 días
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theaubad100 Hace 3 días
Makeshiftenemy hi. If you was 70 years old you wouldn't. They know what it was like when they grew up. and how it is now. I would recommend you get a KJV Bible and find Jesus Christ. Because the days of noah were better than whats coming. Hell is real and it will patiently await for you. See anyone 200 years old? Hell will await patiently for you also. Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but by Him. Jesus died on a cross in Calvary to pay for your sins and transgressions against the Father. Jesus Christ never sinned and conquered death and hell at Calvary. Jesus arose from the grave 3 days later and ascended to Heaven 40 days after that in front of 500 witnesses. Jesus Christ is coming back. Very very soon. Get a KJV Bible and start reading. Find Jesus Christ and repent of your disbelief. These 70 year olds are leading you to Hell. Spirits dont die and men never learn.
makeshiftenemy1 a
makeshiftenemy1 a Hace 4 días
Lol I fail to see the connections ur making
unkonw unknow
unkonw unknow Hace 15 días
Borning....slow.....falling to sleep.....than kaboom in your face,lets rock and roll....
Tim Sampson
Tim Sampson Hace 16 días
Great show!
Petr Havlíček
Petr Havlíček Hace 16 días
She is perfect, realy perfact!!!
Teal & Lindsay have the Sexiest Feet EVER!!!!!!!!
*WOW!!! This girl is awesome!!! This one was my favorite!!!*
Greg Beck
Greg Beck Hace 17 días
she's 14 now. incredible! wait till she's 21. I hope she's still performing. I hope she keeps competing on AGT
Mashfika Tashnim
Mashfika Tashnim Hace 17 días
She is a unbelievable. Love u Courtney 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jhonatan Rodriguez
Jhonatan Rodriguez Hace 17 días
Tigerex966 Hace 17 días
all of the different styles have great artists and music in them, but unfortunately the big record companies push out mostly only the prepackaged junk. I have heard Courtney herself rap, sing dance/disco music, and edm, country, and some of what some would call punk or alternative music in her earlier videos before AGT and it is fantastic. It not the style of music that is necessarily bad, but it is the quality, integrity, talent and conviction of the person doing it and the quality of the song and music that makes it good and that is what counts. Courtney does each type of song she does whether country, rap, disco/dance, edm, punk, heavy metal, or my favorites the old soul/rock classic true justice by giving it her all and taking the time to know the background of the artists and song she is doing and being great at interpreting the lyrics and using her voice, facial expression and dance to not just perform the song, but become the song as if she herself has written and personally experience it. Her acting studies and experience really helps her in this. In any event take care, and I cannot wait to purchase the physical copy of her first cd.
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 18 días
Courtney Rules... AGT Drama Queens are Fools(No Surprises Here) !!
Clydenelson tabao
Clydenelson tabao Hace 18 días
courtney hadwin im a big fan of yours!
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 18 días
Queen Courtney Hadwin... Legendary !!
Jim Biemm
Jim Biemm Hace 17 días
yesssssssssssssssssss A Hero in this ao bad bad world
Rahman Rahim
Rahman Rahim Hace 18 días
This girl is an amazing talent.
Marek Łuczywek
Marek Łuczywek Hace 18 días
yeah we need this type of talented people to rescue our music. lov u. one day we're gonna meet at the concert
carlos carlos
carlos carlos Hace 19 días
Por favor, no destruyáis una estrella, dejadla ser lo que es, una niña, pues la artista que lleva dentro, que va más allá que la de un buen cantante al uso, nació con ella, pero es una niña " una pequeña estrella" y puede ser destruida por el mundo comercial puro y duro. Sería una verdadera pena.
carlos carlos
carlos carlos Hace 17 días
Jim Biemm Eso es todo lo qué tienes qué decir de mi comentario? Qué te lo diga en inglés? Sabes lo qué es la libertad de expresión? Hablo en la lengua que me parece más oportuna y tú decides si contestas o no con la misma libertad. Primero aprende a pensar antes de hablar, pues para decir tonterías mejor permanecer en silencio.
Jim Biemm
Jim Biemm Hace 17 días
English......... what u say ...........Please, do not destroy a star, let it be what it is, a girl, because the artist who carries it, who goes beyond that of a good singer to use, was born with her, but is a girl "a little star" and it can be destroyed by the commercial world pure and simple. It would be a real shame
Erich Weiler
Erich Weiler Hace 19 días
This is the worst thing I've ever seen. I cannot believe people actually like this shit....
jlrinc Hace 19 días
One of the few people I would pay money to see!
BAD BOY Hace 19 días
People need to keep their hating to theirself.
Danielly Pessy
Danielly Pessy Hace 19 días
Cadê os BR nessa porra🔰
Martin Yip
Martin Yip Hace 20 días
that's rock
Kay Yoshi
Kay Yoshi Hace 20 días
Michael Le
Michael Le Hace 20 días
She is got talent
Hanne-Marie Morling
Hanne-Marie Morling Hace 20 días
She is AWSOME!!!
B Jani
B Jani Hace 20 días
Courtney will be the world's star, and the rest will disappear into the fog
Harley Portiolly
Harley Portiolly Hace 21 un día
Algum brasileiro? Essa mina canta muito💚💛
Yoda _
Yoda _ Hace 21 un día
I can see why Janis Joplin is this girls hero. Both are incredibly ugly.
Wei Zhu
Wei Zhu Hace 21 un día
I can not, for the life of me, hear the words she is saying except for “papas got a new bag”
unkonw unknow
unkonw unknow Hace 15 días
Just feel it.....
Alcir Mello
Alcir Mello Hace 21 un día
Courtney é um espírito iluminado que veio a terra nos trazer através da música alegria e conforto espiritual.
Sherry Mc Coy
Sherry Mc Coy Hace 21 un día
I love her. She brings so much fun and excitement to the stage and song! I was disappointed she lost but at least she's still going to Vegas!
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 21 un día
Queen Courtney Rules !!
Roseanna JUde
Roseanna JUde Hace 21 un día
She stepped on a nail
Roseanna JUde
Roseanna JUde Hace 21 un día
British pick British
kade6767 Hace 22 días
I don’t see what the fuss is about? She sounds more like she’s screaming instead of singing.
Roseanna JUde
Roseanna JUde Hace 22 días
She doesn't need to win Simon s pet cort
Waldi B.
Waldi B. Hace 22 días
Roseanna JUde
Roseanna JUde Hace 22 días
Now we know who Simon's pet is sucky Courtney
Roseanna JUde
Roseanna JUde Hace 20 días
+Waldi B. Frog
Waldi B.
Waldi B. Hace 22 días
Rosalina Maha
Rosalina Maha Hace 22 días
Country awesome, I like uuuuuu ...from indonesia.
Arlyn Apayor
Arlyn Apayor Hace 22 días
the spirit of Michael Jackson enters her heart...that's why she performs very alive..
Janet Pedersen
Janet Pedersen Hace 22 días
I think Janis is awesome, she is doing the old time rock that no one else is doing, everyone wants to be a pop diva these days and it is good to hear something different.
Melanie Oakley
Melanie Oakley Hace 22 días
Sheeple - never get an incredible unique person. Blessings to be able to completely be yourself!!
Kimberly Loya
Kimberly Loya Hace 22 días
God be praised for Courtney's beautiful outstanding voice ♡
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 22 días
Iconic Performance by the Rock Legend Courtney Hadwin - AWESOME !!
womble321 Hace 23 días
She is good but its an act and that includes the interviews dont fall for it.
Cynthia Coc
Cynthia Coc Hace 23 días
A Winner I say
Roseanna JUde
Roseanna JUde Hace 23 días
Courtney wasn't pick on in school she lied and she's not shy
Roseanna JUde
Roseanna JUde Hace 22 días
+Bad 357s copy cat had witch she sucks why did simon fly her to Vegas i he likes them young
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 22 días
Grammy and an Oscar... Awesome !!
Jhunrich sidoro
Jhunrich sidoro Hace 23 días
Hello I'm your Fan, Thank you hopefully I will meet you in person...
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 23 días
Have they started the support group for Courtney Addiction yet??... Sign me up Quick !!
Diane Lindsey
Diane Lindsey Hace 23 días
is Simon on Prozac? Did he just find out he doesn't have long to live ? He really needs a shower, shave and a clean shirt. he is really scaring me.
Luis Fernando Irala Dos Santos
Posso não ser nada mas consigo ver encentivo propio
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 23 días
Epic !!
Aaron Wolfenbarger
Aaron Wolfenbarger Hace 24 días
Janis Joplin sounded like shit too! Tina turner her voice was shit as well.
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 23 días
That's You Silly !
Andromedan Walk In
Andromedan Walk In Hace 24 días
James Brown possessed her body.
Maria Eugenia Becker Bravo
Expectacular una artista única me encanta
Michael Galvin
Michael Galvin Hace 24 días
first performance was the best in the world, unfortunately they tell her what to do, out of her character, they've ruined her, she has an amazing voice
ebxny&coopxr Hace 24 días
anyone else have absolutely no idea what shes saying?
toecutter Hace 24 días
14 years old. Amazing talent
Infovest Hace 24 días
Yea.. Janis Joplin didnt listen to anybody... and she died of drug overdose. Hangin with bunch of losers, enablers, and leechers.
Brenda Yoder
Brenda Yoder Hace 24 días
girl on fire
Garry Drummer Johnstone
You are a. Awesome. Gift two. This. World. Beautiful wow
Mary Wilkins
Mary Wilkins Hace 24 días
She's going to bring Rock back. I didn't think some of today's music would last long . Folk music never does
Julie Mansfield
Julie Mansfield Hace 24 días
You are so fricking awesome hunny bunny !
fernanda valeiro
fernanda valeiro Hace 24 días
Omggggg she is AMAZINGGGGGGG
Tempey cooper
Tempey cooper Hace 25 días
banana 817
banana 817 Hace 25 días
I just can't stand the way she moves on stage. It's awkward and uncomfortable to watch
Maggie Maze
Maggie Maze Hace 25 días
Wow! This girl just OWNS THE STAGE! .. I don´t even listen to this kind of music but I´d definitely pay for a ticket to her concert!
Seventh Bmw
Seventh Bmw Hace 25 días
She is not From this era BOOOMMMMMMM WOOOWWWWW
Love Travel
Love Travel Hace 25 días
So amazing I love this girl ❤️
ljiljana tremski
ljiljana tremski Hace 25 días
she remains me on Mick Jagger while she is dancing :)))
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