Courtney Hadwin vs Janis Joplin

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Is Courtney Hadwin, Howie Mandel's Golden Buzzer from America's Got Talent Janis Joplin reincarnated? Check out the similarities between the both of them! They really are alike!
Music Featured:
Song: Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)
Artist: Janis Joplin
Album: Broadcast Collection, 1967-1970 (Remastered)
Licensed by: Rebeat Digital GmbH (on behalf of Groove Dust); PEDL, UMPI, Warner Chappell, and 9 Music Rights Societies
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15 jun 2018

Courtney HadwinJanis JoplinRockOtis ReddingSoulHard to HandleTry (just a little bit harder)TryAmerica's Got TalentAGTMusicRock MusicSoul MusicGolden BuzzerHowie Mandel






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Comentarios 3 377
Husien Hassen
Husien Hassen Hace 30 minutos
احلئ من الغنية الاصلية ماشاء الله 💚
Oso Panda
Oso Panda Hace 14 horas
Vs Black Crows better
stevie ray
stevie ray Hace 15 horas
She need to smoke more cigaret to get this voice lol
lala Hace 17 horas
there is only one janis!
jaxy dog
jaxy dog Hace un día
now she is good leave a like if you agree
Manash Pratim Kalita
God, which song is this?
Leidemar Alves De Jesus Ranzi Leidy
quem é do brasil curte
A Wonderful Albino Strawberry
Can I know why everyone here are so toxic with Courtney? I've never saw all this huge hate before wtf, anyways the only way to look like Janis is by killing yourself on drugs till looking like an ugly elder, no hate to Janis but at 25 years old she looked like 70.
柊まりん Hace 2 días
BolsoGato Zuero. Presidente Do Mundo.
Janis e alx rose transaram, e nasceu essa menina ai. Só pode.
danielle formiga
danielle formiga Hace 3 días
Parece possuida
gUerito .27
gUerito .27 Hace 3 días
Better than janis , more soul to it !
By Bfooke
By Bfooke Hace 3 días
She was on the voice kids. She’s in it for the fame
Mirek Broz
Mirek Broz Hace 3 días
Why you critical her performance i wont see you enybody on her stage do same vokals as she did
Nina Pavlovic
Nina Pavlovic Hace 3 días
Kawaii sweets
Kawaii sweets Hace 4 días
0:24 the moment you knew winnie the pooh is a girl
B Jani
B Jani Hace 4 días
Courtney will be the world's star, and the rest will disappear into the fog
Blu Skiez
Blu Skiez Hace 4 días
That was amazing
Jayde Hood
Jayde Hood Hace 4 días
Courtney has an awesome voicr
HellHumanTheSlayer Hace 4 días
The girl was WAY better.
Gabriele Ara
Gabriele Ara Hace 5 días
it's one of the pointless comparison ever made
Michelle D'Auria
Michelle D'Auria Hace 5 días
Did we ever hear Janis at 14??
6E04陳日熙 Hace 5 días
she must be the next generation of janis joplin
Y S Hace 5 días
wiertareczka mieteczka
Name songs ?
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke Hace 5 días
too many noob people here.. janis is janis and courtney is courtney.. telling that she is not janis.. fucking idiot.. its obvious.. she is good fucking idiot haters..
Randy's Favorites
Randy's Favorites Hace 6 días
There will never be another "Pearl", Janis can NEVER be replaced
Amber Lanvermeier
Amber Lanvermeier Hace 6 días
What song is she singing, I love the song just for got the name.
Milciades Valdez
Milciades Valdez Hace 6 días
Jett bennett
Jett bennett Hace 6 días
Y’all all forgetting that she 14 and everyone’s different 🙄🙄🙄
JARED NOLAN Hace 6 días
Afif Irhash Salaf
Afif Irhash Salaf Hace 7 días
Artificial Identity
Artificial Identity Hace 7 días
SSo lame-o title
julio sanchez
julio sanchez Hace 7 días
Whats the name of the song please
The Account Remains the Same
Her voice has been tampered with
Dan B
Dan B Hace 7 días
OK this girl is definitely the best fantastic performer, Janis Joplin never had a great place to begin with this girls taking it to a whole new level
T Hunter
T Hunter Hace 7 días
This little girl has the potential to be something amazing. Stop comparing people to icons. She is Courtney Hadwin and she has the potential to be an icon herself.
Luiza Gonçalves
Luiza Gonçalves Hace 8 días
Prefiro a Primeira
Mud Langford
Mud Langford Hace 9 días
Not even close.
little bucky12345
little bucky12345 Hace 9 días
Guadalupe s
Guadalupe s Hace 10 días
Canta muy bien la chica pero jamás la comparen con Janis Joplin,Janis es una leyenda
조하은 Hace 10 días
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋ뭐지 나만웃긴가?ㅋㅋㅋ
Spiritdove Hace 10 días
making fun of her being skinny saying her legs looked like they would break. i just cant stand these judges sometimes
Spiritdove Hace 10 días
girl looks and sings like shes from the 70;s wow what a voice .. lots of yelling.. lol and crowd would be quiet where you can hear her would help
nikola madej
nikola madej Hace 10 días
takie pytanie czy ona ma downa
Daniela Willey
Daniela Willey Hace 10 días
Mert Hace 11 días
saçmalamayın amkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ya janis bu
The Man from Epsilon Crucis
so I guess none of you fucktards have her of "impersonators? She sounds, acts and looks like Janis becasue she spent 10,000 hours copying her. Her mother no doubt pushed her to.
The Account Remains the Same
Or her voice has been tampered with
Erin Prather
Erin Prather Hace 11 días
Who says there is no reincarnation. Janis lives and is a teen again LOL!
Tiramisu Hace 11 días
R.I.P Janis....💔
Positively Udo
Positively Udo Hace 11 días
Tina turner!
Adnayara Medrado
Adnayara Medrado Hace 11 días
legal 😍
yassmina crystal
yassmina crystal Hace 12 días
اين انتم ياااا قوم ههههه
Ete Shf
Ete Shf Hace 12 días
VaughnJogVlog Hace 12 días
Anyone can do this.
B Jani
B Jani Hace 12 días
Courtney is much more talented than most contemporary performers. World star. founder of a new trend that the greatest people are capable of
Гриша Гриша
Гриша Гриша Hace 12 días
Tyra JeffElephantCutie
Both r insane😐
Manuel Saucedo
Manuel Saucedo Hace 12 días
Nada que ver con JANIS
Addison Nicolas
Addison Nicolas Hace 12 días
Courtney wins
eye of the dragon
eye of the dragon Hace 12 días
She looks otisctic but nice voice.
Miki Duhz
Miki Duhz Hace 12 días
*triggered 50 year olds have entered the chat*
S. Mesut
S. Mesut Hace 13 días
No contest - Janis wins AGAIN hands-down ! Janis' competitor isn't a natural like Janis.
claro chile
claro chile Hace 13 días
Courtney!! Ohhhhhhhh
fomos fomos
fomos fomos Hace 13 días
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Denise Heuer
Denise Heuer Hace 13 días
Sie hat eine tolle Stimme, aber sie verhält sich gruselig..
Susana Bernal
Susana Bernal Hace 13 días
no i just got an email that i have a dentist desopointment 😧😨😨😭😭😭😭🙅
gunsnrosesfrk Hace 13 días
Shes the new Janis Joplin You go girl!!!
Carolina Arreaga
Carolina Arreaga Hace 13 días
Nancy Vasta
Nancy Vasta Hace 13 días
Has anyone ever heard of reincarnation?If you do,then Ms.Joplin has returned.
Арина Cat
Арина Cat Hace 13 días
MrStfmg Hace 14 días
More smoke and booze young lady..lol
Jason Finn
Jason Finn Hace 14 días
Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez Hace 14 días
Me gusta que todos os quejáis de ella al no "ser Janis Joplin" al igual que todos los que se quejan de Greta Van Fleet no son Led... Pero tampoco veo por los comentarios a un Keith Richards o a un Hendrix, así que callarse la puta boca y empezad a admirar el futuro del rock putos cabrones de mierda, a ver si comenzá is a ser honestos y humildes por que flipa
Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez Hace 14 días
Por cierto la canción es de los Black Crowes (grupo criticado por gente como vosotros, sin puta consideración por el esfuerzo ajeno,hasta que los empezó a producir Jimmy Page y a la gente les empezaron a molar, vaya con el cambio de rumbo) y si no habéis dicho nada de eso es por que no sabréis tanto de rock.
Lisa Hace 14 días
No, no, no!!!
A Smith
A Smith Hace 14 días
Came here because of a Janis Joplin video. This young lady is ridiculous.
Monica howse
Monica howse Hace 14 días
Not even close! There will never be another Janis.
matt k
matt k Hace 14 días
Is this a joke? She sounds and makes facial expressions of s special needs child.....
Aiva-Marie Hartley
Aiva-Marie Hartley Hace 14 días
Did u know his girl pretended to be shy so hey could doubt her
Juan Basilio Fafutis Gonzalez
Como se les ocurre comparar a la gran Janis Joplin con esta muchacha,Janis Joplin sólo hay una,es una grandísima ofensa a Janis Joplin, además esos movimientos de la muchacha parece como si le estuvieran dando ataques y esos ojos que abre dan pánico, dejen de compara a la reina Janis Joplin con esta escuincla anoréxica que además nada tiene que ver con el Rock o el Blues como Janis Joplin,no hablen estupideces.
Garth Hace 10 días
Realmente no entiendes
Robin Lineberger
Robin Lineberger Hace 15 días
She's not Janis but sure is a power house!
Nein Toten
Nein Toten Hace 15 días
Poor Courtney is doomed to a life of ruthless exploitation at the hands of the Joos who control the entertainment industry, and she'll be lucky if she survives to be 27. I've already seen her enthusiastically giving the satanic double devil hand salute on numerous occasions.
RICH MEOW Hace 16 días
She is very good but she doesn't have the vocal register of Janis Joplin, and because they simply have powerful voices does not mean that she sings the same as Janis Joplin. Janis Joplin has a less deep voice than Courtney.
Ledya vtwenty
Ledya vtwenty Hace 16 días
thats a mess
They: -sound alike -look alike -Dance alike -their last names rhyme! And most importantly- will *Overdose on heroin at 27* :)
Jose Omar Cifuentes Martinez
Es Impresionante el talento que tiene esta niña, no tengo palabras para describir lo virtuosidad de su voz
Smail Smail
Smail Smail Hace 16 días
Wow .. I didn't want her to stop singing ... SHE IS AMAZING
quasidiem99 Hace 16 días
Also, one cannot try to sound soulful, either you are or you are not. Courtney is not soulful because she is trying to sound soulful.
Lhingpi Chongloi
Lhingpi Chongloi Hace 17 días
Courtney hadwin
Frank D
Frank D Hace 17 días
Sorry, but that little girl is too gimmicky and not even in the same universe as Janis.
Anton Best
Anton Best Hace 17 días
I think she is lip syncing
Cyberjace Hace 17 días
Mack Bailey
Mack Bailey Hace 18 días
Hell yeah that's a girl with talent
Random Shaila
Random Shaila Hace 18 días
Mohammad Faiz
Mohammad Faiz Hace 18 días
Courtney will rock the stage in 10years time, if she keeps up the singing like now! A female rock sensation. Mark my words!
Кейт Спорус
Кейт Спорус Hace 19 días
nonameshere Hace 19 días
Comparing a child to an adult.... Because thats always accurate.
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