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Life has become a balancing act for Adonis Creed. Between personal obligations and training for his next big fight, he is up against the challenge of his life. Facing an opponent with ties to his family’s past only intensifies his impending battle in the ring. Rocky Balboa is there by his side through it all and, together, Rocky and Adonis will confront their shared legacy, question what’s worth fighting for, and discover that nothing’s more important than family. Creed II is about going back to basics to rediscover what made you a champion in the first place, and remembering that, no matter where you go, you can’t escape your history.
Cast: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Wood Harris, Russell Hornsby, Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu, Andre Ward, Phylicia Rashad, Dolph Lundgren
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CREED II | Official Trailer | MGM


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20 jun 2018

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Kristijan Demirović
Starhawk, Killmonger and valkyrie
HERVE SAINT VIL Hace 3 horas
Wouldn't it be something. If Adonis Creed kills Ivan Drago's son in the ring.
Crimson Hero
Crimson Hero Hace 12 horas
Where's Michael B Jordan's comment?
W. Lee
W. Lee Hace 12 horas
this gon be my fav trailer ever..
Matthew Kuiper
Matthew Kuiper Hace 18 horas
Too bad they had to use all the foul rap songs, would have been awesome otherwise
Jonti Mcgee
Jonti Mcgee Hace 23 horas
I’m not even going to bother trying to find that comment it’s gone lol
vin santos
vin santos Hace un día
Who else here looking for Michael b Jordan’s comment lol
Anne Taila
Anne Taila Hace 6 horas
Creed II *Movie Full HD 1080p Quality* bit.ly/2FlWzSk
W. Lee
W. Lee Hace un día
that rap omg.. this gonna be awesome!
Placeholder Name
Placeholder Name Hace un día
I’m 26 years old, which means I missed out on the original Rocky movies. My dad loved them though, and because of that i became a fan as well. I love that they are continuing the saga with the Creed movies, making them in such a way it caters to the original fan base and brings in new fans with a new generation. These movies are about more than boxing, but the real fans know that. This is the ultimate underdog story, a story about grinding it out and working hard to reach your goals, a story about overcoming adversity to prove everyone who doubted you wrong. I know where I’ll be thanksgiving day
hjinlareal Hace un día
Favorite part of this trailer hands down at 0:01 lol
sheikh raja
sheikh raja Hace un día
Txctical EU
Txctical EU Hace un día
Imagine the movie turns out that dragon actually killed him💀
Tony Wagner
Tony Wagner Hace un día
I seen this movie last night on my laptop I download it I liked it
Mohammed Hussain
Mohammed Hussain Hace un día
this is what i have found out from the trailer 1) lil duke evers now trains creed and creed wins the championship 2) creed fights viktor drago twice one which he loses and rocky trains him for the second in which he wins as he is seen fighting drago twice, wearing different shorts 3) creed gets married to bianca and they have a baby
Politikfakta 2
Politikfakta 2 Hace un día
Out here tryin to find the comment Jordan replied to
SuperCam Hace un día
Who else here looking for his comment from GQ?
Kristina Dakota
Kristina Dakota Hace 6 horas
Creed II *Movie Full HD 1080p Quality* bit.ly/2FlWzSk
Quino Leon
Quino Leon Hace 11 horas
i found it, look for a channel called caution, from 3 months ago
Jaivaun David
Jaivaun David Hace un día
Legit Shadow
Legit Shadow Hace 2 días
Kendrick Lamar intro song... Who wanna bet lol
stanley  derain
stanley derain Hace 2 días
"Life hits you with all these cheap shots." Ain't that the truth
Marie Smalls
Marie Smalls Hace 2 días
Best song for this trailer
bLaCjAcK Daniels
bLaCjAcK Daniels Hace 2 días
I think Creed was really good and this looks great, but this would be just another movie if it wasn’t attached to Rocky.
J BrightZ
J BrightZ Hace 2 días
We get it, you got loyalty inside your DNA!
Antony Amaya Lopez
Antony Amaya Lopez Hace 2 días
Ksi vs Logan paul
Larissa López Barreto
DNA on the background soo cool
Kevin Harte
Kevin Harte Hace 3 días
I'm really looking forward to this fake fight
Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill Hace 3 días
YES SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua Carroll-Martini
I think no nut November just ended for me
Nico Papadopoulos
Nico Papadopoulos Hace 5 días
I feel like this is going to be bad, as a movie and as a turn for the series.
Dare2 Zlatan
Dare2 Zlatan Hace 5 días
Omg michael b jordon is 182m tall 😐 This guy makes him look so small
Mohamed الشاوش Elshawish محمد
Respect 👊🏽 to Sly Stallone for keeping the Rocky character interesting for 41 years!! More than four decades! What a LEGEND!!
steam steam
steam steam Hace 5 días
It's like one of my Japanese animes.
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
Λεt us hope this time Rocky will drop the towel..
Hunter Zolomon
Hunter Zolomon Hace 6 días
Aziz Baskoro
Aziz Baskoro Hace 6 días
Theres no easy way out !
JB Bremmer
JB Bremmer Hace 6 días
Am I the only one that got chills, can’t wait.
Ryck Collyns
Ryck Collyns Hace 6 días
yeah the comments are over 9000
Cult of Personality Podcast
Rocky and the character himself is the reason why we are doing our podcast on Sylvester Stallone. We can't wait for Creed 2!!
Lisa Pryce
Lisa Pryce Hace 7 días
One of the best trailers of all time!!! The quiet beginning...the music!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!
Bella Skeeter
Bella Skeeter Hace 7 días
I wonder if we'll have any more broken retainers, 'cause MJB is gonna be taking his shirt off a heck a lot more times than he did in Black Panther.
Giuseppe Falco
Giuseppe Falco Hace 8 días
what is the music under the video?
dmoney668 Hace 8 días
Illustraful Hace 9 días
Adonis went to the mall. If he buys, he buys. Rocky is making dinner. If he fries, he fries. Adonis is gonna be a dad. If he cries, he cries. Viktor says he isn't scared. If he lies, he lies. Adonis likes dessert. If it's pies, it's pies. Rocky likes watching The Goonies. Hey you guys, hey you guys.
Niko Tarkov
Niko Tarkov Hace 9 días
kendrick lamar's squeaky transexual voice ruins the trailer
Zqxv ii
Zqxv ii Hace 9 días
I got mad goosebumps when Loyalty by Kendrick lamar started playing while Adonis was training..
Manuj Madan
Manuj Madan Hace 9 días
Dragos son should win
Victor Rotciv
Victor Rotciv Hace 10 días
tired of hearing this trash song by kendrick lamar everywhere
D C Hace 10 días
the commies are coming ! black american vs white russian ! wakanda forever :)
Zionnn iscool
Zionnn iscool Hace 11 días
Dmx song would have suited it better.
Jeevan Kondole
Jeevan Kondole Hace 11 días
Bring this man his gloves
Kim_f D
Kim_f D Hace 12 días
Black women dont support this movie he dont like black women
Copykon's Music Channel
This movie gonna be like Rocky 2 with Mr. T
The Greatest Ever
The Greatest Ever Hace 6 días
U mean 3
issam 31
issam 31 Hace 12 días
3 oscars minimum...
The Truth Is From God
The Truth Is From God Hace 13 días
The Truth Is From God
The Truth Is From God Hace 13 días
This is more than a fight, Royalty ... royalty... royalty I got royalty inside my dna this is all about Satan, this is indeed more than a fight.
Marina Miskovic
Marina Miskovic Hace 13 días
jeffrey acevedo
jeffrey acevedo Hace 13 días
Who made this version of kendrick DNA
J Stihl
J Stihl Hace 13 días
Just watched the first Creed, the Rocky movies were huge when i was growin up so to me this was epic. I expect Creed 2 ta be just as good, if not better.
Jayden Banuelos
Jayden Banuelos Hace 14 días
Creed vs Drago here we go
Jacob Durham
Jacob Durham Hace 14 días
This Trailer Is Hilariously Bad. I Got-I Got- I Got- I Got I Can't Wait To See This
J.E. E.
J.E. E. Hace 14 días
Ajota cbs
Ajota cbs Hace 15 días
Nada de buena musica de pelicula. Solo las de rocky eran geniales.
Jagdeo Gabrial
Jagdeo Gabrial Hace 16 días
I wish Future us on the soundtrack for this movie
MrAntiSellOut Hace 16 días
Rocky's son should've became a boxer
Ronald Chen
Ronald Chen Hace 17 días
In the burning heart, ....
FlicKeeR YT
FlicKeeR YT Hace 18 días
Music pls ?
JERIC RANDOM Hace 17 días
I m desparately waiting for this movie
Rogue Rogue
Rogue Rogue Hace 19 días
Rocky 8 😂
threerings134 Hace 19 días
Rocky is not his trainer for the Drago fight, Lil' Duke is b/c Rocky is out of the business. Also, Rocky doesn't want him to take the fight w/ Vitor Drago b/c at the beginning Creed Jr. has been knocked out and loses his title. That's why he's in the hospital w/ a right eye the size of a grapefruit at the beginning of the trailer with his wife trying and failing to make him feel better. Rocky is still wary of the Dragos, but ends up going to Russia to be in his corner on fight night because Apollo was there for him all those years ago when he was at his lowest after Mick died.
HiddenBeast 03
HiddenBeast 03 Hace 19 días
Cam newton the fashion stylist
TheLAKERSareGodsTeam Hace 19 días
This is a real loser. Another diversity candidate movie, down there with that Jaden Smith karate kid. Diversity is perversity.
Dylan M
Dylan M Hace un día
nope. michael b jordan is playing the son of Apollo Creed. It's cannon, being that Rocky is retired and his son is not interested in boxing. This match against Ivan Drago's son is basically redemption for his father's death in a way
Dimitrije Kocic
Dimitrije Kocic Hace 20 días
1:02 song?
JERIC RANDOM Hace 17 días
Re-Shit Hace 20 días
stallone acting 101
Oz Longworth
Oz Longworth Hace 20 días
"I got royalty inside my DNA..." There's a Kendrick bar for every occasion.
IT'S HOLLYWOOD Hace 21 un día
If you don't have time to watch the first movie, all you require to do is watch the recap of CREED in just 3 minutes - esvid.net/video/vídeo-J9JFCRCYA0Y.html
The music makes the trailer so much better.
Serdar Minaj
Serdar Minaj Hace 21 un día
Soundtrack List ; Nicki Minaj Miley Cyrus Eminem Yg Kendrick Lamar 2Chainz Ella Mai Big Sean Future Mnek and more...
BONECRUSHER 66 Hace 22 días
When I heard that music I got so excited
Jules B
Jules B Hace 22 días
ummmm I wonder who wins the fight. It's amazing how the same film, with the same story line, can be made so often.
Lontel Curry
Lontel Curry Hace 23 días
Rocky has become to Adonis what Mickey was to him.
Randall Ramirez
Randall Ramirez Hace 23 días
Drago Vs The human torch!
DtyQestion _______
DtyQestion _______ Hace 23 días
Theory, adonis loses the first fight against victor drago and ends up in the hospital but wins the 2nd fight, motivated from a sudden tragedy
Gran Generalissimo
Gran Generalissimo Hace 24 días
Far out man...I just watched Creed (2015) and it was spectacular. This is so much hype.
Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins Hace 25 días
🔴 *Already watched ^CREED ll^ fiIm* t.co/ShYvPAev2J Unglaublicher.. film! Sehr zu empfehlen.. es auszuprobieren!
Brooke Omega
Brooke Omega Hace 25 días
DRAGO!? 😳😳
Christina Amorra
Christina Amorra Hace 25 días
🔴 *Already watched "CREED II" fiIm* t.co/TRmBb9vfNF Unglaublicher.. film! Sehr zu empfehlen.. es auszuprobieren!
lavender town rocket commander
Creed 3 Adonis vs drago
Man Joe
Man Joe Hace 25 días
Was Yeshua's new weapon!
Nickchan 1
Nickchan 1 Hace 26 días
Donnie needs to get the eye of the tiger
rocky362 Hace 27 días
I've got I've got I've got ..(in a white women's voice) haha
Tj Clark
Tj Clark Hace 27 días
Hopefully rocky won't pass away in this movie he was very very Ill in the last one, I can't wait #yoDNAanAbomination
Callumwozhere Hace 27 días
I’m predicting it, there will be two fights. Creed loses the first one and wins the rematch. At the start creed is using red gloves and the end in using black gloves.
emre hattus
emre hattus Hace 28 días
this man same to joshua .
Jesus Salazar
Jesus Salazar Hace 28 días
In my mind before the film: Drago's son is only fighting Adonis to prove to his father, Ivan, that he's not a failure. Something like Adonis went through in the the 1st Creed film. While, Ivan is still holding so much anger for losing to Rocky, making it personal. Maybe even hate guilt for killing Adonis dad, Apollo. Yet, Adonis wants revenge and proving that he has what it takes to be the greatest, even if it means fighting his father's killer's son. A personal vendetta. Lastly, Rocky is still by Adonis no matter any obstacle. Since Adonis reminds Rocky of what it's like still to fight for something, while still developing a father-son relationship. Even in reality its sad that Sylvester's son died, leaving him an empty emotional love-care for a son. In my view, Rocky sees Adonis as his son. In my mind for the ending of the film: I only hope Drago's son can be much more than his Father, Ivan. While, Ivan can learn to accept his defeat and possibly make amends to both Rocky and Adonis. While, Adonis becomes the right role model for many fighters, even being a father too. Lastly, Rocky will be thanked and forgiven by Mary-Ann for being the right person needed every time for Adonis, as a father, rather than being a trainer.
MrTiofil Hace 28 días
I can't wait! I showed my son rocky4 and he loves it and knows this is one of my favorite movies ever! We are there 1st day!
Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell Hace 28 días
They just had to put a lame Kendrick Lamar song in the trailer...
Lou Lou
Lou Lou Hace 28 días
I am beyond excited ! 👍👍👍🙋🙋🥊🥊
Mercyful Media
Mercyful Media Hace 28 días
“If he dies... he dies.”
J Hace 29 días
I'm hyped for this movie! Can't wait til it's released
Detroit Pauly
Detroit Pauly Hace 29 días
Apollo son would have been in his 40's. Only thing that throws the whole thing off. The boy was like 5 in 1978 they show him and his sister running through the kitchen. IJS...
Detroit Pauly
Detroit Pauly Hace 19 días
+Nitro Girl oh ok
Nitro Girl
Nitro Girl Hace 23 días
Adonis is Apollo's son from an extramarital affair. His mother was pregnant with him when Apollo was killed. Rocky IV was in 1985 so that would make Adonis around 34 or 35. That's how it's explained in the first Creed.
Life as The Real Adonis #latra
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