DAY6 "days gone by(행복했던 날들이었다)" M/V

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DAY6 "days gone by(행복했던 날들이었다)" M/V
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10 dic 2018






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Comentarios 23 056
dearDREAM Hace un hora
i just love this aesthetic so much!!
Estela Da silva
Estela Da silva Hace 2 horas
Aaaaaa que lindo 💛💚 Quero vcs de novo no Brasil🇧🇷
Kim Tae-ri
Kim Tae-ri Hace 2 horas
Desde que escuche esta canción me trasmitio un sentimiento de tristeza y ahora que se la traducción 😭😭😭😭😭😭 estoy llorando 😢 es muy bella. Bien por estos chicos 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Hindun Aini
Hindun Aini Hace 7 horas
my day where r u?? 🙋
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 4 horas
lubnaski Hace 7 horas
Wonpil's ver is comin guiseeeee
DoYouKnowBTS ?
DoYouKnowBTS ? Hace 8 horas
b.eyaaa Hace 10 horas
omg i just remember iv of spades😳❤ they are filipino band who also make good music💯🙌🏻
Morgan John
Morgan John Hace 12 horas
Francis Dee Francisco
Francis Dee Francisco Hace 13 horas
i need a comeback, i miss them already
Lmao Bob
Lmao Bob Hace 14 horas
jae the anime guy
narisaramahawan mahawan
I like this song he and can playing music good look very
Horen LastTeacher
Horen LastTeacher Hace 23 horas
JYP- The Home of Retro.
Sara Thamires
Sara Thamires Hace un día
Affff so perfect ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ElleElle1226 Hace un día
이 뮤비로 입덕했는데 첨엔 성진이 엄청 까칠하고 무뚝뚝 할 줄 알았는데 방방이 일 줄이야..
Aneen Yao
Aneen Yao Hace un día
why does it feel like a 1975 song??
denise Hace un día
i hope we reach 6.5 million views before their next comeback.. let's all work harder :)
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace un día
Linda Fujiyanti
Linda Fujiyanti Hace un día
nata Hace un día
nada shannia
nada shannia Hace un día
March 20th, 2019. absen
chaeyoung willneverchaeold
Youngk: *my male ult* Me: *forgets to listen to this amazing song whrn it came out*
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace un día
it's ok since you're streaming
Ana Laura Santos
Ana Laura Santos Hace un día
I feel a huge the 1975 vibe
Anamusic30 Hace un día
😮 amo esta canción esta muy genial se escucha como si fuera un clásico de los 60 ,70 u 80 no se jaja al menos a mi me parece así algo retro jaja me encanta el vídeo estos chicos siempre me sorprenden amo su musica ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Melange Black
Melange Black Hace 2 días
Боже, классная группа. +1 фанат в фандом
10969_ shirazu_
10969_ shirazu_ Hace 2 días
Dowoon looking hella good with blond hair
Namjooniefan123 Hace 2 días
Wow... I am definitely a fan!!! I had heard of them, but never looked them up. I REGRET IT! WOW! I love 80s and 90s music and this is just so good!
Namjooniefan123 Hace 16 horas
+EmmAtiny H Yay! Thank you! 😄
EmmAtiny H
EmmAtiny H Hace un día
I think like you ! I hard so late too, now I watch all there MV, cover and more. And page ESvid of Jae (it's Jaesix le you want best member in english!)
Raquel VS
Raquel VS Hace 2 días
Likeeee so much
waluigi time
waluigi time Hace 2 días
I connect so much it hurts
10969_ shirazu_
10969_ shirazu_ Hace 2 días
This is A BOOPPP !!!
Bnoey Byun
Bnoey Byun Hace 2 días
i think i like it
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 2 días
I'm sure you did
Miss Idk
Miss Idk Hace 2 días
I’m going on a day6 binge watch... I don’t stan them yet but I hope I do once I’m finished because I believe bands should be appreciated more! I already stan 3 other bands so why not try to stan all? 😂
Miss Idk
Miss Idk Hace un día
Yara A I will 😆
Yara A
Yara A Hace 2 días
Thanks. And you may also check Jaesix, Jae's channel.
I Reject Rejections
I Reject Rejections Hace 2 días
Day6 could make a very bad music video and it wouldn't exist
rubber ducky
rubber ducky Hace 2 días
everyone sleeping on day6 i can't never relate LOL 🗿🗿🗿
MyOwnLyrics Hace 2 días
I think this is one of my favorite comebacks. I'm naturally attracted to hidden gems you know. LOL.
Joyce Djikeng
Joyce Djikeng Hace 2 días
Great song! New to the group, who shaved their head?
Kat Hace 2 días
His name is Sungjin! He is also the leader of Day6.
Wee Ku
Wee Ku Hace 2 días
love you
Wee Ku
Wee Ku Hace 2 días
ria monika
ria monika Hace 2 días
kangen wonpil, ayooo streaming!!
bangtan trashue
bangtan trashue Hace 2 días
that moment when ur wig got snatched
Mitsuki Mimichoe
Mitsuki Mimichoe Hace 2 días
I've found them a few days ago through I need somebody, damn who knew I needed them!!!
rayneisrandom Hace 2 días
This reminds me of my crush like we didnt date i was just waiting too long and this songs reminds me bc after awhile i knew we wouldnt make it even if he did come to me we were both changing alot so i just gave up on him and i think he knows bc i act different with him kinda hurts but i have to move on:((((
Yara A
Yara A Hace 2 días
This song actually gives me prom vibes in highschool. There will always be "the one" soon.
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 2 días
aw, that's sad. But you know what's not sad? streaming day6
Yazyd Muktadir
Yazyd Muktadir Hace 2 días
Day6 is not unrated it just the people taste does not suit them to hear the song of Day6 which is unique to listen.❤❤❤
Elena Laínez
Elena Laínez Hace 3 días
I can't be more in love. I still don't understand why they are so underrated. I just don't get it.
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 2 días
listen everyday to be happier
Fox ed
Fox ed Hace 3 días
Day6 you know? I listen this song everyday.
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson Hace 3 días
this song desere more views!
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson Hace 3 días
+Isa •u• 👍
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 3 días
that's why we are streaming
Hace 3 días
Beautiful 💛💛💛
I'm not here
I'm not here Hace 3 días
0:14 Calm down Bob. Why you starin at me like dat.
Milena Silvestre
Milena Silvestre Hace 3 días
Karol Oliveira
Karol Oliveira Hace 3 días
nossa eu amo o day6 demais
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 3 días
somos duas
Karol Oliveira
Karol Oliveira Hace 3 días
rem essa musica eh mto boa
moony moon
moony moon Hace 3 días
this song is really relaxing
itpuda tiny
itpuda tiny Hace 3 días
im still into this song and I'll never get tired listening to this BOP
Dms Sag
Dms Sag Hace 3 días
Oh wow it’s so great to see an actual band in kpop wow again. I never knew 👍🏾👍🏾❤️❤️❤️
Spooky Yoongi
Spooky Yoongi Hace 3 días
K when this song came out it didn't snatch my weave *Day6 personally came to my house and shaved my head*
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 2 días
Listen to this song everyday and you may be happier (not sure about you hair tho haha)
Spooky Yoongi
Spooky Yoongi Hace 2 días
+Isa •u• I can't buy a new one I've given all my money to bts and soon day6 skskskskssk
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 3 días
Lmaoo you gotta find a wig now
emmi hehehe
emmi hehehe Hace 3 días
this is GOLD
monica polii
monica polii Hace 3 días
I can't let every single of my day to not listen to their songs 🎶
monica polii
monica polii Hace 3 días
ashley daniela salazar legoas
Ame, amo y amaré esta canción 😍😍😍😍😍 Me encanta todo, su estilo sus voces sus personalidades
우타이테song Hace 3 días
Ivan Hace 3 días
got perfect the hardmode of this song on super jypnation.
Unkrtvx Hace 4 días
This song is way too underrated!!
Linda Fujiyanti
Linda Fujiyanti Hace 4 días
Streammm woyyy
joy jeon
joy jeon Hace 4 días
its like we’re in the 90s
anisanao -sc
anisanao -sc Hace 4 días
this is my first time listening to them and this sounds like the type of song i'd cry to wtf i love this,,,,they used 80/90s theme tHE WAY I CRIED FR IM SAD like can u believe not bopping to their songs for the entirety of ur existence? i'm a clown
Joanna Almazan
Joanna Almazan Hace 4 días
Alex Styx
Alex Styx Hace 4 días
I need English version of this 😭😭 why is DAY6 so underrated? please release english version of this 😭😭
Faraya Rizky
Faraya Rizky Hace 4 días
i never get bored when i watch it for a many times
cheska dedios
cheska dedios Hace 4 días
aghhhhhh deserves more viewsssss
kiss naohito
kiss naohito Hace 4 días
Good song ! Good band!
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 4 días
yas stan talent stan day6
Helen Atkinson
Helen Atkinson Hace 4 días
This is so 90's. Love it!
Jendeukiekuma Hace 4 días
This mv is copied from New order's crystal mv, but I love day6 and this mv a lot!❤️ And I'm not sure if jyp was supposed to copy it so don't get triggered
Yara A
Yara A Hace 4 días
Apart from the stage with colorful backdrop while playing the instruments, dancing and having fun, I dont see how the MV is copied from NO's Crystal. And yes, I did listen to lots of NO's at one point in my life lol
M T Hace 4 días
Carmela Encinares
Carmela Encinares Hace 4 días
busted all my uwus on minho
day 36 of waiting for my remember us album to arrive
bangstan for bangtan
Tomika Sänger
Tomika Sänger Hace 4 días
it's dude, i like much this song ahhahaha, they remember me to The Beatles
hoshigoto ryusei
hoshigoto ryusei Hace 4 días
You were great dude!!! #KeepSupportDay6
byulharang Hace 5 días
queria dizer q estou chocada com o talento
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 4 días
aaaaa br
Gih Castro
Gih Castro Hace 5 días
dowoon my babe have much talent, im proud
Gih Castro
Gih Castro Hace 5 días
sungjin thank you best leader
Gih Castro
Gih Castro Hace 5 días
jae you are my angel
Gih Castro
Gih Castro Hace 5 días
wonpil you have my heart
Gih Castro
Gih Castro Hace 5 días
day6 is the best band forever
Gih Castro
Gih Castro Hace 5 días
omg ilys
NeEy Jaa
NeEy Jaa Hace 5 días
been listening to this for weeks and I sincerely want this to be my ringtone but i aM A 22 YEAR OLD HUMAN WHO DON'T OWN A PHONE, so frustrating
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 4 días
+NeEy Jaa k then
NeEy Jaa
NeEy Jaa Hace 4 días
+Isa •u• idk i dont like phones,
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 5 días
wait why
izaxxx x
izaxxx x Hace 5 días
rose mariposita
rose mariposita Hace 5 días
♥♥♥♥♥ uffff nunca me canso de ellos
Camila Vega
Camila Vega Hace 5 días
Vanellope Kim
Vanellope Kim Hace 5 días
Me in every day6 song: UwU AAAAAAAA my heartttt
Lisa Hambi
Lisa Hambi Hace 5 días
Omg I’m obsessed with this song 😭🥰
G BTSPINK DLE Hace 5 días
TRIPLE H:retro future is the best retro song in KPOP!!! DAY6:hello Triple H:who are you?! DAY6:we can make a better retro song triple H:ha ha ha no. DAY6: "DAYS GONE BY" Triple H: f*ck!
Bionic Naru
Bionic Naru Hace 5 días
I'm back coz i really appreciate their talent
OLD but GOLD Hace 5 días
Seriously,this what really KPOP means....pure Korean and I think the only English word is Baby. STOP SLEEPING ON THEM THEY DESERVE BETTER.
BTS ARMYS 4EVER Hace 5 días
Those 843 dislikes are from the jealous peeps
Isa •u•
Isa •u• Hace 4 días
They clicked the wrong button
seulgiblink Hace 5 días
Question: Why is Day6 so underrated Answer: People can't stand pure talent
동급생 Hace 5 días
노래는 밝은데 표정이 너무 치명적인 거 아니냐
Siti NurKomariah
Siti NurKomariah Hace 5 días
Sungjin, youngK, Jae, wonpil, dowoon 💗💗
Iris Park
Iris Park Hace 5 días
wow this song could even fit in real '80 eras. respekt!👍
grado 904
grado 904 Hace 5 días
I had to look twice so I can recognize each one.
꾸꾸까까 Hace 5 días
다 존잘 ❤❤
shinee's weird fan
shinee's weird fan Hace 5 días
trend setters day6!
no one 2.0
no one 2.0 Hace 6 días
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