Courtney Hadwin vs Janis Joplin Vocal Battle | The NEXT JANIS JOPLIN BORN

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Courtney Hadwin vs Janis Joplin, All Performance Mix, JANIS JOPLIN, The Next JANIS JOPLIN.

Janis Lyn Joplin nicknamed "Pearl", was an American rock, soul and blues singer and songwriter, and one of the most successful and widely-known female rock stars of her era.

Courtney Hadwin is an British Singer.

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2 sep 2018

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Lisa Gast
Lisa Gast Hace 22 horas
Welcome back Janice j we missed u
Wolf Schindler
Wolf Schindler Hace un día
Not even close!
Adriana Diaz
Adriana Diaz Hace un día
Ma que reencarnación ! El padre es fanatico de Janis y mandó a su hija a entrenar para que cante igual, ademas de ver 100 veces por día los videos.Obvio que tiene una gran voz. Tiene 13 años!!! No la vuelvas mas loca fhather!1! ...no la queremos muerta a los 27
LMNOP OTAY Hace un día
I don't know who's idea it was to even think that she even sounds close to Janis Joplin. Joplin had a scatchy voice and sang with more balls. Opps! Can I say that, sorry, it just pisses me off when people who don't know shit about music are talking out of their asses. Sorry I had to put my 2 cents in. I feel better now. 😀
marcelo medina
marcelo medina Hace un día
James C
James C Hace un día
Just hope she stays off the drugs and alcohol...
Jack Falk Project Music Videos
nice feel and emotion but no comparison
aldelta19 Hace un día
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA are you guys fing serious?
Mike Apicella
Mike Apicella Hace 2 días
I just love you l. I came up in the 60,70 with rocken roll I think your even better then Joplin
iiZachx Hace 2 días
Courtney has a better voice than Janis. :)
Cássio Braga
Cássio Braga Hace 2 días
Vamos com calma. A menina canta muito bem, mas Janis....é a rainha a melhor de todos os tempos.
eduardo leal
eduardo leal Hace 2 días
Fala sério
Shini Ryuk
Shini Ryuk Hace 2 días
carai nada a ver achei q ela tinha pelo menos o timbre parecido mais nem isso
Victor Stoker
Victor Stoker Hace 2 días
Absolutely nothing puts that overrated little girl any where near Janis Joplin in any way by comparison.
The Veteran
The Veteran Hace 4 días
Hands down, Courtney wins. I saw Janis in person. She got so drunk she had to be carried off the stage. Her voice sucked! She forgot the words and when she did remember them she was out of tune!
Jazmine Joplin
Jazmine Joplin Hace 4 días
I absolutely agree, There will never be another Janis Joplin, She had the heart & Soul & Really felt her music, and brought back every1's heart in that time period!! I wish courtney all the best, she's awesome for her age! & She too feels it!!! BTW, JANIS WAS MURDERED!!! She got clean & Hated needle/heroin!!!
James Brandon
James Brandon Hace 4 días
Never be another Janis Joplin one of a kind a true legend.
crunchitup1 Hace 4 días
Just a bunch of screaming to me.
Alfa Mail
Alfa Mail Hace 5 días
VS????? What is this, a competition??? Only know nothing assholes do this.
Thailand Thomas
Thailand Thomas Hace 6 días
She is diffenetly a young Janis but still has lots of aging to do and experience to meet the great Janis Joplins level but she is well on her way.
Frank Lyons
Frank Lyons Hace 6 días
how dare you compare this little girl with Janis Joplin this little girl couldn't hold Janis Joplin's tennis shoes
NOPC20161535 Hace 6 días
Janis Joplin was a hag
stefano Pelizzoli
stefano Pelizzoli Hace 7 días
No please! janis is Ianis. Stop!
Edana Tomow
Edana Tomow Hace 8 días
I will always luv Janis . I also luv Courtney she is good.💖💖💖👍👍👍👍
Ken Seger
Ken Seger Hace 9 días
The good Janis Joplin
Ken Seger
Ken Seger Hace 9 días
Are next Janis Joplin
ivetavaperz tavaperz
Faltó. La lupe la gigigi
Tadeu Santos
Tadeu Santos Hace 10 días
Never be......
Andy Ty
Andy Ty Hace 11 días
I prefer Courtney!
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly Hace 11 días
Both are great, but Janice Joplin will never be equaled, how ever I really like Courtney to.
Trevor Kane
Trevor Kane Hace 11 días
What’s the first Janis song in this vid?
molvagg molvag
molvagg molvag Hace 11 días
who is so stupid to do that?????janis vs courtney??? are you insane????another age ...another decaites...and another machines for the voice....!!!!!!! sooooo idiot alll this!!!!!you have lost your mind my friends!!!
Albert Guilmont
Albert Guilmont Hace 11 días
Janis Joplin sings with tho voices at once. At least. That's why she's... unique.
crcw1 Hace 11 días
Jesteś świetna ale wybacz trochę krytyki daleko tobie do joplin .inne czasy jesteś niesamowita pozdrowienia
Craig Fennig
Craig Fennig Hace 12 días
They Can #PlaceU As Much as They Might ... #URU ... An If U #AlwaysChallengeURself ... U Will Always Be There & #Loved4It
Dana V
Dana V Hace 12 días
Janiska je jenom jedna jedinečná.
Tyler Small
Tyler Small Hace 12 días
Great in a different way than Janice
Luciel Bueno
Luciel Bueno Hace 13 días
Algum brasileiro aqui?...Courtney:futura estrela do rock.
Paweł Szczęsny
Paweł Szczęsny Hace 13 días
Courtney the Best !
Paweł Szczęsny
Paweł Szczęsny Hace 13 días
Super łapka w górę Pozdrawiam :)
Marc Demmon
Marc Demmon Hace 15 días
brokenwrench1 Hace 15 días
i was courney's age when janis was rising to the top it is simple janis inspired courtney and she is taking janis's songs to the next level picking up where Janis left off.
BL l
BL l Hace 15 días
When I first heard Courtney on America's Got Talent the first person I thought she sounded like was Janis Joplin. Except Courtney is going to be a lot smarter because she's going to keep away from drugs and prosper good health to her. There will always be only one Janis and there's only one Courtney.
Patricia Peterson
Patricia Peterson Hace 17 días
I think Janis would certainly be very impressed with this young girl .....It would be very impressive to see the two of them perform together ............
Sendo Brasileiro
Sendo Brasileiro Hace 17 días
I like so much Courtney but Janis Joplin's voice is unique! Courtney won't be another Janis, She will be a new original phenomen.
Chris Pritchett
Chris Pritchett Hace 18 días
courtney hadwin is very good but no janis joplin. no comparison
Celio Gomes
Celio Gomes Hace 18 días
Courtney Hadwin tah bem melhor que a Janis Joplin comparando nos dias atuais;!
Robert Eller
Robert Eller Hace 20 días
This is not a contest. One is Janis Joplin. The other is an X-Factor audition. A very good X-Factor audition. But still, an X-Factor audition. But I get it: In a time of so much fake, anything with a wiff of authenticity gets people worked up and hopeful. And some advice for Courtney: Keep the James Brown covers in Las Vegas.
bdegrds Hace 22 días
No where close to janis
kunzang gyatso
kunzang gyatso Hace 23 días
I love courtney
Anton Dürer
Anton Dürer Hace 23 días
Sollte Sie jemals wiedergeboren sein dann mit diesem Mädchen!!!!
United States Of America
I'd rather listen to nails screeching across a chalk board then Joplin
Stefan Wagner
Stefan Wagner Hace 24 días
A misguided attempt in making comparisons. Miss Hadwin might become famous, but surely not the next JJ, for the simple reason no. 1, that Janis wasn't the next XY. And these clown faces in their seats, leading the audience in what to think about the music! Somebody should try to cut opposite reactions (facepalms, ...) into the scenes and then you look, whether you can resist the influence. The times, they are a changing.
Deborah Vasquez
Deborah Vasquez Hace 25 días
Both not very good no offence. Just my opinion.
Rafael Alves
Rafael Alves Hace 25 días
They are different, but the spirit is the same and that makes Courtney special
Piga Guzman
Piga Guzman Hace 25 días
Por siempre janis Joplin 😍 que en paz descanse ,club de los 27
nick papadimitriou
nick papadimitriou Hace 25 días
Not even close to Janis.
Sugan Tamang
Sugan Tamang Hace 26 días
Please people dont compare the talents.
Wright William?
Wright William? Hace 26 días
Have her sing Janis Joplin
Olena Olena
Olena Olena Hace 26 días
Прикольная, далеко пойдет, удачи ей, приятно слушать, скромная, но в нутри очень сильная, удачи и усилий, умничка😘😘😘
jade ac
jade ac Hace 27 días
she is good but no comparison
Angel Pecica
Angel Pecica Hace 27 días
No disrespectful, but Janis Joplin looks like she yells, virtually in every song, except for ballads... And, at 27, she looked like 57... What alcohol do to people...
Anony Mous
Anony Mous Hace 27 días
If Mick and Janis had a child together it would be Courtney!
Ms King
Ms King Hace 28 días
No Alex Hepburn Sounds like Janis Joplin If you don’t know who She is go look up Alex Hepburn (Pain)
old school
old school Hace 28 días
no .not even close. the girl is acting a part . can even sing the song with heart. good acting job.
Sa Rah
Sa Rah Hace 28 días
There's only one Janis but also one and only Courtney.
Paulo Sérgio da Luz
Paulo Sérgio da Luz Hace 28 días
Comparar Janis Joplin com essa menina e mesma coisa de comparar Michel Jordan Rei do basquete comigo que nem sei pegar na bola.
Virgi Waing
Virgi Waing Hace 29 días
Stop the smaking of our young singer Courtney. It’s always the ones that never tried to live there dream. With Simon by her side she will be Great...
steven mckrill
steven mckrill Hace 29 días
This young lady is a star ! She's still a kid .and I can't believe the people that knock her ! Get up and give it a go yourselves ..
ma beži bre pukli smo
Courtney Hadwin, your voice and your energy are so good to wake up, to enjoy the day just already after one your song. Your voice is so good and full of energy and it feels so intrigant , always with a new killing moment to come out from you. You may not be compared to any other artist, you are a a pearl of rock and roll, just a beautiful original. Do it as long as it gives you a pleasure. Never for people what they think is irrelevant. Parents, please take care that she stays healthy. You are a wonderful news.
Hector Castillo
Hector Castillo Hace 29 días
Courtney, has a better voice, but you ask any old fellow they will day Janis, because we believe everything back then was great. I'll admit it.
Stan Cano
Stan Cano Hace 29 días
No one's making bad comments to the young lady. All the people are saying there will never be another Janis Joplin
Wandeilson Silva
Wandeilson Silva Hace 29 días
Janis wins
Ni se le acercó
Feugw twra
Feugw twra Hace un mes
Where the fok you people hear the connection-similarity? The girl has a great voice but not the RAW-ness of Janis' voice. She is not the next Janis for sure!
Erik Is A Person
Erik Is A Person Hace un mes
In my opinion I think Courtney is better
Олег Коногоров
не умирай...рано..
Douglas Jacinto
Douglas Jacinto Hace un mes
Alguém acredita em reencarnação? Deixe um like
Antonio Jose Garcia Peso
Sin palabras es la puta ama
Linda Steward
Linda Steward Hace un mes
Talent is Individual .... it's an insult to say someone is a replica of someone that went before ............... the Media are a bunch of Manipulative fools lacking individual Thought, don't be lead by them folks!
Janis es única por los siglos de los siglos, Courtney es buena cantante con gran futuro.
Richard Dyer
Richard Dyer Hace un mes
who else finds these adds annoying as heck??
Richard Dyer
Richard Dyer Hace un mes
Courtney likes Janis but she's not trying to BE her. She has other influences too but she's not trying to be them. Besides, you are comparing her at age 14 to a very accomplished singer. She's iconic as well.
Christina Cheryl Contarino
Always said Janis had no voice Courtney is the Number one Best ever walks all over Janis hands down
Belen Mercado
Belen Mercado Hace un mes
Oh my good !!😍😍🖤
Haida Diablo
Haida Diablo Hace un mes
not even a comparison ...Janis was real Courtney is just an act....plus she looks like she has issues. NOBODY WILL BE A JANIS JOPLIN...NOBODY.
François Leenaerts
I love Courtney and Janis !
Vera Ramo
Vera Ramo Hace un mes
Atenção vocês aposte nesta menina 👧 ela trouxe a Janis Joplin de volta
Barbara C
Barbara C Hace un mes
Oh, stop it! Stop comparing this girl to Janis Joplin, she's not even close. Never will be. Seriously, what does Howie Mandel know about great singers? Just because he said she was like Janis, doesn't mean it's true. It's not! To suggest such a thing is an insult to Janis Joplin's memory. We miss you Janis!
Wagner Oliveira
Wagner Oliveira Hace un mes
uma voz regrada a leite e guarana e outra a drogas e bebidas
Tike_Myson Hace un mes
thats like comparing a jumbo airplane to a drone
Jus- Sayin
Jus- Sayin Hace un mes
Janice wasn't 13" Courtney is 13" I loved Janice and still love her music , now I love Courtney. Courtney has the youth and innocence . Janice was powerful as an adult . I miss her singing. I lived her raspy voice
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Hace un mes
Come on we all know there is only one Janis Joplin just like there's only one Courtney God bless you Courtney rest in peace Janice still missing you.
uriel andres duarte perez
Nada que ver son muy diferentes aún que el estilo es poco parecido
Benito Račić
Benito Račić Hace un mes
J.J. is J.J., but Courtney is Courtney, that's all folks !
Mark Toohey
Mark Toohey Hace un mes
Ok; Let's quit the comparison crap. There is only, and will only ever be, one Janis Joplin. Just like there will never be another band like The Beatles. That said, her natural talent and genuine energy on stage far exceeds the likes of the manufactured, made-for-celebrity brats like Ariana Grande who had nothing productive to do after her stint on "Sam & Cat," so her producers and manager morphed her into a faux celebrity poppy star. And Christ, she can't even sing! Courtney has one hell of a set of pipes, and with a bit of discipline and maturity could truly be an artist in her own right. And I really dig that she has found her initial inspiration in the music of the 60s. Janis, James Brown (and she's got his moves down), Sam and Dave; how does this girl, two generations removed from the music I grew up with, get it on with 60s R&B? Remarkable! What a great place to plant your roots! May she live long and prosper.
michael kerr
michael kerr Hace un mes
Oops wait jop done drugs
michael kerr
michael kerr Hace un mes
No contest had wins
michael kerr
michael kerr Hace un mes
Please save this child from drugs
Andrew Bugaets
Andrew Bugaets Hace un mes
super/ super
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