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I'm new to this whole animated stories thing, but I never had the time to. I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going with this. Hope you guys like it either way. ♥
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19 mar 2017






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CypherDen Hace 2 años
Don't worry! I'm working on the NEXT animation as we speak! :) Coming real soon!
Donna Johnston
Donna Johnston Hace un mes
Make part two please
meliton Barrero
meliton Barrero Hace 3 meses
J u n g l e B o o k
J u n g l e B o o k Hace 4 meses
Rhythm Dude
Rhythm Dude Hace 5 meses
Trevor McConnell
Trevor McConnell Hace 7 meses
So there is this girl on my street and she is one house down from me and at school she is always around and it really freaks me out. When we were at school she was in kindergarten and I was in first grade, at recess she would chase me when I went to see my lil bro(neighbor) and he would stop her so I could speak to him. Anyways the next year she had a GIGANTIC crush on me! I obviously liked another and she went nuts! Next year still has a crush but also liking another. She would watch me talk to my friends and would try to talk to me so I spoke back not being rude. And told fer to leave me alone
Drawing Sis
Drawing Sis Hace un hora
/) /) ( •-• ) ( >🏆 Rose wins 1 place for best weird person award
Silvertd 159
Silvertd 159 Hace 10 horas
She’s crazy in the head call the police on her
Jack Stickman
Jack Stickman Hace 19 horas
Every a animator is aswom
sonic the hedgehog Mr needlemouse
She loco Coco
Aidenz3d Minecraft
Aidenz3d Minecraft Hace 2 días
What is roses real name I wanna look her up
chad podkowka
chad podkowka Hace 2 días
Hey rose your a creep and a pice of 💩
HoneyBear_ ASMR
HoneyBear_ ASMR Hace 2 días
Who else is looking for Rose's response
SpongeBob Squarepants
Turns in to Saberspark
Lurkinggem 208
Lurkinggem 208 Hace 3 días
Hey I live on top of a volcano
YOOOItsNate YT Hace 3 días
Anyone 2020?
Linda Martinez
Linda Martinez Hace 3 días
Den: Why you so obsessed with me, -boy- girl I wanna knoooow
SuperMarioRJ Hace 4 días
Is she gay
sashley the kitty cat mp gamer
/)_/) (• - •) (>🥕
RedArrow Animations
RedArrow Animations Hace 4 días
The 4.7k dislikes are rose's different accounts
Karla Merced
Karla Merced Hace 4 días
OMG i have a person like rose her name is khloe i hate her she copies me and does weird things
I Itzeevee I
I Itzeevee I Hace 4 días
joe kingwood
joe kingwood Hace 4 días
Watching this when shes at 1.3
Doug Haas
Doug Haas Hace 5 días
If rose sees this hi but back off of den ok 👌 and if you don’t I will not let you hurt den😣
Izzy Plays
Izzy Plays Hace 5 días
I HAVE A THEORY! She might have liked girls and had a crush on you. COINCIDENCE THAT SHE LOOKED AT YOUR PAGE? I THINK NOT
RyanStar Galaxys
RyanStar Galaxys Hace 5 días
Rose Your Red Im Blue Im Bored Ima Take A Poo
cutie mark
cutie mark Hace 6 días
UnknownDarkDragon Hace 6 días
rip google plus
Joshua Rose
Joshua Rose Hace 7 días
My house is honted 🦊
Marianna McCaslin
Marianna McCaslin Hace 7 días
What's her real name, you know Rose
PUBG master!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ccollab Hace 8 días
i imagine rose here making this esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-FcfyApVdKXY.html
Matthewanimates Km
Matthewanimates Km Hace 8 días
She's madly in love with u
Fnaf Ava
Fnaf Ava Hace 8 días
I’m a big big fan of both of you
Jaclyn Rosales
Jaclyn Rosales Hace 8 días
/\__/\ | • • | | >💣| For rose
Boo Macnair
Boo Macnair Hace 8 días
Your so cool😃
DonsBoy11 Games
DonsBoy11 Games Hace 9 días
Yeetermon Hace 9 días
Looked up if you do animate for Pewds and man people look up some weird stuff about you ;-;.
Apirl oaklight
Apirl oaklight Hace 9 días
Her: "Hey rose your probably watching this and.. You really creep me out."- Me (My name is Rose Btw): "Yeah.. Mhmm I get told that a lot you're welcome."-- I guess.
Des riordan
Des riordan Hace 9 días
I only came to come to to see if rose commented T^T
Rosa Firetail
Rosa Firetail Hace 9 días
Before I write this just to clarify I'm not defending Rose's behaviour here. She was being extremely creepy and making Den feel uncomfortable. However I think Rose might have suffered a learning disability or was very self conscious to the point where she wanted to copy other people which I noticed one person commented. Considering the napkin with the writing and the fact Rose's mom had to drag her away after not being able to tell Den didn't want to be hugged or talk to Rose. Den, I'm sorry for what you went through it's not okay for anyone to be treated like that please keep up the good work and stay strong. Rose, I hope where ever you are now you're in a better place mentally and you've become more sure of yourself x
lemmons glorious lemmons
Face reveal?
Fan Vixtion
Fan Vixtion Hace 10 días
Never seen cypher dens face before but damn She's gorgeous
Sarah Almanza
Sarah Almanza Hace 10 días
she was in love with you
oliver Roney
oliver Roney Hace 10 días
im good
OrangeLightning Gacha
OrangeLightning Gacha Hace 10 días
oh hey the never had coffee kid is almost like me XD
Victor Guştiuc
Victor Guştiuc Hace 11 días
sometimes im pretty mean but with reasons if i will be fallowed like that il just say i dont want to unblock you or i blocked you with a reason oryou fricking crazy person il report you to the police
blue vines
blue vines Hace 11 días
She used my name
Nicole Hartman
Nicole Hartman Hace 11 días
All right. I used to work at a gym as a cleaning lady at night. And they had a security guard that patrolled the parking lot in a truck. Need I say that the walls of this gym were glass and the security guard would park right outside the window headlights facing in the window. For the entire time I was there. Fun times👍 I know it's not that bad, but this went on for years And it was at like one or two in the morning
•SunsetGachaCat• Hace 11 días
If cypherden does not know what people uses google plus for then why does she use it?
Micaela Ledesma
Micaela Ledesma Hace 11 días
0:36 jaiden!!!!
Lil Toronto
Lil Toronto Hace 11 días
I am better than this
Matthew Polaris
Matthew Polaris Hace 11 días
"Stuck with the same 20 people for 2 years" Me, who had this occur for about 6-7 years: thats cute
It's Megan
It's Megan Hace 11 días
My guess is she has low self esteem and wants to be someone else which is why she wrote " your better than this" she wanted to copy someone else since she didn't like who she is. Then again it's still weird and it's just a guess.
Izie Rook
Izie Rook Hace 12 días
I don't know about you but I'm checking if rose wrote a comment
Amithyst Macrae
Amithyst Macrae Hace 12 días
She might be les
Via x
Via x Hace 12 días
Rose -follows you -looks for your post -likes to hang out with you -doesn't want you to block her -is nice to you, doesn't say anything to you -might be insecure -clingy Den -thinks shes gonna tie her up -..IDK, scared of her? -thinks she's a stalker. -doesn't invite her round -doesn't like her This is a really pathetic dude- She just supports you, your treating her like a murderer. It's really unfair. She just sounds like a big fan, I feel so bad for her.
Via x
Via x Hace 5 días
@Minecraft Ruler Why?
Minecraft Ruler
Minecraft Ruler Hace 5 días
@Via x you must be a stalker
Sufiyian Ali
Sufiyian Ali Hace 9 días
@Via x the way she described it really didn't sound like it but Ye you might be right
Via x
Via x Hace 9 días
@Sufiyian Ali Thats just messin about, like oooo your taking to a boy or smt-
Sufiyian Ali
Sufiyian Ali Hace 9 días
I agree but at 6:52 it was really weird and unnecessary
mower_the_maker Hace 12 días
why dose she sound gay?
Sarah Polzin
Sarah Polzin Hace 12 días
I fart glitter and barff out Rambo's🌈✨
jimin i took your jams sorry
For the people who are looking for Rose dont even try it because now there are alot of little kids who want attantion and commenting "i am Rose and im sorry" or "sorry i just really liked you i didnt mean to"
Ren_ Animationz
Ren_ Animationz Hace 12 días
She be going yandere
MarbleCAT-_- Hace 12 días
*Rose was here*
Christopher Moss
Christopher Moss Hace 12 días
I have a brother named Vincent
Kari Hendrickson
Kari Hendrickson Hace 13 días
Scott Cooper
Scott Cooper Hace 13 días
I like it no I love it
Xx CherryGacha xX
Xx CherryGacha xX Hace 13 días
Oh, i'm sorry if i freaked you out. I didn't wanted to act crazy i just really liked you hope you understand. :(
Xx CherryGacha xX
Xx CherryGacha xX Hace 12 días
@jimin i took your jams sorry Well its ok, there are a lot of people here that can say whatever they want. I have no problem with that, smile it reduces stress, bye! <3
jimin i took your jams sorry
There was some one else who commented the same thing and tbh i dont really think you accually Rose
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