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It's time to get back to school, and back to shorts!
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Book Report
Ladder Part 2
The Note
Shark Dad
Gym Class


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29 ago 2019






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Comentarios 2 788
Gamer 69
Gamer 69 Hace 21 un hora
Am I the only one who feels bad for shark dad😪😥
Noah Martinell
Noah Martinell Hace un día
Why does not shark rad be the bad guy after everyone are so dumb to him.
Mark mellow anamtions
Ohhhhhhh the fuccccckkkk
Mark mellow anamtions
He called you a bitch
Mark mellow anamtions
Damn right🤣🤣🤣🤣
BadBunni Bailee
BadBunni Bailee Hace un día
A maaaaaaaaaan
CircleBoy Hace un día
6:59 Hello there Billy.
Thumb Egg
Thumb Egg Hace 2 días
They need shark rad 2 the revenge
Saad Khan Phatan
Saad Khan Phatan Hace 2 días
At 5:02 dude just watching that I couldn't breathe
Alex Poenaru
Alex Poenaru Hace 3 días
Well the thicher.... The ticher yes! Isssss... Is very very very very.... Veeeeery silent. Oh shit nooo... Is a silent criminal
redfirebest 61
redfirebest 61 Hace 4 días
Girl:oh no a gunman Gunman:hoho i gonna stab ya
Candid Umanah
Candid Umanah Hace 4 días
Boy:It a boys party 8:15
Joshua Titzer
Joshua Titzer Hace 4 días
The teacher totally looks like jeff foxworthy
Deo Hace 7 días
1:14 not to be racist but who the hell was the white guy?
Lawand Amin
Lawand Amin Hace 7 días
3:37 when you try to study..
Zayden99 is the best at fortnights
He can do it man
Mary Love Juanico
Mary Love Juanico Hace 7 días
Harley Quinn is the F*CKIN' QUEEN bijjjessss.... Who run the world???? It's us madafakas!!!
omega one
omega one Hace 8 días
Jordan MEYER
Jordan MEYER Hace 9 días
And I, was once a spider...’
Aiden Bassette
Aiden Bassette Hace 9 días
One like is one person who thinks Billy is rude and shark dad is the best
Hello there Billy
Oliver Holm
Oliver Holm Hace 12 días
Suzie for Smash Bros Ultimate
Lesley-ann Shand
Lesley-ann Shand Hace 13 días
If it was a boy party then why was there 2 girls...?
smellymeadow hel
smellymeadow hel Hace 14 días
My step mother is a cripple shes pretty much like suzie she can walk just can feel anything below the waist
Seth Paxton
Seth Paxton Hace 14 días
Creeper 11:19
xXlittlekidXx Hace 14 días
son:this a boys party no cupcakes: the boy in the pool:i love cupcakes
xXlittlekidXx Hace 9 días
who plays overwatch
Ningaleris Hace 14 días
The computers name was shart
Senji Kiyomasa
Senji Kiyomasa Hace 14 días
Young guy: did you know my grandpa? Old man: sigh... he called me a bitch. "Smiles pours orange juice on the grass"
Jayden Serrano
Jayden Serrano Hace 14 días
If it was the first day of school then why did he cut finger agin
CircleBoy Hace 15 días
People say his name is rudy for a reason because his rude no because thats what his parents named him
Ateszkó YT
Ateszkó YT Hace 16 días
9:45 :D Sr. Cleanfist
John Soreb
John Soreb Hace 16 días
Creeper 2:45
marlon bartolome
marlon bartolome Hace 16 días
I felt sad for shark dad
Calvin Slade
Calvin Slade Hace 16 días
Rude Rude no mi
Hải Đăng Nguyễn
Hải Đăng Nguyễn Hace 16 días
Hiyah! Ouch!
Bolt YT
Bolt YT Hace 17 días
His legs don't work no more
Weston R
Weston R Hace 17 días
Poor shark rad
Plaurs studios
Plaurs studios Hace 17 días
its 16 ages or 12 ages
Tech Life
Tech Life Hace 19 días
Stickman infinity
Chetan Dhongade
Chetan Dhongade Hace 19 días
Why spider go into his mouth ?
Extra Account
Extra Account Hace 19 días
11:04 if I was at pe and a girl did that I'd fucking fall for her because of the bad assery she just showed
Husky with swag and Sunglasses
8:26 I love cupcakes
Absolute Trash
Absolute Trash Hace 19 días
Mothafuckin ready for death ass 😂
Ken Wang
Ken Wang Hace 20 días
Shark rad is is dad his wet
BeanieG99 Hace 20 días
There copying Billie Ellis 2:52
The Raisin
The Raisin Hace 20 días
Shark Dad needs to kick that ungrateful little fucker's ass. That's how kids without firm discipline turn out.
Kaix Animelol
Kaix Animelol Hace 21 un día
One like for shark. Rad
error gameplay x
error gameplay x Hace 21 un día
R Owens
R Owens Hace 22 días
Kev- Zilla
Kev- Zilla Hace 22 días
Don't hurt me I was once a man
Medin Schreyer
Medin Schreyer Hace 23 días
8:31 "No one Dad,this is a boys party." Do you see the girl too?
commiesarentpeople Hace 23 días
Susie is cool as hell
The Doge Ruler
The Doge Ruler Hace 23 días
Why is no one talking about the fact that the teacher is older but had lived the longest?
Datami Test
Datami Test Hace 23 días
Idiot movie
Fahlfas— —-
Fahlfas— —- Hace 23 días
Creeper 11:19
Mason Wu
Mason Wu Hace 24 días
I am very confused the teacher should have died first Sense he was already a grown up
Wincher Tan Wei Zhe
Wincher Tan Wei Zhe Hace 24 días
Son with daddy too use head
Wincher Tan Wei Zhe
Wincher Tan Wei Zhe Hace 24 días
Book report mouth spider in you mouth
callmedaddy 007
callmedaddy 007 Hace 24 días
He kept saying ass
Slave Man
Slave Man Hace 24 días
Aww severed finger again. 😂😂😂
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