Did I Waste $1500 on a 50W Laser Cutter from China?

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TL;DR: Nope!
There are some things I would do a little different when purchasing my 50W laser from eBay. The main thing...look for a Ruida controller.
Check out some specific projects/use cases that this thing can cut: esvid.net/video/vídeo-6kCkrofspZU.html
50W Laser with a Ruida controller (affiliate): ebay.to/2J7bZdd
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Advicevice Hace 6 meses
Some tips for you: Look into getting an aluminum honeycomb to set your work on, it prevents reflection from the base burning the bottom of your material when you cut RV Coolant works a lot better instead of water for cooling, and it can't form algae. You don't want that in your laser tube. You can easily upgrade the laser dot with a crosshair, makes lining everything up easier. Make a template in your software and mark some registration holes on the bed. Drill these out and place pins in them. Then you can reverse sheets and stuff to make reproduction easy. You can also cut out templates for position work. This guy has a similar cutter to the one you wanted to buy: esvid.net/show-UCqCyShJXqnElPTUnxX0mD5A and has a ton of videos.
Old Яomans
Old Яomans Hace 4 meses
antifreeze doesn't "keep it cool" its keep it liquid/fluid.
Rick Everett
Rick Everett Hace 4 meses
@Make or Break Shop Actually, if you do go and look at Russ Sadlers videos, he does not recommend honeycomb, neither do I. Block off any holes you may have on the work area, (I use a piece of sheet metal) and suspend your work over the area using some sort of stand offs. This is the best way to get airflow under your work piece, and you are not left with the buildup that occurs in the honeycomb unit. It is best explained in one of Russ's latest videos. If you are not subscribed to Russ, you owe it to yourself to sub, and watch as many of his Informative videos, as you can. This is the video on why honeycombs are no good....esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-n54uNRs8Ydk.html Best of luck my friend, and enjoy your laser. It is a great hobby, or small business start up! ;)
Its Blunty
Its Blunty Hace 5 meses
@Kjeld Schouten So you've given zero actual info, only saying that somehow steam in this environment in a laser water cooling system is still going to hold the steam pressure and be able to distribute the heat to the radiator more efficiently than antifreeze? You are saying an engine is not similar, but an engine is a hot block, with water running through it, to a radiator that pulls the heat away. That's literally identical to a water cooling system in a laser. In an engine, once you go over 100C, water is much less efficient than coolant. As far as I'm concerned, you're avoiding continuing to talk about this because you have no idea what you're talking about, otherwise you could take 2 minutes and explain why an engine is not the same in this application. You are clearly a troll.
Its Blunty
Its Blunty Hace 5 meses
@Kjeld Schouten So you don't know that an engine can overheat on just water versus antifreeze/coolant?
Keith DAvis
Keith DAvis Hace 3 horas
i have an 80 watt with the ruida controller, i am running corel draw x18 and when i send files over using the plugin that came with the laser it does not fill in the text. The Laser seems to only want to "cut" objects out rather than engrave them. I did find a setting called "scan" and "cut" and changed it to scan, which then filled in the text and designs rather than outlining them but even after that the quality of the engraving is not very high. id give it a 70 out of 100. Ive tried re aligning my mirrors and they seem to be pretty straight on. the mirror i have the most issue with is the one at the tip of the laser head. i have issues getting it to come out of the tip of that cone that covers the end. the top adjustment is not very adjustable. If you have any advice id love to hear back from you because as of now the laser sits here doing nothing. its a $2000 desk.
david c
david c Hace un día
Is it still a good buy ? With the different controller?
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace 22 horas
Totally! Mine is working great, I just have to do a little workaround because of the controller.
Juan V. Oropeza
Juan V. Oropeza Hace 6 días
Hi there! After watching your video I made up my mind and decided to get the same laser. Thank you for making this video. By mistake I messed up the vendor settings of the machine. Is there anyway you can share with me the the .RDVSet data parameters of the machine? I like your videos! Thanks!
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace 22 horas
I had something similar happen and wound up having to contact the company and they were able to walk me through doing a factory reset.
Jeff Knodel
Jeff Knodel Hace 8 días
I have your exact model (with the same keypad) and cannot, for the life of me, get it to find files on the "Udisk". Can you describe your method for getting print files onto the machine?
Jeff Knodel
Jeff Knodel Hace 22 horas
@Make or Break Shop Yep, that's about where I am. I can get some basic control using lasercut6, but 2017 has been a bust, and neither has actually let me print anything. (Sigh)
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace 22 horas
I never could get 2017 to work. Mine came with an older version of the software and I was able to get it to connect using the cord that came with it.
Jeff Knodel
Jeff Knodel Hace 7 días
It might make a popular video... :)
Jeff Knodel
Jeff Knodel Hace 7 días
@Make or Break Shop Thank you for your prompt reply. I am not looking to you for support, but I have not managed to get mine to do *anything*. Can you please describe in more detail what you do? If I use their printer driver, from their "LaserCut2017" program, the jobs just disappear from the queue. When connecting via USB, I don't see the device as a drive to move files onto. I am sort of shooting in the dark, here.
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace 8 días
Yeh the U Disk is hit or miss for me, I connect it by USB to a computer and transfer from their software.
Roberto Zaccara
Roberto Zaccara Hace 12 días
Hello, your laser 50W CO2 can cut thin metal ( 0,20mm ) ? Thanks Roberto.
allan carpenter
allan carpenter Hace 15 días
Will this laser run off Windows 10 on my pc? Windows 10 is not listed.
zamfir valentin
zamfir valentin Hace 22 días
And no waste of money, the laser worth a lot more, I've done and sell a lot of things with it and I am happy and pleased to say it!
zamfir valentin
zamfir valentin Hace 22 días
Hello, you are using that laser cutter? I need help with mine and can't get it! I need the RDUSET and RDVSET original files to make mine functionally again. BECAUSE: in the Ruida machine menu is a voice like fact para settings. DO NOT TOUCH IT! it will cancel the vendor para settings and user para settings and you will throw away your machine IF you didn't save allready those files on your computer. I've done it, too bad 4 me.
allowmi Hace 28 días
Any video that begins with "I ordered the wrong thing" isn't worth your time.
Mykel Hardin
Mykel Hardin Hace 16 días
Nobody ordered you, you are a waste of time..
Celina Celis
Celina Celis Hace un mes
Which laser cutting would you recommend for gold I have somebody who do that for me but he increases the price all the time and i will like to do my own. But I have no idea about laser machines. Thank you!
Celina Celis
Celina Celis Hace un mes
Thank you for the information
FirePoint Creations
Yes. You just wasted $1500
Daniel Mitzimberg
Daniel Mitzimberg Hace un mes
I purchased this same exact machine last Christmas off eBay. It ran the demo one time and has never worked again. In fact my Leetro does not even does not even have a screen lit when powering on. I was unable to return the unit before the time ran out to return it. I have replaced the Leetro unit (nothing) and paid a couple of people who know everything (right) they could not figure it out. So far they have ran me around and around again. It has been months. Any ideas how I can get this fixed? Would be nice to have it working. Thank you Dan
Harune Malik
Harune Malik Hace un mes
I’m looking for a good laser cutting machine that will cut Acrylic. Can anyone help? Not too expensive...?
Tenzack YOGI
Tenzack YOGI Hace un mes
Why don't you try making images or graphic stuffs?
dmm Hace un mes
Have a look at Roger Webb's ESvid channel as well. You should also be using an activated charcoal filter.
hhkf ghkl
hhkf ghkl Hace un mes
u should use painters tape
tieck Hace un mes
>"So let's talk money." >Opens Macbook.
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace un mes
Dang. sick burn.
alk4ff Hace un mes
Can i engraver zinc metal using 50w co2 laser?
MaximusPayne Hace un mes
What did you buy that laser for, and what else can it be used for? It's a considerable money investment, but it's an even greater space investment, and most people literally might not have where to put it.
fixitman21 Hace 2 meses
A chiller should have a operator settable temp setting so it can hold whatever temp you need. (within min/max parameters)
fixitman21 Hace 2 meses
P.S. ground it anyway.
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen Hace 2 meses
you wasted becouse they not sell it without pofit. what controller make diffrent its run gcode lol. too many buttns on machine. could lower price without buttons lol
Slacker Soft works
Slacker Soft works Hace 2 meses
Awesome channel!
TheRainHarvester Hace 2 meses
A chiller with inline heater?! Sounds hacky.
Old Conspiracy Dude
Old Conspiracy Dude Hace 2 meses
for an extra $1000 you can get a glowforge and have a built in camera much better software ect
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace 2 meses
very true, the biggest draw back for me was the cutting size for the Glowforge.
Jazz R-M
Jazz R-M Hace 2 meses
What voltage do you need for this machine?
Jeff Knodel
Jeff Knodel Hace 7 días
Runs on normal US household 110.
Light Me Up Signs
Light Me Up Signs Hace 2 meses
Its not the controller on these cheap machines which is the issue its the cheap co2 narrow beam 50w laser tube :-( Its all about gearing or beam convergence if your serious about cutting any reasonable thickness perspex or mdf I have another machine now which still has all the same cheap chinese tube mirrors and lenses however the 80w tube in this machine has a larger diameter beam with a 2:1 stepped down XY belt resolution which makes so much difference :-) Can cut with less wattage on the 80w machine through the same material using a faster feedrate than the small 50w machine
Giggitee O'Yeah
Giggitee O'Yeah Hace 3 meses
good review
abdul kaleem
abdul kaleem Hace 3 meses
i am intreasted to buy the meachine wher can i finde are u give me your contactes deitales.
Jeff Knodel
Jeff Knodel Hace 7 días
Same model on Amazon: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L5LWB6W
tweakgames Hace 3 meses
7:00 "everything I saw said be careful with the grounding", doesn't use ground strap at all.
Jeff Knodel
Jeff Knodel Hace 7 días
Machine is internally grounded to 3-pin ground on plug. However, neither outlet for air compressor or water pump are 3 pin.
Nikolina Pijaca
Nikolina Pijaca Hace 3 meses
i need help! How to illuminate the main screen on the machine? she totally disheveled us, we do not know how to brighten up, thank you
Keerthi Nishantha
Keerthi Nishantha Hace 3 meses
I have heard that most of chinese laser tubes does not last long. Some videos said that it work only few months. Is this true?
aledantas2k10 Hace 3 meses
Yes u did!
odinata Hace 3 meses
Dude's using an Apple and he's asking if he wasted money? Lol.
Angueran DeLaMouliniere
Exactly like people buying PC to run Windows rather than Linux....
Gabriel Gaby
Gabriel Gaby Hace 3 meses
Looks o.k. on Video Demonstration... indent to purchase.
MyName IsPrivate
MyName IsPrivate Hace 3 meses
I find it very difficult to take purchasing advice from someone who is using an Apple laptop.
Ebike Solutions
Ebike Solutions Hace 3 meses
What is the maximum thickness it can cut ? And can it cut any metal materials ?
TheRainHarvester Hace 2 meses
No metal cutting (maybe etch on anodized aluminum). I'm guessing 8mm plexi, because I used ul laser 80w and 12mm was pushing that machine.
Sebastian Rac
Sebastian Rac Hace 3 meses
If You want upgade a protective glasses use kapton tape.
Andrew Hayes
Andrew Hayes Hace 3 meses
Get a ground spike to earth your machine your life may depend on it
Andrew Hayes
Andrew Hayes Hace 3 meses
Add some antifreeze to your water it will stop algae growing in your water
Graham Lloyd
Graham Lloyd Hace 4 meses
dislike as you did not answer the questions
jay t
jay t Hace 4 meses
It look like a smaller version of the one I have... same setup, parts etc. Mine is five years old, gets used a lot, was going solid for six hours last week and has yet to break lol. Been professionally serviced twice.
jay t
jay t Hace 4 meses
Magnets to hold the item being cut or etched in place.... thanks, that's so simple feel daft for not thinking of it now.
Taylor Clark
Taylor Clark Hace 4 meses
Your a fucking arsehole mate
Briggle Hace 4 meses
Enjoyed the video. We bought a laser cutter too. Few videos of it in action on my own channel.
Scott300300300 Hace 4 meses
why not just pay someone to this for you
Walkers Caulkers
Walkers Caulkers Hace 4 meses
need some major help i have laser machine that uses coral drw we havent been able to work out how the laser actully pin points where to laser it kinda looks like yours but is different on the panel
Robin Greer
Robin Greer Hace 4 meses
Draw a box around you object to laser. Set it to hairline width and color outline of the box red.
1lastsht Hace 4 meses
What similar model would you recommend for someone buying in Britain where they have different voltage? Thanks
Jeff Knodel
Jeff Knodel Hace 7 días
See esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-YvrMeUUzaBo.html
Ed Boggs
Ed Boggs Hace 5 meses
Is this laser software compatible with Mac's
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace 5 meses
It isn’t, but if you get a laser with a Ruida controller (they are the same price I just missed that detail when I got mine) you can use Lightburn which is Mac based.
beardbuddy Hace 5 meses
you sure did waste the money you could have bought the prusa mk3 for that with extras and printed a cnc laser machine so u could have got 2 machines out of that
beardbuddy Hace 4 meses
@Make or Break Shop one of the printers u can make with the mostly printed cnc is the prusa mk3 all the plans are open source on github
beardbuddy Hace 4 meses
@Make or Break Shop go to thingyverse these plenty of them on there and I just finished building the mostly printed cnc of that site u can change heads on it from a laser to a router or a 2d printer with multiple heads check it out
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace 5 meses
I’d love to see a printed CNC laser. That sounds amazing. A Prusa mk3 is on my list for this year though!
Rikard Johansen
Rikard Johansen Hace 5 meses
1. 50w is weak, 2. NEVER use it at 100% u burn the CO2 out very fast, the expensive thing on the machine is the tube, not the machine..I got a 100W and never use it whit more power than 80%, usually 55-60%, then u will have a long lasting laser tube...
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace 5 meses
Good call, yeh I've never pushed it past 50%, if I need more power I just repeat the cuts.
janslos Hace 5 meses
Its not a cutter, its an engraver!!!!!
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace 5 meses
Nope it cuts, just didnt' have any footage of it. I'm in the process of making a follow up of the different materials it can cut through. Most recent was thin acrylic.
Moto Mule
Moto Mule Hace 5 meses
Excited to see what you make with this. I'm interested in getting one of these too.
Reality Check
Reality Check Hace 5 meses
So is that blue tube bluetooth enabled?
Wilhelm Johansson
Wilhelm Johansson Hace 5 meses
Interesting to see laser cutters, at work we use a 6kW laser but it's used for welding. I love laser and it's fascinating to see it work.
Nnadi Iyke
Nnadi Iyke Hace 5 meses
please information and price
tihzho Hace 5 meses
Its a "laser cutter" yet you show it engraving...what can it actually cut? Judging from the down to up vote ratio and other comments I'm not alone with this question.
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace 5 meses
Yep can cut, Im Making a follow up to this video with specifics on materials, thicknesses, speeds. This video was more a quick over view of what came with it
Sajeev S
Sajeev S Hace 5 meses
Maximum L x W can cut nd maximum thickness can engrave with this machine
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones Hace 5 meses
in your video you're shown with a macbook but it says it doesn't support IOS. so do use a different computer for projects? also can you purchase insurance on the item when shipping? thanks
Make or Break Shop
Make or Break Shop Hace 5 meses
If you get the ruida controller with the Light Burn software then you can use a Mac. In my case I ran it through another PC. The MAC was easier to use in the shot ;)
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