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Learn how to clean and maintain your Cuisinart Air Fryer!
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7 oct 2019






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Nicole Romano
Nicole Romano Hace 10 días
I love my oven and would like real advice on how to keep it clean. This video is absolutely useless. Cuisinart, please make another showing how to clean the built up grease.
Kathryn Jordan
Kathryn Jordan Hace 16 días
I don't need a demo on how to clean an unused oven. And a microfibre cloth dipped in hot soapy water will not touch cooked on grease. I was looking for some genuine tips on how to really tackle keeping the oven clean. And it really is stupid not to make the basket dishwasher safe.
Eva Aycock
Eva Aycock Hace 13 días
completely agree
Terry Vf
Terry Vf Hace 17 días
This was a insult to my intelligence. The Cusinart Air Fryer is incredible, but it get dirty, and greasy. You are cleaning a clean oven that has never been used or loved!!, where the fan gets full of grease. I hope Cusinart puts out a video of how to really clean their air fryer that does justice to the great product!
CLC in Florida
CLC in Florida Hace un mes
CLC in Florida
CLC in Florida Hace un mes
Cleaning one that has actually been used would have made a better video...
Chris J
Chris J Hace un mes
great tips, would love to see one on how to regulate the temp, mine runs 100 to 150 degrees hotter than what I have it set too, way to much fluctuation
Dean Riley
Dean Riley Hace un mes
How to clean an unused toaster over-ha! I dare you to clean one that’s been used regularly for six months, and cleaned as you suggest. The fact is these things are always going to get greasy cooked on and hard to remove areas.
Pat Hace 2 meses
I put the air fryer basket in dishwasher it's a nightmare yo hand clean. also pro tip line alluminum foil on drip pain under said basket
Mark McGee
Mark McGee Hace 2 meses
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EastCoastCreep Hace 2 meses
how do you keep the greasy air from staining the tile behind it, it seems the air vents out the back. Obviously you cant cover the exhaust with foil,
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