Cuisinart SM-50BC Stand Mixer Review

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Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Cuisinart SM-50BC Stand Mixer. LINK to Cuisinart Stand Mixer: amzn.to/2iMogEO
The unit measures 14 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide and 13 inches deep. This mixer has a 500 watt motor and die-cast metal construction. This is the on/off speed control dial with 12 speeds, there’s a blue ring that lights up when the mixer is on. Remove the port cover on the head to connect attachments like a meat grinder or pasta maker. Use this locking screw to put the attachments on. To tilt the head back, hold the head and push down the lever in the back. Push the lever again to put the head down.
A 5.5 quart stainless steel bowl with a handle is included. Put the bowl on the base and turn it clockwise to lock. This is the included whisk which you can use to whip cream and egg whites. The mixing paddle is for cookies and batters. The dough hook is for bread doughs and pasta.
A splash guard with a pour spout is also included. It sits on the bowl and you can move it to any side. You can pour in ingredients through the spout while the machine is running. The instruction manual with recipes has a speed control guide and good tips and hints for baking.
First we’ll whip cream. Tilt the head back, to attach the whisk, push up and turn counterclockwise to lock into the accessory port. Put the bowl on the base. Pour in 1 cup of cold heavy cream. Put the head down. I’ll use the pouring shield. We’ll start on speed 2 and move up to 12. To remove turn clockwise and pull down.
Next we’ll try cookie dough. Attach the paddle. Add 2 sticks softened butter to the bowl and sugar. Cream this at speed 4. Scrape the bowl, turn down to speed 3 and add the eggs one at a time. Add the vanilla and scrape the bowl. Turn down to speed 2 and add the flour mixture. Scrape the bowl. Add chips, use speed 3 and mix.
Finally, we’ll make pizza dough. Pour 1 cup of warm water about 110 degrees Fahrenheit, 1.5 tsps sugar and 2.25 tsps active dry yeast. Stir this and leave it for about 10 minutes. Attach the dough hook. The mixture is foamy, now I’ll add 3 cups bread flour mixed with 1.5 tsps salt and 1 tblsp olive oil. We’ll go up to speed 3 until the dough forms a ball. Now you can the dough cleans the side of the bowl. Knead this for 4 minutes. Our dough looks soft and smooth. Oil it and put the dough in a bowl. Cover and let it rise until doubled, about an hour.
Turn the dial to O to turn the mixer off. To clean, unplug the unit. The whisk is hand wash only. The mixing paddle, dough hook and splash guard are top rack dishwasher safe and the bowl is dishwasher safe. Of course you can hand wash everything. On the bowl, don’t use steel wool or a wire brush. The unit can be wiped down with a damp cloth and dried.
I hope you found this review useful. Subscribe and I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching :)

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Choklit girl
Choklit girl Hace 12 días
i bought this mixer, and my bowl has an upward bump in the centre. is it supposed to be like that? I thought the inside should have a flat bottom. Also, I watched the part of the video on making the pizza dough. You can clearly see the video is choppy and I'm wondering why...did she stop the mixer and have to scrape it down?
Krsnatarian Hace 17 días
Thankyou for the demo, planning to buy this one because there is a black friday sale on it.
Krsnatarian Hace 14 días
@777 it was on 55% sale. cuisineart got for 179$ Another one for 79$
777 Hace 14 días
How much was it
bestkitchenreviews Hace 16 días
Benny Stein
Benny Stein Hace 19 días
This mixer seems very quiet compared to some other models. Is that the actual sound level or did you reduce it for the video? The mixer seems to be very efficient and well-built. Thanks.
Daijoubu Hace 5 días
All the KitchenAid, except the Pro Line and 6500 series use a super noisy AC motor, this one seems much quieter indeed...gotta get one from Costco to try
Nades B
Nades B Hace 21 un día
It's been three years (almost) since this video was uploaded and it's still helping people today (ME!) Thank you for the time and effort you put into this video. It helped me to make my final decision on which mixer to buy.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 21 un día
k weisgerber
k weisgerber Hace 27 días
You are excellent at demonstration of the product.I bought one in red and hope to get another as a present 🎅🏻shhhhh
bestkitchenreviews Hace 27 días
Sashine B.
Sashine B. Hace un mes
Someone else said the mixer head wobbling is a safety issue, for heavier doughs. Good review, thanks, and I see the price for these is half (or less than that) of the KA Artisans. I like the fact they use the spring on the shaft to secure the attachments, unlike how some KAs clank. Thanks for reviewing!
bestkitchenreviews Hace un mes
Big B
Big B Hace 3 meses
Is it worth buying this over a kitchen-aid as a cheaper alternative ?
J VON J Archie
J VON J Archie Hace 2 meses
Yes it is. You can also look at the Faberware stand mixer. It's under a hundred dollars and it's almost 600 watts. You can Google the review and decide for yourself.
Lori Seabrook
Lori Seabrook Hace 6 meses
Iam considering this for my stand mixer. I think it will be well for my needs and your video helped me decide. Are the attachments all metal hard to see??? TY I liked this because of a bowl with a handle.
EurekaRecycler Hace 9 meses
mine went dead, how to fix?
Sashine B.
Sashine B. Hace 26 días
How long have you had the mixer? Is is still under warranty? I'm thinking of getting one of these, but I hope they don't break down easily.
steve74815 Hace 9 meses
Also available in black, I pick the black one today, tried it for a homemade bread, love it
bestkitchenreviews Hace 9 meses
BobCCLIV Hace 10 meses
Can you adjust the head height like on the kitchen aid?
ap bxny
ap bxny Hace 10 meses
Your review of this mixer helped me decide on getting one for myself. It is really quiet,and it was within my desired price range ($150.00), with a 3 year warranty. Thanks for your help. Love all of your candid reviews.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 10 meses
Thanks 😀👍
spencer2294 Hace 10 meses
Is there a way to lower the mixer head? The default position doesn't mix the ingredients on the bottom of the mixer bowl.
Blanca Ocampo
Blanca Ocampo Hace 10 meses
I had the same problem with the artisan, thinking change to cuisinart
BobCCLIV Hace 10 meses
Were you able to figure this out?
Jessica B
Jessica B Hace 11 meses
Has anyone tried using a kitchenaid attachment with this Cuisinart mixer? The ports look ALMOST the same on both.
Alessia Rossi Molina
Hi! I found a one-day offer for this mixer at $89 and I bought it. I was planning on buying a 6 QT kitchen aid but when I saw the Cuisinart for $89, I thought it was a great deal, especially since all I make is bread/pizza dough and pasta dough. Do you think this is a good mixer for a beginner, considering the price, or should I still invest in a 6 QT Kitchen aid? What would you do? Also, have you tested any of the attachments for the Cuisinart? Thank you.
derek webster
derek webster Hace un año
@Alessia Rossi Molina Your link was to a Posame Stand Mixer, not a Cuisinart.
googo151 Hace un año
@Alessia Rossi Molina Not the same machine when you click on the link.
Alessia Rossi Molina
Military store. But today it's cheap on amazon , only 100$ www.amazon.com/Kneading-Professional-Electric-Tilt-Head-Stainless/dp/B078BPJ6W2/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1543878267&sr=8-4&keywords=cuisinart+sm50
derek webster
derek webster Hace un año
Where did you find this for $89??? I need to be on the lookout incase it goes on sale again, lol.
bestkitchenreviews Hace un año
Hi Alessia, I would keep the Cuisinart since it works well and you can’t beat the price! I haven’t tried the attachments 😀
Cj Smart
Cj Smart Hace un año
How much this Stand Mixer weights?
Virginia Thibodeau
Virginia Thibodeau Hace un año
OMG ! I just bought this mixer a few days ago and now ,I have time to unpack and I felt so dumb .I can't unlock the mixer head !I am trying to push down the lever to left the mixer head but it was tight .I followed your instruction but still tight ,it won't click ! I think i have bought a bad one ! I better go back to the store and check with them :(
Lance Smith
Lance Smith Hace 9 meses
Had the same problem, sent the first one back but the second was stuck also ( both of them were black)...simple fix, push down (hard) on the front end, then push the "flip latch", should pop up easily.
Jonathan Seib
Jonathan Seib Hace un año
I just got one and I can’t get the head to open up! Is there a trick to it?
bestkitchenreviews Hace un año
Hi, did you already remove the styrofoam with the whisk attached to it? Push down the lever in the back and tilt the head up. Hope that helps 😀
Gamer WC2013
Gamer WC2013 Hace un año
Hi, The cruisinart bowl is better quality than the kitchenaid bowl?. Cruisinart bowl color doesn’t came off?. Thanks,
bestkitchenreviews Hace un año
The Cuisinart bowl has a better finish and was clean upon arrival. The Kitchenaid bowls require scrubbing and washing to get the greasy residue off. The bowl works fine after washing. The color of the bowl doesn’t come off. Hope that helps 😀
Patricia Otiniano
Patricia Otiniano Hace un año
Parece q hizo un buen trabajo 🤔, ha tenido algun otro problema con esa batidora? Ese tambaleó q tenía el cabezal ha dado alguna molestia? Looks like a good mixer🤔, do you have any problems beside the "shaking" while you're Makin the cookie dogh🤔 ? Sorry for my English 😅
bestkitchenreviews Hace un año
Hi Patricia, there were no issues with the mixer 😀
Pablo Polar
Pablo Polar Hace un año
Which one is better this Cuisinart or the artisan mini?
EVIL FRIENDS Hace un año
Great review. Picked this up on clearance at Walmart today for $75
L Thiessen
L Thiessen Hace 6 meses
How were you so blessed?? Lol Good for you tho!
bestkitchenreviews Hace un año
Thanks :)
Chivon Cowart
Chivon Cowart Hace un año
Hi! I know this may sound crazy, but I just received this mixer as a gift. And for the life of me, I can't figure out how to take out the styrofoam in the middle with the whisk attached. I tried clicking the lever in the back to lift the mixer several times, but no luck. What am I doing wrong?
Zaney Noung
Zaney Noung Hace un año
Funny how everyone is have this problem, so did I, (my daughter and I were trying for 15 minutes)I just borrowed my husband for a second to help me and he just press it down with no problems at all and my daughter and I looked at each other and was wondering how did he do that. So we took the foam and stuff out and locked it back down and unlocked it back up with no problem. The whole time I was complaining that I need to go back and return this because I had got a bad one. But now I see that it is literally locked for the first try when you first get it.
Mary Turner
Mary Turner Hace un año
Chivon Cowart I got mine for Xmas and just now cracked open the box. I came across the same problem. I ended up cutting away the foam and twisted the bowl towards the back base. After I did that the back release button work. ( It didn't when I took it out of the box). I hope this helps 😃
bestkitchenreviews Hace un año
Hi, yes I remember that part was difficult. Try removing the whisk first if possible. Sorry, I don't remember how I got it off!
claud Talkz
claud Talkz Hace 2 años
Another excellent review. I thank you. ;)
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 años
You’re welcome 😀
Marvin Nelson
Marvin Nelson Hace 2 años
looks like it did a great job
libertango Hace 2 años
I have the older 5.5l model, and I guess this one has no timer.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 años
Hi, this mixer doesn't have a timer.
Trenton Dingwall
Trenton Dingwall Hace 2 años
It seems considerably quieter than the artisan.
mixiepixie Hace 2 años
the consistency of the cookie dough looks less smooth than the kitchen aid artisan glass mixer.
Brandon Tobias
Brandon Tobias Hace 2 años
nice review would love to see some one really review the Kenmore Elite 5qt mixer.
Cj Smart
Cj Smart Hace 2 años
Matt L
Matt L Hace 2 años
i love your videos
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 años
Matt L
Matt L Hace 2 años
bestkitchenreviews your only the second youtuber whos ever replied to me thank you
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 años
Thanks :)
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat Hace 2 años
if i ever bought any of these machines...id be a genius working them lol you are very good at these
F Red
F Red Hace 2 años
Nice and thorough review! Did you keep this after reviewing?
F Red
F Red Hace 2 años
+bestkitchenreviews ooh nice!
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 años
Thanks, it was a gift :)
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