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To get you ready for the trilogy, Look back on the night became heavyweight king beating Deontay Wilder in their rematch.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, The biggest heavyweight fight of the year is near. The heavyweight trilogy showdown between WBC and lineal world champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury and former world champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder - goes down Saturday, Oct. 9 at T-Mobile Arena, and live on ESPN+ PPV and FOX Sports PPV, resuming one of the great rivalries in the division’s storied history.

tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at www.tmobilearena.com or www.axs.com. The event is promoted by Top Rank, BombZquad Promotions, TGB Promotions and Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions. A Premier Boxing Champions presentation.

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3 oct 2021






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Comentarios 3 954
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart Hace 8 horas
To see such a dominant champ get completely ran through is incredible.
Frank Ali
Frank Ali Hace un día
Good game plan...flawless execution..great win!🥊🥊🥊
fightclub Hace 4 días
Most boring fight of all time. Atfer tyson heavyweight bout is fuck boring
Fross Hace 4 días
This fight should have been stopped at round 5. Definitely by 6
Happyhan Hace 7 días
22:56 The referee only sees Wilder. With very worried eyes. He is a great referee.
Musa Radebe
Musa Radebe Hace 7 días
ljfllll2l gg
One Two
One Two Hace 7 días
Tyson Fury an amazing technician !
tonybasquez5316 Hace 8 días
Marlen Vicentini
Marlen Vicentini Hace 9 días
Everybody hates the judge!
Mirklok Hace 10 días
Didn't look like the fight was over at all.
RooseveltBatesJriii Hace 10 días
In the last 20 seconds of the 4 round , fury lost. But the decision can’t be changed. Great fight
Gatya Agg
Gatya Agg Hace 12 días
I want to see Fury vs Butterbean fight.👌
Ken Nano
Ken Nano Hace 11 días
Butterbean is 55 yrs old now dude 😅
y doesitmatter
y doesitmatter Hace 12 días
I like both fighters.. This is not a knock on Fury boxer vs puncher...i felt it was a slight diss , but America is so wrapped up in their satanic worship of WS..bye bye American pie!! The American heavyweight doesn't belong to you anymore
Gary Bonnell
Gary Bonnell Hace 12 días
Yep he's a white boy bitich now
David Clarke
David Clarke Hace 12 días
They sacked Mark Breland who saved his health and hopefully his cognition but wilder sacked a Brother and that wasn't good. Mark get wilder sued.
David Clarke
David Clarke Hace 12 días
Gary Bonnell. It makes me laugh when they get on about a Heavyweight being too Big but look at Jess willard and Jack Dempsey? They make excuses because wildernator Twerkinator was Golden Boy for Americans and one hitter Quitter but not work with some of us Gypsies and other Big lads from UK. 💯💪✝️🥊🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💪
Gary Bonnell
Gary Bonnell Hace 12 días
I give Wilder a hard time only because he run his mouth said he beat Ali easy and here he is getting beat up by a white boy no less the wilderetts beat their wives and girlfriends and didn't sober up for months
Gary Bonnell
Gary Bonnell Hace 12 días
Fury said his blood taste like shit I new he was full of shit
Gary Bonnell
Gary Bonnell Hace 12 días
Wilders wife said he don't have a jab and he's only good for a couple Punch's and he's done she said he's a thirty second man
Gary Bonnell
Gary Bonnell Hace 12 días
Fury said you godless heathen I will show you there is a God
Gary Bonnell
Gary Bonnell Hace 12 días
Fury told Wilder your pretty good old son but I done told you once you big dossir I'm the best there's ever been Wilder bow his head because he new he was beat he started making up lies siad fury cheats fury said I guess I'll have to whip your ass again you never was very smart and I'm the best there's ever been
Paul Azzar
Paul Azzar Hace 12 días
Clown boxing
Azra Musa
Azra Musa Hace 13 días
Belgrade police terrorists, bandits and nationalists love you as much as they love terror, violence and ethnic cleansing
Adam Courtney
Adam Courtney Hace 13 días
Fury. Dude's still got enough in him to lay down some karaoke comp at the end.
Chiraqology •
Chiraqology • Hace 13 días
Black fighters run boxing 🥊
Stephen Biggins
Stephen Biggins Hace 13 días
God bless tyson fury!
RuaTheRapoet Hace 13 días
Amazing how Ward jumped right, exactly on the target of the strategy in motion from the immediate first bell. Amazing boxing mind
VINROY Bainbridge
VINROY Bainbridge Hace 13 días
All this talk about fury being better needs to go back and watch all fights because this is from 2018-2021 he lost twice two years in a row now he's the better fighter OK keep dreaming
VINROY Bainbridge
VINROY Bainbridge Hace 13 días
He's been Fighting this guy for how long and his first win can't take that away from him too him 3 fights to win OK
สมชาย ใหญ่เสมอ
All Mericans making excuses plus Wilder sacking mark Breland was bang out of order and j.Deas water boy walk's away without a care in the world. BLACK MYSTERY MONTH HEE HEE HEE✝️🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸🇹🇭🇬🇧 JESUS CHRIST.
สมชาย ใหญ่เสมอ
This is a proper Trained up Tyson and 3rd fight had family issues.But imagine a fully trained up ,full camp can do folk's.✝️🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸🇹🇭
สมชาย ใหญ่เสมอ
It was a knock down definitely.Kenny got paid good money to stop Tyson winning but Tyson had other ideas and not leaving it to fakery by Bent judge's and paid off Ref.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇹🇭🇺🇸🙏✝️
Jose Manuel Fernandez Silva
Fury es un espectáculo, pero bueno, gane o pierda
Joe Gagnon
Joe Gagnon Hace 14 días
9:10 pause at right time wilder neck and legs are weak
Bob smith
Bob smith Hace 14 días
I like how no one is talking about Fury licking blood off of Wilder...... what a fuckin mad man
Kevin K
Kevin K Hace 15 días
So glad the third matchup didn’t have clown ass Kenny Bayless. That point for fury was horseshit. Guy did everything in his power to swing that fight for Wilder.
Milton McCarroll
Milton McCarroll Hace 15 días
Drunken style Wilder
Milton McCarroll
Milton McCarroll Hace 15 días
Wilders legs are gone"
Jovanny Gonzalez
Jovanny Gonzalez Hace 16 días
Man I miss when a heavyweight boxer could actually box not this crap 💩
Jovanny Gonzalez
Jovanny Gonzalez Hace 16 días
Heavyweight boxing is sloppy and boring!
intimous GC
intimous GC Hace 16 días
I don’t know a lot about boxing but why I’d Tyson fury so much bigger? He’s easily 50 lbs heavier
Kevin K
Kevin K Hace 15 días
It’s heavyweights, the weight limits aren’t capped as they are in smaller divisions. Weight when you get to larger men isn’t as important as it is in smaller men for competitive advantage. You can have a ripped guy at 220lbs easily knock out a guy who weighs 275lbs and vise versa. Tyson Fury SHOULD theoretically get tired more quickly than Wilder with his extra weight, but he’s an absolute freak of nature.
hedy kort
hedy kort Hace 15 días
Alexis Heude
Alexis Heude Hace 16 días
Lewis is such a hater... And fake!
Xenofon Hace 16 días
16:07 look how much time the referee give on Wilder to recover
C3000i Hace 17 días
I believe he fired his trainer because he threw in the towel. But in the end that was the best decision and the 3rd fight would prove
Odin Walker
Odin Walker Hace 17 días
Wilder hold a lot of weight more than him if his weight same as Tyson I think Wilder will won
Kaffy 7
Kaffy 7 Hace 17 días
hes losing his balance? i mean wtf with those skinny legs? they out of proportion that it failed to support the body balance
driplikeposeidon Hace 17 días
Tyson Fury had to beat 2 men in the ring that night. Deontay Wilder and Kenny Bayless who did everything to give Wilder help
maria delia
maria delia Hace 17 días
It’s funny, I really wonder what the racist and non racist blacks think about this real deal great WHITE hope?! Man, this turns the whole world upside down, thinking it’s only blacks that can knock someone out. Especially knocking Whites out. It is NEVER what it seems to be, even if it goes on for decades, things can turn on a dime, in a second.
maria delia
maria delia Hace 17 días
Pretty decent singer as well. He’ll make alot of money singing as well.
Paweł P.
Paweł P. Hace 18 días
Za czasów Mike Tysona i Evandera Holyfield sędzia nawet by nie myślał o przerwie, a co dopiero przerwaniu pojedynku. Walka ustawiona.
Moe Q.
Moe Q. Hace 18 días
Wilder can’t fight. Perhaps just a power puncher with size to add to that. Not enough intelligence. Needs more fighting IQ.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Hace 18 días
tim miller
tim miller Hace 18 días
tim miller
tim miller Hace 18 días
Theklim Ministries
Theklim Ministries Hace 19 días
Was this not the boxer I Just watched the video of him telling his fan he will defeat Fury after blaspheming Jesus Christ in an interview with Fury and miraculously lost the first match and now the rematch? Please tell that dude to Give that life to Christ Jesus. Kingdom man- Fury.
Daniel Haynes
Daniel Haynes Hace 20 días
The king baby
Kadirli Grup Berdeste Kadirli Grup Berdeste
David Lacey
David Lacey Hace 21 un día
Wilder was winning and his corner stopped the fight! Outrageous!
tim miller
tim miller Hace 18 días
Jonathan Orona
Jonathan Orona Hace 21 un día
I usually like that ref but this one he's was a bit off
Matthew Cartmill
Matthew Cartmill Hace 21 un día
This is not boxing!! Bunch of grabbing and hugging. Ridiculous
MrThuglife1983 Hace 21 un día
Best man, I love it when he honors Jesus Christ.
Dewey Hart
Dewey Hart Hace 21 un día
If this is how heavy weights are fighting now Mike Tyson Lennox Lewis will beat them easily even after being off from fighting just my opinion
Duong Ma
Duong Ma Hace 22 días
Đứng còn ko vững rồi đánh đấm nhìn chán, chắc tối phang gái nhiều quá mà
bala dewa chenel
bala dewa chenel Hace 23 días
This is what happen when african american shaman that relies on ancestor spirit VS british dude that relies on Jesus Christ.
Luke White
Luke White Hace 23 días
Here after binging MT highlights, MT would have destroyed these two, they have no style, no technicality or real strategy, no charisma, they are both slow.
Aydin Sivka
Aydin Sivka Hace 23 días
A kind of sleepy Petting...♋
Dylan Rooney
Dylan Rooney Hace 23 días
21:19 it’s so nice to see them hug it out
WAIT: ALL BLACK BOXERS USUALLY BEAT WHITE BOXERS!!! What's going on here? (dis don fit da narratif)
VNSS video news shan state
Zafir89 Hace 24 días
Wilder’s punches are not hard at all against real fighters.
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Hace 24 días
Wilder needs Jesus.
Wieber Lee
Wieber Lee Hace 24 días
too slow fight
Ben Jacques
Ben Jacques Hace 25 días
22:17 😂😂😂😂
B.A Wibowo
B.A Wibowo Hace 25 días
Why is kenny bayless looking so concern in this fight ?
Michael Paul
Michael Paul Hace 25 días
Tyson looks like Kratos in that picture above the ring.
garyfiasco1 Hace 25 días
Colin Cowherd in the crowd lol
Danniel Perez
Danniel Perez Hace 25 días
Look at the person who insulted JESUS CHRIST...
xRlly is here
xRlly is here Hace 26 días
The referee is a joke lel
Ryan Gifford
Ryan Gifford Hace 26 días
Christ, this comment section is full thots trying to get people to look at their pages.
QUICK Hace 26 días
Ref tried to give the bum Wilder an advantage and he still got outclassed all fight long.
QUICK Hace 26 días
Fury is in a different league, made Wilder look like a toe tag.
Ram Legend
Ram Legend Hace 26 días
Here comes The next Mike Tyson, the Undefeated World Heavyweight Champion...
Ram Legend
Ram Legend Hace 25 días
@Bro Marcos And now hopefully that Tyson Fury will retain his record
Ram Legend
Ram Legend Hace 25 días
@Bro Marcos Tyson has been defeated but he's been undefeated in long years of his career
Bro Marcos
Bro Marcos Hace 25 días
Mike tyson isnt undefeated 🧐
Carlo Grasso
Carlo Grasso Hace 26 días
Jesus Christ works wonders. Still need proof?
bob Hace 27 días
Best fight ever! I dont even care who wins or who loses i like to see these 2 giants fighting!
Efrain Rodriguez
Efrain Rodriguez Hace 27 días
El mejor Tyson el otro mal perdedor y le falta mas boxeo
Washington Manzou
Washington Manzou Hace 27 días
Furry fought a good fight but why lick the blood on opponents neck. Isn't that Vodoo
Bingying Liao
Bingying Liao Hace 27 días
Jae Mars
Jae Mars Hace 27 días
Fury is just legendary 😂
Robert Butts
Robert Butts Hace 29 días
Wilder is a stupid how could he get knocked out by some fat white.. Wilder should give it up..
Bicboi1121 Hace un mes
“What was he just doing with his tongue right there???!!!”🤣🤣🤣🤣 22:16
FLYDUCK Hace un mes
Wilder hits good yet not keeping the combo why does he stop ı mean keep hiting him while he is stunned.Could somebody with information about this explain that to me please?
Ragnar Phantom
Ragnar Phantom Hace un mes
These kind of boxer won't last long to "Iron Mike prime"
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Hace un mes
This is still classic🥊
SwordTech_rekt 3
SwordTech_rekt 3 Hace un mes
1982paskal Hace un mes
Weight difference…. Different powers
TheGadfly Hace un mes
Ref should have deducted a point from Wilder also near the end of round 5.
sonova7 Hace un mes
Headbanging min. 21
EUGENE Hamby Hace un mes
That was a good stoppage by the referee regardless how Deontay Wilder feels about it his corner threw in the towel which was good.
EUGENE Hamby Hace un mes
Extremely poor video do a better job the next time.
EUGENE Hamby Hace un mes
The was sick by Tyson Fury trying to lick some blood and he keeps putting Deontay Wilder in a headlock the referee should've taken another point away from him he's Tyson Fury clearly winning the fight, Deontay Wilder has no legs and he's lost some weight again something is clearly wrong with Deontay Wilder is it drugs that he's doing in between fights because he has that look in his eyes like he's been doing drugs I can't believe how he looks know he used to be a big man something once again is clearly wrong with him.
Apostle Daniel platform
There's no argument on this fight
Apostle Daniel platform
Next time wilder play with the name Jesus Christ