Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker (WAF-V100) Demo Video

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Introducing a brand new way to cook waffles! Cuisinart’s® Vertical Waffle Maker takes up less room on the counter and makes foolproof perfect Belgian waffles. Batter is added through a pour spout right up to the fill line, so there’s no chance of over or under filling.
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24 nov 2015






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Jessica Ortiz
Jessica Ortiz Hace 2 meses
Would this work for Chaffles or Cinnamon bun dough like a flat waffle maker?
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I used this product and was very satisfied. amzn.to/2x8XFgj
Liang Summer
Liang Summer Hace 4 meses
How do you clean the waffle maker?
poida Hace 2 meses
by reading the instructions
Stephane Castonguay
Stephane Castonguay Hace 6 meses
This is the worst piece of junk waffle maker. How the heck does it fix no spill over when you cant open the grill. The worst hands down kitchen appliance.
Arianna Sydney
Arianna Sydney Hace 6 meses
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best waffle maker *scafe.shop/ttbwm2019?hi* hope it helps you out too!"
ShesAries Hace 7 meses
It’s $10 off in Costco until the 24th of December . Original price 39.99 now 29.99 I’m On my way! 🏃🏽‍♀️
Matti mendoza
Matti mendoza Hace 7 meses
Yo compré una wafflera también que me encantó, te dejo el link de mi video esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-UR9qHFpLk3E.html
Andrew Baird
Andrew Baird Hace 9 meses
If you follow the demo like I did she mentions to season the plates after she already made her waffle. My first one stuck. Season the plates with a spray on butter
Bill Davis
Bill Davis Hace 8 meses
@Teresa Green, I don't use a spray and have never seasoned this waffle maker. Of course, I only use Krusteaz Belgian Waffle mix. Perhaps other brands stick but that one doesn't. I use a clean paint brush to clean the waffle maker and wipe off with a clean and damp wash cloth.
Teresa Green
Teresa Green Hace 8 meses
What brand of spray did you use.
Bill Davis
Bill Davis Hace 9 meses
What I like most about this waffle maker is the easy cleanup because i don't have to season it each time I make a waffle. I've been using this waffle maker for over two years and have never had a waffle stick.
Cheryl Haggerty
Cheryl Haggerty Hace 9 meses
First off I love Cuisinart it’s my favorite product of all. I just bought this waffle maker and waiting for it to come by delivery!!
Lizzie Green
Lizzie Green Hace 11 meses
Can you explain how to season the waffle maker.
Eddie Hicks
Eddie Hicks Hace un año
Nice knockers!!
Julia Kenzoll
Julia Kenzoll Hace un año
Too much leftovers...
imarcoi123 Hace un mes
Leftover? You can still eat it.
Stacie Shannon
Stacie Shannon Hace un año
I have one of these. The “measuring cup” is a joke. It is not the “perfect amount” and it needs a spout. The machine is fine, but you are limited to thin mixes (for obvious reasons).
Kristine Harkin
Kristine Harkin Hace un año
How do you season the waffle maker
Jennifer Wilkerson
Jennifer Wilkerson Hace un año
For $60 i better not have to cut things off of my waffle. Id rather pay $25 for chefman volcano waffle maker.
ayu rapra
ayu rapra Hace un año
Yoona just bought it n i really want it too
Jeff Massi
Jeff Massi Hace un año
Hang on if the plates are non stick why do I have to add a spray? Also I tried using Kodiak waffle mix has anyone used this, I think you have to leave it to cook longer?
veronica beltz
veronica beltz Hace 5 meses
I'm making Kodiak waffles right now, first 2 attempts the batter got stuck at the top. I had to add a ton of water to make it runny enough to go through.
Jane Renee
Jane Renee Hace un año
you have to in all pans, even non stick cooking pans. just for the first one. batters don't have a lot of oils so it could cause them to stick.
Karen Frost
Karen Frost Hace un año
Do the plates come off for washing?
Karen Frost
Karen Frost Hace un año
@Jeff Massi thank you for the reply
Jeff Massi
Jeff Massi Hace un año
Book says use a damp cloth to clean
M BP Hace un año
how should we season the waffle maker? Why would you mention it and not show us how to do it?
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I used this product and was very satisfied. amzn.to/2x8XFgj
Иван lifeseptik
Иван lifeseptik Hace un año
*I liked everything about the Cusinart Griddler!>>>**ur2.pl/1080** I also purchased the waffle plates along with the cleaning brush.*
Alonso Mitza Aragón Ayala
Why does the measuring cup not have a spout? If the planned use is to pour batter, it should have a spout.
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I used this product and was very satisfied. amzn.to/2x8XFgj
Jane Renee
Jane Renee Hace un año
i hold the cup pouring from the long side and pour quickly. don't want to pour too slowly. i use mine a lot.
John Zanella
John Zanella Hace un año
Well....okay then....
Joe Pham
Joe Pham Hace un año
This is a dumb design, I like my waffle maker FLAT because I can put chocolate chips, blueberries, etc...in the batter or place them on top of the batter. I would imagine all my add-ins into the batter would fall to the bottom. Lastly, who ever designed the measuring cup, it's a tad too large because of the "top" piece. Just what I need, another step to remove the top piece from the round waffle. At $45, I'll stick to my flat waffle maker.
poida Hace 2 meses
can't you just friggin put less in the top you crybaby
nycionx Hace un año
tommyguy95 Hace 2 años
katreena mae
katreena mae Hace 14 días
Me too, when i saw what yoona used for the waffle i searched about it immediately but it's too pricey
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I used this product and was very satisfied. amzn.to/2x8XFgj
Milumon Buddy
Milumon Buddy Hace 2 años
Who came for Yoona !!
Milumon Buddy
Milumon Buddy Hace 2 meses
@Hikmet Kadir TV snsd's member
Hikmet Kadir TV
Hikmet Kadir TV Hace 2 meses
Who is Yoona?
Bryant NorCal
Bryant NorCal Hace 3 años
Only issue with this appliance is that the batter frequently does not distribute evenly. Especially when preheated at 4 or above. The batter tend to fill up early and just in the middle so when I open the door it only filled the bottom half and a line from that to the top with the top half mostly missing. Somewhat annoying.
RKGSD Hace 2 años
Bryant NorCal 95% of my waffles come out perfect in this. I had to experiment with the batter thickness and speed at which the batter was poured in. I found that runny batter poured in semi-slow does the trick (usually). Also don't mix in pieces of fruit in the batter.
Heredia Eduardo
Heredia Eduardo Hace 2 años
Put less bro
RKGSD Hace 2 años
Bryant NorCal How thick is your batter? Sound like it's too thick.
Ron Paynter
Ron Paynter Hace 3 años
Why does she keep saying "it beeps 3 times" I count 5 beeps each time???
DRUCO316 Hace un mes
You can't count.
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I used this product and was very satisfied. amzn.to/2x8XFgj
Brittany Levinson
Brittany Levinson Hace 3 años
This is the worst demo video I've ever seen from a manufacturer. She needs to work on public speaking.
robert Butcher
robert Butcher Hace 3 años
What if your batter is thicker and not runny? A flat iron would spread it out easier.
Todd D
Todd D Hace 4 años
Sometimes one should NOT try to reinvent the wheel; lest you end up with a square. I can't see that this is any better than a conventional waffle maker. If anything the cons out number the pros for the new design: can't incorporate items into waffle when making, need an extra cut now to measure batter, wasted batter at fill hole (not pour spout - you're not pouring anything out of that spot...).
Julia Reed
Julia Reed Hace 4 años
she skipped over the most critical part - seasoning the machine! every waffle maker I have ever had has ended up in the trash because the waffles stick! and surely, if she could have put berries INSIDE instead of ON TOP of, she would have, but they would sink AND stick - so - back to the drawing board Cuisinart - but, really nice demo kitchen!!
LiL GooZ 21
LiL GooZ 21 Hace 4 años
Sounds like she armed a bomb when she turned the knob...
Rodrick Dubose
Rodrick Dubose Hace 4 años
uh uhh
Skyler Warren
Skyler Warren Hace 4 años
even with the cup it over filled =D the extra step with breaking of the crunch is still there.
poida Hace 2 meses
@gυяυвυlυ • So wouldn't it be better using a fraction less? lol
gυяυвυlυ •
gυяυвυlυ • Hace 3 años
Skyler Warren it's the right amount ugh it's just that the batter "puffes up" I rly don't know how to say it right
lovmytruck ford
lovmytruck ford Hace 4 años
There coffee makers are fine but don't waste your money on there Toasters the middle burners will burn your toast before the outside burners get your bread brown
Maureen Bradford
Maureen Bradford Hace 4 años
Just wondering if it's easy to clean.
HATE.COM Hace 2 meses
Actually pretty easy to clean. Are use a sponge with a little bit of soap and water to scrape it and use a bit of water to move all the soap bubbles and a damp towel to wipe around the inside and the base.
Bill Davis
Bill Davis Hace 9 meses
I brush mine out with a clean paint brush and wipe it off with a damp, clean cloth after it cools down.
Just Dave
Just Dave Hace 4 años
Seems to me to be dumb. Well not entirely if I want to make plain waffles it's great, but if I wanted to make blueberry waffles or any waffle with something in it would the extra ingredient just fall to the bottom of the machine.
helpfulnatural Hace 4 años
I agree. Or stuck at the top after the batter has been poured. This seems like a silly design to just address over filling your waffle maker. Just add less batter! :)
Sheila Haddad
Sheila Haddad Hace 4 años
+Just Dave RIGHT! - Not for me
Nathan K
Nathan K Hace 4 años
The little extra is a perfect "Doggie Waffle Treat" for my pups!
Kremer Hace 4 años
In culinary terms waffles don't bake, they fry.
Richardo Mulligan
Richardo Mulligan Hace 4 años
+Kremerneon Showoff!!
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