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Life has become a balancing act for Adonis Creed. Between personal obligations and training for his next big fight, he is up against the challenge of his life. Facing an opponent with ties to his family’s past only intensifies his impending battle in the ring. Rocky Balboa is there by his side through it all and, together, Rocky and Adonis will confront their shared legacy, question what’s worth fighting for, and discover that nothing’s more important than family. Creed II is about going back to basics to rediscover what made you a champion in the first place, and remembering that, no matter where you go, you can’t escape your history.
Cast: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Wood Harris, Russell Hornsby, Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu, Andre Ward, Phylicia Rashad, Dolph Lundgren
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CREED II | Official Trailer | MGM


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20 jun 2018

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Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor Hace 2 horas
If he dies...he dies
MS7 Hace 4 horas
this is proper scenes
Travis Kraft
Travis Kraft Hace 4 horas
Disappointing that they didn't show Dolph in the trailer.
Chino Tatu
Chino Tatu Hace 5 horas
Ohhhhhhhhhhh snappp. Drago!
Michael Shivers Jr.
Michael Shivers Jr. Hace 7 horas
Give the people what they want! 🙏🏼
Eternaldarkness3166 Hace 7 horas
They should have had Rocky die in this. Would have made a much more emotional impact in this world like they did when Micky passed away. Especially since he's trying to break out on his own, but I'm still going to see it and enjoy it. I just thought they should have actually had him be on his own for this one.
The Gecko 17
The Gecko 17 Hace 8 horas
Hopefully Michael B. Jordan gets nominated for lead actor in this and Stallone gets another nomination for supporting actor.
Geo Boy
Geo Boy Hace 9 horas
Guys who going to see when in November
Rafferty Keegan-Sharief
New trailer comes out tomorrow !!!!!! 🥊🥊🥊🔥🔥🔥
Southern White Boy
Southern White Boy Hace 14 horas
Im excited. I also love the new movie poster that was released today #Creed2 #Rocky #RockyBalboa #SylvesterStallone #ApolloCreed
AsaFestejo Hace 15 horas
You already know the movie is gonna be good if they use Kendrick’s song in the trailer.
Dustin Taburno
Dustin Taburno Hace 16 horas
Arturo Cabral
Arturo Cabral Hace 16 horas
Team Creed all the way
pede ace
pede ace Hace 17 horas
New trailer tomorrow!!
AKG Hace 18 horas
The Dragon Warrior
The Dragon Warrior Hace 18 horas
Every movie Michael b Jordan play in got kendrick lamar music
BATTLE CRY Hace 20 horas
vignesh raja
vignesh raja Hace un día
I got loyalty inside my DNA 😉😉😉
m0usju1c3 Hace un día
So long as they don't botch up the training montage again.... Seriously, it's what MAKES the Rocky series, the build up to the big fight. Choose the right music and no quad/motor bikes please. Start with a track like this: esvid.net/video/vídeo-Q52jQNrb2r8.html
Pale Petelo
Pale Petelo Hace un día
Can someone post this on sound cloud and send me ur name so I can like it and save it plzz
Chris :]
Chris :] Hace un día
Not gonna lie, I would love to see a crossover movie between Creed and Southpaw. Both of the main protagonists go toe to toe against each other. That would be epic.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Hace un día
Xx Xx
Xx Xx Hace 2 días
This is like an 80’s kid’s Dream come true!! I really hope the Audience gets into this film like the way they did with Rocky IV. Audience was on their feet screaming and punching like they were watching a real fight when watching Balboa vs Drago.
Jason Genova
Jason Genova Hace 2 días
Movie is going to bomb like the first. He is a horrible actor check out fantastic four lol so so bad they pulled it from theatres.
Jason Genova
Jason Genova Hace un día
La Habra Hombres fake news
La Habra Hombres
La Habra Hombres Hace un día
+Jason GenovaI understand you don't like Michael B. Jordan and Creed but a simple Google search will show that everything I wrote is true.
Jason Genova
Jason Genova Hace un día
La Habra Hombres so much fake news here
La Habra Hombres
La Habra Hombres Hace un día
The first Creed didn't bomb though. It was a critical and financial success. On a budget of 35 Million Dollars it made 175 Million Dollars at the box office worldwide and more money on VOD, Streaming, Blu-Ray etc. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 95 percent positive score from critics and an 89 percent positive score from viewers. Also, I suppose everybody has a right to their own opinion, but many (including myself) think that Michael B. Jordan is actually a solid actor. You can't really fault him for the Fantastic Four reboot movie. That movie didn't work as a whole, and there wasn't much that Jordan could do with the material he was given.
Skankhunt42 Hace 2 días
AHHHHHHH I finally know why I recognised Killmonger in Black Panther! Never made the connection till now.
Nicholas Giordano
Nicholas Giordano Hace 2 días
The Master Of Gaming
if he does not use blood doping and steroids like his father creed can win
Jusjac07 Hace 2 días
My Predictions: - Creed loses the first fight to Drago’s Son - Rocky Balboa passes away - Pretty Ricky Conlan, Mary Anne and Bianca Helps Creed get back on his feet - Creed wins the 2nd and gains the Drago’s Respect. 💪🏽🥊
123 certi
123 certi Hace 2 días
Cant wait
Mak Ferrer
Mak Ferrer Hace 3 días
In Creed III Tommy Gunn’s son goes for the title with Clubber Lang as his trainer.
Fedee Dainotta
Fedee Dainotta Hace 3 días
they could have put another fighter
Fedee Dainotta
Fedee Dainotta Hace 3 días
What I do not like is the rehash of the fight of the children with the names of the parents, it's rocky 4, nothing new exactly the same.
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Hace 3 días
Creeds son should have the theme living in America playing when he comes out.
Rodrigo de Brito
Rodrigo de Brito Hace 4 días
If he dies, he dies.
yuda adma
yuda adma Hace 4 días
Who is drago?
Alan Q. Wake
Alan Q. Wake Hace 4 días
Please don't let Rocky die in this movie! There'll be riots in the streets😭
K Boy
K Boy Hace 4 días
"I must break you now"
Dusk Dawg
Dusk Dawg Hace 4 días
This is going to be a crazy mixed movie crowd!, a bunch of kid shouting “Wakanda foreva’!!”, and a bunch of old guys shouting “Avenge Apollo!!!”. Everyone is gonna go watch it, nobody’s staying home opening night! 😂
Eternaldarkness3166 Hace 7 horas
and sadly, I'll be the only one shouting Flame On...
Ahned Abu Awwad
Ahned Abu Awwad Hace un día
Dusk Dawg akh I will hate the kids shouting wakanda foreva in the movie and I’m 15 and will say avenge Apollo
So he lost again?
Army Ghost
Army Ghost Hace 4 días
Army Ghost
Army Ghost Hace 4 días
Paul McCormack
Paul McCormack Hace 5 días
I'm hoping that at some point, some guy in a gym starts mouthing off and Rocky says, "Hey you got a big mouth, ya know?" And then Rocky decks the guy and knocks him out! Haha!
Carl Bonroy
Carl Bonroy Hace 5 días
When I was a kid watching Rocky 4.... it was OKAY to cheer on the AMERICAN against a rival. I wonder, is it still ok for kids to do that?
Jordan Jolivette
Jordan Jolivette Hace 2 días
Carl Bonroy he’s black, so yes
0mar Jhungoor
0mar Jhungoor Hace 5 días
Drago can he be more dengerous. That name freak me bro. Please don't let them fight. Because I think I know who going to win.
kristo 210
kristo 210 Hace 5 días
Proud Bear
Proud Bear Hace 5 días
I have a feeling they’re going to play up Adonis’s ego in this one. I see a lot of wins and him thinking he’s unstoppable. If I’m right, he’s going to lose in this one.. which would be messed up given the situation and that he lost in the last one. (Don’t listen to me)
Carter the movie boy
That’s the guy from black panther
marge simpson
marge simpson Hace 5 días
Carter the movie boy YEPPPPP
p i j o n
p i j o n Hace 6 días
DRAGO!!!!!! This is RUSSIA BABY!!!!!!
Gene Abrego
Gene Abrego Hace 6 días
"That's the same thing your father said to me and he died right here in my hands"...it's like someone dropped a whole bucket of chopped raw onions in my lap.
Sian Harry
Sian Harry Hace 6 días
Is it drago or the son of drago?
Jeff Hace 6 días
He fights Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago. But Ivan is in this film.
liam bradley
liam bradley Hace 6 días
Creed was out a while before black panther, you don't see him getting called creed in the black panther trailers
DeadHead0ne Hace 7 días
tbh I'm wayyy more excited for Creed II than I am for Captain Marvel or Venom.
Wrath Hace 16 horas
You had me at Captain Marvel then you said Venom and took it to far. Flag thrown 5 yard penalty repeat first down.
Son Goku
Son Goku Hace 17 horas
I was hype af for captain marvel until I saw the trailer tho....can we say boring
Jakub Biskup
Jakub Biskup Hace un día
every adult person is :D
Luficer Morningstar
Luficer Morningstar Hace un día
noone I know is excited for Captain Marvel except SJW zealots
Terrance Bowers
Terrance Bowers Hace 7 días
I can’t wait
Yung Slxrpie
Yung Slxrpie Hace 7 días
How has Rocky not died yet?
Swaggy Pea
Swaggy Pea Hace 7 días
Adimus Prime
Adimus Prime Hace 3 días
DNA Kendrick Lamar
Eduardo bsn
Eduardo bsn Hace 7 días
Where's Dolph in the trailer, for christ's sake?! Bad trailer, bad music. What a disappointment.
Jeff Hace 6 días
1:34 in, you see Ivan Drago briefly.
Thot Slayer
Thot Slayer Hace 7 días
This is like my 8th time watching this just come out already!!
Anthony Mcqueen
Anthony Mcqueen Hace 7 días
This story is simple: 1. Hes on top winning 2. He gets beaten by a superior opponent. 3. Redemption training montage. 4. Couple of fights to get back 5. Face his rival and win 6. The end Theres no reason to watch this its basically rocky 3 all over again. Its personal now since its dragos son who had nothing to do with Creeds death in rocky 4.
Jeff Hace 4 días
I talked with an extra who was on set every day. He was an extra in the boxing scenes that were shot in a massive sound stage outside of Philly. Also, Rocky visits his son in Vancouver.
Jeff how do you know that ? is there a link with plot leak?
Jeff Hace 6 días
Close. He fights Drago's son, but gets destroyed. But he gets the win, because Drago hits him while he is down, getting disqualified. Rocky then agrees to train him for the rematch. (Rocky is not involved in the first fight).
MyCountdownz Hace 7 días
This is going to be an awesome film. Michael B Jordan in one of the roles of his lifetime.
Jandy Mczan
Jandy Mczan Hace 7 días
o ma gosh..."Drago" in the ending..
mars denn
mars denn Hace 7 días
I couldn't leave the shock of another Drago out,doesn't his mother know he is like Gorbachev (loser)😂Creed never should have show boat the Title like his daddy another Apollo this is nothing like a Italian stallion movie whenever Rocky leaves the ring he doesn't sign autographs bro,sad ending to a brilliant franchise I love you Cobra 👊👊👊
David Ruelas
David Ruelas Hace 8 días
I think the reason why rocky is not training creed is because creed probably found out that rocky could have thrown the towl and apollo would be alive right now
Jeff Hace 3 días
Rocky couldn’t really stop it, the ref already tried to. Not Rocky’s fault.
Carlos Aponte
Carlos Aponte Hace 3 días
Jeff Besides, In Creed, Rocky already told Adonis about his failure to stop that fight.
Jeff Hace 6 días
Rocky throwing in the towel wouldn't have made a difference. The ref tried to stop the fight, but Drago pushed him away before throwing the deadly punch.
Jordan Sprouse
Jordan Sprouse Hace 8 días
I got I got I got loyalty Inside my DNA
sneakerhead.916 Hace 8 días
finally 😅😁😁😁
Madhey Abdi
Madhey Abdi Hace 8 días
Yo this trailer intense
LMFAO Hace 8 días
Will Dolph Lundgren be in the movie?
Thabang Mpai
Thabang Mpai Hace 3 días
It was confirmed and also you see his character Drago walking with his son to the ring at 1:43
Jeff Hace 6 días
1:34 in, you can briefly see him.
Anthony Oliva
Anthony Oliva Hace 7 días
Тимур Нурулин
1:41 Its ВИКТОР ДРАКОН. Russia is back!
George Ramos Jr
George Ramos Jr Hace 9 días
I know that the country is clearly, & obviously very racially divided at this particular time. I honestly wish Michael B. Jordan, & the character, Creed has nothing but success for many decades to come.
Maximus Areilius
Maximus Areilius Hace 9 días
And in CREED 3 he fights CLUBBER LANGS son, to avenge MICKEYS death for ROCKY.
Jalen Harris
Jalen Harris Hace 9 días
Drago son is about to die
Deepak Gagganapally
Deepak Gagganapally Hace 9 días
Hit like if you think Kendrick’s DNA Killed it..👍🏻
Himanshu Gaur
Himanshu Gaur Hace 10 días
I am waiting for this movie
Young Savage
Young Savage Hace 10 días
I didn’t even know this came out tf
Daniel Gertler
Daniel Gertler Hace 10 días
I'm game af.
XxItzDukexX Hace 10 días
This is going to be amazing when it comes out, the whole storyline has been great and i recommend that everyone gets to the cinema and watches it!
SR Silolia
SR Silolia Hace 10 días
It's quite emotional for a guy to fight the son of his father's killer
GabeDawg Hace 10 días
in both Black Panther and Creed 2 Michael B. Jordan goes against the son of the man that killed his father. Coincidence? i think not
marge simpson
marge simpson Hace 5 días
yeah thats true : )
Luca Della Vechia
Luca Della Vechia Hace 11 días
Bjorn would be the perfect son of Drago
kuriakose Baby
kuriakose Baby Hace 11 días
Its tym for revenge
Peter Petruzzi
Peter Petruzzi Hace 11 días
00:01 That's Ivan Drago in the ring with adonis. Those are Dolph Lungren's leg's. Look up Dolph Lungren beach on google and you'll see.. Looks like Adonis will fight Ivan Drago himself.
Jeff Hace 6 días
LOL..no it's not Ivan in the ring. It's his son, Viktor Drago.
Peter Petruzzi
Peter Petruzzi Hace 11 días
This looks great.. I wont get to see it as it comes out in Novemeber and i will be taken i the rapture by than..
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez Hace 11 días
Pause it at 1:34 he’s huge
Brandon McCauley
Brandon McCauley Hace 11 días
Its enough of the black panther movie references this is for creed and the black panther movie isn't even good.
Brandon McCauley
Brandon McCauley Hace 11 días
Your opinion as well as mine my opinion is that it wasnt very good
Dudebro13454 Bro
Dudebro13454 Bro Hace 11 días
Brandon McCauley It is very good
Billy Angus
Billy Angus Hace 11 días
I feel the Rocky we all love and know is gonna die in this movie xD
Raghib Abdul-Shakoor
Raghib Abdul-Shakoor Hace 11 días
Good Gracious! I wish it was November right now for crying out loud!
BUGATTI & AJAY Hace 11 días
surprised just 64k
BUGATTI & AJAY Hace 11 días
who is rocky lover??yo silvester stallone...
Sena Tekmen
Sena Tekmen Hace 11 días
Film what time started ??
David Johnson
David Johnson Hace 11 días
“Life hits ya with all these cheap shots, people like me...we live in the past.” Rock sounds so sad
Rhys Peralta
Rhys Peralta Hace 11 días
The rematch of the century.
NewNails WhoThis
NewNails WhoThis Hace 11 días
I've been waiting for this for 33 years even though I'm 29 😂😂
AlexanderRybak wife
AlexanderRybak wife Hace 12 días
Omg I can't wait😍
more tune
more tune Hace 12 días
if he dies, he dies
lucci li
lucci li Hace 12 días
i'm so hurry to going to watch it ... to say the true this year i was only waiting for one movie . this creed.
jumping the smark
jumping the smark Hace 12 días
This trailer is awesome. Loved the first film, legit can’t wait for the next
Gabriel Berzins
Gabriel Berzins Hace 12 días
This is going to be the greatest movie
Joe Davila
Joe Davila Hace 12 días
If you pause it when they are on the stage before the fight, you can clearly see Ivan Drago standing behind his son. 😁👍
CryptoVic Hace 12 días
Drago by ko
Javo Trujillo
Javo Trujillo Hace 12 días
Lo follaron.
lexyonyou Hace 12 días
Some chick beat up Drago on an Australian series from a women’s prison she was Russian and killed her DRAGO 🇦🇺
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