Cuba vs. United States Game Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic 

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Team Cuba takes on Team USA in the World Baseball Classic semifinals!
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25 sep 2023






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G Hace 6 meses
Truly amazing how much recognition the wbc classic is getting, even baseball in general. Thanks to all these amazing players with a big platform the sport will keep on becoming a sporting event not to miss!
F.A.F.O CALI TO DE What's right is right
With all respect no one cares about this
F.A.F.O CALI TO DE What's right is right
Wow come out I'm sorry I watched this highlights nobody even knows the World Baseball Classic is but I actually might watch a little bit of it the score was 13 to 2 this is way better than Major League Baseball I stand corrected I'm actually interested
Caffynated Hace 6 meses
Shame none of the elite American starters wanted to show up. They're running out starters with a 4 ERA in 2022. Lots of good relievers though.
Emir fantasma
Emir fantasma Hace 6 meses
Si ojalá y con los años siga creciendo
Drew S
Drew S Hace 6 meses
@F.A.F.O CALI TO DE What's right is right speak for yourself lol i love this
RJ & Cupid 🇨🇦
RJ & Cupid 🇨🇦 Hace 6 meses
The WBC skyrocketed from being a good tournament to attracting the best players in the world. I think Trout and Ohtani participating will give the WBC long-term legitimacy and it will will become a premier/must-see event. Makes me love baseball even more!
Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks Hace 6 meses
I don't think you'll ever get the biggest of American pitchers because of the money that's sunk into them and the care with which teams get them ready for the season, but you could definitely get the best hitters and fielders and a good set of #2 pitchers.
RJ & Cupid 🇨🇦
RJ & Cupid 🇨🇦 Hace 6 meses
@Bill Hicks I see your point. I hope that changes though. If their innings are managed it could be a much more realistic preparation than spring training ever could be. Maybe perceptions will change. A pitcher can get injured at any point and sometimes being too careful makes injuries more likely. For instance, back in the day the expectation was that pitchers would try to pitch complete games every time they took the mound.
S G Hace 6 meses
@Bill Hicks No chance aces will turn up. DeGrom has enough problems as it is lol Ohtani would play though and he would only choose an MLB team that would allow him to play for his country. The Japanese pitchers are amazing. I don't know if you have seen their games but they should all be in MLB. Most of them throw mid to upper 90s with great control and nasty breaking balls. I think they'll beat Mexico, which will make the Championship game even better since Ohtani will pitch.
Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks Hace 6 meses
@S G i agree. even Ohtani is now only coming out of the pen. But yeah, they definitely have a more old school approach over there. MLB coddles some of these pitchers way too much and that can lead to injuries as easily as overuse.
Corwin719 Hace 6 meses
​@Bill Hicks the more the tournament grows, which it's already getting big, the more clubs will let starters deal.
Sean Blu-Digital
Sean Blu-Digital Hace 6 meses
Great win from the United States and Trea Turner is just unstoppable right now! Happy to see USA getting a chance to defend the WBC title! 🇺🇲
Leafy Hace 6 meses
Still not going to beat Japan tho.
Bread And Circuses
Bread And Circuses Hace 6 meses
​@Leafy Japan's pretty much a superteam, so yeah, you're right...
Lana2k6 Hace 6 meses
@Leafy - To be fair, Japan has to beat Mexico tomorrow in order to advance to the finals.
Reno-San Hace 6 meses
​@Leafy take Japan away from their element which is homefield in their own dome. Will see, but right now they still have to beat Mexico
Yovel Jurado
Yovel Jurado Hace 6 meses
One more everyone, whatever happens, this was a great run. Go USA!!!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Corwin719 Hace 6 meses
I'm telling you bro, this tournament has been heaven to this lifelong baseball fan! Go! Go! USA! 🇺🇲⚾🇺🇲⚾🇺🇲
Miller Rogers
Miller Rogers Hace 6 meses
Dude, this was the top comment whenever I clicked this video, I thought that it meant we HAD a good run and we lost, and dude I was about to be in tears lol. Then I watched the video and reread it lolol
​@Corwin719 Same here!! Baseball will always be king!!
angel Hace 6 meses
the players taking steroids
Tyler Emmetts
Tyler Emmetts Hace 6 meses
@angel salty Cuban
GodzillaMane Hace 6 meses
A WBC run that the USA won’t forget! This WBC has been so electric overall and has been amazing to watch. Trea Turner is putting on a clinic and adding to his future HOF career for sure. Also cool to see Cedric Mullins homer too. Phenomenal energy 💪🏼
Stan Smith
Stan Smith Hace 6 meses
​@redstoneslover4385Reporting u and the comment
UserInterface00 Hace 6 meses
Ratings will be through the roof insane if it’s a Japan v USA Final. Trout batting against Ohtani will be epic.
NOFOOD? Hace 6 meses
Gonna happen
Brohei Flowtani
Brohei Flowtani Hace 6 meses
God I hope that's what we get
Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks Hace 6 meses
They'll be through the roof either way. USA VS Mexico would be an epic final game.
Trevor Carey
Trevor Carey Hace 6 meses
They said Ohtani will pitch in relief for team Japan because he will be the opening day starter for the Angels, but just to see Ohtani pitch to Trout will be exciting ⚾️
Andy Roid
Andy Roid Hace 6 meses
Would like to see Trout pitch to Ohtani. It would never happen, but one can dream.
Kevin Lin
Kevin Lin Hace 6 meses
Goldschmidt’s home run set the tone for the game with the lead and the following homers were overwhelming, demonstrating once again how mighty Team USA can be and how desperate they are for another title. The finals will be insane!
Johnathan Patrick
Johnathan Patrick Hace 6 meses
I disagree with Goldschmidt's 2 run homer setting the tone. I think that was Wainwright limiting the damage to one run when the first 4 Cubans reached base.
Kevin Lin
Kevin Lin Hace 6 meses
@Johnathan Patrick Limiting the damage to the minimum is one thing, but to win is another. You gotta score to win the game. The home run was a twist and helped Team USA take the lead, keeping the momentum they needed for more runs, leading to a big win. That’s something.
Johnathan Patrick
Johnathan Patrick Hace 6 meses
@Kevin Lin Yeah, true, but go back to Cuba's win against Australia. That was a little more like a pitcher's duel. I don't think you'd get that many people believing this Cuban team could outhit or even outpitch this USA team. 1-0 wasn't gonna hold.
Kevin Lin
Kevin Lin Hace 6 meses
@Johnathan Patrick If the premise is that this Cuban team couldn’t outperform Team USA either offensively or defensively, then even if the damage became reality, it didn’t matter that much cuz Team USA was gonna outsocre Cuba sooner or later, right? I focus more on what was the threshold of the breakthrough. And the home run was like “Here we go. Let’s win this game!!”
Johnathan Patrick
Johnathan Patrick Hace 6 meses
@Kevin Lin Well, I'll say this; whether it's Japan or Mexico for the championship, the US better bring their best pitching. The hitting I'm not worried about, though both teams do have some nice arms to combat our hitters. It's some of our pitching that worries me. What do you think??
austin thompson
austin thompson Hace 6 meses
Mookie is one of the most impressive athletes I've seen I'm my short life. He played right the whole game, then ends it by turning 2 at 2nd. He's also a world class bowler, as we all know.
Nico Wheelock
Nico Wheelock Hace 6 meses
my boy ur a genius
Mario Payne
Mario Payne Hace 6 meses
What a dominant win by the US to advance to the finals!! Their offense is red hot right now! Scored basically every inning except the 7th and 9th! The pitching did a great job with Wainwright recovering from that 1st inning! Go Team USA!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Wayne_Kerr Hace 6 meses
First inning could have been a lot worse. managed to keep it to one run.
Reno-San Hace 6 meses
What kept this game from going sideways early was Wainwright's composure. He didn't panic. As a veteran who's been in those situations before, he showed why he's one of the best pitchers in this league. If our bullpen can deliver and our bats stay hot, USA will win it all
Silver Axe
Silver Axe Hace 6 meses
Tasak esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-wmvDO-vNKqA.html
Easy E Network
Easy E Network Hace 6 meses
But have to be better Tuesday. Japan or Mexico will have better pitching and hitting with more talent playing. Pitching needs to be better. I think hitting is good, but the pitching needs to step up.
Dave Pyne
Dave Pyne Hace 6 meses
Need to work on fielding ground balls.
Reno-San Hace 6 meses
Team USA is a complete team. Trea came in clutch again. Went yard TWICE! He's really locked in. Whether it's Japan or some redemption against Mexico, the championship game will be must watch TV. Let's go defend our title!!! 🇺🇲💪🏽💪🏽
Trevor Carey
Trevor Carey Hace 6 meses
US 🇺🇸 and Japan 🇯🇵 would be the most exciting WBC finals, Im just hoping to see Ohtani pitch to Trout for the dream matchup
hvacwiz Hace 6 meses
ya theyre phenominal.
Remix channel
Remix channel Hace 6 meses
Bet u didn't say that earlier in the tournament
wshhed Hace 6 meses
@Remix channelI did lol, our only problem is the pitching.nWe score so many runs but the pitching allows way too many runs in. Our offense is phenomenal, the dream team
The Pope Of Sports and Entertainment The Truth
not crazy about USA pitching
Roldan Leonardo Rufino Martínez
No importa si México o Japón ganen, lo que es un hecho es que será el partido más visto de todo el WBC. Por otra parte, si gana México, será una locura en el estadio.
Mario Antonio Crespo Mexican 🇲🇽
Luis Miguel es el rey sol de Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🎤🎤🎤 hecho en Mexico
Ángєl_P97 Hace 6 meses
Soy Venezolano pero apoyar a Mexico con todo si señor!!!
Mario Antonio Crespo Mexican 🇲🇽
@Ángєl_P97 🇲🇽🇻🇪
Jorge Alvarenga
Jorge Alvarenga Hace 6 meses
All the way!!! U.S.A
Mario Antonio Crespo Mexican 🇲🇽
@Jorge Alvarenga Luis Miguel has more talent than everyone in United States raise in Mexico 🇲🇽 🇲🇽🇲🇽🎤🎤🎤 Luis Miguel made his career in Mexico
YaBoyy John NBA
YaBoyy John NBA Hace 6 meses
Trea Turner is on another planet right now, it's truly amazing how great a player he is
Josh Goldman
Josh Goldman Hace 6 meses
USA was incredible tonight and we have a great shot in the final. This last match is gonna be great!
Andy Roid
Andy Roid Hace 6 meses
Agreed. Go Team USA!🔥 But just a pet peeve of mine... it's a GAME, not a MATCH. Thx.
I Touch My Students Yo
Baseball is a American sport we always have a good shot
Cuba Miami
Cuba Miami Hace 6 meses
@I Touch My Students Yo yawn
I Touch My Students Yo
@Cuba Miami sorry
Tyler Emmetts
Tyler Emmetts Hace 6 meses
@Cuba Miami y’all communists got trounced.
ragar4790 Hace 6 meses
what a truly disciplined squad of professionals, USA on fire, winning and displaying class and sportsmanship
Larry Wheels
Larry Wheels Hace 6 meses
Great USA team. Power, speed, tough to beat. Glad to see dodger players shine. Epic match up against Japan. Best baseball games I've seen in long time. Love the international competition.
Johnathan Patrick
Johnathan Patrick Hace 6 meses
Japan or Mexico. Either opponent will be sure to give us a salivating championship.
Frederick Glass
Frederick Glass Hace 6 meses
@Johnathan PatrickWhichever team the US faces will be playing on no rest. USA has the advantage of a day's rest. I'd say USA has the chance to repeat
Johnathan Patrick
Johnathan Patrick Hace 6 meses
@Frederick Glass Honestly that's of no advantage whatsoever. Japan didn't play since Thursday, Mexico Friday. They can throw out completely different rosters for the championship game than what they send out against each other in their semifinal.
Frederick Glass
Frederick Glass Hace 6 meses
@Johnathan Patrick Tomorrow is the Championship. MEX/JPN will be playing on no rest while the USA has today off
Johnathan Patrick
Johnathan Patrick Hace 6 meses
@Frederick Glass Again, no advantage because of what I just said. Don't rely on their having to play on consecutive days, many baseballers are used to and prefer that in many if not most cases. And both Japan and Mexico got multiple days of rest before their matchup.
kenneth salter
kenneth salter Hace 6 meses
The Giant has awoke !! Cuba was so good and dominant !!! So much talent!!! Respect !! Lets go US!!
Crouching Tiger
Crouching Tiger Hace 6 meses
Great win for the U.S, but let's be real, Cuba is far from dominant or as talented as they used to be. 99% of eligible players refused to play for Cuba. The U.S beat Cubas 2nd string players.
Daniel Aguilar
Daniel Aguilar Hace 6 meses
@Crouching Tiger exactly dude, all the best players refused to play for Cuba
kenneth salter
kenneth salter Hace 6 meses
@Crouching Tiger Agree...but man they still have a great deal of talent!! Did better than most projected !!
Jason Hace 6 meses
“Cuba was so good and dominant”😂 This “team asere” was only able to connect 2 runs, some major league Cuban born players like “Moncada” were humiliated, that was an embarrassing performance, c’mon now, be serious…. USA was the dominant since the beginning and all the way to the end in the game connecting 14 runs with home runs included …remember this name “Trea Turner” and the rest of the team USA 🇺🇸 all stars
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace 6 meses
@Crouching Tigerthey didn’t refuse to play 😂😂😂 they couldn’t play for Cuba. If they left during international events or said something about the govt they couldn’t play for them. It was so nice seeing Cuba lose this bad.
David Brown
David Brown Hace 6 meses
Can you imagine if we had all of our best pitchers playing as well?
Dwayne Hace 6 meses
As a Cardinals fan, it's so dope to see that 2 of the best players on the entire team is on my team. Goldy and Nolan have been balling out (even though Trea Turner is WITHOUT A DOUBT the MVP)
Dwayne Hace 6 meses
@DieselDog1982 lmao what does that mean?
ODUBlue Hace 6 meses
😢 Treat Arenado right 💔
Dwayne Hace 6 meses
@DieselDog1982 why is THAT?
PimpMacSlickBac Hace 6 meses
We all have heard of The Brazil" with the 7-1 match against Germany... USA heard about it and said, "hold my beer, let's go ahead and double that." Trae showing up as the MVP and that isn't taking anything away from the rest of the crew! What a team.
EquaYonah Hace 6 meses
Watching this WBC as a Cardinals fan has been awesome lol. We've been killing it 😂. Hope USA get to face Japan in the finals. That'd be appointment viewing.
RevucumberTechUSA Hace 6 meses
The wainwright defense was a bit sketchy, but Goldy and Nado are rocking it
EquaYonah Hace 6 meses
@RevucumberTechUSA Oh yeah, definitely. First inning had me nervous haha. But Waino being Waino of course figured a way out of it lol.
Laura Méndez
Laura Méndez Hace 6 meses
Here another Cards fan enjoying this WBC as our players are everywhere 😂🥰
Lunar Day
Lunar Day Hace 6 meses
Love the atmosphere. Glad WBC is back, MLB could learn something about shorter seasons being more fun
Daniel Danielson
Daniel Danielson Hace 6 meses
I love baseball and I love the WBC. MLB wasn’t giving this enough love back then. Even as a Mets fan and seeing what happened to Diaz, the WBC is fire.
Vojtěch Nováček
Vojtěch Nováček Hace 6 meses
Can't understand how some people say there should be no MLB players in WBC. Just look how amazing these matches are
Baybrooth Hace 6 meses
Winning a world championship without the best players does not make you the best in the world.
Joe Kyser
Joe Kyser Hace 6 meses
I am glad MLB is highlighting this and bring awareness to team USA
Jesse Hernandez Jr
Jesse Hernandez Jr Hace 6 meses
It’s not just team USA it’s every team, it’s the entire tournament. Almost every team has MLB players on it. But yes this tournament is definitely getting the recognition it needs
Joe Kyser
Joe Kyser Hace 6 meses
@Jesse Hernandez Jr sure, support the country you wish. The sport is most popular in the USA. Gaining USA fans and supporters is what pushes this. Without it, MLB wouldn't even bother with the tournament.
Joe Kyser
Joe Kyser Hace 6 meses
@Jesse Hernandez Jr it is no different than the Olympics. Sure I could see my favorite players playing for other countries but that really just doesn't cut it for me. I am sure I am not alone. I want to see USA baby!
Cold Ass Honkey
Cold Ass Honkey Hace 6 meses
The only thing missing was Trea Turner's slide into home plate with Lakeside playing.
fsmetal Hace 6 meses
I wasn't expecting such a blow out win. The U.S. looked unbeatable against a talented team
Crouching Tiger
Crouching Tiger Hace 6 meses
Cuba is far from the talent they used to have. Those were Cubas 2nd string team. Most of the MLB talent refused to play for Cuba
fsmetal Hace 6 meses
@Crouching Tiger considering the government I can hardly blame them
Kent Ngo
Kent Ngo Hace 6 meses
It could be jet lag
reusneyger Hace 6 meses
Esperemos que mañana sea algo mágico para nuestro guerreros🇲🇽 ,ante japón y vuelvan a darle otra dosis a estados unidos enla final sería algo sombroso🇲🇽🔥💪🏻
JeanCarlosTv Hace 6 meses
Asi sera ya veras
When Is dinner
When Is dinner Hace 6 meses
This is not the same Team USA you played in the group stage.
godzito Hace 6 meses
@When Is dinner thats just cope
reusneyger Hace 6 meses
@When Is dinner There we will see
Ronald Andersson Adco Chura
Estos mejicanos son graciosos😅😅
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson Hace 6 meses
The first inning Wainwright was pitching great. ground ball after ground ball no solid contact. Tough breaks. It is amazing to see the passion these players are playing with. This is what baseball is supposed to be!
Remedy Hace 6 meses
Fernando Tatis brought me back to baseball but there is a lot of players in this game that brought MLB ball back to life.
Dominick Ruocco
Dominick Ruocco Hace 6 meses
This is the way we expected Team USA to play. USA vs Japan or Mexico should be a great game.
Cloud Island
Cloud Island Hace 6 meses
The first inning must have been CRAZY to watch live. Like 5 back to back hits including the flyouts. My God. Edit: our offense is insane.
welcome2havoc Hace 6 meses
This might be the best US team i've seen. Top to bottom is just nuts
bevrosity Hace 6 meses
maybe based on their lineup, but not the pitching staff.
john henry
john henry Hace 6 meses
like trea turner is the 9th hitter in that lineup. Its crazy
Hollister Hace 6 meses
@john henry Imagine being a pitcher having to face Nolan, Trout, Goldschmidt, Mookie, Turner back-to-back-to-back. Yikes🥶 all this without Harper and Judge…
Hollister Hace 6 meses
@john henryoh and Tucker….
Mspi Onage
Mspi Onage Hace 6 meses
Best batting lineup, agree. Pitchers? Don't agree.
Eric Platt
Eric Platt Hace 6 meses
Mike Trout is an absolute beast!!!! My son loves Mike Trout and he's a pitcher and first baseman. Team USA is playing amazing baseball. Keep going guys. Good luck!!!!!
TrueEmpire89 Hace 6 meses
Was there live playoff atmosphere. The WBC this year has been the best ever! GO USA 🇺🇸
Power Band
Power Band Hace 6 meses
Mexico or Japan will be no easy task for the U.S. these are some really exciting games.
Eric G
Eric G Hace 6 meses
If this version of Trae Turner is what the MLB has to deal with it's going to be scary. He has been incredible for team USA.
Mario Payne
Mario Payne Hace 6 meses
Trea Turner!! OMG! This man is on fire!! He is crushing the ball right now and it's awesome to watch!!
Jimmy B
Jimmy B Hace 6 meses
This is what you call, PUTTING ON A CLINIC 😎✌️⚾️
for the love of God!
Yes Turners grand slam saved the night. Then he hits another two tonight!
Trevor Carey
Trevor Carey Hace 6 meses
We need USA 🇺🇸 and Japan 🇯🇵 in the WBC finals, 2 best teams and 2 best players Ohtani and Trout ⚾️
Gotcha Bud
Gotcha Bud Hace 6 meses
Not happening. If Mexico gets through japan they’re taking it all. They already beat 2 of the best teams of the tournament USA and PR now it’s japans turn to taste some Mexican pepper 🌶️
2 de oros
2 de oros Hace 6 meses
Easy teams USA played.
Thunder Claws
Thunder Claws Hace 6 meses
@Gotcha Bud nope
Gotcha Bud
Gotcha Bud Hace 6 meses
@Thunder Claws u waited until after the game to say that? Lol they had em scared af
Thunder Claws
Thunder Claws Hace 6 meses
@Gotcha Bud calm down bruh u said not happening but when i simply say “nope” i did something wrong?
vehza Hace 6 meses
I’m not even a regular baseball watcher. I rarely watch it but man, these games and the players participating got me wanting more !
snapjackal Hace 6 meses
Baseball needed this. What a tournament.
Jon-Paul Leigh
Jon-Paul Leigh Hace 6 meses
Thats the way to go into the finals..confidence high & absolutely lighting it up
whimsofmim Hace 6 meses
would love to see USA vs JPN final. Team USA with great momentum following that late rally to win against Venezuela. Japanese team looks to have awesome pitching. I don't really know the current players nowadays but Arenado, Trey Turner, and Mookie Betts have really stood out from the highlights I've seen of WBC
johnny martinez
johnny martinez Hace 6 meses
What a tournament this WBC it has been. The Worlds 🌎 🌍 biggest baseball ⚾️ tournament has arrived and it’s here to stay. 🆙 Just like the FIFAs world 🌎 cup this tournament has been electric ⚡️ and I only see it getting bigger and bigger and more fun and electrifying as more world countries get added to the mix. Let’s go USA 🇺🇸🏆👏👏👏 let’s bring the real world championship home where it belongs! ⚾️🏆🇺🇸 👏👏👏👏
Viktor Chavez
Viktor Chavez Hace 6 meses
Vamos México tenemos todo k ganar y nada k perder Nos veen la final con los weros para darles otravez hasta por debajo de la lengua y darle a México esa gran alegría k pasará a la historia
Ronald Andersson Adco Chura
Van a llamar a la migra.😂
PuppetMa5teR Hace 6 meses
@Ronald Andersson Adco Chura That's messed up 😂 Maybe they will build a higher wall in the outfield! 🤣
No se que nombre poner :v
Viktor Chavez
Viktor Chavez Hace 6 meses
​@Ronald Andersson Adco Chura llamen a, la migra al fbi y a quien tu kieras wey
Javi SP
Javi SP Hace 6 meses
​@Ronald Andersson Adco Churaserá por el miedo que tienen de enfrentar a 🇲🇽😎👊
DC122500 dc
DC122500 dc Hace 6 meses
Im not a baseball fan, but I love watching the WBC ...About time for baseball to make a move to globalized the game, just like football and basketball....and with more players around the world coming to MLB---the better for the game of baseball..
Hi estefano
Hi estefano Hace 6 meses
me alegro mucho por cuba por su esfuerzo y la pasio que le ponen a este hermoso deporte. VIVA CUBA!!!
Karen Hace 6 meses
El equipo Cuba no hizo nada, le dieron palo a trocha y mocha y eso que tenía jugadores de las grandes ligas apoyándolos, te imaginas si no? Come on!!!
Francis Nguyen
Francis Nguyen Hace 6 meses
One more win to go, Team USA 🇺🇸 World 🌎 Baseball ⚾️ Classic!
Tomato Tamato
Tomato Tamato Hace 6 meses
Love when Goldy is running full sprint good hustle 🏃 ⚾️
Andy Morejon
Andy Morejon Hace 6 meses
This was a wild game. A lot of history. 3 different pitch invasions in protests against the cuban regime. Lots of pro freedom chants and a lot of cuban-americans undecided on who to root for. Patria y vida.
Easy E Network
Easy E Network Hace 6 meses
Cubans should root for Cuba. Unless they are full citizens I guess. But no harm in rooting for Cuba.
I watched a lot of videos in the U.S., but the pitcher who got most of the attention was Sasaki. If Japan wins against Mexico, Yamamoto would be the starting pitcher against the US, but Yamamoto is far more highly regarded domestically. This looks like a great opportunity for Yoshinobu Yamamoto to make his name known to MLB fans.
Westhood Qualzini
Westhood Qualzini Hace 6 meses
USA vs Japan would be an exciting final
Hugo Ramirez
Hugo Ramirez Hace 6 meses
Silver Axe
Silver Axe Hace 6 meses
Tasak esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-wmvDO-vNKqA.html
ミゲルルイス Hace 6 meses
No. Kuriyama announced Sasaki pitch against Mexico as a starter and maybe Yamamoto will be the second. At final game Darvish will start and Shohei commented yesterday he's probable to pitch not as starter but the second/reliever. Well Samurai Japan must beat Mexico first.
Yamamoto is only 5-10. That is extremely short for a starting pitcher. Only Cueto (5-10), Lincecum (5-11) are equally as short as him, as a all-star level starting pitcher. If he succeeds, he would be the shortest in the game. That means, his margin for error is very slim, thus Yamamoto's chances of dominating in MLB is very very small. Sasaki would be a much much better MLB prospect.
Felipe Barroeta
Felipe Barroeta Hace 6 meses
Venezuelan here and even though I obviously wanted a Venezuela - Japan final a US - Japan final would be a dream game and the best that can happen to baseball right now. And Trea Turner is on fire 🔥!!
Fisch Mops
Fisch Mops Hace 6 meses
Agree this Japanese Team is so scary, and so many in the World are rooting for them. The Sumurai have fans all over the planet, and for them its not a question to play and give 1000%!
Entre Las hojas
Entre Las hojas Hace 6 meses
Big respect to all the teams, and true Japan is a hard one, but first things first, and Mexico still alive and hungry of victory🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
kreamations Hace 6 meses
Respect from the US
Mspi Onage
Mspi Onage Hace 6 meses
What type of baseball leagues does Venezuela have? Pro leagues?
Felipe Barroeta
Felipe Barroeta Hace 6 meses
@Mspi Onage winter league
Juan Peña
Juan Peña Hace 6 meses
I'm very happy for Mike Trout! He's finally getting a ring 😂😂😂
Ɛrik Hernandez
Ɛrik Hernandez Hace 6 meses
Vamos Mexico 🇲🇽
RES 33
RES 33 Hace 6 meses
Cuba had one or 2 hard hit balls the entire game. This was total domination.
Eva Flores Valdés
Eva Flores Valdés Hace 6 meses
As a Cuban and a baseball fan, of course I was supporting my team, but I must say.... I was really amazed by the USA team, they played very well and showed us a great baseball display. I am looking forward to the final game (hopefully with another great team: Japan) to enjoy what should be one of the best plays in the wbc history!!!!
RF Hace 6 meses
Wow, if Japan wins, it's gonna be a match of a lifetime.
Billy Summers
Billy Summers Hace 6 meses
People keep saying this but fail to remember that when US played Japan in the last WBC, the game was underwhelming
superninja252 Hace 6 meses
​@Billy Summers Japan tram is coming for revenge and the pitching staff is more stacked than 2017
M Murase
M Murase Hace 6 meses
Props to Wainwright. The defense loaded up the bases and he walked in a run, but he kept his cool and got 3 outs with the bases loaded.
Robert Sanders
Robert Sanders Hace 6 meses
It absolutely breaks my Dodgers Blue bleeding Heart to see All day Trey just tearing it up since the Dodgers brass decided to let him get away 😭 Well, at least we still have Mookie!!
Genesis ♏️
Genesis ♏️ Hace 6 meses
Awesome win US! Good luck in the championship game!! 👏🏼⚾️. Thought Cuba would make it interesting though so it was surprising.
Larry Loveless
Larry Loveless Hace 6 meses
I am enjoying these games. I have always liked the MLB all-star game the best over that of other sports, and these are like all-star games on a global level. I have read the Cardinals have 17 players from their organization participting in this tournamnt with most in the major or minor leagues represeninting other countries. Yadier Molina even coached the Puerto Rico team. I am looking forward to the Final versus Japan or Mexico. Cards fan
stereomois Hace 6 meses
No offense to the All Star game, but this is so much better. It has a March Madness vibe. And haven't counted Cardinals but there are a lot of them.
Larry Loveless
Larry Loveless Hace 6 meses
@stereomois I agree. The crowd enthusiasm is great.
bryantspv16 Hace 6 meses
Trae Turner is incredible this World Series. It’s a home run every at bat oh jesus!
Yuan Hace 6 meses
As a MLB and Cardinals fan from Taiwan for years, I always know the high level of MLB and I know that it is mission impossible for team Cuba win this game. However I still get shocked that team Cuba was dominated by team USA, especially after I went to the stadium and watched their game in pool A and know they are a good team. Top MLB players are Better than Great ! Really enjoy WBC and can't wait for 2023 MLB season👍.
Blue Pit
Blue Pit Hace 6 meses
Really enjoying this run, trea turner is putting on a hitting clinic, looking forward to seeing him in that phills lineup
Jorge Luis Aldana Araque
El partido de Venezuela y USA me gustó más fue emocionante, esto si fue una buena pela los de USA ah Cuba
Gerry Tolbert Jr.
Gerry Tolbert Jr. Hace 6 meses
So delightful to watch. This is still our game 🇺🇸
DMP Hace 6 meses
Have you check the medals board. It's never been usa game lol 😅😅😅
Eric Sparks
Eric Sparks Hace 6 meses
Imagine if our best pitchers were participating
dark room ambience
dark room ambience Hace 6 meses
Love to see Japan Vs USA in the finals. Should be a great game
Eric C
Eric C Hace 6 meses
Let's hope this will become like the world cup of the baseball. The fans deserve better and hopefully the schedule can be shifted to avoid conflict with the MLB spring training. That is quite a win for team USA. Looking forward for the winner of Japan vs Mexico. If Mexico does go through, this will be a rematch, but with a much different focus.
Francisco U
Francisco U Hace 6 meses
A Mexico vs USA final would be pretty crazy, hopefully it happens!
eric hawkland
eric hawkland Hace 6 meses
The rematch
for the love of God!
Deon Taylor
Deon Taylor Hace 6 meses
Great Game but USA Japan would be epic too!!
Robertito Amiguitoo
Robertito Amiguitoo Hace 6 meses
@eric hawkland 1
Kartkid024 Hace 6 meses
I think the only thing that worries me about team USA is the defensive mistakes. Way too many of them this tournament so far.
Yonerone Martínez,
Yonerone Martínez, Hace 6 meses
Latinos unidos solo queda México 🇲🇽🇩🇴🤝🇩🇴🇨🇺🇵🇷🇻🇪🇨🇴🐐🐐👊👊
Robertito Amiguitoo
Robertito Amiguitoo Hace 6 meses
D Nyce
D Nyce Hace 6 meses
Mavenger Hace 6 meses
Robertito Amiguitoo
Robertito Amiguitoo Hace 6 meses
@Mavenger JUEGA CON FUEGO 🇲🇽
Georgie Hace 6 meses
Nahhh i'm PR and support to USA
Baseballs of Fury
Baseballs of Fury Hace 6 meses
Last night made USA red hot! Let’s keep it going into the finals! Go USA! 🇺🇸
Losers Hace 6 meses
Watching Trea hit those 2 hrs live was amazing
Ariel Plaza
Ariel Plaza Hace 6 meses
That first inning looked treacherous, glad Wainwright was able to save himself.
Dakoda Hace 6 meses
St. Louis setting the table, Philly clearing the dishes. Absolutely loving this WBC.
Beecher_Dikov Hace 6 meses
Dominant performance. Well done boys...
Foxman013 Hace 6 meses
Glad USA has gotten better over last few games, this WBC tournament has given doubters a reason to watch, getting near sold out games and great viewership
Charles Navin
Charles Navin Hace 6 meses
Wade Boggs is now a right handed pitcher? Wow! Talented young man
Oden Steinhauer
Oden Steinhauer Hace 6 meses
This tournaments 1st innings have been insane
Jose Giovani Gonzalez Mata
I am Mexican, but I am quite realistic about things; He had faith that Mexico could beat Puerto Rico. But with Japan it is something else, I have no faith that Mexico can beat Japan. What I do have is the vibe and I wish Mexico the best of success in performing the miracle. Congratulations to the USA for the pass to the final..
JimmyRodrigo Hace 6 meses
As a Puerto Rican I also had no faith that we coulda beaten Japan. All respect PR and Mexico I think both have very talented teams but Japan is just different. Wish you the best tho I’m rooting for my fellow Latinos🤞🏽
Serene Hace 6 meses
@JimmyRodrigo As a Dominican, I have to agree as well. Japan is just a different animal. They're STACKED!
Power Band
Power Band Hace 6 meses
Hey bro, just remember, the best team does not always win. Just look at the dodgers. It's baseball, anything can happen.
Takashi Okamoto
Takashi Okamoto Hace 6 meses
As a Japanese, I believe average quality of Japanese players is better, but only a few of them have played in MLB… No one can stop Mexican batters and no Japanese left handed batters can hit from Sandoval when Mexican players and fans are on a roll. Anyway, I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful game!!
Russell Morris
Russell Morris Hace 6 meses
I'm a Phillies fan since I was 5 Schmidt,Carlton, Dykstra, Daulton, Utley, Rollins, Hamel Halliday, I could keep going, and just can't wait to see Turner play I admit I'm giddy to watch him dominate!!!?
Edwin Iván Rodriguez
Estados Unidos tiene un equipazo eso le da más mérito a la victoria de Mexico ojalá se vuelvan a enfrentar en la final
CH4madness Hace 6 meses
Awesome win, dominant. This is very fun to watch and an awesome opportunity for the players.
Steve Lowry
Steve Lowry Hace 6 meses
Just what MLB needed to revive it!
howard Hace 6 meses
I only wish some of the best USA pitchers showed up, could have been the greatest collection of talent ever assembled on a baseball field.
Morcatna Hace 6 meses
Let’s go 🇯🇵!!! Would be cool to see Shohei pitch to Trout!
eric hawkland
eric hawkland Hace 6 meses
joel T
joel T Hace 6 meses
every time they pitch him up and in he looks really bad
Tony Siedelman
Tony Siedelman Hace 6 meses
@joel T coming from an Angels fan that area has always killed him. That is the one thing he needs to work on.
joel T
joel T Hace 6 meses
@Tony Siedelman I rarely see Mike Trout play but ever since I've been following Team USA i've picked up on that. In real life up and in is my worst nightmare too :)
JAPANESE Gruman Hace 6 meses
Ohtani would not pitch. Yamamoto would. and he is better than ohtani😁 there are many, better than ohtani. USA should surprise it,
Don Moxie
Don Moxie Hace 6 meses
IDK if it is intentional, but I really like seeing team USA willing to hit line drives instead of going for the fences every time.
M. Hace 6 meses
For all of those people who went on and on about those latin teams and how good they are and how they do it the right way, enjoy the USA vs. Japan in the championship!
Elan Bustamante
Elan Bustamante Hace 6 meses
Ima be there for Mexico v Japan tomorrow hopefully my motherland takes us home to the finals 🇲🇽
Armanii Hace 6 meses
Go Mexico! Because we need a rematch 🇺🇸🤫🇲🇽
Antonio Menjivar
Antonio Menjivar Hace 6 meses
kreamations Hace 6 meses
much respect to Cuba and their fans 🇨🇺🇨🇺 -from the USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸
arkblazer1 Hace 6 meses
damn... haven't seen the US crushing it so hard since the spanish-american war
Hiram Expósito
Hiram Expósito Hace 6 meses
Hello! I am Cuban living in Argentina. I send my congratulations to the American people for the victory in the game of baseball. My greetings. A hug. 
Camilo Milfuegos
Camilo Milfuegos Hace 6 meses
Saludos desde Hong Kong
numeros probables16
numeros probables16 Hace 6 meses
Excelente juego me gusta este equipo
Hat Trick
Hat Trick Hace 6 meses
Great to see the St. Louis Cardinals representing our country well
J Lynn
J Lynn Hace 6 meses
That second homer was the identical Mark McGwire Swing 💯👏👏👏 Let's go USA!!!!!
A S Hace 6 meses
Nice to see Mullins get some playing time and show his abilities!
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