Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson Teaches Stephen How To Beef

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Den of Thieves' star Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson tries to reignite the late-night wars with a crash course in talking smack.
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5 ene 2018

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Comentarios 3 275
fuckqcc Hace 2 días
When you realize 50 cents intro is his P.I.M.P covered.
Eric ORourke
Eric ORourke Hace 2 días
Too damn funny
Xorpe Hace 3 días
Aight this was real funny
Ayman O.Elfadil
Ayman O.Elfadil Hace 3 días
50 is Cool dude I love' em
Clemson TheLazy
Clemson TheLazy Hace 4 días
Damn, 50 Cent barely fit in that suit.
arizona tea
arizona tea Hace 5 días
"How to start beef" with a guy who doesn't shoot back.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Hace 6 días
Stephen can't go 10 minutes with out talking about me
Rose Nighty
Rose Nighty Hace 6 días
I love you my best guy
Esaie Prince
Esaie Prince Hace 7 días
after writing countless letters and posting a 1000 post i found out it is useless to search unless being sought after
SDASneijder Hace 7 días
Stephen is so far from fluency and also awkward in his interviews it hurts... If you cant make a funny show with one of the coolest guest like 50 Cent, you're bad at this
KonFuzion Hace 8 días
Rick Oleary
Rick Oleary Hace 8 días
50 trys to give him props after the handshake and stephen just walks away lmfao
deadnights Hace 9 días
07:39 put 50 in a godfather style movie
Enownfor Manyi-oben
Enownfor Manyi-oben Hace 10 días
I wanna see 50 n cube in same Movie
MrRooXs Hace 12 días
50 would have a cool show
Thatpunjabiguy Hace 12 días
If it’s a gangster party, he dress up like a gangster If it’s a show party, he is THE GENTLEMAN agree.?? 👇🏼
Javed Khan
Javed Khan Hace 12 días
Best colbert interview ever, he fully enjoyed that, shit he could never say but would love to lol
gamers hd
gamers hd Hace 13 días
50 cent is the best
voteZDLR Hace 14 días
People forget this guy was nearly shot to death, he still is his grandma's baby though. He never lost touch with that even though he's been through something that God willing none of us will ever have to go through ourselves.
Nathaniel Krinock
Nathaniel Krinock Hace 14 días
“That’s him not me, I love you Jimmy! That’s him saying it. Say it again.”
Brownie Garcia
Brownie Garcia Hace 16 días
50 is the goat
Notorious1503 Hace 16 días
I think Stephen Colbert thinks he got the 50 cent moniker from Osbourne when hes just saying she started calling fiddy
m0dz Hace 16 días
Lmao, you can see 50 was about to "props" at 0:20 but he's like oh shit this is the real world here.
Carlos Gale
Carlos Gale Hace 17 días
These two guys are plain idiots. A whole segment just talking trash about Trump. How idiotic that can be coming from a "Tycoon" and a supposedly good night show host. Blah. Both are trash individuals.
TotallyRandom Hace 17 días
he's not comfortable in that suit
PerswayTheMC Hace 18 días
Yo what happened to Mr. Half Dollar Jackson’s eye brows ...lol
iTs All CawL _
iTs All CawL _ Hace 19 días
He saying the word tycoon an awful lot
marouf zakarya
marouf zakarya Hace 20 días
He looks great in that suit and i like the way he talks.
marouf zakarya
marouf zakarya Hace 20 días
He managed him self very well according to what he been through Now he became very successful men. To me it's inspiring what he became today.ans his one of the l least who survived from thug life.
Michael Trenton
Michael Trenton Hace 20 días
How come you didn't answer Chelsea, Curtis?
Aaron Losch
Aaron Losch Hace 22 días
Leave Young Buck alone!
Logan Huck
Logan Huck Hace 23 días
Keeping it real. Love these two :)
Lj Onelio
Lj Onelio Hace 24 días
It's crazy man 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ken Hinds
Ken Hinds Hace 26 días
Lmao! 50 on game! Shoulda been “Who got the biggest Jackson?” Woulda been funnier
Ant Don J
Ant Don J Hace 27 días
50 Cent Is The Exact Depiction Of “Rags To Riches”. Major Salute To Him With Everything That He Is Doing!
KennyKringe Hace 28 días
the gunman who shot 50 died being also shot nine times
Ryukikaze Hace 29 días
This guy have genuine personality , Love him 😂😂
Necey Moore
Necey Moore Hace 29 días
The coolest
HighKing 9000
HighKing 9000 Hace un mes
Who still listen to 50 in 2019? 💪
Maniac Bob
Maniac Bob Hace un mes
I love how fifty can change his persona and whole character on a dime, that is some damn good acting!
T D P Hace un mes
Anyone ever noticed 50 Cent and missy elliott got the same mouth?
jewlery Hace un mes
50 net worth is over 300 million
George Lopez
George Lopez Hace un mes
Get Rich OR Die Trying came out when I was 2 years out of highschool, absolutely raging and having a great time. This album was the soundtrack to that time of ny life. Shit SLAPS
Unknwn.Rtist Hace un mes
Lol yo 50 is funny af!
Gunner Floyd
Gunner Floyd Hace un mes
That suit is nice!
Windows Logo
Windows Logo Hace un mes
3:10 4:18
Randy Gonzalez
Randy Gonzalez Hace un mes
something's off with 50 cent
Tristen Stiltner
Tristen Stiltner Hace un mes
Where his eye brows
Dustin Ledford
Dustin Ledford Hace un mes
You don't bluff with the entire world lmfao 😂😂
Danielle Martinos
Danielle Martinos Hace un mes
This dude is just too smooth.
Little Jimmy Scumbag
“Get Rich AND Die Tryin’” Jesus... lol Stephen really gives no fucks about rap. It’s okay, he doesn’t have to care but to misspeak on the most commercially successful rap album and a cult classic took me by surprise lol
Cory Sanmiguel
Cory Sanmiguel Hace un mes
That handshake thoughhhhh
RUBIX QOOB Hace un mes
The way fif said "perfect victim" was straight goodfellas gangsta. He needs to play some kind of Don in a good gangsta flick.
IGN DarqEspada
IGN DarqEspada Hace un mes
This was awesome. He had Stephen hooked. The guy has so much charisma.
Samson BLVD
Samson BLVD Hace un mes
Get rich and die trying lol
DerHalbeEuro Hace un mes
He is so big that suit is almost tearing apart XD
Katia Daher
Katia Daher Hace un mes
Damn the 50 cent version is so awesome
lifeisadirtytrick Hace un mes
That p.i.m.p hook intro
Sean John
Sean John Hace un mes
50 pence
Rebel Records
Rebel Records Hace un mes
stephen without the glasses looks retarded
Dia - Beast
Dia - Beast Hace un mes
50 Cent's suit looks like VW GTI's interior seats lol
Carter Smith
Carter Smith Hace un mes
His voice is softer than I expected and it’s nice
Joseph Mcdonald
Joseph Mcdonald Hace un mes
You can say Jackson but not Johnson 😂
Wendy MacDonald
Wendy MacDonald Hace un mes
I love you fifty cent....love from Canada
Jayne Brennan
Jayne Brennan Hace un mes
oh man this was one of the best interviews cannot stop laughing
Shadow Blue
Shadow Blue Hace un mes
now he is fofty lmao
Trevor Holland
Trevor Holland Hace un mes
Let’s advertise a movie that’s gona promote more people to steal! What a idiot!
Akhmet Baiturliyev
Akhmet Baiturliyev Hace un mes
he is consistent and his speech got to the point
Moose t
Moose t Hace un mes
That suit is 💥💥💥
Toni Wylde
Toni Wylde Hace un mes
UM...this is hilarious! 50 cent is hilarious! Who knew?? Chill and witty, love it!
The O5 Connection
The O5 Connection Hace un mes
siphosethu ignasius
ESvid recommend this to me and I laughed my ass out loud 😂😂😂
Patrick Hace un mes
I want to see Fiddy and Kevin Hart do some shit together.
Zoe Robi
Zoe Robi Hace un mes
He’s so adorable it’s mind blowing
muca loco
muca loco Hace un mes
Muito bom !🇧🇷
EMCFilmz Hace un mes
did he mean Prom???
Rahymn Inc
Rahymn Inc Hace un mes
Fiddy is the new Mohammed Ali!
Rahymn Inc
Rahymn Inc Hace un mes
When he said.. WATCHU GONE DO BOBBY, ERRBODY WATCHN? * i collapsed *
lucc Hace un mes
2.35 how not to love him cmon.amazing person
Sha'Terryka Lee
Sha'Terryka Lee Hace un mes
ZuRriX Hace un mes
'You don't bluff with the entire world'. Love this.
Lano Butler
Lano Butler Hace 2 meses
Lol, this never gets old
Chatterist Hace 2 meses
50 cent look like he gained some weight
Johnny Vargas
Johnny Vargas Hace 2 meses
Why didn't he call out desus and mero? HE don't want that smoke... the brand is strong
Ibrahim Phiri
Ibrahim Phiri Hace 2 meses
Conrad MacMahone
Conrad MacMahone Hace 2 meses
Colbert+ 50 cent buddy cop movie
MBF Hace 2 meses
Gotta luv 50 bruh 😆
Bongani Mnisi
Bongani Mnisi Hace 2 meses
I think this guy is a genius
Mohammad Abujassar
Mohammad Abujassar Hace 2 meses
The realest guy out there, he’s the only one that says having beef w other celebrities is business and good
miata350 Hace 2 meses
I had no idea he was so funny.
Mai Tai's All Day
Mai Tai's All Day Hace 2 meses
I knew this couldn't happen without mentioning Trump 😐
Hoore Sneider
Hoore Sneider Hace 2 meses
Lets Do Movies
Lets Do Movies Hace 2 meses
Get Rich Or Die Trying to be a tycoon 👌
NegnFox Hace 2 meses
Masonic Handshake 2:15
Cook Mlk
Cook Mlk Hace 2 meses
I love 50 cent
NoYouAreNotDreaming Hace 2 meses
all of this old rappers...fifty,ice t,ice cube, etc etc etc...are so polite,so educated...new rappers take lessons
vineet aggarwal
vineet aggarwal Hace 2 meses
This interview is better than the niki Minaj interview
Pablo Carrouché
Pablo Carrouché Hace 2 meses
eternalnate Hace 2 meses
50 cent is so cool.
Lanre Oladejo
Lanre Oladejo Hace 2 meses
50 is a bully.
Iki Niuhulu Green
Iki Niuhulu Green Hace 2 meses
Im watching Den of thieves
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