De Los Santos' FURIOUS reaction after Shakur Stevenson defeat 

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15 nov 2023






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Comentarios : 2,1 mil   
@achillesis8521 Hace 17 días
One of the first times I’ve ever heard a translator actually *translate* what was said lol. Hope we see more of him.
@P2Feener305 Hace 17 días
Not exactly exactly but close
@ClassicKidSan Hace 17 días
It was better than dude at the press 😂 He was only translating for Shakur
@jmj2029 Hace 17 días
el es mexicano, entiende muy bien, incluso cuando la persona tiene otro acento.
@user-tn4ej8tk6e Hace 17 días
@joedirt1006 Hace 17 días
He actually does it all the time
@Juan2142 Hace 18 días
The only thing worse than this fight was Timothy Bradley's commentary 💩
@roydominguez-bo4cj Hace 17 días
I liked this comment
@sjay1253 Hace 17 días
@eddyhernandez8350 Hace 17 días
@brilliantly_me Hace 17 días
@Vr30Boostlyfe Hace 17 días
@farfromparadise18 Hace 17 días
If shakur stevenson is the next big thing in boxing , then boxing is in a really bad place
@Abrahamyisrael Hace 17 días
Ennis boots is being hyped for that spot not shakur
@sabinascott4297 Hace 17 días
@johnnynckee Hace 17 días
Black Americans best in boxing 🗣✊🏾✊🏾🇺🇸
@alidaygo619 Hace 17 días
@gabba2891 Hace 17 días
Possible injury for his other hand
@NateSmith87 Hace 17 días
Shakira Twitterson fits him perfectly. Dude is all bark and no bite.
@mrgrandi Hace 17 días
The thing this fight confirmed to me is that whenever Shakur Stevenson if facing an opponent just as fast an dangerous as him his gameplan is "All defense". He won't engage for NOTHING!😂
@shawnsmith2540 Hace 17 días
Same here homie.....That young man has talked himself into a corner I don't think he can get out of... He so Defensive, unless he knows he can't get hurt he will not Engage and jump back 6 feet on a feint but appear to be Aggressive!
@upthepeace Hace 17 días
He is scared to lose
@mcalann Hace 17 días
As soon as he gets a whiff of someone who can crack, he gets so scared. Bro gotta know he’s got a glass chin or something
@mrgrandi Hace 17 días
@@upthepeace I don't think he scared to lose, I think he probably can't take a punch. That would explain why he always stick to defensive style
@SuperNewsViral Hace 17 días
Imagine calling someone out on twitter just to run when you meet him in a ring😂😂😂Shakira Twitterson🐦
@donjoseramores3427 Hace 17 días
@israelcampos6581 Hace 17 días
Hahaha 🤣
@deontaestriggles8361 Hace 17 días
@Rafael-oe3bb Hace 17 días
​@@deontaestriggles8361he can be 100-0 and still be shakira tweeterson
@deontaestriggles8361 Hace 17 días
@@Rafael-oe3bb and still rich while u crying about his fighting style🤣
@ePlayablez Hace 17 días
The number of times the commentators said Shakur was “dominating” this fight had me second-guessing my existence. Clearly, my eyes have been deceiving me my entire life. 2 jabs landed a round means you’re dominating? Please. A decade of watching boxing and this is the worst fight I have ever seen on any level. And Shakur wonders why people don’t want to fight him. Because sitting on the couch for 40 minutes is a more worthwhile and fruitful endeavor.
@fightsforrights9744 Hace 15 días
Well said
yah true story, shakira just stayed back the whole fight avoiding everything
@pablocastaneda352 Hace 9 días
Was thinking the same
@horusallegory Hace 17 días
Edwin De La Santos deserved a draw🔥 He was the aggressor
@iamdjrudebwoy Hace 17 días
He was the aggressor but not landing punches 🤷🏾‍♂️
@TAkara-rj5ki Hace 17 días
No. He actually should win. He was robbed.
@iamdjrudebwoy Hace 17 días
@@TAkara-rj5ki robbed of what? He barely landed anything. They both landed single digit punches
@nickcurtis2813 Hace 17 días
Be honest, Shakur is a golden boy of the sport and GETS to run. This forces his opponents to forgo being defensively responsible just to have a fight. I'm honestly proud of De Los Santos for not giving in to his coach and the announcers by "going for broke" and thus leaving himself wide open to punishment. DLS is a great fighter!
@iamdjrudebwoy Hace 17 días
@@TAkara-rj5ki its in the rules but he barely landed anything and he wasnt as aggressive as most of you were saying. Both of them played it safe. It wasnt until the later rounds where Edwin was trying to go for broke.
@rafaelpolendo9238 Hace 17 días
People are saying it was just a bad performance but honestly this is how he always fights. The only difference in this fight was that De los Santos had more punching powe than all his previous opponents so he had to run more on this fight.
@hungry07580 Hace 17 días
shakura ran all 12 rounds😂 he didn't even boxed just ran. He made rolly win more entertaining 😂
@draco2xx Hace 14 días
i feel bad for edwin, he worked his butt off to become champion then to have it stolen from him cause that 😺shakira ran the whole damn fight but least he got paid, win/lose situation. i hope he gets a money fight with tank next, well deserved
@jacob-ud6cp Hace 11 días
More than punching power. He had good counters with speed. I like this guy so much I been watching his previous fights & I didn’t know him until this fight.
@adrian_veidt Hace 6 días
This isn't how he fought Herring or Yoshino when he stopped them. Or against Oscar Valdez. But the thing is this wasn't the first time shakur looked like trash against a decent puncher. So no. Cut the excuses.
@faugusto1983 Hace 16 horas
Actually the biggest difference is that de los santos is actually about the same size as shakur. No weight bullying, no punches i guess. Without massive size and reach advantages i think he will always fight like this and just never engage.
@enrycabello5217 Hace 17 días
Campeon del pueblo❤️ los verdaderos campeones
@roberttejeda1925 Hace 17 días
The problem with boxing is that it over values defense which gives fighters this way out by just moving around and not engaging its true that defense is very important but it shouldnt be valued over aggression and pressure because at the end of the day its a fight that people come to see not a dance of some sort
@michaelmorris6406 Hace 17 días
If the other guy's job to break the defense. To cut the ring off. To get to his opponent. To try slowing him down by hitting him in the body. Got to use your brain too not just your muscles. It's called the sweet science. It's not Stevenson's fault The guy can't hit him. His trainer has to show him how to do it.
@jedsteelwell2354 Hace 17 días
​@@michaelmorris6406no it's your job to do damage. That should be the only criteria that wins a fight. That's why more people are watching UFC these days the refs literally yell fight if your trying to stall or not engage.
@roberttejeda1925 Hace 17 días
@@michaelmorris6406 its also the defensive fighters job to counter when there's a opening in order to make it a fight otherwise what stops boxers from just moving around and avoiding punches the sweet science is hit and don't get hit not... Don't get hit and move around
@TheBrotherHoodSports Hace 17 días
​@@michaelmorris6406It's only the other guys job to do that if his opponent is a runner
@jamaalrobinson Hace 17 días
There's nothing wrong with defense. Shakira RAN, that's not good defense.
@nmtz91 Hace 17 días
And Crawford has the nerves to say Shakur is the next big thing 😳😂 lmao Imagine trying to introduce someone to the sport for the first time and you show them a fight like this 😂
@crazyrick2651 Hace 17 días
Facts that’s why ufc is number one and am a boxing fan first it sucks to watch fights like this
@nmtz91 Hace 17 días
@@crazyrick2651 exactly We ain’t talking about just a random boxer this guy supposed to be the next big thing according to many Plus it’s not like this is the first time he does this Shakurs mentality will be his biggest downfall no way this guy will never sale tickets much less be super star
@King_JappyJoe Hace 17 días
No wonder his fight was on Thursday at 11pm 😂😂😂😂
@joegee1001 Hace 17 días
With this performance their about to move him to Tuesday at midnight
@smokedoggbaby953 Hace 17 días
Bro I was wandering why such a so called "big" fighterlike Shakur was fighting on Thursday did he not want people to tune in lol geez
@King_JappyJoe Hace 17 días
@joegee1001 Monday 3Am on Telemundo, final Offer.
@fernandoherrera6823 Hace 17 días
Monday night boxing here soon with Shakiras awful performance.
@kctmbs1978 Hace 17 días
Totalmente orgulloso de Edwin por esta profesionalidad. He visto peores reacciones en robos mas ligeros. Runner playing being boxer... Not his fault though, Edwin is a monster. The fault are from the THREE judges that gave him victory, giving the award of making this sport boring
@JR4REAL Hace 17 días
@jtostado95 Hace 17 días
@@JR4REALhard to swing when you're running all fight
@joneseybaby8124 Hace 17 días
@@jtostado95If boxing is hit and NOT get hit then Shakur did just that. Santos is just mad because he was swinging at air.
@carlosnegron1278 Hace 17 días
Nose porque dises eso Delos santo no iso nada solamente no quiso ariesgal.ninguno Delos dos tanto que ablaron los dos paraque los dos notiraran nada en toda la pelea los dos fueron dos gallina curuleca
@danielpimentel6162 Hace 17 días
@@joneseybaby8124 Are we talking about the same fight? When exactly did Shakur hit Edwin? At least Edwin was trying to fight...
@richardmindiola2655 Hace 17 días
He pretty much solidified his career in never getting bigger fights. No one will want to fight him if they’re gonna lose and not even get hurt.
@robertomurri1278 Hace 17 días
Exactly. His purse will go down after this. Hard decision for his promoter to negotiate from now on
@4lifedeathwish Hace 17 días
Are you talking about Edwin or Shakur?
@Jmxd21 Hace 17 días
But if he knocked him out no one would fight him either. Shakur has a bad fight and now we get to see all his haters come out
@raider_reaper_4194 Hace 17 días
​@4lifedeathwish that's a diluded comment. If he KOd Santos the world would be clamoring for Shakur , but instead he cured Insomnia for millions
@inquisitvem6723 Hace 17 días
@@4lifedeathwishShakira Tweeterson
@jorgemarte6955 Hace 17 días
Como Dominicano puedo decir que me siento orgulloso de Edwin de los Santos.... Es un peleador fuerte, rapido, fuerte pegada y sin miedo....con razon Shakira decidio correr en vez de pelear.
@bluedemon79 Hace 17 días
Como Mexicano, estoy de acuerdo. Shakira no peleo, corrió! El Dominicano si vino a pelear!
@domingojuarez1335 Hace 17 días
Orgulloso. De verdad te sientes orgulloso el también tuvo culpa porqe le hiso falta HUEVOS. Porqe si no Kiere pelear. El lo BUSCA MIEDOSO eso es la granada. K aprendan A el vaquero
​@@domingojuarez1335tu ni viste la pelea q hablas y navarrete es un costal
@israelcampos6581 Hace 17 días
ESO es ASI El pana dominicano Queria pelear 🙏🏼🇲🇽🥊
@CesarTorres-wk3py Hace 18 días
De Los Santos clearly won, the commentators and judges are a disgrace
@heightsfynest6023 Hace 18 días
​@@Lohofuawhat significant punches did Shakira land ???
@tk-morrow6216 Hace 17 días
You can't win if you can't hit your opponent full stop. Even if this was an amateur fight he still would have lost. He didn't do any damage. Edwin made this fight a snooze-fest more than Shakur.
@justicebinion8109 Hace 17 días
I will say Tim Bradley was way over the top. This fight was horrible
@Lohofua Hace 17 días
@@heightsfynest6023 More then SANTOS😂🤣you big mad while SHAKUR a 3 divisional champion of the world🔥🤫
@magacop5180 Hace 17 días
@@Lohofua Ngas crying into their beer right now.
@grizzy3727 Hace 17 días
De Los Santos is a slick boxer who wants to fight. Shakur never wanted to take his chance with his equal in speed and he jumped back 3 steps at the sign of movements from his opponent. Boxing must make a change in their scoring system to never give the round to a boxer who is busier running than fighting.
@JamieLowe-xp1le Hace 17 días
Santos stood off shakur plenty aswell they weee both waiting around a lot and just cuz santos threw more don’t mean he was any better shakur out landed him that how boxing works hit and not get hit tbh it was a poor fight from both guys
@TreyTruth619 Hace 17 días
So he should of stood there in punching range 😂
@fabolousjada5070 Hace 17 días
Yup take it back to the 80s
@HsbsbshsBebsbsjs Hace 17 días
​@@TreyTruth619no, but moving 3 steps back shouldn't be considered a defensive move. It shouldn't, if Edwin stay there like Shakur, boxing doesn't win at all. Shakur is a terrible fighter. Points should be scored for hits
@samuraijose817 Hace 17 días
​@@HsbsbshsBebsbsjs4 steps forwards makes sense for me in edwins game plan. Was he disabled after the 3rd step? Fact is Shakur could read him well and that's how someone can beat Shakur. By being too quick too smart and just as conditioned. But he wasn't.
@SkoomaDealer24 Hace 18 días
I dont blame Edwin, this fight wasn’t a boxing match or a slugfest Shakur wanted to run on the track all night and Edwin couldn’t get anything off because of it. Very frustrating fight and Shakira Tweeterson had everyone snoozing 😴
@pedro016541 Hace 17 días
this is exacly what chicken weather tought all theses young fighters run and back pedal and hug, no toe to toe action, Edwin exposed him
@meangravy9286 Hace 17 días
As much as I dislike that type of fighting style it’s part of boxing,hit don’t get hit. I don’t blame sharkur
@MBP210 Hace 17 días
I’m glad I didn’t lose any of my beauty sleep over this fight! I crashed even before it started!! 😅
@cryptozoro8107 Hace 17 días
Me & you both
@ShakiraTwittersonPFP Hace 17 días
You’re one of the lucky one brother!!🤣😂
@jacobmunguia6299 Hace 17 días
Lmao Same ! I woke up at 3 in the morning because the fight never happened glad i didnt stick around i heard it was bad
@robertomurri1278 Hace 17 días
Bro it was sooo boring that I think I was in shock! I popped my 300mg of seroquel and the boring ass fight kept me awake cuz I needed to see the comments lol
@brilliantly_me Hace 17 días
Ditto waking up to this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@joeljohnson834 Hace 17 días
I was one of those guys that had shakur over tank but not anymore. Edwin has some of the same traits as tank, power and explosiveness and shakur wanted no parts
@calvinbriggs1840 Hace 17 días
How could think that
@iamdjrudebwoy Hace 17 días
Tank would've KO'd Edwin. He makes too many mistakes. Shakur is more strategic and is a true fundamental boxer hit and don't get hit. Shakur doesn't have the power to stay in the pocket and slug it out. But Edwin is a good fighter. I'd like to see him against Frank Martin, Rolly and some other guys. But he has to get his footwork and ring iq up.
@andrewmarshall3519 Hace 17 días
Even loma beats him if he fights like this. He will run into an opponent that will make him engage eventually
@iamdjrudebwoy Hace 17 días
@@andrewmarshall3519 eventually but most at 135 dont have that Loma or Tank power. Even Rolly has power but he sucks fundamentally.
@mrrdw77 Hace 17 días
Salute to De Santos, I won money on the the fight but Edwin clearly won the fight.
@iamdjrudebwoy Hace 17 días
What did he hit to win the fight?
@adrukova1407 Hace 17 días
@davidtg803 Hace 17 días
@@iamdjrudebwoyhe actually threw and landed. Shakur would dodge or run away but never counter!
@freakdenzfreak8864 Hace 17 días
​@@iamdjrudebwoyyou glorify that hug and run? Lol these pretentious hardcore boxing fans call running and hugging a sweet sciece.
@iamdjrudebwoy Hace 17 días
@@freakdenzfreak8864 its not glorifying. Yall wanna watch brawlers and thats cool, but there are literally different types of boxers for a reason. Their styles just didnt mesh so we got a poor display of boxing.
@karlkindle5275 Hace 17 días
I'm a new fan of de le santos. respect
@Rigoscash Hace 17 días
He ain’t lie he just ran
@qaqambileqingana6332 Hace 17 días
Edwin came to fight and Sharkur came to survive
@chalinosanchez49 Hace 17 días
He came to run
@adilson_Rodrigues Hace 17 días
@Desklamp22 Hace 17 días
Pretty much
@beansprout2170 Hace 17 días
The next Adesayna
@realdeal5475 Hace 17 días
Learn to cut the ring off.. You learn that in the amateurs
@justing.5032 Hace 17 días
I had Shakur losing this fight by 2 rounds, boxing is in a sad space where the bigger name fighter will always come out on top even if he does nothing the whole fight. It’s pathetic he should’ve been given a loss so he would actually have to fight people and not hide behind his overhype!
@Celebrity198 Hace 17 días
Only on a Top Rank Card lol
@sincitydude31 Hace 12 días
I had Shakur winning the fight but I agree with the rest. I said after this fight that he's not ready for the big names fighting like that. He will get destroyed. The sad thing is that he has power, so I don't know why he barely engaged. I think he didn't want to get hit and potentially get hurt. I think he hurt his stock from this fight.
@justing.5032 Hace 12 días
Shakur is very talented but they care more about the record then showcasing skill nowadays
@nickcurtis2813 Hace 17 días
Be honest, Shakur is a golden boy of the sport and GETS to run. This forces his opponents to forgo being defensively responsible just to have a fight. I'm honestly proud of De Los Santos for not giving in to his coach and the announcers by "going for broke" and thus leaving himself wide open to punishment. DLS is a great fighter!
@UrbanBDKNY Hace 17 días
Damn hit it on the head. I said this before. By default Shakur can run around all fight and no punches are landed by anyone and he would win. The opponent walks into this fight with a HUGE disadvantage where they can't be patient because if they are patient as we saw with Edwin, they lose the rounds that were low activity It is going to take Shakur fighting someone like Tank who is the favorite and the bigger start for that non sense not to be true
@inoriRat Hace 17 días
​@@UrbanBDKNY sup bro, we finally meet again. the fight went exactly how we predicted. Except shakur made it even worse, literally man I think it was the worst event/entertainment/bout ive ever seen. think they robbed edwin too or the very least it should have been a draw based on the low amount of punches landed from both. Shakur literally wins the fight off 5 jabs thrown the whole fight. I mean, our boy edwin lost but the same time he won lol. Shakur's stock just went down so im happy
@shanko9343 Hace 17 días
Shakur isn’t the future 😭😂
@KraberKal Hace 16 días
Los Dominicanos deberian de sentirse orgullosos de su gran boxeador, es muy bueno pero si el otro no quiere pelear difícilmente se dará una buena pelea, y por esa mksma razón es que no me gustaría una pelea entre Shakur y el Pitbull Cruz ya que Cruz va estar igual correteandolo por todo el ring para qué al final le regalen el resultado a la shakira, un saludo a todos los Dominicanos desde México
@anthonyp1816 Hace 17 días
Whenever I have trouble sleeping I’m putting on this fight !! 🥊
@adrukova1407 Hace 17 días
They were both boring 😂
@RM-di6tb Hace 17 días
​@@adrukova1407-but who was getting chase down all night?
@hungry07580 Hace 17 días
​@@adrukova1407shakura ran all 12 rounds😂
@adrukova1407 Hace 17 días
@@hungry07580 Edwin didn't prove anything either🤣
@rajakelseyn3743 Hace 17 días
Shakur fights his opponents like his teeth, he keeps them in a distance
@johnlove8887 Hace 17 días
@EzMoney95 Hace 17 días
@RobertoGomez-hp8wu Hace 17 días
Good one
@gjfdfjf Hace 17 días
Bruh 💀💀💀
@Tonyconstanza Hace 17 días
God damn 💀
@mb37206 Hace 17 días
ATLEAST Edwin tried to bring the fight but Shakur was in survival mode and won only from a few jabs. Im a fan of the sweet science, but Shakur was running. He backed up 5ft just from feints and wasnt trying to engage. I blame this performance on Shakur. I wouldnt want to fight someone whos literally back peddling around the ring for 12 rounds. Many times Edwin taunted Shakur for not trying to engage at all.
@slimdugger99 Hace 17 días
Boxing isn’t based on what would’ve or should’ve happened, it’s about what actually happened in the ring and who landed the most and hardest punches. Effective ring generalship and defense is also important, Stevenson is a defensive boxing master and crying about his ability to evade his opponents aggression won’t change the outcome. Whitaker had the same knock as a defensive ghost who couldn’t be hit. Stevenson will continue to dominate until a fighter with better skills and a strategy to neutralize Shakur’s strengths comes along. I don’t see anyone in the division capable of doing so.
@biggfameNLUG Hace 17 días
@@slimdugger99he literally didn’t show any skills at all bro 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️yall shakur fans are crazy he literally ran for 12 rounds he wasn’t even happy witt hisself n his performance y y’all keep trying to make him sound good? They shouldn’t have gave him tht win of anything shoulda he a draw tht was not a fight at all 💯andriend browner swing more than shakur do😂😂
@dablocishot77 Hace 17 días
@@slimdugger99 He aint no defensive master. You reaching with that. Pernell was a defensive master. Mayweather was a defensive master. James toney was a defensive master. Stevenson barely even moves his head. His best evasive ability is jumping back like he was doing that fight.
@Johnny_Thunder Hace 16 días
@@dablocishot77 exactly. he is scared, he knew if he engaged Santos would put him to sleep.
@Drjekyl-ch5yc Hace 16 días
@@slimdugger99and then you woke up!😮
@brileyvandyke5792 Hace 17 días
I like Stevenson and his skills are excellent, but this dude is going to be a hard sell if he keeps fighting like this
@adrukova1407 Hace 17 días
True 👍
@samuraijose817 Hace 17 días
Edwin is just better than we give him credit for. Edwin could give tank trouble. Pitbull trouble. Navarrete trouble. We literally don't know if.shakur just beat the 2nd best guy in the division.
@samuraijose817 Hace 17 días
​@@mandoh323Pernell Whittaker to sugar ray Leonard when he was too quick for Duran on the 2nd fight. List goes on.
@Parlay-xb8ez Hace 17 días
@@samuraijose817they don’t know boxing man
@liwagoscar786 Hace 17 días
The running man Shakur stevenson
@faustoarielmunoz7327 Hace 17 días
palabras de un campeón de un ganador
@archie7288 Hace 17 días
I feel bad for santos, i hope hes ok after this fight
@RM-di6tb Hace 17 días
😂😂 americans
@draco2xx Hace 14 días
​@RM-di6tb you don't get it, edwin worked his butt off to become champion then to have it stolen from him cause that 😺shakira ran the whole damn fight but least he got paid, win/lose situation. i hope he gets a money fight with tank next, well deserved
@archie7288 Hace 14 días
@@draco2xx buddy hes actually satire here, he basically said american in a negative way
@justicebinion8109 Hace 17 días
Man they boo’d shakur 2nd round on
Of course they booed Damn horrible fight.
@jbusta8548 Hace 17 días
Shakur the track star
@Legendary-boxing Hace 17 días
Shakira was petrified of edwin and was running all night
@hitchhiker7033 Hace 17 días
Deserved , will be less taking pictures with shame of boxing ppl like Mazanoyd
@frenchfrench7340 Hace 17 días
All I know is that he shouldn't call out nobidy els
@aq3469 Hace 16 días
Tu ganaste De Los Santos, felicidades! Buen triunfo.
@bvbocan1 Hace 17 días
@nananyantakyi1549 Hace 17 días
I liked him even before the fight, he is charismatic
@jasonevans4291 Hace 17 días
@jasonevans4291 Hace 17 días
@@LuisAlvarado-zj4gb agree
@jasonevans4291 Hace 17 días
Both guys should of got DQ for not fighting
@Freevo_Lowse Hace 17 días
I'd clean that up before you give it him
@joenatanbernal6669 Hace 17 días
My god another legit certified runner in boxing exist... Shakur Stevenson wins in 100 meter dash unanimous decision 😂😂😂
@hman7236 Hace 17 días
Shot out to the man behind the 🎤 FINALLY a guy who can translate.
@gaelvernal8893 Hace 17 días
Eres un campeón de los santos ganaste te lo dise un mexicano
@PhaRoaH87 Hace 18 días
And thats why Shakur calls everyone out but runs from them. Does exactly the same thing in the ring. Might of won the fight, but didn't win the fans
@sukmadeek-sw8cz Hace 17 días
Fans can cry all they want he’s still getting paid 😂😂
@serendipitouscomet Hace 17 días
He’s fighting on free TV on a Thursday. What could he possibly be getting paid?
@Alleycat___ Hace 17 días
Won the fight still don't get how? What he Didi to win?
@meangravy9286 Hace 17 días
@4lifedeathwish Hace 17 días
After yesterday I will never spend a dime when Stevenson starts getting PPV matches. Yesterdays performance doesn’t help his case to even get put on PPV
@toastytopics2614 Hace 17 días
Im a new fan of Del Los Santos. Thats a bad man. If you really see what I swen. He made the most highly talked about boxer switch up and damm near say, Nope Im not getting tangled with this dudes power. Im a new fan
@emonotilla Hace 17 días
Pro Boxing should put a rule that too much running and excessive clinching be taken off points in the rounds. Otherwise it’ll be very much like amateur fights where pot shotting is the goal 🤦🏻‍♂️
@dlmullins9054 Hace 17 días
I said the same thing in the Ali era and again in the Mayweather era.
@DetroitEast Hace 17 días
It is running a sign of surrender can lose to like that refs just don't enforce it
@SantvCruz713 Hace 17 días
They actually just put out a new rule, clinching Can only be for 2.5 seconds and if it’s longer they give warning and after that they start deducting points
@fabolousjada5070 Hace 17 días
It was like that until Mayweather promotions came in the game and now refs let them
@elwalker9034 Hace 17 días
Good thought. I like that. Like if you refuse to engage the ring gets reduced by a 1/4, then another 1/4, till the two are standing there like rock em sock em.
@kasoytv2218 Hace 17 días
The next best runner of all time😂😂😂😂
@Dollaz_And_Dreamz Hace 17 días
"Cheeketah Tweeterson" is crazy 😂😂😂
@jacksierra3539 Hace 17 días
@x1bl0odman Hace 17 días
@Ybbforeva24 Hace un día
@beastmaster_64 Hace 17 días
I actually fell asleep during this "fight", and somehow woke up before the decision
@raider_reaper_4194 Hace 17 días
Fell asleep in the 6th and woke up to SportsCenter highlights
@adilson_Rodrigues Hace 17 días
I fell asleep before the fight .. woke up in the 3rd fell back asleep in the 8th lmaoo
@Rafael-oe3bb Hace 17 días
​@@raider_reaper_4194same here,i fell asleep at 6,just woke up now lol
@guhniquac1110 Hace 17 días
Same, this was dookiebutter
@ralfievaldes343 Hace 17 días
Lol thats a good 1
@alanferreira5153 Hace 17 días
Watching boxing today is very difficult, as there has been a lot of impartiality as well as judges who have acted in an unfortunate manner when counting points.
@1man1dream4e Hace 17 días
@noelthomas7849 Hace 17 días
The fight should've been a draw ..
@Mariom74a77 Hace 16 días
Mis respetos para De los Santos: tenia que decirse, y lo dijo 😂
@Samual_33 Hace 17 días
Not even a scratch on him 👍
@JohnJohn-yp7ex Hace 17 días
He landed the least amount of strikes in a 12 round fight ever. Shakur outlanded him by 25. He’s just not good
@Samual_33 Hace 17 días
@@JohnJohn-yp7ex I haven't seen the fight heard it was terrible?
@jamaalrobinson Hace 17 días
Santos was robbed. He won the first 6 rounds easily. All Shakur did was run around in circles staring at Santos and was scared to throw a punch.
@hungry07580 Hace 17 días
​@@JohnJohn-yp7exshakura ran all 12 rounds😂
@Clyde187sgs Hace 17 días
Once again Bradley did terrible commenting in a fight
Yo quedé tan frustrado con la velocidad y los golpes de Mike Tyson, que ver una pelea que llegue a un cuarto del combate sin ver una reacción de ambas partes que se me hace imposible terminar de ver un combate
@azlanroyals6984 Hace 17 días
Damn that guy's probably the best post-fight interviewer I've ever known
@jaeen7665 Hace 17 días
Bruh, SS knocked himself out the top 10 in the 135-140 range with this one. If I'm Kambosos, Pitbull, Vasyl, I'm coming after him.
@Matthew-re9pb Hace 17 días
I believe that was 100% the plan for tonight...have a bad performance, so he can actually get a fight
@jedsteelwell2354 Hace 17 días
​@@Matthew-re9pblet's hope
@Tonyconstanza Hace 17 días
@@Matthew-re9pbthis will do the opposite nobody will waste their time because not even the networks will want it. Terrible for television
@draco2xx Hace 9 días
hell no, he'll run the sameway. you're forgetting shakira is really good overall, he's a feral coward cat in the boxing ring
@MrZab Hace 17 días
and y'all said shakur would beat haney and tank 😂
@carlostout4278 Hace 17 días
He doesn’t stand a chance
@colinquish4802 Hace 17 días
Def wouldn't beat Tank anyway
@omartavarez1223 Hace 17 días
He could easily beat tank landing 2 punches and running every five seconds 😂
@nberrios777 Hace 17 días
He would definitely beat both by hitting and running like floyd may-runner.
@jaimerios4115 Hace 17 días
He would🤣
@mjhattan01 Hace 17 días
I will never watch a shakur fight again smh
@MarcoS-fb3qr Hace 17 días
Shukur just waits and runs, he never goes out to bang! He was scared the whole time 😂
@reviewforthetube6485 Hace 17 días
Yall the fact shakur fought this way and then said after i was scared but i wasnt the only one scared tells is everything we need to know about him. So now from here on out when hes truely scared this will be how he fights. He wont be like the goats who use the fear in the correct way his fight or flight system seems to choose flight. Some peoplws is stronger then others, him saying that and us seeing this perfoemance tells ne he will never reach true goat status because his mind isnt built that way. Also if he wants to be the absolute best he cant be comparing and saying other dude was scared also! Hes supposed to be better then him so why would he want to be eqaully as flightish?
@DetroitEast Hace 17 días
Facts shakur not it truly overrated and scary second time he fought scary
@inquisitvem6723 Hace 17 días
If he fights any guy with power, he will fight this way. He fought Oscar Valdez differently. Shakira would be proud of him tonight.😂
@Tonyconstanza Hace 17 días
Santos wasn’t scared of nothing because he went toe to toe with rayo Valenzuela he was willing to take punches get dropped and bounce back Shakur will never do this
@q4life551 Hace 17 días
This fight should be overturned into a no contest. They did not hit each other. They were just posing for pictures all night
@hollisbranham5919 Hace 17 días
Literally 12 rounds of faints smh..
@adrukova1407 Hace 17 días
@hungry07580 Hace 17 días
​@@hollisbranham5919shakura ran all 12 rounds😂
@hollisbranham5919 Hace 14 días
@@hungry07580 Yes he did...went out sad..😔
@yujirohanma9692 Hace 17 días
Shakur is the new sprinter runner 🏃‍♂️ I see a lot of potential he can go to the Olympics and win a gold medal as a sprinter 🏃‍♀️
@hilly451 Hace 17 días
Shakur Stevenson for as good as he is! Needs to remember this is an entertainment business that was pathetic from him.....
@sabinascott4297 Hace 17 días
he was gifted a decision I felt he lost every damn round literally
@@sabinascott4297who are you talking abt shakur?
@juandelacruz2849 Hace 17 días
@@ESvid-content-createdhow many rounds u gave him
@noelthomas7849 Hace 17 días
​@@sabinascott4297Naw.. this fight should've been a draw to be fair.. SMH
shakur landed a few more jabs each round but Edwin was the aggressor and the one pushing the pace the majority of the fight, not to mention a lot of the rounds he was throwing more. These are reasons Edwin should have definitely won a lot of the rounds, Idk what Tim was talking about lol with shakura winning every round
@dannythedon82 Hace 16 días
The biggest problem was they were giving the early rounds that Shakur was clearly losing to Shakur as well. Shakur was losing the first half of the fight and then he won a lackluster second half but there's no way he was winning the first half and the biased commentators were acting like Shakur was actually doing something.
@JohnJohn-nh5mj Hace 17 días
I think pit bull Cruz and de Los santos is going to be fireworks 💥 for sure, two really boxers that goes forward for fight, very exited to see that fight, hopefully promoters can bring fighters to the ring that comes to fight and not to run the marathon .
@zhokerrodriguez7452 Hace 17 días
Shakur jamas se a parado a pelear 😂 siempre a sido corredor 🏃🏽 es ese estilo q lo ase difícil
@dionmike8312 Hace 17 días
Everybody’s talking about everything ,but about how explosive and great an athlete Santos is..Shakur wasn’t shy for nothing it wasn’t just about the power, but also the speed ,quickness, and agility. I hearing people saying Tank have way more faster hand speed and athleticism that’s a bald face lie .He might be as fast ,but he’s not faster.Don’t sleep on this kid he will be a champion one day .He would be a problem for any of the so called 3 kings.
@paetim Hace 17 días
Well said
@javascriptes Hace 17 días
This should've been a draw, nobody got excited at any time of the fight. They even landed double digits on any round 😂
@poultry1977 Hace 17 días
This was the Adesanya vs Yoel Romero of the boxing world 😂😂
@SecretSev7en Hace 17 días
We need this guy too translate more matches
@DeAndre1970 Hace 17 días
Shakur Twitterson….the running man..🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️..he can run more than his mouth. That’s all I will say…😂
@tag7376 Hace 17 días
Santos missed a lot of punches so I know that's frustrating. But he was still strong n powerful at end of fight. And I'm sure he didn't feel beaten at all
@hungry07580 Hace 17 días
He missed because of shakura running.
@viliamitaufa6408 Hace 12 días
That fool toko off from the ring faster than when he was in the ring 😂😂😂😂
@mrPS3TV Hace 17 días
Im going to rewatch this fight every night from now on, helps me get to sleep 🛌
@GPTAsk Hace 16 días
In a post-fight interview, Edwin De Los Santos expresses his intense disappointment and frustration after his defeat against Shakur Stevenson. Clearly emotional, De Los Santos emphasizes that he came to fight and believes he is above Stevenson's level, asserting that he is the champion of the people. He criticizes Stevenson for not engaging in a true fight and accuses him of being gifted a title. De Los Santos expresses a desire for a rematch, but he anticipates that Stevenson won't grant it, referring to him as "Shakita Twitter" due to his perceived lack of fighting spirit. Despite the defeat, De Los Santos remains optimistic about future opportunities, acknowledging his strong promoter and awaiting what comes next in his boxing career. The video captures the raw emotions and competitive spirit in the aftermath of the fight, showcasing De Los Santos' determination to continue pursuing success in the boxing world.
@miloabeyta5435 Hace 17 días
Boxing has made a huge step back into the sports field.T-bud ,Spence,Canelo ,charlo ,Benevidez ,Tank,HANEY.ALL THESE FIGHTERS HAVE SHOWED UP putting on amazing fights. Stevenson did not help with putting Boxing back on the map, and should definitely have a rematch later on.All of that talk and he ran more than a track meet!! ALL THOSE FANS HAD TO BE PISSED! AND WHY IS NOBODY GIVING CREDIT TO DE LOS SANTOS! HE DID GOOD FOR GOING AGAINST SHAKUR!
@eldesafioreyes7461 Hace 17 días
El dominicano demostró que es buen boxeador
@michaelguthrie1515 Hace 9 días
As a fan of boxing my whole life I just wish we had fighters that really want to fight the best to be the best not about all the bullshit that they fill in between
"Vinimos a una carrera de Atletismo" 🤣 De Los Santos TheBest
@izm4life Hace 18 días
shacarri stevenson… a great runner
@mikeflex8000 Hace 17 días
Aye foo what you want him to take a beating. Seems like a smart man if you can avoid any damage, win a title and walk away with millions for a sparring match.
@beetlejews Hace 17 días
@JR4REAL Hace 17 días
😂😂De los Santos is not a elite fighter SHAKUR beat him just with the jab 😂😂
@noelthomas7849 Hace 17 días
​@@mikeflex8000I guess Errol Spence should've did the same thing Shakur Stevensons did when he fought Bud..Lol
@heartof2345 Hace 17 días
@@mikeflex8000Shakur always talking about how he doesn’t care about the money only legacy y’all literally will say whatever for this guy 😭
@lataiWinro Hace 14 días
Imagine confronting someone in person after scolding him on Twitter.Taking a Twitter break
@pepanjisimbeye6575 Hace 17 días
Its fighters like shakur who confirm boxing to be sport, and am all for it❤. Just like football, not every team wins with tikitaka....
@cyledavis4982 Hace 17 días
Damn Santos didn't have one mark on his face😂
@DonMachismo Hace 16 días
I was ALL in on Shakur Stevenson, BUT this fight exposed him BIG Time. He just doesn’t have the Warrior in him. You can teach anyone how to fight and all, but if You’re not born with the Warrior in you, You just don’t have it. He better hope that Nickname don’t stick, because it’s a hell of a Nickname Shakira Twitterson.
@brotherdan4151 Hace 13 días
This is the boxing of this era.
@whatshisface1390 Hace 17 días
& that’s why Shakur fights on Thursdays!! 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂 he lost so much stock! In his prime with free tickets to his fights, how nice of em! 😌
@Zeta1369 Hace 17 días
“He came to survive” thats exactly what shakir did and that’s all he did 🤣💤😴😴😴🥱🥱
@lomejor6367 Hace 17 días
Eversince that's his style Job run Job i dont know why some people calling him a future of boxing.. 🤣
@noelthomas7849 Hace 17 días
That's what Errol Spence should've did when he fought Bud...Lol
@fabolousjada5070 Hace 17 días
​@@lomejor6367bro he punched less than 10 times each round that right there should lead to disqualification for not engaging
@youngb7363 Hace 17 días
Shakur training with David Goggins and Ferguson? He damn near ran halfway across the country in that match and forgot he was in a fight!!!
@edgardetros9263 Hace 17 días
de los santos has a great point of exposing shakur's run and run ability.
@mauricejones2076 Hace 17 días
Shakur said he was gonna show he on a different level from santos and he got good defense but he really was just running this whole fight literally just jumping back
@ramonburciaga6681 Hace 17 días
Muy bien dicho, Edwin! Y efectivamente, eres el campeón del pueblo. El mundo entero vió... Tranquilo, hermano! Sigues en la cumbre.
Tremendo maratón el de sakur😂 gran pelea de Santos!🧨
@elcasanova2853 Hace 17 días
I never though I would live to see a boxer run from a boxing match and win man I miss the 90 early 2000s fights
@josiahpulemau6214 Hace 16 días
Folks can say this and that about Shakur, but at the same time won’t say that Dos Santos, with all that power and speed, couldn’t corner or cut off Shakur to use his power and speed but yet hesitated the whole fight when he was inches from using his power points on Shakur. They both respected each others skill set. That’s exactly what that fight was. Dos Santos was, if this was the case for SS, “just as scared.” 🤷🏾‍♂️
@TheThetaMan Hace 16 días
Exactly.. you're just stating the obvious truth. Everybody else in they feelings.. Edwin didn't use the right strategy with his power. He wasn't willing to risk going in as much and take some shots to cut off the ring pursue Shakur, and keep applying pressure.. that's why Joe Frazier was so dangerous to Ali when Ali played the distance game.. you're 100% right
@josiahpulemau6214 Hace 16 días
@@TheThetaMan Case in point, Tua vs Lennox Lewis. My countrymen said Lewis ran the whole fight. But I saw it differently. Lewis was getting his shots in the whole time going backwards. Tua is the power puncher. Should’ve played a different hand if you wanna be the man 😂💯💪🏾
@driven24djackson Hace 14 días
Shakur had great defense , really timed his shots. Edwin threw more punches . But I still picked him in winning. Shakur didn't land enough for me
@davidnaromal4720 Hace 17 días
And Shakur said he school Prime Pacman ☠️☠️☠️
@jermainebrown9827 Hace 17 días
😂Devin haney will absolutely love this 😂 the way shakur Stevenson criticised haney recently about not being a good fighter and him losing the fight to lomachencko. People need to realise how good lomachenko really is and just because it was close people are writing off Haney chances against tank and shakur. He is the youngest out of all three and in my opinion has the most potential out of the three. The fact that he keeps taking tough fights will make him a much better fighter
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