Deleted Scenes That Would've Fixed Confusing Plot Points

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One of the best things about special features on DVDs and Blu-rays is the litany of deleted scenes. But sometimes, omitting those scenes creates pesky plot holes that would've been sealed if only they had just stayed in place. Here are some deleted scenes that would've fixed some of cinema's most pesky and confusing plot points...
Aliens | 0:17
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows | 1:09
The Lord of the Rings | 2:10
Groundhog Day | 3:12
Star Trek | 4:21
Return of the Jedi | 5:19
Revenge of the Sith | 6:15
Independence Day | 7:03
The Goonies | 7:59
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20 mar 2017

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Looper Hace 2 años
What other deleted scenes should've made this list?
Slim Shady
Slim Shady Hace 3 meses
Justice League
Ori Klein
Ori Klein Hace 10 meses
The deleted scene in Dogma which practically explains the whole motivation for the chief master puppeteer evil for getting the whole movie happening.
Dee Jackson
Dee Jackson Hace 11 meses
R you high when you watch these movies or do you watch them at all ? everything is explained in all of these it’s not confusing
Mr KMH Hace 11 meses
Kingdom of heaven directors cut
Augustus McGovern
Augustus McGovern Hace 10 días
OK so the yoda saying that Kenobi was not to tell Luke and Independence Day the hacking by Jeff Goldblum character. Maybe this can be chalked up to more Mandela Effect? Or stuff that is just too incredibly obvious that we do not need to be spoon fed!?
Augustus McGovern
Augustus McGovern Hace 10 días
Maybe it was a leap of faith, but how could you come to any other conclusion than Yoda had ordered Kenobi to secrecy on the issue of his father? They(the surviving Jedi of Order 66) had sacrificed many jedi lives to ensure Luke's survival and that Yoda thought it was best. How is that even up for debate without seeing the scene? If my pre adolescent mind was able to understand that how is it so many adults and adolescents (OK yeah the adolescents are understandable) adults didn't come to the same conclusion?? Maybe the adult mind does lose too much imagination in the process of becoming a-dolt.
Augustus McGovern
Augustus McGovern Hace 10 días
Wait a minute, How did Walter make it into Lord of the rings?! Great hes going to screw up that son to! No matter what dimension Walter just screws the pooch as a father!
Leela Whatever
Leela Whatever Hace 28 días
Revenge of the Sith was a good movie. WTF?
ignacio Valles
ignacio Valles Hace un mes
Star Wars community: it’s treason then
ignacio Valles
ignacio Valles Hace un mes
Star Wars community: are you threatening us
John Smith
John Smith Hace 2 meses
You've started a war you can't finish, Looper.
Clint Smitheman
Clint Smitheman Hace 3 meses
Revenge of the Sith "sucked"? Yep, hit the stop button. And btw, Boromir was egotistical, power hungry, and of course desired the One Ring. Read the Two Towers.
Koen Jochems
Koen Jochems Hace 3 meses
I always thought the reason for Bill Murray's Groundhog Day was about karma sort of similar to Nicolas Cage the family man.
James Eckl
James Eckl Hace 3 meses
Revenge of the sith doesn't suck, you do.
Mikołaj Solik
Mikołaj Solik Hace 3 meses
Revenge of the Sith was the best one of the prequels. Dot.
Raven_The_Shaman Magus
Most of the review shows slam "Revenge of the Sith", but it was pretty good. (Definitely better (by a million light years) than "The Last Jedi".)
x files
x files Hace 3 meses
Movie already looks boring....
narzq Hace 3 meses
obi wan did not lie about lukes father. he told the truth...... from a certain point of view.
Matty A
Matty A Hace 3 meses
Revenge of the sith did not suck.
jay Hace 3 meses
Revenge of the Sith was a great movie and the other is Return of the Jedi and in the part where Vader throws his master but let's back up what if that was one the emperors clones and was to test Vader to see if he would turn back to the light . Here is another theory you have Snoke his he really all that powerful and what if he was just another puppet of the Emperors What are your thoughts
Jack Lost
Jack Lost Hace 3 meses
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts Hace 3 meses
57 years, watch the director's cut, of ALIENS
JPF941 Hace 3 meses
sorry you hated revenge of the sith, it was entertaining at least.
MrMicFluffy Hace 3 meses
I Am Legend alternative ending
Jeremy  Starr
Jeremy Starr Hace 3 meses
I've never seen a version of aliens that DIDN'T have the scene about Ripley's daughter
Paul Freedman
Paul Freedman Hace 3 meses
The you've only seen the Director's cut?
Benjamin Bovard
Benjamin Bovard Hace 3 meses
He think Revenge of the Sith sucks. Dislike.
Tenn Kenobi
Tenn Kenobi Hace 3 meses
Was raised with the original trilogy so they get the most love, but RotS doesn’t suck.
CR spring17
CR spring17 Hace 3 meses
Nero got sucked into a black hole where time passes differently. That’s why he disappears for 20 years.
J sumarian
J sumarian Hace 3 meses
This is just terrible
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson Hace 3 meses
That was great. :)
Paul Hawkins
Paul Hawkins Hace 3 meses
I have Never understood deleting scenes. I mean, they add a grand total of, what, ±20 minutes to any given movie ? And if it is some running time limitation of the Theater Industry, why sell a DVD or Blu-Ray without them already added back in ? So what if the customer thinks "Gee, I don't remember That being in the original movie !" ABC Family would always run the Harry Potter movies as Director's Cuts, thankfully !
John Smith
John Smith Hace 3 meses
yet again Looper is utter junk. Ripley was in hypersleep for 57 years FIFTY SEVEN YEARS. Not 100 years like these idiots claimed. Have you Looper twats even watched Aliens ?
Dorac Hace 3 meses
i may be wrong but aint denethor really wise and i think that the palantir kinda messed up his head when he used it too much? so he is not really cruel and evil
WolfThornn Holtzklau
Revenge of the Sith actually rocks and is actually one of the best Star Wars films (its my favorite after Empire...fight me motherfuckers). And yes, Lt. Ripley was floating for 57 years.
nicholaus Curphey
nicholaus Curphey Hace 3 meses
Independence day is easier to figure out if you actually watch the movie! When they are in the underground, they tell how they are reverse engineering the space ship and using that for our own technology. THAT is how the computers speak the same language.
Jason Hitchcock
Jason Hitchcock Hace 3 meses
Stop right there 00:40. It wasn't 100 years that Riply was asleep it was 57. Oh, and by the way they did show the scene were she got the news about her daughter.
PorkchopMcFlop Froggo
What in the world is wrong with you she about broke down and cried about newts minister being lost until she heard her screams and she went towards them then fried the face huggers. Also she doesn’t show to many emotions during this movie because basically her family in alien were all killed because they didn’t listen to her along with this movie with weyland yutani and the colonial marines laughing and shitting on her but they all died to die to that fact. So shut up and look in to it before you try to roast Aliens or Sigourney Weaver
Jeffrey Dean
Jeffrey Dean Hace 3 meses
It's a good thing they left the scene out in LOTR where he sends Boromir to get the ring. Why? Because it's stupid. NO ONE knew the ring had even re-emerged but Bilbo, Gandalf, and Elrond until it was revealed at the council in Rivendell. Before that, none of the people attending (except the 3 mentioned) even knew the ring was in play again and had been found. If it had been known that it was at Rivendell, before Boromir left Gondore then Rivendell would have quickly found itself besieged by ever dark army in middle earth. Especially since Denethor's mind had been corrupted by a Palantir, which he consulted every day, so that the Dark Lord knew everything Denethor knew. Ridiculous.
jonsolo32 Hace 3 meses
The end birth scene destroyed Revenge of the Sith. If watching the movies in numeric sequence we should not know who the babies were or even that there was two. It’s basically the idiots guide to Star Wars.
dmk7799ify Hace 3 meses
Btw, there's only one trilogy, and it ain't Lord of the Rings.
dmk7799ify Hace 3 meses
How can you say Revenge of the Sith sucked? What a moron
Colin Atlas
Colin Atlas Hace 3 meses
I'm confused I've seen that Aliens scene and I've seen the scene about Voldemort being a way to track people. The Boromir scene is new to me but it also isn't in the book
Derek Thomas
Derek Thomas Hace 3 meses
Revenge of the Sith did not suck
Sean C
Sean C Hace 3 meses
Nero being captured by Klingons would explain why they attacked and destroyed 47 warbirds while Kirk was at the Academy, but the very fact of Nero being captured makes no sense whatsoever. The simple fact of the matter is that they're wielding tech more than 1 century advanced. Even if by some miracle they did manage to capture Nero there's no conceivable way they could hold him for any length of time. Cutting that scene was absolutely the right thing to do, as it creates way more issues than it solves.
Oldenweery Hace 3 meses
I made a mistake regarding "The Goonies." Many, *many,* years ago, my mom told me how she made the mistake of reading a best-selling novel and then seeing the movie. "It's not the same: they left out some important things. So from then on, I see the movie first, and *then* read the book. It's much better that way." So, on a long weekend with a friend at his lakeside cabin, I spotted the paperback, "The Goonies," in town when we were picking up essentials, like booze and snacks and steaks. In the octopus scene, Stef belts Mouth because she thinks he's being "fresh" with her underwater. Then they left it out of the movie without re-shooting the scene where Data talks about it. Ah, Hollywood...
Darth Vestius
Darth Vestius Hace 3 meses
Looper...you crazy. Revenge of the Sith does not suck...your review does!
Nightwatch Hace 3 meses
How dare you say Revenge of the Sith sucked? Those memes are amazing!
Sw1zT1m3 Hace 3 meses
Revenge Of The Sith didn't suck, but The Force Awakens and especially The Last Jedi sure did....
Patrick Hooe
Patrick Hooe Hace 3 meses
Laser Sword? Really?
Shay Skywalker
Shay Skywalker Hace 3 meses
Revenge of the sith is awesome
Jimmy Mann
Jimmy Mann Hace 3 meses
Revenge of the sith doesnt suck but u do
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious Hace 3 meses
You highkey stupid
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I like Episode III a lot better now due to the new Star Wars abominations!
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