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DC's Stargirl 1x11 "Shining Knight" Season 1 Episode 11 Promo - A BLAST FROM THE PAST - Courtney’s (Brec Bassinger) life gets turned upside down when someone from her past arrives in Blue Valley. Meanwhile, Pat (Luke Wilson) uncovers new information about the ISA’s plan and Jordan (Neil Jackson) makes a surprising discovery at work. Jennifer Phang directed the episode written by Geoff Johns (#111). Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington, Cameron Gellman, Trae Romano, Meg DeLacy and Christopher James Baker also star. Original airdate 7/28/2020. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on ESvid for more DC's Stargirl season 1 promos in HD!
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DC's Stargirl 1x11 Promo/Preview "Shining Knight"
DC's Stargirl Season 1 Episode 11 Promo
DC's Stargirl 1x11 Promo "Shining Knight" (HD)
#Stargirl #DCUniverse #DCTV
» Watch DC's Stargirl Tuesdays at 9:00pm on The CW
» Starring: Brec Bassinger, Amy Smart, Luke Wilson, Joel McHale, Lou Ferrigno Jr.
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21 jul 2020






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سمسم سيلاوي
A beautiful and sad episode at the same time I love a series like the heck Women and girls are the best creation on earth Women, faith, love, justice, equality and everything must be protected. I respect the women of the world everywhere. Every marriage must take place against a woman forbidden from treason or the opposite of another girl, because you have no right
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Courtney just needs use Dr. Midnite's googles, and ask him who's her father
donovan goldsborough
Very definition of a deadbeat dad
Kevin McDougall
Kevin McDougall Hace un mes
Is it safe to assume Courtney won't be going through her "braceface" phase on the show?
Abhiraj Hace un mes
*Our Queen has risen*
Oscar Alirio Méndez Villa
Yo no entiendo la mama, nunco tuvo una foto del papa o simplemente no le puedo decir, me parece tan extraño...
Nd O
Nd O Hace un mes
Her dad is shitty
Naruto, Ninjago, and The Flash are the best
How did this video get up to 1.2k comments in just 5 days
Brown Dearborn
Brown Dearborn Hace un mes
I think the janitor is stargirl father.
uncanny dcmarvelous
Is not.
Emperor Bartu
Emperor Bartu Hace un mes
Her real father is part of the royal flush gang at least in the comics
Emperor Bartu
Emperor Bartu Hace un mes
Wait drago king is still alive
Tjxen Dlue
Tjxen Dlue Hace un mes
the cosmic stuff is glowing more brighter then it did before. what does it mean?
Ali Hace un mes
I think Henry and Courtney are cousins just not the way she thinks. I think Sylvester and merri and Courtney’s father are all siblings and maybe someone or a group of people split them up
Malak Adil
Malak Adil Hace un mes
you are my dad .yes . lets have a DNA test .
wkadalie Hace un mes
I think Barbara wuold know who the father is, unless he Roffied her. And if he had, she wouldn't let him come over for christmas.
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson Hace un mes
Sadly this show does not have the balls to do a lot of what the JSA comics did. Such as Hourman's power pills (struggling with anger and addiction) Or after dr.midnights treatment of racism. Or "the real American" a Democrat senator that was a KKK leader supervillain....oof I would love to see anybody try and tackle that one LOL 🤣
Oyinkan X.
Oyinkan X. Hace un mes
can we get some justice for the kids that were murdered at the hands of ADULTS AKA THEIR PARENTS wtf is this?!
Cheeser Hace un mes
Icicle should introduce cable to the Isa he has the killing kids connection (Deadpool 2 Reference btw)
Diego Pansini
Diego Pansini Hace un mes
"Chuck, pull up a profile on Sam Kurtis" Boom, solved
JosephMeza Meza
JosephMeza Meza Hace un mes
It’s to bad Courtney and Henry couldn’t time travel to the past to when starman was alive so Henry could read his mind to confirm if he is Courtney’s father
JosephMeza Meza
JosephMeza Meza Hace un mes
He’s an imposter
JD Studios
JD Studios Hace un mes
Absolutely buzzing
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen Hace un mes
Think Green
Think Green Hace un mes
It would be great if DC made a JSA movie.
Richard P. Ramirez
Richard P. Ramirez Hace un mes
I'm scared that the cw ruin this amazing show, with all that... 😥
R.Rodriguez0309 Hace un mes
ok so does anyone know who's going to get the pen with the electricity thing?? I hope they don't make us wait till the 2nd season to find out. and does that girl with the goggles do anything other than just talk to chuck? cause she seems useless to me lol!!
stream dance like nobody’s watching
R.Rodriguez0309 ikr
R.Rodriguez0309 Hace un mes
@stream dance like nobody’s watching I like her character just not what she contributes to the team I feel like she'd be the liability! (efficiency wise)
stream dance like nobody’s watching
I feel you. Beth is a bit annoying
Iroh the Dragon Of the west
Man i can’t wait for next episode and seeing court get what she desires... The truth.
Henry Cann Junior
Henry Cann Junior Hace un mes
Of starman is not her father, then am all in for Henry and Courtney because they have so much chemistry.
stream dance like nobody’s watching
Henry is dead
Angel Gatcha
Angel Gatcha Hace un mes
I swear to god Courtney’s father is like one of the supervillains in disguise like maybe dragon king I’m guessing this because he is going in on the sneak attack when Barbara is holding the staff crying...and if you are gonna ask in the comments how they got the email Jordan is his friggin boss and brainwave or shiv must’ve spilled the beans by now.... The reason why I am guessing shiv or brainwave has spilled the beans is because the fight dragon king and his henchmen are having with shining knight is just outside blue valley tires the place the new JSA train. I am thinking that Courtney should’ve learnt her lesson by now shiv part one knocked her down a bit but I think the loss of her possible cousin has at least put her into line and knocked down her confidence kinda like a wake up call like ‘oh ok that can happen I need to train’ kinda like how sportsmaster was a wake up call to Rick as he knocked him down...a lot I got some kind of idea of why the staff works for Courtney if that guy is Sam Curtis.but I’m not going to say as it could spoil the season
mike nike
mike nike Hace un mes
Imagine being the two of clubs
Julie Symonds
Julie Symonds Hace un mes
Courtney‘s mom: „Starman is not your father. This is your real father.“ Courtney: *surprised Pikachu face*
سمسم سيلاوي
A beautiful and sad episode at the same time I love a series like the heck Women and girls are the best creation on earth Women, faith, love, justice, equality and everything must be protected. I respect the women of the world everywhere. Every marriage must take place against a woman forbidden from treason or the opposite of another girl, because you have no right
Johnathan Quinones
Johnathan Quinones Hace un mes
I got to say that seeing a man walk by Courtney doorstep of her new home after Barbara gave him a email and claims to be Courtney father was very surprising to see a blood relative that she never knew about but im not buying it because that man doesn't match Courtney picture from her necklace of her real father so the real question is that how do we know if that man is really Courtney father since he just shows up out of nowhere and claims to be Courtney father but how do we know if that's true because for all we know that this man could be an imposter like he could be a spy for the ISA to learn more about Courtney and her secrets to find out that she is stargirl and found out about her new friends secret identities as well for the ISA to hunt them all down and either A they might take them in as prisoners for the ISA to take advantage of or B they could try to kill Stargirl and her team for the ISA to claim victory and create project new America for them to rule the world so let's hope that stargirl can see what she needs to see about that man if he is Courtney father or not but i still believe that starman is really Courtney father since she still has a picture of him in her necklace and hopefully when the truth comes out for Courtney then hopefully Courtney will still be on the right path of being a hero since she is still fighting for what's right her and her new JSA team to protect everyone since she has a new JSA team to fight together for life as one big superhero family and Courtney started her own superhero legacy to fight for peace and freedom for everyone in blue valley and bring the ISA to justice for hurting a lot of good people and kids and to make blue valley a safe place for everyone to live in a free utopia city.
Fire&Lightning Hace un mes
This clip really makes it look like Shining Knight is her father lol I had to watch it a few times to notice the difference between the two actors. This show is so damn good. I thought initially Barb may be a retired Lady Liberty but probably not. It was awesome how she recorded them on the fly ❤️🤍💙
Psycho J
Psycho J Hace un mes
When I heard the name Shining Knight, the only 2 things that is popping in my mind is Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.
Anuj Batra
Anuj Batra Hace un mes
Could the janitor at school be somehow related to starman or the person who created the staff?
Banyong Sering
Banyong Sering Hace un mes
I hate to love this new series!! I canrt wait to watch it next week
UKn0w 5aM
UKn0w 5aM Hace un mes
Dad: "Hey Courtney, I'm your dad!" Courtney: "No your not!" "The Shining Knight is my dad!"
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Hace un mes
She is my waifu!
Otapo Doeseb
Otapo Doeseb Hace un mes
I just read that Henry is dead. The actor confirmed it. 😭😭😭 And just when I was starting to like him too!
BlitzHunter12 Hace un mes
This show makes me so happy when they are in their suits❤️😁
Wath the father of stargirl n is starman o yes ?
Kaskasiaho Hace un mes
Pat never told you want happened to your father He told me enough, he told me wasn't starman No, I AM YOUR FATHER
Korn Flakes
Korn Flakes Hace un mes
Damn. I teared up when Henry died. That was a great episode. Stargirl is the best. But did he really die? 😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😖
Racool Hace un mes
Ok so it's confirmed, Starman isn't her father. I was sicking of not knowing for sure all this thime
Lili Troeger
Lili Troeger Hace un mes
just because starman isn't related to stargirl in the comics doesn't mean the writers would decide to base the story on that same plot. plus new story bases are fixed for these superhero's/comic books all the time. for this stargirl, in this universe, i believe that it would be interesting if Courtney was starmans daughter. plus the only reason pat said that Courtney couldn't be starmans daughter is that he never told him. maybe there's a reason for that. something beyond the jsa and the isa.
Mizhan Hace un mes
plot twist, barbara once hooked up with starman. ok finish, courtney is starman daughter.
TITANMAN251 Hace un mes
Uh-Oh, This is gonna get Scary. Also Superhero Shining Knight? Cool.
tyjuann Hace un mes
i love how she’s reluctant to believe that’s her father when her mother even admits it him but pushes that star man is her dad when multiple ppl tells her he’s not
Sebastian Maregatti
Starman wasn’t her father but there is a connection between him and Courtney. There have been way too many coincidences
Keith Ranson
Keith Ranson Hace un mes
She might want to consult 'Chuck' (Capt. Mid-night's goggles);I'm sure they would confirm this.
trex advent
trex advent Hace un mes
Is the new JSA going to discover that the School's Janitor is the Shining Knight?
VT Hace un mes
@wkadalie yeah and the minions are probably Rick and Beth
wkadalie Hace un mes
Pat would already know who the shining knight is. He was one of the seven. It's pretty clear Justin was drawing his sword on Pat. And Justin was just hullusinating that it was dragon king.
trex advent
trex advent Hace un mes
Is things going to get complicated for Courtney since she met her biological father since she believing that Starman is her father made her bond with Pat and become a better superhero?
Saya Ann
Saya Ann Hace un mes
Courtney: Starman was my dad Pat: No he wasn't Courtney: YES HE WAS Real dad show's up Courtney: IMPOSSIBLE
Edward Badege
Edward Badege Hace un mes
@Saya Ann oh dw about it👍🏾👍🏾
Saya Ann
Saya Ann Hace un mes
@Edward Badege i was actually kinda rude about it...reply if u read this
Saya Ann
Saya Ann Hace un mes
@Edward Badege oh now i get it thx edward
Edward Badege
Edward Badege Hace un mes
@Saya Ann dw I was just kidding, did you catch the "Avengers" reference?😂👍🏾
Saya Ann
Saya Ann Hace un mes
@Edward Badege um actually you shouldnt care abput it
Kipster G
Kipster G Hace un mes
They need to bring back Henry join the JSA .
patt2175 Hace un mes
patt2175 Hace un mes
Star gurl rox beyond my Supes Gurl fantasy
patt2175 Hace un mes
Faux actor whining play her & kill son
patt2175 Hace un mes
Headaches is easy 2 kill
patt2175 Hace un mes
I would kill/torture “Headache” until this pathetic human begged mercy from “Crim the Grim”
Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
I think tHe school's janitor is courtney's dad
Rukia abdalla
Rukia abdalla Hace un mes
Does anyone know in which order I should read the comics... I can't wait another week i need to occupy my time with something lol
Orian Archer
Orian Archer Hace un mes
Something is fishy about this guy
Dominic Sindayen
Dominic Sindayen Hace un mes
How did she beat dragon king but lose to dragon king's daughter twice
Shinobi Reign
Shinobi Reign Hace un mes
Dominic Sindayen bro are you even watching the show there would be no suit if she’s naturally strong. The suit amped her lol.
Dominic Sindayen
Dominic Sindayen Hace un mes
@Shinobi Reign stop forcing it wtf haha if it gave her amp they wouldve said so or showed so, and if she was healing she wouldnt have gone after cindy head first like that
Shinobi Reign
Shinobi Reign Hace un mes
Dominic Sindayen Courtney was still healing so of course she was struggling. Cindy punched Courtney in the stomach and it did nothing it’s obvious Cindy suit gives her the amp.
Dominic Sindayen
Dominic Sindayen Hace un mes
@Shinobi Reign her suit didnt have super strength she was still able to fight courtney without her suit and courtney was still going to lose to her when she invaded shiv's house
Shinobi Reign
Shinobi Reign Hace un mes
ROTHSSHVILI plus her suit gave her super strength and caught Courtney off guard so.
Christina Delrio
Christina Delrio Hace un mes
Rainbow Pegacorn Cosplay
What the hell do you guys think was up with the Cosmic Staff in this promo?
btqy Hace un mes
Maury: Sam Kurtis you are............................the father.
A.J. DeNofa
A.J. DeNofa Hace un mes
I wonder if her father was a member of the Royal Flush Gang like i the comics. I hope Ted Knight will be featured so it can be explained how Courtney can wield the Cosmic Staff.
Krypton853 Hace un mes
Shouldn't Barbara remember what he look like. After all you can't just forget about the man you slept with n had a kid to.
Official Filmilen
Official Filmilen Hace un mes
Courtney's dad is a villain
S.N.J Hace un mes
Hope The Shining Knight doesn't die like Brainwave Jr.😭😭😭
Anime Otaku
Anime Otaku Hace un mes
Wow...talk about daddy issues. Courtney’s really gonna have some things to ponder, especially since she considered Starman her dad. 🤔
magic Butterfly
magic Butterfly Hace un mes
This is what I found in Wikipedia of the fathe of courtney un the cómics " Later, she discovers her biological father (Sam Kurtis) working as a common thug for an incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang. They later confront each other during one of the Flush Gang's robberies "
Jason Scott
Jason Scott Hace un mes
That's impossible her dad died and now he's back we finally get to see the janitor fight
chetan mh
chetan mh Hace un mes
yay! mysterious old man makes an appearance! :D
Grace Hace un mes
Like the whole time I was watching that show I’m like “Starman wasn’t your father, the staff just chose you”
caleb lang
caleb lang Hace un mes
Star girl has to be the best show on the cW flash and green arrow have been good but never had this much consistency I just hope Solomon Grundy actually comes out of the cage in one of these episodes
arnigx Hace un mes
so, who is her dad ??
Blind Justice-404
Blind Justice-404 Hace un mes
The sooner the (probably unsavoury) truth about Courtney’s birth dad is resolved, the sooner I get to seeing her acknowledge Pat as her “real” dad.
The Wonderlander
The Wonderlander Hace un mes
I’m kinda pissed that they killed Henry Jr. they could’ve developed his character and power so much more and had a really good and better character arc . There could’ve been a bigger fight where Henry was ready to face Brainwave. We could’ve seen more of the dynamic of adding Henry to the team (especially Yolanda) and him coping that his dad is a villain. But no he fucking died or will be resurrected and be evil or something idk but either way I’m kinda pissed.
lucas Vinicius
lucas Vinicius Hace un mes
Luciana Santana
Luciana Santana Hace un mes
I think Henry will come back thanks to Dragon King that wants him in case the machine needs him. Don't ask me how, but Dragon King probably know how to do that
theiviaster2 Hace un mes
Courtney has been extremely annoying lol
Luciana Santana
Luciana Santana Hace un mes
SPOILER FROM EPISODE 10 I can't get over of Henry's death!
The Flash
The Flash Hace un mes
Everybody theorizing and arguing about who is Courtney’s father and who’s right 1x11 promo releases Everybody: ...
Joseph Valenzuela
Joseph Valenzuela Hace un mes
LOL. I'm re-reading my JSA trades again. JSA collections 1 and 2. Starts with All-Star comics issue 58-67 in Volume 1. Volume 2 is issues 68-74. I bought them in 2008 or so. JSA is one of my all time favorite teams. I'm looking for characters from the show. BTW Sportsmaster and Tigress aka Huntress appeared in All-Star comics issues 72-73 , back in the 70's. LOL. Shinning Knight is here too. Star Spangled Kid and Shinning Knight were members of .....
FL C4 Hace un mes
where can i watch this series, it's not available in google.
FL C4 Hace un mes
@Subi Philip can you give me the link?
Subi Philip
Subi Philip Hace un mes
you can watch it on the CW or you can just download it on plex
MasterPiece 1419
MasterPiece 1419 Hace un mes
I really really hate hourman! He's so annoying! I would rather have henry on the team.
TheDoctorwho747 Hace un mes
Ah man I really hope Henry jr isn't dead I feel like all that buildup of him being a hero or a villain it will be disappointing if it ends like that. Unfirtunately I think he might be dead because it they are already using their budget big time for SG and WC and having Henry be there all the time could be told much but I really hope he is alive. This show has been amazing so far, that fight scene st the end was just plain awesome.
Lobofka. Hace un mes
Who liked Henry?
Stanislav Minchev
Stanislav Minchev Hace un mes
I got goosebumps after watching this.I just love this show so far!!!
S. P.
S. P. Hace un mes
Show is finally starting to get a little good. Although idk why they would kill Henry off so fast, he was my second fav after Rick. Still a lot of issues with the show, and Yolonda and Courtney make me cringe every time they are in screen, but it’s getting better.
William Darkhölme
William Darkhölme Hace un mes
The only other thing I hated about this promo is that her mother force her daughter to move away with her away from Blue Valley moving away from all our friends who are probably being monitored by The Dragon King and besides her mother is in the wrong for it because no matter where they hide no matter where they go the dragon king and the members of Isa will be after them
William Darkhölme
William Darkhölme Hace un mes
Her mother's got a lot of explaining to do and she better tell the truth because I don't think that's scumbag is her father Starman his her father. Or there's always the alternative call Maury Povich
Gacha ・Samッ
Gacha ・Samッ Hace un mes
As I get that maybe that other guy is her father, there is some proof though that starman might be her father! Like how he never showed up for christmas and never came back (starman died on that night and obviously never came back!) It's just not believable that the other guy would be her father!
wkadalie Hace un mes
@Gacha ・Samッ It doesn't need to be different. This isn't like batman, where we've heard his backstory a million times. Most people have no idea who these characters are.
Gacha ・Samッ
Gacha ・Samッ Hace un mes
@wkadalie True, But we also gotta think that the show is different then the comics! But we shall see :3
wkadalie Hace un mes
Or it was a coincidence. In the comics star man is not her father. Sam Kurtis is.
JMervan 37
JMervan 37 Hace un mes
Is henry Jr death??
wkadalie Hace un mes
Saw an interview with him today. And he says as far as he knows. He is dead. So I doubt if he comes back it will be this season.
Shura Li
Shura Li Hace un mes
Her dad is bad guy, low level bad guy
Matty Walsh
Matty Walsh Hace un mes
“I’m your dad” uhm no your not Joel McHale!
Mylife7269 Forever
Mylife7269 Forever Hace un mes
I didn't think his father would actually kill Henry. I was happy he was standing up to him, like it's his Dad regardless. Until he confessed he was the one who killed his mother. All my feelings suddenly change to RUN! 😔
Jameer Hairston
Jameer Hairston Hace un mes
Oh Shit😱😱😱
Brec is so cute
Shardae Cotton
Shardae Cotton Hace un mes
Question if that was Courtney's dad wouldn't her mother know?
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