Deontay Wilder, Andy Ruiz Jr. on future of heavyweight division, unification bout | PBC ON FOX

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Deontay Wilder and Andy Ruiz Jr. joined PBC on FOX to talk about the future of the heavyweight division including whether or not they'd like to face each other in a heavyweight unification fight down the road.
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Deontay Wilder, Andy Ruiz Jr. on future of heavyweight division, unification bout | PBC ON FOX


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21 jul 2019






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Comentarios 7 537
PBC ON FOX Hace 4 meses
Would you like to see a fight between Deontay Wilder and Andy Ruiz Jr.?
Francisco Lugo
Francisco Lugo Hace 7 días
That guy is a fucken instigator. Trying to start a fight.
JOHN GILLEN Hace un mes
@Chris I agree
w!1d3r Hace 2 meses
Hassan Garba
Hassan Garba Hace 2 meses
XTREME PC GAMER Hace 2 meses
Wilder will get the KO. He has too much power. Trust me!
Cal G1997
Cal G1997 Hace un día
Two jokes sat next to each other hahahahahaha
Jyotish Thanapati
Jyotish Thanapati Hace un día
Both of them are champ, but look how they are talking and giving respect to each other without any trash talk. This is the true sportsmanship.
weeddegree Hace 14 horas
Jyotish Thanapati you must of missed what wilder said about ruiz after the aj fight.. lol
Sasuke Hace un día
Never UnderradeAnthony Joshua next time 👌🏼
joseph utsu
joseph utsu Hace 2 días
Sorry to say the presenters lied to you and you lost your championship
Capitalizm OGVANDL1
Capitalizm OGVANDL1 Hace 2 días
That's good to see these 2 pro's talk like Champions
Amplify Hace 2 días
well the party was great!!!! now back to reality
Th3Aggr3ssiv3 Cons3rvativ3
KuZa Hace 2 días
Wilder even though he seems so brash at the beggining, he gives out something so likeable
Halfmoon Hill
Halfmoon Hill Hace 3 días
scipio africanus
scipio africanus Hace 4 días
I was a UFC fan Got tired of all their arrogance I am a boxing fan now because of Andy and Deontay
Stu Ferrie
Stu Ferrie Hace 4 días
Let's get these two cockends to fight each other
CountBeefy Hace 4 días
Poor stupid Andy
michael bonojo
michael bonojo Hace 4 días
But Wilder, Ruiz spoke it, don't know if he believed it but all we see is he received the beating of his life.
Jonathan Yeomans
Jonathan Yeomans Hace 4 días
😂😂 2time
JKG Hace 5 días
Andy Till this day is still hungry.
srk ravisankar
srk ravisankar Hace 5 días
What's up dumb fuckers
Aswini prasad
Aswini prasad Hace 5 días
Andy ruiz lossed in 2
Boi Chuah Sang
Boi Chuah Sang Hace 5 días
Deontay is a champ! Tyson Fury is a champ! and AJ is a Champ and so is Andy Ruiz. All those people that call Andy a "one hit wonder"... he still got to fight the champ twice and won once... not you.
Love Me
Love Me Hace 4 días
He is no champion. A champ works hard for his fights. Ruiz was careless, undisciplined, irresponsible. This is not how an champion conduct himself.
emmanuel l chipango
emmanuel l chipango Hace 5 días
Wilder though😅😅😅😅😅😅...hes been happy lately ever since Ruiz beat AJ
Derreck Jones
Derreck Jones Hace 4 días
But not since Ruiz lost
Islam Hace 5 días
*Anthony Joshua-Andi Ruiz (moment 1-2) **esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-iE_xlmQUNso.html*
Islam Hace 5 días
*Anthony Joshua-Andi Ruiz (moment 1-2) **esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-iE_xlmQUNso.html*
Islam Hace 5 días
*Anthony Joshua-Andi Ruiz (moment 1-2) **esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-iE_xlmQUNso.html*
Islam Hace 5 días
*Anthony Joshua-Andi Ruiz (moment 1-2) **esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-iE_xlmQUNso.html*
Keith Dixon
Keith Dixon Hace 5 días
Ruiz would get hurt against Wilder. And I mean permanently injured. Ruiz granite chin would be his worst enemy against Wilder's insane power.
Alex Odunlami
Alex Odunlami Hace 5 días
No Wilder vs Ruiz haha
Alex Odunlami
Alex Odunlami Hace 5 días
Stupid guys telling Ruiz always has AJ number - you made him lose the rematch
Mohammed Denbang
Mohammed Denbang Hace 5 días
We saw him who is the champion
Mohammed Denbang
Mohammed Denbang Hace 5 días
Joshua give him a chance to have a little bit money the first time
CV Fitness
CV Fitness Hace 5 días
Here after AJ schooled Ruiz
CV Fitness
CV Fitness Hace 2 días
@Itachi Uchiha yeah that is true to be honest but it won't happen for a long while yet as he has mandatory fights coming up but we will see
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Hace 2 días
@CV Fitness I was rooting for AJ but he most definitely didn't get "schooled' Ruiz won one and AJ won one it's only fair for a third match
CV Fitness
CV Fitness Hace 2 días
@Itachi Uchiha damn I've really hit a nerve there ain't I? Lmao yeah I did stream it I found a good HD stream online yeah so I couldn't afford it but either way sky have it on youtube to watch for free now.. and yeah ruiz got schooled.. AJ won atleast 10 of the 12 rounds mate but before you reply remember its boxing everyone is entitled to their opinion just don't get too emotionally attached
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Hace 2 días
"Schooled', did you watch the boxing match, or couldn't you afford it and had to watch the highlights?
MMA Fighter
MMA Fighter Hace 5 días
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Tosin Fayanju
Tosin Fayanju Hace 5 días
Wilder You're next too be beaten by AJ.... Hearing Andy Ruiz being a family Guy is so touching....
Reginald Edwards
Reginald Edwards Hace 5 días
He got schooled this time round.
AJTheSavage21 Hace 5 días
4:06 Just one word : LOL
Rue U
Rue U Hace 5 días
IT WAS ALL GOOOD JUST A WEEK AGO. Now after Ruiz lost Wilder no longer buddy budyy and slamming Ruiz in the media. Smh
Kishnabe Hace 3 días
Wilder afraid to fight AJ, denied contract 4 times from Eddie Hearn. Rather fight cherry picked opponents. 275K PPV Wilder vs 1.6 Mil PPV Joshua.
Ware Production
Ware Production Hace 6 días
I love how happy Wilder is for Andy
Tristanto Pambudi
Tristanto Pambudi Hace 6 días
In your dream D ! Next February Gypsy King will collect his rightful WBC Belt to UK, and he's go to fight in UK to get beat up if he's still dreaming on the belts
Bruce Wiedemann
Bruce Wiedemann Hace 6 días
Andy got greedy
Wild Bill
Wild Bill Hace 6 días
It's hard to get up at 6 am when you're sleeping on silk sheets Andy
Junior Arererua
Junior Arererua Hace 6 días
When tf r these two gonna fight SMFH
bizmonkey007 Hace 6 días
This is hard to watch in hindsight. Ruiz was riding so high and he dropped the ball in the rematch with his weight gain and self-admitted partying. Money and success can be great (Ruiz buying his mom a home and a car is heartwarming) but it can also breed complacency. I hope Ruiz learns and bounces back.
Dztrb. Hace 6 días
Who's here after AJ vs Ruiz 2?
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