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Just Pure Real Time Digging, see how hard or easy it is.....You Decide.

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22 jun 2022






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colinfurze Hace un mes
So does it look hard or easy, faster or slower than you imagined. Also if I do another video like this give me some subjects to talk about, don’t have to be related to tunnelling, anything.
logintuit Hace 5 días
How about a little comparison? In the Count of Montecristo, he used a spoon to dig a tunnel. In Shawshank Redemption he used a small hammer... lol.
Mr Screamer
Mr Screamer Hace un mes
Question: Why do you dig tunnels instead of trenches which you can cover once you have the tunnel roof in? Be way faster with a digger.
Steven Sepulveda
Steven Sepulveda Hace un mes
Make a conveyor belt for all that moving automatic
Matjaz Walland
Matjaz Walland Hace un mes
You're doing better than me, who had to manually dig 3 meters deep to fix the sewer pipe. Under the foundation of the house. Take a day off, otherwise you will quickly get on your nerves looking at the stones every day.
10th Generation Dairyman
Editing makes work look so much easier and faster paced than reality. Keep up the good work Colin!
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Repent to Jesus Christ “For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭100:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
Spike20101000 Hace un mes
I assumed it would be this slow, but honestly outside the hard stuff, would have thought taking a pick to the soft stuff would be 10x quicker all round.
BERZERK Hace un mes
I remember you.
BERZERK Hace un mes
WAIT A MINUTE. aren't you the guy with the cow poop machine that self cleans?
Dale Gray
Dale Gray Hace un mes
I spent two years hand digging a basement under my 1917 farmhouse. I then learned concrete work, framing, electrical, and plumbing. Now the basement has a theater, my company's office, my son's bedroom, laundry room, workshop, and a secret passage. I matched the trimwork to that of the original house. It took years, but it was something better to do with my time than watch TV, that is for sure!
KP Delaney
KP Delaney Hace 17 días
Please upload a video tour to your channel! I’d love to see it. Tunnels are so cool
igorsetsfire Hace 26 días
I'm sure kids will say "..in that time you could've become a master at Minecraft..!" Time spent well, sir. That's also how I try to go about things: starts by being broke, and minimizing costs for that one idea you have. And you end up with new skills & experience, and the idea you had is now a reality. (That said - whenever you dig underneath your houses' foundation, remember to consult a professional too ;))
FinH Hace un mes
Better than Netflix?
Jack Hace un mes
Video tour please!!??
CFO Hace un mes
We want see pictures !
2H80vids Hace un mes
The thing that surprised me the most was how quiet it is down there. I had imagined more digging noises and the sounds of hard, heavy work. Using hydraulics certainly keeps the noise down, which should keep the neighbours happy.👍😁
2dronetek2 Hace un mes
That's why the one neighbor who did the tunnel tour was so shocked because the whole process is extremely quiet. Time to consider tunneling up into a bank vault, lol
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Hace un mes
The most amazing part of this series has been the fact that Colin never invented a tunnel boring machine.
motorbiker46 Hace 16 horas
Or at least built some kind of a small movable backhoe, considering the fact he's already using a hydraulic piston.
igorsetsfire Hace 4 días
@Brick_ Boy08 Hey man :) Gek genoeg maak ik dit niet al te vaak mee. Haha. (Ik volg geen Nederlandse ESvid mensen, en geen Nederlandstalige dingen eigenlijk.. Niet genoeg kwaliteit qua content, denk. (Of 't irriteert me sneller als mensen halfbakken proberen een script op te lezen, misschien ;)). Maar leuke verrassing wel, dus. Je bent ook een van de weinige commenters met eigen video's, trouwens. Meeste mensen op wie ik doorklik hebben een kanaal met 0 videos, geen playlists, etc. Tikkie verdacht toch.. Hoewel dat bij mij precies tzelfde is.. :))
Brick_ Boy08
Brick_ Boy08 Hace 4 días
@igorsetsfire hello fellow Nederlander
igorsetsfire Hace 6 días
@Potatosare :D I wouldn't mind him tunneling to Amsterdam either.. Although.. Not under the city center (let's just say.. we had some problems with that ;))
Potatosare Hace 8 días
@igorsetsfire aye I wouldn't mind if he made it to Australia lol, I'd be able to meet him lol
Tiago Ferreira
Tiago Ferreira Hace un mes
I can't lie, it gave me chills every time you crouched with all those loose rocks over your head. Not the most comfortable or stylish item but a helmet would be nice for your safety. Keep up with that amazing job! :)
James K
James K Hace 4 días
Tru #MMT 💰
Tru #MMT 💰 Hace 10 días
I seen one fall 2 second after he picked his head up thats luck
Brent Parks
Brent Parks Hace un mes
Yeah, I have to agree! I cringed every time he bent down to load a bucket.
Cody Langton
Cody Langton Hace un mes
My first thought was to search comments for "helmet". I could not watch.
ken adams
ken adams Hace un mes
I was thinking the same thing .its not the loose rocks , its the ones that look ok , but then come loose towards the back of the head while you are filling the bucket .
The Spiffing Brit
The Spiffing Brit Hace un mes
Colin you are going to be the strongest man in the UK after this...
Static Builds
Static Builds Hace 21 un día
Not that hard. There is not too much competition
GD 3D Hace un mes
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What is Islam? Hace un mes
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DaysofKnight Hace un mes
Not without having some Yorkshire Tea, of course
Collin Pribula
Collin Pribula Hace un mes
I definitely agree with you!
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Hace un mes
I'm more surprised by how quickly the videos have been coming out than I am by how slow and arduous the labor is. Your work ethic is incredible.
darthbuzz Hace un mes
Quick questions Colin:- 1] Where does all the rubble go? Have you thought of a rockery rock side business? 2] Have you or your crew had and minor or major injuries? Do you have steel toe caps? 3] Have you noticed your self getting more muscular?
Morgan Shane
Morgan Shane Hace 26 días
damn I just thought that, Colin looks like he's going to the gym, but damn all that digging and bucket moving for that long must have made him more muscular😊. And what if Colin do both?
Axtra Hace 29 días
@Phil Bedford Why didn't I think of that? That's genius!
Phil Bedford
Phil Bedford Hace un mes
Where did the rubble go? easy, he just dug a hole and put it in there....
Threeze NiNja
Threeze NiNja Hace un mes
+1 pondering where this fill goes. We saw a sequence like The Great Escape early on, but was was a joke with just a few fistfulls of soil.
DaysofKnight Hace un mes
Steel toed boots are bad
Dogleg Hace un mes
I wonder how many "secret" tunnels have been inspired since you started this series? It's something that I have always wanted to do but living so close to the water table is isn't possible without major engineering or perhaps a pump running 24/7 to keep the water out while the concrete cures...
Morgan Shane
Morgan Shane Hace 26 días
@Gary_F 🤣🤣
Gary_F Hace un mes
@John Bastion What an interesting thought. I don't want to miss out on that. "Wife! Wife! Fetch me my shovel. We must dig for our future!" 🤣 6 months later... CRASH! "Oh hello neighbour. I didn't realise you were digging down here too. You've been as quiet as Colin Furze digging his. Did he inspire you too?"
John Bastion
John Bastion Hace un mes
I imagine Britain is just now filled with secret tunnels and later in the future, all these tunnels will connect into one giant underground civilization... Under Britain.
Latest Obsession
Latest Obsession Hace un mes
I could tell you about my secret tunnel but then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!
Sarahspaceslippers Hace un mes
I watched this with my Dad and we both really enjoyed it, I thought it was gonna be boring but it's actually really satisfying to watch. It is about twice as slow as I thought the process was though - your videos are so fast pace and energetic that it's difficult to tell how slow the process is sometimes. I'm really glad you made this unedited video - it would be lovely if you could do this more!
Siberius Wolf
Siberius Wolf Hace 21 un día
@John Wilde - It's already outside. =_=
John Wilde
John Wilde Hace un mes
Technically it was boring…..I’ll get my coat.
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming Hace un mes
When the Minecraft ESvidr doesn't do the mining off camera
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming Hace un mes
@Secret Agent Randy Beans there's a lot that are good (not dream), I mostly watch technical ones like ilmango
Secret Agent Randy Beans
You telling me you watch Minecraft youtubers?
Mike F
Mike F Hace un mes
Everyone knows doing the mining off camera meant spawning shit in
Games Master
Games Master Hace un mes
Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft
Blake Carey
Blake Carey Hace un mes
Since the digging of the tunnel is supposed to be relatively low-profile, I was wondering how you dispose of or move all that displace earth?
James Walkington
James Walkington Hace 25 días
@S. Gray shawshank vibes
S. Gray
S. Gray Hace un mes
He puts it in socks accessible by his pants pockets and releases it little by little out his pants legs as he walks around the neighborhood.
E P Hace un mes
I imagine a skip on the drive is less bother for his neighbors than constant heavy machinery running
Benjamin Lewis
Benjamin Lewis Hace un mes
Hey Colin, fellow plumber here! 🤘🏼 have you thought of using a toothed trencher type of tool? Or building one that will fit in the tunnels? Just like you’d use for narrow irrigation trenches.
Nick Hoare
Nick Hoare Hace un mes
More of this please. Love the long form vids. Gives me something to watch while constructing dinner.
Butacup Pucatub
Butacup Pucatub Hace 15 días
This is the asmr I didn’t know I needed! This was so relaxing. I watched twice 🥰🧡🥰🧡 Thank you for making such quality content for us all! ⚒️🧰⚙️🪛🚧
z CerealGlitchers
z CerealGlitchers Hace un mes
loved it colin and recommend more videos like this in the future 👌 keep it up as always
Rod O'Brien
Rod O'Brien Hace un mes
Niels Rooiman
Niels Rooiman Hace un mes
yea but still have the full montages for ppl who just like it short
Patrick Flinn
Patrick Flinn Hace un mes
Thank you for posting this. I didn't fully appreciate the level of time and effort going into this process until now. Keep digging!
Alden Doble
Alden Doble Hace un mes
Thank you for uploading this. I'm sure it really helped the impatient people understand why it takes you so long to upload a tunnel video. I always knew it would be so slow and backbreaking, which is why I was always so surprised at how energetic and fast paced your videos seemed 😅 atleast everyone can now finally understand that this is not a quick and easy job.
VoidPerfect Hace un mes
actually this is bridging on the ASMR territory for me... the sounds of the rocks and chunkies falling is kinda nice! that and Colin just having fun doing this just has some good vibes to it
Siberius Wolf
Siberius Wolf Hace 21 un día
​@Mreeper 25 - Would you like to elaborate? Personally I very much dislike the "M" part of ASMR (meridian). Also the "autonomous" part is confusing me. Though it seems there's no shortage of people who enjoy their ASMR, hating the term "ASMR" lol.
Mreeper 25
Mreeper 25 Hace un mes
the "word" ASMR is garbage
Dan Hace un mes
I was going to comment the same thing, this is like unintentional ASMR. The rocks falling, the hydraulics humming and colins little bits of talking .. so relaxing 😌
Amos Pressley
Amos Pressley Hace un mes
I used to be a plumber, so I have spent a lot of quality time with shovels, picks, pinch bars and the like. That hydraulic gadget was amazing! Something I have never done. I was expecting hammer drills and all that, but the tool you have seems to be effective, and a lot easier and quieter than a hammer drill. Very satisfying to watch!
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Hace un mes
I'm more surprised by how quickly the videos have been coming out than I am by how slow and arduous the labor is. Your work ethic is incredible.
my mechanics
my mechanics Hace un mes
Perfect ASMR tunnel digging video!
Reece Diesel
Reece Diesel Hace un mes
@Spiffyman 30 agree with you there
TimmyTheSnail Hace un mes
@Alex Knight the perfect line 😂😂
Spiffyman 30
Spiffyman 30 Hace un mes
@Barry Gwilliam AMSR looks the same to me lol. If you have the right letters and start with an A I think you'll be good.
Alex Knight
Alex Knight Hace un mes
Not enough rooms in your house? “I make new one!”
Barry Gwilliam
Barry Gwilliam Hace un mes
Exactly what I was thinking. But being dyslexic I couldn't remember the order of the letters, so didn't comment it lol
Vinny Vidi Vintage!
So much work and so much time! Love this series and am enjoying the journey!
Gary Moncrieff
Gary Moncrieff Hace un mes
Colin, this is a great series, well done. I've got a suggestion, when you get to front of garden maybe don't just do the car lift but also a small underground garage for your drift trikes etc.
Gav Willoughby
Gav Willoughby Hace un mes
Fair play, it takes some time but look at the awesome progress! Starting to get around to designing and making my own random contraptions, and always watch your videos for inspiration 🤣
Malacefire Hace un mes
this is shockingly relaxing to have playing while doing things around the living room lol always love your content, its like watching childhood dreams come to life sometimes lol
Chris Hace un mes
this would be the perfect set for a livestream. just do some digging and answer questions inbetween.
Laura Fox
Laura Fox Hace un mes
Daniel Tekmyster
Daniel Tekmyster Hace un mes
a 24x7 livestream on a new channel lol 7
Darkmann Hace un mes
Yep. Up up up this comment
Caleb Stade
Caleb Stade Hace un mes
I second the live stream idea. That would be awesome.
s2t4i6n9e Hace un mes
This is my favorite Colin Furze video yet, even with the unnecessary time compression near the end. You should upload all of your tunneling videos like this as a separate Slow TV series.
OteeseDreeftwood Hace 29 días
As someone who lives about 2” above sea level, this whole series just makes me envious
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson Hace un mes
Two questions: 1) Have any of the bucket handles broken when winching them out? They have taken some wear! 2) How much has your electricity usage increased since starting this dig?
Adam Bell
Adam Bell Hace 20 días
This looks a lot harder and slower than I imagined. Makes you wonder how the heck those brits dug a tunnel under Stalag Luft III
DarkSta77 Hace un mes
The most amazing part of this series has been the fact that Colin never invented a tunnel boring machine.
StrangeTerror Hace un mes
I think you're all missing the reality of this channel, it's not about practicality. Making a relatively micro version of the ones they use in Switzerland would just be cool. That's what its all about. Obviously it isn't practical, but sounds and stuff isn't the issue. You all seem to be thinking of excavators and stuff. I'm talking about an actual boring machine that's basically a tube with a cutter head on the end, conveyor out the back, worm drive to keep it pushing against the face of the rock, and a gap to put concrete slabs against the walls as it cuts. Obviously for something like digging the vents the steel tube he uses is way faster and more practical. Not to mention the conveyors and the reinforcement wouldn't be neccesary. And trying to do that at a small scale is pointless. Let it dig the vent then side a pvc pipe in the hole. Job done. Still, it's obviously not practical but neither was the ripsaw tire or the screw driven "tank" thing. Quick edit: keep in mind this would likely be electrically driven. So you would have the sound of electric motors, and rocks falling. He's already making more noise than that.
Gary Stinten
Gary Stinten Hace un mes
Im surprised he didn't repurpose his corkscrew tank wheels for the job.. they were made to move through mud..
Omar Al-Helew
Omar Al-Helew Hace un mes
Lol yeah, but I think its not practical for such a small space. It's like brushing your teeth with a broom, sure it works, but maneuvering it would be a nightmare.
David L
David L Hace un mes
Beat me to it, I was about to say that.
Hazards Hace un mes
But finally a boring tunnel video
kooleR Hace un mes
Filling the buckets must be a puzzle game of your life haha. Great work, thank you for the raw content and keep digging! And gotta say.. stay safe when you bend down for the rocks.. some may fall on your back!
T II Hace un mes
2:24 Thanks for the real time! In TL, the ground seems so much harder. Now I see it's very clay-like. Excellent videos! Been subscribed for quite a while now. Keep em' coming.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Hace un mes
this would be the perfect set for a livestream. just do some digging and answer questions inbetween.
Deto Qcney
Deto Qcney Hace un mes
this is what we love to see. pure, raw, real, unadulterated, unfiltered, clean, honest, rightous, 100 percent, solid, sterling digging work
Murl Harmon
Murl Harmon Hace un mes
He should do a two hour live stream. He could answer questions, interact, have a wee bit of fun.
Daniel Neumeister
Daniel Neumeister Hace 27 días
Colin needs to see this comments!
Youtube sucks now
Youtube sucks now Hace un mes
He should do a charity live stream where he has to use a pickaxe for it all
Mike Cochrane
Mike Cochrane Hace un mes
@Another Neko or just use the extra Long cable directly
Martin Cantrill
Martin Cantrill Hace un mes
Colin how about 24hour live streaming or pay per view ?? Or even subscribers digging for you for free merch as payment. Sign me up for a couple of hours 👍
Brian Hace un mes
that would cut down on editing time, for sure!
xelaschwabby2012 Hace un mes
Thank you for putting the work in! More like this please! :D
John Windess
John Windess Hace un mes
Loved watching this and i never thought it was easy bud, keep up the good work and how you can know what its like for use openreach guys down in dark wet dirty holes lol, cant wait to see more and as i said keep up the good work and stay safe
Carlos Llanes
Carlos Llanes Hace 3 días
Umbreon Hace un mes
I have never understood why it is so interesting to watch you build this tunnel but I love it and I love the content that you make
Andrew Lawson
Andrew Lawson Hace un mes
I’m wondering: How many hours of “mining” footage have you filmed? (I presume you’ve stored it all somewhere for prosperity) What’s the worst injury your sustained during the tunnelling project?
Maten W.
Maten W. Hace un mes
I would love to watch a (live)stream of this while working on some uni-stuff :)
Jayden Lawson
Jayden Lawson Hace un mes
Would love to see your other creative-style projects again
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Hace un mes
The most amazing part of this series has been the fact that Colin never invented a tunnel boring machine.
Michael Hace un mes
this is what we love to see. pure, raw, real, unadulterated, unfiltered, clean, honest, rightous, 100 percent, solid, sterling digging work
Michael Hace 29 días
@Viktor Anderås thanks viktor
Michael Hace 29 días
@Andydaseal thnak you andy
Michael Hace 29 días
@2 Benders what is a cbc news
r smith
r smith Hace un mes
@2 Benders With trees sprouting and growing up through the middle of the car while it rusts!
GrrArg Hace un mes
@2 Benders Shhhh you'll start a new video trend and then we'll have 10yr long video clips being uploaded
Henry Lezaich
Henry Lezaich Hace un mes
I'd love to see you Livestream a couple hours of this so you can chat with us while you dig
T II Hace un mes
I watched the entire episode, without fast forward. MINDNUMBING! Your TL makes it look so easy, ( relatively speaking). My new choice is, TL, for the remaining project, and REAL TIME for the last 15 seconds of the project. Everything you've done is BRILLIANT! You're an exceptionally intelligent person and your wife HAS to be the most patient and considerate person on this planet! We are looking forward to the end project as well as your next! Brilliantly executed! US 9:27pm EST
Draginson Draconis
Draginson Draconis Hace un mes
It’s satisfying to watch how u dig please make more of these videos!
Dutch_bastard_23 Hace un mes
I love how he talks in himself to all the materials and tools around him. My father does the exact same whenever he fixes smth
0 Hace un mes
Yeah I totally talk to myself when working or doing actually anything, lol
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Hace un mes
expecting hammer drills and all that, but the tool you have seems to be effective, and a lot easier and quieter than a hammer drill. Very satisfying to watch!
Brian Noel
Brian Noel Hace un mes
I'd love to see a livestream of digging where you can chat and answer questions. Really amazing to vicariously dig a tunnel through my yard!
Kim Hace un mes
@UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS Ah oh yes Wifi Cable coming down 🤣🤣
Daniel471023 Hace un mes
@UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS that would indeed be the best thing to do
@Daniel471023 i'm sure they'll just run a cable down
Daniel471023 Hace un mes
I’m sure it would be pretty difficult to get a good internet connection down there if they don’t have a wifi booster
Ian Chilvers
Ian Chilvers Hace un mes
Great idea, but suspect it will be more chatting and less digging, grins.... Oh and LOTS of tea drinking in the process.
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru Hace un mes
I love how he talks in himself to all the materials and tools around him. My father does the exact same whenever he fixes smth
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Hace un mes
The most amazing part of this series has been the fact that Colin never invented a tunnel boring machine.
he invented his own hydraulic jack for tunnel boring....also invented fabricated reinforced cage.....that's wonderful....but it's illegal without safety precautions.....
Peter Müller
Peter Müller Hace un mes
what an effort the while project is-seeing it in real time gives an idea of how much work you had with digging the tunnel
Andi Stevens
Andi Stevens Hace un mes
Mate I love the safety sneakers and especially the safety squint, we are in Australia so keep digging and see you soon, I'll have a beer ready for you guys and some new laundry buckets! Do the handles ever let go whilst full of tunnel material??
Comicsluvr Hace un mes
I have to ask...where does all of the stone and dirt go once you get it up top? Do you truck it to a landfill? Building a castle in secret (another great project...)? Just curious.
Padlock Steve
Padlock Steve Hace un mes
he gives them to a dirt charity
Shannon J.
Shannon J. Hace un mes
@MattsAwesomeStuff to clarify, he is not hauling that much volume (measured in cubic meters) in the grand scheme of a construction project. He is not hauling a dump truck’s worth of subsoil out a day. Most any construction site that needs fill dirt, won’t notice his contribution. If they have to haul off themselves, they won’t want his waste soil.
MattsAwesomeStuff Hace un mes
@Shannon J. He is literally hauling tons a day. There were, what, 8 baskets? How much does each of those weigh? 80lbs? That's 640 lbs, in just 20 minutes of tunneling. In an hour of tunneling he'd have a ton.
Jacek Stankiewicz
Jacek Stankiewicz Hace un mes
When we were drilling our basement we just put all the rocks on a truck and drove it to a landfill
Shannon J.
Shannon J. Hace un mes
He’s more than charismatic enough to have located a contractor or two that ok with him dropping off a cubic meter or two for them to use a fill dirt for free on what ever job sites they have going at the moment. Perhaps even a farmer who’s filling in a hole. It’s not like he’s hauling tons a day.
KP Delaney
KP Delaney Hace 17 días
This is really satisfying to watch the rocks slowly come loose. What an amazing project!
St. Michael the Archangel
This is amazing. Very satisfying to see the chunks of rock and dirt come loose!
Doctor_9 Hace un mes
Really gives you a sense of appreciation. Just the scale of the project. Keep up the great work, made yourself a wonder home :)
Damase Caron
Damase Caron Hace un mes
I could watch this for hours... How have you not come up with some amazingly over-engineered tunnel digging conveyer belt system? Seems like that would have been a thing after the first 5 feet with all this work.
Judson Kelley
Judson Kelley Hace un mes
May be interesting to see a new tool (such as a shovel or the chisel) compared with the ones used for the whole project, just to show how much wear the tunneling had on them.
Drew Hace un mes
That those stretchy buckets are still in tact after all of this is a testament to their quality. I'm pretty sure anything I bought off the shelves would have broken by now.
The streets
The streets Hace 10 días
You have made this process as pain free as possible, it's all about working smarter... not harder , well done 👏 👍 👌 🙌
Robert McDowell
Robert McDowell Hace un mes
I found if I press the right arrow key it's like my own time lapse effect. Got through the whole video in just a few minutes. Good work Colin.
ChefDano3 Hace un mes
Video Highlights: 1:00 Let the digging begin! 1:21 The Bucket Flip Fiasco 1:36 The "Colin should probably wear a hard hat" moment. 6:26 A nice big chunk. 7:20 The changing of the 1st buckets 7:30 The Great Glove Goofup 10:40 Like smooooth butter! 12:23 Try to get it all in one go 16:47 Maybe the prybar will get it? 19:00 Changing the 2nd buckets. 19:23 An overabundance of angles. 21:00 Colin struggles to stay quiet. 23:27 Troubles with Tripods, and the advantages of gopro's 24:32 Edited exception period 25:09 Unedited resumes. 25:24 WOOOOOOO YEAH BABY!! That's what we've been waiting for! That's what it's all about! 27:00 Editing sneaks back in.
Rehoboth Farm
Rehoboth Farm Hace un mes
He doesn't look like a stickery plant to me. He does bloom constantly though. Yep. Furze.😉
jrbship Hace un mes
7:50-9:00 What should be a Calvin Klein sponsorship
ManMang0 Hace un mes
@M B I've got nothing to get over bud, I was just replying to someone, I'm glad your not mad, did you try some chamomile? 😆👍 On his safety gear, I thought exactly the same thing quite early into this video, I have the feels any unrecorded stuff he may wear more gear xd
M B Hace un mes
@pin Uncle Ted wouldn't approve of taking pills for a society so intolerable. 😉👍
M B Hace un mes
@ManMang0 I ain't a kid mate. Why are you guys still going on about this? Guy should wear safety glasses before he loses an eye. I've seen eye injuries at work and they're not pretty. I made a thing is going to crush or sever his toes off carrying on barefoot. I'm not mad about this or you at all. I'm pretty well over it and you should be too.
Steven Andres
Steven Andres Hace un mes
I'm curious to know what you have learned about tunneling and the way you decide where to set the hydro-press/pick(?) and other techniques. Also what are you doing with all the material coming out?
Michael Naaktgeboren
Though not as enjoyable to watch as your usual videos, this gives a better perspective of just how much work you are doing and how long it takes! Thanks for all of the work you put into making such great videos--other than this one :)
Fairstnaime Lastenaime
I'd always wanted to do underground maritime containers, the 40' or 45' long ones, and connected with those metal dogs, cams turned 90 degrees with handle that lock them together vertically, now imagine 5 empties stacked vertical and four of these underground ;o) But the logistics of that much soil removal would be an extreme challenge.
Warruwarru Hace un mes
from someone who's been following the story of your tunnels for almost a year now I'm loving seeing these articles from the papers popping up trying to paint you in a different light. apparently just wanting to do something for the fun of it isn't enough these days, you have to have a reason, so they chose one for you... 'to avoid the rain' smh so maybe we can give them something else to write about, do you find the digging therapeutic? like say you're having a bad day, would the digging help you align your thoughts and figure things out as you dig? I find myself relating the process to when I'm playing a building game, like Minecraft. I know the build is going to take a long time and can be repetitive but the finished product will be worth it and the process is good for me to reflect. Either way, Thanks Colin for doing what you do, It inspires me to keep chasing my idea's that others think are outside the box
John Pattillo
John Pattillo Hace un mes
The length of tunnel you’ve dug with this method is astounding
Kaptein 🅥
Kaptein 🅥 Hace un mes
@Thomas Levy Dynamite is for blasting rocks. Havent seen any big rocks so far
Thomas Levy
Thomas Levy Hace un mes
@A.S.J.G Yes. Dynamite would be a faster way to dig a tunnel. However, I doubt if his neighbors would like their pictures knocked off the walls and car alarms going off all day long! Ka-boom!
A.S.J.G Hace un mes
@Monkey Funk I think he chose this method for how quite it was, because he didn’t want his neighbours complaining
Monkey Funk
Monkey Funk Hace un mes
@Soundphile It would be FAR quicker to use equipment already on the market
Soundphile Hace un mes
he should get a patent and sell it as a private Tunnel digger device lol
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Hace 29 días
this is shockingly relaxing to have playing while doing things around the living room lol always love your content, its like watching childhood dreams come to life sometimes lo
Zach Giannini
Zach Giannini Hace un mes
I’d love to see a video like this if the welding and fabrication of the tunnel.
GALENGODIS Hace un mes
Would be nice to see a time lapse of digging, many days speed up in an hour or so. :)
pyrosrockthisworld Hace un mes
this seems much easier than id imagined, nice soft ground. almost need to get yourself a miners helmet
Matt Nowlin
Matt Nowlin Hace un mes
Watching this really puts into perspective how much work this project has been and just how hard this would be to do. It's actually so damn crazy. lol
Mike Cartman
Mike Cartman Hace un mes
it depends on the material to be dug...that also dictates the methods to dig it ... the harder the rock the harder the tunneling but usually more stable structure ...the great escape pine forest and mostly sandy soil tunneling done by hand and boxed in as they progressed. lamac mine val dor que canadian shield granite pneumatic diamond drills 12 16 feet long drill 1-2 inch holes about 60 holes clears an 8 foot section of tunnel with a lot of dynamite . colin has mostly clay so soft digging . theres nothing crazy about the engineering here except the bill that is insane i guarantee even without knowing what that is!
MrDispro Hace un mes
Hey Colin, you could try to modify the chisel on the rams head to make digging faster. if you weld an extra piece of metal about an inch away from the cutting edge at a bigger angle than that of the chisel head you could make the rocks dislodge a lot quicker and not have to plunge that deep everytime. maybe at 30° or so.
Matt Payne
Matt Payne Hace un mes
Awesome video. Love to see a live video of the tunnel digging. A warning for headphone users at the intro would be nice. Wow that was loud.
Drecknath Magladery
it looks how I imagined it would look as someone who dug an irrigation ditch for a friend's garden. id almost say you should do a live stream like this have someone watch chat to help relay questions to you. one question I think I have asked twice now is what type of rock you are digging into?
SuperParty94 Hace un mes
As a mining engineer, I have to say, I want to be like Colin when I grow up...
DasVERMiT Hace un mes
I gotta say, I'm very impressed by how strong those plastic buckets are.
Grant L
Grant L Hace un mes
Hi @colinfuze am curious can a bigger/wider bit be added to the end so you can break more rock at once or is it easier doing it with a small part. also curious are you not worried about any falling debris falling on your head?
Zenytram Searom
Zenytram Searom Hace un mes
you really should do a live stream every time you go digging the tunel.
Kris Solanki
Kris Solanki Hace un mes
Absolutely brilliant, knew it was hard work and this vid proves it. Thank you for the excellent contents 👌🏽
Lee R - Winnobbee Farms
Love the tunnel videos! If you said it, I missed it: What do you do with the dirt?
Exploring Abandoned Mines
We have our own mine and are digging into a collapsed section 400 feet below the surface. We have a railway and a mine car so getting rid of the muck is easy!
NikkiLace311 Hace un mes
OMG! I lost my subscription to you when I lost my old account and couldn't remember your channel name. I'm so glad I found you again
ManMang0 Hace un mes
@Exploring Abandoned Mines well you have me interested! I'm from Cornwall, UK and plenty of mines around here, too dangerous for someone like myself to go diving into so will certainly checkout what you have to show off!
Exploring Abandoned Mines
@FreePress The ceiling on a mine is called the "back". In some places it is supported with timbering. Mostly it is solid rock and requires no timbering. We are not digging a new tunnel but clearing out an old one that has collapsed. 1300 feet long!
FreePress Hace un mes
Do you first support ceiling and then dig?
nstheboss Hace un mes
Didn't expect to a comment from you here, I love your videos :D
RightBumper Hace un mes
Wow it looks like a much slower process than I imagined! Explains why these vids take so long to come out!
mmuhiuddin Hace un mes
With all the crazy vehicles Colin's made over the years, I'm surprised he hasn't made some sort of tunneling machine or robot, especially seeing how tedious and arduous this is. Perhaps some sort of mini hydraulic digger that he's constructed down their or in pieces. It could have a couple of different ends that work simultaneously. The chisel he already has and perhaps an inverted pincer that cleaves rocks apart after entering the gaps. I'm picturing something which is a cross between Sir Killalot from Robot Wars and a ride-on tracked loader. It can be ride-on or remote controlled. It can have a scoop at the bottom which can catch a lot of the rocks and funnel them into buckets or into custom carts. The carts can have casters on them and if he chucks some plywood down, he can just push them along. Perhaps more capacity than the buckets and less energy to carry. Considering how much tunnelling he's done, It could save quite a bit of time and make for loads of cool videos in the process. P.S. maybe he can design himself a funky hard hat in the meantime too.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Hace un mes
Looks like tedious work.. I'm surprised you didn't make a tunnel boring machine
M Bak
M Bak Hace un mes
Watching you work is entertaining and relaxing in its own right. Personally I would wear a hard hat. Not like the jobs worth do in the middle of an empty field, more like someone who is pushing their head underneath a rock face that is crumbling.
nephos100 Hace un mes
In the time waiting for Update 9 to come out, I was going through an emotional rollercoaster. Looking forward to seeing the Update but growing ever more impatient when it did not appear. I felt like an addict deprived of his drug. Time was stretching out towards infinity. It was becoming unbearable. I was cursing Colin and then immediately feeling shame for it. And when Update 9 came along, it was a bit short of half an hour. I felt ripped off. Surely that long wait deserved more than this! But lo and behold! A real time show of the work and the labour and the effort. How patient Colin is, moving dirt and rubble handful by handful, heavy bucketful by heavy bucketful. This is how mining was done before mechanisation and still happens in some parts of the world today. Which made me think, why don't you build a mini TBM to hurry up the process, Colin?!!!
NoMoN Hace un mes
Dear Colin, I think I can speak for a lot of viewers when I say: Some of us keep pestering you about videos, not to accuse you of slackery, but just because we enjoy your content so bloody much! We know this is hard work, keep it up, keep working cleanly, we're looking forward to any updates 😘
P andesal
P andesal Hace un mes
One and only tunnel digging asmr on youtube(probably)
Barry Gwilliam
Barry Gwilliam Hace un mes
Here here 👍
EngineeringVision Hace un mes
People with underground tunnels and bunkers of their own are of course free to accuse him of being lazy*. * video evidence required
MV Nuthead
MV Nuthead Hace un mes
Well said sir
Donald Brorson
Donald Brorson Hace un mes
Probably the most interesting ongoing series on ESvid atm that Im aware of if it can get me to sit down and watch a man move rocks for half an hour
vorda400 Hace un mes
Interesting And what interests me the most is where did all the material taken out of the tunnel go ??? We have strict laws where such material could be deposited and in those places it would usually be very expensive, so we manage to take it to a construction site and they will use it there to cover the terrain or whatever.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Hace un mes
I love how he talks in himself to all the materials and tools around him. My father does the exact same whenever he fixes smth
wathiant Hace un mes
In previous videos I saw you guys spending quite some effort getting the stuff out of the pipe after boring a ventilation hole. Have you considered making a plunger + backstop and just use the hydraulic press to push the mud out of the pipe? You might even sell some of the core samples to your fans ;)
etnocel le gris
etnocel le gris Hace un mes
looks like something you could stream and take questions while digging !
Tfod Thog Tmfof
Tfod Thog Tmfof Hace un mes
I wonder how many times while tunneling a falling rock hit an arm, hand, head, or foot. I keep worrying Colin will bend over to put a chunk in a bucket and something will fall and hit him. Stay safe Colin! This is suck a cool project. The hydraulics are definitely easier on the ears than a hammer drill, rotary hammer, Jack hammer, and spade.
Scott Moore
Scott Moore Hace un mes
I was wondering this as well right from the beginning of the vid. Bending over as the rocks are falling down... I mean, the man straps fireworks to his back so I'm not sure what we expected.
wobbly sauce
wobbly sauce Hace un mes
The noise in an enclosed space is huge
centurion1945 Hace un mes
Definitely should be wearing a hard hat for work like this. Guy I know was working in a deep trench when some rocks came down and landed on his head, ended up breaking a vertebra from the impact and was the hospital for like a month, but if he didn't have a hard hat on he would have probably died.
SJV Hace un mes
And no safety tie either 😫
Southron Jr
Southron Jr Hace un mes
Just a thought, I know there are small sized excavators and even stand alone, tow behind, excavator units. Couldn't you fab up a small excavator with extendable arms to make the work go faster and be less labor intensive, especially with the clean up. Just curious if you've thought about something like that.
AeroBiks Hace un mes
This shows how much work actually goes into this. 30 minutes to get 2' closer to the goal. And that's not including picking up all the rocks.
Dale Digs Downunder
Wow it's slow going in that rock. I'm so glad I only have it a floor level at the moment. Killing it Colin.
Greg Wesson
Greg Wesson Hace un mes
When the digging is at an end, I think the hydraulic tool should be given a place of honor somewhere in the tunnel for all the hard work it did. Although I can also understand not wanting to see it ever again :)
SuperWhisk Hace un mes
This definitely helps explain why it took so long to dig the tunnel. Obviously there are faster ways to dig a tunnel but they are also more expensive and much much louder! When are we getting the 12 hour tunnel digging live stream?
eagle keeper 77
eagle keeper 77 Hace un mes
My thoughts are that debris removal must be the worst part very time consuming and labor intensive.
SuperWhisk Hace un mes
@BlackCat I was mostly joking.
BlackCat Hace un mes
Curious who would want to dig a tunnel for 12 hours. Try doing it for 2 hours see how you feel about streaming after that.
Maximilian Hace un mes
@Ian Haskins I wouldn't say the pick is any faster. He doesn't have much space to wield it with force and he doesn't dig down so much. Wielding a pick in an upwards digging motion is much more exhausting than if you can use gravity to help you.p
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Latest Obsession Hace un mes
@S H This is how he’s been doing it from the beginning
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