Courtney Hadwin: Shy British Schoolgirl With SHOCKING Talent WOWS! | America's Got Talent 2018

Talent Recap
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America’s Got Talent Season 13 | Live Quarterfinals 1
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With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search
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Talent Recap


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15 ago 2018

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Comentarios 6 827
Sergio Goulart
Sergio Goulart Hace 2 días
3,7 mil não gostei? Devem ser extraterrestres votando....
Jamila ALHAMROUNI Hace 2 días
Leaky Mwema
Leaky Mwema Hace 3 días
She gets me on the moves
Bd Ei
Bd Ei Hace 3 días
I want set this Screaming to my phone ringtone
hasslefree Hace 3 días
She is obviously talented.........But meantime, I am waiting for her to start writing and singing her own songs instead of copying other peoples songs....and..... tone down on the screechy, squeely screaming that muddles the words.......
Jobel Esteves
Jobel Esteves Hace 4 días
Não me canso de ver essa menina cantando muito show
ritz25 winters
ritz25 winters Hace 5 días
oustanding performance..your a phenomenal singer my young lady😘😘😘
Rock and Roll Audio
Rock and Roll Audio Hace 8 días
Too many other contestants were eliminated that were MUCH better than her!
Martha Castro
Martha Castro Hace 9 días
Jonathan G
Jonathan G Hace 10 días
No he parado de ver vídeos de Courtney Hadwin, es espectacular, estrella mundial, me he hecho fan de ella. Tiene un talento, poco visto en el mundo de la música.
ayl Maru
ayl Maru Hace 10 días
How could someone strangle Howie in the middle of a live show...
Lisa Kiesman
Lisa Kiesman Hace 13 días
She may have not won but she did get a record deal!!! That's so exciting, shes is amazing
Tijanna Jowers
Tijanna Jowers Hace 14 días
Omgggggg she's a different mj but with more energy mj means Michael jackson
Alexa Mendoza
Alexa Mendoza Hace 14 días
You are an amazing dancer don't be sad they just want to try to be like you
Vegeta Hace 14 días
Tyra banks should have stayed in the 90s. She is really anoying for some reason.
Hocine Gharbi
Hocine Gharbi Hace 16 días
تبانلي راهي تاكل فيها وما نعرف
Jun Mhar Magaddon
Jun Mhar Magaddon Hace 16 días
This girl make me do like rock..... Wow.. Thanks to her...... Rock n' roll yowh....
Dale Martin
Dale Martin Hace 18 días
I think she has no talent whatever. I don't know who ever told her she could sing........Listen to Angelica Hale and Beau Dermott - now that's real talent.
Serhat Kızılarslan
Serhat Kızılarslan Hace 18 días
adam akıllı dans etsene niye özürlü gibi haraketler yapıyon.ama kızda ses var yani
patricia Diego
patricia Diego Hace 18 días
Aprill Roberts
Aprill Roberts Hace 18 días
One word AMAZING 👍
Ahmedov Kirchouf
Ahmedov Kirchouf Hace 19 días
مصابة بالكساح تعود من جديد هههههه
Teddys Easy Recipes
Teddys Easy Recipes Hace 20 días
Your my pick you ever come to Milwaukee Wisconsin Please send me tickets Your my medicne for my depression you bring back the good old times for me . Your my Janis Joplin Love you girl
m Howy13
m Howy13 Hace 20 días
Bäähm great god she got it 😜
Rolando Vargas Sejas
Rolando Vargas Sejas Hace 21 un día
mick Jagger en mujer
Oji Hassan
Oji Hassan Hace 23 días
Courtney from north Jakarta I hear you...!
Emilly Turner
Emilly Turner Hace 24 días
Cecy Gonzales
Cecy Gonzales Hace 25 días
N M Hace 25 días
no1 for 2 years belive me...the best voice move soul love cute.........................
Unchained Hero
Unchained Hero Hace 26 días
Why the fuck the title looks like porn title
Cas Hall
Cas Hall Hace 27 días
She's awful. Glad she lost 🙌🙌🙌
The Black Barbie
The Black Barbie Hace 27 días
Me encantan sus bailecitos jjj💕😍
Yank  ee
Yank ee Hace 27 días
Yes 200 million people can be wrong and they are. This is nothing but coarse noise and neurotic physicality. People have lost touch with what genuine talent really is. A sign of the times...very sad.
Peter Laka
Peter Laka Hace 24 días
fortunately we have you. Tell us what a real talent is
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell Hace 28 días
sweetener Hace 29 días
she’s actually insane 😭
Lauren Asuzano
Lauren Asuzano Hace 29 días
See besides her not being the cookie cutter singer that always wins these shows, I like Courtney because this show doesn’t just sell talent. This show sells performance. People would enjoy just the experience of going to one of her shows. It’s exciting and unique and it just looks fun and sometimes that’s worth more than those singers who sing pop and hit every note.
Marcelo Silva
Marcelo Silva Hace 29 días
Eduard Horvath
Eduard Horvath Hace un mes
She is a real sensation
kawaii Puff
kawaii Puff Hace un mes
Marcela Cossio
Marcela Cossio Hace un mes
Ella llena el escenario por si sola, me encanta su voz, sus movimientos. Ella es increible, me encanta
DimitrisAn21 Hace un mes
There is no room for personal taste here! THIS IS F****ING INCREDIBLE!! Downvote as much as you like, she is star and i cant wait for her next show!
Amado Candia
Amado Candia Hace un mes
Yuşa Dalgıc
Yuşa Dalgıc Hace un mes
Çingilizce konuşuyo mkm
Maika Le
Maika Le Hace un mes
Why is this video not on agt channel?
La bella
La bella Hace un mes
Anybody SIGN this girl, please. She is UNIQUE. I'm not a rock fan but but but this girl is the only rock artist I'll spend my money on to go watch her concert no matter how expensive it is. I AM BLOWN AWAY....
Teosha Nickerson
Teosha Nickerson Hace un mes
I'm what to came there one day and sing to you guy's because I what to be myself and sing how fair I will go
veric2222 Hace un mes
A little Mike Jagger
Rodney Muñoz
Rodney Muñoz Hace un mes
She reminds me of good old artists who where mainly natural born talents and not plastic made - autotune ones like most people today. She's already a winner.
Reginaldo reg
Reginaldo reg Hace un mes
Brasil também está ouvindo😁😁
Brandon Mullen
Brandon Mullen Hace un mes
Wat song was she singing
Aneta Nejezchlebová
woow!! So different!! I like it!!!
Andi Ashadi Salam
Andi Ashadi Salam Hace un mes
She is totally crazy.. Her voice and style.. New genre will born
Why Not
Why Not Hace un mes
I liked her Audition better
Katiana Lodell
Katiana Lodell Hace un mes
She knows real music.
Арман Акопян
Mike Luis
Mike Luis Hace un mes
Why the hell she didn’t win AGT 2018 ?
Bri Lash
Bri Lash Hace un mes
This kid is the bomb she is the new rocker!! I love this!!
Evan Atherton
Evan Atherton Hace un mes
so proud in yer courtney, missing u a ton, hope everythings going good, everyone at schools missing u x
Sam Ireri
Sam Ireri Hace un mes
Courtney you’re just amazing
Sandra Leighty
Sandra Leighty Hace un mes
My alter-ego!
adriana ramirez
adriana ramirez Hace un mes
in my opinion, she sounds terrible. I just don’t like the style and how she moves on stage or how she tries to move her voice around a lot. And on the notes where she’s LITERALLY squawking like a bird, just imagine what that does to her vocal cords. I hate it and it makes me cringe 😬
Matilde Mateus
Matilde Mateus Hace un mes
Adri Ramirez omg i totally agree
Dreamin' Pro Wrestling
The ugliest thing I've ever seen
Flor Kassie
Flor Kassie Hace un mes
Man tbh i dont like this type of music but this girll is amazing she got into this❤
Андрей Селезнев
Jess De Chavez
Jess De Chavez Hace un mes
She is very talented kid. very humble and sweet. She is a great singer with a very rare and unique style. I love her! So incredible!
Dom Chocolate
Dom Chocolate Hace un mes
She is just screaming in the mic they say. Well she screams better than you can sing
鯖まさ Hace un mes
ruki 26
ruki 26 Hace un mes
Yeah screw you guys for mocking her , it's ok if you don't like this type of performance but mocking her and makin fun of her is just so immature and rude , i personally like her and i don't usually say this but i'll definitely buy tickets to her shows , she's very talented and entertaining
Jacob K
Jacob K Hace un mes
Fucking mind blowing
camila geell
camila geell Hace un mes
Soy tu fan ❤️ Desde Chile 👻🤘🏻
Rojal Tamang
Rojal Tamang Hace un mes
Yeah"👯 that man is right people who don't really get her are the ones who does not have any sense at all cuz we hardly get someone who sings Luke her and then the most amazing point is that she is only 13 like seriously oh my goddd if you don't really get them then the must surely know about CARDI B and listen her all damn fucking time🌹😻
Patricia Flower
Patricia Flower Hace un mes
Song name?
mick warby
mick warby Hace un mes
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez Hace 2 meses
We all get you and love you, princess Courtney, do what you feel in every song you perform, you're my inspiration, you changed my way of singing completely. I love you. God blesses you forever.
David Bevels
David Bevels Hace 2 meses
Courtney was signed by Arista records with first album out early 2019.
blue knife
blue knife Hace 2 meses
MY ears hurt already
Imari Brown
Imari Brown Hace 2 meses
I don´t care what anybody says... SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!
atlatl man
atlatl man Hace 2 meses
Her singing is AMAZING but she should probably take some dancing lessons🙃
ゆ ゆ__
ゆ ゆ__ Hace 2 meses
Caylee Gogue
Caylee Gogue Hace 2 meses
She reminds me of Micheal Jackson.....
Chrys Bean
Chrys Bean Hace 2 meses
A star is born and is traveling the speed of light or more - THIS is EPIC. LOVE COURTZ!
she cant sing for shit, WTF?
Gary King
Gary King Hace 2 meses
Rock isn't for pussies........pussy.
Shaun Molloy
Shaun Molloy Hace 2 meses
Heather Goff
Heather Goff Hace 2 meses
Her voice was so good I didn't even pay attention to what she was saying!
Maria Aparecida Vidal
Canta muito essa menina!!!!
Maria Aparecida Vidal
Canta muito essa menina!!!!
Jackie Sene
Jackie Sene Hace 2 meses
Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique Hace 2 meses
Omar Rodriguez
Omar Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
The scream 😱 tho
Ryan Varas
Ryan Varas Hace 2 meses
she kinda shit
Антон Филиппов
Aimee Nyankundwa
Aimee Nyankundwa Hace 2 meses
cas sy
cas sy Hace 2 meses
Azzura 1707
Azzura 1707 Hace 2 meses
Jonis joplin+axl gun roses = courtney
Abdelhamid Sahraoui
Abdelhamid Sahraoui Hace 2 meses
HERMINA SARI Hace 2 meses
Amazing girl ...love it
Reno van Zanten
Reno van Zanten Hace 2 meses
Wow! She's really a new idol on the horizon!
خالد دوسيري
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Маша Норкина
Dance... This is... This is new Michael Jackson???
zportegine Hace 2 meses
Wow una verdadera futura artista, toma con mucha pasión la musica
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