Dan + Shay, Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours (Official Music Video)

Dan And Shay
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4 oct 2019






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Noch Lola
Noch Lola Hace un minuto
Emily John
Emily John Hace 6 minutos
Hope Selena gets this one day
Lover Ya
Lover Ya Hace 9 minutos
Selena so poor but now she find herself 😢😊
O Just ASMR Hace 11 minutos
Justin is so happy and Hailey too. I support you guys. Never ever get a divorce, pls be happy till death take you apart.
Sam Oul
Sam Oul Hace 17 minutos
I like you justin Bieber you so sweet and haily
M B Hace 20 minutos
Enough with Justin crap & Selena shit for sake. Hehehe hearts to Hailey😻
juju bib
juju bib Hace 22 minutos
Marielle Panaligan
Marielle Panaligan Hace 25 minutos
I don't understand why people throw hates on Justin for choosing Hailey over Selena, I am not really a fan of JB but if he chooses Hailey, maybe he felt happier and more complete around her. ❣️ anyway, i sooooo love this song ❤❤❤
munha risma
munha risma Hace 30 minutos
Lose you to love me justin?
himura hanami
himura hanami Hace 41 un minuto
You look 40x handsome after being a husb!
Manupedrosa Pedrosa
Manupedrosa Pedrosa Hace 44 minutos
Brasil 2019 Deixe seu like ❤
cecelle cabual
cecelle cabual Hace 45 minutos
Who's here after Selena's - Lose you to love me?
Fausztina Röszler
Fausztina Röszler Hace 45 minutos
Fausztina Röszler
Fausztina Röszler Hace 46 minutos
Indian jb fan
Indian jb fan Hace 46 minutos
A beautiful song but not getting enough views🤔😕😔
himura hanami
himura hanami Hace 47 minutos
Too fall in love to this MV. Mainly to the newly wed couple....
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Hace 47 minutos
i love this song
Rabe7-Ultra Hace 50 minutos
anyone after lose you to love me
evelyn coral
evelyn coral Hace un hora
Completely lost faith in love.
ur mum gay
ur mum gay Hace un hora
*justin bieber from 2012?!?*
R lyn
R lyn Hace un hora
Anyone here after listening to “Lose you to love me”.🙋‍♀️
Chevis Tong
Chevis Tong Hace 38 minutos
Jemalyn Gumabay
Jemalyn Gumabay Hace 45 minutos
Musaib Basher
Musaib Basher Hace un hora
Don't choke her Justin.😜
Indian tech dost
Indian tech dost Hace un hora
How many Indian here to listen this song
Dwayne Jones
Dwayne Jones Hace un hora
C'mon Beibs. That's a weird question bro 😩😑
Kei Bells
Kei Bells Hace un hora
Hailey is so frickin perfect. Justin is a lucky man.
Kiran Soitkar
Kiran Soitkar Hace un hora
# Jonas Brothers part 2🌹
nethumya gammampila
nethumya gammampila Hace un hora
Know wt me n ma boyfriend listened to this together .. such a heavenly feeling .. guess wht im gonna lv u for the rest of ma life... ❤❤❤ let god bless uss
Manisha Shrestha
Manisha Shrestha Hace un hora
I can't stop listening this song 😍😍
Ariana Cabello
Ariana Cabello Hace un hora
And I'm came here after watching lose you to love me by Selena 😭 R.i.p Jelena 😞
Najwa Solomons
Najwa Solomons Hace un hora
Surya Rdj
Surya Rdj Hace un hora
Verithanam Justin biber🔥🔥🔥
pirates. nationn
pirates. nationn Hace un hora
How do 40,000 people dislike this song??? 🤦‍♂️
Irina Joute
Irina Joute Hace 2 horas
Ka hmangaih te in hmangaih taka an tla lai hmuh a va han nuam si em lal Bieber 😀
Luzia II
Luzia II Hace 2 horas
In two months, you replaced us!😣💔
Линда Айс
Линда Айс Hace 2 horas
First time i disliked jb song
Eli Sani
Eli Sani Hace 2 horas
Manis bgt mv nya..
Sabrina Siebenmorgen
Loveeeeeee this Song!😍
Sherwin Madera Official
Wow nice voice nice music don't forget to hug to hug guys
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike Hace 2 horas
vgnhdhe Hace 2 horas
Hailey is a racemixing WHORE
Dicha Skye
Dicha Skye Hace 2 horas
Kaouthar Souna
Kaouthar Souna Hace 2 horas
Even if I hate justin but that's super cute 😭😂
Joudi Ali
Joudi Ali Hace 2 horas
Everyone's goals
Jaime Herloch
Jaime Herloch Hace 2 horas
The song would have been better without that fucking lesbian who sounds like haven't hit puberty. My ears bleed listening to her voice and seeing her in the video makes me cringe.
Hailey m
Hailey m Hace 2 horas
Selena breaks This hit Goodbye justin
Bey Hace 2 horas
Hailey is so pretty 🖤🖤
Heather Shotts
Heather Shotts Hace 3 horas
What a beautiful song! I sent to this to my gf, I’d love to sing this to her when the day finally arrives when I can actually ask her to marry me
Mr Beast
Mr Beast Hace 3 horas
100% cute moment 0% naked girls 0% bad words 0% sexual
Mrs Irina Noen
Mrs Irina Noen Hace 3 horas
Am I the only one who remembers Selena Gomez watching this video? It's beautiful! But let's wish her the same happiness and a new beautiful love. P.s. Justin and Haley found each other. Let will find all, who alone right now🧡 "All around the world people want`s to be loved"
Sally Mendes
Sally Mendes Hace 3 horas
2:14 I’m I the only one that cringes? Just me? Ok 👍🏻
Charis Palencia
Charis Palencia Hace 3 horas
this makes me sad for selena ☹️ lose you to love me
aoba san
aoba san Hace 3 horas
Actually justin and hailey have no chemistry and are actually cringy...
•「 AshlyBerrios7w7 」•
Te odio Justin Bieber.
lola the savage
lola the savage Hace 3 horas
Hailey is ruinding the song if it was Selena Gomez it would be better
Justine Roberto
Justine Roberto Hace 3 horas
This three are good to make a band
BeeNa Pradhan
BeeNa Pradhan Hace 3 horas
Justin bieber i love you soo much😘😘😘😘❤🤩
eternal love1
eternal love1 Hace 3 horas
Selena wrote a goodbye song for JB. And JB wrote a song for his wife, same year. Heartbreaking
Denise _Tube
Denise _Tube Hace 3 horas
Hey guys 😜
Deborah- OS&P admin
Deborah- OS&P admin Hace 4 horas
Mrs Bieber looks absolutely beautiful such a beautiful couple 😍
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