Courtney Hadwin vs Janis Joplin

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Is Courtney Hadwin, Howie Mandel's Golden Buzzer from America's Got Talent Janis Joplin reincarnated? Check out the similarities between the both of them! They really are alike!
Music Featured:
Song: Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)
Artist: Janis Joplin
Album: Broadcast Collection, 1967-1970 (Remastered)
Licensed by: Rebeat Digital GmbH (on behalf of Groove Dust); PEDL, UMPI, Warner Chappell, and 9 Music Rights Societies
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15 jun 2018

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Comentarios 3 627
Marcos Almeidah
Marcos Almeidah Hace 51 un minuto
She was perfect she has a great future ahead, reminded Janis Joplin voice great voice amazing performance and she's just 13 years old, she is fantastic, she got a strong and powerful voice like Axl Rose female version, I hope she doesn't throw away her talent like Janis did using drugs.
Anisah Hace 3 horas
My goodness!! I've never seen such a young girl belt out a song with such a powerful voice! Now *that's* what I call talent!
Justin Albritton
Justin Albritton Hace 6 horas
Calm down people were talking about janis and this girl is a little rough around the edges when it comes to presentation her singing needs a little more control but shes on her way.
mark harrowfield
mark harrowfield Hace 15 horas
Fugalicious Hace 20 horas
not hard to mimic a coke addict
Virginia Gonzales
Virginia Gonzales Hace 21 un hora
she is stupid
Latifan Aziz
Latifan Aziz Hace un día
clmasonharris Hace un día
She's good. Don't really care if she sounds or dances like anyone else
Antonio Rivera
Antonio Rivera Hace un día
What is de name of the song?
games are my true love
she is really good yes but i want to wait and see what her voice will be like in the future so commenters give her time to develop that voice and then see what she is like then make your opinion
jassie p
jassie p Hace un día
Courtney gives me the shivers, geez.
Adrian Carruthers
Adrian Carruthers Hace un día
What's the name of the song
Antonio Di Norscio
Antonio Di Norscio Hace un día
Sólo tiene tonos parecidos, no se le parece la voz ni en lo más mínimo, Joplin era una catarsis y su voz transmitía emociones involuntariamente.
Dedra Tiger
Dedra Tiger Hace 2 días
Courtney Hadwin has a good voice and will mature. That said, there will only be one Janis Joplin.
Sienna Marie
Sienna Marie Hace 2 días
I thought janis was having a seizure
Ava Anime123
Ava Anime123 Hace 3 días
Courtney definitely was better.
кортни кнч
I've never liked her from the voice to now and she has gone on America's got talent but she's rubbish and now I don't like her even more 😡
dbltrplx Hace 3 días
Not even close , what ? Who is comparing this retard To Janis Joplin? What passes for talent nowadays is pathetic.
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez Hace 3 días
I'm a musician. I have never listen either this girl or Janice Joplin until now. This girl is energetic but melodic. Have good control of her voice..... I like her.... my first impression of joplin... she is raspy and aggressive and dont give a sense of coherence with the tone..... I don't like Joplin.
Artese Johnson
Artese Johnson Hace 4 días
Courtney sounds better
Kayla Wells
Kayla Wells Hace 4 días
I don’t think people realize that the kind of dancing Courtney was common in that time.
Princess emy Vlogs
Princess emy Vlogs Hace 4 días
0:24 can we all plz take a moment to see Simons reaction to her singing it’s soooo shook lol
Sheyanne Weaver
Sheyanne Weaver Hace 5 días
Shes to hipper
Clara Bertoldo
Clara Bertoldo Hace 5 días
Prefiro a mais nova
Alyssa Woenker
Alyssa Woenker Hace 5 días
Janis sounds like she’s yelling
Drawing _Me
Drawing _Me Hace 6 días
Two girls are very good voice but i prefere Courtney 😂
Kayleigh Ursell
Kayleigh Ursell Hace 6 días
Is this girl real lol she so good
Gabriel Andrade
Gabriel Andrade Hace 6 días
Does anyone know the name of the song courtney sings?
umismoligavriel Hace 6 días
The girl is very good ♥️ she have the passion
Jed Brysh
Jed Brysh Hace 7 días
Gets golden buzzer for sounding like someone else...talent
Heinrich Ruhnau
Heinrich Ruhnau Hace 7 días
꧁MiScHA꧂ Hace 7 días
stupid title! She is Courntey and she is absolutly awesome....
Damien Green
Damien Green Hace 7 días
Not trying to be rude but she sounded pretty weird and danced weird too
Ciências Esotéricas e Umbanda ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ,
1,9 thousand limited souls. She's not a smoker. She's not a druger, she is not Janis. Buy she,s Genius.
Dream Lander
Dream Lander Hace 7 días
They both sound so horrible what is this garbage 🗑
LilWolfiePlays Hace 7 días
Those dance moves though
daimyo2 Hace 8 días
The only resemblance to Janis Joplin is probably the narcotics LOL
shivam tewari
shivam tewari Hace 8 días
Which song is the girl singing?
Luke Colliton
Luke Colliton Hace 8 días
What song is she signing? I can't remember the title
Chase Null
Chase Null Hace 8 días
Melanie Mason has her beat on the topic of joplin covers
Matirde Sanchez
Matirde Sanchez Hace 8 días
Aaron Cygnus
Aaron Cygnus Hace 8 días
The girl singed better than Janis!
alexa love
alexa love Hace 8 días
the a good singer but will never ever be as good as Janis joplin
Thomas Skidmore
Thomas Skidmore Hace 9 días
They are both unique. They are both awesome. Janis Joplin has always been the voice of my heart....even as a child. I can't wait to see what this youngster does.
Light in the Piazza
Light in the Piazza Hace 9 días
Steven Tyler had a baby with Steven Tyler and the child tried to imitate Janis Joplin.
Light in the Piazza
Light in the Piazza Hace 9 días
Copy Cat, looks like a female Steven Tyler.
•Panda_ Girl•
•Panda_ Girl• Hace 9 días
Imma give it to courtney....imma have nightmares if i hear janis.....
Utree 3
Utree 3 Hace 10 días
riot 25
riot 25 Hace 11 días
And they give metal shit for incoherent yelling into a mic.
Josef Conka
Josef Conka Hace 12 días
She is amazing
안지영 Hace 12 días
0:55 wow
Jalan Keledai
Jalan Keledai Hace 12 días
Please subscribe my channel jalan keledai
I speak My mind
I speak My mind Hace 12 días
Why is she spazzing out lol
Tom R
Tom R Hace 13 días
They are both horrible
櫻井ゆうき Hace 13 días
Jack McDouglas
Jack McDouglas Hace 13 días
What I find intriguing about these shows is how while some people display their hard earned talent on the stage these goofy judges make money by doing nothing. Just making funny grimaces, ridiculous faces. Does anybody feel the same?
Sebranda Pryor
Sebranda Pryor Hace 13 días
What is the name of the song she singing
Ramon Machado
Ramon Machado Hace 14 días
Courtney Hadwin is so good like Janis Joplin. Unfortunely she's 14 years old and voice will change with puberty.
true fan
true fan Hace 14 días
Oh the poor girl is clearly unwell
Madelyn doll channe l
Madelyn doll channe l Hace 14 días
Janis is horrible i thought she was having a seizure😂
Aureliano Robles
Aureliano Robles Hace 14 días
Buen intento pero no esta ni cerca
Hoity Hace 14 días
She’s not the same as JJ, just a fantastic talent like her ❤️
Lol ita
Lol ita Hace 14 días
Jesus Christ this girl is really good, don't bash on her so much. You're allowed your opinion but don't bash that girl for having fun.
Vannelope P
Vannelope P Hace 14 días
I liked Courtney more
紀海 Hace 15 días
Joseph Rosati
Joseph Rosati Hace 15 días
The amount of ridiculous comments shredding a 14 year old little girl for not sounding EXACTLY like Joplin who smoked for years and did drugs AMAZES me and completely takes away my faith in humanity. Really??? Anyone on here bashing this little girl is truly bashing Joplin because she sounds almost identical to how Janis Joplin sang. You have to be a godamn MORON to say “cringe “ and all this shit when she literally sounds almost identical to Joplin.
zdenekurban75 Hace 15 días
Nurul Asyiera
Nurul Asyiera Hace 15 días
Hi, im from malaysia
Seeya38 AJPW
Seeya38 AJPW Hace 10 días
Same here
Dara Jimena Gacha studio :v
Mejor la niña
Nasaria Lopez
Nasaria Lopez Hace 16 días
Courtney won because Janis sounds like she screams
Jillian Young
Jillian Young Hace 16 días
She is screaming
Jillian Young
Jillian Young Hace 16 días
Courtney can’t sing
俺の名はゆう Hace 16 días
Mustafa Mohamed
Mustafa Mohamed Hace 16 días
People really need to stop going out of their way to lower someone's self esteem SHE WAS ALREADY SHY ENOUGH
Thaís Ziober
Thaís Ziober Hace 16 días
What's the name of the song the girl is singing?
Juliana Slattery
Juliana Slattery Hace 16 días
Is Courtney the first one if so I think she wins Update Janis doesn’t sound or look like her nvm Courtney is the first one
No Thank you
No Thank you Hace 17 días
Dude Courtney (the adult) sounds like she’s screaming
sMOLPOTATOGRAcIE 313 Hace 17 días
Shes not the next janis joplin Shes the first courtney hadwin
bobrown Hace 17 días
All these morons going she's no Janis - I bet Janis didn't sound half as good at 14. Smh
Georgia Bousia
Georgia Bousia Hace 17 días
wtf what vs Janis MEGALOL
Johanna Beucker
Johanna Beucker Hace 17 días
It doesn’t matter if she sounds like Janis or not.. This performance was lit !!!
Rich David
Rich David Hace 17 días
I think Courtney is rather freaky when she does Janis... She will burn out early if she thinks she can maintain that voice...Janis was gone at 27...Singing is more that screaming.
JuKay Waters
JuKay Waters Hace 17 días
I think this girl is amazing
American girl
American girl Hace 17 días
I'm sorry but this should never b a comparison. EVER ..WTF... JJ is the Queen of everything
Selena Bentley
Selena Bentley Hace 18 días
She is terrible and kinda scared me
Comrad Jarl
Comrad Jarl Hace 18 días
I fear something for this kid girl courtney.. May she is under God protection...
라인플레이ᴀᴍ Hace 18 días
oh so amazing. .
ace thamc
ace thamc Hace 18 días
What song is that little girl singing ??
XP Archive
XP Archive Hace 19 días
1:19-1:23 stop the finger movements!
XP Archive
XP Archive Hace 19 días
No offense to Courtney, but that thumbnail scares me.
Lily Cortes
Lily Cortes Hace 19 días
Dude shes amazing. y'all need to chill shes 14
Jana Woodstock
Jana Woodstock Hace 19 días
the star is born
BAMBAM3316 Hace 20 días
what song did she attempt to sing??
Kritiseur Hace 20 días
besser als das original - und nicht zugekifft (y)
LaTunya Sanders
LaTunya Sanders Hace 20 días
You are soooooooooo good
Aranz Hale
Aranz Hale Hace 21 un día
I love this young girl she is the ghost of Janis
MultiCathy33 Hace 21 un día
So much hate..she's only 14.. Loved it she's got a great talent !! Janis would be proud
dillon peters
dillon peters Hace 21 un día
So absolutely terrible. Both of them. It's just fucking screaming.
Beth Chism
Beth Chism Hace 22 días
That was my exact thought when I saw her audition video Janis reincarnated. She may not be Janis yet like some assholes are saying but she is only 14
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