Deadpool Update, Part Hugh

Ryan Reynolds
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Quick explainer video that tackles…
1) Timeline questions
2) Logan canon
4) Whether we can do this all day or not

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27 sep 2022






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bofooit gojo
Even for a skit, Hugh still nails those expressions. He’s irreplaceable
Soinas Doyi
That fact that Ryan and Hugh already seem have the same energy as Deadpool and Wolverine means this movie is going to be amazing
they been building this dynamic between them for so long that it’s absolutely paying off . i’m stoked!
Chuck Norriss
Chuck Norriss Hace un día
So crazy how Ryan is just as much obsessed with working with Jackman as Deadpool is working with Wolverine in the comics. 😂
I got to relive my childhood when Tobey Maguire appeared in Spiderman's No Way Home and now I'm going to get that feeling all over again with these two!
Mark S
Mark S Hace 3 horas
Thanks alot for the update on deadpool 3. I figure the studio was responsible for the music, that way the script is secret. I can wait till it's released. :^)
Just Some Guy with a mustache2
I honestly think Ryan is more hyped for wolverine retuning, than most of the deadpool fanbase😂😂
Hugh and Ryan starting a comedy troupe is the most desired reality in the multiverse.
Nerd_Army Hace 19 horas
If Ryan and Hugh have all this chemistry in a one minute video, just imagine what can they do in a two hours movie
boli milda
boli milda Hace 21 un día
The fact that both Ryan and Hugh made character development for deadpool wolverine combo entirely off screen through skits and tv appearances still blows my mind!
Rich Geshel
Ryan... you have to make more of these with you and Hugh providing updates as production takes place. Absolute gold!
Adam Groszkiewicz
I have total faith in Ryan Reynold's ability to deliver a damn good Deadpool film.
Don't read profile photo
Jackmans ability to transition between a hyper, energetic and calm, sincere mentality is an amazing quality and speaks to his character
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Hace 21 un día
You did it Ryan, you did it. Took long but you did it, you and Deadpool deserves Hugh and Wolverine for all the effort in bringing him back.
Staghorn The Druid
Staghorn The Druid Hace 2 horas
Next, Tom Hardy as Venom and Robert Downy Jr. as Iron man and we would have the 4 horsemen of Marvel
James Farr
If they never made the movie, and just kept dropping these perfectly executed troll videos, I might potentially be completely fine with that.
Michael Inman
It's going to be a whole year of these two trolling us... and I couldnt be happier.
Matt S
I had a hard time rewatching Logan after it's initial release, mostly because it's the first superhero movie that ever made me emotional. I grew up watching the XMen movies and seeing Hugh Jackman's performances as Wolverine. I'll gladly watch him reprise his role where I know (hopefully) I won't have to see him die again.
These two feel like childhood friends that had single stupid idea that they know everyone will love. Im all in 😁
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