Courtney Hadwin vs Janis Joplin

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Is Courtney Hadwin, Howie Mandel's Golden Buzzer from America's Got Talent Janis Joplin reincarnated? Check out the similarities between the both of them! They really are alike!
Music Featured:
Song: Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)
Artist: Janis Joplin
Album: Broadcast Collection, 1967-1970 (Remastered)
Licensed by: Rebeat Digital GmbH (on behalf of Groove Dust); PEDL, UMPI, Warner Chappell, and 9 Music Rights Societies
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15 jun 2018

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Mr. H
Mr. H Hace 11 horas
Yeah she's horrible. Janis IMO was one of the worst singers of all time. She was a drug addict, a drunk homeless whore and the only reason she was popular was because she was a white female trying to sing soul during a revolutionary time. She really became famous after she died. She couldn't hold a note to save her life. Poor little girl needs a better role model.
Janelle Looman
Janelle Looman Hace 4 horas
Oh hell no Janis was one of the most or if not the most influential singers of her time u just jealous and she was a drug addict but she could put on one hell of a show
Gene F
Gene F Hace un día
Not even close on any account. I can never get enough of Janis... This gal is actually kinda irritating...sorry but true.
Awesomedia Hace un día
If she keeps that Mick Jaeger dancing style, that’ll boost more that appeal without being compared to Janis. Janis is gone. Courtney is here.
Diablo3 Soon Diablo 4
This is world's most popular trend.Everyone wants to be someone else,and everyone imitates someone else.I dont care that she is a kid,get your own style,because everything other than that is a bad bad copy. Janis danced from her soul,her movements were what she felt in given moment,this whore just copy her because i strongly doubt this little one even knows what she sings about,let alone feel song in special way.
That One
That One Hace 2 días
Saying that their names rhyme is a big stretch.
Except Good
Except Good Hace 2 días
Fadoz 77
Fadoz 77 Hace 3 días
*CouRtney* 💕
marijuana marijuana
marijuana marijuana Hace 3 días
John Rogers
John Rogers Hace 3 días
Yeah, what's with the hand - Devil Horns sign.!!???
Terry Bruce
Terry Bruce Hace 5 días
I would like to see this little kid in 3 or 4 years after some teachers work with her. Sure she does an okay Janis impression...but she has the talent to get her own voce...at some point.
Sami L
Sami L Hace 5 días
This is the best thing I've seen all day
Ed Camp
Ed Camp Hace 5 días
Courtney needs to try to sing Janis Joplin's Ball and Chain ..
Peggy Knoth
Peggy Knoth Hace 6 días
I agree with lots of you… No, she’s not Janice. SHE’S COURTNEY ❤️ and the kid is 🔥 INCREDIBLY 💥TALENTED! ⚡️💯 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Julia's World
Julia's World Hace 6 días
No offence but I think Courtney is better in my opinion Janis kind of sounds like she’s just screaming idk that’s just my opinion
Willie Gordon
Willie Gordon Hace 7 días
At first they was like"what the hell is she doing"? Then they was like"alright she's ok pretty good".
C h a r m
C h a r m Hace 7 días
All these people think Janis is better. But in my opinion, Courtney is WAYYY better.
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez Hace 7 días
La viva reencarnación de la grande señoría Janis Joplin, es bonito ver como ese estilo de reventar el escenario no se pierde, esta chica tiene muchísimo futuro😍😍
jordan84 Hace 7 días
Yikes, she is trying too hard.
edo corte
edo corte Hace 7 días
La chica no transmite nada. Es una caricatura de Chris Robinson, y está lejos de Janis... eso no quita el potencial que tiene.
giorgi jrv
giorgi jrv Hace 8 días
Tiene mucho talento esa niña pero nada q ver con mi janis joplin
Hung le
Hung le Hace 8 días
Courtney I loved your music I never gets tire listen to your music thank you.
Allison Berrian
Allison Berrian Hace 8 días
The thumbnail tho
Zusanne Zussie
Zusanne Zussie Hace 8 días
She's weird
Mar de Libertad
Mar de Libertad Hace 8 días
ME GUSTA !👏👏👏🌷
GIRISH MV Hace 8 días
Snow_Bitzz Hace 8 días
wait what
Crackerz GD
Crackerz GD Hace 8 días
And I call this one the seizure.
Brooke Wasley
Brooke Wasley Hace 9 días
This girl is so cringe worthy I'm embarrassed for her poor parents. To her mom ; don't feel bad I wouldn't claim her either. Good news though I think there is a medication for what she has, if not adoption is always an option.
اس راء
اس راء Hace 9 días
Alexis Gacha life
Alexis Gacha life Hace 9 días
The first girl makes me cringe😳
Julio silva
Julio silva Hace 9 días
Parece um mosquito com ataque epilético 🤣
Maxine Girl Here Garzon
Um of course Courtney
Totally Relatable
Totally Relatable Hace 10 días
Axl Rose on adderal
Jenny Sepulveda
Jenny Sepulveda Hace 10 días
I thought this was a joke..... Now I see it isnt😬....
ALonerWhoNeedsHelp SendHelp
Her performance is slightly auto tuned. Did anyone else hear it? I’m not questioning her talents or performing abilities, though. She’s very talented. I’m just asking if anyone else noticed.
Emitis Mirhosseini
Emitis Mirhosseini Hace 10 días
alexiane dave
alexiane dave Hace 10 días
Incroyable, juste incroyable. Elle chante mieux que la chanteuse originale
Guy Velvet
Guy Velvet Hace 10 días
god bless her
Alex mr me
Alex mr me Hace 10 días
Janis not good
Olivia Winkelman
Olivia Winkelman Hace 11 días
Ok listen, this little girl was on The Voice Kids in the UK about six months maybe a year before AGT.
Scarlet of Shade
Scarlet of Shade Hace 11 días
1:21 is auto tuned lol
Aleyah Davis
Aleyah Davis Hace 12 días
counteryd brtter i kike hers
DarkUmbreon 87
DarkUmbreon 87 Hace 12 días
canal Edu Xcom
canal Edu Xcom Hace 12 días
( ❤️_❤️)
Bougerra Yaakoub
Bougerra Yaakoub Hace 12 días
the second one so annoying omg I messed my ear
Blue Angel
Blue Angel Hace 12 días
sorry, i vote courtney 😬😏
mohamed thoufiq
mohamed thoufiq Hace 12 días
noor hayder almusawe
noor hayder almusawe Hace 12 días
The teen girl is better
GachaOlivia Oh yea yea
She sounds good but if she just didn’t dance 😖
Aiden Harmon
Aiden Harmon Hace 12 días
I thought Janis was horrible
Lea Grimaldi
Lea Grimaldi Hace 13 días
Sanay Thomas
Sanay Thomas Hace 13 días
എന്റെ പൊന്നു തകർത്തു
Elias Franco
Elias Franco Hace 13 días
Hahah no
Bianca Souza
Bianca Souza Hace 14 días
Ela me assusta😂
Chicken Plays
Chicken Plays Hace 14 días
Is Courtney Hadwin the reincarnation of Janis Joplin?
Noah Youssef
Noah Youssef Hace 14 días
Maria Pia  Moreno Camacho
Qué hermoso canta...ya muchos quisieran tener el talento y la energía que está jovencita tiene!! Un gran talento
Yesh uwah
Yesh uwah Hace 15 días
Both are possessed... period. Always hated Janis music... then when I saw this little girl I felt the same feeling. The demons done messed around and found a new host. Agree or disagree but drug abuse and overdose at such a young age is nothing more than the devil’s work.
Brandon Evans
Brandon Evans Hace 6 días
What the hell are you babbling on about you psychopath
Ain't I just adorable?
Lol wut
abbey elise
abbey elise Hace 14 días
Yesh uwah or it’s not a demon, and just a music preference?
Imani Chatelain
Imani Chatelain Hace 15 días
She was better than Janice come for me
Imani Chatelain
Imani Chatelain Hace 5 días
+Ed Camp but u knew who I was talking about so hop off
Ed Camp
Ed Camp Hace 5 días
It's Janis spell it right!!!
You Remember Me?
You Remember Me? Hace 5 días
Way better
imsljr420 Hace 15 días
this young girl is better than Janis nobody Joplin.
Jamantinha :}
Jamantinha :} Hace 16 días
A outra mulher não canta rla so grita
Emerson André
Emerson André Hace 16 días
Essa menina é show, a melhor participante .
Ludmila Zerdán
Ludmila Zerdán Hace 16 días
This make me cry ♥️
Cj Pinheiro
Cj Pinheiro Hace 17 días
The little girl doesn't sing like Janis.
Who spilled My beans
Who spilled My beans Hace 17 días
2:05 wtf
Makayla Takang
Makayla Takang Hace 17 días
wow that’s good. Sounded like autotune. It was that good
LACOME Stéphane
LACOME Stéphane Hace 17 días
On ne compare pas le caviar avec les Œufs de Truite ; je faudra attendre que la jeune Courtney Hadwin ai fini sa puberté , que sa voix ai fini de muer :p
K O Hace 17 días
Tá pura não!
Araceli Zaragoza
Araceli Zaragoza Hace 17 días
Que pedo el estorcista
Willie Gordon
Willie Gordon Hace 7 días
Araceli Zaragoza You're the pedophile.
Ranjb 2007
Ranjb 2007 Hace 14 días
Yo tengo
pinkamena eddchan
pinkamena eddchan Hace 15 días
A c mamo :v
Top Musically Compilation
Both are great but the actual fact is that Courtney is 14 and Janis is way older than her so pls stop comparing them both. Janis might be Courntneys idol don't forget this too so yeah
Antonio Mariano
Antonio Mariano Hace 17 días
Djabo é isso
Ninny Nina
Ninny Nina Hace 17 días
i honestly dont know JJ but hey this girl gave me creeps
Baby Gucci Gun
Baby Gucci Gun Hace 17 días
She is a horse
0101010101010101ful Hace 17 días
all of you calling her performance cringy or weird its called dance...it called feeling the music in your bones.. it called letting the music move you the way you feel it. im sure yall would be more comfortable with her wearing booty shorts and twerking...thats why you think this is weird
bri Hace 18 días
stop comparing her to janis, this girl is her own person. she haves her own sound and voice. she wasn’t on stage performing and giving her heart and soul for you all to say she isn’t good enough to be like janis. you’ll attack me for this but this i prefer this girl’s voice anyways since it’s clean and doesn’t sound like years of smoking.
jotinder singh
jotinder singh Hace 18 días
I think she sounds better than Joplin
Ana Delaney
Ana Delaney Hace 18 días
Courtney’s waaay better
Sara Herrmann
Sara Herrmann Hace 18 días
Wow!!! She is amazing
Dimitrije Benić
Dimitrije Benić Hace 18 días
What the...
Liisa Mustikkakangas
Liisa Mustikkakangas Hace 18 días
Why are you moving like that girl?!?!?
Tabatha Stephens
Tabatha Stephens Hace 18 días
Why say vs and then put up a different song by Janis Joplin
Maria Acosta
Maria Acosta Hace 19 días
I'm sorry but I didn't find this to be called talent
papy jeannot
papy jeannot Hace 19 días
elle est possédé
hay привет
hay привет Hace 19 días
Что с ней. В неё вселился демон?? 😂😂😂
Being Thoughtful
Being Thoughtful Hace 19 días
The girl was far better !! Seriously
Maggie Li
Maggie Li Hace 20 días
She’s better than Janet
Jackson Oliveira
Jackson Oliveira Hace 20 días
So faraway from Janis...
Patricia Ida Troaelj
Patricia Ida Troaelj Hace 20 días
Bright Omg
Bright Omg Hace 20 días
The first one is better
Екатерина Цибульник
Если бы в конвульсиях не билась, то смотрибельно было бы!
emi ly
emi ly Hace 20 días
Ashley Ashley
Ashley Ashley Hace 20 días
The moment Simon saw his wallet get bigger!!
Joaco Hace 21 un día
She is coll
Kenzie Fines
Kenzie Fines Hace 21 un día
Ok number one kind of ruined one of my favourite songs for me...shes not even singing, that's screaming (plz don't come for me I just hate it)
Grace Leyva Gonzales
Grace Leyva Gonzales Hace 21 un día
Parece una loca que feo
tolis pap
tolis pap Hace 21 un día
The girl which song sing ??
Ginny Lovegood
Ginny Lovegood Hace 21 un día
Otis Ranz
Otis Ranz Hace 21 un día
Its cringe and its good :D
Miss Meowmy
Miss Meowmy Hace 21 un día
whats the name of the song that she is singing ?
Laxmi Golay
Laxmi Golay Hace 21 un día
The girl got electricuted 🤣
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