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Today, storm area 51 , pewdiepie minecraft monday, creeper aww man memes & dog and the dad memes plus when white mom see gamers

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Clumsy Hace 6 meses
everybody gangsta until...
{Oofu Gacha }
{Oofu Gacha } Hace un día
meepcity starts to crumble into trash due to toxic players
Bluh 123
Bluh 123 Hace 8 días
Clumsy waluigi join smash
Trffgfy Hygvgyg6
Trffgfy Hygvgyg6 Hace un mes
When my dad says go to bed
KindPhoenix2 Hace 2 meses
I get erect
Crab rave boy Dundundundun
The roach starts flying
Shaun Link
Shaun Link Hace un día
sooooo, he'll jump infront of a bullet and a knife for me
Luis Salinas
Luis Salinas Hace un día
They play smash bros with the kid who beaten classic mode with every character on the highest difficulty.
Ideski Arts And Gacha ÙwÚ
6:51 YAS KAKYOIN the cherry man
Jimmy jones
Jimmy jones Hace 2 días
Minecraft GreenWitchCraft
The Universal Cow
The Universal Cow Hace 6 días
Sparkiella Gemas
Sparkiella Gemas Hace 7 días
I’m just wondering why people think Cardi B’s music is so bad
LARRY Perez Hace 8 días
Domantas Petrauskas
Domantas Petrauskas Hace 8 días
Better is 6'9'
Kyle S
Kyle S Hace 9 días
Can we admire that there is mario kart wii music playing in the background
Chill_im_pro11 OwO
Chill_im_pro11 OwO Hace 11 días
Am I the only person who likes going back and seeing old memes?
Superghost Diggr
Superghost Diggr Hace 17 días
7:13 well what if no girls like us then how did we get a girl in the first place
Hunter Collins
Hunter Collins Hace 20 días
game ten
game ten Hace 21 un día
My teacher is a female but it's kind of backwards
Iron883 HD
Iron883 HD Hace 21 un día
👁👄👁 👍 👍 🦵 🦵
FluffyBoi Hace 22 días
Bad Grandma
Bad Grandma Hace 23 días
Ghost Cherry
Ghost Cherry Hace 24 días
AteYourChips 123
AteYourChips 123 Hace 24 días
The South Africa one was funny...nice to see my country finally getting mentioned in something
vlogStation101 Hace 25 días
I'm now safe from all danger
This or That Things
This or That Things Hace 27 días
1:16 Is thy is some big brain joke I’m to small brain to understand
Kris E
Kris E Hace 29 días
Lazii Galaxii
Lazii Galaxii Hace un mes
6:54 *boi, who made that meme, its beautiful.* *and i ain't talking about the caption, im talking about Kakyoin-Kun*
QMAX5 _ Hace un mes
#420 Nice
Gopnik Hace un mes
💪 👁️ 👄 👁️ 💪 🦵 🦵
Mr. Gaming Sun
Mr. Gaming Sun Hace un mes
A creeper blew up and uncovered emeralds
Gamescape Gamer
Gamescape Gamer Hace un mes
Boy tapping desk: Teacher: SHUT UP YOU ARE BEING SO LOUD YOU STUPID STUPID BOY Girl literally yelling so loud everyone can hear it in the school: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Teacher: Ur fine it wasn't that loud Boy tapping desk: ¯\_(😠)_/¯
MrSpankMan Hace un mes
I was watching this in 2020 thinking it was new judge me all you like
AU snowy
AU snowy Hace un mes
Shit man same
Troy Edwards
Troy Edwards Hace un mes
#ddm when your brother greifs your house so press f to launch that little sh#t U just got nae naed
McSprite Ali
McSprite Ali Hace un mes
am i the legendary one for being born on April the 20th?
Daniel Savage
Daniel Savage Hace un mes
Dad I'm sorry for using the N word in comments have will say sorry when you get home -zach
Echasey boi
Echasey boi Hace un mes
🗿 /||||\ ||||| ||||| /||||\
Gisèle Ngimbi
Gisèle Ngimbi Hace un mes
4:10 that me
Gisèle Ngimbi
Gisèle Ngimbi Hace un mes
2:38 you forgot minecoins
The Yato God
The Yato God Hace un mes
1:49 yo, Angelo.
doge kidYT
doge kidYT Hace un mes
🗿 #DDM
Harki Plays
Harki Plays Hace un mes
This is racist like ew
Dr. Doofenschmirtz
Dr. Doofenschmirtz Hace un mes
They could've called it DickMac
COSMIC💫 Hace un mes
Alexander Arrington
6:40 or some guy out there could be having his mac sucked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Aaron Messer
Aaron Messer Hace un mes
I live in Switzerland and that's not true
Ivan Weller
Ivan Weller Hace un mes
6:46 big mcdick
SeekTheAlien Hace un mes
1:00 Me, a Minecraft Pro gamer: Actually Gold is more efficient than diamond, just Beaks quicker 🦴
Ben Rothermund
Ben Rothermund Hace un mes
happy new years!
BRY_ 00 _LEW
BRY_ 00 _LEW Hace un mes
Pause it. I said pause it. I SAID PAUSE THE FUCKING VIDEO.ok thank you now press this 1:49
Michelle Lynn
Michelle Lynn Hace un mes
Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas Hace un mes
Everybody gangsta till Everybody gangsta
Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas Hace un mes
3:46 this happened to me once And it changed my whole vision to creepers
Gill Man
Gill Man Hace un mes
Gamingbois25 Hace un mes
#DDM:7 year old girls seated next to boy disgusted face:14 year old girlyear old girls seated next to boy disgusted face
Tanya Zurawiecki
Tanya Zurawiecki Hace un mes
🗿 #DDM
tymek rafal
tymek rafal Hace un mes
Shout out to Guinea pig memes! *Thank you v. much 4 adding g.pig memes,Clumsy😊*
StartingArc4545 Gaming
Can someone translate the “when this guy is on the team” meme? I’m not saying what language cause I’m not sure if it’s Chinese or Japanese and I don’t wanna sound racist cause I’m not. Pls and thank you
Stack Hace un mes
Logan Castillo
Logan Castillo Hace un mes
Swiggityswoner I'm coming for that boner
John Paul
John Paul Hace 2 meses
The cover meme is right exepct for my mom
Dank Toast
Dank Toast Hace 2 meses
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