Defunctland: The Bizarre Garfield Dark Ride

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In this minisode, Kevin dives deep into the history of Kennywood's Old Mill and the infamous Garfield overlay, Garfield's Nightmare.

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18 may 2022






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Cascadian Ranger
Cascadian Ranger Hace un mes
I love how Kevin usually is deappanned and straight forward in delivery, this topic clearly broke him, especially the sign being a mascot. That pushed him over the edge
Elfling Hace 25 días
I swear I seen this same Cascadia Separatist commenter on another completely unrelated youtube channel. Small (online) world...
TheAmazingfulOne Hace 28 días
NerdyPi Hace 29 días
I just hope it stays rare though. It'd lose impact if he dropped the guise every video.
Spyshark _
Spyshark _ Hace un mes
Hands down one of my most favoritely delivered lines of all time!
Beau Blondeau
Beau Blondeau Hace un mes
@pensftmfw We used to play a version of punch buggy with the signs. Someone spots a Kennywood sign, someone else is getting slugged
Sara R
Sara R Hace un mes
I don’t think I’ve ever heard Kevin so passionate about anything as when he said “YOU CAN MEET. THE SIGN.”
Jonathan santoyo Duarte
28:25 is the part if anyone is wondering
The Smart-Casual Gamer.
It really reminded me of "A Bubble Guy" from the SeaWorld video.
TheMardBard Hace 18 días
I'm gonna try to get a pic with the sign this summer 🤙
TBoneProductionsVB Hace 21 un día
hah yea 28:16
Sam the Toaster
Sam the Toaster Hace 21 un día
It doesn't sound like a statement. It sounds like a demand. *_Both scare me, Kevin._*
Phantom Fandoms
Phantom Fandoms Hace un mes
27:39 the image of Garfield staring at you with pitch black eyes saying "you blinked" is genuinely the most terrifying thing I've seen all month. He's about to eat your soul and that's a fact.
ACoolKidsProduction Hace 14 días
Dawid ek
Dawid ek Hace 16 días
withered bonnie from fnaf
LizzardGamer Hace 26 días
You are not wrong. The second panel has the fish's eyes missing too which makes the last panel even more disturbing
Emily Carpio
Emily Carpio Hace 26 días
“arguably the biggest change to the old mill in its early years would come after the ride caught on fire and burned to the ground” amazing.
Grilled Sleaze
Grilled Sleaze Hace 3 días
“Arguably” 🤣👌
Opeus Popeus
Opeus Popeus Hace un mes
It’s funny how an “I’m Sorry, Jon” horror ride these days would bring in millions of dollars.
Jeff Govak
Jeff Govak Hace 6 días
expecialy if the garfield SCP was placed in it.
Jake Deerberg
Jake Deerberg Hace 7 días
@Wumpus I was more implying a horror night's maze but your idea sounds better
Wumpus Hace 8 días
@Jake Deerberg are you implying the idea of Kong staring you down while you’re going at it?
Susan D.
Susan D. Hace 13 días
imagine the carpeted floor, as you walk through the pulsating house.
cunk Hace 20 días
now THAT would be something i'd go see
Lindsey DeJesus
Lindsey DeJesus Hace un mes
your tweets have lived rent-free in my head for months. finally, i can experience the lore... the history... the drama, nay, the PASSION of the Garfield dark ride for myself
    Hace 3 días
How do you charge rent for thoughts anyways? Hmmm.
須賀川市 Hace 17 días
@Higgs Bonbon nah this one broke me wtf 😭😭
Fixed Face
Fixed Face Hace un mes
who’s paying rent in your head?
Higgs Bonbon
Higgs Bonbon Hace un mes
garfcore af
kt Hace un mes
EXACTLY!! I saw those tweets reposted awhile back and I gasped when I saw that powerful cat on my homepage
Boccs Hace 29 días
Even before you reached the Garfield ride itself I was absolutely delighted hearing about the people talking about their kisses and fooling on the Old Mill. You mentioned that there was a similar occurrence back on Disney's Adventure Thru Inner Space. There's just something so... charmingly human about it. Knowing that even 100 years ago young adults still behaved like young adults. The anecdote about boys taking pieces of string to spook their date into thinking there was a spider so they could snuggle closer during the ride or the married couple giggling about kissing in the dark. It makes me love the shared humanity of it all.
GLENNJAMIN Hace 10 días
We never matured. In fact, one of the first English jokes ever written was an innuendo. "What hangs at a man's thigh and wants to poke the hole that it's often poked before?" "A key."
phamiru Hace 27 días
Kennywood had two other Laff in the Dark rides for that kind of innocent vibe, the La Cachot and Gold Rush, but unfortunately those were taken down.
Toshiro Dragon
Toshiro Dragon Hace 28 días
And breaks my heart to see gay kids saying this was the only place they felt safe to kiss. Thank you Kennywood for giving those kids that place, even unintentionally.
yeet hiTTTer
yeet hiTTTer Hace 24 días
I got so invested in the history of Tunnels of Love that Garfield arriving felt like a bag of bricks to the head
GameGrumps Hace 28 días
Just played Garfield's Nightmare for DS thanks to this video.... unfortunately it did not inspire in us the same level of lust as the ride did for many others
SNB Sixteen6stars
SNB Sixteen6stars Hace 6 días
If a DS could be like a gamers missletoe
Milagros Rodriguez Nobile
what even is this crossoverrrrrrrrrrr?????????
Samuel Hunter
Samuel Hunter Hace 9 días
Matt and Ryan?
Bilge Hace 12 días
K.C Jones
K.C Jones Hace 14 días
Holy shit it's SuperMega!
Existential Crisis
Existential Crisis Hace 29 días
Whoever wrote “Garfield knows all of our sins” …Thank you because that was a perfect way to sum all of that up
Rack Roll
Rack Roll Hace un mes
Imagine being told you can't make a ride too good. Baffling.
    Hace 3 días
I think they failed at their task. This ride was awesome! If you like Garfield and also 3D stuff.
J P Hace 20 días
Not sure why they couldn't just cap the line...
Lord Anubis
Lord Anubis Hace 29 días
*W H A T ! ?*
Lord Anubis
Lord Anubis Hace un mes
**Sanctuary Boss Theme from "EarthBound" intensifies**
GrandeTaco Hace un mes
This made me sad. It sounds like the initial plans for this were spectacular. You think for all the licensing they are paying on it they would want it to be over top popular.
AeroRanger100 Hace 27 días
"The walls were splattered with fluorescent material and was totally done by Halloween productions during the refurbishment and not due to 103 years of bad aim..." *MY SIDES*
Isabelle Podrasky
Isabelle Podrasky Hace 17 días
Wow! Looks like a Jackson Pollock painting in here!
Matt Kustom Kostumes
Matt Kustom Kostumes Hace 23 días
@Shauna Wright That’s what SHE said.
Shauna Wright
Shauna Wright Hace 24 días
Wow that went over my head until I read your comment LOL
Absolution Wolf
Absolution Wolf Hace 19 días
There's one thing I'm still confused by. They said that sometimes the boats would come back empty. With the amount of cameras around, was it ever revealed where and how they managed to get off the ride early? Or was it the case that Garfield, the ravenous cat that he was, required the occasional sacrifice (body and soul) of a few riders in order to keep his hunger in check?
Function at the Junction
Legends say they are still in there knockin boots to this day.
Kiera_rdh Hace 5 días
I agree we never got a solid answer. Maybe they used emergency or employee exits lol
Travis Shumway
Travis Shumway Hace 16 días
As a Pittsburgh native, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of Garfield sacrifices
Joey Quinn
Joey Quinn Hace 29 días
11:59 That line “You didn’t think that picnic stuff was going to come back, did you?” not only gave me a good laugh, it’s a testament to the high quality of writing that this channel is known for. Awesome job.
K-Berry Hace 29 días
I like to imagine the "Aerial Dump" was the final straw for staff and management to beg the park owners to close the ride completely
a cloned sheep
a cloned sheep Hace 10 días
nah, Viacom just decided to do an aerial dump on everyone's fun
Hercules Balls
Hercules Balls Hace 22 días
@Anonym Ous Someone cleans the thing from time to time surely. If nobody else, I'm sure they have to do maintenance to prove the ride isn't going to explode and the water isn't lethal.
Anonym Ous
Anonym Ous Hace 26 días
I highly doubt that. I'm actually wondering if any of them knew about it ever?
NateIsLame Hace un mes
“In this minisode…” *30+ minutes long*
Eos Aurora
Eos Aurora Hace 28 días
@Danielle Aries nah you just haven’t built up a 2x tolerance yet
metall Hace un mes
That's not mini?
Shuttitt Uppitt
Shuttitt Uppitt Hace un mes
His documentaries take you to a zone where TIME HAS NO MEANING!
Ryan Reyes
Ryan Reyes Hace un mes
Did you not see the 1 hour 45 minute video he did about fast passes. This IS a mini video for him.
TokyoXtreme Hace un mes
The New Nermal
Phinalbossbeater Hace 22 días
The fact that one of these people where conceived in a GARFIELD ride is both cursed and oddly wholesome in the strangest way
C5ys Hace 25 días
the best part of this video is when it lingers on the garfield urinal just long enough to be uncomfortable and the music fading out
Jexxer Hace 26 días
I came here ready to be disturbed by the knowledge of people getting down and dirty on a Garfield-themed ride. I left here being more disturbed by the knowledge that Viacom now owns Jim Davis' Garfield empire.
eat hot chip and lie
eat hot chip and lie Hace 23 días
Is anyone gonna mention the "MUST NOT SLEEP" message on the wall at 24:48? That's both terrifying and hilarious. Like they pay these security employees to just stay GLUED to the screens, never being allowed even an ounce of rest.
christ6345 Hace un mes
As someone who grew up going to Kennywood as a kid, the sentence “my downstairs got as slippery as the log jammer”, has absolutely wreck my childhood
faerieboy1 Hace un mes
This is the moment I lost it honestly That email is the funniest thing I've read all week 😂
Peppermint leaf
Peppermint leaf Hace un mes
I gotta admit, as dirty as that phrase sounds, it's pretty creative. Almost like someone who's a writer would say.
Hollow Slayer
Hollow Slayer Hace un mes
Kelly Weingart
Kelly Weingart Hace un mes
David Fernandez
David Fernandez Hace 15 días
As someone who grew up watching a lot of the old-timey cartoons, I knew what a Tunnel of Love was but only as a trope. It was as removed from my reality as tying someone to a railway. This video was most educational about its real history. Can't wait for more historical vids like these.
Bumblebee-127 Hace 21 un día
I'm part of the generation who grew up with Garfield's Nightmare. I remember being genuinely scared as a little kid, it inspired an interest and love of Garfield that lasted a few years, and I always looked forward to riding it whenever I went to Kennywood with my family. Obviously, I didn't know about the sordid activities others engaged in while riding in the dark, but I'm surprised I'm only just now learning about what some of you did. No wonder Garfield was so traumatized.
Patrick O’Meara
Patrick O’Meara Hace un mes
Leave it to Kevin to find a silly little dark ride about a comic strip cat and turn it into a lovely tribute to what theme parks are all about. Top notch!
Atomic Hace 10 días
That aerial story is truly horrific. Imagine being a kid a few seats back and feeling a slight splash, never knowing the true cause of it.
William Samuel
William Samuel Hace un mes
"Kennywood employees were given a plastic bat, and instructed that if they saw the naked buttocks of any rider, they were to smack them..." The original "Bonk! Go to horny jail!"
Ohhgodineedmoore Hace 27 días
@Marie The Memelord same
Some Bonehead
Some Bonehead Hace un mes
Time truly is a flat circle.
The Phantom Safety Pin
You just know someone dropped trou on the ride on purpose to make this happen.
Wasatch Wind
Wasatch Wind Hace un mes
@Marie The Memelord Literally.
Marie The Memelord
Marie The Memelord Hace un mes
joke’s on you i’m into that shit
GippyHappy Hace 19 días
33:28 This is absolutely the funniest part of this video. That Quinton has officially become a Garfield consultant. Wow. Moving up in the world.
WetMIlk Hace un día
@A Random Passerby Eh probably not, he seems to be having a much better time in his life than you arre
A Random Passerby
A Random Passerby Hace 5 días
@PishP0n Better than Quinton, for sure! :^)
PishP0n Hace 5 días
@A Random Passerby Are you okay??
A Random Passerby
A Random Passerby Hace 11 días
It's a very special kind of funny. Not a "Hahaha" and then you move on to the next joke - this is a very long-burning smoulder of pathetic incel-archetype meeting pathetic comic strip that you keep thinking about and ugly smirking each time, while also hoping no one asks you what you're thinking, because saying "Quinton Reviews was a Garfield Consultant on an internet video about the Garfield's Nightmare ride at Kennywood" out loud feels illegal.
Halee H
Halee H Hace 28 días
I rode Garfield’s Nightmare as a little kid, maybe five years old, and was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED. I missed parts of the ride because I was hiding in my mom’s shoulder but I vividly remember seeing that giant needle.
Finnegan Gooding
Finnegan Gooding Hace 29 días
This was far sweeter of a story than I expected when I decided to learn about a weird Garfield ride. Respect.
Lyken Hace 24 días
I'm glad that you covered Kennywood as Pittsburgh really doesn't really get much recognition for stuff, so having Garfield's nightmare on your channel is cool way of people learning about something local to me.
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Hace 3 días
I hope he covers more of Kennywood. The main ride I hope he covers is the Steel Phantom. I hear that that ride was a monster and that many came out with whiplash
Doge Coin
Doge Coin Hace un mes
"Though my ex husband was a disappointment in life in general, me and Garfield were both screaming by the end of the ride" that line is absolutely hilarious, whoever wrote that I hope you know how funny that was
Grace -
Grace - Hace 10 días
I don’t understand 🫣🫣 could someone explain it really quickly
Joe Mo
Joe Mo Hace 15 días
And if you liked getting spanked during the act...the park provided an employee to help.
TomYawns Hace 15 días
@subtleusername what do you mean by that? the strangers aren't "ruining a good memory," the memory was that their dad was viscerally annoyed by their loud sloppiness. the person writing isn't "letting" them do anything, it was the dad who let the strangers ruin his ride and it would be much weirder if he acted otherwise.
David Stinnett
David Stinnett Hace 15 días
@Josh Asdf I was going to call you a jerk, but your comment checks out. So I liked instead.
Halo2glitchlover22 Hace 16 días
I’m pretty sure it was fake and written by some creepy dude lol
Kaitlin Seybert
Kaitlin Seybert Hace 20 días
As someone who lives close and has spent years and years at Kennywood, and seen both the old mill and the Garfields nightmare, and then the change back, I am THRILLED that you did this video. It was super interesting!
Lauren Hace 28 días
I grew up going to Kenneywood at least twice a season. My cousins and I would ride Garfield’s nightmare over and over again every year since the line was usually really short. This video was super nostalgic for me and my first time hearing of the re-theme! Cant wait to go again this year and mourn the loss of a great ride.
Matthew Banes
Matthew Banes Hace 29 días
"The walls were splattered with fluorescent material which was definitely added by Howling Productions during the refurbishment and was not the result of 103 years of bad aim." Kevin.... you're better than that.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Hace 26 días
No he’s not, and that’s why we love him
Meech. Hace 28 días
i didn't get it until i read this comment, dear god
Jessica Wasilco
Jessica Wasilco Hace 28 días
As a Pittsburgh native, when Garfield's Nightmare replaced The Old Mill, a LOT of people did not like the change. My family was not big fans of the ride and we rarely rode it when we went to Kennywood.
Shadowonshadows Hace un mes
I'll never get over someone's last vacation before their father died being spoiled by Garfield sex
Purple Cat
Purple Cat Hace 21 un día
@EvilSilver Boy Rule 34 :)
idiotgame102 2: electric boogaloo
@Trees me neither
Haley Hersh
Haley Hersh Hace 24 días
Wait what?!
Animated Depression
Animated Depression Hace 27 días
Pburg is such a classy city
thoughtengine Hace 27 días
No-one's ever typed that before!
Discord Illusions
Discord Illusions Hace 28 días
This is the first time that Defunctland has done a video on a ride that I've actually, personally experienced! So that's really exciting.
Robert grey
Robert grey Hace 28 días
I rode that ride as a child when it was Garfield’s nightmare and before when it was the old mill! I was recently reminiscing on Garfield’s nightmare being weird as hell.
F_lloutboy Hace 13 días
Kevin, I think this may very well be one of your best videos yet. It felt more wild of a ride than I can imagine the actual Old Mill being, thank you for Defunctland.
Will Hebert
Will Hebert Hace 19 días
I rode this back in 2009 or so! Definitely a memorable experience. Any chance you can do a video on a ride from Canobie Lake Park in Salem NH? That's the park I grew up going to, and had many of those youthful magic experiences that make amusement parks so special.
C Hace un mes
The passion you had when you said “ITS THE SIGN. YOU CAN MEET THE SIGN” sent me bro. Been a fan of your stuff for years!
Missy Barbour
Missy Barbour Hace 27 días
@Leandro Aude It's an inverting flatride called "Areo 360" because Kennywood loves a pun
Leandro Aude
Leandro Aude Hace 28 días
You know what? Now I want to meet that fricking arrow, too!
Leandro Aude
Leandro Aude Hace 28 días
@Missy Barbour What´s that ride exactly? How is it called?
The Phantom Safety Pin
@Missy Barbour I have to admit coming from out of Pennsylvania, the concept of a theme park having a ride where you can ride the advertisement for the park was so bizarre to me. Ride's good though.
Goofy Ahh Uncle Productions
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ and little henry
Duffwuff Hace 18 días
I love how, in the wake of the feature length film that was the FastPass episode, a 30 minute video is considered a "minisode." This is not a complaint, more Defunctland is always better.
Liam Watkins
Liam Watkins Hace 22 días
I remember when I was young I absolutely loved this ride. All the other children came out crying and looking back on it now I can totally see why.
8Stormy5 Hace 15 días
Kevin's sense of humor is impeccably subtle. Lingering on the Garfield urinal for a second too long was hilarious
coolman5242 Hace 29 días
It seemed like a cool idea to me especially considering the limits the ride's creator was given but this seemed more of a ride that's around for 2-3 years, not for almost 20 years.
Neil L
Neil L Hace un mes
"too scary for some children, and too Garfield for many adults" cracked me up so bad. great video as always!
Another Hibiki
Another Hibiki Hace 14 días
@// A r n a h u n a s // What about the house made out of Garfield in the "i'm sorry, Jon"?
// A r n a h u n a s //
There’s no such thing as “too Garfield”
arahman56 Hace un mes
@Kate Ealer And then there's "What The Internet Did To Garfield"
Kate Ealer
Kate Ealer Hace un mes
Garfield was always kind-of scary. When I was a kid, my Dad made a mix VHS with holiday episodes ranging from Halloween through Christmas (yes, it ended with The Grinch stealing stuff from the Whos and cut-off because it was a VHS from the '80's; I thought The Grinch really DID manage to steal Christmas for years, but I digress). Garfield's Halloween was the first special on the VHS. I always skipped through the end because the old creepy man in front of the fire scared the crap out of me. I was afraid of in-home fireplaces until we moved to a house with one and I was forced to get over my fear. That would probably mean I had a weird phobia for about six years. Thanks, Garfield! I knew there was a reason to be a dog person!
Dead Channel
Dead Channel Hace un mes
@John-Paul Hunt ok
Koco Hace 28 días
This is SO well-done. Thank you! I have to admit I was a lil heartbroken when you said it was closed though 😂 My 8-yr old godson is obsessed with Garfield & I always loved the comics growing up so I started mentally planning a trip in hopes it was still open. He loves FNAF so I think he woulda LOVED the horrifying blacked-out eyes in the ride lol but nonetheless, really grateful this brought me to your channel! Subscribed right away!
Kryptic Hace 25 días
Growing up in PA and going to Kennywood my whole life makes this video absolutely surreal to me. Garfield's Nightmare was always just this cool ride at my local theme park to me, but now that it's gone I see people mentioning it online all the time. Witnessing history in motion is strange, folks.
Rich Lux
Rich Lux Hace 13 días
21:17 that’s a Frankenstein not a zombie 🧟‍♀️
RogersBase Hace 22 días
10:27 This will haunt MY nightmares.
raydunakin Hace un mes
This was much more interesting than I expected it to be.
Jarred Azevedo
Jarred Azevedo Hace 14 días
If you like surprisingly interesting, let me recommend the 90+ minute video on this channel about line queues (Disney FastPass). I've never been more surprised at how interesting something like that could be. Kevin truly has a gift.
Papa John42
Papa John42 Hace 27 días
@Shaw Horton Music Literally the entire premis of Defunctland
Detahramet Hace 27 días
I feel like that describes a solid 80% of the videos on this channel. Some of them are obviously eye catching, others sound kind of dry, but all of it is interesting. He's made the history of *conewiches* interesting.
Ziedmac Hace 29 días
Erin Jordon
Erin Jordon Hace 29 días
WAAAY more interesting. Definitely worth the watch.
Jeff Light
Jeff Light Hace 21 un día
I never knew I needed a 30+ minute video on Garfield in theme parks, but here we are, and yes, that was one of the best Defunctland videos I've seen.
joegiuffr3 Hace 12 días
It always amazes me how these videos can make me feel nostalgic for rides I've never even been on. Great job, man.
Deanna Hace 22 días
I remember going on that ride in the 2000s-2010s so the Garfield ride was the only ride I knew throughout the years I’ve been to Kennywood, the memories. Now we are going to Pittsburgh again this weekend I’m not sure if we are going to Kennywood but it would be nice, quite ironic though how this video came out relatively close before the trip glad I watched it!
Nicholas Hupe
Nicholas Hupe Hace 17 días
Growing up with the Garfield version of the old mill as the only one I remember, this video is really cool! Even though I always realized it was a strange theming to the ride, I made my family ride it with me every year even when they didn't want to. Honestly, Kennywood has enough history and interesting rides that you could do a whole video on them. Rides like the Racers and the Jackrabbit are some of the oldest still operating roller coasters in the world.
Liam White
Liam White Hace un mes
Viacom demanding that the employees destroy all of the set pieces for Garfield's nightmare to ensure they couldn't be sold and having them take videos as proof that they actually destroyed them might be the most on brand thing for Viacom that I've ever heard.
Wumpus Hace 5 días
@mightyfilm fair point. I just didn’t even know Nicktoons was still a thing.
mightyfilm Hace 5 días
@Wumpus I liked what they did initially. They had that great new cartoon series, reran the 2K3 series on Nicktoons from time to time, kept the comic book licensing up, and blanketed us (and still do) with a crap-ton of merchandise. Plus, they have a good relationship with Warner Bros and let them share the characters from time to time. Yet, they focused so much on the lame movies that should have NEVER included Michael Bay, even as producer, and they immediately followed one cartoon series with another, instead of letting the franchise go dormant for a few years, thus dooming it. Then deciding they didn't want it anymore and rushed the second season to a half order conclusion. Plus, still not a fan of dumping season 5 of the previous series on Nicktoons. They do at least still have franchise plans for the characters and we totally wouldn't have gotten the new video game if they didn't want to keep them in the public eye. So, ehhh, I've seen companies treat franchises they bought much worse.
Wumpus Hace 5 días
@mightyfilm don’t remind me about what they did to the Turtles.
Mallk238 Hace 14 días
@MxPokirby Archive well, the problem with that is that nobody can really know what WILL be history until it's been written down. And that only really happens once something has already happened. So to Viacom, this was a protection of their property; and they were doing a pretty common practice with this sort of thing where they destroy props instead of selling or throwing them away because if someone got a hold of it who had ill intentions, they would have very little they could do to actually stop it. You'll hear a lot of mascot costumes get completely destroyed for the same reason (Louie zong actually wrote a song about it, look up "Burn Him Down by Kitsch Club" it kicks ass!) Anyway, it's kinda like how world war 1 wasn't called world war 1 until we had a second world war. Up until then, it was just called The Great War. Some things will only ever be seen as great tragedies with hindsight. As much as it pains me to say it, bc it would have been one HELL of a collector's piece to have any of those props from the garfield dark ride
Thatmemeguy2011 Hace 17 días
@Prickley yep that is what it reminds me of
lunchmeat Hace 29 días
The amount of times I got stuck on Garfield’s Nightmare as a kid was unreal. This ride was my entire childhood. I loved it so much hahaha
Amber Holt
Amber Holt Hace un día
“Garfield and I were both screaming by the end of the ride” is the most cursed but iconic thing 😂
Kia Smith
Kia Smith Hace 27 días
God, learning all this history about the Old Mill, only to remember that the place will soon become a Garfield ride is hilarious to me.
Braedon K
Braedon K Hace 18 días
Dude Garfield’s Nightmare is a classic, I made sure I rode it every time I went to Kennywood and threw my 3D glasses inside the giant pizza box. Such a funny ride
Dalton Bertolo
Dalton Bertolo Hace un mes
“The fluorescent splatter was deliberately put there and not the result of 103 years of bad aim.” This is it. The best joke Defunctland has ever told
@Tree Branch Studios i prefer the "hole in two" wink wink nudge nudge
Tree Branch Studios
Tree Branch Studios Hace 24 días
@SkiptoAcceptanceM’darlin’ that’s what we call a “hole in one”
as opposed to "good aim"?
shockarock Hace 24 días
Bee Sylvester
Bee Sylvester Hace 26 días
This video has quickly become one of my favorites, and despite the nature of the ride and the actions that occurred within, I think the end of the video was really beautiful and genuinely has made me tear up on occasion. Fantastic work to the defunctland team, yall are amazing. (And I'm very glad you kept in the final tweet, my friends and I thought that was very funny)
Nordic Dreki
Nordic Dreki Hace 25 días
I wonder if any of the Disney dark rides have a similar reputation for romantic interaction (or at least had a decent amount of people trying something on it). Usually Disney rides have larger boats, or the only scenes that get really dark are paired with a drop (like in Pirates of the Caribbean) or something like that. I'm sure people found a way of getting around it though
Ryan Pinkus
Ryan Pinkus Hace 7 días
There's a story about a girl going to Downtown Disney on her BF on the pirates ride and when she leaned over the edge to uh, pollinate the water, someone on the loudspeaker who had watched the scene unfold told her that only quitter's spit. Or, something like that. They'd have to drain the water and decontaminate it if she had gone through with it.
Katie Stanley
Katie Stanley Hace 21 un día
I live by Kennywood and look forward to going every year!! Garfield's Revenge was so fun and now is very nostalgic, but I really appreciate my local amusement park celebrating and maintaining their history while also bringing in fun new stuff! Thanks for talking about our corner of the world, n'at :)
Debby Sullivan
Debby Sullivan Hace 29 días
I've been going to Kennywood all my life. This ride was AWFUL.... like a bad acid trip. The original Old Mill is soo much better. Great video!!
Abby Collins
Abby Collins Hace un mes
Ah, who could forget the time Kevin tweeted to ask for people’s stories of them making love on this ride. Now it’s time to see the fruits of his labor.
R. E. M.
R. E. M. Hace 16 días
@Connor Beith become as satisfying and rewarding as lasagna and it will happen
Choco bear
Choco bear Hace 22 días
@Hercules Balls that is true
Hercules Balls
Hercules Balls Hace 22 días
@Choco bear And really it doesn't even have to be dark.
Twink Hace 29 días
I think i was a fruit of somebodys labor on a dark ride....
Benry Hace un mes
@sophie Monday.
Dr. Pavel -
Dr. Pavel - Hace 24 días
I'm really happy that things like this are documented
Helena Handbasket
Helena Handbasket Hace 28 días
I remember when they changed it. Myself and everyone I knew absolutely hated it. The old one with the skeletons was historic and charming. Garfield's Nightmare was just that, a nightmare.
Tanky53 Hace 27 días
Kennywood is so special for us PA natives! I have so many memories of the park and the rides! Garfields nightmare wasn't too bad as a kid but nothing will ever beat the old mill that this ride replaced! But it's so cool to see kennywood in videos! Thank you for all of this!
Eboehme Hace 24 días
I used to live in the Kennywood area when I was younger so most school picnics were held at Kennywood. This ride was always the first ride I would beg my mom to take me on! It became a tradition each time we went that Garfield’s Nightmare would be our first ride at Kennywood. Oddly enough the discontinuing of the ride makes me rather side, it was symbolic of the end of my childhood. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ricebread343 Hace 7 días
Wow, I was such a scary cat I never wanted to go on rides in the dark. Apparently I missed out on a lot of what could have been some good times. The Garfield theme is not so great but I think it's awesome that the old mill is still going.
Mondo Bizarrro
Mondo Bizarrro Hace 24 días
This used to be my family's final ride for the night, we'd always ride it before going home. This ride gives me a lot of nostalgia. I never saw those tvs working after like 2008
Happy Beeps
Happy Beeps Hace 21 un día
I was not expecting how wholesome this would end but here we are.
whatsteamis Hace 29 días
I expected this to be informative and funny and wasn't disappointed, but I can't believe you also made it kinda moving at the end. Amazing
Lego Fan 74
Lego Fan 74 Hace un mes
"Hi there! [COMLETELY REDACTED] Hope that helps!" The buildup for this was absolutely perfect, with the stories getting crazier and crazier. The comedic timing in this video is top notch
Marek Siciński
Marek Siciński Hace 14 días
what could it even possibly be
Eos Aurora
Eos Aurora Hace 28 días
Amazing I laughed so hard
T Emet
T Emet Hace 28 días
And the music was "bang on"! Sorry, couldn't help it. *ashamed face*
Kerry Uram
Kerry Uram Hace 26 días
As a Pittsburgh native, this video brought back so much of what I love about Kennywood. This ride was my childhood, but I am so happy they restored the historic look of the Old Mill!
kenthehedge Hace 26 días
as a pittsburgh native- this was a pittsburgh treasure. i still remember the absolute terror i felt the first time i was on this ride.
Jason Windsor
Jason Windsor Hace un mes
Not sure why this was recommended or why I started to watch, but I finished watching because of the wonderful detail, effective editing, & engaging narration. Subscribed.
Stuff Of Sonny
Stuff Of Sonny Hace 16 días
I remember riding The Old Mill at least once as a small child, and being confused as to why it was suddenly Garfield themed the next year. I also remember that I had to wait an extra year to ride it because a terrible storm swept through near the end of our visit while we were waiting in line. Even as a kid with no particular attachment to The Old Mill, I felt Garfield's Nightmare was a downgrade.
Nate The GR8
Nate The GR8 Hace un mes
“Garfield knows all of our sins”. As a Pittsburgh born and raised child who sent you an email about my experience in those neon halls(not too graphic I hope). No truer worlds have ever been said.
Nathaniel Lindner
Nathaniel Lindner Hace un mes
@Stark Raving When I saw the thumbnail I thought he had grabbed a Lasagna Cat still, I guess there's a standard off-the-rack Garfield costume or something
wolfiemuse Hace un mes
@Nate The GR8 oh wow! Nice! Well good for you. Weird that it had to be in a Garfield ride, but still!
Nate The GR8
Nate The GR8 Hace un mes
@wolfiemuse Quite the opposite. My gf at the time leaned in and said. “We’re done.” (I “wasn’t spending enough money or attention on her”) And then she got my shocked/depressed face ready for that damned camera. It was what happened afterward that almost got too graphic. Lots of language, a few middle fingers and almost pushing her into the water but thankfully I held that urge in because the breakup ended up being good for me. Apparently I didn’t realize she was psychologically abusing me for almost 4 years. TL;DR: Garfield nightmare became my dream come true after my nightmare of a girlfriend dumped me
Question, where did it happen? The answer to that wasn’t in the episode.
Stark Raving
Stark Raving Hace un mes
@Nathaniel Lindner Lasagna Cat is a magnificent work of art.
Maddy Jayde
Maddy Jayde Hace un mes
This was a good one Kevin! Thoroughly amused with your script and delivery 😆
horsegranola Hace 2 días
To the person at 25:55, I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope that experience didn’t ruin the overall trip and that you got to create a lot of great memories of your dad.
Chris Hensley
Chris Hensley Hace 29 días
Awesome vid as usual! Man, the Garfield revamp sure was lame! Glad it still brought joy to so many! An Idea for something to cover is possibly the Atlantis robot show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I saw it when it was brand new, and have seen it over the years degrade more and more. It baffles me why they don't either fix it up or flat out replace it. It is still kind of neat in its broken ass form of today, but I wonder if it has any kind of history!
Adam Handley
Adam Handley Hace 4 días
Your videos are amazing when it comes to theme parks, tv and obscure media! Out of curiosity, do you play to do a video on Wild Artic at SeaWorld, seeing as how they closed the last location of the ride in Orlando?
Nail Black
Nail Black Hace un mes
"A lot of you were gay in the garfield dark ride" actually sent me, absolute banger video again Kevin thank you
🐝Bee Honey🐝
🐝Bee Honey🐝 Hace un mes
This comment used to have 666 likes the last time I saw it why
The Phantom Safety Pin
What if we were gay In the Garfield Dark Ride? haha just kidding ... unless?
🐝Bee Honey🐝
🐝Bee Honey🐝 Hace un mes
@cloudie :D awww yeah!😫😫😫
cloudie :D
cloudie :D Hace un mes
@🐝Bee Honey🐝 omg me 😍🤤🥵
Travis Shumway
Travis Shumway Hace 16 días
Nice to see Kennywood getting some love. I lived in Pittsburgh for my whole life, up until a few weeks ago when I moved to New York. I only ever rode the Garfields Nightmare version and never thought much of it, but If you're ever in the neighborhood, I highly recommend taking a visit to a historic and wonderful little amusement park. It has three pretty great wooden coasters (Jackrabbit, Racer, and Thunderbolt), a spinning wild mouse ride in near pitch-black called The Exterminator, The Phantom's Revenge, a steel coaster which has the neet quirk of the second drop being longer than the first one, and the newest coaster, The Steel Curtain, which has the world record for the highest inversion on a roller coaster at 197ft or 60m.
Ghost Spooky
Ghost Spooky Hace 26 días
The years have only improved your style, Kevin you are a Hell of an entertainer and an informer.
SuperGamePlayer64 Hace 28 días
Me: "Garfield water ride? That's pretty interesting." Also Me: "IS THAT THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE!?" All joking aside, this was a very interesting video and the history of Kennywood has got me interested in visiting. I also hope you can recover from reading all those emails, I for sure know I won't...
phamiru Hace 27 días
Yes please come! Kennywood is a very lovely old park, with a great blend of new and classic rides! We'd love to have yins visit~
James McCarthy
James McCarthy Hace 3 días
This was so nostalgic for me I grew up with the Garfield ride being raised in Pittsburgh one ride I used to go to kennywood to just to ride again
Alex N
Alex N Hace un mes
"Fluorescent material, which was...not the result of 103 years of bad aim." KEVIN, WHY? Now every time I rewatch the series and think about how warm and fuzzy it is experiencing those nostalgic vibes with your smooth narration, that line is going to be sitting firmly in the back of my head.
KingBobXIV Hace un mes
I like how he kept switching to the clip of the section with paint splatter, like at 31:47 - "the romantic activities that happened within the walls of the Old Mill..." _cuts to section splattered with "goo" all over the walls_
DeaconTaylor Hace un mes
you dirty narrator. that was hilarious. i had to rewind when he said it. did i really hear that lol
FerretPirate Hace un mes
It was not until your comment that I got what he meant. I now have the same reaction to you, that you had to him.
LemurianQuartz Hace un mes
@Kevin 😂😂
ElveeKaye Hace un mes
I'll be thinking of it every time I watch a video about any amusement park in general.
Alfred Tortelloni
Alfred Tortelloni Hace 28 días
I loved this ride. I was so sad when they changed it. It was such an important part of my mid-young-adulthood.
iownu92 Hace 26 días
There was a "ye old mill" ride in NY which closed after a young boy hit his head while trying to climb off, fell into the water, got trapped underneath a conveyor belt underwater and died.
Thatmemeguy2011 Hace 16 días
Holy lasagna
empressmarowynn Hace 27 días
The Old Mill was one of my favorite rides as a kid, it had just the right mix of spooky and corny. I was livid when it was replaced. I rode the Garfield version one time and swore to never ride it again. Also I had no clue that people were doing things on that ride. Any time I went it was with family or groups of friends, no couples. It's wild to think something that was so innocent for me was so illicit for others.
Kate Hace 19 días
That is just crazy.. Your videos always seem to amaze me everyday that I would watch and learn so much, especially nostalgic moments that are very historical and informative. :D I enjoy your videos and I can't wait for more when you have more to show us.
BrentTV Hace un mes
As someone who rode this every year, it was an awful ride lol. Not well maintained, boring, and just not a fun ride lol
Taylor Hace un mes
Angela My entire 25 year old life living in Pittsburgh I have never heard anyone say they loved the Garfield theming, from the beginning everyone always wanted the Old Mill back lol.
Angela Hace un mes
It’s really subjective though ya know. Some of us really loved the ride.
Lukas Wulf
Lukas Wulf Hace un mes
I plus one this
???????????????? Hace un mes
i used to go to lake compounce as a kid (the other park mentioned as a possible location) and i'm so bummed i missed out on this
kayleecraft66 Hace un mes
@David Andrew dull, tedious, uninteresting, unexciting, lackluster, drab, dreary, humdrum, leaden, stale.
BL2001 Hace 26 días
I confess I'm not a fan of amusement parks, but I absolutely love your videos and watch all of them. Your love of the parks and their history, coupled with the exhaustive research you do, is amazing. Kudos on another excellent video. 👏
Chris Braswell
Chris Braswell Hace 4 días
This might be one of my favorite episodes. Not only for the subject but also the subtle jokes and enthusiasm in some of the line deliveries. "You can meet the sign!"
Endruv_ Hace 5 días
Starting a video about Garfield dark rides with the history of picnics and tunnels of love is the most Defunctland thing and I'm here for it.
Paul Reese
Paul Reese Hace 23 días
Well done. I haven’t been to kennywood but have heard of the park. I am from Garfield’s hometown of Muncie IN one of our most famous residences. I remember and joke with my wife about the ill faited Garfield themed park in Indiana that never got off the ground. There are only two amusement parks in Indiana most likely due to our close proximity to Kings Island and Cedar Point.
Erika Williams
Erika Williams Hace 21 un día
I mean, cedar point is pretty awesome...
Sadie Presto
Sadie Presto Hace un mes
When you mentioned the scene where Liz is shooting air from a syringe, I paused and said, “it shot water! I rode it a hundred times I know it shot water.” Imagine my disgust realizing the water sprayed on my face was not only an error, but from the ride river filled with unknown bodily fluids. Loved the ride though.
Sadie Presto
Sadie Presto Hace un mes
@Mito PLEASE DON’T REMIND ME! full body shivers 💀
Sadie Presto
Sadie Presto Hace un mes
@Claudia my stomach literally FLIPPED
Claudia Hace un mes
Right there with you, I have a vague memory of sometimes it being air, sometimes water and learning this now makes me queasy😭
Stevie J
Stevie J Hace un mes
@Timothy McLean Oh my god... I honestly thought he was talking about the painters when he said "103 years of bad aim" but you showed me the error of my ways 😂