Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos Preseason Week 1 Highlights | 2022 NFL Season

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Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos - Highlights | 2022 PreSeason Week 1, 08/14/2022

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The Cowboys coaching staff has GOT to discipline this team because just like last year the cowboys are getting A LOT of penalties
Six 1/6
Preseason shows you how well these teams are coached.
Rob Huntley
Ok, lets not get carried away, but we just watched a Denver team in which the 3rd and 4th stringers played an amazing game. They were prepared, they knew the playbook and made very few mistakes. Imagine what the starting team will look like? This is a fantastic job of coaching, something we haven't seen in a long time.
Timmy boy
The Cowboys are picking up what they left off from last season.
Arrepio toda vez q escuto 🥺❤
1800 Moody
I’m so happy to see kendall hinton doing well. he deserves it for sure.
Josh Johnson has been quietly reviving his career in a huge way. Played extremely well in the AAF in 2020, played the best football of his NFL career last season for two teams. Then plays today and clearly hasn’t missed a beat. Hope he gets a chance somewhere again this season and at the very least can maybe be a “bridge gap” starter for a team with a rookie QB next season that needs a mentor to sit under for a year.
Dustin Burns
I think this game proves that even without Tim Patrick, the Broncos have quality depth and don’t need to shop for a WR
Rightlydividing7 616
Remember, only Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson really addressed discipline the most effective way, cut those who remain undisciplined. There's a reason the Cowboys have not gone deeper than they have in the playoffs for nearly 30 years. Under both Landry and Jimmy Johnson they went deep constantly, that is until Jerry bought the team and later ran Jimmy off, he is still realizing the incredible affect of that. Cutting a good player, and or even a starter, goes a long way towards the whole team learning to pay attention and be more disciplined.
Rohan Wadhwa
Good work broncos! Was really impressed on the passing game, kind of bummed out about our rushing but I guess no starters played so we will see how it improves
Eric Moffitt
Good playcalling out there. Denver has some very solid depth in the WR position and Josh Johnson proving why he's always a quality player when his number is called upon. Too early to call but I would like to see Josh Johnson get the nod for the backup spot. Denver needs to continue to build on this and keep getting better.
FireBall Hamlin
I know this is only preseason, but the Cowboys better get their crap together. Penalties are what killed us last year, and if we don’t do something to fix it, it’s gonna happen this year
Jaden Gill
Damn my broncos going off let’s go hopefully this type of offense and defense continue on through the regular season
Teri Giese
1) I like Denvers play calling already. PAST couple seasons it was so predictable.
Bentz Editz
Feels so good having football back!
Maurice Johnson
If penalties counted as touchdowns, we're super bowl bound
Even after losing Patrick, the Broncos WRs looking like a huge plus in depth. Gonna be a fun offense to watch!
Oh Sabur
Josh Johnson is really about as solid a backup as you can get. Only got to see him a few times on the Jets but was impressed
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