Deion Sanders sets the record straight on Media Day and more

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Deion Sanders fully addresses what happened at SWAC Media Day, he talks about Shedeur Sanders and what he warned his players about before lining up against Terrell Owens. Plus much more in this one-on-one interview.


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21 jul 2021






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Faithe Nichols
Faithe Nichols Hace un año
I'm so proud of Coach Sanders. I will always highly respect this great man.
Leonard Duke
Leonard Duke Hace 2 meses
Absolutely real
Renea Mcgee
Renea Mcgee Hace un año
This man has gained my utmost respect. I’ve never seen a Coach who truly has a heart for every player. Telling them about the real ness of going pro. I hope he takes each of them where they want to go.
V M Hace 2 meses
Well stated!!!
Joseph Humphrey
Joseph Humphrey Hace un año
"Dream while they're awake!" Coach Deion Sanders! I Love It!!!
Master Isaiah
Master Isaiah Hace un año
A damn great Interview!! People just hating on Coach Prime and they always will, he trying to build something for the Next Generation!!!
559 Boi
559 Boi Hace un año
Lmao he got in his feelings by being called his name.
Matthew Kendall
Matthew Kendall Hace un año
I love this interview and I will be looking to support this young man because he is good at what he does. Dion has always been one of my favorites on and off the field. God bless them both 🙏🏾.
Reginald Graham
Reginald Graham Hace un año
Great interview, wishing Coach Sanders and Jackson State the best in not only in football but in mentoring young men and women to succeed in life.
BurntCds Hace un año
AMAZING interview! Love the channel & how the spotlight is being shined on my HBCUs. Please keep up the good work guys.
Binge Junkie
Binge Junkie Hace un año
I love how many stories he shares with answers for every question. It didn't feel like an interview just conversation. Good job
BIG TEE Hace un año
Listening to two intelligent black men discuss life, HBCU'S and football was truly enjoyable and uplifting this morning. GREAT JOB GENTLEMEN!!!
rolltide334 Hace un año
@thomas so if a kid come up to u and call u by your first name after u told them to call u mr. Glenn u gone fill some type of way. All he's doin is asking for respect jus like u would
Thomas E. Glenn
Thomas E. Glenn Hace un año
@BIG TEE Deion was not disrespected, as long as, he was being treated like saban. The reporter was right. Deion, because of his arrogance, lied. Nick Saban is regularly called nick at press conferences, and never went off about it. I love what Deion has accomplished. Beyond football, he's a real father. Come on, man. you're a builder of young men, and a coach. Get out of the way. Your picture larger than Walter Payton's on a JSU bus. Please!!
The Calming Corner
The Calming Corner Hace un año
Thank you for this uplifting message... We need more people to value these attributes
Al B
Al B Hace un año
Of all the football fundamentals, X's & O's, and defensive techniques coach Prime could teach those young Black men, this BY FAR was his greatest lesson. Thanx coach.
D1vaDvyn Hace un año
My EXACT sentiments🎯 ... I definitely concur🤗
Tristan'smommie2310 Hace un año
Jeannette Fox
Jeannette Fox Hace 2 meses
@P arrant He has already done that!!! Now what???
Tyrone Deener
Tyrone Deener Hace 7 meses
O ' yell
Bernard Williams
Bernard Williams Hace un año
Hold it down coach you doing the right thing
Stocks guy
Stocks guy Hace un año
No respect to that drama queen grape juice
P arrant
P arrant Hace un año
@Miss Volpexpress08. How could you be so disrespectful and RACIST by calling Coach Prime by his last name?? I mean really, the reporter who called him by his first name was called racist so why isn’t it called racist for calling him by his last name?? So is everyone who doesn’t call him by Coach Prime racist?? This dude is nothing but a clown! While I agree whole heartedly that he has attention to JSU and HBCU’s that doesn’t mean he’s going to bring W’s to JSU and that’s the bottom line!!!!
mr finess
mr finess Hace un año
Salute COACH SANDERS! No need to allow any form of disrespect!!
ALL THE BUZZ Hace un año
Awesome interview! HBCU GameDay y'all are so on point with everything. This channel should have 100k subscribers.
George Graham
George Graham Hace un año
I'm 47 years old and Coach Sanders makes me wanna suit back up.....I would love to have had a Coach like this
gennie jefferson
gennie jefferson Hace un año
This is a great guy who has done great things, and still do good things. I’m a fan of his and JSU because that’s my Alma Mater.
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson Hace un año
Coached little league. All my former players kids from 10. Years ago , all when i see them anytime anywhere, " CALL ME COACH!!! 😊
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace 2 meses
@Zannie Holmes The reporter is not subordinate to the coach. If Nick Saban tried this, he'd get slapped down the same way. Deion Sanders was the one who was very disrespectful here. He created this issue and should have been criticized for it.
splitman1116 Hace 11 meses
Thank the gods you were a coach and not a grammar teacher.
Nubian Emperor
Nubian Emperor Hace 11 meses
Anything else would be uncivilized
Zannie Holmes
Zannie Holmes Hace un año
@Joe Veitch The main point that you failed to acknowledge is that Coach Sanders asks him to call him Coach. Just like he would do with Nick Saban and the guy basically said F you to his face. That's very disrespectful and should be called out especially after other media outlets tried to spin the truth to the public. This whole scenario could have been avoided by humbly saying okay Coach. Just like the guy who gets shot for resisting arrest, you say that he shouldn't have resisted. People create their own issues sometimes in life, this should have been much ado about nothing.
Eugene Caldwell
Eugene Caldwell Hace un año
@P arrant I agree with you 100% Thanks for putting the truth out there.
Robert Frank
Robert Frank Hace un año
Coach Sanders you were correct when you walked off on the interview. The reporter showed you know respect. If every position is a competitive position. I'm a little confused. To not open up the quarterback position was shocking. To have 2 quarterback transfer brings a lot of attention to the team. Overall I like what you are doing for HBCU FOOTBALL. Good luck in the fall.
Janet Allen
Janet Allen Hace 7 meses
@Pigspotter7 Listen to it again. He did tell him to call him Coach and he turned around and called him Deion AGAIN! Blatant disrespect!
Pigspotter7 Hace un año
@adonis50001 Unless i didn't hear it correctly i never heard him say address me as coach...he said you wouldn't call Nick Saban Nickwhich implies he wanted to be called coach. Now if Deion would have just said i would appreciate if you called me coach there probably wouldn't have been a issue. Now the reporter could have said how do you want me to address you also...they both could have handled it better but to me when you bring up Saban and you you're wrong about that statement you made then that's really where things went left
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace un año
@Dresta tha Gangsta Interviewed them both. Called them Mike and Bob. Neither one cared.
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace un año
@G Wells Yes. Why?
curtis moore
curtis moore Hace un año
Great interview way to keep it 100 much love to Coach Sanders
Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis Hace un año
Thank you for correcting what happen i understand! Coach Prime hope you and the team have a great season this year. Let go Tigers 🐅
T Rod Banks
T Rod Banks Hace un año
Coach Prime ! One of the greatest to ever to lace up the sleeks in my opinion . Deserve alot of respect for taking on the challenges of coaching.
D Green
D Green Hace un año
Love you Deion, you make black people proud everywhere... My entire family is so proud of you.
559 Boi
559 Boi Hace un año
@M- Town come here boi get this here momma's cooking. Deon already has enough respect on his name, it will do just fine.
M- Town
M- Town Hace un año
@559 Boi Post your link, old ahh man, since you counted 17x's! I'll wait🧐 And when you get through, still put some respect on Coach Prime name, BOI!
M- Town
M- Town Hace un año
@559 Boi *Mommas cooking voice* And hating makes you what, boi🤷🏾‍♂️
Foldtags Hace un año
Awesome interview. I am loving what Coach Sanders is doing. Lets go family
King Negus
King Negus Hace un año
This is the PerFeCT mane for the job…. In all phases of the sport…. Hell… the perfect example of how a KING should conduct himself….DEMAND RESPECT
Carletta Byford
Carletta Byford Hace un año
Respect all the way around, Blessings Coach Sanders
Ron Kraftwerk
Ron Kraftwerk Hace un año
Wow. This was a great interview on both sides. Coach is definitely changing things for HBCU’s. He’s also helping the community bog time. If we just listen.
William Clark
William Clark Hace un año
This brother right here should be in a HBCU media HOF for years he’s always told the stories of the Black University’s great work 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey Hace un año
Great interview. Coach Sanders is right to demand respect. He is building men. The media is way to comfortable giving out criticism and sensational opinions. Write whatever you want but address Coach Sander in the manner he wishes. Well done Mr. Carr. Thanks for all you do!
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace 2 meses
@Blue Fox This has nothing to do with race. If a white coach did this to a Black reporter, said coach would be lucky to have a job the next day.
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace 2 meses
@Blue Fox You need to grow up and stop acting like you're above other professionals. If your name is John, then you're going to get called John in a professional setting. That's simply the way it is. If your name isn't John, then go ahead and correct them, but if it is, then there's no reason not to call you that. Talking to the media is part of Deion Sanders' job. He has no business demanding special treatment.
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Hace 2 meses
@Dan Angell What YOU don't get is maybe THEY have no problems with such. Address people as they request and remember your white privilege is fading.
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Hace 2 meses
@Dan Angell YOU came asking or expecting an interview. Coach Sanders didn't go looking for YOU in the crowd of reporters. I'm a doctor by profession and white investors,sales persons, often call my PRACTICE wanting to speak to JOHN!!! Who is John? Does "John" know YOU? There is no John at this office.Good Bye. You need better manners,training,and historical knowledge of Black white relations.
Jacqueline Wright
Jacqueline Wright Hace un año
R- E-S-P-E-C-T, Coach Sanders SHOW That Reporter!!!
IAM WATER Hace un año
Deion pulled a “CALL ME MR. TIBBS!!!” On that white reporter lmao…. I love it 🙏🏾
Suga1ray weight loss journey
Prime much respect Coach so proud the way you carry yourself can’t wait to watch your team and other HBCU what you have done and doing is trailblazing and awesome man I have no words for what you have inspired. Not just football
Elvin Gallard
Elvin Gallard Hace un año
Coach Sanders is looking young, he looks like he can still play.
Pierre Mothershed
Pierre Mothershed Hace un año
That was monumental for young African men here in the US.
559 Boi
559 Boi Hace 11 meses
@Stix Hill lmao what the whole controversy been about dufus
Stix Hill
Stix Hill Hace 11 meses
@559 Boi what are u talking about
559 Boi
559 Boi Hace un año
@Eugene Caldwell said Nick Saban wouldn't let him call him Nick and would have kicked him out. Nick is called Nick many times during interviews, and has said he doesn't care what you call him.
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts Hace un año
When it's all said and done Prime will not only go down in history as a legendary player but a legendary coach as well.You can already see it coming in a short time just wait for it I Believe!!!
Carolyn Thomas
Carolyn Thomas Hace un año
Coach is the real deal, don't deal with mess!
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts Hace un año
@DT that's what I meant
DT Hace un año
Correction? Prime is already a Legendary player. He's a Hall of fame! But I do agree. He will become a Legendary coach.
tavon24 Hace un año
Coach Prime: Don't let this journey Crack your smile. Keep smiling man because that's comforting and alot of youth admires you.
keith irvin
keith irvin Hace un año
Go head on Coach Sanders AKA PRIME TIME keep up the great work you were and are one of my favorite players of all times I have both of your Jerseys but more importantly you are a greater man of God and a teacher and builder of young black men. I love you keep up the great work we m]need more men like you in the world and here in Chicago. May God keep you and continue to bless you COACH SANDERS I MISS YOU ON THE NFL GAMEDAY SHOW ITS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT YOU.🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
David Chaney
David Chaney Hace un año
This is our channel... where there can't be any misinformation ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Clyde C McElroy
Clyde C McElroy Hace un año
Misinformation like saying that Nick Saban would cuss you out if you called him Nick? Reporters call Saban and other coaches by their first name all the time and none of them have been cussed out. I don't disagree that if you're a reporter and you want the interview you should call him whatever you want but the whole thing about Nick Saban cussing somebody out for being called Nick was total bullshit.
GMAMEC Hace un año
I see some people making the mistake of calling Coach Sanders “Deion”. We need to start acknowledging him as Coach Sanders, especially when we’re discussing his position as a coach.
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace un mes
@DaNiesha Teele No, in a professional setting, we'd say Mehmet Oz. Also, "coach" isn't a title; in any professional setting, he's Deion Sanders.
DaNiesha Teele
DaNiesha Teele Hace un mes
@dan Angell…. Correct; but in a professional setting we would say “!Dr. Oz”, so in a professional setting, he should have said Coach Sanders
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace un mes
@DaNiesha Teele Of course not. You'd call him Mehmet Oz.
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace un mes
@smov23 smov231 That's true, it doesn't matter how long you coach. Nick Saban claims seven national titles. He gets called Nick. Bill Belichick has eight Super Bowl rings. He gets called Bill. I'll give you the president, but that's about it. 99.9% of people get called by their first name.
smov23 smov231
smov23 smov231 Hace un mes
@Dan Angell Congratulations on 17 years. When did you become the authority on titles? It doesn't matter how long you coached your point is no more valid than anyone else. If I were a Dr. call me Dr. Smov23. If I were the president call me President Smov23.
Willie Smith
Willie Smith Hace 4 meses
Coach Prime is a great man and it shows that he has love and respect for other, and therefore, he demands and deserve the same from others. He is doing a great job as a leader at JSU as well as the school and the community.
udogg111 Hace un año
Coach Sanders . Put some respect on his name
Marcus Wesley
Marcus Wesley Hace 2 meses
I love this. My teachers always taught me to understand whom I shot marbles with and whom I did not. Meaning I was taught to respect my elders. In this case, Mr. Sanders is teaching 115 young men to understand their crafts. If done right, all 115 men can take part of this training and eat for the rest of their lives. In addition, he is bringing attention to HBCU excellence. As a person that went to a prestigeous HBCU, this commands respect. So for a member of our community to be disrespected, I totally agree with Mr. Sanders decision to end the interview.
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Hace 2 meses
@559 Boi You are introduced to a doctor,judge,pastor and feel you can first name them on YOUR CHOICE minus their permission??? You have poor social manners.
559 Boi
559 Boi Hace un año
Lmao deon has respect on his name. Ain't no grown man gonna call nobody coach , who hasn't coached them. This is just prime being the pre modana he is, and lied while at it
Ian Miller
Ian Miller Hace un año
Nicole Howe
Nicole Howe Hace un año
My son played football when he was younger and he's 27 now and still calls he coach "coach"
charles wright
charles wright Hace 11 meses
I love what coach Deion sanders is doing he is a good role model. For our youth
Diana BlackMack
Diana BlackMack Hace un año
Journalistic Integrity. It's that simple.
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace 2 meses
@Jeannette Fox Again, if any school complains, I'm perfectly fine with not covering them.
Jeannette Fox
Jeannette Fox Hace 2 meses
@Dan Angell No you don’t pay. However if the school don’t want you there. You don’t get a press pass. That is the way it goes!!! It’s not your choice! So to speak.
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace 2 meses
@Jeannette Fox That actually has a lot to do with your knowledge of football, which is virtually nonexistent. If all you look at is overall record, you're going to make a lot of foolish judgments.
Jeannette Fox
Jeannette Fox Hace 2 meses
@Dan Angell I can’t be impressed with someone I don’t know. Nor a conference that I don’t know. This has nothing to do with my knowledge of football. I see his overall record 14-18 so no I am not impressed.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson Hace un año
That reporter was highly disrespectful. You want to talk to him. Call him by his last name. Then continues doing it. Good for him walking off
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace 2 meses
@Blue Fox No, I haven't. I treat black coaches the same as I do white coaches. I call them by their first name, because we are all professionals.
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Hace 2 meses
@Dan Angell You've always given Blacks "special treatment",just not the correct and right treatment.
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace 2 meses
@Queen NitaBo Of course it has something to do with me. When someone like Deion tries to pull this ego trip, it makes it that much harder for journalists like myself to do our jobs properly. Facts are, Deion's celebrity doesn't mean a damn thing; there's no excuse for him disrespecting a fellow professional here, and you should be ashamed of yourself for excusing his behavior.
Queen NitaBo
Queen NitaBo Hace 2 meses
@Dan Angell Facts are you’re under every comment showing that you’re very pissed off about something that has nothing to do with you nor did it involve you personally. but you seem to be behaving as if Coach Deion Sanders was speaking directly to you. Facts are Deion’s celebrity is bigger than some random guy at a low grade media outlet who refused to respect him. Good bye Dan.
Kevin Wiggins
Kevin Wiggins Hace un año
Mr Tolly i think your platform is finna really grow in the next year because HBCU is finna get the exposure it deserves great job love your work.
M- Town
M- Town Hace un año
@Carlo Travis 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️Race war???😂😂😂😂😂😂😂you 🤡's are hilarious!!!!! #WeAreNotOurAncestors✊🏾
HBCUGameday Hace un año
This is TC answering through the brand account. It's a whole team getting it done. We appreciate your support Kevin. We are glad to see the exposure, it's what we've been working for.
K’s Don’t Miss21
Shout out to Coach Sanders..it’s about respect I played college ball and it’s some real politics out there.! Jsu follow this man..!
Beautiful_Silver Hace un año
I absolutely loved Coach Sanders reaction...Stand Up 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Kali Cleveland
Kali Cleveland Hace un año
Coach Prime Time Sanders! ❤
Cisco The Bassist
Cisco The Bassist Hace un año
Didn’t know anything about this, but I have even more respect for Coach Sanders! Peace and blessings to y’all!
Carolyn Thomas
Carolyn Thomas Hace un año
I respect Coach Sanders, let them know they are going to give you the respect. Shut them down everytime they try to disrespect you!
Family Affair Catering
Outstanding interview keep up the great work.
thelastpatriot Hace un año
I really hope and pray that Coach Sanders keeps coaching College Football because Coach Sanders is Great for College Football.
20 pearls
20 pearls Hace un año
Wow dude really publicly said an HBCU doesn't deserve a "name-drop" and the program is not being watched?! He must have fleas in his head! 😬😩
Mary305 Hace un año
I know that's right coach Prime. Great interview HBCU Gameday
LSU Reppin
LSU Reppin Hace un año
Deon is a class act
13e11even11 Hace un año
No one is watching them now, but let’s see what happens. Coach Sanders wants to put HBCU football on the map.
Coach Shawn Kent
Coach Shawn Kent Hace un año
I had a HBCU Media Day Party 🥳 let's go Tigers 🐅 . I'm seeing a lot JSU gear downtown Toronto Canada 🇨🇦.
Toya Monix
Toya Monix Hace un año
Great interview!
Sarah MayWest
Sarah MayWest Hace un año
I love me some Mr Sanders ❤
Dee Bryant
Dee Bryant Hace un año
Keeshon Patrick
Keeshon Patrick Hace 11 meses
Winston Salem native, glad to see Mr. Carr still doing well and conducting great interviews! He is truly great at his job.
The Black Chess Authority
What a great interview!!!
Oki Mitchell
Oki Mitchell Hace un año
Best head coach interview I've ever seen✌️👍
Barbara Hill
Barbara Hill Hace 8 meses
Love it Huge Fan Blessings on Blessings to you and the program
Cole One
Cole One Hace un año
Excellent interview
Jackee G
Jackee G Hace un año
Coach learned quick!. My mom was a Black reporter in Jackson before passing, critical of THAT newspaper & many of the reporters. Even so, they respected her as one of the best, sought after as a mentor & goto for new graduate internships. Coach has done his homework on local media, Yaasss!
Chef Chris Smith
Chef Chris Smith Hace un año
I AM Hace un año
@HBCU Gameday Black love is beautiful. Especially between two professional brothers lifting each other up as they help others rise. Thank you Mr Carr & Mr. Sanders!! Go Rattlers
Quentin Nelson
Quentin Nelson Hace un año
Great interview
Aj Jones
Aj Jones Hace 9 meses
No matter what was going on ….. I couldn’t turn this interview off - DAMN that was AWESOME !!!!
Josias Lucas
Josias Lucas Hace un año
GREAT interview‼️
terrance moffitt
terrance moffitt Hace un año
They think it's all about jokes and goofing off and laughing when it comes to blacks, I'm glad deion checked him letting them know you gone respect me like everyone else
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Hace 2 meses
Black people are your parents so you should respect them.
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace un año
Deion did get respected like everyone else. But he wanted the reporter to kiss up to him.
559 Boi
559 Boi Hace un año
Deon lied! I watched an interview wear they addressed nick Saban as nick at least 17 times. Deon was on his pre modana
Carl Cunningham
Carl Cunningham Hace un año
Coach Prime need to be on faculty. I would enroll TODAY.
B FRESH Hace un año
Great Interview ❗️
itsvenise S
itsvenise S Hace un año
SpencerWorld Hace un año
Congratulations to Coach Deon Sanders Long ago we do He go keep a popping
Rloy Hace un año
I played from JR high through college and I still call all my coaches COACH
Keith C. Brown
Keith C. Brown Hace un año
Facts @ 6:00 Coach Prime - keep giving it to them.
B T Hace un año
Awesome interview
Jay B
Jay B Hace 13 días
Love Deon since that curl he had in Florida State and my 9ers 90's team.
22DarkFrequency22 Hace un año
Coach prime !!! We love you man!!💪🏾💯🔥
Justina Ragland
Justina Ragland Hace un año
Grass Roots Dance Theatre Inc.
Love you Couch Sanders teach our people to demand respect
Gerrod Elston
Gerrod Elston Hace un año
Deion is gonna change coaching swag like Iverson changed the nba
DJLloyd61 Hace un año
I saw Mike Singletary about 4 years ago and I called him Coach Singletary. I say this because I am old enough to have seen Mike Singletary play College Football at Baylor University. Once the player becomes a Coach, that's how he or she should be addressed.
MelanatedRN #reparationsnow
I love and respect Coach Sanders ✊🏿👏🏿🖤. What he said about Black reporters calling Caucasian men coaches by their first name and wouldn’t have a job the next day, is absolutely right!!!
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace 2 meses
@Blue Fox I have sat in probably a thousand press conferences over the past nearly two decades. The number of times I've heard a white coach called by anything other than his or her first name can be counted on one hand.
Dan Angell
Dan Angell Hace 2 meses
@Blue Fox Never. I've never used it, and my father would have beaten me senseless if I ever had. That word is disgusting.
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Hace 2 meses
@James Collier Yes Troll and you've never heard the white coaches called anything other than coach.
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Hace 2 meses
@Dan Angell IF,IF,IF,IF, you are telling the truth in this matter,doubtful; perhaps the Black reporter knew them on a more personal level. Did that enter your mind?
D1vaDvyn Hace un año
This was an EXCELLENT video🤗 ... Deion touched on some of the very same topics KB has been speaking about 🤗🤗 @Kwame Brown Bust Life, @SELFTALK, @Karceno4Life, @Rocknchop @TOUGHLOVE and @Gravity Talk ... I would love to hear some commentary from you all✔
ighsight Hace un año
The only HBCU sports ESvid channel that is worth watching. No drama, no made up headlines, no clickbait like you get from other HBCU sports channels. Respect is due.
Antonio Cotton
Antonio Cotton Hace un año
Coach Prime yeah white boy got me heated disrespect we would definitely boycott his channel in North Carolina we are proud of you coach Prime
IAM WATER Hace un año
Mia Hace un año
Coach Deion 😂 😂 is hilarious
Abdul-Malik Coco
Abdul-Malik Coco Hace un año
My father in law coached lil leauge football in 70's & 80's..to this day grown men who played for him address him as Coach C.
beverly F
beverly F Hace un año
Put respect on Coach Sanders's NAME..
mikedaflexta Hace un año
Great interview with a great of the game of football. Still it's SU all day. Go Jags.
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Hace 2 meses
I'm a Meharry man but I love the Jukebox and Dani and those Dolls.😁.
Thomas E. Glenn
Thomas E. Glenn Hace un año
Thank GOD for the other SWAC coaches
Diana BlackMack
Diana BlackMack Hace un año
Those Neanderthals can be so envious and are such liars
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Hace 2 meses
The😈is a liar and arch deceiver of the nations.
marsha scott
marsha scott Hace un año
So Very True, they are very childish and petty
559 Boi
559 Boi Hace un año
Yup deon was in this instance!!
Darlene Sammons
Darlene Sammons Hace un año
Deion Sanders you are so right!
Debra Thompson
Debra Thompson Hace un año
A lot of times walking out is the best thing to do "period "
That was a good interview
Lorraine Hanson
Lorraine Hanson Hace un año
I love him a true example of a Black Man respect me or bye I'm a fan of HBCU sports
Dee Unique
Dee Unique Hace un año
Deion Sanders and Cam Newton, my opinion are the 2 top guys changing the game for the culture
SUGAR1ization Hace un año
Well that’s how it should have went! Respect is earned!