Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos Preseason Week 1 Highlights | 2022 NFL Season 

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Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos - Highlights | 2022 PreSeason Week 1, 08/14/2022
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@cruzinthruspace Hace un año
Preseason shows you how well these teams are coached. It shows who's more disciplined.
@thatguyaron1154 Hace un año
Denver finally making playoffs I hope
@mikeh2519 Hace un año
Preseason means absolutely nothing but evaluating young guys. Teams lost every preseason game and won the Superbowl. Teams went undefeated in the preseason and lost every game.
@blastomanto5687 Hace un año
No it doesn’t half these guys get cut after preseason
@mikeh2519 Hace un año
Tango Downx2 I already said what I'm talking about. You need an interpreter?
@caterdig3239 Hace un año
The Cowboys coaching staff has GOT to discipline this team because just like last year the cowboys are getting A LOT of penalties
@rakeemscott9309 Hace un año
As a cowboy fan I agree
@starmc26 Hace un año
Lol, yeah, that's their problem!!
@peted7687 Hace un año
Bro honestly, Mcarthy knows hes out. I see no motivation. Hes just going thru the routine.
@garygagnon5057 Hace un año
The eagles will win the division.
@chamucoalba6494 Hace un año
Not only was I at the preseason game. I also attended the same matchup back in AT@T last year. I swear to you it felt like dejavu all over again.. my only relief was there was no starters. If this offense keeps shooting itself on the foot I do not feel like watching the offense. On the other hand Our D will still be good, BUT WILL IT BE ENOUGH TO TAKE COWBOYS TO THE PLAYOFFS YET AGAIN.
@BestSportsVids Hace un año
Josh Johnson has been quietly reviving his career in a huge way. Played extremely well in the AAF in 2020, played the best football of his NFL career last season for two teams. Then plays today and clearly hasn’t missed a beat. Hope he gets a chance somewhere again this season and at the very least can maybe be a “bridge gap” starter for a team with a rookie QB next season that needs a mentor to sit under for a year.
@tacotwosday47 Hace un año
@fightinspirit Hace un año
Ok, lets not get carried away, but we just watched a Denver team in which the 3rd and 4th stringers played an amazing game. They were prepared, they knew the playbook and made very few mistakes. Imagine what the starting team will look like? This is a fantastic job of coaching, something we haven't seen in a long time.
@greglitrell7097 Hace un año
The coaching work out against bills 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@yoyo-xt1dy Hace 10 meses
@fightinspirit Hace 10 meses
Ooops! lol
@dustinburns399 Hace un año
I think this game proves that even without Tim Patrick, the Broncos have quality depth and don’t need to shop for a WR
@jeffmorrison333 Hace un año
Seth Williams, Brandon Williams and Hinton all looked like decent starters haha, I get that they were playing against backups but the way they were winning jump balls and 1 on 1's was awesome
@dhanushmahesh9990 Hace un año
@@jeffmorrison333 I also really liked jalen virgil
@@dhanushmahesh9990 we have to keep him 🙏🙏
@cuquestjeens6721 Hace un año
@JulianBoyer Hace un año
I’m so happy to see kendall hinton doing well. he deserves it for sure.
@rohanwadhwa1770 Hace un año
Good work broncos! Was really impressed on the passing game, kind of bummed out about our rushing but I guess no starters played so we will see how it improves
@TrulyKrye Hace un año
Yea our Rushing game wasn't that good but our passing was definitely Great
@brandon_216 Hace un año
Yea we had the 3rd string and 4th stringers in the backfield, we’ll be alright man. Javonte and Melvin going to light it up with Russ shaking up everyone’s defensive game plans with his versatility!
@ronniehoover9781 Hace un año
@@brandon_216 versatility 😂 he slowed down alot the last two years in seattle. Hated seeing him go but hes been losing his speed every year. Im sure he will do pretty good but dont rely on him being versatile like he used to be. He needs a solid o-line now to make big plays
@brandon_216 Hace un año
@@ronniehoover9781 buddy please look back at his stats after the injury on a shitty ass Seahawks team. I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure it was almost 20 touchdowns with just 3 interceptions, the only guy to have 100+ passer rating other than Aaron Rodgers. And not running like he used to? Bro he has had to run every down for his life with that atrocious Oline he’s had to deal with for like 6 years now
Did you not watch the game??? The broncos entire projected starting offensive line was out there for the entirety of the first quarter... Not only that but your starting middle linebacker got hurt on the first play of the game... Tell us you are a casual who knows nothing about their own teams without actually telling us...
Remember, only Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson really addressed discipline the most effective way, cut those who remain undisciplined. There's a reason the Cowboys have not gone deeper than they have in the playoffs for nearly 30 years. Under both Landry and Jimmy Johnson they went deep constantly, that is until Jerry bought the team and later ran Jimmy off, he is still realizing the incredible affect of that. Cutting a good player, and or even a starter, goes a long way towards the whole team learning to pay attention and be more disciplined.
@ripanthony Hace un año
As a die hard Cowboys fan, I couldn't agree with you more.
@e.s.5529 Hace un año
Jerry's the problem and the coach.
@garcjr Hace un año
Some fans will blame the officials but the reality is if the NFL was rigged it would definitely favor The Cowboys because it's big money. Fans need to realize bad calling by the officials are going to happen. We have a team that's undisciplined (for decades). And an owner who believes we're being picked on by the officials instead of fixing the problem.
@cortchiewelch9492 Hace un año
you most definitely left out hardliner bill parcells.
@Outtheboxtcg Hace un año
1) I like Denvers play calling already. PAST couple seasons it was so predictable. 2) Josh Johnson. I AlWays though he was a solid back up glad we got a vet instead of random rookie. 3) WRS made some CATCHES! Might have a Patrick replacement after all on the roster. 4) Something about Baron Brownings playing that reminds me of AL Wilson and thats a good thing! Broncos Country Let's Ride
I swear Baron Browning gave me flashes of Al Wilson as well. Thought it was only me
@darrylroberts5475 Hace un año
Broncos country, let’s rideee
@jordanwhite8567 Hace un año
Well he’s a Broncos linebacker that wears #56 so.. lol Al Wilson was MLB in a 4-3 defense tho and Baron is a OLB in a 3-4. It’s not really the same position at all. Excited for Baron tho, mass hype
@jeffmorrison333 Hace un año
@@jordanwhite8567 Something about how Browning moves off the edge has a bit of a Von Millar vibe, obviously not the same but the speed and bend and how low get gets coming around the corner makes that move from ILB look like it could pay off.
@DiscipulusIgnotu Hace un año
It's just preseason, but I like the changes we're seeing. Our playcalling is finally keeping defenses honest and I like that they're mixing it up. And I like how our receivers are playing with more enthusiasm, making more plays. The offense finally doesn't just look flustered, mentally, out there. Browning is the icing on the cake, he's going to be really good for this team
@terigiese1322 Hace un año
@brianhunter6447 Hace un año
Give credit where credit due but all this did was prove Denver’s 3rd string and rookies are better. Considering that, yes they did good lol.
@raymondruiz6165 Hace un año
Agreed. Other than rushing offense. Rushing offense was God awful. 39 yards on 20 attempts.
@SemiSweet87 Hace un año
Cowboys still can't defend the deep pass, being a Dallas Cowboys Fan this annoys me, now I know many will say, it's just preseason well when this preseason & where they left off last season has continued, it's very worrisome.
@J3WfroN1NjA21 Hace un año
@@brianhunter6447 cope
@WAZOWSKI_58 Hace un año
@@brianhunter6447 you do realize there will be injuries this season for all teams. Dallas showed you're not going to want those 2nd, 3rd, 4th string guys out there at all.
@Apillow_ Hace un año
Even after losing Patrick, the Broncos WRs looking like a huge plus in depth. Gonna be a fun offense to watch!
@adambgunn Hace un año
ikr? looks like a college game tonight lol. Plug Russ in and look out.
@greglitrell7097 Hace un año
@@adambgunn ya look out bills put u in your place
@adambgunn Hace un año
@@greglitrell7097 lol. No doubt.
@Apillow_ Hace un año
Nvm I’m an idiot and Hackett is the worst HC I’ve ever seen haha
@timmyboy6866 Hace un año
The Cowboys are picking up what they left off from last season. Undisciplined.
Sadly we are 😔
@vgbclean Hace un año
I though you meant losing
@bigmassive69 Hace un año
@@vgbclean 12-5 last season. They really had trouble winning.
@AliMuhammad-ls6dv Hace un año
Eagles loss too
@memeguy0076 Hace un año
Penalties have to also do with inexperienced players. Most of them are rookies, such as Tyler Smith. The starters which happen to be veterans won't make those mistakes.
@FireBall_Hamlin Hace un año
I know this is only preseason, but the Cowboys better get their crap together. Penalties are what killed us last year, and if we don’t do something to fix it, it’s gonna happen this year
@jaredroberts578 Hace un año
Take it how you want, think I don't have an in around the game, doesn't matter. A penalty could be called on 80+% of all plays in every game with every team. Politics and money prevails. Slow down every single play and watch every single player. They call what they want.
@gacoachtrainer9315 Hace un año
cowboys just being the cowboys.
We literally are the same as last year sadly
@3thegreat847 Hace un año
@@gacoachtrainer9315 it's preseason and dak didn't even play
@aguy6641 Hace un año
It's the same every year Cowboys fans always think it's going to be different.
@ericmoffitt4547 Hace un año
Good playcalling out there. Denver has some very solid depth in the WR position and Josh Johnson proving why he's always a quality player when his number is called upon. Too early to call but I would like to see Josh Johnson get the nod for the backup spot. Denver needs to continue to build on this and keep getting better.
@bentzeditz2871 Hace un año
Feels so good having football back!
Get a life from February - August and you wouldnt even realize that it was gone.
@Cruesifixx Hace un año
@@arsenioseslpodcast3143 dang bro chill 😆
@rogtee2013 Hace un año
People say this every year.
@bentzeditz2871 Hace un año
@@rogtee2013 bc I’m happy abt it being back chill bro.
@bentzeditz2871 Hace un año
@@arsenioseslpodcast3143 I have a life kid 😂
@jakewilson910 Hace un año
I can't wait til Russell Wilson does good in a Broncos uniform and I also can't wait to see Russell Wilson score his first touchdown as a member of the Denver Broncos!!! Let's go Broncos!!! Mile High Mayhem!!! Broncos country!!! I 🖤 #3!!!
@Shane-sf9pv Hace un año
His first TD as a Bronco will most likely be in week 1 @ Seattle. That should be a fun game to watch
@Codo_Lyoko Hace un año
@@Shane-sf9pv True
@mranger8988 Hace un año
Shane 404 That's very true .
@AliMuhammad-ls6dv Hace un año
Broncos keep great qb Elway Payton now Russell sheesh number 11 gone be special too
@RetroNBA42 Hace un año
@jujitsujerry9 Hace un año
If penalties counted as touchdowns, we're super bowl bound
@marcwagner7978 Hace un año
Greatest comment I’ve seen 😂
@robertkelly8191 Hace un año
Gonna be another sad Turkey dinner for us again this year :(
It is honestly hilarious how hard the Broncos own the Cowboys. They can't even beat us in games that don't matter, let alone games that do matter 😂
@markkang9690 Hace un año
When’s the last time either of these teams been in a game that matters? Both been trash since 16’
@shameless_chriss Hace un año
fr i mean 30-16 we lowkey better than the Cowgirls
@gbgeroy1547 Hace un año
Seems to me that it matters to you if the game don’t matter😂
@lego_masterfan1914 Hace un año
@@shameless_chriss yessir broncos forever
@mranger8988 Hace un año
Broncos did really well today. So far the season looks like a bright future.
@brettcahoone9326 Hace un año
Preseason but hopeful wishing chiefs taking the afc ws tho
@firekinggaming1570 Hace un año
It's only the preseason 💀
@ws8080 Hace un año
This isn't the season..... at all....
@jadengill4321 Hace un año
Damn my broncos going off let’s go hopefully this type of offense and defense continue on through the regular season
@oha8891 Hace 11 meses
@NearCentury Hace un año
Josh Johnson is really about as solid a backup as you can get. Only got to see him a few times on the Jets but was impressed
@3Asterisk Hace un año
If Dak goes down, this team is done. These backups are horrible...
@chamucoalba6494 Hace un año
Yes finally I see someone who comments on some real talk. Preseason or not the cowboys should be the better team and yet.... this all seems to familiar and not in a good way.
@TheFudgeFactor4 Hace un año
Yep Cooper Rush is terrible and DiNucci is typically even worse. Neither should be on an NFL roster
@FCTHETRUTH Hace un año
@ahugegorilla1575 Hace un año
That’s the case when you pay your QB 40 mil+ a year
@risingphoenix1484 Hace un año
Dak is horribly overrated
@anthonyfreeman1422 Hace un año
As a cowboys fan I place no stock in the preseason. That includes any NFL team. You go undefeated in the preseason and look like an unstoppable team. But as soon as the regular season starts you lose your first 4-5 games. Preseason to me is mainly for guys trying to make the team, guys who are on the bubble and for rookies to get some playing time.
When Dallas use to go constantly deep into the playoffs, much of the time they lost half to most, sometimes all, of the preseason games. I've been watching the Cowboys since the middle 1960s. Everyone needs to realize that these games give backups reps and players need to be observed for deciding who will be kept as well as getting prepared for referees,, real special teams work in a real game environment, etc.
@rickanduiza186 Hace un año
We don't have not back up QB and no depth for our O-Line. When Tyron Smith goes down or any other lineman, it's going to be nightmare. Our back up corners fighting for playing time got burned all night, it was embarrassing. Still don't have a kicker which is going to cost us games if we don't find a quality one. Much like the 2020 season. We lost too many players this last off season. Compared to what the Broncos did to us last night, we looked like a really bad football team
@patrickharris7761 Hace un año
Facts , people are overreacting to 1 preseason game
@michaelmentality Hace un año
doesn’t matter, this team sucks
@@michaelmentality that remains to be seen, you might be right.
@sure2fckitupguy Hace un año
When you get group of guys on team and, they all have same goals, desire, attitude and are all on same page or working hard to get there and, they want to win every practice scrimmage and game regardless of their significance that's a winning attitude and a team that's going to be hard to beat.
@anthonyharrison693 Hace un año
The Dallas Cowboys haven't beaten the Broncos since September 10, 1995. That was the year I graduated high school and was the last time I set foot in a classroom, LOL! 27 years of the Broncos OWNING the Cowboys.
@tbowers0045 Hace un año
And I’m an Eagles fan 🦅
@blastomanto5687 Hace un año
They play each other every 4 years bozo and Cowboys STILL have more Superbowls 🤡
@nasg9843 Hace un año
@@blastomanto5687 can’t even beat the Broncos in pre season lmao bums
@blastomanto5687 Hace un año
@@nasg9843 it’s preseason for a reason bozo
@blastomanto5687 Hace un año
@@nasg9843 Broncos still won’t even make the playoffs this year bum
@rickjones1281 Hace un año
I have some concerns about this Cowboys offensive line which has always been a strong point for this team in past years.
@mauricejohnson6123 Hace un año
@ohsixx23 Hace un año
@mranger8988 Hace un año
Yes he did indeed 👏
@Luke-cu7bf Hace un año
its preseason
@BiblicalPost Hace un año
@@Luke-cu7bf he didn’t say he should start. He just said he played well. Which is true
@HyBriDa2O Hace un año
@@Luke-cu7bf you’re mad
@nickwilkerson402 Hace un año
Seth Williams is a beast always knew he would play in the NFL watching him at Auburn Broncos got some receivers this year for sure !!
@jimji2774 Hace un año
Some big catches by Broncos backup receivers. Looks like HInton, and Williams and Washington will get some looks in regular season. The rest of those guys should be kept around as they show potential. I thought Johson was staring down his receivers early but came up with some big throws and scores later. Would like to see Ripien again though as he looked comfortable there but just a little late on some timing throws. Denvers O-line was not giving the running backs anything to run through so that needs a lot of work. Will we see more starters before the regular season begins - I sure hope so as its hard to tell how good the Broncos or any other team is yet. How about the starters get the first qt next game ?
@trovaedson Hace un año
I know it's preseason and it's supposed the coaching staff are focused on different things, but what I've always thought is that these ganes just show which team has a better second or third backup players (among other things). Anyway, we must remember that in Jimmy Johnson's era, the year they lost all the preseason games, they were NFL champions.
@galahadgarza6905 Hace un año
During Jimmy Johnson’s first year (Troy Aikman’s rookie season) the Cowboys won all their preseason games and then went 1-15 in the regular season-Steve Walsh, not Aikman, was credited with the win. Thus, you can’t read too much into preseason games.
@monstercoffee0 Hace un año
@@galahadgarza6905 in both the lions and browns winless seasons they went 4-0 in the preseason
@Reign274 Hace un año
My two favorite things in football are the Broncos winning and the Cowboys losing so I hope this trend continues.
@trayjay3074 Hace un año
So many people say it's a meaninglessness game. As for the game itself goes as far as win or loose that's true but that's not what preseason is about. Preseason has absolutely loads of meaning though. It shows you the depth of the talent on your roster and or the coaching staffs ability to prepare the team. 17 penalties shows a poorly coached team last night. Excessive penalties always fall on a coaching staffs shoulders rightfully so. We will see after preseason what we look like but last night was ugly.
Just a preseason game. First team offense and defense on both sides for both teams look damn good. Let's get it cracking
@watergirl929 Hace un año
Gonna be a long season for the Cowboys.
@andrewapodaca5767 Hace un año
chill out there, just the pre season lmao
@jammin5100 Hace un año
@@andrewapodaca5767 even in preseason. You can see how well a staff disciplines all players. And just like last year they did not teach discipline and cowboys have yet to get a kicker
@thamerkules8081 Hace un año
@@jammin5100 this true but they looked bad last preseason an came out on fire week 1
@ranchosdelnorte Hace un año
Not really, it'll end once the regular season is over . . . but then again🤔, they do play in the NFC LEast
@watergirl929 Hace un año
@@ranchosdelnorte Let’s see if the NFC East can complete this year lol
@brandon1405 Hace un año
Dallas Running Game on Offense and Run Defense both played well even with some starters sitting out the game .
@jerryactrik1901 Hace un año
Glad to see New York Giants legend Josh Johnson out there slinging it
@JP-ld6nx Hace un año
Man I hope none of the Cowboys starting OL gets hurt cause those backup were playing like cheeks tonight.
@dragonhunterXXL Hace un año
As a seahawks Fan i am rooting for broncos this season as well. Go russel we still love you and miss you
@philiptucker7590 Hace un año
WOW…. I can’t believe that the Dallas Cowboys have ALREADY been eliminated from playoff contention 😢 Better luck next year DeM bOyZzZ 😂
@3rrr239 Hace un año
Hall of famer Kendall Hinton with the snag of the week.
@MikeDoylex4 Hace un año
Yep. Dude is a worker like Tim Patrick
@mranger8988 Hace un año
I agree 👍
@coolraygaming Hace un año
Beautiful play
@bryceharney5960 Hace un año
First ballot, bro.
@unsaved_ Hace un año
All the best to Jonas Griffith, wishing him a speedy and full recovery!
@carmenf9802 Hace un año
The last time we saw this team,penalties killed us ! 7 months later....undisciplined football plays a part in us losing AGAIN 🤬😡🤨🤦🏽‍♀️
@estebanmatrix3609 Hace un año
The game started to be boring at the 2nd half, Josh Johnson did a better job moving the ball, and Rypien didn’t score at any drive… But is preseason so we can’t expect a lot from a 3rd QB
@dnate697 Hace un año
JJ is da man!
@elitrey7209 Hace un año
Tango Downx2 Ravens?
@elitrey7209 Hace un año
Tango Downx2 they 3 black Qbs
@elitrey7209 Hace un año
Tango Downx2 I think there might be some other rosters too,but I only know of those lol
@anissatoney Hace un año
As a cowboys fan there is no excuse! Preseason game or not; WE DID HORRIBLE. I'm a real one so I have to give it to the broncos. Great job!. Cowboys? TIGHTEN UP MAN!
As a eagle fan what Denver missing last year is a QB and now they have it ..... Flyeaglesfly
@lewisgraham9117 Hace un año
PENALTIES are killing us 🤦🏽‍♂️ and I’m surprise how well Denucci played
@tbgaming4199 Hace un año
What a season the broncos are gonna have
Good luck to the Seahawks facing the horses they are looking good.
@mrcsgoods8576 Hace un año
Yes sir. Can't wait to see Denver in full could we see a repeat of Peyton first year of like 50TD 5000 yards, with Russ I believe he can come close to those numbers especially if Tim Patrick didn't get hurt he would've. Got to see it first but I believe Denver got a top 5 WR core and top 3 Offense. If Tim wasn't hurt it would be a top 3 WR core, also be #1 Offense it COULD be top 3 WR core in Bronco's history. I'm 37 and played slot WR and FS. I do remember watching Ed McCaffrey Shannon Sharpe and(best undrafted Wr)Rod Smith that was a hell of a trio and it was in the era of run ball and play defense. It was a perfect time for TD I do Wonder how great that offense would have been in today's game. You could say that with a lot of teams like the cowgirls & the Shit9ers if those teams play today how unstoppable would they be.
@curtismartin9054 Hace un año
Preseason is literally backup players fighting for a chance to make the team.... Can't believe people still trash talk because of it... 🤣
@Johndoe88485 Hace un año
Of course people gonna trash talk. When was the last time the cowboys beat the broncos
@justjanx.4229 Hace un año
The broncos played main team while cowboys used backups backups
@jayd.5816 Hace un año
Have you ever played football? Yes pre season is a bunch of players trying to make a living and make the roster as best as it can be. It's also a for a handful of players who have to shake off some rust due to injuries an or new veterans/FA learning the new playbook. But your team ain't ready if your bench can't come in and fill the job if they are needed. But when it comes to " Dem Boys " that doesn't matter because they are all absolute garbage haha.
@johnyg2285 Hace un año
@@justjanx.4229 tf you talkin bout
Our back ups are better than your back ups....lol...😆🤏
@gruavozae1365 Hace un año
Ben is looking sharper hopefully he can keep this momentum thru the preseason
5:13 #56 at the top of the screen. Baron Browning with a beautiful spin move.
@CieraC1993 Hace un año
See the ref trying to tell him to calm his celebration down? Hahaha
@holiday42020 Hace un año
He’s gonna be a beast
@antthonypowell Hace un año
Hard to put your hands on that.
@coolraygaming Hace un año
He’s gonna have a chance at starting perhaps after what he did this game.
@buriednftp5759 Hace un año
Followed by the corniest celebration 😭
@jtanderson4323 Hace un año
So happy we got a good decent backup qb and all the WRs played amazing that wr 2 spot up in the air
@jtanderson4323 Hace un año
Tango Downx2 juedy hasn't proven anything bro he's no we're near a wr2 yet
@moonskeetz Hace un año
I know it's preseason but Denver has the best commentary team.
@3rrr239 Hace un año
Let's just start calling the Broncos the Denver Jerry Jones. They OWN the Cowboys.
@dannyk4370 Hace un año
Bro it literally preseason 😂
@23aup73 Hace un año
Its preseason who cares
@kI-cq5xq Hace un año
Bro that don’t make no sense lmao
@juaneetooo1971 Hace un año
@@dannyk4370 still haven’t beat us since 95 stfu 😂😂
@@juaneetooo1971 it’s preseason wym nun of are starters played😭
@minimannyjr2622 Hace un año
If Josh Johnson plays like this for the next two games. He will for sure be Wilson’s second backup player
@randy4594 Hace un año
I really like Russell and his backup QB 👍
@jackenggoff3657 Hace un año
Wow, even in the preseason Dallas can only score in garbage time!
@imposible2beat Hace un año
That’s was pretty good 👏
@gaysexhaver Hace un año
atleast we never got blown out by the bills
@mikee.mademan6631 Hace un año
@placentalsaute Hace un año
@@gaysexhaver No, instead you got blown out by the Broncos
@guillermoruiz2348 Hace un año
Preseason regular season the Denver Broncos always be smashing those boy’s 🤣
@ryenis3400 Hace un año
Ripen played in the rain, with more subs, I am anxious to see him start the next game with the same starters they had tonight. He has had the better outings so fast.
We did this song and dance last year. Cowboys go 0-4 in preseason and then went 12-5 reg season. I'm sure Dallas will be fine
@trich9367 Hace un año
You guys have no threat at wideout besides CD lamb 🐑 lol gallup is coming off knee surgery so he will be babysitting that knee this season and zeke looking really average 🤷🏾‍♂️do get me started on Dallas defense 😂
@trich9367 Hace un año
Another disappointing season what’s new lol
@TheFudgeFactor4 Hace un año
@@trich9367 Lol don’t even get you started on the Dallas defense? 7th in points allowed and 1st in takeaways last season. You clearly know zero about football.
@@trich9367 What about our defense? Denver only ran like 40 yards in the total game plus they got all their points in one quarter then after that radio silence.
@Nobody-su9km Hace un año
Were the f... did you guys win 12 games last season?
@raysterling3668 Hace un año
I hope Dallas gets a new head coach next year. No improvement from last year whatsoever.
@Thegangsta00711 Hace un año
Too soon to say that
@kylenewcomer9697 Hace un año
Bro it's one preseason game with our backups playing lol
@youuuknooow7699 Hace un año
@nickcoker4293 Hace un año
17 penalties. We aren’t disciplined, not even close. We will lose in the first round of the playoffs IF we even win the division (we wont), we are worse than last year (offensively). But I just can’t take the penalties because it’s unnecessary. I literally can’t stand how undisciplined this team is. Disgusting.
@dupreehundo3070 Hace un año
@@kylenewcomer9697 the backups should do better 17 penalties is crazy no matter who’s playing that’s not discipline
@d2lkd0t Hace un año
That Baron Browning Spin move was awesome
@donniewilson1461 Hace un año
I realize it's just preseason but apparently we're right on track from last season lol. 12 penalties.GEEZ!!...Did we have more penalty yards than offensive yards?
@alantoler8266 Hace un año
Denver looks impressive....I know it's preseason that QB looks Right he made all the throws their defense look straight ...that receiving CORE looking like some stars...We a see...but I see it
@cousinsfactory Hace un año
I know it’s only preseason, but it’s always nice to see Dallas take an L
@ojostephen7649 Hace un año
If this is the starting Offensive Line for Dak, then I am afraid he is in for a longggggggggggg season of SACKS!
@amovers8511 Hace un año
I know it’s just preseason and I’m only in the 2nd quarter but damn that Johnson quarterback looks damn good!
@iamciti5145 Hace un año
Great start Broncos lets go🏇🏇🏇lets ride
If the cowboys keep doing what their doing rigth now their year will come until 2060.
@D.K.M.Espers Hace un año
I think the Broncos might be very scary this year.
@GodLikeMikeLive Hace un año
Kinda weird that 3 and 4 yard runs are highlights on here 😵‍💫
Cause dallas ain't got no pass game
@ronricherson6685 Hace un año
Broncos wideouts making some great catches!
@kingchihuas1 Hace un año
Lets go Broncos u guys look good 👍🏽
@jesusacosta5176 Hace un año
I love those uniforms that the Cowboys are wearing.
@donniewilson1461 Hace un año
Ben Denucci and Cooper Rush still on the roster. Unbelievable. Guarantee there are better backups. One name that comes to mind Kappernick
@courtney5796 Hace un año
Browning with the four or five pelvic thrusts and no flag. I hope this continues
@kelvinfletcher8321 Hace un año
Nashon wright was burned the entire second quarter over shadowing a decent night for the rest of the defense. He lacks awareness he is entirely to grabby to still get burned like he do. He can’t move. He might need to move to safety. Number come on man step it up
@bigmac27sauce59 Hace un año
That's exactly what I was thinking. It was disappointing to hear good things about him in camp and then see this.
@Tzgrey77 Hace un año
@tylerricker230 Hace un año
why does it feel like this pre season is getting more attention than any before??
@kialljacobs8331 Hace un año
I'm glad the NFL is back!!
@jeffreyhartwig4965 Hace un año
I like the AIR game!! looking forward to da start of da season for my Broncos!!
@bryceharney5960 Hace un año
I get anxious when Denver starts winning pre-season games. Usually leads to an 8 or less win season. Oh well. Time will tell.
Cry cowboy fan
@markaranita704 Hace un año
My cow oys never fail me to lose against teams I know they will
@raymondsanchez4129 Hace un año
Let’s go broncos D going be strong with Chubb and randy let’s go 💪💪💪
@Disheartened6 Hace un año
cowboys fan here and expecting regular season games like this💔
@NickkaDUB Hace un año
6:14 mark: Watch this kick by McManus. It was probably long enough to hit from 70! The Bears had a kicker who hit from 83 or 86 in practice. I think it was 83.
@cherylhunt8394 Hace un año
Loved seeing Rico run the ball
@LesPronto Hace un año
Josh Johnson got a nice touch on his passes. It’s looking good for you bronco fans
@mrcsgoods8576 Hace un año
MAJOR BRONCO'S FAN SINCE 95-96 Also I'm SOUTH PHILLY I do root for the eagles the win just hopefully not the expense of the Bronco's. Every1 healthy For most part Denver Broncos Prediction 2022-23 Record 13-4 or 14-3 Offense Ranked #4th Defense Ranked #7th AFC Championship overtime lost to Chargers Eagle's- Prediction 2022-23 Record - 10-7 12-5 Offense Ranked - 9th at best 7th I'm a Hurts fan breakout yr 4100yd 31-11 Defense Ranked - 12th at best 9th NFC Championship lost - Rams SuperBowl Chargers vs Rams - Chargers 35-34 effectively running the ball dominating clock control just defense giving up big place kept the Rams in the game. Charger's avg drive 8min Ram's avg drive 2.38min Game winning TD drive of 63yards 1 time out left with 15seconds 2nd and 4 from the 18yd line PA QB roll right to K. Allen doing a fake slant/block then back pylon for a TD leaving 7seconds left after K.O 5seconds 0 T.O from Ram's 37yd line.
@beenheem7590 Hace un año
Cowboys db been getting cooked at the camps,, now it’s spilling over to the preseason I can only imagine how the regular season will be
@isaacfigueroa9611 Hace un año
I’m a cowboys fan an tbh I’m not really concerned about the whole team just the offensive line. All our qb’s had no time.
@kap250yt9 Hace un año
I was thinking the same thing o line did not do great
@joe-jostar Hace un año
3rd strings Absolutely nothing to worry about By the end of this. We will know who we will bench. And who will start in the regular season. And who will get dropped. Our defense is going to be #1 again this year. And as long as out offense can capitalize in big defensive plays, we are looking at top 3 elite teams for sure
@INDRIDCOLD83 Hace un año
@@joe-jostar Thank you, way too many people are jumping into panic mode already. Yes, the penalties hurt us but 95% of those guys playing yesterday won't even start. The team won't even play as a true unit until week 1 of the regular season.
The DB's too. They were always with the receiver just couldn't get to the ball. More than 1 dropped interception
@Soccercrazyigboman Hace un año
@@joe-jostar top 3 elite teams? Lol
@7train916 Hace un año
I love wat I’m seeing from broncos country, LETS RIDE🏈
@anthonyallen9094 Hace un año
If I'm not mistaken, looks like Jonas Griffith could be out a while. We need to get Roquan Smith or someone off waivers same at RB
@akahee22 Hace un año
Better not do this in the regular season 😒🤣🔥
@lacinkilic54 Hace un año
the Broncos killin' it!
@Swaggmire215 Hace un año
As a eagles fan the broncos second and third teamers look good.
@andrehill7033 Hace un año
I know it's preseason but this was a typical Cowboy game, fall woefully behind and score garbage points. Nice consistency
@youuuknooow7699 Hace un año
Have never seen so many Cowboys hometown ppl putting their own down as often as Dallas. It's no wonder they'll never give this shitty town anything more! Yeah they look like the Mavs huh???? DirtDirk🏀⛹️🤣🤣🤣🙄
Well I guess it's going to be a long season!! WOW not much of a change from last year.🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
@Therockstarway Hace un año
Josh Johnson is pretty good 🔥🔥