Courtney Hadwin: Shy British Schoolgirl With SHOCKING Talent WOWS! | America's Got Talent 2018

Talent Recap
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America’s Got Talent Season 13 | Live Quarterfinals 1
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With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search
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Talent Recap


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15 ago 2018

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Comentarios 6 388
しゃさ Hace 2 horas
日本人居ないのか?? この子かっこよ過ぎてやばいわ。。。マジで。
Bruna C
Bruna C Hace 4 horas
she's got the moves like Jagger :-)
Vsardavs Sueri
Vsardavs Sueri Hace 4 horas
Kareem Hace 9 horas
People like different things, some like music, some don't. But even if you have never listened to one single song, this girl must wake you up!
John Stjohn
John Stjohn Hace 14 horas
The vocals on this 13 year old is fucking insane...
Filipe Silva
Filipe Silva Hace 16 horas
Ela parece o slash
Keira Rogers
Keira Rogers Hace 20 horas
Amanda is better
miss Fisher
miss Fisher Hace 23 horas
greetings from russia
miss Fisher
miss Fisher Hace 23 horas
Она с другой планеты!!!!!!
miss Fisher
miss Fisher Hace 23 horas
Это нечто!!! Это суперзвезда!!!Браво!
Miguel Clark
Miguel Clark Hace un día
Cacha Fly Forcoso
Cacha Fly Forcoso Hace un día
Dave Rogers
Dave Rogers Hace un día
Great singer but she dances like a freek 😩
Matthew Neff
Matthew Neff Hace un día
People don't get her but will be coming out the wood work when she's making millions saying we all ways beleaved in people are so fake
Cali Fujimatsu
Cali Fujimatsu Hace un día
What's I like about her is humiliation that she keeps. She is so pure and so talented as well.
honey 247
honey 247 Hace un día
Roses1401 Hace un día
Courtney Hadwin is greatest in this 2018. I am totaly impressed with her performances.!!! Best lucky Courney! Nicest regards and much sucess also further!!! Roses (Germany)
Regina Viegas
Regina Viegas Hace 2 días
Isto sim é peculiaridade! Não a porra de o xapo não lava o pé!
ツتــرفـه Hace 2 días
Maminuo Lakamra
Maminuo Lakamra Hace 2 días
Maminuo Lakamra
Maminuo Lakamra Hace 2 días
わいわい好き Hace 2 días
どーやったら、こんな声出せるんや笑笑 彼女がものすごく楽しそうで見た目はものすごく大人っぽいけど、動きはまだ14って感じでかわいい😍😍❤️❤️
Marilia Chagas
Marilia Chagas Hace 2 días
Fico sempre chocada, cada vez que vejo é a mesma sensação... parabéns!
ghariani haifa
ghariani haifa Hace 2 días
she s a treasure trove !
david Bouras
david Bouras Hace 2 días
Will be in AGT Champions filming final Oct 17. Broadcast in January. I don't know if Courtney made the finals.
Mimi Pinky
Mimi Pinky Hace 2 días
Aziz Nasser
Aziz Nasser Hace 2 días
What a great talent!!
Olivia Balafika
Olivia Balafika Hace 3 días
Who is craving for more Courtney’s music 🎵 ?
Matthew Leonhart
Matthew Leonhart Hace 3 días
nothing beats her first act though
Melisa Scofe
Melisa Scofe Hace 3 días
Español alguien porque no entiendo nada de lo que dicen
Gold Chocobo
Gold Chocobo Hace 3 días
Whats this song's????
Papeto Rianto
Papeto Rianto Hace 3 días
I like you
Aya Star
Aya Star Hace 4 días
ليش بترقص على السجادة 😯😡😠😣😮😞
慶担パーナ Hace 4 días
King Pubg
King Pubg Hace 4 días
Pauline Sittler
Pauline Sittler Hace 4 días
Elle est juste trop énorme cette petite !
B Jani
B Jani Hace 4 días
Courtney will be the world's star, and the rest will disappear into the fog
Alessandra Neres
Alessandra Neres Hace 4 días
Não sei dizer o pq mais e maravilhoso ouvir essa linda garota cantando e dançando
Breanna Ledbetter
Breanna Ledbetter Hace 4 días
I really would never listen to her. Shes too crazy for me 😂 But she has a good range.
777sevensky Hace 4 días
Ricky Nano
Ricky Nano Hace 4 días
I don't like her higher notes. But she definitely have talent.
Rob Lawing
Rob Lawing Hace 4 días
Amazing...I am blown away !!!
Joyce Silva
Joyce Silva Hace 5 días
Canta muito mas e muito engraçada kkk
Beta Karaoke
Beta Karaoke Hace 5 días
super girl who can play both soul and rock n roll very well .. welcome the best new singer
Gabriele Lascialfari
What song is this.However Courtney is a legend
Søu Zį
Søu Zį Hace 5 días
つくえ Hace 5 días
Nyoman Artana
Nyoman Artana Hace 5 días
13th y.o. wild free and entertaining.... the next janis j. love it.
Miguel Saldana
Miguel Saldana Hace 5 días
Amazing brilliant and dosemt lip si ng like mariah carey
Diana Alejandra Muñiz
Precious! Wonderful! Unique! Amazing girl! I wanna see her in a concert!
she has a weird taste in fashone but her voice blew me away
fernando moreno
fernando moreno Hace 5 días
The new jane
Autumn Iverson
Autumn Iverson Hace 5 días
She is way better than grace vanderwall
MixedUpMargie Hace 6 días
This girl rocks! I thought she was gonna win, but for sure won lots of fans, I love her style & corkiness, this was my favorite performance from her, she rocks!!!!
Irma Ines Borda
Irma Ines Borda Hace 6 días
Mini " bruja cosmica", ojala te cuiden para q puedas ser sensillamente poderosa!
Oralia Morales
Oralia Morales Hace 6 días
Eres única!!!!! Courtney Hadwin eres mil veces mejor que Janis Joplin
Miguel Irazola
Miguel Irazola Hace 6 días
Lloyd Gittens
Lloyd Gittens Hace 6 días
Freddie Mercury would have loved her.
Azizur Rahman
Azizur Rahman Hace 6 días
Carlos Designs
Carlos Designs Hace 6 días
what genre is this?
おらりた Hace 7 días
Ediluza Silva
Ediluza Silva Hace 7 días
adorei essa garota...!!!
julian carrillo
julian carrillo Hace 7 días
congratulations from Mexico a new real STAR on stage.
Pikidash斉藤 Hace 7 días
ゆん ゆん
ゆん ゆん Hace 7 días
髪の毛さらさら かわいいw
Lady Magaritάri
Lady Magaritάri Hace 7 días
Gabriel Shear
Gabriel Shear Hace 7 días
She’s her own person .. She’s not homogenized, not pasteurized , not fake and not packaged like so many others .. She’s the real deal .. Nice to see an entertainer get back to this !.
Karen Frenandes
Karen Frenandes Hace 7 días
Tô impactada
Bill Loraff
Bill Loraff Hace 8 días
You is so spontaneous with your singing and dancing at age 13 and I will bet you that she produces her own stage arrangments, what a gifted and tallented young girl ! The sixties songs she uses are great also ! You will be a big star soon, but watch out for all of the scammers out there just waiting to take advantage of you !
ddavel5441 Hace 8 días
Courtney Hadwin .....a girl out of time. Can't wait to see more of her. I usually don't care much for the singing talent portion of AGT. But this is really something else!! She's going places!
Park Joon
Park Joon Hace 8 días
YOU DANCE WITH THE MUSIC COURTNEY... HOW ?? I can't explain how amazing you are at music. OMG. I hope I woke up tomorrow and find your own album on the Spotify.💜..
Park Joon
Park Joon Hace 8 días
I wanted an album ASAP bitch.. I want it NOW!!!💜 YOUR FREAKING AMAZING 💜
SUPER KITTEN M Hace 8 días
She should have won
Bodicea 1
Bodicea 1 Hace 8 días
She isn't Janis.
mariafernanda Hace 9 días
Genial! perfecta actuación en el escenario! Ojalá se escuchara más de ella pronto!
AP AP Hace 9 días
she doesn't belong here in this contest! she deserves more!
You know why im here
She’s not even singing
Alicia Vigil
Alicia Vigil Hace 9 días
I really love her she’s so incredibly, beautiful and very talented all the stars ⭐️ for her
pico 740
pico 740 Hace 9 días
I'm a man of 1970 and i'm also a career musician and that girl is like the real artist of the 1970 years, not the shit of today. You people don't know fuck all with your cardi B wich i did listen and i don't even compare cardi b with courtney, legend she's gonna be. Hang on guys, you'll be surprised in the next years.
John Thomson
John Thomson Hace 9 días
She got gassed by lesser talent. Sad.
Judith K
Judith K Hace 9 días
Mimys Glam & Designs
I wish she keeps singing she is amazing! A real start
Mary K
Mary K Hace 9 días
Oh man she's a real artist. Everything about her is so cool and interesting. She's gonna play a huge part in music industry. I love this girl.
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 10 días
Legendary Performance !!
jo blo
jo blo Hace 10 días
Her voice is very Fucking announcing it chins me to the bone
jo blo
jo blo Hace 10 días
The Bitch Screams Like A Banchie can,t sing for shit no class
Jürgen Böhm
Jürgen Böhm Hace 10 días
Don't talk about class, idiot.
вy૨ѳท Hace 10 días
Why does Tyra look like Beyoncé? Lol
Mely Gonzalez
Mely Gonzalez Hace 10 días
Deberían darle la oportunidad de ser una gran cantante
Erich Weiler
Erich Weiler Hace 10 días
I fucking hate this shit. This is awful
Jürgen Böhm
Jürgen Böhm Hace 10 días
Listen to some Disney tunes, ridiculous crybaby.
Carmen Stone
Carmen Stone Hace 10 días
wow im speechless
baha hammouda
baha hammouda Hace 10 días
Luisa Johnson twin
Umit Akdogan
Umit Akdogan Hace 10 días
I want see you with slash
Vivi Maulidina
Vivi Maulidina Hace 10 días
She looked like sigrid
Samryn Dick
Samryn Dick Hace 11 días
damn she is good
John Lorenz
John Lorenz Hace 11 días
Who else wants Nick back?
Josemar Peterle
Josemar Peterle Hace 11 días
Name this song please!
Gabriel A.
Gabriel A. Hace 11 días
she more better singer that Janis Joplin
#Gladz# The ilocana traveler
Ur amazing ur gonno be next super star
unkonw unknow
unkonw unknow Hace 12 días
Doing the monkey the mash potato...courtney shuffle.....aaaaaaa
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