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It's time to get back to school, and back to shorts!
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Book Report
Ladder Part 2
The Note
Shark Dad
Gym Class


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29 ago 2019






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Comentarios 3 356
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith Hace 6 horas
10:42 she fricking clicked those on like legos!
Mario Mendoza
Mario Mendoza Hace 7 horas
11:21 had me dying
Maxy Boy
Maxy Boy Hace 11 horas
HA HA HA! His legs don't work no more!
James Sanchez
James Sanchez Hace un día
1:35 he called me a bitch
Sr. Pedro
Sr. Pedro Hace un día
Beanburrito 355
Beanburrito 355 Hace un día
Diego Morán
Diego Morán Hace un día
How many times he repeated ass ---->
Ai Decodeli
Ai Decodeli Hace un día
Wasn't Rudy's teacher meant to die before him
Šüñkęń Pårādįśę
I think the wheel chair girl one is the most inspiring one for disabled people to do whatever they want, that it just takes practice.
An khang Nguyen doan
Monica Ramirez
Monica Ramirez Hace 2 días
How can you do it i got taired to do that i couldn't
Tt sqaud
Tt sqaud Hace 2 días
He died at 78 yes I did the math
Sword Gai
Sword Gai Hace 2 días
CPR Dummy: screaming. Subtitles: appluase.
JEROBRINE Hace 2 días
Rudy is the thug of all 😎😎😎
ItzSamzz Hace 2 días
Top ten anime deaths AS$ A$$
Tyrannapus And Friends
"Don't worry son..." *most comforting words and tone :)*
Epic Noggin Gaming
Epic Noggin Gaming Hace 3 días
Am I the only one who thought the dummy sounded like it's Alex clark
Joe Papa Onion
Joe Papa Onion Hace 3 días
Who else relized on the shark rad one that the kid had a real gun
The Angelo Rock
The Angelo Rock Hace 3 días
That teacher should die first not that talking guy
Aiva Sapoznikovaite
Aiva Sapoznikovaite Hace 3 días
King Hekizee
King Hekizee Hace 3 días
Yes. This commonly happens to me when I'm doing a book report
xxxmilliegachaxxx Jones
Ain't the teacher supposed to die first if a little kid was in kindergarten that doesn't make any sense😰
Athletic Donut
Athletic Donut Hace 5 días
Rudy loky got bars though😂
regalfashion gamer
regalfashion gamer Hace 5 días
Bruh he was roasting everyone even when he died
James Joyner
James Joyner Hace 6 días
teacher talkin bout me be like me: you one mile an hour walkin no runnig as feet draging turtle son of a bich teacher: james lets call your mama im tierd of you foolishness me: hell naw you no neaked humpback granny lookin as fish turtle wearin as funny hat as your neak look like a smahed dingling neak as
Aliyah Enriquez
Aliyah Enriquez Hace 7 días
Dees r funny
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia Hace 7 días
Did you know my grandpa*sigh he called me a bitch
Jacob Susser-Stein
Jacob Susser-Stein Hace 7 días
1:13 the guy with the glasses is @610cj (insta)
SPoD Hace 7 días
Cyanide and happiness ass makin’ me laugh ass best youtuber ass can’t stop watching ass-
Billious Hace 7 días
That's all fucked up
Hahahahahhahahahaha loser
rayhuntermusic Hace 7 días
Dude what the heck!😦
Miru Hace 7 días
Pause at 8:00 and turn your screen upside down. Now he's happy.
Amanda Linder
Amanda Linder Hace 7 días
wilton manakgu
wilton manakgu Hace 7 días
32_V4XA1R Hace 8 días
0:54 cats in the cradle ass 😂
37 Sludge Revamped
37 Sludge Revamped Hace 8 días
I just got done playing plants vs zombies 1 i’m on the backyard part and i had to watch this and also i had to watch a guy litteraly destroy a wood pecker with his forhead
Michael Carrasco
Michael Carrasco Hace 8 días
Damn son
Miguel Anderson
Miguel Anderson Hace 8 días
Rudy is me when my teacher didn’t bring me my moms orange juice.
marlenafleeman Hace 9 días
Yeah Suzy kick ace
marlenafleeman Hace 9 días
Poor shark dad
Joe Storer
Joe Storer Hace 9 días
Sharkrads son made me sad
Patrick Weber
Patrick Weber Hace 9 días
Rudy in Puratony, Heaven or Hell?
angeldarkness 1345
angeldarkness 1345 Hace 10 días
Shark dad is so cool ur lucky kid ba happy accept no matter what happend don't be rude to ur dad guys ...
Bzxty Hace 10 días
I just noticed he left the light on🤯
Dekocon Hace 10 días
Ever heard of someone so slow that it takes a lifetime to get the Goddamn juice?
king of the plush video s
I feel bad fo shark rade
tungas Tulgaa
tungas Tulgaa Hace 10 días
But his stupid
tungas Tulgaa
tungas Tulgaa Hace 10 días
Shark dad is so poor
remzije ramadani
remzije ramadani Hace 10 días
That shark skipt legday. Way to much
Cr Hace 11 días
F.f Star
F.f Star Hace 11 días
Wait how did the teacher outlive Rudy.
Steven universe
Steven universe Hace 11 días
0:52 the only time he smiled
Carolina Ocampo
Carolina Ocampo Hace 11 días
Carolina Ocampo
Carolina Ocampo Hace 11 días
Show marshmallow 10 million bunnies
Lookatthisdood66 Hace 13 días
2:44 Dhmis gone wrong
CD Mobile Winner
CD Mobile Winner Hace 14 días
Dude how did the teacher outlive him when his hair was already gray
Dilek Y.
Dilek Y. Hace 14 días
I swear believe me my grandfather was :D he was rude until death :D morning to night.. all day..
Brimestone Lewis
Brimestone Lewis Hace 15 días
When a cartoon character lived his life better than you.
Duh Gucci
Duh Gucci Hace 15 días
The beauty of cyanide and happiness is not being able to predict what’s going to happen
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