Deontay Wilder, Andy Ruiz Jr. on future of heavyweight division, unification bout | PBC ON FOX

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Deontay Wilder and Andy Ruiz Jr. joined PBC on FOX to talk about the future of the heavyweight division including whether or not they'd like to face each other in a heavyweight unification fight down the road.
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Deontay Wilder, Andy Ruiz Jr. on future of heavyweight division, unification bout | PBC ON FOX


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20 jul 2019






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PBC ON FOX Hace 11 meses
Would you like to see a fight between Deontay Wilder and Andy Ruiz Jr.?
The Forgotten Cords
The Forgotten Cords Hace 7 meses
That guy is a fucken instigator. Trying to start a fight.
john g
john g Hace 8 meses
@Chris I agree
w!1d3r Hace 9 meses
Hassan Garba
Hassan Garba Hace 9 meses
XTREME PC GAMER Hace 9 meses
Wilder will get the KO. He has too much power. Trust me!
Carlo Bien De Luna
Carlo Bien De Luna Hace 13 días
Hand speed of Ruiz would dictate the fight but still watch out on wilder's great equalizer
Maf24label Tacci069
Maf24label Tacci069 Hace 15 días
This is before these two clowns got beat. Joshua took that belt back quick!!!!! Ruiz is history. Deontay Wilder got beat half to death and lost his belt. Who's watching this in June of 2020? 🤣😂🤣
Tyrell Martin
Tyrell Martin Hace 13 días
AJ ran like a uterus and Fury cheated 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣 both AJ and Fury are heavyweight bums. 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣 Can't wait for Fury to get knocked in the rematch.
batteries required
batteries required Hace 18 días
Almost 12 months later and all the belts are gone.
Gabbo Laddo
Gabbo Laddo Hace 20 días
kinda ironic that these two boxers both lost their rematches, respect for them still tho
omor abedin
omor abedin Hace 29 días
You don't understand how funny this is. America lost all heavyweight belts in a matter of months. 2:25 hahahahaha not anymore
Rick Rick
Rick Rick Hace 29 días
These two are bums right now 😂😂😂
Tyrell Martin
Tyrell Martin Hace 13 días
So what does that make Fury and AJ? 🤣😂🤣
Stalker Hace un mes
& Now both belt less! 🇬🇧🤣
Akinwande Ajayi
Akinwande Ajayi Hace un mes
8 months later, both men without a belt . Lol how times change
neil k.
neil k. Hace un mes
One of you has a future in heavyweight boxing and one of you doesn’t.
YouTube Account
YouTube Account Hace un mes
One year later and they are both no longer champions
Blair Mark
Blair Mark Hace un mes
What a difference a year makes both of these ain't even B- sides they give it lathed and fell like pure donkeys both of them are finished PERIOD.
Tyrell Martin
Tyrell Martin Hace 13 días
Fury is trying to run from the rematch. Wait here, I'll be back when Fury gets ko'd and loses the belt
Mathew Hangaika
Mathew Hangaika Hace un mes
👀 here after 22 February
ali nn
ali nn Hace 2 meses
Ruiz Jr is just a baby
Lewis r Reid
Lewis r Reid Hace 2 meses
Dossers got dealt with
I am Richard Lowther
Both got whipped in rematches
ActiveAlbz Hace 2 meses
LOL these guys belts got snatched by our UK boxers
gerald castro
gerald castro Hace 2 meses
Andy is always chill
El Debtor
El Debtor Hace 2 meses
Wilder needs to learn how to speak English.
imo Hace 2 meses
Who’s here after both of the beatings🤣
1,000,256 views Hace 2 meses
Oh how the tides turn :D
Alfie26 Rafferty
Alfie26 Rafferty Hace 3 meses
Back when all the belts belonged to America
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Hace 3 meses
Baddest boxers lol 🤣 both taken out 🇬🇧
G E Hace 3 meses
Now UK has their belts lol
Marvin Kigame
Marvin Kigame Hace 3 meses
Lesson for Ruiz.. you said that Joshua was an amateur and doesn't know how to box... One thing you forgot is that He fought so hard to get and unify all those belts that you got in one bout... Look at you now bruh 😂 When he won he didn't hate on you like you did but simply said... Alhamdulillah!
The Beast BSR
The Beast BSR Hace 3 meses
Now that AJ won wilder lost Tyson still undefeated in my opinion AJ will be on top I would like to see AJ v Wilder
David Vaughn
David Vaughn Hace 3 meses
I would say "oh, how quickly the times have changed" but the media just simply lies. These 2 were never 1 and 2. Fury is the greatest HW, most likely followed by AJ. Let's see that real unification bout!!
vStealz __
vStealz __ Hace 4 meses
I hate Andy Ruiz
Kawsu Ceesay
Kawsu Ceesay Hace 10 días
@Tyrell Martin because aj took him to boxing school
Tyrell Martin
Tyrell Martin Hace 13 días
because he whooped AJ
Terry Duckworth
Terry Duckworth Hace 4 meses
He did say the two baddest heavyweights in the world!!!
Terry Duckworth
Terry Duckworth Hace un mes
MessiMania I’m glad you got that 😂
MessiMania Hace un mes
"bad" is such a word it can imply two completely different things lol.
Speak the truth
Speak the truth Hace 4 meses
No more champions but would like to see them fight each other......
Angelo 10•6
Angelo 10•6 Hace 4 meses
Now both guys aren't champs anymore damn 😔
R.Y.1/O MaruPhoenix
R.Y.1/O MaruPhoenix Hace 4 meses
Bum Squad
just some guy without a mustache
Fury watching this and saying this big dosser and this even bigger dosser.
Mr. Mackey
Mr. Mackey Hace 4 meses
Ruiz ain't beating Wilder. Ruiz has potential to be great, and go down in history as one of the best. The problem is, he is so undisciplined and money gets to him fast. Most people claim Wilder lacks boxing skills, and has no footwork, but you have to admit he has a blessed right hand that has put most of his opponents to sleep. If Ruiz puts in work and is hungry like he was in the first fight against Joshua, then maybe his pressure and speed could give Wilder problems.
horrid henry
horrid henry Hace 4 meses
Now both are reduced to the dustbin of boxing history with both Brits holding all the titles 🤣🇬🇧🍻🍻🥳🥳
Tyrell Martin
Tyrell Martin Hace 13 días
Snowchimp UK bums can't fight during the day because they will get skin cancer. Wilder and Ruiz will get the belts back.
horrid henry
horrid henry Hace 4 meses
@Thisaroberry trust me he wont come back if it's against fury ..🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧❤🤣🤣🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳💪
Thisaroberry Hace 4 meses
Just cause of 1 loss?? Trust me wilder will come back
J D Hace 4 meses
Wilder, don’t forget leg day. Andy, your 500 tacos are ready for you now.
Tyrell Martin
Tyrell Martin Hace 13 días
AJ shouldn't forget to keep ducking Ortiz and Usyk and Fury is a drug cheat who left boxing 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣
GOATtoon Hace 4 meses
All to no titles in 6 months lol 🇬🇧
GOATtoon Hace 13 días
@Tyrell Martin *two champions with all the belts 🇬🇧
Tyrell Martin
Tyrell Martin Hace 13 días
@GOATtoon AKA two runners and Ped users. LOL.
GOATtoon Hace 13 días
@Tyrell Martin bums with all the titles. Kod both of these...🇬🇧
Tyrell Martin
Tyrell Martin Hace 13 días
GB has bum heavyweights
DL Thomas
DL Thomas Hace 4 meses
Either one has a belt now
Ben C
Ben C Hace 4 meses
Lots of poorly aged comments here
God Hace 4 meses
7 months ago these dudes had all the belts and now they have none, that’s crazy
'ahhhhhhh' sips his cup of English tea.......
crazychris 23
crazychris 23 Hace 4 meses
How's champ now gispey king
zeljko granatic
zeljko granatic Hace 4 meses
Two losers
dave h
dave h Hace 4 meses
12 months is a long time in sport󾓪
King Öze
King Öze Hace 3 meses
munir amir
munir amir Hace 4 meses
Both lose to brits..idioits
Joe Abel
Joe Abel Hace 4 meses
7 months later and neither have any of the belts
Random Dude
Random Dude Hace 4 meses
Well this didn’t age well
Anthony Hoare
Anthony Hoare Hace 4 meses
gucciMAYoO Hace 4 meses
2 Losers sittn next to each other
Killa Ye
Killa Ye Hace 4 meses
Crazy how both aren’t champs anymore
A B Hace 4 meses
This video didn’t age well 🙃🙃🙃
Garden Shed Productions
Asif Reza
Asif Reza Hace 4 meses
Lol 7 months later and these guys are dead in the water.
Juan Douglas
Juan Douglas Hace 4 meses
Wilder is just happy because he knows that Ruiz is a way easier fight than fighting Joshua.
Muhammed Koray
Muhammed Koray Hace 4 meses
Now they are both bums. Fury is the king and AJ is in the second place.
Naeem Islam
Naeem Islam Hace 4 meses
Makes me laugh so much watching these two bums thinking they were gonna unify
6hush Hace 4 meses
Both lost their belts to Englishmen
Wa444d Hace 4 meses
Who's here after both of them got schooled😂
Lestervai Cayetano
Lestervai Cayetano Hace 4 meses
wilder just got koed
NaturalBornKilla Hace 4 meses
Who’s here after Deontay lost to Tyson Fury ?
Fallen Colossi
Fallen Colossi Hace 4 meses
out of the trolls i sent towards Wilder or his fans, it was just a banter. He is a good guy a good sport. I dont know why i did it 😂😂😂😂
Emmanuele Capuno
Emmanuele Capuno Hace 4 meses
Both fell
Connect 2 Travel
Connect 2 Travel Hace 4 meses
Who's here after knowing they both lost their rematches
JOY PHILIPS Hace 2 meses
Its me JOY ...from India.
Jerry Hernandez
Jerry Hernandez Hace 2 meses
“The two baddest boxers on the planet”😂
michael buffour
michael buffour Hace 2 meses
Lloyd Crooks I'm on this as well lmao
Lloyd Crooks
Lloyd Crooks Hace 2 meses
Wow what a difference 7 months make really funny watching this retro specially Andy has got Joshua's number Wilder looks so happy
75% human 25% Beast
75% human 25% Beast Hace 3 meses
Crazy how fast it goes
Connect 2 Travel
Connect 2 Travel Hace 4 meses
Freaking Andy is about tto go broke soon because he doesn't know how to handle money!!
Connect 2 Travel
Connect 2 Travel Hace 4 meses
They're all happy and didn't even know that both of them would lose big time in their rematches!!! WOW BOTH LOST IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE.
L'Danza maria STILE
L'Danza maria STILE Hace 4 meses
sadly ruiz's mum will have to sell the car she can't afford to run it now
L'Danza maria STILE
L'Danza maria STILE Hace 4 meses
The two baddest boxers on the planet LOL BRITAIN HAVE GOT ALL THE BELTS NOW LOL
Ganja Gandhi
Ganja Gandhi Hace 4 meses
calling Ruiz "the best" is a huge disgrace for boxing
Ele Farm
Ele Farm Hace 4 meses
the two baddest boxers in.........lol but when they face the best they became real BAD
kamal Hace 4 meses
Andres Carl
Andres Carl Hace 4 meses
Now they both lost their belts
David Stirrup
David Stirrup Hace 4 meses
And now they have none
dyingalive Hace 4 meses
Would be glad for a Fury vs Joshua and can have these two fight. Maybe even in Mexico City if Ruiz wants to rep that over where he was born and raised.
Nelson cis
Nelson cis Hace 4 meses
How about now??
G R Hace 4 meses
No belts anymore :p
LaRon Rosser
LaRon Rosser Hace 4 meses
and 6 months later, neither are champs
Kvbber Hace 4 meses
Who is here after tyson smoked wilder?
Ethan Flores
Ethan Flores Hace 4 meses
Dance Fever right “bums” for sure
Fallen Colossi
Fallen Colossi Hace 4 meses
hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
L'Danza maria STILE
L'Danza maria STILE Hace 4 meses
Gothic Zwo
Gothic Zwo Hace 4 meses
Both lost their titles.
Michael Knight
Michael Knight Hace 4 meses
I notice that wilder and Ruiz and cool with each other and Fury and Joshua are cool with each other
F Vlogs
F Vlogs Hace 4 meses
ruiz put mom first ...
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