Damien Woody shaken by Tua Tagovailoa's 'scary' head injury | SC with SVP

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Damien Woody joins SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt to deliver his immediate reaction to Miami Dolphins' QB Tua Tagovailoa after suffering head and neck injuries against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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28 sep 2022






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MA Hace un mes
The Dolphins are legitimately risking this man’s career, health and life right now. The whole medical staff and NFL needs accountability and full review because that was noooo back injury 4 days ago… now this 🙏🏽 Tua
RaythanielGFC Hace un mes
@THE BEST EVER he needs a psych evaluation for repeatedly denying Tua had a concussion In the Buffalo game. Tua is crystal light and should retire. He can make more money with lawsuits
RaythanielGFC Hace un mes
@Zenigundam sending Tua back on the field when had a concussion and a back injury is seriously jeopardizing the mans career and life. Miami head coach needs a psych evaluation for repeatedly denying Tua had concussion In the Buffalo game.
MA Hace un mes
@KesselRunHero j Not even remotely close...
MA Hace un mes
@David Martinez Very well said.
MA Hace un mes
@Zenigundam They are risking their health, bodies and lives. The NFL is most definitely a grown Man's game, and those men have families too. Step on the field at running back for 1 play and call see if you still want to call those Men, kids. Talm bout hero ball because you could do it better?
Shifty McGee
Shifty McGee Hace un mes
I’ve hurt my back more times than I care to count. I’ve never had to shake my head or stagger afterwards from disorientation. Someone is lying in Miami.
I Just Be Sayin Sh*t
And I had a low grade concussion and acted the same exact way Tua did
ORG Hace un mes
goldude MK
goldude MK Hace un mes
When you break a leg, theres a timetable for that (barring freak instances like Alex Smith) Neurological damage doesnt have a timetable, and thats very scary to see. I hope Tua the PERSON is going to be okay
1018miamidrive Hace un mes
Well versed. I agree
Jeff Weaver
Jeff Weaver Hace un mes
This comment is everything that's needed to be said. Best wishes to a good young man
David Harms
David Harms Hace un mes
Damien is always solid and real with his perspective
Rere Hace un mes
Fire the entire Dolphins training staff for letting Tua play after he got concussed last week, seeing that injury get worse there was just incredibly disturbing
Cliff D
Cliff D Hace un mes
How come his coach wasnt fired?
Rollo Tomassi
Rollo Tomassi Hace un mes
@Daniel Salinas First off if he's concussed his brain is temporarily or permanently damaged, so he was not in his right mind. Also, players want to play. They will try to play. That's why they take away a players helmet.
Rollo Tomassi
Rollo Tomassi Hace un mes
So the UNC isn't responsible, nor the coach, GM, or owner? Someone should have said no way he's going back in.
steven Simmons
steven Simmons Hace un mes
@Abel Montalvo this is head injury which is a lot more serious
Astrid la Bodhisattva
@Abel Montalvo Yes Aikman suffered around 7 concussions, Mahomes is on track to catch up with him soon.
Big MacMane
Big MacMane Hace un mes
Man the dolphins got that wrong completely! We all seen fighters get knocked out and trying to get up afterwards and Tua looked like that wobbled! Man that’s sad I feel bad for tua such a good person and it hurt me seeing him like that 😢the teams medical staff should be fired and never allowed to practice anymore
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Hace un mes
Medge 2 Hotty
Medge 2 Hotty Hace un mes
Same thing with Tony Ferguson, he didn’t get KO’d, but when he done that “head shake” the ref stopped the fight
craig mccann
craig mccann Hace un mes
Agreed. I remember when Zab Judah got knocked out on his feet. Was controversial at the time but when athletes take a hit and fall down after getting up initially that should be it.
MaddAlexx Hace un mes
Sent a chill down my Spine Seeing Tua's Fingers twisted up like that , Heartbreaking, Hoping and praying for a full Recovery,God Bless him.
Derek S
Derek S Hace un mes
Same. Heard it on the radio and just thought, hmmm that sucks. Watched the video when I got home and my spine went ice
WuTangFinancial Hace un mes
It’s called decorticate posturing. It’s pretty alarming that he hit the back of his head twice within 5 days. Repeating a brain injury of this kind can quite literally cause swelling of the brain stem and kill you. Putting him in that position was gambling with his life. Hate to see this
elementsk8erq Hace un mes
tbh I thought he was throwing gang signs.
Choose Carefully
Choose Carefully Hace un mes
@Jason Hale Ahit like that can cause xialexdys.
Jason Hale
Jason Hale Hace un mes
Seeing a snipe always gives me chills
Damon Hardin
Damon Hardin Hace un mes
Tua was doing great this season to change peoples minds about his play including mine. I was a big Tua doubter. He was doing so well before the Dolphins got greedy for wins. He shouldn’t have been playing. Really feel bad for the kid. It was the start of a huge turn around in his career and it’s most likely gonna be cut short by this injury.
Louisville Cardinals
Tua is nun special he has hill and waddle. Any qb can throw multiple tds that has them.
CeeJ Hace un mes
The Dolphins organization needs to be held accountable for letting Tua play after suffering a concussion the prior week. This traumatic head injury will affect Tua playing career going forward. He will never be the same 😢
Brendan Shank
Brendan Shank Hace un mes
As a bengals fan I felt horrible watching that tackle and the injury to tua I honestly love that guy he’s got so much potential prayers up for tua hopefully Miami will actually SIT THEIR FUTRE QB FOR HIS HEALTH AND SAFTEY HES YOUNG ENOUGH KEEP HIM SAFE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!!!! I don’t want this great player to be injury ridden
Joe C
Joe C Hace un mes
@yankeeluver100 exactly. And even if he wasn’t injured he ain’t “great”
Forsythe Hace un mes
@Zenigundam what? You’re a disgusting money hungry loser. No one cares if you had money, you’re an idiot. Just stop talking. This whole situation should have been prevented. Did you watch the game how can you say those words?
yankeeluver100 Hace un mes
I agree with most of this. However, I don't see how someone can be "great" if they're always hurt, like Tua. I love the guy, but each passing game makes me think he is not the answer for the Dolphins.
THE BEST EVER Hace un mes
take your meds & relax with the CAPS lock lol 🖐🏻
Ryan Hace un mes
@Zenigundam You really are a clown
Gumption Hace un mes
The absolute tragedy in all this is the fact that Tua will have to deal with the health side-effects of this for the rest of his life, while the rest of us simply move on to Week 5! ..Just horrible...
Chris Kay
Chris Kay Hace un mes
Not automatically true. Some do, some don't. Everyone is different.
1018miamidrive Hace un mes
Great comment. Underrated comment!
JIMMY DAVIS Hace un mes
It's unbelievable No way Tua should have been allowed to get back on the Football Field after a Head Injury like that no less than 2 to 3 weeks before he could return the NFL is partially responsible.
Spread Love
Spread Love Hace un mes
Now he might be out for the season smh
1018miamidrive Hace un mes
Hits like that can retire players permanently. Tua praying for you. That hit, terrified me. His fingers going in different directions had me thinking he broke his fingers 💔😥. I found out later of course it was a neurological issue. That truly broke me. Dolphins should be sued by Tua for risking his long term health. Should not have been playing from last week’s incident.
Jayson Oweh
Jayson Oweh Hace un mes
It was a legal hit
Darrin Elliot
Darrin Elliot Hace un mes
The negligence shown from the Miami Dolphins & NFL in general regarding Tua is disappointing. Thoughts & prayers for him & any player facing possible head trauma.
KesselRunHero j
KesselRunHero j Hace un mes
What negligence?
L T Hace un mes
It's criminal that they allowed Tua to play last night after what happened to him against the Bills. Prayers for Tua and his family. I hope he's alright
Rollo Tomassi
Rollo Tomassi Hace un mes
It's even more criminal they let him come back in the game vs the Bills after the half.
Steel Hace un mes
I hope that Tua sits out for at least 6 games...minimum...he needs time to recover from the brain injury. In addition, a thorough analysis of his brain health is required!
Prayers up to you Tua 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽, I get that you're a professional and you want to play but you have a life that is more important than a football game, this was handled wrong by the dolphins on a short week especially, in that bills game we all saw that tua was concussed but the dolphins got greedy there's no way he passed protocol. The medical staffs best interests is in the team not the players
Andrew Lykins
Andrew Lykins Hace un mes
It was definitely tough to see. Hopefully he’s going to make a full recovery and won’t have any kind of permanent damage
Mike Stone
Mike Stone Hace un mes
@ESPN Damien is a great football analyst I enjoy listening to him. Hope ESPN keeps giving him airtime.
Paul Bellini
Paul Bellini Hace un mes
Like these two guys, I'm not a doctor, but it sounds like he had a concussion moments before this interview.
I Just Be Sayin Sh*t
Lol you really tried to tag them
Tua being okay through dumb luck is gross negligence by the Dolphins organization and complicit disregard by the NFL just 4 days after that "back and ankle" injury that for some reason had Tuaman stumbling with an obvious head injury He needs to genuinely mull over retirement bcus this organization and league doesn't give an f about his life
Chris Kay
Chris Kay Hace un mes
@Manzac11 There are also players who have suffered concussions and are fine. There have also been players who crumbled to the ground with leg injuries or other injuries. it is grossly irresponsible to be making any declarations without the medical facts. Everyone is different. You cannot say whether or not he should have been out there vs the Bills. We weren't there and not present during the tests.
Manzac11 Hace un mes
@Chris Kay We've seen that in plenty of players over the years in different sports. That is a neurological issue when Tua was wobbly after the whiplash hit against the Bills. Look at how the way his body locked up after he was slammed to the ground. He should've never been out there against the Bills or yesterday.
Chris Kay
Chris Kay Hace un mes
@Iomis We do not know that he suffered a concussion last week. You also have no clue how any of this is going to affect him later on.
Iomis Hace un mes
There's no way he's OK. Back to back concussion like this are going to really mess him up later in life.
Chris Kay
Chris Kay Hace un mes
LOL people stumble and fall when their legs give out. There are other injuries that can cauase a player to stumble, so to claim it is an obvious concussion is flat out dishonest.
smooshstar Hace un mes
Today, this event changes both the NFL and Tua forever.
Cliff D
Cliff D Hace un mes
How come his coach wasnt fired?
Ac Bower
Ac Bower Hace un mes
@smooshstar it’s football…it’s a football injury. Stuff happens.
Ac Bower
Ac Bower Hace un mes
@smooshstar not really…junior is dead, Tua flew back with the team.
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch Hace un mes
The NFL still keeps Boomer around as a host, the man's clearly struggling to form a sentence on a regular basis. They actually idolize guys who've knocked themselves down to neanderthals.
smooshstar Hace un mes
@Ac Bower not like this. Tua's event is having mom's and dad's watch and hear this on their local news stations. The world is talking about it. This event is being talked about right next to the Ukraine war. Most people around the country don't know who Joe Burrow is or what team defeated the Dolphins, but they know Tua now. They know his story now. They know the NFL did this to Tua now (due to all the media coverage and narrative). This is a Junior Seau event in my opinion.
Jarrett Allen
Jarrett Allen Hace un mes
I was at the game, and the impact in real time is much greater than it looks like on on tv.
jayvang33 Hace un mes
When his fingers curled up, I thought for a second that he was trying to take off his helmet. But when he stayed in that position, that’s when you just knew it was a bad situation.
Jueze Steele
Jueze Steele Hace un mes
@Rob no worries it happens! I'm just trying to learn as much about this as possible so coming across a lot of unfamiliar medical terms I thought this was one as well lol
mark jean
mark jean Hace un mes
@King Shango Too bad you didn’t say that in front of his teammates and Fam.
Smart Towel RG-400
Smart Towel RG-400 Hace un mes
@Vpollo Rockin you're trying police Donnie's speech to lol just like he did to king .....hypocrite
Smart Towel RG-400
Smart Towel RG-400 Hace un mes
All 5 fingers were going 5 different directions on each hand
JizzyJake Hace un mes
​​@Donie Caldwell what kind of an ahole tells someone not to be funny
Sean S
Sean S Hace un mes
Dolphins staff BLEW IT letting him back on the field and now its too late. Praying for Tua to recover soon
Sean S
Sean S Hace un mes
@George Diaz agreed.. and NFL has to change concussion protocol so there is no more loophole for those trying to pretend concussion symptoms are due to fake back injury
George Diaz
George Diaz Hace un mes
A lot people need to be fired including the head coach, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach among others
James Wright
James Wright Hace un mes
Any blind man can see that Tua got slammed on the back of his head real hard when he hit the ground. That is a head injury to the brain and the way his finger's crippled up like that after the play was very scary to see and prayer goes out to Tua with a speedy recovery.🙏🙏🙏🙏
Kyle Sturman
Kyle Sturman Hace un mes
Prayers for Tua 🙏🙏🙏 and thank you Woody for speaking the truth
SpeckleKen Hace un mes
@Kyle Sturman Oh, okay. (There are dictionaries available online.)
Kyle Sturman
Kyle Sturman Hace un mes
@SpeckleKen I'm not religious at all. I'm just hoping the best for Tua
SpeckleKen Hace un mes
Why didn't Christians pray in advance for no-one to get injured? (Why it's almost as thought none of them believe prayers work.)
Kyle Sturman
Kyle Sturman Hace un mes
@Yasin T I'm just hoping for the best for Tua
Yasin T
Yasin T Hace un mes
God isn’t real
Talyn WALKER Hace un mes
Prayers for Tua 🙏🏻
Joshua Park
Joshua Park Hace un mes
Praying for Tua man. He’s one of my favorite players and last night was extremely disturbing… praying for you boss
Chris Hace un mes
I was shook after seeing that man prayers to him and his Heath🙏
Cody Dees
Cody Dees Hace un mes
I think they knew there was a concussion problem last week and tried to call it off as a back injury to keep him in the game. He needs to sit down and take a break until he gets better. He is too young to be messing up his brain. As someone who used to have seizures I know how scary it can be. Hopefully he has a full recovery soon and its only a mild concussion.
Makai Mauka
Makai Mauka Hace un mes
The league had to address the two tackles that were clearly intended to knock Tua out of the games. No other explanation for pushing him down onto his back and head last week and this obscene unnecessary body slam onto his neck and head tonight. He was cleared last Sunday to return, he threw a 45-yard pass he could not have thrown that soon post concussion. But tonight’s was clearly intent to harm Tua. Should be fine and suspension. But all anyone is division is the Dolphins handling of last weeks injury.
Jayson Oweh
Jayson Oweh Hace un mes
Perfectly legal hit. Tell Tua not to hold the ball so long
Jayson Oweh
Jayson Oweh Hace un mes
@Rob lol salty fan
Rob Hace un mes
100% first time I saw the play last night I said that guy meant to slam him on his head
Mizrahim Jew
Mizrahim Jew Hace un mes
I've seen comments where people are saying he had back injuries or no he had a concussion in that game against the Bills. He might have had both. And to turn around and play only 4 days later! Sometimes secondary symptoms are worse than the primary cause you initially don't feel it tell later after it has gotten worse. Now the young man is in a very serious condition with head, neck, and back issues. Prayers for you, Tua. Get well and take good care of yourself.
Greg Shelton
Greg Shelton Hace un mes
Scary stuff, prayers for Tua. Hope no one else gets hurt at all this season
Yong Lee
Yong Lee Hace un mes
The Sunday game wasn’t “last week.” It happened THIS week.
Rollo Tomassi
Rollo Tomassi Hace un mes
4 days before Thursday nights game. yes Miami handled this awfully. Big freaking deal if you lose to Buffalo, and then to Cincy because you protected your qb. 3-2, and hopefully it would've not been so serious.
Scrappy Hace un mes
The problem is they need to protect more than the qb also! So many players will play through broken bones and ruptured spleens. We need to stop feeding them pain shots and actually let them heal. Stop making them play when there is backups. Every week a player is playing under a shot that numbs his pain so he can play.
RaythanielGFC Hace un mes
Get well soon Tua! And sue everyone in the Dolphins organization for jeopardizing your career. Get em in the pockets!!
earla 273
earla 273 Hace un mes
That was scary to see. When I seen his fingers lock like that, you knew it was serious.
Ricardo Varela
Ricardo Varela Hace un mes
Prayers up man 🙏 🙏🙏🙏
David K.
David K. Hace un mes
I love football and played 4 years in high school. My 2 young boys will never play due to these risks, Never. My prayers are with Tua.
Jayson Oweh
Jayson Oweh Hace un mes
@David K. neat to bad every sport is dangerous
Adam Walker
Adam Walker Hace un mes
@JizzyJake how do male cheerleaders get CTE?
Joe C
Joe C Hace un mes
@David K. pu$$y dad
David K.
David K. Hace un mes
@JizzyJake My boys my choice.
JizzyJake Hace un mes
they could get hurt cheerleading too
MotherLoveBone Hace un mes
I pray it's not career ending for Tua. 🙏
Thomas Neale
Thomas Neale Hace un mes
4 days is not enough even if it was a back injury, that could make him more vulnerable to being injured again, head, neck and back.
Jeff Weaver
Jeff Weaver Hace un mes
This isn't supposed to be happening like this years after such an effort was undertook to limit allowing players to continue playing after had injuries. The man had a confusion against Buffalo. He shook his HEAD to shake the cobwebs. The whole staff allowed this to happen. From coaches on down. All need to be punished, fired even. This isn't about football, it's about health. Shame on you Miami
balltalkdeep podcast
I really hope Tua's okay
D Ton
D Ton Hace un mes
This is why the CTE issue in the NFL and in Football at every other level is a series topic!
Dark Star King
Dark Star King Hace un mes
The fact that they claimed it was a back injury is absurd. You don’t need to be a doctor to tell when someone is wobbled by a head injury. HE DIDNT EVEN GRAB HIS BACK ONCE.
Rollo Tomassi
Rollo Tomassi Hace un mes
Shouldn't the neurologist have the replay of the play available to him, before clearing him? Even I could see how hard the back of his head bounced off the turf.
tali guevara
tali guevara Hace un mes
We love the game in great part because of the big hits, as a matter of fact the number one reason why football is a multibillion dollar industry and the most watched sport in the United States is because of the violent element in it. I for one am a huge football fan and have been since as far back as I have had the ability to reason but seeing Tua get injured the way he did i must admit was pretty disturbing, it gave me chills. The libertarian argument to the violent element within sports like football, boxing, mma, rugby etc is that human beings should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as they are not hurting others in the process unless those others are consenting adults. But if consenting adults want to participate in Gladiator games were they fight till death like in the days of Ancient Rome should they be allowed to do so? I personally would say “no” and I think most people would agree with me but when it comes to football or boxing which you can argue is a form of long term death those same people would tell you it’s okay. So I guess its a matter of degree. How much danger is too much danger? And who should decide how much danger is too much danger? Should it be the players, the coaches, the referees, the GMs, the fans, the owners, the politicians, the voters, the family members of the players ? Or a little bit of everyone? Well whatever the answer the truth of the matter is that this problem is not going anywhere. The only way you completely eradicate concussions and CTE from football is to completely prohibit any type of tackling and go with flag football or touch football or something along those lines and thats not going to happen, at least not in my lifetime. So we might as well get used to these type of injuries because the sad truth is that we’re going to be seeing them for the rest of our lives. GET WELL SOON TUA!
Joshua T
Joshua T Hace un mes
He went into the fencing position, indicating a Brian stem injury. Very very scary he could never play again
The GOD FATHER of the SEC !
Great news 🗞 That Tua will be discharged from the hospital and will travel back with the Team ! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch Hace un mes
There's already a lot of deliberate head to head hits that are just ignored this season. Teams actually congratulate and celebrate a player who intentionally targets another team's guy, like there's no such thing as sportsmanship between brothers who play the same game. If they were out for the game, shamed and criticized for it, the culture would change. The pressure to help the NFL conceal concussions has never diminished, and it allows them to blame their victims for their willingness to play hurt.
z a
z a Hace un mes
That hit really shook me up
Karen Jones
Karen Jones Hace un mes
Lord have mercy I pray Tua gets his family support to get him to get healthy and healed cause his Coaches apparently don’t give a sht nor does the NFL as long as they can make ticket sales it’s awful
Jraybay Hace un mes
Hated to see that. We knew last week he wasn't OK but somehow emerged for the 2nd half, and now this... 2 concussions in 4 days. It's just not right. The Dolphins training staff need a look in the mirror.
Matt Hace un mes
everyone loves blaming everyone else. But lets be real. Tua knew he had a concussion last week against Buffalo and chose to "shake it off" and lie to the medical staff in order to get back in the game. Should the medical team let him? No way. But lets not pretend like the innocent party here is poor Tua. He knew exactly what he was doing.
mboy Hace un mes
It wasnt a back injury it was a concussion you see his fingers omg so sad im praying for him
Avenuu Hace un mes
They knew that...thats why I hope it will be some punishment handed out
Chase 9210
Chase 9210 Hace un mes
Sunday was not a back injury and we all knew that. He was clearly concussed Sunday against the bills. When guys shake their head like that it means they have some head trauma going on.. he shouldn’t have come back in that game or been cleared for TNF. This one was bad. The TNF injury wasn’t that violent but look what it did to him. He was compromised pregame and shouldn’t have played. Dolphins need investigated.
Reese Hace un mes
Well, his coach says" It's nothing more serious than a concussion." This guy gets it. 🤬🤬🤬 Tua in good hands with that guy.😡
Mic Fitzz
Mic Fitzz Hace un mes
To get up and shake your head and nearly fall back down and to say its just a back injury is insane…. 4 days later this man is seriously injured …for a game that could have been played by someone else … NFL treat them like lambs to the slaughter ….with all the drama the league has endured with former players killing and committing suicidal actions … they still let this man play ..life first and life last nothing can stand in between
Fabian Gonzalez
Fabian Gonzalez Hace un mes
Didn’t know the last one was diagnosed as a back injury. I’m sure we’re not doctors here but I’m also certain we can all agree that first one was a concussion. Hope man’s doesn’t end up with cte and starts acting strange, like a whole personality shift. Tua could’ve ended up a vegetable. They’ll probably just fine someone.
Ant Hace un mes
Last week looked crazy this one was even crazier he might have a deep rooted medical condition
iMaleturtle Hace un mes
I would honestly consider retirement after that
GREENM0BSTA Hace un mes
He has to be out for the rest of the season. His head needs time to recover fully
OnePlayRich Hace un mes
First. Last week he got injured. Looked liked a concussion and come back in the game Then. He gets severely knocked out and gets released from hospital same day. He is Superman!!!
Toaster N'Friends
Toaster N'Friends Hace un mes
@OnePlayRich "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." - Tyson
OnePlayRich Hace un mes
@Toaster N'Friends 😂😂😂😂. Getting tackled is his kryptonite
Toaster N'Friends
Toaster N'Friends Hace un mes
Superman? He's been injured over 11 times in his career, most of which cost him playing time, more like Paperman.
CatBug Hace un mes
They are not protecting this man from himself. You now should shut him down for the season. The brain doesn't heal that easily. Let him rest and keep doing tests until next year. I have a feeling his career is over. The next hit might be the last.
insite Hace un mes
LOVE WOODY, a consummate HUMAN. Unlike the Dolphins and all these immoral men who put their EGO in front of this young man's LIFE ffs
Rob Hace un mes
I can’t believe they let him play.
James Slay
James Slay Hace un mes
Prayers for tua 😢
Davaul Blackmon
Davaul Blackmon Hace un mes
The only thing that still sticks with me that Nick Saban said was tua holds on to the ball for too long because he wants to make a play every play. I really wish he would have thrown the ball away, live to see another play.
Latisha Riggins
Latisha Riggins Hace un mes
That was no back injury. I've never seen a back injury where a person falls then hops back up like a jackrabbit. It was a concussion. Period. Shame!
Tafao Family
Tafao Family Hace un mes
This is an isolated incident. Has nothing to do with the Bills injury. Look up Donald Parham & Tom Savage. Both are nfl players who hit the "back of the head" hard on the ground and their hands froze up like Tuas. Parham was carted off in a stretcher. These are back of the head injuries. And the reason why rabbit punches in boxing (punches to back of the head) are so dangerous & illegal. Perhaps nfl helmets need better cushioning or protection on the inside.
Jayjay Okoro
Jayjay Okoro Hace un mes
Couldn't keep him out for a week? 7 days? Smh. The Dolphins have a lot to answer for
Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s
Seeing his fingers curl up like that is sick I don’t know how PR for the league even handles this.. it looked super bad people turning away people crying. For some reason it’s different than boxing it’s different than mma. I think the reason for that is football is targeted at kids. We’re not like Thailand where mma is everything.. seeing that slam seeing tua just totally lose control over his body man it just took alot out of folks all over. Prayers for Tua and his family his mom and dad were at that game. Can’t even imagine how they feel..
Jayson Oweh
Jayson Oweh Hace un mes
It's not that bad. This happens multiple times a year in the nfl
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Hace un mes
There was nothing vicious about that tackle. Tua being a talented but small guy with a history of injuries experienced a head and back injury last week is medically cleared to play this week. Who then experiences a neurological injury on routine tackle. Yep! The medical clearing of Tua to play has to be investigated.
Justin Y
Justin Y Hace un mes
Last weeks hit was 100x worse to the head then this weeks. He definitely had a concussion and got a 2nd one within 4 days, which explains the neurological damage (aka fingers).
D D Hace un mes
The way that posturing in his hands was explained to me is your cerebral cortex shuts down for a moment and your brain stem takes over briefly. It’s really rare with head trauma and more associated with strokes. That’s severe. But, the hit wasn’t severe. What the implies is SIS, second impact syndrome. Again very severe. They have out his future health at risk as there is a high probability of long term symptoms.
Ant Hace un mes
That looks to definitely be neurological and maybe it even goes back beyond last week that looked similar to a seizure of a paraplegic
Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
The NFL needs to adopt what Rugby league and Rugby Union has the “HIA” (Head Injury Assessment). The Head Injury Assessment (HIA) protocol is a three-stage process introduced by teams to assist with the identification, diagnosis and management of head impact events with the potential for a concussion. This off- field screening tool includes a check of symptoms, memory assessment and balance evaluation. Only used in the professional game, the results of this off-field assessment are compared to a previously conducted 'baseline assessment', or to a normative result.
Sonny Dayz
Sonny Dayz Hace un mes
@Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie if you know you know
Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
@Sonny Dayz why not ? 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ac Bower
Ac Bower Hace un mes
Get rid of the face mask. Self-Preservation is the best engineering quality.
Sonny Dayz
Sonny Dayz Hace un mes
Thomas Neale
Thomas Neale Hace un mes
They might also want to move back to grass fields, this turf stuff sounds horrible and it seems like it also contributes to other injuries.
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Hace un mes
Prayers for Tua
I’m high and watching YouTube
The dolphins organization failed this man
AE Hace un mes
It was clearly all precautionary. Anyone whos ever watched UFC could see he just got knocked out when he fell on his head. He will play again this season.
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez Hace un mes
Dammmmm Tua is Out for the season dammmmm the dolphins got to SHUTDOWN this mannnnn This was a scary injury I hope he gets well and prayers for the dude
Raul Bailon
Raul Bailon Hace un mes
If that was Brady I couldnt imagine the reaction
Fender Greg
Fender Greg Hace un mes
Tua's body, like the vast majority of us, is not equipped for the NFL. Two tightrope high ankle sprain surgeries, catastrophic near life threatening hip dislocation and surgery and this. He's injury prone not of his own fault and it's sad but a reality
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez Hace un mes
Fire McDaniel! 😡 He knew Tua was rocked on Sunday against the Bills. Clearly they covered it up. He never should have played tonight. Pray for Tua. 🙏
Ikiru Ronin
Ikiru Ronin Hace un mes
Exactly. I Wouldn't let that coach watch my Dogs!
Ac Bower
Ac Bower Hace un mes
Well, that’s ridiculous. First and foremost, Tua, along with any other player in the NFL has a union…if there is any wrongdoing with what everyone is saying is “obvious”, than it’s incumbent on the UNION TO PROTECT THE PLAYER, the coach is looking out for the team.
Michael W
Michael W Hace un mes
Please put Tua on injured reserve, FOR HIS OWN PROTECTION!!! When I saw his fingers like that I swear to god I thought he would be permanently disabled.
Sad prayers for Tua
F. Johnson
F. Johnson Hace un mes
Prayers up to Tua 🐬🏈🐬🏈...coming from a Bolts Fan⚡️⚡️
Connor Walker
Connor Walker Hace un mes
Miami should lose their other 1st round pick for putting Tua in this game. They did not follow protocol at all.
Timothy Park, MBA
Timothy Park, MBA Hace un mes
Thorough investigation is needed. This Miami staff is really selfish for letting Tua playing.
Big😤Chief Hace un mes
Tua's 2nd concussion in 2 wks. 2nd concussion vs Bengals was very scary.
damon robinson
damon robinson Hace un mes
I’m two weeks? More like 4 days B!
Merch HD
Merch HD Hace un mes
Prayers to Tua
Randy Howard
Randy Howard Hace un mes
He shouldn’t have played especially on a short week this was a mistake by the Dolphins for letting him to play
D RICH Hace un mes
That was scary but he had time to throw the ball away and avoid the contact
Prolific Hace un mes
yall making a lot of assumptions and saying independent medical examiners (team doctors don't administer concussion tests) helped lie and hide a failed concussion test. apparently he passed last game and unfortunately this is a severe concussion. trying to get people fired for no reason shows your morality.
Jason White
Jason White Hace un mes
Tua played hurt at Alabama. The team should protect him BUT he should also protect himself. He does not do that. I hope he is alright but he has shown time and time again that he does not know when to stop.
Joseph Agundez
Joseph Agundez Hace un mes
Okay, so if I understand this correctly the Miami Dolphins training staff conducted the concussion protocol tests for Tua and he passed. The NFL came in and did their investigation and found that the Miami Dolphins conducted the protocol correctly and Tua still passed, but the NFLPA hasn't been able to conduct their own investigation yet. Sounds like the NFL investigated itself and saw no wrong doing, when clearly something happened and they either hid the information, the doctors hid information, or Tua passed the protocol tests by gaming the system. Either way, it's a bad look all around and I hope someone is held accountable for this.
Xeakpress Hace un mes
The player SHOULD be tough and it's on the TEAM to hold him back. Like Damien said this is a BAD look for the NFL. And the Unions investigation isn't a good omen
Vavan Pina
Vavan Pina Hace un mes
prayer's for tua🙏🙏🙏 the dolphins are on some shady 💩 letting him be out their ain't no way he should have been playing...
Elvin Hace un mes
They don’t care about Tua it shows Dolphins don’t think long term they thinking now and it going to cost them safety first that what I learned in my job
Muh_ Lah_Zuh
Muh_ Lah_Zuh Hace un mes
if the NFL is such fraternity than why did at least not one teammate or coaching staff step up and say they believe he should not play. This goes for going back in the past Sunday and the Thursday game, not one person. If he was my friend I would've tried to convince him not to play
mhesen2009 Hace un mes
The entire medical staff should be fired and sued for malpractice
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