Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Skull Vodka - JonTron

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Jon Jafari - Himself
Richard McMiller - Skullboy #1
Joseph Hernandez - Hobo/Skullboy #2
Kate McGarrigle - Skullgirl
Jon Jafari - Director/Writer/Lead Editor
Sergio Emilio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer
Mike Shayne - Gaffer
Andrew Reynoso - Editor
Melanie Licata - Make-Up Artist/Special Effects
Lynell Vinuya - Production Designer
Charlotte Claw - Production Assistant
Trevor Lazinksi - Art PA
Mike Butler - Art PA
Kevin Zobronso - Literally Epic Guy
"Weight In Diamonds" Animation Infographic by Lewis "FaKanza" Bown (twitter.com/FaKanza)
Intro Animation by Studio Yotta
Intro Music by ToxicxEternity (esvid.net/u-ToxicxEternity)
JonTron Logo by Eileen Delgado (www.uber-unicorn.com/)
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26 ene 2019

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Comentarios 31 925
Septlaxer Gaming
Septlaxer Gaming Hace 3 horas
John I want you to know that you're the only person with a level of absurdity high enough to make me laugh. i appreciate your work man.
Harry Todhunter
Harry Todhunter Hace 3 horas
Doesnt New York Actually have pretty decent air quality for a major city?
OmikronWeapon Hace 9 horas
Saw this stuff some months ago, wanted to buy some for my buddy who loves vodka. And I mean, who doesnt love skulls, amirite? Couldnt really get it here.. (I'm not in Moscow btw. I had nothing to do with the double gold medal. STOP CALLING ME!) anyway.. I didnt know Aykroyd flipped his lid. I'm somehow hoping he's just kidding. Although he's self aware enough to get to the point; it's good vodka and in a cool bottle. That's all I'd care about. Too bad about the "it has antifreeze in it" stuff. Pseudoscience crap to scare people. Obviously a lot of things have alcohol products in them, that doesn't mean they put actual anti freeze in other brands. It's just one component. That makes me pretty sure he isn't kidding. That's not irony or sarcasm anymore. Hope it pans out for you, Dan.
Shayne Stark
Shayne Stark Hace 10 horas
12:54 I didn’t know Mr. Plinkett was in this episode.
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez Hace 11 horas
I live right by Plano so that was fucking weird
leafy's new replacement
Is no one gonna talk about the hobo being harassed by Jon
Coffee Stain
Coffee Stain Hace 16 horas
Dan's buddy sounds adr'd as fuck, but clearly isnt.
Maximilian Winter
Maximilian Winter Hace 20 horas
Why that show just has 5,6 million followers?? :(
Alan Shmalan
Alan Shmalan Hace 21 un hora
LOLOLOLOL Larry Kings faces man
Jalabeaños Hace 22 horas
Jalabeaños (me) would like to know your location
Jalabeaños Hace 22 horas
Jalabeaños like vodka
Ya boi
Ya boi Hace 23 horas
Click no reason in Particular 14:32
Monotone Cthulhu
Monotone Cthulhu Hace 23 horas
Does anyone actually enjoy drinking straight vodka of any kind?
Alec Garcia
Alec Garcia Hace un día
There are two types of people in the world, the dupers and the dupees. I’m a duper! -Danny Divito
Ya boi
Ya boi Hace un día
Click link for us to Geolocate you 3:13
Ya boi
Ya boi Hace un día
That's what I thought his name was 2:06
jrom Hace un día
1:02 pokemon go
Wanton110 Hace un día
They could have literally filtered it through real industrial diamonds for pennies
Rebecca Steinberg
Rebecca Steinberg Hace un día
bYE ByE ImPuRiTiEs
The MacGuffin
The MacGuffin Hace un día
Except literally nobody in Canada calls Newfoundland "the rock".
Ethpling Hace un día
Jon’s fucking Larry King impression cracks me up every time
DiXd Hace un día
Mainly because Dan aykroyd is *100% but fuckin sian*
bosnian forever
bosnian forever Hace un día
He sounds like the prageru guy
Jay Holder
Jay Holder Hace 2 días
Nice use of the Croc: Legend of the Gobbos OST, JonTron
Liliana Hudler
Liliana Hudler Hace 2 días
Moose elimination rod
Yuki Artsa
Yuki Artsa Hace 2 días
i actually saw some of these for sale at the branching liquor store to the supermarket i work at; it's the only place you can buy it within about 50kms, and the town itself is basically a small remote area home to shitty families and farms. like, who would go out of their way to get that $70 piss when you can buy a bottle of the same amount for half that price--
sausynoodles69 Hace 2 días
I have a crystal head vodka shirt
Avery Yong
Avery Yong Hace 2 días
Newfoundland is boring as fuck. Great place biology majors??
Gherragh Hace 2 días
You can buy purest vodka from villagers not from celebrities.
Joshy 01
Joshy 01 Hace 2 días
Since I’m American Imperialist scum those numbers mean nothing to me.
Benjamin Wattenbarger
“there got to be some other ghostbusters I can call, right?..... on second thought Dan will do” 😂 shots fired
SuperUltraMegaMike Hace 2 días
man this is so oversaturated, terrible colors.
Lil Snoogs
Lil Snoogs Hace 2 días
Yo, why do I have this
NinjaBluefyre Hace 2 días
Why didn't you call Kate McKinnon? She's awesome.
German_Vermin Hace 2 días
Hen he handcuffs him I freaking lost it lmao
Sir.Anthony Hace 2 días
Uhmmmm... i am sure the precolombian cultures could have used... sand.... like how egyptians used to cut big coffins for bulls....
JamesRednok Hace 2 días
Incidentally, there's a line in The Blues Brothers 2000 where he says, "We will drink Vodka from their skulls." Dan Aykroyd proves his Foreshadowing genius yet again.
kirby superstar
kirby superstar Hace 3 días
For God's sake akroyd your selling vodka, not the secrets of the universe itself
The Poke'Saurus
The Poke'Saurus Hace 3 días
5:03 That laugh, Is the last thing you hear before you die.
Joseph DeHart
Joseph DeHart Hace 3 días
I’m sorry but this is pretty hurtful and offensive
Willem DaFuckedUp
Willem DaFuckedUp Hace 3 días
Why do you feel the need to pander to right-wing psychos? Fuck off dude.
Properly Gaming
Properly Gaming Hace 3 días
LMAO "this is too much distillation guys, are you crazy? The world isn't ready for this.... We just got pop punk"
Stephen Juliano
Stephen Juliano Hace 3 días
Wouldn't that math just be his potential diamond weight if his total carbon became diamonds, not his weight in diamonds? His actual weight in diamonds would be more than 5 times what you found, if you only calculate 18.5% of his body weight.
Gareth Alford
Gareth Alford Hace 3 días
I wish Johntron would have try a shot of the vodka
Remy Reacts
Remy Reacts Hace 4 días
Yes because sugar very very bad for hooman
Xenomorphking 159
Xenomorphking 159 Hace 4 días
Rest in price Harold ramis (Sorry if I misspelled that)
Because Comics
Because Comics Hace 4 días
I believe that THERE IS other alien species in the universe but I DO NOT believe aliens have come to earth
budmorr500 Hace 4 días
Danny are you ok?
Steew Hace 4 días
Quadrupled distilled "Triple filtered" WHICH IS IT DAN?!
Nebulahawk Hace 4 días
"I'm pumped to see solo" that's the most horrible thing any ghost could say to scare me
Arthur Moe-Mux-Hagi
Arthur Moe-Mux-Hagi Hace 5 días
"Harold Ramis ? _Definitely_ not gonna pick up..."
Moboots Gaming
Moboots Gaming Hace 5 días
Might i add that iv had it on multiple occasions and it tastes like shit
Lord Farkeplier
Lord Farkeplier Hace 5 días
70% of Iceland’s adults believes in gnomes
Bandana Dee
Bandana Dee Hace 5 días
This got even my ghost/spiritual world obsessed mom to call bullshit. I cannot overstate how insane this makes Dan.
A Person
A Person Hace 5 días
I'm pretty sure that the person on the phone at 20:10 was speaking Spanish. You know Brazilians speak Portuguese, right?
Will Parr
Will Parr Hace 5 días
Jon Tron the only man in 2019 with fresh humor that doesn't get old
John D
John D Hace 5 días
7:39 Foreshadowing?!
xxdarknight103xx Hace 5 días
I’m still waiting for the Danny Devito head bottle to come out
Natalie Raussen
Natalie Raussen Hace 5 días
Did jontron predict the area 51 meme
Jackie Hitt
Jackie Hitt Hace 5 días
3:21 is the best
Zane Murcha
Zane Murcha Hace 6 días
Dan Aykroyd, is Canadian. That explains Everything!
Josh Schultz
Josh Schultz Hace 6 días
Did JonTron predict gamer girl bath water with this video
nebvbn thunder
nebvbn thunder Hace 6 días
Weren't the skulls made during the 19th century? It was found that it was worked on by rotary tools
Liliana Hudler
Liliana Hudler Hace 2 días
BeanBag Hace 6 días
Finally us newfies' got some time in the spotlight. Love ya John.
Oscar Velazquez
Oscar Velazquez Hace 6 días
Oscar Velazquez
Oscar Velazquez Hace 6 días
like "BUYING DUMB THINGS ONLINE" i love you jon
I like pizza
I like pizza Hace 6 días
toastman34 yup
toastman34 yup Hace 6 días
Bill Murray Please Pick-Up
Paputsza Hace 6 días
The price isn't that bad imo.
IGIstar 01
IGIstar 01 Hace 6 días
I'll buy 20.
danekarl Hace 6 días
Those distorted sound close-up shots always crack me the fuck up.
danekarl Hace 6 días
Those distorted sound close-up shots always crack me the fuck up.
danekarl Hace 6 días
Those distorted sound close-up shots always crack me the fuck up.
Omar López
Omar López Hace 6 días
Dan Aykroyd bathwater 12:52
blake staib
blake staib Hace 7 días
Ohhhh Dan aykroyd is the guy who was a ghostbuster in the og movie
Zainoel Soroto
Zainoel Soroto Hace 7 días
Broh what he just meant just that if you get high or drunk you can imagine anything I mean go to area 51 take a selfie with celebrities IDFK JUST GET HIGH OR DRUNK BROH HAMA JAM
Tyson Chapman
Tyson Chapman Hace 7 días
Jon *does crazy math bit* Me I’m not sure if you’re wrong so 👍
Gacha!Gang 2021
Gacha!Gang 2021 Hace 7 días
Lamps Hace 7 días
can i use honey to get discounts off your merch?
Fiona Knott
Fiona Knott Hace 8 días
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