Discontinued Shaq Pack Burger Taste Test

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What's the discontinued burger we may or may not want back? SHAQ! GMMore #1418
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8 nov 2018

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Comentarios 973
nonameatall1611 Hace un hora
Links so scared of tomato’s he felt up the whole sandwich
Michael B
Michael B Hace 2 horas
“Hey, I’m here, is the sauce free?” 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣
Sara Fontanini
Sara Fontanini Hace 3 horas
'shaq never ties himself to something that fails' *looks at Shaq Fu pointedly*
Steve Sharp
Steve Sharp Hace 3 horas
pretty sure they are saying 'Pre-warmed' not free
Petros Baltayan
Petros Baltayan Hace 10 horas
Stop playing with the sandwich and double dipping.
Evan Anderson
Evan Anderson Hace 14 horas
DUDE! That guy that was narrating for the Shaq Pack commercial was 100% Chef from South Park.
William Gates
William Gates Hace 15 horas
I just realized Rhett is wearing a will it Taco shirt which some of you know that was a episode
William Gates
William Gates Hace 15 horas
God I remember that movie Shazam that came out in the early 90s I think I feel old now thanks guys and I was born in 92
Amanda Crain
Amanda Crain Hace un día
I wanna know where Rhett got his shirt from!! I need it in my life
LeoLion Aguilar
LeoLion Aguilar Hace un día
10:38 THE ILLUMINATI ☢☢☢☢☢☣☣☣☣☣☣
deagleninja Hace un día
Are these guys gay in RL?
Jarrett Braun
Jarrett Braun Hace un día
The burrito was larger and basically meat swimming in condiments. This looks much better.
fatmandoubblescoop Hace un día
We get it link! you don't like tomatoes! He childish sometimes.
XENTHE Hace un día
i love how josh just eats the tomato as if he didnt know it was happening
BastianAndTheBear Hace un día
Rhett must have never played Shaq-Fu.......... lol
gathin1 Hace un día
Shaq doesn't associate his name with things that aren't good. Counterpoint: Shaq-fu was a video game
TomsConscience Hace un día
"Shaft was on the brain"
Angela Tabata
Angela Tabata Hace un día
Vague pink sauce? You mean ketchup and mayo?
M P Hace 2 días
Hey, they should do this with McDonalds and maybe an episode with discontinued soda’s
TheChris812 Hace 2 días
You can get cheddar cheese sauce in Denmark.
The Movie Dealers
The Movie Dealers Hace 2 días
Over 550 cows were slaughtered to make Shaq's giant leather trenchcoat.
L S Hace 2 días
This is the best taste that I've had in seven weeks
Unseen Golden Shadow
One thing i want Rhett and Link to try is the infamous "satan" gummy bears. They are sugar free and i believe that they are from the Albanese candy brand. Basically they supposedly are to have an extreme laxative effect. I want to know if this is true before i buy a bunch to give to my ex.
Ozan Akyıldız
Ozan Akyıldız Hace 2 días
You had me at sourdough
Ozan Akyıldız
Ozan Akyıldız Hace 2 días
You had me at sourdough
Laura Hafner
Laura Hafner Hace 2 días
And now I’m hungry 😋
Jficca623 Hace 2 días
Sheetz gas station is the GOAT 🔥
Spenser Walker
Spenser Walker Hace 2 días
Am I the only one who thinks Josh could be related to Jesse Eisenberg?
Lia S.
Lia S. Hace 2 días
I did the jazz hands thing on the elevator and the guy found me later and punched me in the face "for taunting him" thanks gmm
Joe Akers
Joe Akers Hace 2 días
Remember Hardee’s fried chicken
Raemon Mustang
Raemon Mustang Hace 2 días
Can we talk about the tomato situation for a sec. They hired a Mythical Chef, who worked hard on the culinary items shown, and then Link rudely destroys the aesthetic beauty with his passionate hatred of one of the best vegetables available at BK.
Eily Toon
Eily Toon Hace 2 días
Josh the mustache is a no. (Loik if you agreeeee)
Adiaha Alexander
Adiaha Alexander Hace 3 días
3:24 You sounded like P.C Principal from South Park.
masterx1907 Hace 3 días
Uh no
Cécile van Aalst
Cécile van Aalst Hace 3 días
A backwards cap and a half-grown moustache. Josh gives me that creepy teenage guy vibes, especially with the man boobs and gross eating. Keep that tongue in your mouth man, no one wants to see that.
Emma Stanley
Emma Stanley Hace 3 días
I honestly get a little annoyed now every time Link has to take a tomato off of something specially made for them lol. Y’all know he doesn’t like tomatoes pls take care of him
GoodDayDarling Hace 3 días
Remember when Shaq was on fresh off the boat as the ultimate car dealership manager?
Lidy Hace 3 días
Number 15, Booger King Fart Lettuce
Dapper Dan Channel
Dapper Dan Channel Hace 3 días
Why do I feel like they are slowly starting to hate eachother lol
The Critix
The Critix Hace 3 días
ThatOneYank Hace 3 días
Shaq makes fun of people with disabilities...
Pete & Pete
Pete & Pete Hace 3 días
They say that guy shaq is a bad mother Shut your mouth... Will smith voice
Alfred Buck
Alfred Buck Hace 3 días
They still make those Cheetos Mac sticks, I just got some the other day at the grocery store. They have flaming hot ones too.
Mortimer Fort
Mortimer Fort Hace 3 días
John Cena stars in Jorts Jortson
Jarsky Hace 3 días
"Is the sauce free?" "Yes!" "Can i have 10 sauces with my Shaq Pack then" "No...only 1 free with your combo" It's not really free....
Urnima Chowdhury
Urnima Chowdhury Hace 3 días
happy cotton candy day daddies
Geffrey_17 Hace 3 días
Be honest, who else was making jazz hands during the intro 😂
Michael Brass
Michael Brass Hace 3 días
so you're not going to mention the fact that they actually had Isaac Hayes sing a shaft parody for Shack in the shack outfit I mean shaft outfit I mean wacky outfit?
Lil' J
Lil' J Hace 3 días
I want a lady to look at me like Josh looked at that wrap. 8:35
Loser Central
Loser Central Hace 3 días
I hate the chef so bad
xlanakayx Hace 3 días
I hate tomatoes too 🤢🍅
irr3 is on t1Lt
irr3 is on t1Lt Hace 4 días
What i still know about shaq is shaq-fu. Greetings Form Germany
shewy2 girl
shewy2 girl Hace 4 días
I hate to have any negative feedback because I love these guys but it's really hard when link interrupts the guests. Josh was trying to say what was wrong with the chicken parm sandwich and link has no situational awareness in the moment. I get that it's a personality quirk but I wanted to hear Josh talk.
Darmath Hace 4 días
So it's basically just a Grilled Sourdough Jack from Jack in the Box, but rebranded and endorsed by Shaq.
Sara Mitchell
Sara Mitchell Hace 4 días
"I had to resist the urge to throw my own pepperoni on there" 🙄
EZ Perfect
EZ Perfect Hace 4 días
I whant to donate to st Jude but I can’t because I’m a kid
thepantweaver Hace 4 días
I love Josh. I wish you guys were pushing him instead of Jordan.
Erin Bell
Erin Bell Hace 4 días
Josh - you are a gem!!!
Isaias Ledezma
Isaias Ledezma Hace 4 días
Yo I'm pretty sure im super stupid but wtf are jorts
Ian Macalpine
Ian Macalpine Hace 4 días
John Collins
John Collins Hace 4 días
Does anyone else think of this quote from Bojack Horseman when they hear the word Jorts? But Courtney, more importantly, audiences are going to adore your tour de force performance as the forceful denim-clad court reporter in "The Court Reporter Sported Jorts", the jet-setting jort-sporting court reporter story.
Jason Carillo
Jason Carillo Hace 4 días
5:48 reminded me of office space
Avocado Awesomeness
Avocado Awesomeness Hace 4 días
Now, imagine Jort Jortson as a Tim Burton film
GuelphRacing Hace 4 días
Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. You're awesome! Have a great day
Bala Murugan
Bala Murugan Hace 4 días
I want the CHEEESE!
Hello Guy
Hello Guy Hace 4 días
Josh kinda reminds me of jesse eisinberg
Dom Geise
Dom Geise Hace 4 días
Josh is no longer allowed to eat on camera anymore. So says the internet!!!!
Xan Len
Xan Len Hace 4 días
its called big king in germany
what? Hace 4 días
Is thst product placement i smell
Sage Scarcelli
Sage Scarcelli Hace 4 días
In gmm a burger king commercial came on my tv and now a shaq icy hot commercial came on my tv snsjdjdj what is this sorcery?!?!?
Renato Trevisan
Renato Trevisan Hace 4 días
Did you know that Burger King is owned by Brazilians now?
Lauren J
Lauren J Hace 4 días
I just found out Josh is 1 year younger than me. Mind blown.
Beef Cakes
Beef Cakes Hace 4 días
I liked the shaq pack it was favorite BK meal
Emily Whitfield
Emily Whitfield Hace 4 días
The pink suce is thousand island dressing I believe
Brutal Bro
Brutal Bro Hace 4 días
CLICK BAITED! You said SHAQ was gonna BE in this video on the GMM vid that leads you here! Wth guys? All I got was footage of Shaq from when I was a lil tiny kid.
Alysia May
Alysia May Hace 4 días
tell josh to shave that mustache! 👎
TheYoungGopnik Hace 4 días
The Shaq pack is basically a sourdough king
Nobilissima Hace 4 días
Marcel labrie
Marcel labrie Hace 4 días
"A special cheese sauce just for his pack."
John Robichaud
John Robichaud Hace 4 días
James C
James C Hace 4 días
Josh looks like he gained some weight
camokiller9 Hace 4 días
Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson Hace 4 días
When you gonna get Dr. O'neal on GMM?
Molly Yates
Molly Yates Hace 4 días
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson Hace 4 días
Wow, that Shaq pack commercial brought back memories. Growing up watching movies that my parents had previously recorded on VHS, that commercial showed up a number of times on the recordings.
TrueAmericanReject Hace 4 días
You tried to make someone like bacon, why not make Link like tomato? Just eat the burger Neal!
KaedeLanyo Hace 4 días
Booberukreem-soder... (Likely, no one will get that.)
ladyworpledinker Hace 4 días
Does anyone else find themselves wishing all of their elevator pitches could be made into short films?
Digital_get_Down Hace 5 días
Ha ha ha? 🤷🏼‍♂️
Alexander Pennington
J Freek
J Freek Hace 5 días
Thats actually shaft doing the voive offer work in the shaq pack commercial
Drewskadooed Hace 5 días
Jazz hands looks a lot like Parkinson's
Quills VR
Quills VR Hace 5 días
The size of shaq's hand compared to the little kid.. oml
Alex Beane
Alex Beane Hace 5 días
6:10 uh Shaq fu?
Faquilo Alfaiate
Faquilo Alfaiate Hace 5 días
Messias margoa
pat sanders
pat sanders Hace 5 días
Eat the tomato link
DJ StreamZ
DJ StreamZ Hace 5 días
I like how rhett says shak doesn’t get involved with things that don’t work, yet shak believes the world is flat...
Zoe Schroeder
Zoe Schroeder Hace 5 días
gohosting Hace 5 días
Josh shave you look gross dude Not a sermon just a thought
sicDaVid Hace 5 días
Who hates tomato? Numb tongued paranoid sissies hate tomatoes.
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