Courtney Hadwin vs Janis Joplin Vocal Battle | The NEXT JANIS JOPLIN BORN

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Courtney Hadwin vs Janis Joplin, All Performance Mix, JANIS JOPLIN, The Next JANIS JOPLIN.

Janis Lyn Joplin nicknamed "Pearl", was an American rock, soul and blues singer and songwriter, and one of the most successful and widely-known female rock stars of her era.

Courtney Hadwin is an British Singer.

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2 sep 2018

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Augusto Colmenares
Augusto Colmenares Hace 7 minutos
Stupidity at it's best.. comparing this young gal to Janis! .. Pfffff!!
Nathalia Oliveira
Nathalia Oliveira Hace 4 horas
Sou mais a Courtney Hadwin 😍😍 Estou perplexa com esse dom, não só a voz, mas a entrega na música, a presença de palco . Ela é miiiiiiiiil ❤❤
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 16 horas
The Rock Gods have blessed us with a new young Queen !!
Im Sie
Im Sie Hace un día
Does it so weird if we say 'NO' absolutely to those athletes ( liked 7 times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong ) after they got found using drugs, but keep on 'thumbs up' to those musicians/singers like Janis Joplin and or Amy Winehouse ? They were not cheating too ? So, does it fair if we compare Courtney Hadwin with Janis Joplin ?
francisco barbosa
francisco barbosa Hace un día
Please, stop saying that Courtney is the "NEW JANIS JOPPLIN" coz she is NOT, SHE IS COURTNEY HADWIN, the newest singer/dancer which has incredibily succeded the Beatles, ok...thats is.
le joyeu phacochère
I feel she gone die younger.Killed by alcohol and drugs.
Feeluck Hace un día
janis joplin died at the age of 27, while she looked like a 50 year old woman. thats what drugs do to you. don't do drugs. :(
Moises Kleber
Moises Kleber Hace 2 días
Muito louco
Recalcitrante Amor
Recalcitrante Amor Hace 2 días
Mi corazón esta dividido en dos ahora
Lourde Domingues
Lourde Domingues Hace 2 días
kkkkkkkkk bom
blablabla Academy
blablabla Academy Hace 2 días
Janis Joplin née le 19 janvier 1943 à Port Arthur, Texas ! le 4 octobre 1970, la " Mama Cosmique " est découverte morte d'une surdose d'héroïne ! Chanteuse du groupe d'acid rock psychédélique Big Brother and the Holding Company puis solo avec ses groupes d'accompagnement, The Kozmic Blues Band et The Full Tilt Boogie Band ! Courtney Hadwin little english girl thirteen in the 13 season timide munie d'un pure talent divin explosif ! Courtney Hadwin is a singer from Hartlepool, England. She was first noticed in 2015 when she performed "Say Something" by Great Big World at The Academy at Shotton Hall's lunchtime open mic session, and competed on The Voice Kids UK in 2017, auditioning with Tina Turner's "Nutbush City Limits".
blablabla Academy
blablabla Academy Hace 2 días
Pourquoi vouloir comparer l’incomparable ! Pure talent !
Jan ZA
Jan ZA Hace 2 días
Ay, tanto asi??? Canta super la niña y por cantar ese estilo d rock deben compararla, p vms, Janis era Janis. Q Courtney encuentre su Camino y estilo.
Jacson Fernando Gomes
Caralho! !!!!é a própria melhorada, a reencarnação sem discussão, o to loco eu falo! !!!!!!-😃😃😨😨😨😨😨😭😂😁😀😊☺😑😆😄😄😄😄😄
José Perez
José Perez Hace 3 días
No le yega ni a los talones a yanis
Renee Gaudier
Renee Gaudier Hace 3 días
My dog sings better
Renee Gaudier
Renee Gaudier Hace 3 días
WTF this is a joke right?!?! LMAO...she does NOT sound ANYTHING like Janis not only that, she's out of tune 3/4 of the songs sounds awful
Lutfi Anto
Lutfi Anto Hace 3 días
There is no other joplin
Howard Serkin
Howard Serkin Hace 3 días
I was at Woodstock , Atlantic City rock festival & I was at Monterey rock and saw Janis Joplin., second time was at Atlantic City Rock Festival. Querky. Odd voice all over the place but such passion, energy and stage presence & lit that place up. Just like Courtney does. The buzz about Courtney is unreal. Good bad everyone talking about her. Once every 50-60 years you see what you do. Like a comet Courtney is. An event. You absolutely will not forget nor stop talking about here. No one in the history of AGT, and they have incredible acts, has lit up the internet like her. No one has more views. She is not of this era as Howie Mandel said. Courtney will become like the greats before her. R&R revival and she will be leading it.
Elisabeth Snewiche
Elisabeth Snewiche Hace 3 días
Now i belive the incarnations because she was Janis Joplin. The quen is back to the world.
Xexa Bueno
Xexa Bueno Hace 5 días
Xexa Bueno
Xexa Bueno Hace 5 días
Where is the version of Janis? I think she never sing that one. The style of the girl made we think that?
Robert Queberg
Robert Queberg Hace 5 días
Courtney will never be Janis Joplin, nor will she be truly happy until she can live as herself in her own skin. If she remembers to turn the switch as she walks off the stage.
DANIEL 001 Hace 5 días
no creo que sea justo esa comparacion
Jana Montenegro
Jana Montenegro Hace 6 días
A menina imita a Janis só isso. Igual a Janis não terá!!!
daniele marastoni
daniele marastoni Hace 6 días
Desculpem não quero ofender nem a cantora mirim e nem ninguém. ...mas nesses programas amecas got talent dentre outros ja passaram muitos cantores e cantoras divas inclusive e não foram escolhidos. ..vai se saber porque?
Rudy Flores
Rudy Flores Hace 7 días
Como pueden comparar nada que ver una trata de imitar a Janis y es más gritos sin sentimiento simple es un producto de un programa que durará un par de años es la diferencia con los grandes no son prefabricados
LILI- UMNS Hace 7 días
Cecilia42 Hace 7 días
Yo creo que la chica esta Courtney es mas teatrera...pero no se le acerca en calidad vocal a Janis ni a James...
marcus lucios
marcus lucios Hace 7 días
A menina canta bem Mas não dá para comparar Janis é Janis, não haverá nada próximo
Reiki Beatriz
Reiki Beatriz Hace 8 días
Nada se compara con Janis. La niña está bien ,pero no es Janis ni tiene su magia
Robert Wagner
Robert Wagner Hace 9 días
Admittedly was never a fan of JJ...but this young lady is in a league of her own...
Guillermo Cañoñ
Guillermo Cañoñ Hace 9 días
Recien acabo de concer la voz de janis joplin, he visto documentales sobre ella y tbm sus increibles performances... y descubri q la amo!!, que talento dios mio!!! Igual que gusta la voz de esta niñita, pero janis joplin solo hay una...
Parrish Phair
Parrish Phair Hace 9 días
dont fallow janis joplins foots steps. just be you. feed off the songs. but dont fo as she did. your much better. ans the up and comming
Gary Hughes
Gary Hughes Hace 9 días
So much talent bundled up in that 13 year old body. Pearl was probably the greatest female rock singer of all time and threw it all away on the needle. You cant compare the two though, Courtney is a solid talent and bears watching in the years to come as she carves out her own niche in the industry. Lets all hope that she retains that charming shyness as she grows.
Mark Seiver
Mark Seiver Hace 9 días
How dare you put a comercial during a Courtney Hadwin Video ! Lol but not kidding !
Ufferman Ufferman
Ufferman Ufferman Hace 9 días
Elisabet Bartz
Elisabet Bartz Hace 9 días
Não acho.
Nalleli Marquez
Nalleli Marquez Hace 9 días
Como comparan a esa chamaca, toda forzada con la voz, de una grande.. Jannis la reina del blues
Bad 357s
Bad 357s Hace 9 días
Same Age... Courtney Crushes Her !! (And everybody else)
S. Mesut
S. Mesut Hace 9 días
No contest - Janis wins it all - AGAIN ! ... ha ha ha ... Janis NEVER needed a talent show to show-up or win something. Janis was a NATURAL winner from the get go ! Anyone else is simply an imposter.
S. Mesut
S. Mesut Hace 4 días
apple chan - Today's generation is NOT NATURAL at what they do. There is no ~ natural ~ flow. They try too hard to be something they aren't. That's what's so fake about it.
apple chan
apple chan Hace 8 días
Your exactly right .Courtney Hadwin is a GREAT impersonator.No different as Michael Jackson impersonators..She aren't Janis ,James Brown,Tina Turner ECT.However can impersonate Great singers.With all the fake people in the World it's so easy to identify fake.
まーくシブスト Hace 10 días
very similar voice. and style of sing i worry about her throat.
juan daniel gonzaléz amigo
...No se puede comparar, Janis Joplin es del pasado, ya Courtney Hadwin es el presente!...
Sheila Aker
Sheila Aker Hace 10 días
The spirit of Janis lives on in this young lady. I pray she never picks up a drug. Her future is bright and she is amazing. Hopefully being able to express herself through her music will be what she needs to express herself. she has my support.
apple chan
apple chan Hace 8 días
She has the same talent of a Michael Jackson impersonators.Theyre not a reincarnation of Micheal Jackson so why disgrace Janis Joplin in this way.
MARCUS1980 Hace 11 días
Tem momentos que me pergunto se realmente não existe reencarnação!
ALAN BROWN Hace 11 días
you can't make a comparison purely because we don't have Janis Joplin singing at 13 but I will say that by the time Courtney Hadwin reaches 21 she will be far better than Janis Joplin, that my opinion!
Diego Rosles
Diego Rosles Hace 11 días
esta chica grita , Janis cantaba
tyo paeng
tyo paeng Hace 11 días
not comparable,,,,big difference
tierra roja
tierra roja Hace 11 días
Cómo janis joplin ninguna.
barto thoy
barto thoy Hace 11 días
Janis is simply the best
Mona Richard
Mona Richard Hace 11 días
I can watch all her videos over n over and of course so happy for her makes me cry with happiness
Nein Toten
Nein Toten Hace 11 días
Marco Antonio Silva
Marco Antonio Silva Hace 12 días
In fact ,Janis is unique , the Young girl has a real talent ,but theres no comparision with .
jan rubin
jan rubin Hace 12 días
This poor little girl has real talent, but will be fed to the wolves like all the others.
zii ndeer 1000
zii ndeer 1000 Hace 13 días
Que falta de respeto para la gran JANIS JOPLIN mi diosa como comparan jamas nadie como ella. viva janis
ailahtain Hace 13 días
Courtney is nothing but the copy of so many other artists. Joplin is just a legend, stop comparing them!
ailahtain Hace 13 días
Just goosebumps with my little girl blue, my lovely Janis 💕
ailahtain Hace 13 días
Janis Joplin 1000 times better
The_Thrifty_Decorator *
I hate the comparison! They are two different people. One is a child, one a woman. Janis lives in performances almost exorcising her demon. Courtney, is from a supportive family with a mature voice.
Jennie Hughes
Jennie Hughes Hace 13 días
Janis.....there is no one close, but the young girl was good tho.
Kareem Hace 14 días
Janis Joplin had a voice out of this world, she is not with us anymore, we need Courtney Hadwin.
Ginger Bush
Ginger Bush Hace 14 días
Give her a little heroin and a few years. She might come close but she will never take Janis Joplin's place. She needs to find her own style.
Albert Delgado
Albert Delgado Hace 14 días
Its better Courtney
Jose Nielto
Jose Nielto Hace 14 días
Agora acredito. Reencarnação nossa essa menina er indentica
Higdon Compton
Higdon Compton Hace 14 días
"Comparison is the death of all joy" Mark Twain. RIP Janis
Patricia McIntyre
Patricia McIntyre Hace 15 días
I think Courtney has great talent. She never compared herself to Jan's Joplin, others did that. It's obvious that she has great respect for artist such as Janis, Tina Turner, Etta James , James Brown and probably many others. Why do we have to tear her down. There will never be anyone like Janis but that doesn't mean that we can't find greatness in what Courtney brings to entertain us.
apple chan
apple chan Hace 4 días
+Patricia McIntyre so does MJ impersonators put there spin on it.I compared Courtney to a good impersonators.Howie compared her to Janis Joplin .Each to there own enjoyments in life .Not a song she sound like a singer.Screaming .Broken and busted singing
Patricia McIntyre
Patricia McIntyre Hace 7 días
apple chan if it's such a disgrace then perhaps you and others should quit comparing her to Jan's Joplin. I don't think she's trying to impersonate anyone in particular. She seems to sing what she likes, songs that have meaning to her which she puts her own spin on.
apple chan
apple chan Hace 8 días
Patricia Courtney Hadwin is compared to all those singers because she impersonate them well. She has equal amount of talent as a Michael Jackson impersonators.If you're unique and one of a kind than you would have your own sound not everyone else sounds.I wish her well .Its a disgrace to The Great Janis Joplin to be compared to an impersonator.
Edinaldo Souza
Edinaldo Souza Hace 15 días
Só hoje passei umas 20 vezes por aqui.
Stephanie Rodriguez
Stephanie Rodriguez Hace 15 días
Marie Shanahan
Marie Shanahan Hace 15 días
Gorgeous voice but definitetly not Janis Joplin.😍
Achiles Jr.guimaraes Daniel Guimarães
Sim. Fica o exemplo aí ! Não vale a pena entrar no mundo das drogas. Carreiras promissoras e vidas seifadas muito cedo. 17. FORÇA E FĖ
Avery Jones
Avery Jones Hace 15 días
Hadwin is no Joplin. Believe me.
Darlene Dranda
Darlene Dranda Hace 16 días
Well done.
Jason Oliveira
Jason Oliveira Hace 16 días
Comparação mais inbecil
Mayra Solis
Mayra Solis Hace 16 días
Courtney tiene influencias de Janis ......Janis es única ,fue pionera es y será por siempre la mejor !!
Kathy McG
Kathy McG Hace 16 días
I think Courtney has a good voice but she tries too hard to copy Janis and her movements are stilted and don't seem natural. I imagine in time she'll find her own way.
NenaZG Hace 16 días
No way!! Janice Joplin is unique.
Josie Smith
Josie Smith Hace 17 días
Janis Japlin all the way. She was the real deal. Courtney seems to be acting the real deal.
francisco barbosa
francisco barbosa Hace 17 días
then, here go the britishes again, the most incredible talented singer after the Beatles phenomena, Courtney Hadwin, no one like her has become a success so quickly as the fab four.
Angelica Monsalvo
Angelica Monsalvo Hace 17 días
Definitivamente, me gusta más Courtney. No intentes imitar a Janis, tu cantas mejor, y por favor no vayas a imitarla mucho menos , ni en su extrafalaria forma de vestir, sé Courtney
Carmen Siso
Carmen Siso Hace 17 días
Amo a esta niña...Dios permita y triunfe....es simplemente excepcional....
Sergio Bazan
Sergio Bazan Hace 17 días
Janis was and still is UNIQUE,
Rosa Gallardo
Rosa Gallardo Hace 17 días
Both have been blessed with huge natural talent...I love both...actually Janis was a real monster...Courtney is just starting...if her family takes care on her stability in a terrible and ambicious world of music...she could be one of best singers of our era...
Josey NOYB
Josey NOYB Hace 18 días
No battle...
Marcus Lobo JS
Marcus Lobo JS Hace 19 días
Nossa, que perfeição dessa menina, formidável, parabéns a Courtney Hadwin
betty Bonardo
betty Bonardo Hace 20 días
Personnally I'm a big fan of Janis AND Courtney but Courtney is' nt the next Janis Joplin. She's very, very talented, and shecan become a very great singer as herself. But she is NOT Janis. JANIS is JANIS and she'll always be the best!!!
alton ellsworth
alton ellsworth Hace 20 días
I like JANIS JOPLIN, your better.
sgeem sgeem
sgeem sgeem Hace 20 días
I love janis and I know that Janis was UNIQUE and she is who wrote the songs, but I like how cortney sings more than Janis,, hope not to hurt any janisfan, is just what I think.
sgeem sgeem
sgeem sgeem Hace 15 días
Josie Smith oh here is one
Josie Smith
Josie Smith Hace 17 días
Well you couldn't hurt a janis fan with your opinion unless few snowflakes snuck in. You just don't have good musical discerment.
Jorge Chavez-Salas
Jorge Chavez-Salas Hace 20 días
Courtney is already superior in one way. At age 13 Janis was not compared to a big start. You are not understanding this.
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Hace 21 un día
She's a spaz! Not Janis by a long shot.
Leonard Breau
Leonard Breau Hace 21 un día
Janice is the genuine article...
Felix Helix
Felix Helix Hace 21 un día
But what if she is ....no battle just new generation came back to rock out again cuz it was a thing. And to feel music was a thing back than.
The Solar NERD
The Solar NERD Hace 21 un día
Joplin's voice was rough from smoking and booze. Hopefully Hadwin will not use the same methods to destroy her vocal chords. If Joplin had lived to age 50 her voice would have been ruined.
Teemaree f
Teemaree f Hace 22 días
You want to hear a janis joplin sound alike.. check out Karis Eden esvid.net/video/vídeo-L-QdjnA2vtI.html
Garrison Hace 22 días
Janis had Big Momma Thornton and Courtney had Janis. History repeats itself. We ALL need to support new and good talent. NO music machines that change your voice, Just Soul with a capital S,
Albie Taboada
Albie Taboada Hace 22 días
Excuse me, but Pearl was a singer from the heart, with her scratchy voice and sentiment, and this girl is a screamer. There was, and will always be, only one Janis Joplin. Yes, I am a baby boomer and had the privilege of seeing her in concert many, and I mean, many moons ago. Sorry this girl has tried to imitate her, but no one ever will. All you haters out there can send me all the replies you want, I will ignore them all. Peace and Love!!!
REMISTA50 Hace 22 días
Meu Deus !!! É um prazer indescritível, escutar essas duas vozes MARAVILHOSAS cantando juntas !!!
laxime28 Hace 22 días
No hay comparación alguna!...la niña y Janis son totalmente diferentes en cuanto a estilos musicales o interpretación. La niña tiene talento, no hay duda, pero Janis...Janis cantaba con el corazón...su esencia era única.
cs Hace 23 días
Here is the problem with Courtney Hadwin. We are only hearing her sing other peoples songs. If you compare two people in the real sense, you would consider what their talent is with songs they become branded with. Courtney has yet to have that. Janis was truely an original in her own rights. I have heard many people sing like Janis and were very good. To compare with Janis, they didn't have a chance. Janis did not sing a song she couldn't sing from the heart. Not many have that talent. In today's music, you rarely see any musician sing from the heart, expecially from tv like "The Voice" and "AGT" because it is all about ratings. While Courtney has some personalization, she doens't have enough and needs to find it very soon if she is going to remain in the music business. Real talent is when you cannot compare because they sing other people's songs. You can say they remind you of a singer, but they need to have a unique stance that sets them apart from the rest. So far, all we can do is compare Courtney. With Janis, there was no one you could compare her to.
Corinne Brock
Corinne Brock Hace 23 días
There only one Janis Joplin Courtney is the closest person I've ever heard sing like her but Courtney has her own distinct beautiful voice
Teresa B
Teresa B Hace 23 días
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