Cyborg Vs Terminator (Remastered) - Cartoon Beatbox Battles

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This is a BONUS EPISODE and a look at the NEW animation style. I am very happy with the new style! I know it's different from what you guys are used to, but in time you'll get used to it. Characters will be more accurate to their original designs, and there will be more silly cartoon antics in each and every episode! So hit that subscribe button and stay tuned!! =D
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23 oct 2020






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shadow2006 18
shadow2006 18 Hace 3 horas
So Terminator totally won right
Tristan Javellana
Tristan Javellana Hace 3 horas
wait who win the beatbox battle sonic vs black panther
Specialopsdave Hace 4 horas
Why did you copy claim the video named "Low Tetris beatbox vocoded"? It sounds nothing like this. And it was released over a year before this video. The poor guy has only 670 subscribers, man.
Specialopsdave Hace 4 horas
Fresh Sans
Fresh Sans Hace 6 horas
3:34 that one sister you have that pukes for no reason.
Tyler Womack
Tyler Womack Hace 8 horas
im so glad you have got the money to pay your animator for you vids and that i love this series keep up the good vids we love your vids
Titans Hace 8 horas
Terminator should win
cameron sylvester
cameron sylvester Hace 9 horas
Terminator vs batman would be a great match
sal a boy
sal a boy Hace 9 horas
I love this sooo much. Videos have really improved a lot. I'm a big fan of this and I will stay a big fan. I will continue to watch your videos. Good luck!
Kayden Edwards
Kayden Edwards Hace 10 horas
cyborg won this
Wisam Alshoman
Wisam Alshoman Hace 11 horas
I like cyborg
Crazed creator DUDE
Crazed creator DUDE Hace 11 horas
Giovana Rodrigues
Giovana Rodrigues Hace 12 horas
Now you never gonna poop again
CC539 Hace 12 horas
I vote The Terminator
Jaheal LalinYT
Jaheal LalinYT Hace 12 horas
Animation is Awesome better than Calobi Productions
Mattie Stephens
Mattie Stephens Hace 13 horas
Lucas Alley
Lucas Alley Hace 13 horas
cyborg won this battle and i love the new animations dude
Ahmed Reda Maatallaoui
Ciborc it a winner
Kyler - Grand Cross
Kyler - Grand Cross Hace 14 horas
Finally the animation isn’t trash
Lilly Cavazos
Lilly Cavazos Hace 16 horas
And great beatboxing!!!
Lilly Cavazos
Lilly Cavazos Hace 16 horas
I love how you animated this and CYBORG is probably the best one.
Tatiana carvalho Tomaz
Tatiana carvalho Tomaz
So realistic
Mecitin Dünyası x
Mecitin Dünyası x Hace 19 horas
rebeka wing🥳✌
rebeka wing🥳✌ Hace 19 horas
Cyborg won!
TheCustomFigure Hace 21 un hora
Dang this got remastered and I love this
Chriz jhonn Marasigan
Chriz jhonn Marasigan Hace 22 horas
cyborg is creepy dance
VENOM HD TV Hace 22 horas
beezy minds
beezy minds Hace un día
Terminatoor got my vote
MVG Hace un día
daaaaamn the new animation
Quentin Hoff
Quentin Hoff Hace un día
Careless whispers 1930s jazz wham for the terminator?! He must be good with his tuneZ!
PONY Hace un día
Does this guy have autotune built in him?
Khono Okung
Khono Okung Hace un día
Wow terminator do so good
Leon Game
Leon Game Hace un día
Who won the last episode
Hoodedharpyy 0801
Hoodedharpyy 0801 Hace un día
Cyborg wins. For season 2 of beatbox battles. How about bane vs Jason voorhees
Roblox channel Fan
Roblox channel Fan Hace un día
Wa sup
Fresh Sans
Fresh Sans Hace un día
3:34 me trying to explain to the police why there is kids in my basement.
Mindy Mitchell
Mindy Mitchell Hace un día
That explains why jimmy went missing
Brian Parthemore
Brian Parthemore Hace un día
terminator gotta love him right by the way are you john conner
chris varlez
chris varlez Hace un día
Verbalase make a remaster of ep 1 please!
My man is speaking straight Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics card
Supreme Master
Supreme Master Hace un día
4:44 Get down!
K3v1nfella Hace un día
Wait is this a copy ? Why does it look Different
Jordan Mora-Casale
Jordan Mora-Casale Hace un día
Terminator won
POMPOM VLOG Hace un día
Termanator wins
Paulo Alonso Mancilla
For me is the Terminator
Awesome Plush Productions
Ase calobi Productions that ripoff of u roasted this video
Jamie-Lynn Keenan
Jamie-Lynn Keenan Hace un día
Patrick vs pennywise for ep 13
Services Electrical
Services Electrical Hace un día
I have a friend to watch could do you terminate this voice in it to do pains for she’s a ESvidr nurse name is turtle is it you can’t to run fast but Teesta terminator almost like am I must be your name girl with FGGv has been an amazing night of the day of my life so much I hope it works well for my Scp you should do something about his new place to go and get it and I know he will have u
Stephanie Snedden
Stephanie Snedden Hace un día
Nice animation
The 40k Boyz
The 40k Boyz Hace un día
Adam Kenaan
Adam Kenaan Hace un día
Terminator is the best
سعيد حاتم
سعيد حاتم Hace un día
The quality tho
Brian Horton
Brian Horton Hace un día
Me: Terminator, wins!
Maente Ntsoereng
Maente Ntsoereng Hace un día
Okay siborg
Pimnara Sukhakasi
Pimnara Sukhakasi Hace un día
Nicola Beaton
Nicola Beaton Hace un día
Nicola Beaton
Nicola Beaton Hace un día
I need episode thirteen of cartoon beatbox battles
JAXON PRDA Hace 2 días
Cyborg should win that was amazing
Jaiden Hanes
Jaiden Hanes Hace 2 días
Terminator won
Ari’s ultra gaming
Well I was not hoping for this 😔
Lucas Morris
Lucas Morris Hace 2 días
Purple guy vs groot
david herrera
david herrera Hace 2 días
Laura Hanks
Laura Hanks Hace 2 días
The end was interesting but the rest was better then my drawings
Luz Aguilar
Luz Aguilar Hace 2 días
I really like ur videos I have watched all of them!!!
Cwik Skits
Cwik Skits Hace 2 días
For your next beatbox battle you should do Goku vs Vegeta!
LoveJesus Psalms91
LoveJesus Psalms91 Hace 2 días
Hes bad and you know it
Studio Improvise
Studio Improvise Hace 2 días
Perfect, the best 😔👌
3:52 when the creepy guy across the the road breaks in the portapotty
Loke. Hace 2 días
Idea: Elon Musk Vs. Jeff Bezos
David Diaz
David Diaz Hace 2 días
Honestly I actually like terminators beatbox
Mrnippyy god Gaming
Mrnippyy god Gaming Hace 2 días
The background sounds like someone screaming! Listen carefully 4:05
Mrnippyy god Gaming
Mrnippyy god Gaming Hace un día
@Mindy Mitchell ok
Mindy Mitchell
Mindy Mitchell Hace un día
I heard it
Mrnippyy god Gaming
Mrnippyy god Gaming Hace 2 días
When everyone uses the stall in school and I can’t go Them: 3:52
Mrnippyy god Gaming
Mrnippyy god Gaming Hace 2 días
How did cyborg glow 2:36
Mrnippyy god Gaming
Mrnippyy god Gaming Hace 2 días
When me have powers 2:02
Mrnippyy god Gaming
Mrnippyy god Gaming Hace 2 días
I didn’t know terminator can smile 4:00
Mrnippyy god Gaming
Mrnippyy god Gaming Hace 2 días
When I try breaking my computer on zoom beacause I got a f- 3:39
Shade - gaming and memes
Juanita Goode
Juanita Goode Hace 2 días
Derick Silva
Derick Silva Hace 2 días
Cyborg win 😄
Murillo oliveira
Murillo oliveira Hace 2 días
Keegan Mott
Keegan Mott Hace 2 días
Terminator has the coolest song so he needs to win
Maximiliano Rivera
Maximiliano Rivera Hace 2 días
This isn't cringy at all
Sarah Doman Flygare
Sarah Doman Flygare Hace 2 días
I like this part 2:31
YASIR IMAM Hace 2 días
3:35 schools explaining how defending yourself against bully's is wrong
Im bowser
Im bowser Hace 2 días
(Terminator got my vote) gha nrgg
Ann Pham
Ann Pham Hace 2 días
I like cyborg beatbox it looks cool
Rocket league champion 123
Best Beatbox Channel Right here 👑👑👑
krizrenz bernales
krizrenz bernales Hace 3 días
The new animation looks so cool!
baconmanx26 claudo
baconmanx26 claudo Hace 3 días
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melody ysawa
melody ysawa Hace 3 días
Magnus Reeves
Magnus Reeves Hace 3 días
Who won like for cyborg Dislike for the arnold
Benjamin Wells
Benjamin Wells Hace 3 días
I can’t believe terminator called cyborg robo cop 😂
Justin Davis
Justin Davis Hace 3 días
3:34 me trying to lie about the missing cookies My annoying brother making a beat off of my studdering 3:43
Tessa Hartshorn
Tessa Hartshorn Hace 3 días
Aahnisha Hough
Aahnisha Hough Hace 3 días
I like cyborg more better cause he had the ghost buster theme song not terminator he sucks cause it’s sounds like he throwing up no facts not saying verbalce is bad voice I know he made it but it’s awsome
Juan Ce
Juan Ce Hace 3 días
Josh Rojas
Josh Rojas Hace 3 días
I love ur beatboxing ase
HendogHD Hace 3 días
Do yugi muto vs ash ketchum please
big daddy
big daddy Hace 3 días
cyborg won
foxy fan
foxy fan Hace 3 días
Verbalase plase do a life version
Mr.Cheese real one
Mr.Cheese real one Hace 3 días
Cyborg won
Ayden Garcia
Ayden Garcia Hace 3 días
And at 3:15 made own beatbox just didn’t copy BAD FROM MICHAEL JACKSON and I agree with @shadow759
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