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Dave Chappelle can turn literally anything into a joke. Watch and learn.
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Dave Chappelle Pulls Off An Impossible Punchline | Netflix Is A Joke


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12 ago 2019






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Darticide Esper of Void
There's this too: "When i was 9yrs old, i was a scared lil boy and high-strung. One day i was about open my door, then mom opened the door with her face-mask. Startled me really bad...So i []Insert His Punchline]"
Joseph Jester
Joseph Jester Hace 4 días
"I have all these punchlines in a fish bowl." Wouldn't they be better suited in a punch bowl? I'll let myself out. 😂
Bhoopesh Bhola
Bhoopesh Bhola Hace 4 días
What a genius this guy is
Speculative Dude Reviews
One of his... Oh Mormon joke gotcha.
M M Hace 5 días
story was entertaining but not a funny punchline
Skeet Ball
Skeet Ball Hace 5 días
joe 90
joe 90 Hace 6 días
Three Six Nine
Three Six Nine Hace 8 días
This isn't Dave Chappelle.
that part indeedily
that part indeedily Hace 6 días
@Three Six Nine I can see it. It's possible.
Three Six Nine
Three Six Nine Hace 6 días
@that part indeedily Compare early Dave Chappelle to this "Dave Chappelle.". Different voice, different head shape, different body type, different facial hair, different mannerisms, different eyes, different personality, different skin color even. Idk who it is but it isn't Dave Chappelle. They replaced him with a look alike or something. He tries to act like Dave Chappelle but he can't do it right. He has good joke writers still but it's so obvious it's not Dave once you realize it. Just compare it to the early Dave...
that part indeedily
that part indeedily Hace 6 días
Who is it?
Jame Sanchezz
Jame Sanchezz Hace 10 días
I just read the thumbnail and couldn't stop laughing 😭☠️. I saw the special, it was funny then but somehow the thumbnail was so much more funnier, reading it in his voice.
G 'da G
G 'da G Hace 10 días
is he smoking weed?
Hannah Mathew
Hannah Mathew Hace 10 días
0:07 ISN'T THAT GLORY AND MATT FROM SLICE AND RICE???!!!! Biggest crossover of the year
OB Saint Gospel
OB Saint Gospel Hace 11 días
Wish we can get timmy on social media
Paul Machado
Paul Machado Hace 11 días
4.2 thousand haters why????
Rusty Hace 11 días
Chappelle is not even trying anymore. He’s so in the zone that it’s incredible to experience.
William Almendarez
William Almendarez Hace 12 días
I live in silver spring
Dark Thought
Dark Thought Hace 13 días
boring sjoke...what happened to this guy...
freddy Krueger
freddy Krueger Hace 14 días
Just to show how much of legend he is he literally writes a joke and then has a fish bowl then picks it then he makes it lol just fucking comdian god
GuyX Hace 15 días
I remember I was at this show
Wanda Thomas
Wanda Thomas Hace 15 días
Ali Croydon
Ali Croydon Hace 15 días
Here in Feb 2020. I do not get tired of watching the clips or the full length stand-ups
Maxwell Romeo
Maxwell Romeo Hace 15 días
Oh Dave... what a master of comedy.
TheGoPmgtowMonk Hace 15 días
Dave and Trump play 3D chess together.
Red velvet Cake
Red velvet Cake Hace 16 días
Red velvet Cake
Red velvet Cake Hace 16 días
Look people
Red velvet Cake
Red velvet Cake Hace 16 días
So why the people in the crowd keep changing started off with 2 Asian women on front left and right then the lady on the right keeps changing
Red velvet Cake
Red velvet Cake Hace 16 días
She went from Asian to a white lady to a white man pay attention
Sick Boy
Sick Boy Hace 16 días
someone should animate this
Bam Bam
Bam Bam Hace 16 días
Dog Breath
Dog Breath Hace 16 días
Daves parent's weren't poor the white folks were.
Richard The Chef
Richard The Chef Hace 16 días
If you haven't seen the show (well first off, go fucking watch it!), but the cut in the middle of the video was actually the entire rest of the show. What a fucking setup :D
Antoine de Groot
Antoine de Groot Hace 17 días
He transcends the art
Earl Mott
Earl Mott Hace 18 días
Comedic genius. Truly underated.
Ouma Hace 18 días
Maybe you can consider putting the name of the stands up
King Dolo
King Dolo Hace 18 días
It’s funny to some people it’s okay for everyone not to like the same things. It’s life I personally think it’s funny asf. But Kong’s his live crowds (people who are supporting) then hey keep joking
C M Hace 18 días
So I can go up poor around the white people
Mondo Shredder
Mondo Shredder Hace 21 un día
That scenario would make a great, modern day Stove Top Stuffing ad. *BAMMM!!!*
aushim das
aushim das Hace 22 días
His storytelling is so good I forgot about the punchline by the end
Skyflower 007
Skyflower 007 Hace 25 días
Omg I love him. He is too funi
Jason Price
Jason Price Hace 27 días
Fuck me, I eat fried bologna and make $75,000 a year.
Aguafina Hace 28 días
Dave really be juuling on stage 😭😭😭
frankwhite1ne Hace 29 días
Dave chapelle is the fucking man!!
Dru Hace 29 días
What did he mean by "one of his mothers...?"
slmeucalesa1 Hace un mes
one of his mothers came to the door.........
S2daUZ Hace un mes
Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear Hace un mes
So i kicked her in the pussy 🤣
Harsesis Hok'tar
Harsesis Hok'tar Hace un mes
Stop being jealous of white people. Trump's economy is making it possible for black folks to break free from the Democrat shackles that have destroyed their willpower for decades. GTFO there and grab that Stovetop Stuffing!!!!! MAGA!!!!!
Sonn Ikdoh
Sonn Ikdoh Hace un mes
Trumps favorite joke.
Been A Baller Gamez
Daniel Braga
Daniel Braga Hace un mes
Why can't I find this by searching it? the fuck ESvid
Love Me
Love Me Hace un mes
That some Funny Shit🤣😂🤣= (EVERYTHING in Timmy's House Works)...Bahahaha...FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY
Robert story
Robert story Hace un mes
My white parents did only well enough so that I could grow up poor around black folks and my other family members
DanLuxe Hace un mes
He is a god.
jon siewert
jon siewert Hace un mes
Let me guess, the jokes going to include how great white people have it. God does he have any other material.
Marc Kipfer
Marc Kipfer Hace un mes
this is not dave chapelle this is a trained army employee imporsonating him and hijacking his style cheaply & creepishly. This is not Dave Chapelle. laugh-box audio. All commandeered to serve an aristocratic agegenda. fucking war
cammer ammer
cammer ammer Hace un mes
3:43 Bruh what
Vlogs With Geordann
I live about 20 minutes from Silver Spring.... this is true
Box your head off
Box your head off Hace un mes
Oh yea he cold wid it...but the punchline is already funny as hell, original, simple, classic... Chappelle a monster
7X Hace un mes
I had same upbringing, my parents did well enough to be poor among middle class people, this is why I find the idea of equality fun as well because through my childhood it felt it was only me who was poor.
kornwhiskey95 Hace un mes
How do you make stove top stuffing be hilarious!!!??? Amazing
Sam Rono
Sam Rono Hace un mes
This is literally my favourite punchline ever! Undefeated
J. Won
J. Won Hace un mes
Best joke ever lol 😂😂😂
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