Dancing With the Stars: Willow and Mark's Hunger Games Tribute (S20, E4)

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Dancing With The Stars
Willow Shields & Mark
Contemporary Dance
Season 20 Week 4
Aired: 4.6.2015

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7 abr 2015






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Belinda Romero
Belinda Romero Hace 11 días
You know what I find sad. They never got the chance to get a 10 from Len
Bro Holmes
Bro Holmes Hace 27 días
I really like how Mark with all his partners seems to dedicate there most memorable year dance to there most memorable year if that makes sense
David Johnson
David Johnson Hace 3 meses
I was SOOOO pissed when she got kicked off! She was the best one there by far!!!
Peeta and Ginny
Peeta and Ginny Hace 4 meses
Song?? What’s the song??
Faith 4 Disney
Faith 4 Disney Hace 2 meses
Atlas by Coldplay.
patricia arnold
patricia arnold Hace 5 meses
Daniel Alexander González Arévalo
the end had me in tears
robin. jashinsky
robin. jashinsky Hace 9 meses
*THE ODDS SURE AS HELL WEREN'T IN OUR FAVOR WHEN SHE WAS ELIMINATED* It's always the people I like that go home.
Listfy Hace un año
not nad
Kylie Finley
Kylie Finley Hace un año
They should have done safe and sound by Taylor swift. It was on The Hunger Games soundtrack thingy. 🤷‍♀️
Faith 4 Disney
Faith 4 Disney Hace 2 meses
Willow picked this song cause it has sentimental value.
Kayla Korish
Kayla Korish Hace un año
I got the chills multiple times watching this
Hey, I'm Irine
Hey, I'm Irine Hace un año
Foreign Huncho
Foreign Huncho Hace un año
This was fn iconic!!
Terrance Laval
Terrance Laval Hace un año
I don't know whether to feel moved by this order just sob out and cry right now
Sarah Cline
Sarah Cline Hace un año
What's the name of the song
Thelma DeLaMont
Thelma DeLaMont Hace un año
Hunger Games if Katniss wouldn't have volunteer as tribute
Amelie Talyor-Sands
Amelie Talyor-Sands Hace un año
Am I the only one who always wanted to know what the turnout would be like if prim had entered the hunger games instead of Katniss?🤔lol
Chelsea Lomez
Chelsea Lomez Hace un año
She would’ve died, Katniss would’ve probably lost her mum (I doubt she would’ve been able to handle losing another family member and probably would’ve killed herself) and the games would continue as normal. Probably no uprising until many years later
Sarah Cline
Sarah Cline Hace un año
What's the song?
Sarah Cline
Sarah Cline Hace 2 años
When i first saw this I thought it was one of the best dances and the music???it actualy made me cry that heart bead did me in
adrian piedra
adrian piedra Hace 2 años
my wig is still gone
HasTecqGaming Hace 2 años
They should have done a mashup of Atlas by Colplay and Hanging tree from the movie. She could have at lest done the Katniss braid
Belinda Romero
Belinda Romero Hace 2 años
Willow is how my Dwts addiction started. I started watching Dwts because of her and I got addicted
Amanda J F
Amanda J F Hace 2 años
All my favorite stars are teamed with Mark. XD
jen 48w9q0
jen 48w9q0 Hace 2 años
What's the song
nycgirlxx Hace 2 años
I was crying in the audience and now I’m crying in front of the screen
nwahseK droF
nwahseK droF Hace 2 años
he always come up with the most creative routines,especially the routine he created and performed tonight it was brilliant as well
Julio Chisholm
Julio Chisholm Hace 2 años
Does anyone know the name of the song?
Nancy Miller
Nancy Miller Hace 2 años
I love this song and the dance
Porsha Thomas
Porsha Thomas Hace 3 años
Holy Shit!!!
Porsha Thomas
Porsha Thomas Hace 3 años
That dance was cold AF she was prim and prim didn't even have to compete in the hunger although she was chosen katnisa took her spot and yet she danced as if katniss never took her spot she did that
• Lilly •
• Lilly • Hace 3 años
Yasssss My fandom
Anna Tran
Anna Tran Hace 3 años
Our little duck has grown so much!!😭☺️Your sister would be proud!!
Simi's Welt
Simi's Welt Hace 3 años
i must cry everytimes when i look this video
Clasmer Stars
Clasmer Stars Hace 3 años
great the video
Anna Tran
Anna Tran Hace 3 años
Warning: Feelings will be triggered
Rachel Hace 3 años
They shouda won
WowImDev Hace 3 años
I bet willow felt like katniss for a moment
Mairsile Hace 3 años
StrawsAreGreat Hace 3 años
Imagine how amazing both willow and mark are I mean willlow is so young and talented and mark has to incorporate willow into dances that are different
Alyssa Helfrick
Alyssa Helfrick Hace 3 años
Emamae Hace 4 años
I cried multiple times. The tributes dying, the three-finger salute... REAL REAL THE PAIN IS REAL!!!!!!!
Trinity Cox
Trinity Cox Hace 4 años
what is this song called
Trinity Cox
Trinity Cox Hace 4 años
+Chloe Derbyshire *much* sorry
Trinity Cox
Trinity Cox Hace 4 años
+Chloe Derbyshire thank u so mush
Chloe Leanne
Chloe Leanne Hace 4 años
Atlas by Coldplay
Aspen storm
Aspen storm Hace 4 años
She looks pretty badass.
rachel g
rachel g Hace 4 años
Who else cried when she got eliminated?
Rebecca Maymarie Parsons
Me I was so mad I stoped watching but until the finale
DEAD ACC Hace 4 años
Beautiful. I got chill bumps!
BlueEyedBabe03 Hace 4 años
Foof, I just started crying.
Alie Ross
Alie Ross Hace 2 años
still to this day I cry when I watch this
peter zeppieri
peter zeppieri Hace 4 años
My favourite dance of all time
MatiiSigns Hace 4 años
+peter zeppieri same
Laura Garfitt
Laura Garfitt Hace 4 años
So much meaning to it loved it made me smile with pride Love You Little Duck
Dancerama6 Hace 4 años
Neither Chris nor Robert deserved to make the quarter finals. Makes me mad Willow got eliminated so early. She was so good. Mark just constantly gets screwed over
Dancerama6 Hace 4 años
This had to be one of the best dances that season
Rachhlaur Hace 4 años
I just saw Mockingjay pt 2, so I really just need this video right now...
Ellary Quinn
Ellary Quinn Hace 3 años
Rachella yes, tragic that Primrose had to go..😭
Teen. Wizards
Teen. Wizards Hace 3 años
Rachel ikr
Cora Kowal
Cora Kowal Hace 3 años
Rachel I saw Mockingjay part 2 many times all the movies
Rebecca Maymarie Parsons
Same here
Michelle Chetrit
Michelle Chetrit Hace 5 años
aahhh!! so good! love her and she did great! super cool how they have a hunger games themed dance
Julianna Meszler
Julianna Meszler Hace 5 años
Omg I luv Hunger Games and it was sad to see her go in mock jay and dtws THE ODDS ARE NEVER IN OUR FAVOR😃lol
robin. jashinsky
robin. jashinsky Hace 9 meses
For real though.
Kenzie Skye
Kenzie Skye Hace 4 años
I laughed but cringed.
the Dubys
the Dubys Hace 4 años
No they are not
Rachet Rachael
Rachet Rachael Hace 5 años
I don't know about you, but if I was in the Hunger Gamed, I wouldn't be doing freaking dance moves in the middle of the Cornucopia
peter zeppieri
peter zeppieri Hace 4 años
+Rachet Rachael If they were in THG they would actually be fighting but they are just showing it in dance form
Theresa Cogen
Theresa Cogen Hace 5 años
J White
J White Hace 5 años
Great job Willow! Good-luck keep up the good work
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia Hace 5 años
I wonder what the dance routine would have been like if they danced to The Hanging Tree?
Cora Kowal
Cora Kowal Hace 3 años
Jennifer Garcia I wouldn't be so good cause then the music wouldn't be so dramatic
Rebecca Maymarie Parsons
MatiiSigns Hace 4 años
+Jennifer Garcia probably not as good.
Tor Rose
Tor Rose Hace 5 años
Hauntingly beautiful.
Kara Burry
Kara Burry Hace 5 años
im so proud of willow its unreal
Jake Sterling
Jake Sterling Hace 5 años
What's the song
charley taylor
charley taylor Hace 5 años
@Jake Sterling Coldplay Atlas
Maddie F.
Maddie F. Hace 5 años
That was so good!
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