Did I Waste $2400 on a 60W Laser Cutter from China?

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We've all been there. We checked out lasers and found they're really expensive to purchase an American made machine. Then we come across the Chinese knockoff CO2 laser cutters and just can't get over how much cheaper they are. But are they worth it? No support, no direct contact with the company, and broken English manuals. Do we take a shot in the dark to save a few grand? Don't worry, I took the leap for you. Watch as I unbox the 60w Orion Motor Tech Laser engraver cutter and set it up.
Was it worth it?
*update* I've since checked the power supply and can confirm it is a 60w power supply, so the laser is 60w.
■ Orion Motor Tech 60w Chinese Black and Yellow Laser Cutter Engraver : amzn.to/2Ko95RQ
Or cheaper on ebay (not as good for returns though)
■ 30mA Voltmeter Gauge : amzn.to/2YMFpFL
■ 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan : amzn.to/2YxGQZj
■ Ruida RD644S Controller : bit.ly/ruidardc644s
■ S&A Genuine CW-5200DH (5200DG upgraded) Industrial Water Chiller 6L Capacity Cooling Water for 80W-150W CO2 Engraving Cutting Machine : amzn.to/2MJUse0
Lightburn Software : lightburnsoftware.com
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Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace un mes
■ 30mA Voltmeter Gauge : amzn.to/2YMFpFL ■ 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan : amzn.to/2YxGQZj ■ Ruida RD644S Controller : bit.ly/ruidardc644s ■ S&A Genuine CW-5200DH (5200DG upgraded) Industrial Water Chiller 6L Capacity Cooling Water for 80W-150W CO2 Engraving Cutting Machine : amzn.to/2MJUse0
roxanna Mason
roxanna Mason Hace 22 horas
Don't waste anymore $ on CO2 or even YAG's,lamp or DP lasers, get a Fiber laser with virtual perfect beam quality, order mag. shorter wavelength, ultra high wall plug efficiencies, can be 'piped' anywhere in your lab,home or factory with a tiny fiber optic. From watts to KW's Fiber Lasers are changing the world. No need to discard your current system as you can retrofit your existing laser scanner and change out the CO2 laser with your new/used Fiber laser. You'll also need to change out the delivery optics but are available everywhere.
Michael Powell
Michael Powell Hace 5 días
Not sure why you are calling it a knock-off. Its an X-Y carriage with a laser attached. How else are they supposed to do it? As we know, most manufactured goods are made in China because that's where the skills are. We'll have to get used to reading manuals in Chinese instead of expecting them to do the translating as well as everything else. After all, the German, French, Italian, Japanese and Korean translations take priority these days over the English ones.
Tonton des Bois
Tonton des Bois Hace 22 minutos
Am I really watching 2 cavemen unpacking a laser ? yabaa dabadoo
So Ya
So Ya Hace 4 horas
Is it possible to remove the bottom base with the wheels so I can get it through a doorway. And if so, how simple would it be to half it and put it back together?
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 4 horas
Yes. It’s just bolted together
Joe Duggan
Joe Duggan Hace 9 horas
Made in china...yes you did
NM88310 Hace 22 horas
Buy American
rick fe
rick fe Hace 22 horas
yes its a waste of money sorry
John Grzeskowiak
John Grzeskowiak Hace un día
Why did you unpack everything before you got it back to your shop??
John Grzeskowiak
John Grzeskowiak Hace 22 horas
No, getting out of the crate was a must - I meant the hoses, water res, ribbons and packing that were supporting and protecting the laser and X/Y track assy. Pretty bumpy ride across the lawn and into the shop
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 23 horas
The crate wouldn’t fit through my gate and it was too heavy to move
Viking Beard
Viking Beard Hace un día
I see you tried to hide the back break o the cutout, so yeah I'd say you wasted money if it cannot cut fully through balsam wood without back split offs
Viking Beard
Viking Beard Hace un día
Fyi, we really didnt need to know what size screws held the box together🙄🤦‍♂️
W. Apnj
W. Apnj Hace un día
The shoes.. the shoes?? House slippers and flip-flops? Really?? Prepared for the work at hand I see.
spoc Hace 2 días
I dont know. Did you?
Dan Hard
Dan Hard Hace 2 días
why would you even need to have the air exhaust fan in the building just extend the duct pipe outside and have the motor outside in a box like a doghouse then its no noise except to your neighbor haa haaa
A1BASE Hace 3 días
Wow. Super clickbait.
Haliff Roslan
Haliff Roslan Hace 3 días
u probably didnt waste the money, but you did waste some space, but i think its worth it
Jason i love oz
Jason i love oz Hace 3 días
Chinese are probably informed once you power up...
RMS Hace 4 días
Well... for contrast, I bought an Epilog 60w a couple years ago for $22,000... It has been fired for about 200 hours total so far, and I've had replace about $600 in components that failed (at my own expense, because Epilog's warranty is b/s). Lately, I can't seem to get a clean cut through 1/8in ply or 1/4in acrylic, and I'm being told it's because I need to replace my lens... which is $172... So, I'm thinking you've done quite well to get a functional system you can use for $2,400!
jenbill1602 Hace 4 días
We will just drop these wood screws here on the driveway, might just find that missing one that wasn't accounted for in a week or two Ahahahahaajahah!
Watercooled Hace 3 días
Thought I was the only one that cringed watching him drop screws on the driveway. Bad practice for a woodshop.
creator Space
creator Space Hace 4 días
That's a good one. blog.naver.com/7heppy7
The Best Stooge
The Best Stooge Hace 4 días
I did because I have had mine for 2+ years and totally rebuilt it from the ground up replacing 99% of everything then I realized I have no real uses for it since it is the only tool I have that I can't just use when needed since the CO2 laser tube degrades from the day it is made. My current tube is near death with less than 20 hours on it (all testing and aligning) because it sat there without usage. Worst decision I ever made was buying it.
marsax4411 Hace 4 días
Why do you recommand the Ruida RD644 Controller? What is wrong with the original (Ruida?) controller? I'm not familiar with controllers, so perhaps my question is stupid :-) P.S. Thanks for this video. It was informative for me except for the transport through the garden, I felt sorry for the laser, hahaha
Second First
Second First Hace 5 días
Most American cant afford their product. Silly...
Ryan Skelly
Ryan Skelly Hace 5 días
hey there, thanks for these details! Cool to see. I have a question-- Nothing protects the belts in that lower chamber from lazer cut byproducts??! I'd think those belts should be below the metal floor of that lower chamber. I'd be watching to make sure no junk gets in those belt teeth! Having some gunk in there will throw off the sync between the four corners sligthly. Anyway-- subbed!! Want to see this guy cut wood, and more please
bob simons
bob simons Hace 5 días
wimpy, i used to operate a 4000w laser.
greg Hace 3 días
Good for you.
Mark Mainwaring
Mark Mainwaring Hace 5 días
my sister has bought about 4 of those from china, shes had them a while and they work every day no issues, think about 12k
Koshzor Hace 5 días
Not sure about $2400, but you definetely wasted 30 minutes of my life
Sausage Hace 5 días
Will it cut steel and if so to what thickness?
Sausage Hace 5 días
Nicole Gagnon in that case it wasn’t worth it lol
Nicole Gagnon
Nicole Gagnon Hace 5 días
It will not you need a fiber laser to cut metal
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson Hace 5 días
Sound dB measurements are only comparable if taken at the same distance from the objects. Typically you use 1 meter since that will give you an official dB SPL reading. If you measure one thing at around 1 meter and another at 10cm the numbers don't mean anything. That in-line fan is much quieter than 77db.
Will Challenge
Will Challenge Hace 5 días
Frank Nord
Frank Nord Hace 6 días
Silicone glue is used when reconnecting the high voltage on the tube under that stub piece of Hose.
Robert LaRoque
Robert LaRoque Hace 6 días
Thats no phased plasma rifle, but it is in the 60 watt range.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 6 días
haha. this is a perfect comment for brian.
Mira Culix
Mira Culix Hace 6 días
Is there any chance to get that thing downstairs into a basement?
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 6 días
You can split the two halves and fit it
bob something21
bob something21 Hace 6 días
The silicone sealant might be thermal paste. Just a guess.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 6 días
your right!
leohobb leohobb
leohobb leohobb Hace 7 días
The inline fan is made for dust wood flakes etc sucktion .?The fan it came with had el motor on the side that avoid overheating of motor to catch fire.All the dust flakes it sucks is never in contact with the cooling of motor.There are inline fans that have been retracted do to catching fire.Just wonder
Bob Adkins
Bob Adkins Hace 4 días
Agree. That inline fan is very light duty, wouldn't use for hot exhaust or sparks. The only good thing about it is, it's smooth quiet.
leohobb leohobb
leohobb leohobb Hace 7 días
The first thing electricaly i would check is the grounding and powersupply.i would swap all the capasitors in that powersupply for mains power and all grounding points.Seen a lot of bad methods used in no known brand china prodused tool,s gear.Much just need some better capasitors and better rubber quality.Witch is cheap upgrade for all the electronic in the machine whatever gear you buy.where no name brand capasitors are used.How long it will work without electrical caused problem is the question for me.Good luck
leohobb leohobb
leohobb leohobb Hace 7 días
a rope around the 2 legs and drag it much is the way to do it the easyer way.interesting tool
leohobb leohobb
leohobb leohobb Hace 7 días
The rubber quality.How fast it rot.or comes rotten.?
Manguy dude
Manguy dude Hace 7 días
This was painful to watch 🤦‍♂️
Phonotical Hace 8 días
No conclusion
Phonotical Hace 8 días
Did you check the wire gauge behind the panel? 1.5mm is 13amp capacity
Gollammeister Hace 8 días
Shouldn't you have a dust lid over water reservoir
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 6 días
i did. i cut an acrylic top on the laser with holes for the tubes.
Gollammeister Hace 8 días
Think that clear looking valve u put into top of aquarium pump is a no return valve usually put In line to prevent leaks if pump fails etc
Maximman102 n
Maximman102 n Hace 8 días
Air assist is to prevent smoke from getting to the lens
Blake Baxter
Blake Baxter Hace 6 días
Yeah, acrylic with no air with smoke the lens up quick, which makes the laser hold harder in the lens, which leads to your lense cracking in way quicker than you would think.
data357 Hace 8 días
Don't know if this is mentioned but the air pump is much quieter suspended. I have my laser on a table and the air pump hangs from the table on an bungee type strap.
Robin Sattahip
Robin Sattahip Hace 8 días
Cool, the Chinese make things available people could never afford otherwise.
go ji
go ji Hace 6 días
It's amazing how cheaply things can be made if you just throw human suffering at it.
ZnenTitan Hace 7 días
For as much as people complain about the quality of Chinese products, you bring up a valid point. Also it doesn't mean you can't upgrade things with a few parts and a little know-how.
Carl Mueller
Carl Mueller Hace 8 días
Small tip to improve your video: don't leave any parts silent. Ambient noise is better than dead air. Or put in some elevator music (nothing obnoxious, though). Best, of course, is to think of something worthwhile or entertaining to say.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 6 días
if i put music in, people blast me for music, if i leave it silent, i get blasted, if i talk, people say i talk to much. can't win them all.
Glen Collins
Glen Collins Hace 8 días
That thing looks massive in 2019 when you can get at least a 30w LED laser (or fibre optics) and not have to worry about keeping lasing tubes and mirrors etc straight and in place... now there is usually a problem with too little shielding and the whole machine wandering because it is lite enough to mode it’s self.... not going to be a problem with that monster. Not too long ago a 60w laser cutter was a really serious bit of kit and was usually a $10000 option for a router... I suppose you can still pay that much
Glen Collins
Glen Collins Hace 7 días
Robert Szasz 🤗 I didn’t say they were cheep. I mainly only use 15w 50cm dedicated ones but even a lot of the 60w 1m by 1m size cutters now are so flimsy you have to bolt them to another surface or you get blurring. I haven’t used a mirror based setup that I can remember... I sort of skipped them as you can’t convert an old CnC router over nearly as easily to mirrored and have it work properly and safely... and a glorified engraver is about all I need for my current stuff.
Robert Szasz
Robert Szasz Hace 7 días
Go look up the price for a 60w fiber or direct diode laser cutter
Paul Hace 8 días
Word of advice on the air for the machine. Don't use that pump that comes with it, as these are barely enough and don't last over time. Best thing is to connect a real compressor and connect the power strip to control a solenoid for the air inlet to the machine. Also the water cooling could use a radiator with a fan to dissipate the heat, otherwise there will not be enough cooling for the tube. Also add De-ionized water instead of city water to increase life of the tube. The duty cycle without a heat exchanger means a short cutting time.
John Barker
John Barker Hace 8 días
TLDR; They seem happy with the product, therefore they did not waste their money.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 6 días
haha, best response.
Ian Random
Ian Random Hace 6 días
Ask their spouses.
spayderninja Hace 8 días
Wrapping your ductwork with some insulation will help to reduce the sound level. To conserve energy for heating and cooling, you could install a fresh air duct to bring outside air to the machine. You might also put the entire setup in a sort of booth to help conserve heating/cooling, and reduce sound levels.
alaskanalain Hace 8 días
So was it worth it? Skip to 35:10 to find out.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 6 días
Educated Manholecover by Richard Tata
Excuse Me. I know how to unbox an item, DUMMY.
nimda green
nimda green Hace 9 días
yes you did.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 9 días
Can you link me the better buy?
pear7777 Hace 9 días
Really happy to see you help finance China dictatorship.
pear7777 Hace 9 días
@Myers Woodshop Nope, hate the man.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 9 días
You’d rather me finance trump right?
TalonPro Hace 9 días
Its also funny how you think that iPhone is anything close to being an actual decibel meter lol.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 9 días
It’s what I have.
TalonPro Hace 9 días
My 40w laser cutter would heat up the 4 gallons of water in the home depot bucket i used after about an hour of cutting. I used a Swiftech 120mm radiator and 2 120mm fans in push/pull running at 7v off an old HP PSU laying around and it helped a LOT. I used a power strip to turn everything on/off.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 9 días
A week after this video we bought the 5200 chiller. Yep, we have it all on a power strip
Derek Greenhalgh
Derek Greenhalgh Hace 9 días
screws in the driveway? i bet you find the missing one in a months time, in a tyre. nice laser rig. I have one of those air pumps running for 7 years non stop in my hydroponic system, noisy bud good and they move a lot of air.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 9 días
We picked them up, obviously. We just didn’t show that on camera, figured no one would want to see that, but I guess wrong
Rusty Evolution
Rusty Evolution Hace 9 días
I hope you used distilled water for your chiller. Mineral buildup in the system over time will have negative effects. Also, add a cover to the reservoir to keep out contaminants. You might want to add a temperature gauge to keep an eye on how well it will be able to mitigate heat buildup. If it starts to get too warm you could go with a larger reservoir, or even better add a chiller to the system. Yes, you do need to install the additional grounding wire directly to the machine. Just because your outlet has a grounding plug does not mean that your machine is 100% protected. from surges, shorts, or static buildup. There is a reason why they deliberately included it in the build. Ideally, it has its own ground isolated from the electrical wiring system in your shop. Drill a through-hole in the concrete slab, Pound in a length of rebar and add a grounding clip. Doing that is much cheaper than having to replace a fried computer control system. This is standard on all the CNC equipment in our shop and is manufacturer recommended. Better safe, than sorry.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 9 días
A week later we got the 5200 chiller. We did a video on that you can find in the other videos. We used distilled water. The fish tank was temporary
confused dot com
confused dot com Hace 9 días
I was expecting a laser level haha not whatever that thing is 😆😁
Crono Hace 9 días
22:30 says noone in the UK
Crono Hace 8 días
@Myers Woodshop Something about installing an outlet with a switch; every outlet has a switch in the UK, probably by law. Also, I purchased a Chinese plasma cutter and the power switch also welded itself on, so that was good advice ;-)
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 9 días
What did we say?
sparky John
sparky John Hace 9 días
The blower you are using may be quieter but it's a totally different type. The original centrifugal blower can deliver significant more flow especially when the back pressure is higher. Hope you are aware of that.
Myers Woodshop
Myers Woodshop Hace 9 días
Yeah, but we’ve be very happy with what we got. And so much quieter. And no, we’re not putting the other one outside the shop
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