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Dead by Daylight
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Your blood belongs to Yamaoka.
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As a Survivor, your goal is to escape and avoid being caught and killed.
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13 nov 2019






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Gabriel Paes Leme Vinholy
For everyone saying that Oni is Spirit's dad, he actually is her great(x5)grandfather
poyo Hace un mes
I am glad it wasn’t Rin’s father, that would’ve been awkward.
Steven Espinosa
Steven Espinosa Hace 2 meses
Wait on i is spirits dad!?
Angery doge
Angery doge Hace un mes
no hes like her great great great great great great great grand father or something
Mackenzie mcdaniel-paul
N Biff
N Biff Hace 3 meses
Mr. Yamaoka may be complains about his wife's miso soup.
Hde 100
Hde 100 Hace 4 meses
Ahh back when people were 100% sure it was going to be her father
Covers By mason
Covers By mason Hace 5 meses
I think they’re should be a survivor that’s related to a new killer so it makes it harder for the killer to kill them but he or she has to( besides Micheal and Laurie)
Flyin' Japman
Flyin' Japman Hace 5 meses
Everyone saying it’s Rin’s dad be looking very stupid.
CR7 TV Hace 5 meses
Pls add the demogorgan to dbd mobile
Coldblooded King
Coldblooded King Hace 6 meses
wonder whats in store for us next after Oni? anyone know
RIP Oni. Nerfed less than a month after the release. Fuck you, behavior.
Lazy Hace 6 meses
Devs: *ADDS SPIRIT* also devs: There is another
Darpy Spreghler
Darpy Spreghler Hace 6 meses
Please add new killer: Piramide head (from Silent hill)
Xtr4me Hace 13 días
now we have
Zenitsu 0928
Zenitsu 0928 Hace 7 meses
I hope chapter 15 the next hunter will be alien (xenomorph) and map will be space ship
Korey Hace 7 meses
All these dumb people thinking the oni is her dad when it's actually and ancient ancestor but not older than the plague
TTV Slayer_zKing
TTV Slayer_zKing Hace 7 meses
I try to buy self care for blood points and as soon as I bought it the game glitched and kicked me out it took my shards and didn’t give me the blood points and I don’t know how to text the developers...
TTV Slayer_zKing
TTV Slayer_zKing Hace 7 meses
I need help my game glitches and took my shards
S Bekhinov
S Bekhinov Hace 7 meses
Butcher from Diablo/hots)
A Jaxson
A Jaxson Hace 7 meses
You're blood is Yamaoka's , that's the Japanese translation お前の血は山岡だ
The Strangler
The Strangler Hace 7 meses
What did he say? I dont speak japanese☹
space samurai
space samurai Hace 7 meses
Wait is that really the spirits father ?
Félixeluwur Hace 7 meses
Oni chan uwu
Ariel Mirabal
Ariel Mirabal Hace 7 meses
Is this the spirits dad because I seen a video of him and a girl screaming then the screen went black and as it says in spirits story she got slashed by a katana and screaming and pain and fell through glass andi heard glass shattrring in that video that went black
your mom
your mom Hace 7 meses
Wait is that the spirits DAD boiiii
Game Generation
Game Generation Hace 7 meses
*The Stand*
Monty Moth
Monty Moth Hace 7 meses
This is fucking wicked
Grimm gax
Grimm gax Hace 7 meses
More spicy weeabo action all day and all night long
The Sirian Starseed
The Sirian Starseed Hace 7 meses
Hiroto Saito
Hiroto Saito Hace 7 meses
変な日本語じゃなくて嬉しい。 カッコイイな
Project CoP
Project CoP Hace 7 meses
Так и знал, что будет самурай, а на счет дефки не знал
Joshua Carfi
Joshua Carfi Hace 7 meses
Nope. Last Japanese killer had me hyped then it was the spirit. If this isn't an Oni bigger then trapper I'm not interested
Owlphee Hace 7 meses
You got your wish!
KayvK Hace 7 meses
Great, another weaboo phase in the DBD offices.
I don't think Rins father is going to defeat her cause remember in her story, her dad was chosen to be killer by the entity but soon realized that Rin was more powerful and angry than her dad
Skredou Hace 7 meses
That's so funny how everyone "theorized" (you can't call something a theory if it's based only on a name and nothing else) that it was spirit's dad but YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER xD he's a yamaoka ancestor that lived and died during the Japanese medieval age and rin's (spirit) father lived during modern times we can tel from the hospital bills, him working in a company, working part time jobs etc.. so it's not her father
Nightmare Rat
Nightmare Rat Hace 7 meses
Its not the spirits father. Its the oni.
子诺颗寒_LIKE Hace 7 meses
Is the new butcher a ghost warrior?
Adam Padilla
Adam Padilla Hace 7 meses
Isnt the spirit at yamaoka estates already here? Edit: oh im dumb this a whole different guy.
future jojo
future jojo Hace 7 meses
They need to make bloody mary in this game where she can come out of mirrors
Dex: Not A Hex
Dex: Not A Hex Hace 7 meses
Would make spirit fucking hell. Because of the glass
future jojo
future jojo Hace 7 meses
I wish they made yamaoka's father a human and yama a human to so they can kill each other😂
Concave Bar
Concave Bar Hace 7 meses
Spirit: what your here stop bullying me
Tiago Tiago
Tiago Tiago Hace 7 meses
Why dont you bring Norman Bates and Marion crane to the game... I think those characters have the dead by daylight’s root... maybe from the tv series, with mary as Rihanna, or even the original 70’s movies
NewPark 121
NewPark 121 Hace 7 meses
Please add the keeper from the evil within
Austin Wells
Austin Wells Hace 7 meses
No one is here stating the fact that they referenced his power in here, how he absorbs the blood orbs from the survivors, and how in the trailer we see the blood being absorbed into the mask. we knew the entire time what he could do
Black Reaper
Black Reaper Hace 7 meses
Lol, amazing :0
Goldenbucket Hace 7 meses
Spirit vs oni I know you want it
jacking the black thing
Soooooo I assume the Entity will keep the Spirit and her dad (this killer) away from each other at all times, since the Spirit is the way she is because she wants revenge on her father. Or we'll have a DBD Jeremy Kyle show.
Ios Hel
Ios Hel Hace 7 meses
Its not her dad tho.
GalaxyGhost 12
GalaxyGhost 12 Hace 7 meses
Already had to deal with her Phase walk now I gotta deal with the *big chief* himself!? God help us all
I cant join the PTB cuz there are just no PTB button...
ItsTylo Hace 7 meses
Why does this look like an oni? OH wait COS it is:D Wow, can't wait for the new killer^^
H4d3sCopilu'Truck Hace 7 meses
Killer will be oni
Chang Siah Lim
Chang Siah Lim Hace 7 meses
Moonshine Hace 7 meses
Just saw the new chapter video and I now have a theory He sucked up the blood so What if the spirit was killing people to bring him to life Like they work as partners or have a trait that is related to each other some how
Gamenmetworsten Hace 7 meses
This trailer isnt accurate.. the ending didnt load for an etirnity
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Hace 7 meses
Mom's most likely in the background-
Cage Buddy
Cage Buddy Hace 7 meses
Oh shit...
XaGLeZ Zenco
XaGLeZ Zenco Hace 7 meses
I'm wondering how ghostface can see me crouched behind a vehicle in this game? He was nowhere near me. Instant dying state. Is GhostFace buffed or?
こなかわいい Hace 7 meses
So does this mean we will get daddy yamaoka as a killer and a human survivor for rin????
Shawn Watterson
Shawn Watterson Hace 7 meses
Great their going this route, I wonder if their gonna continue giving us these mediocre killers. Mediocre, repetitive killers on top of a broken game and cancerous community it just get's worse.
Elias Medrano
Elias Medrano Hace 7 meses
LMAO he's coming back to whoop her ass again!
Lyanna Hace 7 meses
Community: “Can we get a Spirit nerf?” Devs: _Release this_ _Everybody disliked that._
ItzClan Hace 7 meses
how lol?
Mitsuka Souji
Mitsuka Souji Hace 7 meses
good JOB so far
ICE BLUE Hace 7 meses
Bad game
Give me Chocolate Milk
New Killer: Rin's Father Ability: Za Warudo
The Swan Laqué
The Swan Laqué Hace 4 meses
Dirty Deads Done Dirt Cheap
Alexier Hace 7 meses
*I Think We've Done A Pretty Good Job So Far*
Friday Hace 7 meses
Releases Nov 27 I believe👀
jamiedean2oo6 Hace 7 meses
Mask looks like the weird red face thing from the conjuring series
i turn men into rats
god i hope this dude has some sort of janky time-related power and wears that mask
LuckGaming Hace 7 meses
Another Geisha to my lige
Finelarme - Discovery
Useless developers.
asinan maling
asinan maling Hace 7 meses
Make slendermen be a killer pls
WOLFY BOY Hace 7 meses
naruto runs away
Alistair Sweeting
Alistair Sweeting Hace 7 meses
luckyy the no0b
luckyy the no0b Hace 7 meses
any guess on what his power could do?
Ser Humano
Ser Humano Hace 7 meses
Animation Central
Animation Central Hace 7 meses
Guys, it doesn't seem to be runs father. It seems to be an oni
Gavin Thomas
Gavin Thomas Hace 7 meses
its shadards father lol
Samuel Schein
Samuel Schein Hace 7 meses
Nooooooo not son of the mask!
Rotten Marsh
Rotten Marsh Hace 7 meses
Rins father is going to be the next killer
Cominique Gibson
Cominique Gibson Hace 7 meses
dead by dayilght what's the new killer of chapter 14
Canis Mercury
Canis Mercury Hace 7 meses
Pennywise confirmed
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