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Dave Chappelle took his son backstage to meet Kevin Hart and Kevin gave them a gift for whenever Dave is upset.
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13 sep 2019






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Comentarios 5 343
the profit
the profit Hace 8 minutos
am i the only one who feels like ive watched this before?
Paulbyron Desfosses
Paulbyron Desfosses Hace 10 minutos
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BryantSuck Hace un hora
Awe how cute . He’s friend with Kevin Hart. Both sold out to satan
MISAO Hace un hora
And Beyonce got, “No...You-shut-the-fuck-up money.” 💀
dEAdAimGUNCON Hace un hora
“You know how much money you need to have to tell a woman to shut the fuck up? I have “Quiet Please” at best.......That’s Jay Z money” LMFAO “And Beyoncé has ‘No, YOU shut the fuck up’” 😂💀💀💀
r d
r d Hace 2 horas
"The crowd goes nuts! Thousands of people.... i was furious"...lmao Dave youre the goat!!!!
Matthew Arnold
Matthew Arnold Hace 2 horas
This man is a voice of a generation
bobo fattt
bobo fattt Hace 3 horas
Dave will no matter what be Michael Jordan and kevin is westbrook. He good but he ain't dave Chappelle
Mike Hardesty
Mike Hardesty Hace 3 horas
Dave is petty as fuck and it’s the best shit ever
Dr. Acula
Dr. Acula Hace 5 horas
Don't worry Dave , you're far more funny and talented than Kevin, he tries hard while it comes much more natural to you
Ryze & Shyne
Ryze & Shyne Hace 9 horas
'eh Nigga I do this too!' lol, thats how I feel when ppl force me to listen to some local rappers they like.
Kris Raq
Kris Raq Hace 18 horas
Beyonce got, no YOU shut the fuck up money!
Jermaine White
Jermaine White Hace 20 horas
#GodsPlan 🤘🤘🤘🤘 #ItsAllLove from #TheJermaineShow. 🌹
mohammed 7
mohammed 7 Hace un día
Sir you're one of the best comedian.. Far as i know u may be the best alive
Bang Bang FAME!
Bang Bang FAME! Hace un día
🙏🏼🤣Beyonce's FASHO got "Noooo YOUUUU shut the fuck up!" Money!!!😂😅
Mike M
Mike M Hace un día
Dave should have smashed a doll house over Kevin Hart's head.
Johnathan Jones
Johnathan Jones Hace un día
Bring back the Chappelle show
Alexandre S.
Alexandre S. Hace 2 días
imagine an1h stand up with chapelle and hart fucking around and telling joke how this shit could be dope af.
LoudConnect Hace 2 días
Dave way better at stand up
Konstantinos Doulis
Konstantinos Doulis Hace 2 días
Stfu money was so funny
VinnnyVanGogh Hace 3 días
Yeah but for real, why does it cost more to see Kevin Hart than Chappelle
WickedSharp 001
WickedSharp 001 Hace 3 días
Everyone watching this on YT... just get NETFLIX its like $10 a month!!
The_One&Only Hace 3 días
That sounds like something Kevin Hart would do too
Austin Nduduzo Nkonyane
I'd watch Dave all day erday...
Maddcapper Hace 3 días
He said I got quiet please money... LMAO
Robert Sprouse
Robert Sprouse Hace 4 días
Stole this from Bill Cosby... Changed it up!
aLsOne13 Hace 4 días
He's King
Childofearth Hace 4 días
0:12 the white boy being squished in the audience 😂😂😂. He also laughs like one fucking time -_-....
Buddyd Hace 5 días
Love Dave Showing respect to Kevin but still letting him know, "I'm still on top son"
Ayana Hace 2 días
Right. A Chappelle judo move: he used Kevin's comedy success and shade to create even funnier material 😉
Anumanti Hace 5 días
Dave you are worth 42 million stfu
N Brown
N Brown Hace 5 días
I used to LOVE Kevin Hart until I watched him bash trump and white people with such hatred A tirade if pure hate that I just was saddened by who he really is. I thought he was not only gorgeous but a great actor and an even greater guy. But. At least we have this guy cuz HE IS THE KING AND YUMMY TO LOOK AT!!
A Bridges
A Bridges Hace 5 días
David Chappell is awesome!!!
Ward Atwell
Ward Atwell Hace 5 días
He gave KH his props. Kev got a poke in on him with his kid. Comics roll like that and that is all good. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall when KH, DC, Ali Siddiq, Fluffy...sit down and smoke and drank. OMG the shit giving would be brutal. And your little fly body would be sore from laughing.
Mr.Osornio Hace 5 días
Did he and his son went to kevin hart irresponsible show?
Tyler Scognamiglio
Tyler Scognamiglio Hace 5 días
I want to see Kevin react to this
Just Waves
Just Waves Hace 5 días
@Kevin's Heart
Renaud Villacis
Renaud Villacis Hace 5 días
Kevin. hart I not funny
Humbled Panda
Humbled Panda Hace 6 días
"I was furious" lmao best line
leng ocampo
leng ocampo Hace 6 días
No... u shut the fuck up hahaha
QkotmanYT Hace 6 días
That was a good story. Still a legend that I knew.
Michelle Ford
Michelle Ford Hace 7 días
❤Dave Chapelle
mason deeks
mason deeks Hace 7 días
Dave ain't even funny yea I said it.KEV U STILL THE MAN
Willverinerage Hace 7 días
"Take a loan out for shut the fuck up" LMAO!
Sophia373 Hace 7 días
I love this guy. He's brilliant
Armani aka hops 90,s jumpman smith
I live here😂😂😂
• I'mTonySceptical •
"Because I want to go with you dad" I think if I had that type of relationship with my father I'd be a entirely different person...but alas my father has major issues.
Jeffemano Hace 8 días
Kevin Hart sucks. Just like that whatshisname from Friday. All he does is scream alot like a scared girl.
ILLuMiNaTiKiLLeR786 Hace 8 días
Funny thing is Netflix actually is a joke 🤣👌
Chris B
Chris B Hace 8 días
He’s got the coldest delivery 🚚 in comedy today !
Commander Hamilton
Commander Hamilton Hace 8 días
Shut the fuck up, that's Jay Z money looool
smitty3 bud
smitty3 bud Hace 9 días
One of Kevin's goons opens the door.
Boston playsYT
Boston playsYT Hace 9 días
Lol shit had me rolling no you stfu lol
Jackie Pan
Jackie Pan Hace 9 días
this is how you make content without getting political
Gerald Green
Gerald Green Hace 10 días
Djobo Kuwali
Djobo Kuwali Hace 10 días
Chappelle has no reason to be jealous. If Kevin is pulling out quality material in 15 years I’ll be very surprised
bobo steven
bobo steven Hace 10 días
Is it me or does dave look like he is on steroids.hes freaking swol!🐓
This is MAGA Country
This is MAGA Country Hace 10 días
Old news.
mladen83db Hace 10 días
Wee need Kevin Hart reaction on this video, olease make it happend 😂
mrknowitalllt1 Hace 11 días
Antonio Ross
Antonio Ross Hace 11 días
Dave Chappelle Gives The Best Stories Comedy Legend
sup3rskrull Hace 11 días
Lol the ending was funny
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