Daughter says YES to Mom for 24 HOURS!! *public humiliation*

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The Di'Amore Family
The Di'Amore Family Hace 2 meses
Hi Darlings! Lexany's birthday is tomorrow (January 11th) so be sure to stop by her IG @LexanyDiAmore & say hello ☺️🎉
Shadow ilse
Shadow ilse Hace 23 días
The Di'Amore Family mom can’t say no for 24 hours
amerie aguilar
amerie aguilar Hace un mes
That’s my birthday!!!
Melanie Vallejo
Melanie Vallejo Hace un mes
Hope Conger Omg you have the same birthday as my dad his is also January 22nd :) and my birthday is December 29th!!! 😄
Ruqia Atta
Ruqia Atta Hace un mes
Ace Family Member
Ace Family Member Hace un mes
Christine Di'Amore But on famous birthdays her birthday says at January 4th
Maria Zambrano
Maria Zambrano Hace un día
I DIED when ”nacho down nacho down”
Zeynep Tezbaşar
Zeynep Tezbaşar Hace 4 días
How tall is lexany??
Zeynep Tezbaşar
Zeynep Tezbaşar Hace 4 días
Such a good mom
Ariana Carpenter
Ariana Carpenter Hace 6 días
15:17 Omg you gotta love Lex! Hahahah
Judith James
Judith James Hace 6 días
Hi 👋🏼How about doing family speaking philipino for 24 hours challenge? I would love to hear lexany speaking tagalog
Kennedy Jane
Kennedy Jane Hace 9 días
I just realized something.............. if Christine asked if Lexany’s room was clean and even if it wasn’t she would have to say yes😂
H J Hace 9 días
Best family ever!
Cleo Flor
Cleo Flor Hace 9 días
She should've done the filipino accent.
Kayla Perrin
Kayla Perrin Hace 11 días
Hey my name is kayla , and I just started watching you today
Lylah Crafts
Lylah Crafts Hace 14 días
Why are they naked😂
Joanece McCollum
Joanece McCollum Hace 14 días
Vegan but you at CHEESY nachos ????????
Nesh Gomes
Nesh Gomes Hace 15 días
14:06 - 14:12 😂😂😂🤣 I swear I only laugh so often with their videos 😂❤️
Paris Beautylove
Paris Beautylove Hace 19 días
Do a video of to where you say yes to everything Lex says :)))
Desiree Seah
Desiree Seah Hace 19 días
HAHA this is hilarious !!!!
Quick-Sword Ilena
Quick-Sword Ilena Hace 21 un día
Low key hoping the ppl living in tht house find this video so they can watch lexany ding dong ditch their house LOL
Aylin Ramirez
Aylin Ramirez Hace 22 días
Is she gay or really awkward. It’s hard to tell .
It's Nina
It's Nina Hace 22 días
I ship her with Lil Xan omggg
Gigi The potato
Gigi The potato Hace 22 días
NaCho DoWN - Christine
Sandra Suleimam
Sandra Suleimam Hace 24 días
Behind the camera she was probably like screaming at her to do the shot and celery juice😂😂
Halie Glover
Halie Glover Hace 24 días
Lex has to say yes. Lex: legit say NO the whole time 😂😂
AMY BOB Hace 26 días
Am I gonna wack a kid with a stick?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
malaika Hace 26 días
*subscribe to mr. beast* HAHAHAHA YAYY
ItzOurLife Vlogs
ItzOurLife Vlogs Hace 26 días
😂 I love lex my 4 year old has her attitude about doing anything I ask her to do
Arianna Hernandez
Arianna Hernandez Hace 27 días
"It tastes like dirt". 😂😂
Taoggy Animated
Taoggy Animated Hace 27 días
Aren't you vegan? How can you eat nachos?
Jungkook's Timberlands
Let me say this: I HAVE A CRUSH ON LEXANY!
luciana unicorn
luciana unicorn Hace 28 días
Around 2:13 everyone keeps saying super weird things, when she said "this is something I would do as a kid...", LMAO 😂
rayray g
rayray g Hace 28 días
i love how close this family is ❤️
UnicornMerFairyPrincesss Sarah Knight
Yzabela Ramos
Yzabela Ramos Hace un mes
Lex is my mood😂💞
Chloe Eliza
Chloe Eliza Hace un mes
Lexany at 5:20 omg I died 😂
Rachelle Redmond
Rachelle Redmond Hace un mes
you and your daughter are my favs
k c
k c Hace un mes
*What* *About* *MaYbE?*
Bruna Zamp
Bruna Zamp Hace un mes
Omg I need that mean girls shirt lol
Bruna Zamp
Bruna Zamp Hace un mes
Hahah ur daughter is me in life
chenty Lol
chenty Lol Hace un mes
I feel like me and lex would be best friends I love her
Moonlightplayz Games
“Subscribe to Christine diamore” “Subscribe to me beast” Sorry if I spelt your last name wrong
Dania Rizal
Dania Rizal Hace un mes
I can vibe with Lex's soul
taexkitty Hace un mes
And also it’s Lex birthday a
Kambal Ni Taylor
Kambal Ni Taylor Hace un mes
The filipino accent was funny🤣
cecelia dyck
cecelia dyck Hace un mes
I still cant get how diffrent Lexany is then her mom when she was a teen
joana lovesyah
joana lovesyah Hace un mes
Is she a tomboy? No offense rlly im just curious
Aleeya Santos
Aleeya Santos Hace un mes
2:00-2:20 😂😂💀💀
🌻♡ Hace un mes
Your daughter reminds me of that girl from incredible story the movie
Heyheyitsyourfav MSP!!!
Yalls should do a •me and my daughter switch lives for a day•
naomi Hace un mes
she looks like the guy off the package netflix movie
Daisy Loya
Daisy Loya Hace un mes
#justiceforlexany LMFAO time for Lexany to give Christine challenges!
The Multi Mom
The Multi Mom Hace un mes
hahaha she's great :-D You guys are BOTH great. You ALL are pretty great!
Slim Bodack
Slim Bodack Hace un mes
__ Qwerty
__ Qwerty Hace un mes
omg I can literally feel what Lex is feeling while her mom is picking out girly clothes for her right now bc my mom does the same and I have the opposite style of clothing choices.
Slim Bodack
Slim Bodack Hace un mes
Aka “Lex says no to everything Christine says but ends up doing it”😂
dalilah trevino
dalilah trevino Hace un mes
i used to like MCR in middle school but yeah....its emo
Hahaha Hace un mes
I have never heard of parents encouraging their kid/kids to play ding dong ditch. I wish u guys were my parents 💜👍🏻
Isabella Tørring
Isabella Tørring Hace un mes
I love Lexany's personality!! She is super funny!!!!
First Name
First Name Hace un mes
Lex looked so cute talking on the phone😩😂
First Name
First Name Hace un mes
All them girls wanna talk to Lex😂
Teayonna Roddy
Teayonna Roddy Hace un mes
Lex is a whole mood😂
Bianca Da Drummer
Bianca Da Drummer Hace un mes
booshay44_ booshay44_
They’re a beautiful family ❤️ prayers to them
Excuse Me Jungkook
Excuse Me Jungkook Hace un mes
*"Am I gonna whack a little kid with a stick."* Me: Rofl (rolling on the floor laughing) 😂😂😂😂😂💀
Jameela Pagarigan
Jameela Pagarigan Hace un mes
I'm a Filipina Subscriber for months now and I really like your bond as a family. And also, i really like that part when you said "Okay, sige" and you can also do Filipino accent aaaww 💕 You've never forgotten your roots. 🇵🇭
potaeto bwi
potaeto bwi Hace un mes
'you can't say no' "no" me😂
evie600 Hace un mes
Lexany ONLY said no😂
Syd Does Art
Syd Does Art Hace un mes
“Jeans or trackpants?” “black parade pants” that’s me
Maria Franco
Maria Franco Hace un mes
Do a "Mom Says YES to Daughter for 24 Hours" video, please!!!!! Love you ❤️❤️❤️
Faith Arceo
Faith Arceo Hace un mes
Lexany = mood
아드리아나 Hace un mes
Good job Chris!!
아드리아나 Hace un mes
"Thank you for nothing" 😂😂😂
HPRWHG Harry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger
Lexany is a Savage , her Savage level is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Cyber Unicorn
Cyber Unicorn Hace un mes
As a pewdiepie minion, I have to say this. SUB 2 PEWDIEPIE. SUB 2 MR BEAST.
JustHannaMarie Hace un mes
Lexi does my makeup like I do challenge plzz
carlos lainez
carlos lainez Hace un mes
Lex is a mood 😂
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia Hace un mes
😂😂😂😂😂 I cant too funny
Rasarani Devi Dasi
Rasarani Devi Dasi Hace un mes
i laughed so hard when lexani said THANK YOU FOR NOTHING
Juneha Park
Juneha Park Hace un mes
where is lexany’s sweater from???
Curly Hair Monster
Curly Hair Monster Hace un mes
Yes, Lex es definitely naturally beautiful
Emma Gallant
Emma Gallant Hace un mes
I love that she doesn’t care what her daughter likes regardless❤️❤️
Emma Gallant
Emma Gallant Hace un mes
PxOxPxPxY MSP Hace un mes
“Subscribed to Mr. Beast” yess!!
Blueberry Cream
Blueberry Cream Hace un mes
Because chris won the who knows mommy better?
Ice Princess
Ice Princess Hace un mes
“Thanks for nothing” 😂😂😂
mia queen
mia queen Hace un mes
Wow they look so much alike
Memey Yeemo
Memey Yeemo Hace un mes
“Subscribe to Christine Diamore NOT pewdiepie” me
Tammy Seals
Tammy Seals Hace un mes
Okay I'm I the only one that find her kinda cute?
Loryn ASMR
Loryn ASMR Hace un mes
She says no throughout the whole video😂
Chayse Edits
Chayse Edits Hace un mes
“No I’m Tod”
Jai S
Jai S Hace un mes
I love you guys personality and parent child relationship. So awesome!
Brooklyn Nguyen2409
4:58 I felt bad for Lex 😔
Liz Arteaga
Liz Arteaga Hace un mes
"Why'd you put this right here now I look emo"😂😂😂
LoserLyah Hace un mes
“Why are they naked” lmaooo
Scarlett Humphreys
Scarlett Humphreys Hace un mes
I would love to have her as a mom
megan galatte
megan galatte Hace un mes
takes sip of ginger shot* “you’re not gonna do very well in college” 😂😭
Diannuh Hace un mes
Karen_ Rose
Karen_ Rose Hace un mes
Ur daughter is tomboy like to me No hate pls
claire ruster
claire ruster Hace un mes
cool video
Julianna Shister
Julianna Shister Hace un mes
“This is a shot I’m not 21” 😂 lmfao
Valeria Garcia
Valeria Garcia Hace un mes
Lexi is all grown up, she is grateful to have fun parents
Valeria Garcia
Valeria Garcia Hace un mes
Nice parenting
Uche Madu
Uche Madu Hace un mes
The daughter is so funny
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