Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Arsenio Hall Tell a Crazy Richard Pryor Story

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What do the greatest comedians of all time talk about backstage? Legends.
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12 ene 2021






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What The Fork
What The Fork Hace un día
Arsenio needs his flowers like right now, super talented individual that doesn’t get mentioned enough. He is a legend!
cashmere brown
cashmere brown Hace un día
TK McEachin
TK McEachin Hace un día
Love this. Arsenic is such a great storyteller.
Comedienne Ms Lipps
Comedienne Ms Lipps Hace 3 días
If Richard Pryor and Lawanda Page had a side baby it would probably be MsLipps.com 👑🖤👑🖤
Hesh Huntley
Hesh Huntley Hace 3 días
Wow we Sooo need More Content like this 👏🏾👍🏾👍🏾
RG Givens
RG Givens Hace 3 días
I love the way he intrigued the "nexties" with real history. Arsenio has been in the game so long his memories are priceless! Loved it!!
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche Hace 4 días
Arsenio talks like he is saying something important. Nobody cares
Karen Thomas
Karen Thomas Hace 5 días
I wish Arsenio Hall would have another talk show
Jessica Naranjo
Jessica Naranjo Hace 5 días
It’s like being a fly on the wall watching this moment right now. 😌
TEXAS to VA Hace 5 días
That's a great story. I know Eddie had to be nervous if he knew Richard was front row 😬!!
drw isis
drw isis Hace 6 días
omg. too funny. back in the 80s, i took my mom, daughter and nephew both 5 yrs old to cali and stayed in the hyatt next door to the comedy store. ny girlfriend who we went to vist said don't move. we're going out next door to u. that's the spot. and guess what, i saw chris rock talking to pauly shore, got a pic with arsenio, and we just missed Richard Pryor. saw him drive off in his limo. haaaaaaaa. no chapelle though.
Anthony Truss
Anthony Truss Hace 6 días
"Alot of people saying he's the new me but I'm not through being me yet and that sh*t f*cks with me"... Richard Pryor is the best... 😂😂😂
c-at Hace 6 días
its sad because the industry only allowed “one black comedian” at the time... the systems that were put place pit these comedians, as well as other talented artist against one another. people are a product of their environment, but i like to think that there has been some change.
Roc Williams
Roc Williams Hace 6 días
Please do a movie with all of our greatest comedians.
powe v
powe v Hace 7 días
Chris Rock is the G.O.A.T. in my opinion. (NO ARGUMENT)
Steven Green
Steven Green Hace 7 días
Man I would have loved to have seen that moment.
Chief Spirit Wolf
Chief Spirit Wolf Hace 7 días
Awesome Arsenio
William Ivery
William Ivery Hace 7 días
jubril badmus
jubril badmus Hace 7 días
Chris Rock is such a fine man. Elegant in his siting.
Gilford McCormack
Gilford McCormack Hace 7 días
I didn't know Eddie and Chris didn't rock with eachother I thought they were cool
Sophia Miguel
Sophia Miguel Hace 7 días
LEGENDS!!!! Too short of a vid!!!
p. jones
p. jones Hace 7 días
A room full of LEGENDS
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor Hace 7 días
I wonder if TK Kirkland was there...
ezequiel chaparro
ezequiel chaparro Hace 7 días
Very random comment lol but If you look up a battle rapper name eazy the block captain,he sounds like chris rock lol
intense6 Hace 8 días
Eddie Murphy is great, but Richard Pryor is the G.O.A.T.
BlooKollard Publishing
Dave look like Bokeem
Perry Israel
Perry Israel Hace 8 días
Eddie wish he was richard pryor
maame boatemaa t
maame boatemaa t Hace 9 días
Arsenio is such a good story teller..I could listen to him all day long 😁
Jay S
Jay S Hace 9 días
I just dont see Pryor being worried about Eddie Murphy. I like Eddie; but honestly hes not as funny to me.
MaiKai Makena
MaiKai Makena Hace 9 días
Please more behind the scenes shit that was AMAZING to watch I could watch that all day long. All this legends talking like that. ❤️❤️
1. Richard Pryor 2. Eddie Murphy 3. ???
Jannie Wright
Jannie Wright Hace 10 días
Freaking epic
Mo O
Mo O Hace 10 días
Steve and them other guys claim to be kings but this here ARE LEGENDS OF COMEDY
Bernie & Vickey
Bernie & Vickey Hace 10 días
I can't wait to see who's going to play Richard Pryor
We the people !!!!!
We the people !!!!! Hace 10 días
Such a shame. All these legends of Comedy, but at the end of the day its Chess not Checkers.
Onward & Upward
Onward & Upward Hace 10 días
meaningless,a story that went nowhere.The truth is all comedians are backstabbing thieving bastards.
Vera Carter
Vera Carter Hace 10 días
Arsenio Hall is also the GOAT.👑
Bilal S
Bilal S Hace 10 días
Pulp Vision
Pulp Vision Hace 11 días
Where Fans Meet
Where Fans Meet Hace 11 días
Dave Chappelle needs to bring back his TV show and replace the late great Charlie Murphy with Arsenio Hall.
WorldFlex Hace 8 días
Woolworth Davis
Woolworth Davis Hace 12 días
Eddie was no where near as funny as Richard as a stand up comedian!!
Amir Salih
Amir Salih Hace 13 días
Dave is so stoned 🤣💪🏾
Zodiac Stop
Zodiac Stop Hace 13 días
Yeah but the late great Rick James stole that watch out an Eddie Murphy’s house Aquarius is love watches Arsenio hall you know like you
Light Shine
Light Shine Hace 14 días
Luis Enriquez
Luis Enriquez Hace 14 días
The responsible flesh ophthalmoscopically avoid because aunt subcellularly poke an a optimal mistake. uncovered, happy trapezoid
Solo Polo
Solo Polo Hace 15 días
Uh in my Kevin hart laugh at my pain voice “uh you not gone just speed pass that like you ain’t just say that” Tf how you gone give us a Prince & Michael intro and ended it with Richard and Eddie
pipimp100 Hace 23 días
We need more behind the scenes shit like this from comedians!!
DaBlacc$aiyan Hace 28 días
Damn that fucks me up, All these years I thought Richard and Eddie were cool.....
Woke AF
Woke AF Hace un mes
That story needs a closer
Clay King
Clay King Hace un mes
& from there, we got 1 of the greatest classics from them in Harlem Nights..
Sdot Man
Sdot Man Hace un mes
Legends in a room. Discussing a legend. Legendary 🙌
BaYbOi41510 Hace un mes
He is one HELLUVA story TELLER that’s FASHO, when he was telling that story it was I was in that room when it happened
Queen Alice Kingsley
First that everyone epic in one room telling a story about a epic situation, dang
RadioXodus Hace un mes
I love DC, but I'm wondering - is he always high, or only when he's awake?
Bruce P
Bruce P Hace un mes
Who would want a movie where your favorite comedians chilled and told life stories? Sign me up please.
Al Ebnereza
Al Ebnereza Hace un mes
Holy shit it’s Arsenio!!!!!!
Dick Winters
Dick Winters Hace un mes
Arsenio, nah he ain't shit. HoId my weed ChappeIIe, Rock etc etc. Arsenio didn't get the respect he deserves.
moody laus
moody laus Hace un mes
I will just say it..........Everybody in that room secretly knows Daves the GOAT.....including Dave himself....he is just being nice
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen Hace un mes
Great great fuckin story. Would think Netflix would have better quality video though. Lol
Jay Meachum
Jay Meachum Hace un mes
W o w
D K Hace un mes
starion rule
starion rule Hace un mes
Are we supposed to be amassed after that shitty story👎🏻
Luis Castillo
Luis Castillo Hace un mes
Actually, Arsenio tells a crazy Eddie Murphy Story, while Dave and Chris say Woooooow.
Pratyekabuddha 1
Pratyekabuddha 1 Hace un mes
Oh that is a cool story. I need to listen to more Pryor. I liked him in that Superman movie. People talk about that like it's a bad character. But it's not.
Ezra Varnado
Ezra Varnado Hace un mes
Can we get an hour special of this conversation???
Vance Elliott Wright
Arsenio is a the MAN y’all!!! He keeps shit together. Knows the history. Loves His people.knows how to interview. Tells a great story when it’s needed. We need HIM back. ...along with His announcer....
Charlie Bee
Charlie Bee Hace un mes
I absolutely, Absolutely love Dave Schapelle!!! He's friggen hilarious 😂 Love from Australia ❤️🇦🇺
holamoco17 Hace un mes
jason smith
jason smith Hace un mes
That white guy wins - 'we are all the best' 😍😍
M B Hace un mes
That night actually showed MJ's humility....he DIDIN'T HAVE to tell James to call Prince up that night (side note, my dad and uncle was there). James was even reluctant to call him up...MJ had to ask James more than once to show love to Prince. Then James finally called Prince up and the rest is history. But I still believe that the media made it more about two black super stars fighting for a reason and at times, it got the best of both of them. But I'm grown now and I see how the media does especially when it comes to black stardom. Listen to interviews after Prince's death by his employees and band members that said Prince not only cried like a baby but the day Prince found out Mj died, they were in rehearsal, he sent band home and locked himself in his bedroom for days and only spoke to a select few band members and employees.
Scott Olesen
Scott Olesen Hace un mes
The daffy alloy intermittently unfasten because yarn distinctly bathe around a protective transport. ablaze, handsome ticket
Jonathan Lawson
Jonathan Lawson Hace un mes
That's a fuxking classic pic of Prince on the bass ...
Christopher M. Gitonga
Thank You
KXNG DAVID Hace un mes
Now I know why Arsenio Hall shows keep getting cancelled... He's corny AF.
Smug Hace un mes
That was a shit story lmao, everyone tried to hype it up
daniel loyola
daniel loyola Hace un mes
I wish i could hang out with these guys in the same room and just laugh😁
Andrew Ball
Andrew Ball Hace un mes
Dave Chappelle been in the gym !!!
Grayson DuBose
Grayson DuBose Hace un mes
the name drop comedy tour
Lexor888 Hace un mes
What kind of lazy underpaid fu## is responsible for this billion dollar companies YT-channel? The stupid outro music being 5 times louder than the actual video, I've seen better editing on channels owned and done by teenagers...
Allan Hutton
Allan Hutton Hace un mes
That wasn't crazy it was clickbait bullshit
Retro917 Hace un mes
I'd like to Netflix get Arsenio Hall and so a version of what David Letterman currently doing unscripted
Ashlee Renae Larsen
Love the name
mongo slade
mongo slade Hace un mes
We're is this whole thing
Automatik Hace un mes
Dave Chappelle is so many light levels above Chris Rock. Chris jokes are funny, but I never liked his delivery so it lessons the funniness, kinda feel like he's trying too hard to make the joke funny, lol.
yitzhak g
yitzhak g Hace un mes
If you haven’t already, go listen to The Champs podcast with Arsenio. Some awesome stories on that episode. Great story teller.
m. deicke
m. deicke Hace un mes
Netflix is stealing HBO and comedy central's lunch every day. This is what comedy fans want.
Felicia Maria Cook
Felicia Maria Cook Hace un mes
Legends altogether
Gabriel Alexander
Gabriel Alexander Hace un mes
Does Arsenio even age???
Victoria McFadden
Victoria McFadden Hace un mes
What do we need Arsenio Hall there for?
Isaac Rambo
Isaac Rambo Hace un mes
Let's build each other up not break each other down.
Ms. M
Ms. M Hace un mes
Where is Dave Chappell NOW??!!! How old was that clip too much computer technology out here now!!! WHERE IS DAVE CHAPPELL NOW???!!!🤨🤔 I’m a fan and I wanna know 🤨🤨
DigitalMicks Hace un mes
Where is this from? I would love to see an entire series of all these great comedians shut chill and talk memories
SAM . O A Hace un mes
This story is GOLD! Arsenio sounding just like Richard 🙌🏿🙌🏿
samkachar Hace un mes
Interesting fact: Kevin Hart was in the room the entire time but the camera didn't pan low enough to see him.
Ju Ma Ma
Ju Ma Ma Hace 8 días
That's funny 🤦🤣
WorldFlex Hace 8 días
Hart is a hack.
NUK noE Hace un mes
I doubt that...Ü would have heard him! Even when he breathe he sound like SpongeBob....
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore Hace un mes
That's cold.
Michael BATMAN Keaton
Arsenio hall is a scumbag
Zachary Wycuff
Zachary Wycuff Hace un mes
Who is the random white guy on the couch and how can I make that be me
9 9
9 9 Hace un mes
Patrice O'neal was better than all three of you combined.
Fusion Bunker
Fusion Bunker Hace un mes
So the crazy story is that he sat on a step? 🤪
Bigred911 911GT
Bigred911 911GT Hace un mes
Chris is a bigot
Bhupinder Sandhu
Bhupinder Sandhu Hace un mes
Eddie the goat
Chris Rock ROASTING People