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From the interview with David Crystal in Belgrade on 9 November 2013
Interviewer: Tony O'Brien, British Council Director Western Balkans

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7 dic 2013






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moDRan Things
moDRan Things Hace 9 días
I'm here to answer my assignments.
Rafael Abella
Rafael Abella Hace 9 días
yo same
Salsabila Telaga Hidayat
british language is more difficult miss
Harry B
Harry B Hace un mes
He's a good lad
Selin ŞENER Hace un mes
As David Crystal said in the video, I believe the fact that English is influenced and shaped according to a country or nation's culture and cultural background. He said "Everywhere, in every country in the world, there's a new variety of English growing which is culturally influenced." I agree a lot with this point of view of his.
I really like what Crystal said about "If you read South African English every now and then you came across a word and you have no idea what it means because you don't know the cultural background." I think the biggest problem that we feel fearful about while learning English or another language is because of this. When we came across a word or a chunk we don't know, we get disappointed or even maybe discouraged. But if we know this fact and keep going knowing this is not a lack of our language learning skills, lots of things can be much more easier for the beginners of that language.
diegopeart Hace 2 meses
I wonder what drives 42 people to thumb a video like this down. Are these people proud to be ignorant? are they flatearthers? anti-vaxxers? denialists of knowledge? well, world englishes are a fact, have been for quite some time and nobody can refute that.
UAIZcoach Hace 2 meses
this is a smart man
Cholo Ocampo
Cholo Ocampo Hace 3 meses
Shout Out Ma'am Aranda
Ryan Glenn Conda
Ryan Glenn Conda Hace 3 meses
8:57 is that James Morrison in David Crystal's talk? 🤣
olgayurisdaughter Hace 4 meses
And I am a native-speaker like! :)))
ابو سبأ محمد الحميري.
A great speaker
Francesca Hace 4 meses
Native speakers of English should be careful not to assert their own understandings of "Correct" grammar or terminology onto those who speak Global Englishes. They may be different but that does not make them necessarily incorrect.
kaeseullin wu
kaeseullin wu Hace 4 meses
hello gepcomm
Rethika R
Rethika R Hace 4 meses
Thank you David crystal for your world englishes.really amazing.
Shakespeara Amina
Shakespeara Amina Hace 4 meses
Thank you!
Milagros Gimenez
Milagros Gimenez Hace 5 meses
David: how long it takes for a new variety of English to grow? You're thinking... decades? Me: no David: hundreds of years? Me: yes David: it only takes weeks! Me (out loud): WHAT
Homero Campa
Homero Campa Hace 5 meses
Likw si venis de tu profe de ingles
Dzid flower
Dzid flower Hace 5 meses
The thing about posh English is that, it is very clear. You understand it greatly.
長濱ねる Hace 6 meses
Something Smart
Something Smart Hace 6 meses
It is very interesting and something a lot of us don’t think about. It is also the same thing within a subset of English. For instance, in the US south, we use the word fixing in a different aspect than other parts of the country. I posted on Facebook I was fixing to board a flight. I am from Texas, but I have cousins that are from Nebraska and Kansas. They didn’t understand how I used that word, and thus the sentence was hard for them to understand. One even posted: you are fixing a plane? So I had to explain that we use fixing to replace about to. This even happens with pronunciation of words. Someone from Boston would say the word party to the effect that someone from the south would think they said potty. Anyway, I find this subject fascinating and want to research it more.
FZ Mac
FZ Mac Hace 9 meses
he seems like a great teacher!!
Nacho Business
Nacho Business Hace un año
This sounds like an over explanation for slang, his example which he said himself were idioms does not justify saying it is apart of a whole other English dialect, talking about Serbian politics in English doesn't make it Serbian English, you are just talking about local contextual matter in English. I do believe there are differing versions of English and many different versions of pigeon English, but his examples were rubbish. Some intellectuals need better things to do with their time than taking things out of context and creating matters that didn't need addressing. Even his example of American English is shaky, a skunk is a skunk in British English too, it was a newly discovered species, naming something new doesn't mean you are creating a new dialect for the region it was discovered in, the name of that new thing becomes its name in standard English too.
SRWeaver Hace un año
Can we program robots to have emotions? Oh shit, the traffic light is smiling at me! D:
MsSlucyna Hace un año
So, with every new language you learn, you open up to a completely new world existing behind the language itself.
1:07 Well, I'd like to talk about how English has been forcing other local (and world) languages to disappear as part of a plan of a particular linguistic policy which fosters economic and cultural profits mainly (for the English). Now then want me to believe that there are ENGLISHES, as a way to positively accept the dead of native languages in front of English. Manuel ( graduate English teacher & Especialista en enseñanza y aprendizajes de lenguas extranjeras, UNT, Argentina)
MsSlucyna Hace un año
MANUEL ALBERTO CAZORLA You might be partly right, I'm afraid, to some extend, because the globalisation,the prevailing usage of English in media like the internet in the first place, popularity of Hollywood films etc. do harm other languages worldwide. Yet, I' m sure if it's being done intentionally or is it just a natural process we can' t help. By the way, the similar phenomenon takes places within Russia and it's definitely done on purpose! It' s been predicted that as a result, by the end of this century around 60 local languages will have totally disappeared inside Russian borders.
Kornkanok suttikarn
Kornkanok suttikarn Hace un año
very useful, thanks
Er. Sunil Pedgaonkar; Consulting Engineer;India
English has beacme No.1 Global International langauge!We should learn English!
Michelle Teh
Michelle Teh Hace 2 años
i would listen to him read a grocery list
Valentin Farias
Valentin Farias Hace un mes
Eggs Milk Mayonesse Juice Bread Honey Xdxdxd
Mb Nm
Mb Nm Hace 2 años
In 1000 years English and Latin will be dead languages.
민윤기 Hace 2 años
you know his english is american english because when you turn on automatic captions it recognizes what he's saying perfectly unlike when there is an accent like british
Charodeiski Hace un año
His accent sounds 100% British. Not one American accent (not even the transatlantic one) comes close to sounding like this. If you think this sounds like American English, you are quite unfamiliar with spoken English (no offence intended). I personally think he has a hint of a northern British accent. At 02:28 - 03:05 I think his pronunciation of "see", "settlers", and "home" give it away a bit, just to name a few examples. According to Wikipedia Billy Crystal grew up in Liverpool while his mother was from Northern Ireland, so that may explain it. I'm not a native English speaker though, so if any native British English speaker could tell me whether I correctly picked up his northern leaning accent, that would be great.
Frank Kolton
Frank Kolton Hace un año
David Crystal's pronunciation is known in linguistics as RP (Received Pronunciation). The closest spoken English to the rules of English pronunciation is found in the upper Midwest of the United States, often called " General American Standard", it lacks the different accents from other areas. Major TV networks send there promising young news broadcasters to special accent neutralization classes in the midwest. General American Standard is often called Network Standard or newscaster accent. RP and General American are pretty close, RP has a little "Prestige" inflection in it.
Michael Boylan
Michael Boylan Hace 2 años
He says of English that new societies,,,,,shape it push it in a direction it never was in before,,,and then talks only about vocabulary, Robinson Crusoe stranded on a Caribbean island might call a coconut a roundfruit and a parrot a colourbird ,,, and thus hundreds of new words,,,but after 20 years he would still speak English English and not Crusoe English Even if he called a parrot a parrot etc etc after 20 years hw would still speak English English and not Caribbean English, Thus a concept of Englishes based solely on vocabulary differences is false,,,unless he wants to say that Crusoe English is an English ,,,which is absurd, Thus for the concept of Englishes to be valid he has to show how new societies shape and push English in a direction it never was in before,,,,to use his own words
Juan Claudio Castro
Juan Claudio Castro Hace 2 años
Enlightening, Mr. Crystal.
Bench Arz
Bench Arz Hace 2 años
I am a Filipino but I love to speak British Standard English and American Standard English.
Seeker After Truth
Seeker After Truth Hace 2 años
Interesting. He spoke mostly about how English adopts vocabulary from the different countries where it is spoken, which was a new way of thinking about "World Englishes" for me. In most articles that I've read, "World Englishes" are more about the different accents, tones, and intonations that come from the first language in a country where English is also being spoken, which flavors and colors the language greatly.
Miren Morales
Miren Morales Hace 2 años
I have followed Dr. David Crystal's research decades ago. This is just a great easy access resource (summary) for me.
IIBrutalGrinderII Hace 3 años
9:26 that smirk.. bet she would like going to Sohooo lol
ClockFixer Hace 3 años
ClockFixer Hace 3 años
Clapham Junction
Sanna Lockner
Sanna Lockner Hace 3 años
Country adapt it to suit the circumstabces. Want a english to reflekt history aswell. Immediatley start change, only a couple of weeks for a variate of english. Adapt the öanguage to make it their own. South african english theres 10 000 words WHO we dont know because we doesnt know the history. Robot is traffic light. Everywhere theres a new variate of english WHO is adapting WHO is culturally influnced. Every aspekt of ur culture talkad in english Will have a tasfe of the country
Sven Glietenberg
Sven Glietenberg Hace 3 años
"take 400 years ago, or so... when the first people arrived in America" :(
Mikasa Uchiha
Mikasa Uchiha Hace 3 años
Very random - but that's how I imagined Dumbledore to be like.
hey hey
hey hey Hace 29 días
@Silvia Ugolini same
Silvia Ugolini
Silvia Ugolini Hace 7 meses
Very late in responding but I THOUGHT THE EXACT SAME.
Tania Petrova
Tania Petrova Hace 3 años
I love this man! If you haven't already, check out his written works too! He's the best starting point for anyone new to linguistics, because everything he says or writes is brilliantly constructed and easy to follow!
Jessica G
Jessica G Hace 3 años
I love how David Crystal relates everything so effortlessly - amazing man and amazing lecture:)
am lamia
am lamia Hace 3 años
I wish i was there! Respect.
женя корнеев
Because the Russian language has more person feelings.
женя корнеев
Yes that is right the English language needs to use only robot machines and the Russian language needs to be for people.
Lucy Wanjiru
Lucy Wanjiru Hace 3 años
I think he's a lecturer you'll not get tired of listening to. Very interesting guy.
Bobsuruncle Mum
Bobsuruncle Mum Hace 4 años
2:53 lol he said vagina
The Broken Consort
The Broken Consort Hace 3 años
Professor Crystal said: 'skunk' not c***.
J H Hace 4 años
This is so helpful!
Newport Place
Newport Place Hace 4 años
Robot, Clapham Junction, Soho
Janardan Paudel
Janardan Paudel Hace 4 años
Very clear language and lecture.
Marcelo Gandra
Marcelo Gandra Hace 4 años
I'd like to know how non native speakers deal with jargons, phasal verbs, slangs and business lingo, if all of these things are made of words that doesn't mean individually what it means together, they can't understand by the context because theses stuffs are out of the context. How to solve the issue?
a7la00ra7eel Hace 3 años
Marcelo Gandra we learn them as we go.
catalin pastiu
catalin pastiu Hace 4 años
I love David Crystal, he is brilliant and funny.
Quiet Breeze
Quiet Breeze Hace 4 años
Very helpful for my English course at uni. Fascinating stuff. :)
Nigel Hace 4 años
Its great that we all can comunicate through the use of English but on alot of places you see cultural tradition dissapearing because of the use of English people should be more proud of there native language whatever it is!
Lulu Luly
Lulu Luly Hace 4 años
i really enjoyed the lacture 🙈
phyzicelement Hace 4 años
miss my boy Harambe!!! :(
Luis Medina
Luis Medina Hace 4 años
My mexican English.. Nice video Mr. Congratulations!
Daniela Hurtado
Daniela Hurtado Hace 4 años
I love his accent
Zaynab Soyf
Zaynab Soyf Hace 4 años
very interesting for A2 English students!
fisica 20
fisica 20 Hace 4 años
should you give me the transcript?
damar va
damar va Hace 4 años
I need one native speaker I'm a STUDENT add me in whatsapp +584164622528 _________________________
zaher elfeky
zaher elfeky Hace 4 años
I think that many languages will die as many died before,and the number of spoken languages will be small .. Even there may be a few number of languages, May be just one language,who knows..
zaher elfeky
zaher elfeky Hace 4 años
What happened and still happening to English happened to some other languages.. Foe example; to Spanish,Portuguese,French and Arabic.
zaher elfeky
zaher elfeky Hace 4 años
Let me say "English must be for use,not to confuse". I mean:Sure every nation has its own culture and it will not be just a copy of England or America.
Dr Hussain Hameed
Dr Hussain Hameed Hace 2 años
So nice talk
Antonio Jiménez Molina
A very useful talk for educational purposes!!!!!!!!!! I use it in my English classes, wonderful the way he pronounces English words!!!!!!!!!!!!
鄭惠心 Hace 5 años
I agree with Mr. Crystal. He pronounced the words perfectly and his accent and fluency are wonderful. It is a point of view I had never thought of. His ideas are very nice. A very interesting interview about the use of English globally. World Englishes that means people mix English with their native language so the other country, didn't understand what's that local people talk about English mix with their essence. That's why, we also need to understand their culture too.
劉佳威 Hace 5 años
10216019 語言存在的意義是為了讓人們有個工具能去溝通,然而在不同國家,不同文化的情況下,即便是同種語言也會演變的不一樣,好比全球共通的語言"英文" 在不同的國家裡也有不同的使用方法,同樣的一個詞在兩個不同的國家或許也會有不同的解釋
楊瑀蓁 Hace 5 años
world englishes refers to the different varieties of English and English-based creoles developed in different regions of the world. the study of World Englishes consists of identifying varieties of English used in diverse sociolinguistic histories, multicultural backgrounds and contexts of function influence the use of of English in different regions of the world.
Eunice Kuo
Eunice Kuo Hace 5 años
StudentID10316042 World English opened my mind incredibly because I can know different cultures by learning world Englishes. And he also encourage us that we don't be afraid to learn more languages, he tells us some purposes from learning different kinds of languages.
翊婕 Hace 5 años
STID: 10116040 I am surprised at that an American English to develop only takes weeks. I thought it would take several decades. Therefore, I finally knew a new language can be shaped in short period of time after I watch this video. And languages could be influenced by culture, history and so on. So I think that's why the world Englishes has been produced.
Yu Tzu Liu
Yu Tzu Liu Hace 5 años
STID:10216053 Entire world are use English. But the cultures are different, the speaking English also has some different. For example, the American English and the Singapore English have some different. People should accept new language to blend into their language, and develop their own language.
shu-sian Liao
shu-sian Liao Hace 5 años
STID: 10216020 It's important to realize what is world English because there are a lot of country start to pay attention to learn English. When they learn English, they are interrupted by their native language. Maybe native speakers of English don't understand what they talk about because native speakers of English don't know their culture.
10216033 I agree what Professor Crystal says, he explains so many aspects of learning the World Englishes. By the way, he tells us that we need to explain our culture, myth, legends, the food you eat, the folklore you have, the songs and so on in English, which extremely attracts me. If we do this in our daily life, then someday we can learn more know ledge as well as our native language. Thanks for sharing this useful and inspiring videos.
Y.T. Hace 5 años
(10316010) Before i saw this video, i think all English vocabulary have the same meaning but I learning that robot means traffic light in Africa, this is a interesting for me. i'm not a native speaker of English, I learn that language will change along with the culture background.
林郁宸 Hace 5 años
World English varieties that have developed in territories influenced by the United Kingdom or the United States. It was developed in only a few days, not so many days. It is variously used throughout the world. Sometimes called Word Englishes. I think English can be use by many countries themselves, so many kinds of English come to the world. Such as African English.
Alfred Huang
Alfred Huang Hace 5 años
Different cultures create various Englishes - World Englishes. People have different understandings of what other countries' languages are. So, what I'm saying is that you might not know exactly what one from another country who speaks English with different kinds of terms and phrases and you might think it's weird. However, Englishes are all the same. They are all equal important languages.
Jill Hu
Jill Hu Hace 5 años
STID: 10216042 The words will change the meaning from countries to countries. The same English words might have different meanings from Africa or other countries. The word might be have a positive meaning in British but might not have positive meaning in some countries. For some reasons, the meaning of the word might not be the same as the origin. I like Mr. Crystal's video.
黃稜迦 Hace 5 años
World English opened my mind incredibly because I can know different cultures by learning world Englishes. And he also encourage us that we don't be afraid to learn more languages, he tells us some purposes from learning different kinds of languages. I think that he will talk these purposes, he must have try them. Maybe fail or maybe success, they are good for us to learn the languages.
Ping Hsu
Ping Hsu Hace 5 años
STU ID:10216054 許渝屏 一個新的語言並不是很簡單就可以創造,需要透過文化交流和人與人的情感創造唯有懂得當地文化,我們才能理解語言。至於情感或許你跟一個很好的外籍朋友相處,你們會創造彼此才懂的字句或代號!這也是一種語言創造。
Elsa.美美. Hace 5 años
Language is be use to communicate. And adapt to different custom and culture that have different kind of English. English, in nowadays society is a world language, and that English will be effect with local language. Equivalent to Taiwan, mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese also have effect to each other.
Chang Sophia
Chang Sophia Hace 5 años
St ID: 10316006, Hsiao-Yu Chang I really agree what the professor said that language will be influenced by culture. Professor Crystal gave many examples to expain that concetp. Many countries have developed their own English that native speaker may not understand like Singlish. This language mix English with some local language such as Chinese and Malay. The grammars and the words are very different from the British Englisn or American English. So it is why Professor Crystal would say that Englsih do has plural.
Celine Hace 5 años
10216006 林關玉 語言的組成方式、形容方式,可以反映其文化的思維。世界上多種語言的類型,顯現出世界上文化的種類有千百萬種。就例如,每當發現新的生物品種時,或是瀕臨絕種的物種,世界都會呼籲要保存物種。就像語言跟文化相互關係一樣,不同的語言跟文化都要必要存在的需要。而A和B的語言、文化會因為衝擊而形成新的語言、文化,語言不會漸而少之而是會多元化。
Christine LIU
Christine LIU Hace 5 años
STID:10216002 Evolution of language are subtle differences generated by the environmental. If we want to learn other languages, first, we must understand the local culture and historical background.The evolution of each language through people and things will change.
Each country mixed their language and standard English. Through language we can realize different country culture and background of the world.
10216005 Nao
10216005 Nao Hace 5 años
I agree the opinion of professor Crystal. In my opinion, even people can speak one language, such as English, Japanese. It is not sure that people can adapt the language of the other country.
王怡婷 Hace 5 años
STID: 10216011 When you heard someone say one word but you didn’t know what it is and you think what are you talking about. I hear someone say T.G.I.S. I really don’t know what it is. Then I study English many years, and now I know it mean Thanks God Is Friday. It really cool because in our country we don't say that. We will say oh ya, today is Friday.
Emily SHIH
Emily SHIH Hace 5 años
10216007 Using World Englishes that means people mix English with their own native language. There are struggle to learn English with many different purposes. You can see how important is the culture if you want to learn a language.
Minnie Hong
Minnie Hong Hace 5 años
STID: 10216009 I think language acquisition cannot be separated from culture acquisition. We need to go to the roots of English during our learning, to keep enough elements in common. And then we can be able to speak our thought. If all people speak English around the world. I think it will very convenient, but it lost some different meanings. Other language will be lose.
JING YUN Hace 5 años
I think world Englishes that are combine many different languages. 而每個國家的每個語言都有他們自已所擁有的文化. 所以這些文化也有可能會影響到英文在世界各地的使用. 這也是為什麼會有world Englishes的產生. 10216014
Pin yi Lin
Pin yi Lin Hace 5 años
By the Mr Crytal speak, I can find the interesting of language. A language can changed in different country. You might find that a language have different culture in every country. It was very interesting.
林美筑 Hace 5 años
STID:10316004 You should choose your local interests your history, and also put in a direction. America English produce within a week, not have hundred years. Because culturally influenced. When a new consumes and a new languages whatever touch new conditions may produce new English or language. Every aspect of your culture myths and legends or food you eat would have new culture. If you want to learn language you should try new things, you may learn and pronounce fluency.
zx951753i Hace 5 años
although i don't know what he said totally, i learn about that languages are still related with the cultures in countries. Languages can let us know about that people have relationships with each other.
Alice liu
Alice liu Hace 5 años
STID:10216008 Alice 這世界上的任何一種語言,因文化傳播,彼此之間的交流,產生形成一種新的語言,或是動植物間也會有各種方式交流,語言,形成一個新語言並傳播。例如像新加坡英文,從英文變成新式英文。透過這樣傳播方式,語言會有各種發展形式。當然這樣的語言形成方式並沒有對錯,就是每個文化的發展不同。
王映茹Ying-Ru Wang
I agree what he said! Learning lots of language can know how important is the culture. English is not just English anymore. Nowadays, people would mix their native language to be like English, and how can't you say this is not English? That's very important to our people to notice different country, different culture can show their characteristic. This can also represent their feature of culture right?
佳君侯 Hace 5 años
STID:10316051 After watch this video, I understand somethings about the professer said. If you want to learn a language, you can see how important of the culture.
Kuo Sarah
Kuo Sarah Hace 5 años
It is important to know the culture when we learn English. English changes every place. The word meaning might change in different places. This video is interesting. It's a good issue. (10316018 )
學生-Lois Hace 5 años
STID: 10316008 What a special theory! I learned a valuable lesson from this speech. As a student, we are asked to prepare lots of presentations. I'd always have the problem about how to transfer the words in English. According to this theory, maybe I can create some new words in my way.
陳兆竣 Hace 5 años
以現在來說,英文已經是許多國家的通用語言了,但因各個國家都有自己的文化,所以在自己本國的英文與正統的英文上會有所差別,這應該就是World Englishes基本的結構吧。
我覺得這老師說的真好 若沒有他的理論 我大概想不出有這樣的問題產生 所以我認為這部影片對大家來說很有幫助也值得深思 He is definitely giving the encouragement for people who are struggle to learn English with many different problem. and I understand why our Culture why our Language.
10216016 GEACE
10216016 GEACE Hace 5 años
Student ID:10216016 如果每個國家都用英文表現自己的語言的話,英文就會轉變成他們的風格,新的一種語言風格就會出現,像是新加坡人使用的英文,從原本的English變成Singlish,就是一種語言的轉換,像是放在台灣的,就會是台式英文,可能在發音上會加入台灣本土的腔調。
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