Deleted DESCENDANTS 3 Scenes That Would Have Changed EVERYTHING

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Descendants 3 DELETED SCENES that would have completely changed the movie! In this video, I discuss the deleted scenes which were released on the Descendants 3 DVD, give my own thoughts on them, and explain how they would fit into the final movie.
While I understand that some parts didn't make it into the final movie, emotional parts involving Jay (BooBoo Stewart) and Carlos (Cameron Boyce) should definitely have NOT been deleted!
Next, some parts actually EXPLAIN some things that were unclear in the movie and deleting those scenes made Descendants 3 actually somewhat confusing.
Hopefully this video sheds some light on the deleted Descendants 3 scenes and helps you understand some parts that were unclear (like, how did they get back to Auradon?!).
Finally, the scenes involving Jay (BooBoo Stewart) and Carlos (Cameron Boyce) where they talk about their future plans actually CHANGES the whole movie and does an incredible job for the world building part of the Descendants franchise.
Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (BooBoo Stewart) return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep. When a barrier breach jeopardizes the safety of Auradon during their departure off the Isle, Mal resolves to permanently close the barrier, fearing that nemeses Uma (China Anne McClain) and Hades (Cheyenne Jackson) will wreak vengeance on the kingdom. Despite her decision, an unfathomable dark force threatens the people of Auradon, and it's up to Mal and the VKs to save everyone in their most epic battle yet.
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Dizney Hace un mes
edit: this video is exploding (!!) so if you like it, pls subscribe and help me reach 300k subs! 🙏👑😈 nobody: literally no one: Dr. Facilier: make sure you get your cut fr tho, why were the Jay and Carlos scenes deleted???
Sebtana 101
Sebtana 101 Hace 14 días
These scenes are awesome and i also wonder why it was deleted I mean i would still watch it while its in the movie
Dimplez_ Mira
Dimplez_ Mira Hace un mes
Deb Yorke if they do or did they would have to replace him 😖
@ Makylie Wertenberger that's not true . They said this was a trilogy before this movie was made.
Makaylie Wertenberger
Also D4 will not be coming because of Cameron Boyce that’s why they deleted that scene
The Aaliyah Show
The Aaliyah Show Hace 15 horas
They all would have been perfect!
Melissa Creel
Melissa Creel Hace un día
“The tall handsome stranger” was CARLOS!!
Arushi Hace un día
the scene with kenny ortega was a joke I think, he’d said that d3 would be the last one
leen aljibori
leen aljibori Hace 2 días
ALL Of Them
Leah Playz
Leah Playz Hace 2 días
Caitlin Stewart
Caitlin Stewart Hace 6 días
5:29 KENNY!!!!
Beau Schroeder
Beau Schroeder Hace 7 días
Yes it wood of made the move much bedder
Rena Dream24
Rena Dream24 Hace 7 días
They wont make a d4 didnt you hear when camron Boyce died everyone quit the show and they cant make another because he died.(ps not a hater btw)
Cori Cakeyay
Cori Cakeyay Hace 9 días
if they make a d4 im gonna be so mad they cant replace cameron
Lori Gaither
Lori Gaither Hace 9 días
I love when the twins kept holding on to Carlos and they wouldn’t let go!!!😂😂😂
Tim Curtis
Tim Curtis Hace 9 días
I hope it will be another D4 but It wouldn't be the same without Carlos even If they get someone else to play the role, but I wish he wouldn't have died it broke everyone's heart and I wish he didn't die I love his personality in both the movie and real life
Gelissa Phillips
Gelissa Phillips Hace 12 días
What did Evie say at 4:08??
Gigi Heart
Gigi Heart Hace 13 días
Lina Valenzuela
Lina Valenzuela Hace 13 días
press the like botton if you wanted ALLLL of the scenes 2 b in the movie
Rosalina Cz
Rosalina Cz Hace 13 días
Roses are red My eyes are blue, I am so crying Are you too? Good bye cameron...
Creamy Squrtle Gaming :3
I like the “what you thought it was the end of the story”
Sophia Noelle
Sophia Noelle Hace 15 días
The end one stayed in the movie
Dana Dobbins
Dana Dobbins Hace 16 días
I think they were planning another one tbh
Faith Lily
Faith Lily Hace 17 días
That end scene will probs get cut cuz if Cameron Boyce
teamsteed1 Hace 17 días
Thank you for posting the video.
Noelle O
Noelle O Hace 18 días
Norris Girls
Norris Girls Hace 18 días
Jesse Jacob
Jesse Jacob Hace 19 días
i definitely think these scenes would have given the audience more carlos and jay cameron boyce had very little screen time.But... what about scenes from the very first trailer for this movie,where we see mal walk into a forest and sees a blue light and says.. "dad?".
Nikolas Kkone
Nikolas Kkone Hace 19 días
How will have d4 without cameron bouce
Truc Nhu Phan
Truc Nhu Phan Hace 20 días
I would love to have known more about the new VKs, but it should have more of Carlos scenes. Afterall, this was his last project. The last cut scene, if it was cut off, there wouldn't be a D4, cause it would never be the same. But I would really love to wait for the unexpected
SadTrxth Hace 20 días
When it said “I think we all miss Carlos the most now”, I felt that, most of the time I’m joking but this time I really felt that, my heart sank.
jerrybatacas Hace 24 días
i love your channel is the best channel in the world of channels
Hanan Ibrahim
Hanan Ibrahim Hace 24 días
I think maybe there was a D4 but was removed after the loss of Cameron so they removed that part, but I don’t know, I think I loved Jay and Carlos’ scene the best
I'm Just Lucy
I'm Just Lucy Hace 25 días
People in the comment section like “They cut that scene because Cameron is dead😭😭” Lol Descendants 3 is like the final chapter. They did that scene as a joke since they always say that line at end of every Descendants movie. Smh these people trying to be emotional.
Mackenzie Fritz
Mackenzie Fritz Hace 27 días
why did they delete these scenes anyway?
Anis Sabrina
Anis Sabrina Hace 27 días
My fav is final scene.I want Descendants 4 but without Cameron.I don't know 😢
Julius Mays
Julius Mays Hace 28 días
I understand that Cameron Boyce passed away unexpectedly, but you have to understand that the editors still have a job to do. They have certain time limits, which everyone seems to be ignoring. We all have ideas of what could have been great for the movie but I loved it and am sure it was hard for them to pick which scenes to put into the movie.
JORDY Morris
JORDY Morris Hace 28 días
The Last One
Mystics 0w0
Mystics 0w0 Hace 28 días
Sorry to be out of topic but 0:30, the lil girls looks like some roblox girls' avatar 😂😂
Matida Mukupe
Matida Mukupe Hace 29 días
It is the end of the story💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Dale Robes
Dale Robes Hace 29 días
You're gonna miss mostly me - everyone felt that
parniyan riahi
parniyan riahi Hace 29 días
my favorite is the last one
xXmaryam Xx
xXmaryam Xx Hace un mes
Why did they delete the Jay and Carlos scene :((
museumgirl9 Hace un mes
I agree, I felt they introduced the new VK kids and then the one kid we met in the last film (Dizzy) spends the whole movie sleeping and the twins never say a word. That scene with the boys and the twins would have been great to keep in with character/relationship building AND would have made the moment with Beast Ben seem less out of left field.
Priscilla Kauya
Priscilla Kauya Hace un mes
They deleted the mimicking scene maybe because Cameron passed away 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Zayyy Nze
Zayyy Nze Hace un mes
“What are you going to do without me” 💔
Isabella Lunenburg
Isabella Lunenburg Hace un mes
tbh i love descendants but when number 3 came out it was not the best i still loved it but like the trailer showed hades being this super bad person and when they did the descendants short story under the sea uma said war is coming and that, and she did nothing! i still love her sm but like she just gave mal the ember and boom there friends idk i just felt like they could of done more but i still love descendants !!
Michelle Ramirez
Michelle Ramirez Hace un mes
I mean all of this scenes would look great in the movie since they put so much musical scenes and no much of talking scenes
Fandom girl
Fandom girl Hace un mes
I wish they had the Jay and Carlos scenes! I felt like they don’t get enough screen time.
Emily Dinges
Emily Dinges Hace un mes
there was suppose to be a D4 and D5, but their canceled now
Natalie Amantea
Natalie Amantea Hace un mes
honestly i really hope they don’t make a D4 bc what would they do about carlos? it wouldn’t be right if they just killed off his character. WE LOVE YOU CAM ❤️
Samaksh Sharma
Samaksh Sharma Hace un mes
I really feel that the best deleted scene was of Jay and Carlos. We really miss him.
Jackie Stout
Jackie Stout Hace un mes
We saw how they got back to auradon after they got the ember because they showed them go through the barrier on the bridge and thats when Harry, Gil and Uma join them. So that scene wasnt needed.
Ashley Lynn R
Ashley Lynn R Hace un mes
There cool I love to see another Decendants yet what they gona do about Carlos.
Kheyt Underson
Kheyt Underson Hace un mes
Yay got all of them right loveeeeee ur channel and I just got my brother to watch he said he loves it
Greta xx
Greta xx Hace un mes
i want to see another movie with all this scenes, it would be awesome
Tereza Šidlová
Tereza Šidlová Hace un mes
The scene with Jay, Carlos and tge twins would be so great in the movie, becouse I kinda felt like the new VK's didn't get chance for us to like them more and get to know them. And the bridge scene would also be very useful.
_Jιmιnιe τhe pσσh_
What about the scene where Harry kisses Gil lmao
Im_alexander Hace un mes
I wanted to see more of Uma 😭 And Harry Wait don’t forget about hades :) Him Harry and Uma are my fav
Julius Mays
Julius Mays Hace 28 días
Harry could definitely be on screen more lol
Aaru Arora
Aaru Arora Hace un mes
No offence to anyone bt in my opinion d3 made no sense at all :/
Myeisha Lang
Myeisha Lang Hace 29 días
The plot was all over the place
Denishea Bates
Denishea Bates Hace un mes
My favorite line is "you are making it very hard to teach you right from wrong "
Itz_Berry Hace un mes
okay, now i am more confused then ever. That was Kenny Ortega ( Director of descendants 1-3) raking the leaves. Then why would he say it wouldn't it be a character? also how many times is Dr Facilier going to say "make sure you get your cut" ? And why does Jay favor Carlos? why would Dizzy want to live in Auradon forever? Wouldn't she miss her grandmother? ( even if she is mean you can tell she still loves her) And at the Voo-Doo arcade they were getting the key to get to Hades lair, why did she already have the ember. And there are so many tall hansom strangers, can you please be a bit more specific Disney?! ( not you the one who created Disney)
Chelsea Peter
Chelsea Peter Hace un mes
R.I.P Cameron Boyce and he also said that D3 was going to be the last for him he would of quit
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