dear ex best friend - original song by tate mcrae

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dear ex best friend - original song by tate mcrae
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Yea i wonder if
My name has ever crossed ur mind
Even for a second
Know its been a second
since we last talked
Or faced each other eye to eye
Know its been hectic
Ya I shoulda said this
It kinda hurts cuz its insane
Yea we walk by and its like
I don't even know you
Like I've never met you
I see our pictures on my phone
And question why we didn't try
But we were just habits
Thought we'd always have it
So to my ex best friend
I thought I'd know til the end
Sorry I know things aren't going
as we planned
To my once ride or die
The one who always knew me right
We would swear it'd always end up
you and I
we really messed up this time
We really messed up this time
What about all the nights
Where we'd talked about our lives
We were just wishing
Wish I would of listened
It kinda hurts cuz its insane
Yea we walk by and its like
I don't even know you
Like I've never met you
I see our pictures on my phone
And question why we didn't try
But we were just habits
Thought we'd always have it
thought I know to the end
So to my ex best friend
I thought I know til the end
Sorry I know things aren't going
as we planned
To my once ride or die
The one who always knew me right
We would swear it'd always end up
You and I
we really messed up this time


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16 mar 2019

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Tate McRae
Tate McRae Hace 3 meses
ily guysssss!!!!! 🖤 follow my ig : @tatemcrae
EClabby Hace 12 horas
Tate McRae post this on Apple Music
Kimberly Agatha
Kimberly Agatha Hace 14 horas
Love youuu
Casey Kuhr
Casey Kuhr Hace 20 horas
Tate McRae aaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg
Kulehettehgenser Fleskepølsa
Tate McRae hey you are a so good singer i have miss my best frend
Karla Rojas
Karla Rojas Hace 2 días
Tate McRae they should putt this song on your playlist
Hamza Shams
Hamza Shams Hace 7 minutos
I don't even have a best friend 😂
Lily Barnes
Lily Barnes Hace 15 minutos
If this gets 100 likes I’ll send this to my ex best friend
Aleesha Akhtar
Aleesha Akhtar Hace 28 minutos
This like really hit me man. Because I recently broke up with my best friend who I had been best friends for nearly 10 years. It’s was so hard to let go of her. But I knew that we couldn’t be friends anymore but brooooo!!!!! It hurt man
Tâm Nghi Trần
Tâm Nghi Trần Hace 35 minutos
Stranger: Why are you crying? Me: I lost my best friend...
Randee Megan
Randee Megan Hace 35 minutos
Wish it’s available in Spotify ! Love all your songs ❤️
BubbleGumAmber MALL
BubbleGumAmber MALL Hace 56 minutos
i think i should send this to my ex best friend >:(
Cookie Master
Cookie Master Hace un hora
This reminds me of my ex best friend in pre-school, she moved to another school though :(
Marina Galiano
Marina Galiano Hace un hora
You made me cry 💙
yogesh kaushik
yogesh kaushik Hace un hora
Why this is not on Apple Music?
Synx Hace un hora
bestfri end
yeolghurt _
yeolghurt _ Hace 2 horas
*_nice of you to assume that i have a best friend, let alone friends_*
Zylon The Protogen
Zylon The Protogen Hace 2 horas
I can't sing nor write songs -∆-
Julex Studio
Julex Studio Hace 2 horas
I have a bestfriend. 2 years ago, he liked me but, I treated him just as a good friend. He really liked me and wrote my name in a paper then put in his ID. Last year, I finally recognized his qualities and liked him. He still likes me. We liked each other but we just didn't know. We became bestfriend. This year, things messed up. In front of people we act like we're enemies. In front of other people, we can't even touch each other. But we always apologized to each other in texts, he asked me to be friends again. I said yes. But we always can't tend to talk to each other in public. Everyone knows that we still like each other. Now, in June 27, we are having graduation. Then we will may not see each other again. I want to make things up again. I can't imagine a society without him..
Five feet apart
Five feet apart Hace 2 horas
Jun jun Lozada
Jun jun Lozada Hace 2 horas
The days that were fun, will always end, same with a best friend 😭😢
Lara Katz
Lara Katz Hace 4 horas
So my best friend is switching schools and idk what to do-
Jasmine Chee
Jasmine Chee Hace 4 horas
I have read a lot of comments about losing best friends, and it has made me realise I am the friends that left/changed. I am so so so so so sorry to anyone who has lost someone special. I seriously wish the best to the 1% of people who might see this. I love you all.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sophia Lopez
Sophia Lopez Hace 4 horas
Me and my ex bestfriend were friends for 8 years and he left for another girl and he told her all my secrets and when they broke up he tried to befriend me again
It's Sanay
It's Sanay Hace 4 horas
I am really sorry to my best friend . He is an introvert but idk something changed me . I was very famous n i litterly had many friends. I began to talk and spend time with him less as i was always be ther with my other new friends. But after listening to this... I left all the new ones n i appologized him for that. Thanks Tate you teached me a lesson n i am really sorry
baby Brock
baby Brock Hace 5 horas
Wat hurts is to think about how we were literally like sisters and told each other everything we spent hours on ft calls laughing we always laughed together but u let fake ppl popularity come between us and u left me......
A Real Cat
A Real Cat Hace 6 horas
It hurts more than a relationship
Muskaan Khan
Muskaan Khan Hace 6 horas
I still miss her😔😔
Abby L
Abby L Hace 7 horas
I had a best friend. We were friends since the 2nd grade... and in the 6th grade on the last day of school.. that was the last day I ever saw him... i cry a lot over him. *He moved for those of you who are wondering* I had to make a new best friend and a new friend group. (Thanks for those of you who read that all)
iidead memeii
iidead memeii Hace 7 horas
My Friend and me fights.....and everytime we do I think it's the end but we come back together and now she's dateing my other friend.....and I'm in love with her.....
juliasmile 1999
juliasmile 1999 Hace 7 horas
500 Likes and i'm sending this to my ex bestfriend...
MoonlightKing Yt
MoonlightKing Yt Hace 8 horas
I Sent this to my ex best friend hes my ex bestfriend because I messed up not him......i never gave him the credit he deserved
Odalis Rodriguez
Odalis Rodriguez Hace 8 horas
“To my once ride or die, the one who always knew me right” damn I felt that :/ like if you did too
Aesthetic.vibezm Hace 8 horas
I tested my best friend (ex) if he would care if I end my friendship with him, his response was “well idrc” 💔😭
andrea Hace 8 horas
i lost my best friend and it was my fault, i’m so broken i really need someone 😿💔
Elissa Michael Mesa
Elissa Michael Mesa Hace 9 horas
I cryed
Puppy_playz Games
Puppy_playz Games Hace 9 horas
I sent this to my ex bestie and now we friends again thank u tate
Pallavi Garg
Pallavi Garg Hace 9 horas
Just love it
Komokie Hace 9 horas
I cant believe I heard your song on pandora!! Ive been here when you FIRST STARTED this channel and I'd always believed you'd make it this far. Im so proud of you! 💙💙💙💛💛💙
Willow Woods
Willow Woods Hace 9 horas
Sometimes I sit up at night and think if I ever could’ve fixed it but.. sometimes things don’t work out.
Hannah Youngblood
Hannah Youngblood Hace 10 horas
500 likes and I will send this to my ex bestfriend who I grew up with.
Ashley Guzman
Ashley Guzman Hace 10 horas
Omg this made me even cry more me and my friend just ended our friendship today it’s the hardest thing ever this just made me cry more than I was before I saw this
Fruit Cake:/
Fruit Cake:/ Hace 10 horas
I feel as my bff is losing interest in me like all she wants is to be with my other friend:/..
BTS Army
BTS Army Hace 11 horas
The moment when you feel you and your best friend slowly drifting apart....
Dominique Jeffrey
Dominique Jeffrey Hace 11 horas
This is my fav song u have ever wrote can u plz put this on spotify??
Trouble Makers
Trouble Makers Hace 11 horas
💔I just want my boy best friend back😩but we all have to stay strong😭
xXGachaMeXx 123
xXGachaMeXx 123 Hace 11 horas
She was my everything but now she doesn't even wanna make eye contact with me
hates_ wolfgirl
hates_ wolfgirl Hace 11 horas
Omg I'm crying to death I don't have friends on school they bully me
hates_ wolfgirl
hates_ wolfgirl Hace 11 horas
When you lose a friend and you crying 😞😭
Hailey’s Theatre
Hailey’s Theatre Hace 12 horas
is it going up on apple music?
Kaitlyn Borden
Kaitlyn Borden Hace 12 horas
This song reminds me so much of me and my best friend😭
GAMING MEXICAN Hace 12 horas
Really Beautiful voice, hope you’re in a choir or something.
Lola Horton
Lola Horton Hace 12 horas
Please put this on Spotify. It’s so much easier to listen to then. Cause this is my fav song rn and I love it so much you have no idea
T&m squad Rod
T&m squad Rod Hace 12 horas
Love this song. 👇🏻😈
boeuf bourguignon
boeuf bourguignon Hace 12 horas
it always makes me cry, I relate so much to this song and I miss me and my bestfriend’s friendship so much😩
Dāvę Acosta
Dāvę Acosta Hace 13 horas
I’ve been in this position... and it wasn’t “Fun”
VainGlory Uploads
VainGlory Uploads Hace 13 horas
I dont feel hurt because I dont have bestfriends neither friends. 🤭
Itz_urgurlmaya. Hace 13 horas
“They asked if i knew her and a million memories passed through my head and just said I used to.”
Mia Long
Mia Long Hace 13 horas
Idk I think I'm looseing my online bestie... All be cause of her cuz hates me..I didn't do anything to her!!
jianna Hace 13 horas
it’s been a whole year but i still can’t bring myself to delete old pictures🤡
Kimberly Agatha
Kimberly Agatha Hace 14 horas
June 2019? If you watch on june like?!
Hope Hace 14 horas
I’m just going through this and this has really helped
Yasco Qlf
Yasco Qlf Hace 14 horas
Lost my bestfriend in war 😞😞 one day we’ll meet again brother.
Ysabela Boo
Ysabela Boo Hace 14 horas
I’m crying
Squishi Cake
Squishi Cake Hace 14 horas
The world is full of fakes... sometimes the one person you will take a bullet for... that same person is actually the one behind the gun
Daisy Maldonado
Daisy Maldonado Hace 14 horas
Your talented af👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Kitty Purry
Kitty Purry Hace 14 horas
Honestly it’s been months sense I’ve talked to my ex bsf😞, and I still think about her.
Gloria Ortega
Gloria Ortega Hace 14 horas
2 likes and ill send this to my ex best friend who i miss so much :/
Juniper :D
Juniper :D Hace 15 horas
Alicia Zhang
Alicia Zhang Hace 15 horas
It is like a knife to the heart hearing your ex best friend laughing with their new friends acting as if you never existed
Chloe Club
Chloe Club Hace 15 horas
This song got me and my ex bstf back to bstf THINK YOU!!!🤧💞
Amal 2007
Amal 2007 Hace 15 horas
Woe u have a really nice voice🤩🤩
Gacha Lover7!
Gacha Lover7! Hace 15 horas
I should sing that to my ex best friend
Trinity Collins
Trinity Collins Hace 15 horas
Omg I sent this to my ex Best friend and I got her back this is an amazing song😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Rose Demets
Rose Demets Hace 15 horas
Yours voice is like a angel and your so beautifullll❤️❤️❤️
Jill O'Donnell
Jill O'Donnell Hace 15 horas
it is summer and i am in 3 grade and all my friends are moving and one friend is staying
Tessi Gacha
Tessi Gacha Hace 16 horas
This girl sent me this now I'm crying
Olivia Crowley
Olivia Crowley Hace 16 horas
I have “friends” they wear trop tops I wear black hoodies they do gymnastics at resses I play basketball alone I just fell them slipping away
millie woodland
millie woodland Hace 16 horas
"You really messed up this time " that lyric got me
Shu_ Fc
Shu_ Fc Hace 17 horas
I lost my best friend and she’s so different.....I miss her so much but I still thinks she hates my guts
Matilda Smedberg
Matilda Smedberg Hace 17 horas
Put this on Spotify!
Paty_ king
Paty_ king Hace 17 horas
50 likes and I'll send to my ex best friend I will update if it gets to 50 likes.
Infinite Lyfe
Infinite Lyfe Hace 17 horas
"we really messed up this time" this is true...they betrayed me. It hurts bad. We did everything together, knew everything about each other but..it didnt work out...i miss you Sinead...where did you go? Comment if Tiktok also got the best of your ex bestie
It's just me Amely
It's just me Amely Hace 17 horas
I'm crying
Jarissa Schutrups
Jarissa Schutrups Hace 17 horas
500 likes and i’ll send this to my ex best friend even know i don’t wanna talk to her and see her anymore...
marlene segarra
marlene segarra Hace 17 horas
wow that was so good
Carmen Scheurwater
Carmen Scheurwater Hace 18 horas
My best friends left me because they thought that I wantend to be with them to much. That was because they did everything together and without me. And I didn’t know Why they didn’t do things with me anymore so I texted one. And her reaction was so bad... I cried so much and she knew that. I didn’t talk to them anymore and I didn’t did thing with them. And I feel jealous that they are doing everything together. It hurts me when I think about it, because in the past I was doing everything with them to. Now it’s getting better but I’m still sad because i know it’s never gonna be like how it was...😔
• Lisanne •
• Lisanne • Hace 18 horas
We all think of someone while listening, and it hurts..
Fizzy Fozzy
Fizzy Fozzy Hace 18 horas
Nothing hurts more then watching the most important person in your life turn into a stranger...
Ripujeeta Bhagat
Ripujeeta Bhagat Hace 18 horas
I really miss my ex bestfriend! After listening to you Nostalgia hit me.
Ewa Wahlberg
Ewa Wahlberg Hace 18 horas
Please put it up on Spotify!!!!!
#gmswazzup Hace 18 horas
Diamond Walros
Diamond Walros Hace 18 horas
"It kinda hurts cuz its insane Yea we walk by and its like I don't even know you Like I've never met you" That hit me so hard 😭😭
Coriee Hace 18 horas
Miss u ana
stray kidse
stray kidse Hace 18 horas
I had a bestfriend who I was not comfortable with because she judged me a lot. I didn't say anything two years long and then i told it her but she didn't understand it why i was angry. I ignored her for 1 week cuz it hurted and then i was the person who apologized.. i'm sick literally (sry for my bad english)
Life w Sadie
Life w Sadie Hace 19 horas
I love this songgg!!
Sarah kara
Sarah kara Hace 19 horas
quelqu'un aurait les paroles en français ?
Molly Freebury
Molly Freebury Hace 19 horas
My best friend recently left me and so I was crying over this one xx ps AMAZING singing 🎤 x⭐️❤️
Olivia Ennyl
Olivia Ennyl Hace 19 horas
can you do a cover of “Its you” by ali gatie
Lilia Bibb
Lilia Bibb Hace 19 horas
This made me cry cuz this is what is happening to me and my “BFF” x
Avi Rojas
Avi Rojas Hace 19 horas
I sang this to my ex best friend i really miss her her name is josehanys
Genesis Day
Genesis Day Hace 19 horas
I miss my ex best friend it's so weird to see her change to someone completely different and we see each other every day in school and I miss us as friends she has new friends who constantly get jer in trouble and I don't even know why we stopped being friends so this song really had me in my feels
Sirin Buga
Sirin Buga Hace 20 horas
Wow im crying
Melyna Focchanere
Melyna Focchanere Hace 20 horas
this song really help me, so thank you
Cannie Stories
Cannie Stories Hace 20 horas
Doesn’t it hurt when someone that used to get you slowly turns into a stranger who you used to know
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