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Today we call and troll another dumb scammer and end up deleting his files!
TSU: techscammersunited.com/
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21 jun 2019






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ScammerRevolts Hace 4 meses
Hope everyone has an awesome day!
LiL BRAT Hace un mes
SR kicked me out of Discord
Travelbugse28 Hace un mes
239 downvotes so far! Their wives are joining in...
Mikky Sticks
Mikky Sticks Hace 2 meses
How do you get the scammer to want to scam you and how do you access their computer??? And how do you get them scammers to call you?
Dennis The Only Solution
Hi I need some English hackers to help me out badly you guys are good I will pay if you manage to get done what I need
GalaxyJazzGirl Hace 3 meses
+ScammerRevolts Your voice is almost ASMRish :)
muneer24 Hace 2 horas
I think you should sell t-shirts thats says :"pen chod!" lol
24 hr gamer
24 hr gamer Hace 15 horas
Y r these assholes destroying our country's name..... Please 😫🙏🙏 ... Teach them lessons like this when u can... And guys please do not stereotype all Indians ..... Thumbs up on the video bruhh 😁
Gerry Van Moorsel
Gerry Van Moorsel Hace 18 horas
Can some one explain to me how deleting the scammers files is a problem for them? They just go to the recycle bin folder and hit restore .....or they go to their back up and restore from there. What am I missing here.
Narayanan E R
Narayanan E R Hace un día
Foodonte G
Foodonte G Hace un día
"dear Scammer, it was good of you to spend so much time on the phone with me. If you look on your desktop you will see a thank you note" >>>note reads.."As you can see when you check, I have deleted all your files, only copying the incriminating ones that I can send to the relevant authorities. Thank you so much for giving me all the time you did to perform these actions.. Have a nice day. Yours, Scammerrevolts"
sheryrex rex
sheryrex rex Hace un día
heheheheheheheeh ,love it do more plz
Martin Trapper
Martin Trapper Hace un día
I think some are not from India, some are just mid east. It is our duty to drop all possible
49er fan Austrian Niner
The Chapati scammer at the end said, "your customer want to talk to you" , the other dude wanted nothing to do with you anymore.
49er fan Austrian Niner
I get so happy every time you delete their files, makes my day. You are doing a great job Bro, salute from Austria 🇦🇹👍
Mathin3D Hace 2 días
SO here is a ignant question... What exactly is the scam these guys are responsible for? All I see is a tech support outfit...
SkateorDie666420 Hace 2 días
how does the scammer not see you on his computer? And how are you getting access to his computer? Cool!
SkateorDie666420 Hace 10 horas
Additional Pylons oh boy. And for the greenhorns like me... May I ask for a more layman definition?
Additional Pylons
Additional Pylons Hace 17 horas
He rolls a nat20.
Noor Sayed
Noor Sayed Hace 2 días
When you take access of their computer try to turn on camera on their PC to get these bhenchods.
So many other scammer busters take the high road and don't talk shit, but not you! And I love it! Hahahaha
Jim O
Jim O Hace 3 días
This shit pisses me off! 2 yrs ago I purchased a laptop and MS Office from Best Buy. The moment I installed Office, it informed me I had a virus and to clear it I needed to contact one of these call centers. They requested I pay $600 to get everything cleared. Told them to pound sand, took it back to the store and they cleared it for free. They never gave me an explanation how such would happen though.
A Person
A Person Hace 5 días
Is that a genuine photo? If not then it's kind of not cool imo.
Sebastian Bolt
Sebastian Bolt Hace 6 días
I'm addicted, thanks you are 1# best channel. Keep up the good work.
YouTube Watcher With Pickle
Damn 6k members
Imre Csoka
Imre Csoka Hace 7 días
Subscribed and liked, Thanks
valleysofneptune Hace 7 días
Amazing! Thank you !
Lionel Asif
Lionel Asif Hace 8 días
Don't tell desktop... Indian calls it home screen
Spetsnaz Tiradores
Spetsnaz Tiradores Hace 10 días
That was insane! I wanna be one of your student and let’s put scammers down! Fuck the stupid indians!!! 😂😂😂
Edin Cerimovic
Edin Cerimovic Hace 10 días
u are borring and you get no real happiness by doing this...
UnYin99 Hace 10 días
"Can you see them? Hello?" Yes, NOW he can see them! LOL!
UnYin99 Hace 10 días
Double-you, double-you, double-you dot...
UnYin99 Hace 10 días
Bless you for your work!
tini Hace 11 días
It's more funny because I can understand their background language...
Nixwitch Ghost Girl
Nixwitch Ghost Girl Hace 11 días
I love the way you get so excited when they hang up and you call them back straight away lol GOLD!
Pamela Newton
Pamela Newton Hace 12 días
You have no mercy. You cut through the chase and disable them. Great.
Pamela Newton
Pamela Newton Hace 12 días
You are funny.
Pamela Newton
Pamela Newton Hace 12 días
Microsoft Support... no such thing.
Pamela Newton
Pamela Newton Hace 12 días
Keeping him on hold while you delete his files.
Pamela Newton
Pamela Newton Hace 12 días
He should find a new job that doesn't trick people out of their money for a paycheck.
Pamela Newton
Pamela Newton Hace 12 días
OMG, You are in his computer deleting away...
Pamela Newton
Pamela Newton Hace 12 días
Hacking their computer in return for them trying to scam you is righteous. He deserves it.
sha za
sha za Hace 12 días
Make in India. Lol
ajay raut
ajay raut Hace 12 días
It's really amazing to see all this. I am very curious know how you gets access to his computer ??
DIANA Weaver
DIANA Weaver Hace 12 días
Nice job.
Ronaldo Ingco
Ronaldo Ingco Hace 14 días
But the question is ..he played invoker?
Hendra Prasetya
Hendra Prasetya Hace 17 días
Without our notice, these scammers introduce us to some words of their language.
mr cringe
mr cringe Hace 17 días
double oo double oo double oo dot
LV Srinivasan
LV Srinivasan Hace 17 días
Boost up PC 😂😂😂😂😂
Oveida Sinclair
Oveida Sinclair Hace 18 días
put a syskey on his machine !
Mark Munro
Mark Munro Hace 21 un día
Anyone that distracts an American by pretending that Americans can,t spell is just to stupid to perform a scam. sccammers have a very large ego and the cajonys of a mouse. LOL
Angry Beaver
Angry Beaver Hace 21 un día
And to think this awesome service is free of charge. Thank you so much for giving it back
Naresh Kumar
Naresh Kumar Hace 21 un día
I dont know why such dumb idiots try to outsmart to get personal info. At the end it got backfired. Also, why all scammers talking Hindi 😲??? May be scammers assembled to form lot of fake call centres in same location. Subscribed... 👍
Rosm Rec
Rosm Rec Hace 22 días
GravityBoy 23
GravityBoy 23 Hace 22 días
I guess two wrongs DO make a right
derper derp
derper derp Hace 23 días
This shit never gets old 😂😂😂
GamingWorm Hace 23 días
Sir I am at my dekstop!
Andy Aguirre
Andy Aguirre Hace 25 días
Hey brother. This number has call me few my friens my and me something about my social security numbers being not protected so they're going to pay me to protect my number so this is the number I'm going to give you I want you to call them1800 238 7565 one you destroy dis guys thank you
Intimidqtion Prod.
Intimidqtion Prod. Hace 27 días
How did you connect to his computer
Sujit Warrier
Sujit Warrier Hace 28 días
He was saying, the guy says his phone got disconnected. Why dont you talk to him
c kotzebue
c kotzebue Hace 28 días
Playing this at the speed of 1.25 is pretty good too
Ksi Olaji
Ksi Olaji Hace 28 días
Microsoft need to stop this scammers seriously
Tim OHeron
Tim OHeron Hace un mes
Once he saw his dex top.....oh.....boy.
Cédric Hace un mes
Why you don’t try to make the same shit for an other man when you call back ? ( I’m sorry for my bad english )
Giovanni Bellavita
Giovanni Bellavita Hace un mes
do more ... destroy ... i don't want to loose 7500$ again
mohammad dawood
mohammad dawood Hace un mes
They scammed 7500 out of u??? How
Bee Stinger
Bee Stinger Hace un mes
Not a single benechod.....🤣
Bruce Carbon Lakeriver
@scammerrevolts It is soooo funny. You even can rar its files if you want with PWed archives xD You just can shoot up nasty virues, you can just delete them. I really like your scambait methods! :D
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