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Nick Wright and Cris Carter react to DeMarcus Cousins' torn ACL injury. Hear what they had to say about Boogie's career and how this injury will impact the Los Angeles Lakers title chances.
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DeMarcus Cousins suffers torn ACL injury - Nick and Cris react | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First


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First Things First
First Things First Hace 6 meses
Will DeMarcus Cousins' injury impact the Lakers' title chances?
Donna Dunbar
Donna Dunbar Hace 6 meses
Still not enough for warriors and Clippers
Donna Dunbar
Donna Dunbar Hace 6 meses
Ask hakeem. He won 1994 ring by himself
Donna Dunbar
Donna Dunbar Hace 6 meses
Boogie is a star🤷🤷
Aerus Ph.D.
Aerus Ph.D. Hace 6 meses
Of course, it impacts their title chances. It's Boogie Cousins. Hello?
juanmaale Hace 6 meses
of course
Brutally Honest Basketball
3:33 did she just say switch gears? Molly triggered rn 😬😬😬
Mr Slate
Mr Slate Hace 4 meses
He's done
__ Hace 4 meses
Gotta have a fall guy.
Michael Blackburn
Michael Blackburn Hace 6 meses
He just has to change his style of play. With these injuries, his size wont be much of a factor no more. Best thing for him to do is to develop a better mid range jumper and a better 3 point shot and he will be fine. He should only be in the middle when hes on defense. Driving the ball to the basket, with all his injuries hurt him again
M.C.D Demeyezz
M.C.D Demeyezz Hace 6 meses
I feel so much for Boogie...he has been playing so well, and hard and now, he is totally injured and probably can only play in China now. Please get well soon and get a new Personal trainer Boogie...it's very sad man.... SO frigging aweful....
ProGuide Entertainment
Boogie sucks. He is done. Never will be the same. Next story.
Kenny Ishola
Kenny Ishola Hace 6 meses
His bad behavior caught up with him God gives and takes.
opANonAX Hace 6 meses
Nick, wtf is going on with your hair?
Chister C
Chister C Hace 6 meses
Dude is done. He's just going to continue getting injure after this recovery. He can't play hard anymore, stiff movements, etc.
Don Toribio
Don Toribio Hace 6 meses
After cousin's injury... AD suffers ACL injury will miss entire 2019-2021 nba season.. 😂😂😁😂😂😀 Good bye Self Proclaim King... End of Lakers, trade LeaveBron.. 😂😂😁😂😀
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Hace 6 meses
He need to take 2 years off get in shape & healthy for one last shot
Joseph Maitre
Joseph Maitre Hace 6 meses
I didn't care when he was with the warriors .. But.... Now as a laker .. I feel bad for him
rahim4411 Hace 6 meses
I feel so sorry for Boogie, not only did he do a remarkable job, he even cleaned up his attitude on the court. I hope and pray he can come back like no other, and get good money. But his health is more important, and he may not return, but I hope he can. Loose some weight, stretching his muscles and keep that great attitude he has. It's really no fair. Boogie we wish you the best and hope for a come back.
Bretton J Key
Bretton J Key Hace 6 meses
I want to listen to Nick, but I'm so distracted by his hair... with that suit he looks likes a salesman.
chironjo Hace 6 meses
He didn't take undervalued deals. This was his value after the injuries. Smh.
pimpinnevaslipin Hace 6 meses
*Yep. . that career is over. . he might as well hang it up*
BangBangers Autozone
Boogie was playing so hard that he forgot to rehab his body like the greats do ... Kobe Lebron Shaq etc he’s another T Mac
Kevin Masters
Kevin Masters Hace 6 meses
This is so sad. Reminds me of Yao Mong and Alonzo Mourning. He is still in his prime yet it's probably going to be all over now.
Jason Allen
Jason Allen Hace 6 meses
It's hard for me to feel sorry for someone who is so egotistically arrogant,rude and petty as Jamarcus, but for some reason I do on this situation. He is just a spoiled kid in a grown man's body, just like the vast majority of professional athletes at the end of the day I suppose
damm cousin i dont know if i could survive two acl tears
Gambit Bronson
Gambit Bronson Hace 6 meses
Wait, isn't Nick bald? Or am I going crazy?
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Hace 6 meses
lmao nick wright's hair that is the comment
Playground Of Sound
Playground Of Sound Hace 6 meses
Lebreon should of stayed in CL
A Vlone
A Vlone Hace 6 meses
Wat I dont understand is that y do people stretch before practice or a game it makes ur muscles even more likely to tear somthing go for a walk get ur muscles warmed up then stretch.🤦‍♂️
Shareef Taylor
Shareef Taylor Hace 6 meses
It's incredible to me! Cousins didn't pass a movement assessment, because he NEVER had one! These people are asking to get hurt. They know more about injury prevention down at the local Crossfit box than in these billion dollar enterprises with 100 million on the line.
Drilla Boyz Ent.
Drilla Boyz Ent. Hace 6 meses
he turned down 2yr 40 mil smh.
Brent Conley
Brent Conley Hace 6 meses
This could happen to any player at any time. So, unfortunaely these guys need to look out for their own best interests. That means taking the best deal they can get in terms of $ and not necessarily loyalty to any one team.
Shelly Hunt
Shelly Hunt Hace 6 meses
He came back so soon
TreyMomo Hace 6 meses
Boogie coulda had one of the biggest contracts in the NBA wish him the best and hope he can work back to that skill
CHICOIZPAIN Hace 6 meses
"If not for bad luck I would have none" #bars #smh
DaveyDeluxe Hace 6 meses
:( dammmmmm
Edon Bytyqi
Edon Bytyqi Hace 6 meses
Feel bad should took that 2 yr 40m New Orleans offered him
Jason Allen
Jason Allen Hace 6 meses
@Mike Smith Special Education right
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Hace 6 meses
No he shouldn't 😒
Jason Allen
Jason Allen Hace 6 meses
It was his ego and second time turning down big bucks. Hard to feel sorry for him on that front
jeff jordan
jeff jordan Hace 6 meses
If joel embiid cant stay healthy he won't be the best big in the game either it will be karl anthony towns
Ty Porter
Ty Porter Hace 6 meses
Lakers going to win the championship this year with or without DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins will be back during the playoffs. And i guarantee you there’s no one that can guard him or stop him from dominating the paint😎👍
Pete Hace 6 meses
First time I've agreed with anything said by Wright - I feel horrible for DMC. He worked his tail off to try to set his career right, and just got hit by setback after setback. Seriously heartbreaking for this man.
Ant Parker
Ant Parker Hace 6 meses
Cris Carter stop fronting u dont know boogie AT ALL lol
Joey Hall
Joey Hall Hace 6 meses
lmao nick wright's hair that is the comment
kevin couture
kevin couture Hace 6 meses
why he injured so much suddenly?
Don't reach Young blood
Cousins still has the best basketball in front of him
Michael Petrovich
Michael Petrovich Hace 6 meses
I feel bad for Boogie but at the same time i am glad that Nick the Rat Wright is sad because this will decrease Lebron's chances of winning a ring
Antonio Hayes
Antonio Hayes Hace 6 meses
No matter how nick styles his hair i will never not laugh at it
MasterCommandCEO Hace 6 meses
This is a great coverage but I feel really bad for the guy. That is ROUGH how he's been injured quite a few times.
livinggreatness Hace 6 meses
Jabari Parker tore his ACL twice and got 20Ms he can still get a good deal one day
Jade Desousa
Jade Desousa Hace 6 meses
So am I the only one here gonna comment on Nick's hairline? Tbh I'm lost for words so I kinda see why..
millio Lester
millio Lester Hace 6 meses
Jade Desousa 😂😂😂 can’t stop looking after reading this
Joseph Daniel Batino
people talking like he can't come back from this. he already came back from Achilles. ACL is easier to get back from .
Wavy Dae
Wavy Dae Hace 6 meses
“Switch gears” is a regular phrase 😂😂 thats how uk that female was over thinkin lavar comments 😭
Francis_ Sy
Francis_ Sy Hace 6 meses
If Kd and Klay can come back, Boogie can!
That Guy
That Guy Hace 6 meses
Nick's hair looks awful
Mitch Hace 6 meses
Just turned 29. He’s still young I think he’s still has a chance. Just have to rearrange his game probably
Understanding 77
Understanding 77 Hace 6 meses
I really wish he’d cut that hair 🤦‍♂️
CrisCris Unbox
CrisCris Unbox Hace 6 meses
I feel for him but he’s rich af so he probably does not even care for himself
dlawso23 Hace 6 meses
The Los Angeles (Kentucky Wildcat) Lakers..
KBR Sports
KBR Sports Hace 6 meses
You do naturally feel bad for Boogie. At every point and time he’s gotten hurt since the Achilles and it’s starting to feel very Kobe Bryant like after he tore his achilless
Cazey Croland
Cazey Croland Hace 6 meses
Listen to what Nick is saying. He started the video off just tearing him to shreds. lmao. imagine being that player watching this
Black Governor
Black Governor Hace 6 meses
JowersWBB Hace 6 meses
What was her point in the beginning
Noel Aito
Noel Aito Hace 6 meses
Maybe what he’s going through now it karma for the disrespect he’s shown to so many officials and opposing players throughout his career
Kygnon Kone
Kygnon Kone Hace 6 meses
check out the short silence after the Host said let's switch gear lol
sosaboy sosa
sosaboy sosa Hace 6 meses
Dam, Dam ,Dam...sorry to hear that!!!!
Jae'Len Biddings
Jae'Len Biddings Hace 6 meses
Should’ve stayed with Warriors honestly
Stanley Nowak
Stanley Nowak Hace 6 meses
I hope that Boogie comes back. He is still young enough to make it back.
Joseph Maitre
Joseph Maitre Hace 6 meses
I hope so, but he will never see the type of money that maybe he was hoping for
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