Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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'Miracle Workers' star Daniel Radcliffe takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. Does Daniel Radcliffe have tattoos? Which Harry Potter movie is his favorite? Where did Daniel meet his girlfriend? Is Daniel on social media? Daniel Radcliffe answers all these questions and more!
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Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


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7 feb 2019

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amy Hace 34 minutos
Ariespisiti42 Hace 57 minutos
Tbh Daniel Radcliffe is less of a muggle name than Harald James Potter.
Supreme Assassin
Supreme Assassin Hace 2 horas
Does Daniel Radcliffe want a tattoo? Dan : Yes! *Cool Lightning like scar has left the chat*
Supreme Assassin
Supreme Assassin Hace 2 horas
Yes I know it's not a tattoo bit that scar is cooler
Hunter Fox
Hunter Fox Hace 3 horas
"Yes obviously I love Rupert" = Lie.
Norris Nuts fan
Norris Nuts fan Hace 3 horas
Daniel: Hey I’m Daniel Radcliffe Me: NO, YOUR HARRY POTTER *2 minutes later* Daniel: I’m not a naturally cool person Me: .... wow your still HARRY POTTER if you think your not cool wanna swap lives?!? *5 minutes later* Daniel: I had a surprisingly normal childhood Me: WHAT ok we need to jog his memory, does he even know that he played Harry Potter when he was twelve. *1 min later* Daniel: I’m 5 foot 5, probably 5 foot 6 if I was wearing a platform Me: platform 9 and three quarters?!? (First thing that popped into my head lol)
TWItCh_ ViRgIN Hace 6 horas
Daniel your accent turns me on
Krishna Hace 6 horas
question: Does daniel Radcliff like emma- dan : YES!!!!!!!!
Ferris Becirovic
Ferris Becirovic Hace 10 horas
"I had a pretty normal childhood" Voldemord: am I a joke to you?
Mr Tentacles
Mr Tentacles Hace 12 horas
What happened to guns akimbo?
Frostbite Gaming and drawing
Does Daniel Radcliffe like Emma Watson? Dan: *YES!* Fangirls: "YESSS" *Dan's girlfriend has left the chat.*
Hardi Maddison
Hardi Maddison Hace 17 horas
Daniel Radcliffe would be like the coolest person to hang out with.
Karolina Vizintin
Karolina Vizintin Hace 19 horas
God he is soooo cuteeee 😍😍😍😍😍😍
The best of YOU TUBE
The best of YOU TUBE Hace 19 horas
He is not daniel radcliff. He is harry
Holly Leafwell
Holly Leafwell Hace 20 horas
*_don't get too tall_* Daniel Radcliffe's parting words had me *deceased*
Timo Hartig
Timo Hartig Hace 21 un hora
Man this guy 😂so fun to watch and so humble
God 777
God 777 Hace 22 horas
hey herry potter
vavastime hd
vavastime hd Hace 22 horas
WhY Is hE sOO CuTEEEE??? xD
Aalla Najat
Aalla Najat Hace 22 horas
Dean Khiangte
Dean Khiangte Hace 22 horas
Weird seeing harry potter with no glasses on
Mortz Hace 22 horas
Quebo co ty tu robisz?
Maria Del Mar Basallote Heredia
Hello Daniel 😘
Love song My Music Suno or Sunao
Come back in harry potter as A leader potter
Eva Fickett
Eva Fickett Hace 23 horas
No your Harry Potter
ciri_ riannon
ciri_ riannon Hace 23 horas
he makes so much fun of himslef, such a down to earth and humble celebrity, he's one of a kind :)
TheCatDisapparated Hace 23 horas
Daniel Radcliffe is chaotic AF
ciri_ riannon
ciri_ riannon Hace 23 horas
he behaves a lot like James McAvoy and they also have the same eyes, they must be related lol
Dani V.
Dani V. Hace 23 horas
Amo a Daniel aaaaaah
Jankaye Arriba
Jankaye Arriba Hace un día
no daw???
The Beer
The Beer Hace un día
Internet: *What is daniel radcliffe* Me: AliEn!
Nikolaj 2700
Nikolaj 2700 Hace un día
The sound when he's tearing them off is so satisfying
victoria crowell
victoria crowell Hace un día
I love this if you see I have him as my photo thing yeees
Ben ThatBoiii
Ben ThatBoiii Hace un día
i know what tatoo you should get.......maybe.....a... SCAR ON YOUR FOREHEAD
Boran Dölen
Boran Dölen Hace un día
I love *Daniel Radcliffe* He's very cool...
Humzah Khondkar
Humzah Khondkar Hace un día
1:52 to 1:58 LOLLL
Sujit Dey
Sujit Dey Hace un día
Does daniel radcliffe like emma watson? Ron and jennie hired a hitman now!
Sohiba Sher
Sohiba Sher Hace un día
*Voldemort has left the chat*
jimmy bundic
jimmy bundic Hace un día
Ighh anyone else wish they would come out with a new Harry Potter about all the old characters and there children
ღLilyღ Hace un día
Does Danieel Radcliffe have a son? Dan: No Albus and James: Are we a joke to you?
So Nah
So Nah Hace un día
He’s so annoying
Toasstyy TEEZY
Toasstyy TEEZY Hace un día
RYAN GAS MASK Hace un día
other celebs when they finish the board: **throws it** daniel: wengardium leviosa
Alexander Wood
Alexander Wood Hace un día
Also what is it with Daniel and doing weird movies?
Alexander Wood
Alexander Wood Hace un día
Has Daniel Radcliffe seen/heard of Harry Potter Puppet Pals?
Trixie Hace un día
Wow he is weirdly attractive 😊
Crestfallen Mortal
Crestfallen Mortal Hace un día
Woah I'm 5'6" & female
J Phone
J Phone Hace un día
Bethany Thomas
Bethany Thomas Hace un día
Yeah Michigan
Tamanna Tabassum Mim
He is still cute as his childhood!
Chang William
Chang William Hace un día
Does Daniel Radcliffe have a son Daniel: umm.. no actually Albus Severus potter🥺🥺
Jeanfol Hace un día
does Daniel Radcliffe have a mono-broweye
هالة صغير
هالة صغير Hace un día
Him being humble is just pleasing my 10 year old self
Lola Chicheportiche
Lola Chicheportiche Hace un día
Daniel Radcliffe could be an Avenger
F4NG _
F4NG _ Hace un día
My uncle lives in New Zealand lol
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Hace un día
R u stoned?
Maddys Land!!
Maddys Land!! Hace un día
What does Daniel Radcliffe think of brexit??????
Jasmine Datwin
Jasmine Datwin Hace 2 días
Can I add? Why did Harry Potter grow up?
Joel Teles
Joel Teles Hace 2 días
Question: who is Daniel Radcliffe? Hagrid: *Breathes in*
Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown Hace 2 días
and for the long hair harry potter and the goblet of fire
Mairi love unicorn Kats
Daniel marry me😍😍😍?
lilly lopez
lilly lopez Hace 2 días
No one is mentioning Swiss Army Man and i’m kind of upset
Lavender Quintin
Lavender Quintin Hace 2 días
I love how "normal" he thinks lol so humble and adorable
Aayusha Pandey
Aayusha Pandey Hace 2 días
#Harry is the cutest
Gautam Deshmukh
Gautam Deshmukh Hace 2 días
All I hear is a less serious version of Harry Potter
egotistical egg
egotistical egg Hace 2 días
Never knew Harry Potter became a meth head
Mashal Ahmad
Mashal Ahmad Hace 2 días
Calm down everyone. Harry had to pretend to be Danielle cause it's internet and using magic aur declaring being a wizard in front of muggles is illegal remember??
Julia Martin
Julia Martin Hace 2 días
Is Daniel Radcliffe rich
Sandy Bonacci
Sandy Bonacci Hace 2 días
My fav movie book and every thing else is harry potter
ArzonTM Hace 2 días
8:05 don’t worry Daniel, you’re still 29
{-Elle-} Hace 2 días
Cintia Iszlai
Cintia Iszlai Hace 2 días
his personality and humour isnt acknowledged and appreciated enough
Nick M
Nick M Hace 2 días
Omg mine favourite hp is 5 as well!!
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Hace 2 días
7:27 He didn't even read *Hogwarts, a History* yet!
Katarina Adele
Katarina Adele Hace 2 días
He has the same nose scrunch tick as my dad :3
Carma Art
Carma Art Hace 2 días
Why are the british guys so cute to me tf is this a fetish
摩天楼オペラ Hace 2 días
To be fair, I thought he also played morning murtal for longest time.
Hoàng Đinh
Hoàng Đinh Hace 2 días
There was a time when I thought Justin Timberlake, Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Potter were one person.
Jacob Takeover
Jacob Takeover Hace 2 días
magdalena tutka
magdalena tutka Hace 2 días
I love the fith book
Ernő Vincze
Ernő Vincze Hace 3 días
5:10 - that was... savage.
Alexia Suomalainen
Alexia Suomalainen Hace 3 días
Daniel: I had a happy and normal childhood Voldemort: Am I a joke to you???
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