Deleted DESCENDANTS 3 Scenes That Would Have Changed EVERYTHING

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Descendants 3 DELETED SCENES that would have completely changed the movie! In this video, I discuss the deleted scenes which were released on the Descendants 3 DVD, give my own thoughts on them, and explain how they would fit into the final movie.
While I understand that some parts didn't make it into the final movie, emotional parts involving Jay (BooBoo Stewart) and Carlos (Cameron Boyce) should definitely have NOT been deleted!
Next, some parts actually EXPLAIN some things that were unclear in the movie and deleting those scenes made Descendants 3 actually somewhat confusing.
Hopefully this video sheds some light on the deleted Descendants 3 scenes and helps you understand some parts that were unclear (like, how did they get back to Auradon?!).
Finally, the scenes involving Jay (BooBoo Stewart) and Carlos (Cameron Boyce) where they talk about their future plans actually CHANGES the whole movie and does an incredible job for the world building part of the Descendants franchise.
Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (BooBoo Stewart) return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep. When a barrier breach jeopardizes the safety of Auradon during their departure off the Isle, Mal resolves to permanently close the barrier, fearing that nemeses Uma (China Anne McClain) and Hades (Cheyenne Jackson) will wreak vengeance on the kingdom. Despite her decision, an unfathomable dark force threatens the people of Auradon, and it's up to Mal and the VKs to save everyone in their most epic battle yet.
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Dizney Hace 9 meses
edit: this video is exploding (!!) so if you like it, pls subscribe and help me reach 300k subs! 🙏👑😈 nobody: literally no one: Dr. Facilier: make sure you get your cut fr tho, why were the Jay and Carlos scenes deleted???
Iyanah Williams
Iyanah Williams Hace 8 días
@Molemo Molefe what do that mean but you do not need to said that but why did they deleted descendants 3 scenes 😥😥😘♥️
Molemo Molefe
Molemo Molefe Hace 9 días
Cookies Natalie ,
Molemo Molefe
Molemo Molefe Hace 9 días
Cookies Natalie , ,, ,
Iyanah Williams
Iyanah Williams Hace un mes
@Kylee Floyd what do that mean?
Kylee Floyd
Kylee Floyd Hace un mes
Descendants girl mal
does that last one still mean thare is a descendants 4
Descendants girl mal
the scens would have made the movie much beter but it is still my fav movie
Zara Šapić
Zara Šapić Hace un día
I would have LOVE more Carlos and Jay, esspecially Carlos. :( Rest in peace Cameron.
sheila khasoa
sheila khasoa Hace un día
I love desndanc a lot.💗😘💓😁😀😊😍😘💙.
somewhere laughing
somewhere laughing Hace 2 días
The first one and second to last one I think would've been great in the movie. I think the others they could've shown after the credits in the movie like bonus scenes
Argy_here Hace 2 días
Am i dreaming !!!!!!!This is........... OMG !!This is so crazy !!!Imagine if one of this scene was on the film !
Queen_ Myah
Queen_ Myah Hace 2 días
Subscribe to Complete169(all together)
adriana dimaggio
adriana dimaggio Hace 3 días
i would rly like a D4 but im sorry,no one can do anything without cameron😢❤️
AXIE godhead
AXIE godhead Hace 4 días
Thats not jay admitting he will miss carlos the most...Thats Boo boo missing cameron alot.... Rip Cameron Boyce
Desiree Johnson
Desiree Johnson Hace 4 días
I'd say the first one is my fave R.I.P Carlos as much as I LOVE descendants I can't see them making a 4th one without Carlos/Cameron Boyce it just wouldn't be the same
jalyn Hace 4 días
for those who don't know. they producers of descendants have made the decision because of Cameron's death they don't wanna fill his place so most likely he will move away or they kill off carlos ):
Brionna Mladenka
Brionna Mladenka Hace 4 días
There shouldn’t be a D4 cameron can not be replaced 🥺
Madison Mac
Madison Mac Hace 5 días
I think the “Tall handsome stranger” was Carlos
陳心悠 Hace 5 días
chxll Hace 6 días
The last scene was supposed to be in the movie but then about Carlos... they can't continue the movie but who knows.
Jody Jones
Jody Jones Hace 6 días
RIP Cameron
Kaitlyn Cox
Kaitlyn Cox Hace 6 días
I liked the first deleted scene you showed. And I agree it would have been great to see more Jay and Carlos. And I think Cameron Boyce deserved a bit more screen time.
Pedro Gomes
Pedro Gomes Hace 6 días
In this ending part maybe he is talking about a possible series with the new VKs, or a new storyline for descendants with the new VKs
Dannica Smith
Dannica Smith Hace 7 días
I would love to see a d4. If they deleted the last scene does that mean they won’t have a d4. I am dying to know.
Amy'tjeee Hace 8 días
I only see 2,3 from descendants! ;-;
Maya Graham
Maya Graham Hace 8 días
Am I the only one who ships Mal with Harry or jay?
Nada Taie
Nada Taie Hace 8 días
Heer Ghaija
Heer Ghaija Hace 8 días
Then wo will be carlos in d4 🥺
The Simple Arpop A
The Simple Arpop A Hace 9 días
No matter what happened, I know they’re not going to make a fourth. Even though descendants is very popular and successful franchise, almost never does more than 3 movies. I’m pretty sure even if Cameron was still alive, they wouldn’t have done it.
Dagirlwhotakespics !
I wish there was more Harry. Am I the only one who is in love with his voice. I just can't fricking get over it
I AM TJ Hace 10 días
There was another sense with Queen Bell and The King they were eating and then the clouds turn dark or something it was in one of the Trailers but not the movie?!
Mackenslee Smith
Mackenslee Smith Hace 10 días
My favorite delted scene is from d2 which the harry and gil kiss. I really wish it was in that movie and I ship garry
Lindsey Marie
Lindsey Marie Hace 11 días
"You didn't think this was the end of the story did you" should've stayed in because recently Dove Cameron has been teasing D4
Kate Lind
Kate Lind Hace 11 días
carlos wasn’t lying when he said he’d miss him💔💔
Aadrika Aaruni
Aadrika Aaruni Hace 11 días
Descendants 4 would've come but unfortunately we lost Cameron Boyce. It's impossible to make it without one of the main characters. Unless they remove main three and bring others, a descendant 4 can't happen.
Marci Williams
Marci Williams Hace 11 días
That’s one of my favorite movies✌️
Noah Man10
Noah Man10 Hace 12 días
The very last one it’s very funny
Elena Phillips
Elena Phillips Hace 12 días
How else thinks Harry Hook looks like Jack Sparrow
Perebima _
Perebima _ Hace 12 días
3:58 the tall handsome stranger is Carlos
bea w
bea w Hace 12 días
Good thumbnail...😪
Savannah Jefferson
Savannah Jefferson Hace 13 días
Could be better
Caitlin Adams
Caitlin Adams Hace 14 días
Btw there is not going to be a d4 there is no way they could replace cameron he was an angel
Mariakat X
Mariakat X Hace 14 días
I came on this vid saw harry on thumbnail but got none of it and awww cameron part hit me 💔😢😭 I wish he still was here and they made D4 he is just cute. They should have kept all the deleted scenes
ItsSammyE JustBeingMeYo
Not ending it the way they did the others with the promise of another made sense. Especially because Cameron passed away bless him and well it wouldn't have been fair to fans to give the impression they were doing another just incase they didn't. In alot of interviews I've seen that the other original VKs don't want to do another without him. But haven't heard anything for definite. Tbh I prefer them not having that ending scene. As I love the descendants and Cameron. I'd love another one even though it wouldn't be the same without him. I am curious where they could take the story next. But because we don't know for definite what's happening this way I won't have my Hope's built up just to be told it's not happening.
Omogolo Dikoko
Omogolo Dikoko Hace 16 días
I like that Carlos and Jay were talking about their future and we got to see more of the Smee Twins . Plus see Jane and Celia together and more dizzy . And director Kenny Ortega in the last scene
Dezaray Johnson
Dezaray Johnson Hace 16 días
You do have a point tho
rebeka kalašová
rebeka kalašová Hace 16 días
Honestly I have downloaded the version where all these scenes were.
Mariakat X
Mariakat X Hace 14 días
@rebeka kalašová oh thanks anyways
rebeka kalašová
rebeka kalašová Hace 14 días
@Mariakat X I guess if I teel you, that my version is czech and I downloaded it from czech web page ulož.to, it probably won't help you.
Mariakat X
Mariakat X Hace 14 días
Were from
Shyann Baltazor
Shyann Baltazor Hace 16 días
She couldn't be talking about Harry because she met him on her birthday and she said the that it was the day before her birthday
Ekta Gupta
Ekta Gupta Hace 16 días
Yes I did also like to see these scenes in the movie
Summer Moore
Summer Moore Hace 17 días
It’s weird seeing and hearing Cameron... only me who thinks that?
Deedee4252 Hace 17 días
yes cam. i will miss you the most.
Makayla Adams
Makayla Adams Hace 17 días
Guys, there has to be a D4!! There just has to!!! I have an idea on how they could D4 without Cameron Boyce. They could have a funeral in the beginning of the movie and have another tribute to Cameron Boyce in the end of the movie. Then in the middle of the movie is action when they are fighting new villians. And towards to the end of the movie not the actual end. Towards the end, they could have Mal and Ben's wedding. And Evie and Doug's wedding.
Galaxy_LPS Hace 16 días
Makayla Adams Ik but without him for the rest of the movie
Makayla Adams
Makayla Adams Hace 16 días
Did you not see my comment? They could have Cameron's funeral in the BEGINNING of the movie! BEGINNING!!!!
Galaxy_LPS Hace 16 días
Without Cameron and it won’t feel complete... And I think Dove left Disney
Terrible Rappers
Terrible Rappers Hace 17 días
Honestly every character besides Mal and Uma felt pointless in this movie which was upsetting. They kept getting rid of all of them in different ways (being turned to stone, babysitting other kids, finding the fairy godmother, etc...) and it was a disappointing end
Koni. K
Koni. K Hace 17 días
About the missing last scene,I think that the new VKs are going to be the center of attention.
Kristyana Williams
Kristyana Williams Hace 18 días
They can’t make another one without Cameron Boyce
savage girl
savage girl Hace 18 días
Maybe if there gonna make a part 4 there making that last scene at the end
Jamyia’s World
Jamyia’s World Hace 19 días
*We’re all gonna miss Carlos💔*
Blair stirling
Blair stirling Hace 19 días
Your talking about Cameron Boyce to get like using his death. Like that’s so disrespectful!!!!
Lia Avila
Lia Avila Hace 19 días
Isn't anyone aware that in the scenes with Jay and Carlos and dizzy it's the camp rock 2 final jam intro song playing in the back ground? No just me? Ok.
Makayla Davidson
Makayla Davidson Hace 20 días
I think these scenes show a lot more of Carlos and Jay, and I think a lot of people want to see more of them
Moana Piripi
Moana Piripi Hace 20 días
R.I.P Cameron. We all love you are will live on with your memory for ever.
jts hd
jts hd Hace 20 días
all the sences are in the movie
emmawong66 Hace 20 días
I liked the scene with Squeaky and Squirmey
Savannah Johnson
Savannah Johnson Hace 20 días
it wouldn’t be the same without cameron if they made a descendants 4. honestly, i think the ending was perfect. i also loved the im honor of cameron at the end too
Ivory Kimora
Ivory Kimora Hace 20 días
Even though Cameron is gone i still think they are gonna make a new because i followed kenny and commented "we need a descendants four only for cameron cuz he wouldve wanted one without him just to please us (fans) then kenny like the comment i felt hope and i think ever else should to because cameron is still in our hearts wether or not being here physical if we dont get number 4 i would be upset but i will understand why not
ALANNA JORDAN Hace 20 días
Enzo Walker
Enzo Walker Hace 21 un día
I miss Cam so much
Morgan Rae
Morgan Rae Hace 21 un día
The were the core four evie, mal,jay, and Carlos and we barely saw jay and Carlos even though they are 2 of the main characters🙄 descendants 3 was over all disappointing.
Elpida Elpis
Elpida Elpis Hace 21 un día
Why are they deleted this scenes?I mean why?
Yakasuki1 Hace 21 un día
Talking about missing Carlos it makes me cry
CJsCosplay 19
CJsCosplay 19 Hace 21 un día
i think they cut the last scene from the movie because they wouldnt want to make another movie without cameron.
Carliente Morgan
Carliente Morgan Hace 21 un día
I would love for them to !make a descendant's 4 I don't think they should leave it at descendants 3 I know that Cameron has left but it would be nice to have a another movie 😍😞
emily grace
emily grace Hace 23 días
I feel like they should make a spin off to descendants about the new vk’s
Chaya Doppelt
Chaya Doppelt Hace 23 días
Carlos teasing Jay about missing him is the best scene in the entire Descendants!!! Why was it deleted? Why???
Elizabeth James
Elizabeth James Hace 23 días
He truly is definitely going to miss Carlos
Roxann F
Roxann F Hace 23 días
I feel like they should have included the other characters more and know who both parents were and they should have got more stuff to gith them more power like how mal got stuff
Sophie Wilson
Sophie Wilson Hace 23 días
Please make more movies but it would not be the same with out carlos R.I.P CARMAN 💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😪😣😣😣😥😥😥COME BACK
DD PlayzRoblox
DD PlayzRoblox Hace 23 días
They probably won't make a D4 since cameron died..😭 It wouldnt be the same without him, no one could take his place as Carlos, so if they replace him I'll be angry but also okay with it since I luv descendants and the show must go on!
Argy_here Hace 23 días
What ???? Is mabe came a D4 ?But Cameron is dead ?
Adella Mills
Adella Mills Hace 23 días
Favourite was the last one with Kenny but I'm glad they deleted it.... D4vwouldnt be the same without Cameron and I don't think I could bring myself to watch it.
Avril Forde
Avril Forde Hace 23 días
They were making a fourth but then Carlos died 😭
Sophie W
Sophie W Hace 23 días
Genuinely, that first scene just hurts.💔💔
Kenzie Z
Kenzie Z Hace 23 días
In the last part it was like "you didnt think this was the end of the story did you?......NOT" and they all said it was really the end
Julia Earle
Julia Earle Hace 24 días
Your gonna miss us, mostly ME Oh Camron, you were so right😭😭😭
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