Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares

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That impression was...something.
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Dhyln d'Angelo
Dhyln d'Angelo Hace 11 minutos
Hannibal Lector shouldve gone instead of Ramsey...wouldve chewed the guy out for the horrible food....😏
Nightstrike04 Hace 42 minutos
Well I know where I’m never eating , the cooks make fun of accents and the owner is rude behind people’s backs.
Riley Samuel
Riley Samuel Hace 2 horas
Gordon was being a dick and I wanted to see him try the last dish instead of violating the garnish knowing it’s not to eat
NetSunJin Hace 2 horas
Aww Chef Ramsey seems fun. That owner is such a d***
Kira W
Kira W Hace 3 horas
That is the most disgusting french onion soup I have ever seen canned soup looks better than that
icas80 Hace 3 horas
The Five Seasons....hahahahaha
lucifer morningstar
lucifer morningstar Hace 3 horas
I never understood why these owners get so pissed off when they get a bad critique lol. You business is failing for a reason and hes there to help you out and rescue your shitty restaurant! Same goes for the bar owners on bar rescue
Lala Addas
Lala Addas Hace 4 horas
What an ignorant f*#@!!!!! Take your little white house carrots and shove em up your.....!!!!
RomanLegion Hace 5 horas
Can we talk about the owners T. rex arms please? Watch the first 10 seconds over again
bankrollbill Hace 5 horas
You don't ever go behind my back You jew mother fucker you and give my garnesh back to the chef you jew You.
Survivrs Hace 5 horas
God how hilarious it is to see these idiots get humiliated over and over again!!!!!
I liek mudkipz
I liek mudkipz Hace 7 horas
"WhAt DoES hE kNoW?"
Bob Russo
Bob Russo Hace 7 horas
5 Seasons... did I miss something??
James Kong
James Kong Hace 7 horas
The owners reaction to these clips must be stages... I mean you have an expert there to help you... Be reasonable adult
J R's Place
J R's Place Hace 8 horas
Those are global carrots!!
enjoy life69
enjoy life69 Hace 9 horas
😂😂😂😂😂😂2:05 never something you wanna hear describing food😂😂😂😂
Fox May
Fox May Hace 11 horas
What a dumbass, a garnish is meant to be edible. “They’re not meant to be eaten”🤔🤔🤔
Kyler Wood
Kyler Wood Hace 11 horas
That was the worst fucking Gordon Ramsay impression
Anjounet Leavell
Anjounet Leavell Hace 11 horas
What's the name of this ep? Or the link to the full version.
INFAMOUS Hace 13 horas
Everyone thinks Gordon Ramsay is so mean, but in reality he is just bloody honest and people don’t like it 🤣
Shinydialga1000 Hace 15 horas
“These carrots go to the five seasons”
Alexander Cooper
Alexander Cooper Hace 15 horas
If it went to the white house the president would be dead!
Vega DeVore
Vega DeVore Hace 15 horas
I think that owner deserves a swift punch in the face
shawnrectanus Hace 16 horas
Isn't it interesting how humans get any power and it goes to their head?? That guy was mad because he's "the owner" and Ramsey handed him something. It's like... Your a human bro your not any better than anyone else smh
Mansi Gupta
Mansi Gupta Hace 16 horas
How can i see these full episodes where ????
Vanessa Benson
Vanessa Benson Hace 18 horas
Those carrots are global , okay????
Big Fella
Big Fella Hace 18 horas
Imagine being one of the customers in the background watching Gordon Ramsay spit out the food while you're waiting for your order.
h Hace 19 horas
Hear me out: an episode but instead of the owner being a dick they just take the criticism like a normal person
Owen Nelson
Owen Nelson Hace 19 horas
Joe just reminds me of someone that got picked on to much. Lol
freezaplanet419 Hace 22 horas
0:20 I love how he says "Thank you" like Gordon Ramsay just liberated him.
phantom prophet
phantom prophet Hace 23 horas
Never insult a man's micro carrot
Bob England
Bob England Hace un día
we call that type of owner here in england a massive bellend.
akdeniz aslan
akdeniz aslan Hace un día
iTs A gArNiSh
hmmm wish
hmmm wish Hace un día
When Gordon went "😤". I felt that.
No Neck
No Neck Hace un día
I hope that guy spends the rest of his life being handed raw food by complete strangers...
seedlie Hace un día
[ arrogant restaurant owner noises ] 3:47
Duane's Domain
Duane's Domain Hace un día
The owner is the Michael Scott of the restaurant industry
pain expressed with memes
the cake thing made my day :')
Sky Alonzo
Sky Alonzo Hace un día
“They go global” lmao
WonderWaffles Hace un día
as an owner of owning stuff when u are in i own stuff!
Benjamin Jordan
Benjamin Jordan Hace un día
Rule #1: Never, under any circumstance, hand a man little petite carrots.
Miss Quirky
Miss Quirky Hace un día
Everyone wants to talk about how angry ramsey is but i just need to scream for how much of a dad he acts like to those girls like yes extra cheesy just how i like him.
Moosedraw Hace un día
I don’t want to take things back to the kitchen. After he just took his last plate back to the kitchen.
Jeff Cockmann
Jeff Cockmann Hace un día
this guy is a special kind of idiot.. he still makes excuses for his failing restaurant to this day, blames it on everything but himself and now i think that place is shut down
Lewis Johnson
Lewis Johnson Hace un día
“I have staff to take care of that” “You don’t hand me raw food in my dining room” What an asshole. Fuck you. You are a shitty leader.
Landon Walker
Landon Walker Hace un día
Season 5, episode 11 if that’s helpful
KING_JONAH1 Hace un día
When he said 4 hours to caramelize the onions the guy’s face was hilarious
CIA agent
CIA agent Hace un día
Take him to infirmary
Pinochet Hace un día
Classic alcoholic nose
Kareem Gamrah
Kareem Gamrah Hace un día
“The five seasons “ killed me
XxAngie TexasxX
XxAngie TexasxX Hace un día
Thank god Gordon Ramsay goes to these restaurants, so we don’t have to waste money and ruin our taste buds with horrible food.
Comic God
Comic God Hace un día
They Realy milked that title
Whopping Cough
Whopping Cough Hace un día
I like to decorate with miniture carrots too. But would have been better in a salad.
Nathan Podoyak
Nathan Podoyak Hace un día
That last girl who gave Gordon her name tag was hottttt
Zac Miller
Zac Miller Hace un día
Dude literally called that Ramsey would be pissed about the little carrots on the plate and then put them on the plate. This is a mad man.
Christopher Whiteside
DFOGLOBAL Hace un día
@5:42 "five seasons" its "Four Seasons" moron.
Veronica Arenas
Veronica Arenas Hace un día
This guy wants help but doesn’t want to receive it
thewild dead
thewild dead Hace un día
I think I lost brain cells reading that title
ClasiX Stars
ClasiX Stars Hace un día
Such a WASTE of FOOD on kitchen nightmares
nervsouly Hace un día
It amazes me how every restaurant in America has so many waiters/waitresses. In Germany every Restaurant tries to have as few as possible, I rarely ever went to a medium sized place that had more than two at the same time. Kitchen staff sure, but taking orders and bringing out food usually doesn't take very long so - aren't all these people just standing around waiting most of the time?
NeruKO Chan
NeruKO Chan Hace un día
I feel like most of these restaurants just want him to say that the food is good, then denies him when told it sucks lmao
david turton
david turton Hace un día
Maybe the micro carrots make him feel more comfortable with his nano penis
The Universe Within
The Universe Within Hace un día
"They go global, ok?". As far as fine dining, he's a flat earther.
Eden 27
Eden 27 Hace un día
The food at the bistro is the freshest hands down *pulls out food from freezer*
Piroclanidis Hace un día
I like how he removed the tags, asked their names ONCE, and remembered them
TheCulturalBomb Hace un día
It's funny watching old clips you remember "OH THIS WAS THE MINI CARROT DUDE" 😁
Marcel Drnzik
Marcel Drnzik Hace un día
2:25 not enough cheese pulls out a bunch of cheese then outs it back in and pulls out the same piece thinking it’s a different piece,
Timsalt3100 Hace un día
I agree this owner was deluded i imagine white house produce is world class
SDASneijder Hace un día
OMG i fucking love it... How he comes from the kitchen all patroned up like *LET ME TALK TO THIS CHEF* and after 1 sentence he has shut down to a little cat.. *OK OK LETS MOVE ON THEN* ... I like how Gordon knows his shit and doesnt take any kind of bullshit
Morgan oof
Morgan oof Hace un día
She said Rockefeller *Rockefeller street playing in background*
Devil FANTHEM Hace un día
"What does he know?" Right! You have pwned arguably the most world-renowned chef and culinary critic with the greasy soup at your mom&pop.
ShortyCordy Hace 2 días
These people ask for his help, then they get mad when he tries to tell them what’s wrong with the place!! And the food!!
Xiao Ran Li
Xiao Ran Li Hace 2 días
Western restaurant owners and chef's really can't handle criticizm
Tiffany Zhu
Tiffany Zhu Hace 2 días
the way he acts just paints him even more as an arrogant asshat
Tiffany Zhu
Tiffany Zhu Hace 2 días
if I was working there i'd be mortified my god
orochiwarrior111 Hace 2 días
> Thinks he gets same produce as the White House > Name is Joe > Kind of looks like Joe Biden > Is a huge slacker and asshole, like Joe Biden
That guys an idiot sandwich
o.o Hace 2 días
anyone think that first guy looks like leonardo dicaprio
Cear Rose
Cear Rose Hace 2 días
He’s annoying not gonna lie
StoneMasonJar Hace 2 días
*You’re gonna hand the owner the little petite carrots?!* Lmfao
Kevin Hace 2 días
if u don’t want to be handed raw carrots why even have it to begin with?
Juan Mendez
Juan Mendez Hace 2 días
Gordon Ramsey could make a perfect burger but I could make a frozen pizza
MyBdewitt Hace 2 días
Who would care if a f***ing garnish micro garnish was on as a micro carrot garnish
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt Hace 2 días
Gordon handing the owner the tiny carrots with the waiter right there with a platter is the ultimate disrespect, lmao
Pet Person
Pet Person Hace 2 días
Omg gordan is so f&%$ing cute when he jokes around
The sapphire leo
The sapphire leo Hace 2 días
"YOu DoN'T hAnd mE RaW FoOd (back) In mY DiNing ROoM!" Well maybe you should have cooked it first!
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Hace 2 días
A garnish ia supposed to make the dish look more appealing but all of these garnishes were just an insult to the cooking world look dude you might think a garnish is pretentious but that doesn't mean you have to put them on every dish how do you mess up fucking oysters? You fucking donkey
Ultimo Hace 2 días
guy: they come from a local farm Same guy: these go to the the White House they go global
Chloe X
Chloe X Hace 2 días
Can you see my rim???
Thomas Hansen #61
Thomas Hansen #61 Hace 2 días
Joe looks EXACTLY like a substitute in my school
Luke Montgomery
Luke Montgomery Hace 2 días
“Our food is the freshest hands down” puts food in microwave.
TyPhenirW0LF Hace 2 días
Garnish that.... Isn't edible!? "Oh, don't eat that, it's raw Mercury. It's just there to add color, it's garnish"
Kane Rogers
Kane Rogers Hace 2 días
What a terrible, terrible message to inspire little girls with...
The Casual Artist
The Casual Artist Hace 2 días
At least the waiters are fun
Let me catch MY son
Let me catch MY son Hace 2 días
It's actually adorable when he's joking around with the cake😂
Jerald Fitzjerald
Jerald Fitzjerald Hace 2 días
I don't understand how these restaurant owners get it in their heads that despite their abysmally failing restaurants with terrible food they are some of the best chefs in the nation and how dare Gordon Ramsey have anything bad to say about their horrible excuses for food
K4inan Hace 2 días
That owner 5:31 has the same eyes and in general looks a bit like Jordan Peterson.
Dj Roberts
Dj Roberts Hace 2 días
I'm on a binge & I like the videos before I watch them.
anna mess
anna mess Hace 2 días
I love it when mr. Ramsay jokes around with the waiters, it's adorable.
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