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Learn how to clean and maintain your Cuisinart Air Fryer!
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7 oct 2019






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Jen Hay
Jen Hay Hace 13 días
Owner's guide says the basket and baking/drip pan is dishwasher safe. The crumb tray and wire rack are not.
CHV Enterprises
CHV Enterprises Hace 18 días
Title should be “HOW TO CLEAN A BRAND NEW OVEN”. Useless video.
CW Hace 24 días
How do I clean the fan area? The grease is stuck on.
youcef aitelhadj
youcef aitelhadj Hace un mes
Very stupid video, im pretty sure if i bring you an actual used one you'll be there few hours to figure out how to use it...
Terry Barringer
Terry Barringer Hace un mes
Bottom line. The unit cannot be cleaned. You have to purchase new trays. Perhaps that was the intention of Cuisinart. Why don't they just make the trays and racks in a non-stick finish that can actually be cleaned.
Suzanne Fitzgerald
Suzanne Fitzgerald Hace un mes
Yes, but when the inside has grease how do you clean it? That’s the tricky part.
Diane Mazzola
Diane Mazzola Hace un mes
Why would I want to know how to clean a sparking oven? What do you do for greasy buildup?
Raina Cinquemani
Raina Cinquemani Hace un mes
Are you kidding me with this video? This is not helpful!
Melissa Song
Melissa Song Hace 2 meses
Useless video. I’ve been using my Cusinart air fryer for almost two months non stop. Although I like the air fryer, cleaning it has been a nightmare. All the greasy spills gets stuck on the coils and fan area and it’s impossible to clean it. This tutorial is worthless. It doesn’t even show you to go clean a DIRTY air fryer. Cusinart, please step it up and post a real tutorial, especially coming from the company that makes it! I’ve been searching countless of Cusinart Air Fryer in ESvid and no one so far seems to have posted a video yet of a “Dirty” Cusinart Air Fryer!
LIK THE PLATE Hace 23 días
@Melissa Song After you finish cleaning it wipe it out with a clean towel with warm water,let it dry complete then run the toaster a couple of times to burn off any residue
LIK THE PLATE Hace 23 días
@Melissa Song Yes, but you have to dampen a cloth with hot water then spray it with the degreaser,wipe the fan grill thoroughly and then use the Mr. Clean eraser
Melissa Song
Melissa Song Hace 23 días
LIK THE PLATE even the fan area cleans well with this method? I found that grime really gets stuck in the cracks
LIK THE PLATE Hace 27 días
I have tried a lot of different ways to clean my airfryer and what really works for me is the Mr. Clean magic sponge. I spray the fryer when it's still warm with a household degreaser first then wipe it off, then I dampen the sponge in hot water and the grease and grime come off easily!
Carole Loomis
Carole Loomis Hace 2 meses
This is LAME. You're cleaning a new oven!
Maureen Kula
Maureen Kula Hace 2 meses
Video was ridiculous!! It was spotless!! I use mine, and it is stained with grease, my pan and air fry tray are brown, so how do I actually clean it!! A soapy cloth does nothing!!!!
Panda Bike
Panda Bike Hace 3 meses
I wasted 3 minutes of my life learning how to clean already clean air fryer.
Justin Bell
Justin Bell Hace 3 meses
This air fryer is absolutely trash, the temperature control is worthless.
legg75962 Hace 4 meses
Really, just a soft cloth and some washing liquid? Good luck with that. apparently this person obviously has never used one of these ovens before. They build up grease that you cant just wipe off. I would like to see her actually clean a dirty oven. Im on my second Cuisinart, first one died but luckily was under warranty. My suggestion, dont clean it, let it die and send it back before the warranty expires. Cuisinart was easy to work with on this and I got the new one in less then a week and shipped back the old one in the same box at no cost.
Allison Schach
Allison Schach Hace 5 meses
You can't put the basket in the dishwasher but what about the pan?
Shadowmib Hace 17 días
I put them both in the dishwasher. It's going to get a baked on grease coating no matter what you do. The "Non-stick" is complete bullshit. It's going to get dark brown with baked on grease and theres nothing you can do except just make sure the loose burnt stuff is scrubbed off so it doesnt get on the food.
Shells Bells
Shells Bells Hace 5 meses
I have this airfryer and I use it every day.. my only problem is that it is starting to stop working on me... the power light will shut off and it will stop working until I hit the side or slam the door open and shut... this is a new development... is there anyway I can fix it?
Camilla B
Camilla B Hace 5 meses
I had the same problem it eventually stopped altogether for me. This machine is known to malfunction. If you still have your receipt of purchase and are still in warranty you can send it back to the company at YOUR expense. They do not fix the machine they just replace the whole thing with a new one. If you send it back try to figure out if mailing it to the company is cheaper than getting a new one if not dont bother sending it.
Betty Godlas
Betty Godlas Hace 5 meses
This is a useless video. The oven is clean. What about baked on grease in the fan area?
Andy Mastrocola
Andy Mastrocola Hace 6 meses
This is truly the worst video Cuisinart could produce. How in the world does one keep a machine clean with daily usage? Do you only roast veggies in there? The engineers that produced this failure of a machine and those who produced such a stupid cleaning video should be fired.
Kathryn Jordan
Kathryn Jordan Hace 7 meses
I don't need a demo on how to clean an unused oven. And a microfibre cloth dipped in hot soapy water will not touch cooked on grease. I was looking for some genuine tips on how to really tackle keeping the oven clean. And it really is stupid not to make the basket dishwasher safe.
LIK THE PLATE Hace 18 días
There's another product out by Mr. Clean called Clean Freak, it's new air comes in a spray bottle, works great on baked on grease. It also has a refill bottle
LIK THE PLATE Hace 18 días
Yes it does, best bet is to wipe it out after you use it and it cools down. You'll may need more than one sponge too
CW Hace 24 días
Citizen Of the World what about the top fan area?
LIK THE PLATE Hace 2 meses
@Melissa Erickson Sounds good I think I'm going to give it a try. The oven is great but if you don't keep it clean the grease builds up fast!😊
Citizen Of the World
The best thing to use is white vinegar, I spray it, let it sit and then I use a microfiber clothe and you literally wipe all the grease out. Then wipe with water and dry it! Trust me, I regularly use my air fryer and this is the only method that tackles cooked grease
CLC in Florida
CLC in Florida Hace 8 meses
Alina Marculetiu
Alina Marculetiu Hace 4 meses
@CLC in Florida www.amazon.com/dp/B0798JYWT9?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Here is the Amazon link. I have been using them for a few months, they fit a little tight but they do fit. They also warp a little in the oven which makes them a little tight when taking them out but they are safer for the food so the slight tightness does not bother me. The trays can be cleaned really well. I have used them almost daily for the past 4 months or so and they clean well with just soap and occasionally some baking soda, so no harsh chemicals. They look the same as when I bought them.
CLC in Florida
CLC in Florida Hace 4 meses
@Alina Marculetiu Where did you buy a Stainless Tray that Fit 🤔??
Alina Marculetiu
Alina Marculetiu Hace 4 meses
Yes, I had to buy my own stainless steel trays. I don't get stuck on food, can put it in the dishwasher, and it is safer to put the food on. I don't understand the need for a non stick tray that gets nasty looking after a few uses even following the pointless instructions. Agree trays need to be stainless steel. How about removable sides and top as well so these can be cleaned? That would be awesome
CLC in Florida
CLC in Florida Hace 8 meses
Cleaning one that has actually been used would have made a better video...
Chris J
Chris J Hace 8 meses
great tips, would love to see one on how to regulate the temp, mine runs 100 to 150 degrees hotter than what I have it set too, way to much fluctuation
Dean Riley
Dean Riley Hace 8 meses
How to clean an unused toaster over-ha! I dare you to clean one that’s been used regularly for six months, and cleaned as you suggest. The fact is these things are always going to get greasy cooked on and hard to remove areas.
The Yellow Cursor
The Yellow Cursor Hace 2 meses
True but you’re not suppose to clean it once every 6 months. You can keep it this clean if you clean it after every use,
Pat Hace 9 meses
I put the air fryer basket in dishwasher it's a nightmare yo hand clean. also pro tip line alluminum foil on drip pain under said basket
Sandra Taylor
Sandra Taylor Hace 6 meses
how does that work out for you...it says in the manual to not put in dishwasher I thought. if the basket was made of stainless steel than I would suggest oven cleaner
Mark McGee
Mark McGee Hace 9 meses
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EastCoastCreep Hace 9 meses
how do you keep the greasy air from staining the tile behind it, it seems the air vents out the back. Obviously you cant cover the exhaust with foil,
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