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LINK to Cuisinart: amzn.to/2HKcYw8 Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven Watch Airfryer Reviews: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-iaVTCu54bKI.html
I'll make toast, french fries and chicken wings to test this unit.
Use position 2, the top for broiling, airfrying and toasting. Position 1 is for baking.
If you’re cooking a frozen pizza, you can put it directly on the rack in position 2.
When baking, just like a regular oven, you can heat the unit up for 5 minutes, then put your cake or muffin batter in the oven and start the timer.
Convection baking circulates hot air around the food so there’s even browning. It’s best for breads and pizzas. If your recipe says bake at 425 and you want to use the convection oven function. Set your temp to 400. The convection baking temp is generally 25 degrees less than the standard oven baking temp.
Don’t cover the crumb tray or oven with foil, causes overheating. The only way you should use foil is to fit it inside the pan, it shouldn’t touch the wall or anywhere outside the pan.
Don’t use glass dishes while broiling.
To turn off the unit, turn the on/oven timer and on/toaster timer dials to off. Power light turns off.
To clean, wait for the unit to cool. The outside can be wiped with a damp cloth and dried.
The sides of the oven are nonstick so it’s easier to clean up. Wipe the inside using mild soap on a cloth or sponge. Don’t use anything abrasive like steel wool pads. Clean the top of the oven especially after cooking greasy foods. Slide out the crumb tray and throw out the crumbs. The rack, pan, basket and crumb tray are hand wash only in hot soapy water, you can use a nylon scouring pad or brush on them if you need to. They are not dishwasher safe.
I hope you found this review helpful. Please subscribe and I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching :)

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Zacc Walked
Zacc Walked Hace 18 horas
I like mine ...about 2 make some fries ...good video
zakspeedf1 Hace un día
Good review but have to put in my opinion here. Purchased one these about 10 months ago, great purchase we thought until recently. The mode rotary switch now wont work, cannot select toast or bake or air fry. If we are lucky one mode will turn on but requires multiple turning of the dial. Not impressed, not sure if it will be worth contacting Cuisinart and sending it away. Pricey unit but cheap cheap components
Lena Amanquah
Lena Amanquah Hace 2 días
Good review. I gave this machine and like not using my oven. You should turn food half way thru get even cooking. Also it does get hot so watch the temp. If it says 400 I would start at 350. I like it. So far so good
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 días
Thanks for sharing 😀
Natasha Providence
Natasha Providence Hace 2 días
Great review! Thank you 😊
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 días
Catherine Lundgren
Catherine Lundgren Hace 4 días
Its kinda important to shake and flip fries and wings to get even browning . Its a small space so moving things around is how I roll. Somewhat like shaking an actual fryer basket.
Diamond Dogfish
Diamond Dogfish Hace 13 días
Turd boi gang?
Ricardo Reyes
Ricardo Reyes Hace 16 días
Great job reviewing the oven. It provides good information as to how it works and how it cooks different foods. My only suggestion is that you should turn the food mid way for a thorough cooking.
rolando0572 Hace 17 días
the best thing is the convection bake
Gary Chen
Gary Chen Hace 21 un día
Why the plug don’t need ground?
Don C.
Don C. Hace 23 días
This oven sucks...function dial broke and unit won’t turn on within 6 months of receiving it....for $200 that’s absolutely terrible...wtf cusinart?
Eglis Rodriguez
Eglis Rodriguez Hace 24 días
Lo compre y lo devolvi: - La luz no trabajo - parece que lo hubiesen usado y Vino golpeado...EL PERSONAL DE AMAZON, PARECE EMPLOYEE DE DIFFERENT COUNTRY. Empaque muy muy muy malo. Terrible.
Howard Yeung
Howard Yeung Hace 25 días
its a neat and clear introduction, well done. thx for sharing.
Nathan Gabriel Sacdalan
Could i bake macaroons there, sorry for interrupting😊
Nathan Gabriel Sacdalan
thank you very much😊
bestkitchenreviews Hace un mes
Hi, yes but check often during baking - to make sure they don’t overcook 😀
thomas ferra
thomas ferra Hace un mes
The cook tray paint chips off they 👎🏻
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega Hace un mes
Is your oven faulty with timer or is it an overall issue with this specific model?
Oz H
Oz H Hace un mes
Great review. Thank you for the detailed video.
Troy Lee
Troy Lee Hace un mes
I would buy this for whole chicken. Anybody out there have any experience with whole chicken.
Gina Faithful For Such a Time as this
Thank you for this review. Thorough. I appreciate all the details.
Dakiniwoman Hace un mes
I have had this exact unit for more than 6 months now and I find I have become addicted to making chicken wings in it... I prefer to do all the same size pieces at one time instead of mixing as you have done. I do all the Drumettes together as they seem to take a little longer than the wingettes. Mine cook at 375 degrees for ten minutes each side for the drumettes. I turn them over half way through the air-frying... The wingettes take 8 minutes each side. It looks great on my counter-top and is very easy to clean. I would never cook fries without at least turning the tray back-to-front half-way through the cooking time, as that way they will brown more evenly. The back always cooks hotter it seems, so when I do wings, I put the biggest pieces to the back and the smaller to the front so they cook evenly. I am very happy with my Cuisinart unit.
Greg West
Greg West Hace un mes
Is the digital model any better or just preference. When you air fry can you set temperature?.
this is me
this is me Hace un mes
I bet the timer was off because it pauses when you open the door.
Cheryl Trowbridge
Cheryl Trowbridge Hace un mes
I've had my unit for 3yrs and love it. Regardless what I've cooked, all has come out wonderfully. Frozen fries tend to cook better in the basket, directly on the rack without the pan. Great review .
bestkitchenreviews Hace un mes
Thanks for sharing 😉
Kaarina Venalainen
Kaarina Venalainen Hace 2 meses
Great review! You mentioned about not using aluminum foil but could you use parchment paper (also cut to size) in this oven to make cleanup easier?
Karl H
Karl H Hace 2 meses
Nice review!
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 meses
Jessica Eng
Jessica Eng Hace 2 meses
Love mine but are your buttons hot to the touch when in use? Or is it just me? Thanks.
Lance Owens
Lance Owens Hace 2 meses
Great review, thank you. I have had mine about a year now and ran across this on accident. I love cooking chicken wings and french fries. I have to tell you , i use it more than my microwave to reheat many foods. Especially any kind of chicken, or ribs that are left overs. It tightens a crispens the skins almost better than when it was fresh! Like you, i found the timer off also. If it were to break, I would look for the one with a digital timer, other than that its a great unit, again I have about a year of constant use and like it.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 meses
Thanks for sharing 😀👍
Soccer Dad
Soccer Dad Hace 2 meses
I wanted to tell you that you are a great reviewer. Just the important details with no extra fluffyness. Very good editing. Thanks for posting. Interesting fact is that all of the other comments I read are NOT about the product, but about how well done your review was.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 meses
Thanks 👍😀
Tes Tos
Tes Tos Hace 2 meses
Excellent review!
Phyllis Ferrentino
Phyllis Ferrentino Hace 2 meses
Didn’t cook a small 8 inch cake as directed - the middle was not cooked after directed time - obviously the oven gets very hot & cooked the outside - very disappointing with the baking a cake or cookies - I did have good luck with an apple pie - great for air frying & cooking other meats etc
BIG Dave
BIG Dave Hace 2 meses
GREAT REVIEW 👍🏼 As another reviewer said Cuisinart should design a two sided flip basket for this unit it would make things better to ensure even crispy-crunch-goodness 😏. I own this unit & L 🧡 V E it. I turn the basket front to back & flip wings or fries using a spatula for even crispness (more of a hassle but worth it, all taste better). I do this at the halfway point whenever the tray is full. Also, everything Air Fry's better with a little oil tossed with even coating first. I use a 3-blend oil or olive oil. Lastly my favorite hack is a good steak from frozen to medium- rare. /medium. Season frozen to taste. Oddly, you are going to use the air fry function ( it works great, no worries). You will need to cook both 🔥sides 🔥 at Oz weight X 10 -12 minutes PER SIDE @ 400 deg. (more 14-18 if your weird & like your steaks well-done, less if you want rate or blue) - BOOM! SO TASTY 🤗 So 10z rib eye 11m side 1 DING 🔔 FLIP, then 11m side 2 - mmmm good. Cool if you catch a good sale (i.e., stock up or buy wholesale) you go from frozen to a good steak with no prep.I let the steak rest for 3 minutes add butter drizzle & whatever else I want... 🔥 BOOM-On Point! 🔥
Shmellzy Hace 3 meses
It’s 6:40 am and I did not know how to use my oven thanks
Rick Wells
Rick Wells Hace 3 meses
The alarm will not shut off. How can this be fixed?
Brigitte Hace 3 meses
This is the best detailed review I've ever seen for a product. Thank you
bestkitchenreviews Hace 3 meses
CW Hace 3 meses
Thank you for the review! I have this unit and I enjoy it but the part were the racks slide in seems to have scratched, I’m wondering if that’s gong to affect it. Have you had this issue?
bestkitchenreviews Hace 3 meses
No, but it shouldn’t affect how the unit works 😀
Tasnim Naelah
Tasnim Naelah Hace 3 meses
Best review ❤️👍🏼
bestkitchenreviews Hace 3 meses
Thanks 😀
Liana Ribeiro Da costa
Em português!!!!!! Please!!!
Beverly Lawrence, PhD, LAc
I had one and sent it back. It was terrible. Difficult to clean and was not good as an air fryer. I used an air fryer previously and this was useless. The knobs are not substantial but difficult to use. I bought a different air fryer that works better with a digital panel. Don’t waste your money.
Rita123xyz Hace 3 meses
I have this...so nice to see a review.
Some Buddy
Some Buddy Hace 3 meses
I appreciate that TOAST has its own separate dial. With all the other dials, settings, racks, accessories, one can become overwhelmed and easily tire of technology. I start my mornings sleepy, so I like a cuppa catnip tea, simplicity and toast. Now, time to rest up for my nap.
Shirley Wolff
Shirley Wolff Hace 3 meses
Great review! I bought this unit a month ago, and haven't used it yet. I live in an apartment with a small kitchen with overhanging upper cabinets, and the instructions said not to use it under cabinets, so I'm afraid I'll set the place on fire. There's about a 6 inch clearance from the bottom of the cabinets to the top of the oven. Does anybody know if that's enough clearance so I don't start a fire? TIA
Joanne Vargas
Joanne Vargas Hace 4 meses
Good review! Thanks so much!
cathy anastas
cathy anastas Hace 4 meses
I have this exact oven and I love it I use this more than my large oven
bestkitchenreviews Hace 4 meses
Thanks for sharing 😀
DEBORAH Jonea Hace 4 meses
Can I cook sparribs in it
mgraze Hace 4 meses
Good review. BAD PRODUCT! Mine won't stay on.
Debi Swarm
Debi Swarm Hace 4 meses
I’m a newbie, when would I add the barbecue sauce?
Mark Eaves
Mark Eaves Hace 4 meses
I would pour a little bbq in a bowl, warm it a little then put the wings in it, stir them around. Remove to a plate and good to go. If you want to set the bbq you can put them back in the air fryer for a couple minutes.
louis duany
louis duany Hace 4 meses
Great review!
Proda Jhaye
Proda Jhaye Hace 4 meses
Just got mine today, this is very helpful and thorough. Would like to see how it does a full chicken (does it rotisserie?) and a pizza. WELL DONE AND THANKS FOR YOUR VIDEO!
Art By Kathy Cappadona Jenkins
Do you know any mini oven toaster, that doesn’t have non stick inside? Just stainless inside. Wanted the Breville toaster, air fryer, microwave but it’s not available and it has non stick coating.
Lesley Roberts
Lesley Roberts Hace 4 meses
I enjoyed your review. It was very honest and you gave great suggestions.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 4 meses
Thanks 😀
Shannon71 Hace 4 meses
Great review!
Aljoe Jao
Aljoe Jao Hace 4 meses
Great review! Thanks! We got this unit recently but timer does not seem to work. Is there a way to use timer properly? i.e. do we turn the timer after we set the function and temperature
DeTodoaLoTico Hace 4 meses
What size of pizza will fit?
KewlkatNDahat Hace 4 meses
How did you get to cut your potatoes so perfect? knife?
Mia Babbyyy
Mia Babbyyy Hace 4 meses
Great video but you need more than some salt on them wings 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Archduke Bacon Von Cheeseburger
I don't understand how the metal pan and basket from the air fryer that can be used at 450° is not dishwasher safe.
Archduke Bacon Von Cheeseburger
@Jesse Milhoan That's not good
Jesse Milhoan
Jesse Milhoan Hace 3 meses
I own one of these and honestly they're just very weak parts. The pan and rack are extremely thin and even while hand washing the pan flexes and I almost broke the wires on the rack the first time I cleaned it. I wasn't expecting the metal to bend so easily like it did but I could easily see the rack breaking in the dishwasher just from the force of the water
Audrey Hace 4 meses
Excellent review. Thank you.
Jon Sanserino
Jon Sanserino Hace 4 meses
Very well done, professional review, pointing out negatives as well as positives and showed all functions with a variety of food. Consumer Reports quality! I just wish you didn't raise your voice? like a question at the end of each sentence? Like a Valley Girl?
Dwayne McAuley
Dwayne McAuley Hace 4 meses
You can turn the rack over and put it in #1 slot so when you cook a pizza it's in the midle of the oven.
McKenzie Price
McKenzie Price Hace 5 meses
I was leery of purchasing this, as a three-in-one unit at about $100 seemed to be offering too much at that price point, but your review sold me. I really appreciate the lack of frills or loaded language: When it worked, you showed how it worked, and when it didn't work quite as well as you'd like, you also showed that and offered tweak. You definitely sold me on this product and your channel!
bestkitchenreviews Hace 4 meses
Thanks 👍😀
Beth Bilous
Beth Bilous Hace 5 meses
why not turn the chicken wings over and cook a few more minutes?
BrandonBanner Hace 5 meses
Just bought this myself. Review really helped. Thanks.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 5 meses
Andrew Raad
Andrew Raad Hace 5 meses
ProTip: Whenever baking vegetables (including air-fried fries) add salt after cooking. Adding salt before cooking prevents the vegetables from drying out and crisping on the outside optimally.
TEAMOT FKRI Hace 5 meses
I just go to amazon to buy the product and I am giving you 5 star
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Hace 5 meses
Can you please review the Cosori 12 in 1 air fryer toaster oven? Thanks for all the great videos!
ICU Hace 5 meses
NOT dishwasher safe was the deal buster for me....
Sam Sackett
Sam Sackett Hace 5 meses
Expert reviewer, soo refreshing. You didn't waste the viewers time, were direct and very informative. You should teach youtubers how to make great reviews. Thank you.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 5 meses
Thanks, Sam 😀👍
Karen Soto
Karen Soto Hace 5 meses
Wow, most amazing review ever, thank you so much!
bestkitchenreviews Hace 5 meses
Rish 22
Rish 22 Hace 5 meses
AMAZING REVIEW Big ups madame!
bestkitchenreviews Hace 5 meses
1nashambi Hace 5 meses
Very good review... I own one and it’s so good.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 5 meses
Thanks for sharing 😀
Mike Manners
Mike Manners Hace 5 meses
Wonderful review....thank you and I subscribed. My wife made me buy one and I was in desperate need of guidance. Now that all of the restaurants are closed down this appliance is more needed than ever.
R Gotti
R Gotti Hace 5 meses
That's why I am here too
bestkitchenreviews Hace 5 meses
Thanks! Glad it was helpful 😀
kerplunk Hace 5 meses
$200 for a toaster oven with a fan? Nope.
Sharon Ridgaway
Sharon Ridgaway Hace 5 meses
Great review, thank you. I have this product. Positive: All features work great. Negative: A bear to keep clean. Disappointed with the interior materials. I've replaced the interior rack and trays. A bit costly.
Cindy Kohl
Cindy Kohl Hace 3 meses
I covered the pan with heavy duty foil because all my past Cuisinart toaster oven trays stain and can not be cleaned without damaging the tray.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 5 meses
Thanks for sharing, Sharon :)
stevenswall Hace 5 meses
Which toaster oven is the most even that you've ever tested? Just got a Ninja Foodi Toaster Oven and with only a few slices, it burns the crust towards the back and isn't super even, though it's very even with doing a full batch of 9.
Robin J Peregrine-White
Do you HAVE to use the timer for the machine to work? I don't like the ticking sound.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 6 meses
Unfortunately, yes 😁
dungoist Hace 6 meses
Review was to the point, accurate and clear pronunciation (very rare these days). Great job.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 6 meses
Shirley Slattery
Shirley Slattery Hace 6 meses
She stated that the pan, rack and basket are not dishwasher safe, but the Cuisenart guide says they are. I have washed mine in the dishwasher and they are fine.
Jovany Santos
Jovany Santos Hace 6 meses
How is it cooking a 4lb chicken?
SylvanaForrester Hace 6 meses
Great review!! Thanks so much.
satinsangel1688 Hace 6 meses
This is super informative! 😁
Gersham Bunnell
Gersham Bunnell Hace 6 meses
how big of a turkey will it fit, I'm looking for one that fits 13 lbs
Marlynn Lund
Marlynn Lund Hace 6 meses
Extreme Good Instructions Given From This Video. Thank You 😊 Very Much.
Just Being Vee
Just Being Vee Hace 6 meses
Great REVIEW!!!! Considering this one. I just dont want to babysit the unit. Very busy. This unit needs attention...hmmm. Not sure if this is the one
Vikash Hace 7 meses
Well explained and on point. Saves time. Thank you for your help and knowledge. Appreciate it. Be happy and blessed 🙏
Steve Pro
Steve Pro Hace 7 meses
from everything ive gathered the past week, air frying is just convection baking. this monstrosity sitting on the counter all the time isnt worth it since you dont really need to air fry everything, and for the things that you DO want to "air fry," you can put in the real oven on convection setting in a air fry basket. im not sure why this particular "air fryer toaster oven" is so tall. i guess that have the fan on top like the egg style air fryers, but whatever benefit that gives is canceled out by the size of this thing. i think youd be better off with a $100 dedicated air fryer.
mmh3999 Hace 7 meses
Best product review. Very precise, and clear in each point of interest. Well done.
Millie Fontanez
Millie Fontanez Hace 7 meses
I love my Cuisinart and use it all the time. I found that 400 degrees was too high for most foods so I usually air fry at about 375 degrees. I've had two machines and I find they both needed to have the temp lowered. With my first machine it stopped working after two years. Fortunately, it is warranted for three yrs so Cuisinart sent me a new machine without argument and I sent back the old one in the box the new one came in. I find that I sometimes have to turn the food over to crisp the underside and sometimes not. I rarely use the time listed to cook food because it usually cooks sooner. I like to coat my food like wings and they come out perfect. I usually have to make sure I put the kitchen fan on because the appliance releases a lot of smoke to the extent that my smoke alarms go on. I also open the door slowly so that the fan pulls the smoke away before the alarm goes on. Since there is so much controversy about aluminum foil leaching onto the food, I now use unbleached parchment paper while air frying which works great and doesn't burn.
Cassy Hace 7 meses
The best review I have ever watched!!!
Peb19 Dookie
Peb19 Dookie Hace 7 meses
I wish someone would do a video on cooking a unfrozen steak (T-bone)
Rob Green
Rob Green Hace 7 meses
Returned it. Timer dial is approximate, temperature dial has no way to find exact temp, say 375 degrees. Bought another brand with digital timer and temperature, so it's exact.
KynRoeBri Hace 7 meses
OUTSTANDING REVIEW!!! Saw it in Costco today and wasn’t sure if I should buy it.
Melissa - The Canine Inn at Livingston Street
I love this for air frying steaks right out of the freezer. However, let's be very honest: it is a real pain in the ___ to clean.
Tiffany Yates Dougherty
We got ours for Christmas and I’ve been too scared to try it! Thank you for this information!
Angela burrows
Angela burrows Hace 8 meses
I love my cuisinart. Got it for a xmas present from my daughter. I would recommend this to anyone
WesGriffin Hace 8 meses
This is a GREAT Review and demonstration of this product. However, I purchased this product for myself Christmas and have found that it burns or overcooks on top side and undercooks bottom. Very frustrated using it. Had to burn a lot of dishes and make adjustments to find what temp and timer to use for individual dishes. I might give this to my dsughter with my notes (if she'll take it LOL) and buy a BREVILLE Toaster Convection Air Fryer. I personally do not recommend this product. The Brevilles DO cost more, but from what I've seen, they're worth it.
Nusrat Yousuf
Nusrat Yousuf Hace 8 meses
Great air flyer! Clean is pain in neck and also less then a year stop working,only think is function is toast.😏
Gail Remp
Gail Remp Hace 8 meses
#1. This is a fantastic air fryer. #2 I bought one. And I used it and loved it. #3 make sure that you have PLENTY and enough air circulating ALL around the unit. I had my pushed a little too close to the back of where it was sitting despite thinking I was all good. #4 IF you do something stupid like that you will burn up your air fryer. Truly.. #5 And you will be so mad at yourself..you could spit. #6 200 is a tough pill to swallow. So when I buy another one, it will be this unit. And I have learned my lesson. So there you go. Gail in Central Florida January 22, 2020.
Gail Remp
Gail Remp Hace 4 meses
Proda Jhaye congratulations. I still haven't replaced mine. Because I have an extra that is not set aside for an air fryer. Darn it. I have a toaster oven which sucks. But that's what I use. So have a good time. Just keep the air going around it. I wish you much success and joy and fun... please sure you to post your thoughts to this particular website so you can educate other people too...
Proda Jhaye
Proda Jhaye Hace 4 meses
Thanks for sharing your experience. this new owner will be sure to listen to your advice!
Annie Malone
Annie Malone Hace 8 meses
14"height.....14" space on counter.....there goes my great idea....damn
tammeybee Hace 8 meses
Thank you for this thorough review. I was apprehensive to use my oven until I watched your video. I’m now cooking like I’ve owned it for two years, not two days. 😁
bestkitchenreviews Hace 8 meses
Nancy Walsh
Nancy Walsh Hace 8 meses
This video was really helpful. Hope Cusinart is compensating you!
Kwyjibo O_o
Kwyjibo O_o Hace 8 meses
That's a weird comment. Who in their right mind hopes reviewers are being paid for giving good reviewers?
bestkitchenreviews Hace 8 meses
Thanks! They are not compensating me.
mark henry
mark henry Hace 8 meses
Thank you. Got one for CHRISTMAS Will let you know how I do.
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