Courtney Hadwin vs Janis Joplin Vocal Battle | The NEXT JANIS JOPLIN BORN

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Courtney Hadwin vs Janis Joplin, All Performance Mix, JANIS JOPLIN, The Next JANIS JOPLIN.

Janis Lyn Joplin nicknamed "Pearl", was an American rock, soul and blues singer and songwriter, and one of the most successful and widely-known female rock stars of her era.

Courtney Hadwin is an British Singer.

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2 sep 2018

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Stephen Garcia
Stephen Garcia Hace 14 horas
This is funny. Comparing Janis to a young girl that's often in goofy mode.
Shayne Lombardo
Shayne Lombardo Hace 16 horas
Not putting Courtney Hadwin down but yeah Battle my ass Janis Joplin is Legendary and their is only one true Queen Of Rock Blues Courtney is a second best if that This shouldn't even be called a battle video cause there's no battle about it Janis would bury Courtney there's just NO caparison
alex   fernando Huenten
alex fernando Huenten Hace 16 horas
hadwin is funy.never sing as janis.
Eric Bergstrom
Eric Bergstrom Hace 20 horas
Seriously!? Worst "battle" ever.
Püppii von Langstrumpf
Jim Pankey
Jim Pankey Hace un día
Phenomenal performer, a minor----she needs protection. Just too many kooks out there.
michael Pretko
michael Pretko Hace un día
Courtney is the next Superstar of the current generation!
Lu Santos
Lu Santos Hace un día
Parabéns !!Mais q uma apresentação é Um tributo a uma das mais belas vozes do Rock!! Lindo de mais me emocionei !! 👏👏👏👏👏
Klaas J
Klaas J Hace un día
mercedes franconi
mercedes franconi Hace un día
No se parece nada a janis
luiscoutosouza Hace 2 días
Essa jovem é simplesmente demais.
Motorcitymadman Hace 3 días
Not even close. There has never been another Janis.
José luis Becerra Alquicira
Esa chica Courtney tiene su plus pero nada que ver con Janis tiene la es lo esencial del blues y rock
Henry Macadamia
Henry Macadamia Hace 3 días
Huge difference between coca cola and champagne!
Rose Mary Morin
Rose Mary Morin Hace 4 días
trxwrftr k
trxwrftr k Hace 4 días
Janis Joplinより彼女の方が まだ お上品過ぎると言える声質。 Janisをリスペクトしながらも 決して劣る事の無い 彼女なりのpowerfulなトーンとperformanceが人を引き付ける魅力がある!
analia sierra
analia sierra Hace 4 días
La reencarnacion....
Lawana Tabron
Lawana Tabron Hace 4 días
Not! Two distinct styles. I love both styles.
Joe N
Joe N Hace 4 días
Next Janis Joplin? LAUGHABLE !!! This is staged for one thing. Courtney is not genuine at all. Nothing more than a knockoff and a bad one at that. All the exaggerated movements, this is laughable.
Chris J
Chris J Hace 5 días
Nothing against this young lady personally, but she is very overrated. To even try to compare her to Janis Joplin is almost insulting.
Peter McGuire
Peter McGuire Hace 5 días
LMAO. Not even close to Janis. I am so sick of the comparisons to Janis. She was and will always be the Queen of Rock & Roll.
kent williams
kent williams Hace 5 días
Gia Aguila
Gia Aguila Hace 6 días
mcbain mcbain
mcbain mcbain Hace 6 días
I do not see JJ at all.I see a free spirit that sings with her soul.Yes Janis was wild but she did not have what this kid does.Not even close.Courtney may have lost to a Different type of preformer but she is going places.AGT should not lump them all together.I can only hope that they do not push her over the edge.Let her grow.
Carmen Ronero
Carmen Ronero Hace 6 días
Noooo ....Dejen de joder con esa comparación....... Janis joplin hay una sola !!!!! No hablen boludeces please !!!!!. Me crie escuchando a JANIS !!!!
Mo Geof
Mo Geof Hace 6 días
Top compare people. Please.
Faith Highlander
Faith Highlander Hace 6 días
Wow ... she nailed it. Superb, excellent, very artistic.
Marc Amengual
Marc Amengual Hace 6 días
This kid is good but she is light years far away from Janis and all that she represented.
batk0427 Hace 7 días
My vote goes to Courtney. This young lady is phenomenal BEYOUND measure. I sit on the edge of my seat in anticipation of when she's going to open her mouth! She just needed the exposure AGT gives. She's got it from there. Thank you very much.
Bob von Buelow
Bob von Buelow Hace 7 días
Seems pretty clear that Courtney is not Janis, Courtney has the better voice and has some of Janis' style but is not just a straight copy. The major bit of sameness is similar energy levels. It will be fun to watch Courtney grow and progress as an artist. If Courtney would perform Me and Bobby McGee we could make a much better straight comparison.
Frank D
Frank D Hace 7 días
Janis was the real deal. Courtney is a glorified karaoke singer.
jose sanchez
jose sanchez Hace 7 días
Indiscutible mente courtney tiene una voz mas natural mas potente menos forzada y tiene una voz de no fumadora es un prodigio esta niña sencillamente espectacular
THX 1138
THX 1138 Hace 7 días
HARDLY. This girl is ridiculous. Embarrassed for her.
LieorDie24 Hace 8 días
Whatever happens this girl makes her way she will become a great great singer hopefully one with not bad stories of drugs and alcohol hopefully one wich makes the people happy.
Debbie Gentile
Debbie Gentile Hace 8 días
There's only one Janis.........this little girl is good, but she's no Janis.
Marisol Segui
Marisol Segui Hace 8 días
For me Courtney is better,is diferent, I love you Courtney
Light in the Piazza
Light in the Piazza Hace 8 días
Trying to copy Janis and be her hahaha. Fail. Horrible, horrible ugly voice.
Light in the Piazza
Light in the Piazza Hace 8 días
Yikes Janis didn't sing like that. Why are you comparing them? She not only doesn't have a voice like Janice she moves like a weasel. Why are you comparing them? She doesn't have the strength or in her voice like Janis. She look's like Steven Tyler, awful. Copy cat.
julie egan
julie egan Hace 9 días
Courtney Hadwin is heeeeeeaps better than Janis Joplin, Courtney is more like Mick Jagger...could be his daughter 😃👌👍 wow ❤
Daniela Shakilin
Daniela Shakilin Hace 9 días
Me da miedo como canta este ente con pelo largo 😱 y la otra vieja parece que tiene la catarro como canta👣
*Ravel* *Paz*
*Ravel* *Paz* Hace 9 días
Sorry but only have a voice that is similar to joplin's is Joss stone. the rest is blablabla
Pandra Wellman
Pandra Wellman Hace 9 días
She is off let alot of times and it is an insult Janis to even compair her to Janis! Personally she is awful she butcher's songs one after another.
Pandra Wellman
Pandra Wellman Hace 9 días
Off key allot of times!
Marguerite R
Marguerite R Hace 9 días
Sorry she no Janis Joplin.
Chiron Christi
Chiron Christi Hace 10 días
Janis had more real soul from the pains in her life. Courtney is a good performer but lacking in depth of the soul magic.
Kuo Liang Yu
Kuo Liang Yu Hace 10 días
Why bother comparing. It's like comparing Babe Ruth and Roger Maris, Rod Laver and Roger Federer, Wilt Chamberlin and Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Each pairing puts up 2 SIMILAR, but not IDENTICAL players. Each has different strengths and weaknesses and styles. Just enjoy each singer or athlete within his or her era.
Patrik Viskov
Patrik Viskov Hace 10 días
Who said that she wanna be janis? Courtney is unique
JohnnyCeeVA Hace 11 días
This is really good. Good job!
biker56 Hace 11 días
ugly chick.
Alfonso Morales
Alfonso Morales Hace 11 días
No mamen nadie como janis
Elizabeth Vallet Jackson
Courtney’s got to be reincarnated from janis
Indy felix
Indy felix Hace 11 días
They are both talented in there OWN way..No one is better than other in my own mind. Not sure why there is so much comparing going on here in these comments...Janis was Janis, Courtney is Courtney...I personally love them both..Courtney is alive today and I think she is very amazing regardless of how she moves..Her moves are her moves and it goes perfect with her performance...
Gordon Tong
Gordon Tong Hace 12 días
im amazed courtney wasnt given one of the 5 spots whats wrong with thge public, country western singer come on anough is enuogh this young lass is so talented
James Accardi
James Accardi Hace 12 días
She is not even close to janis,what an insult to a true talent.
Bruno Vandevoorde
Bruno Vandevoorde Hace 12 días
Elison Geraldo dos Santos
Uma e a original a outra é couver
Ricardo  Antunes
Ricardo Antunes Hace 12 días
Fazer isso sem estar drogada que é foda menina vc é foda.
badbobby656 Hace 13 días
Janis is reborn 👌
Monica White
Monica White Hace 13 días
Courtney is Janice all over again. It us great to hear a voice as rare as hers singing true Rock & Roll! Keep going and God bless you
Chuck A.
Chuck A. Hace 14 días
That is like comparing zircon to diamonds.
Thay Silva
Thay Silva Hace 15 días
Timbres bem diferentes. Mas as duas são maravilhosas!!! E Janis Joplin é só UMA!!!
Sandra zacarias  romo
Sandra zacarias romo Hace 15 días
aaaahhhh por favoooor...nada que ver es una ofensa comparar a esa niña con JANIS...por DIOS!!!
alfonso suarez
alfonso suarez Hace 16 días
arre lulu¡¡¡¡¡ no mamen que vocerron de esta chamaquita IMPRESIONANTE¡¡
Miguel Cortes
Miguel Cortes Hace 17 días
Canta muy bonito la nena pero no habra otra como jannis ella es unica..un legado..una leyenda
Norma Lee
Norma Lee Hace 17 días
No contest...Janis is mega talented Hadwin is an imitation.
Alejandro Cruz
Alejandro Cruz Hace 17 días
Nunca de los nuncas habra otra Janis ni la comperacion cabe
Daniel Mint
Daniel Mint Hace 17 días
Jarvis Young
Jarvis Young Hace 18 días
Let Courtney be Courtney. She's still a kid. A very talented kid with enormous talent. Comparisons to a legend aren't really totally fair. Janice Joplin was a legend. Who knows what lies in store for this wonderful young lady ? I only wish the best for her. I hope she forges her own destiny that someday some great talent will be compared to as "another Courtney Hadwin". I love this kid and it tires me that so many that envy her talent have so little of their own and criticise her thus. Janice Joplin was a legend...allow Courtney to be Courtney and become whatever she becomes. Her potential is more than most can imagine.
Robert Nabozny
Robert Nabozny Hace 18 días
Cortney wins. And I love Janis Joplin. But I had to shut you off after the ad started. Sorry
Je Ward Creator
Je Ward Creator Hace 18 días
Lady , Queen , Miss...well .. I call Courtney not only the next Janis , for me she is Godess of Rock Blues Soul Funk Blues .. she is the Old Soul in the Spirit of Today's Music..🔥🌟🔥
John Frost
John Frost Hace 19 días
Courtney is a star, she gives me chills ! Star signals.
Noe Hace 19 días
Todavia no le encuentro el parecido ...
Mateo Shearer
Mateo Shearer Hace 19 días
Song? 2:30
J. Luis
J. Luis Hace 19 días
I do not understand, why you keep comparing Janis Joplin with Courtney, this is an insult to Janis memory. (RIP) Some of us were alive at that point in time and, heard, felt the genuine live/joy/ fun of being alive with Janis Joplin.
Iris Sorto
Iris Sorto Hace 19 días
Sin duda la niña tiene talento
vannigio Hace 19 días
No context
Eliana Meugé
Eliana Meugé Hace 20 días
C'est évident que Courtney fait penser à Janis. De plus cette jeune artiste a une super présence en scène.
Glenn Ellerbe
Glenn Ellerbe Hace 20 días
Not a good comparison. The two are actually quite different. But BOTH are legendary!
Phinehas Ikanya
Phinehas Ikanya Hace 20 días
a real talent...for the young girl.
chris percival
chris percival Hace 20 días
there is Only one Janis Joplin. Courtney is trying to hard, be yourself let the music take you on your journey
Grace Bertrand
Grace Bertrand Hace 20 días
Yeah...both of them sound like gravel shit.
Marilyn V
Marilyn V Hace 20 días
Don't insult Courtney like this. Courtney is 13. JJ sounded like a used up stoned, worn out old boozing hag and tired ole drug addict...oh that's right, JJ was all that and more and extra.
Klaus Koepp
Klaus Koepp Hace 20 días
Much of a loud mouth to squeaky, has not got the full voice like Janis, should wait when a few years older!!
Romina Gomez
Romina Gomez Hace 20 días
Janis es unica está piba no se parece en nada xq la comparan???Ni voz tiene
Andrea Hella Kohlen
Andrea Hella Kohlen Hace 20 días
Beide sind/waren einfach brilliant! Aber Courtney hat einen sicheren Hafen!
Hugo Campos
Hugo Campos Hace 20 días
Una comparasion estupida solo a un pendejo se le ocurrio esto
Vincenzo Fortunato SDSS
Vincenzo Fortunato SDSS Hace 21 un día
Non c'entra assolutamente niente. È uno stile unico e ininterpretabile quello della janis..
DJ aanenson
DJ aanenson Hace 21 un día
I see whats being zaid, but there is/was only ond Janis. Anyone else agree?
Jeff Sedam
Jeff Sedam Hace 21 un día
Courtney was a bit out of tune
lenia markou
lenia markou Hace 21 un día
There is no voice like Janis Joplin...finito....
Larry Romano
Larry Romano Hace 21 un día
LOL This isn't even a competition. Janice is about 1,000x the artist as this other chick.
graymatter 178
graymatter 178 Hace 22 días
Gloria Trevi is the best sing Mexican girl.
anony Hace 23 días
MadDoog123 Hace 23 días
PLEASE, DO NOT LET HER END UP AS JANIS, God save her soul :( Let her sing for next 80 years and bring joy to masses!!! What a reincarnation, man!
Chaz Lenz
Chaz Lenz Hace 23 días
I think Courtney is amazing ,
Juan Eduardo
Juan Eduardo Hace 24 días
You could smell Janice Joplin when she performed.
Juan Carlos Pulido
Juan Carlos Pulido Hace 24 días
it's a big surprise for my Courtney, I like everything, it's a mix of janis in her voice, Axl Rose in her performance, she puts some things that come out of herself in interpretation, what she needs is a different production, in conclusion she has everything to be a star I like
Juan Carlos Pulido
Juan Carlos Pulido Hace 24 días
it's a big surprise for my Courtney, I like everything, it's a mix of janis in her voice, Axl Rose in her performance, she puts some things that come out of herself in interpretation, what she needs is a different production, in conclusion she has everything to be a star I like
Brizeida Hernandez
Brizeida Hernandez Hace 25 días
courtney verte a ti es ver algo que no se puede ve.... ES VER LA MUSICA... nina linda dios te bendiga . mi servatilla.
Wa Ka
Wa Ka Hace 25 días
Courtney is very good the best
Google Fx Fx
Google Fx Fx Hace 25 días
Tan pendejo video JANIS ES Y SERA JANIS NO HAY OTRA SEÑORES. NI un punto de comparación.
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