Denmark Open 2022 | Shi Yu Qi (CHN) vs. Kodai Naraoka (JPN) | SF 

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Denmark Open 2022 | Super 750
Men's Singles | Semifinals
Shi Yu Qi (CHN) vs. Kodai Naraoka (JPN)
#BWFWorldTour #DenmarkOpen2022
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21 oct 2022






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Bobby9000 Hace 11 meses
you could literally see how much it meant for shi yuqi when he won
Ely Hace 11 meses
I think this is the most exciting and extraordinary, worth closing the semi finals match. In my opinion, Naraoka is the best player in this match, even though he lost, it was very intense. I was really impressed by his defense and footwork. He can definitely become the world's Top 10 player soon
Chongmin Wang
Chongmin Wang Hace 11 meses
This is a very exciting game. Both players played at top form until the end of the third game. Especially for Shi Yuqi, who has not been able to play well when the game is stretched to the third game since his injury. Although very young, Naraoka played very calm with solid defense and full throttle energy, showcased in the games against a pair of Chinese players in the recent Vietnam Open. With time, Naraoka has a really good chance to be top players in Men's single.
Kelly Hace 11 meses
. I have been waiting for Shi to come back to play. I didn't want him to retire after his injuries. Glad he is in the final
佩姬 Life
佩姬 Life Hace 11 meses
Well done Naraoka! Looking forward to your next game! Fantastic game for both player😊
GHH Hace 11 meses
Unbelievable game...Well done. Shi Yuqi..
Nga Linh
Nga Linh Hace 11 meses
So so happy to know that Shi Yuqi won, even though I'm very busy today, but still keep an eye on the results of the game 🙌👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️😘😘😊. Keep going Shi💪💪💪 . Always support u in every tournaments 💪💪💪💪
Văn Công Lại
Văn Công Lại Hace 11 meses
Đang xem trận He vs Han xong cái ngủ luôn, ko đc coi 2 trận cuối
David Wushuang Zhao
David Wushuang Zhao Hace 11 meses
Kodai has very good techniques, while Yuqi can be unstable at times...
Heidi Hace 11 meses
Honestly, Service judge for Zheng/Huang encouraged all Chinese players were fighting for finals✊️✊️ whatever situations they could faced. prode of all the Chinese players 👏👏👏
KENX Hace 11 meses
Great job from Kodai Naraoka 💪💪💪💪💪
Sandeep Bekal
Sandeep Bekal Hace 10 meses
What an exciting match
KillerTacos Hace 11 meses
Great attempt by Naraoka
ひ は
ひ は Hace 11 meses
Thanh Long Ko Hat
Thanh Long Ko Hat Hace 11 meses
SYQ will be a threat to any top players in upcoming years. Good to see a chinese that make the MS more diverse.
Karen Hace 11 meses
Well done syq! 🎉
Starrynova Hace 11 meses
It'll be hard to beat LZJ tmmr, but happy to see SYQ back in the finals
Thinker Hace 11 meses
Three-game match for Shiyu Qi, will he still have energy to play with Lee Zijia tomorrow? Let's see!
Thinker Hace 11 meses
Congrats to Shi Yuqi on the championship!
Thinker Hace 11 meses
Yoga Darmawan
Yoga Darmawan Hace 11 meses
Naraoka is candidate of top 10 rank
doods20 fer
doods20 fer Hace 11 meses
he's definitely a Top 10, a reign of Momota
Rika Pratiwi
Rika Pratiwi Hace 11 meses
Kayaknya yg dukung kodai bl indo deh... dr logat2nya wkwk soalnya mereka pada anti chinese. And for sure... buat yg neriakin juki di awal game ketiga... bagian dr bl indo juga ngakak... untung juki menang❤ stay strong ya, Shi.
mhha Ddm
mhha Ddm Hace 10 meses
Wkakka biasa BL indo anti china, dan dukung nippon. Pdhal nippon yg jajah indo wkakak.
Thinker Hace 11 meses
東尼 Hace 11 meses
Shi Yu Qi👍👍👍
OwenPHL Hace 11 meses
Is this the 5-20 Shi who quit the game with Momota before the last point ?
yang li
yang li Hace 11 meses
Yes, and he got one year suspension and recently came back!
Xuanxi DU
Xuanxi DU Hace 11 meses
he seems to have changed into a different man
Qian Mao
Qian Mao Hace 11 meses
BTW, LZW and Ginting also quit the game before the last point. Hope you know more 😅
David Li
David Li Hace 11 meses
If Shi played with Momota today, I'm wondering if the latter could win 5 in a game.
Xuanxi DU
Xuanxi DU Hace 11 meses
@David Li that's just sad
Guotai Li
Guotai Li Hace 11 meses
nice game for both
YCT Hace 11 meses
I don't think Shi has much chance against Li ZJ in the final. Li likely to win 2-0.
Leo Chen
Leo Chen Hace 11 meses
Well I guess Shi proved us wrong
Jim Yang
Jim Yang Hace 11 meses
DazzYn Hace 10 meses
Hao Maxwell
Hao Maxwell Hace 11 meses
Leo Chen
Leo Chen Hace 11 meses
Thinker Hace 11 meses
@Leo Chen 这哪是什么宿命的轮回,现在不论是李梓嘉还是石宇奇都不是世界绝顶
abletangdkable Hace 11 meses
Quang Trương
Quang Trương Hace 11 meses
What is the racket of Naraoka using? Can anybody help me about this question?
Lonely Giyu
Lonely Giyu Hace 3 meses
Astrox99 pro cherry sunburst
mashimaropp Hace 9 meses
Why the TV signal was always given to the JP side during intervals. I think TV signal should be given to both sides or in alternate.
Steven He
Steven He Hace 11 meses
Let's go.
Shadyvoid Hace 11 meses
lesegooo shi i knew you would do it keep on going your doing so well, win this title for China.
DevAccess KoiZai
DevAccess KoiZai Hace 11 meses
What a drama! everyone who fights Naraoka will lose control to celebrate his victory.... Chinese dominate all sectors except MD
Jambo Hace 11 meses
I wouldn’t say they dominate mens single… The first Chinese person is rank 19th (Although in a few months Shi Yu Qi will be up there) so thats not really dominating, though Axelson who had 37 straight wins can be considered dominating.
shuo_tonny_tao Hace 11 meses
It was said that winning Chinese national championship is even harder than winning the world tour championship
ReadBook Hace 10 meses
Why is the fans say " Lets go Thailand lets go " ?????
Rubah Putih
Rubah Putih Hace 8 meses
Tiger Have no Lessons
Tiger Have no Lessons Hace 11 meses
toi pham van
toi pham van Hace 11 meses
narao ka có tên tuổi j mà đánh còn non và xanh lắm