Discussing 'Surviving R. Kelly' Docuseries & Our 2019 Resolutions

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8 ene 2019

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DON8691 Hace un mes
People folks will believe anything!😂😂 That was a reality that was scripted with cuts and all... Come back to reality
Bamboo Blue
Bamboo Blue Hace 5 meses
R. Kelly is a sick, victim-blaming pedophile. He needs to be in jail. Hopefully these victims and their families can get the mental health care they need.
Dick Blaq
Dick Blaq Hace 5 meses
This is NON-NEWS as it in NO way affects my life as an American citizen. I just unsubscribed from this rag because you're too stupid to tell when distractive news is put before you to get your negative EMOTIONS fueled about a non-white person. NOTHING Kelly does has ANY impact on unemployment, healthcare, college debt, immigration, tax cuts for the super-wealthy, a President whose friends include Russian MOBSTERS, and TONS of other things that DO affect me. Stick to stories that actually AFFECT Americans LIKE Sen. Omar DESTROYING crackka war criminals on Capitol Hill. You're only gonna convict non-whites anyway so why even report celebrity crimes. Is Weinstein in jail? Of course not. How about Kevin Spacey? Of course not. What about ANY of the scores of crackkkas that were called out for sexual harassment and even RAPE. Meanwhile, Bill Cosby, who simply engaged in PnP with a bunch of whores that wanted to be in showbiz, sits in jail even though no evidence was EVER shown that he drugged ANY of these women against their will or knowledge. Keep being yourselves crackkkas so MORE of us POC can see that you'll never change and we can just go ahead and kill you all. But the world will be an INCREASING difficult place for you melanin-deficient mutants to exist in until you exist NO MORE.
T. CROWN 321
T. CROWN 321 Hace 6 meses
shuna shuna
shuna shuna Hace 6 meses
Last of all would you all R.Kelly haters be in position to give us the greatest and best music that the legend R.kelly feeds us with..definately not..except to feed us with negativity that causes stress and depression..no normal mind can take that shit
shuna shuna
shuna shuna Hace 6 meses
Some people are fond of looking for faults on succesful artists based on false allegations..my message is its not possible to destroy talent ..kkkkkk...lol..the Guy is heavily talented no matter what haters can say and he is here to stay and continue making wonderful music for us all.Those woman new the Police emergency number why didnt they call police,they new what they were after ...R.kellys money..all nonsense..better talk of global warming issues than wasting important airtime feeding us with bias
Andrew Staples
Andrew Staples Hace 3 meses
People need stop idolizing these celebrities
Joyce Mcphatter
Joyce Mcphatter Hace 6 meses
Everybody really do love rkellys music and iam sure he did love having sex with these young girls once he got through with them in the bed
Joyce Mcphatter
Joyce Mcphatter Hace 6 meses
He wanted him to call him daddy because you are his child
Cali B.
Cali B. Hace 6 meses
Where are the black folks big boy? You need some new cohosts
Cortez Fernandez
Cortez Fernandez Hace 6 meses
I won't defend Kelly! If guilty he is sick! The allegations are atrocious. Now, they are just allegations...nothing has been proven but the fact that he is perverted for peeing on females. Thus the domineering stuff is very likely TRUE. The allegations of making women call him daddy are likely true. That said, being held against their wishes.......seems like lies. The ages seem exaggerated. I'll use Allyiah for example. The panelist mentions that they were INTRODUCED when she was 12. This is true and verifiable. However, what she INSINUATES is that something wrong began to occur THEN. There are "documents" that seem to indicate that they were married when she was 15. This is denied by her PARENTS....even to this day! It was denied by the couple as well. Thus, it could have happened and it may not have happened. I believe there IS certainly something to it. Yet all of these investigations FAIL to PROVE without doubt. Does Kelly go after young women? I think without question. Does he go after underage teens? That has not been proven but it seems that he may. Where are the PARENTS of the young people involved? IF they are under aged they have FULL responsibility for their care and well being, Let's NOT put a sticker of blame on the African American community as some idiots try. Popular celebrities have been doing ALL of the things and WORSE alleged to R Kelly for DECADES. Elvis, David Bowie, Led Zeplin, Steven Tyler, Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Anthony Keidis of Red Hot chilly Peppers, Bill Wyman, Jimmy Page, Peter Yarrow and the extra inhumane sicko Ian watkins ....all rock stars who have had sex and group sex with minors. Then there are other pop stars like Pee Wee Herman, Rob Lowe, Woody Allen, Andy Dick, Roman Polanski, Don Vito, Subway Jared Fogel, Stephen Collins, James Franco,sicko pervert Paul Gary Glitter Gadd, Remy Gonzales, wrestler Jerry Lawler and your president Donald Trump and his friends Jeffery Epstien, Roy Moore and George Nader.
Noteman Hace 6 meses
Where is Tupac’s killer when you need him. Booboos...useless society.
Baatil Beats
Baatil Beats Hace 6 meses
The only difference between a pimp and a player is the pimp abuses the control. Evolutionary Biology dictates that women prioritize a man who is able to control over the opposite.
MetalRocksMe \m/
MetalRocksMe \m/ Hace 6 meses
He married her so if anything came out she couldn’t testify against him...
M Brr
M Brr Hace 6 meses
His enablers and accomplices were not manipulated into bringing him young girls. The sold their souls for money.
Michelle Harper
Michelle Harper Hace 6 meses
Free Daniel holtzclaw talk about that bs
Go home and get your shine box
No wonder R Kelly always sings in *A-Minor* ....
Anne Wambui Kanyi
Anne Wambui Kanyi Hace 7 meses
Oh boy😥
Aretha Jones
Aretha Jones Hace 7 meses
If the parents were with her all the time like her mother said. She would've been there when Aaliyah married R Kelly. She would've needed her birth certificate also.
Jimmy Mitchell
Jimmy Mitchell Hace 7 meses
Bounce X 10
Na' Desha Enoch
Na' Desha Enoch Hace 7 meses
I just want to say that I'm so happy that there is a host of black men talking about this in a healthy discussion.
Gillian Franklin
Gillian Franklin Hace 7 meses
Anybody and everybody can be programed.
joe gladue
joe gladue Hace 7 meses
I thought black lives matter?this is black on black sexual assaults so who was protecting these young black ladies from this pedophile with power R kelly should face the news own up to his monster ways.what about Drake bringing a 17 year old on stage in Colorado when he was 23 years old what they gonna sweep this under the rug too it's fkn bs Drake has to be accountable for his pedophile actions too let's wake up America and Canada Drake isn't innocent either!
VStarRider Hace 7 meses
Master P is correct. If one of them girls would be my daughter, I would be waiting outside that studio with a couple of Glocks waiting cause they would have to come out sooner or later. Then telling my daughter “I’ll see you in 20 years” or “visit me” cause I would probably be doing life. but she would be free heading home.
Kriss Legrand
Kriss Legrand Hace 7 meses
These people sold their daughters to the devil for millions.... They should have read the contracts very well. Fuck 'em all. R. Kelly is the victim here. Why don't nobody send their daughter to my house? They use their children baits to win a handful of $$$.... For decades we all hear about R. Kelly problem but they never stop sending their kids there. Who they wanna fool? You reap what you sew.
Paul Xheka
Paul Xheka Hace 7 meses
Where does individual responsibility fall in at!!
Gonzo L' enfant Sale
dumb ass people
Regla Valdes
Regla Valdes Hace 7 meses
2019 we need Rkelly locked up and for the key to be thrown away
Dbow H
Dbow H Hace 7 meses
I'm single , looking pon a wife 👍😅
Dbow H
Dbow H Hace 7 meses
The realist talk of heard so far . well done team Liked and subbed
Imhotep &Taharqa ́s Music
Its funny how gossip turns into assumpptions off other peoples stories.
B Will
B Will Hace 7 meses
Right BIG BOY. We now have most of the information at hand at least alledgedly. We never had this before. It was hearsay.....but hey, he can't fool us now.
sweetlikez Hace 7 meses
I love this interview and this discussion. I agree w/ what they're saying.
Together Forever
Together Forever Hace 7 meses
omg! this is too much! he worst than the Devil!
Randy Langille
Randy Langille Hace 7 meses
shittin in a bucket, not being allowed to leave your own room is fucking bat shit crazy
cfitzer Hace 7 meses
Why are we calling these women survivors?? There are some real survivors out here in this world who aint just some opportunistic hoes with buyers remorse.. GTFOH
Kelly kel
Kelly kel Hace 7 meses
Them girls thought RKelly was going to be paying them and tricking on them and letting them run in and out of his house as they please. But they were only paid to do what he wanted them to do and that’s why he didn’t allow them to go out because he didn’t want them talking to other men on his dime. That’s why he was making them wear certain shit and monitoring their phone calls to make sure they wasn’t fucking with other niggas while dealing with him. Plus dressing revealing only attracts other men and he didn’t want them dressing like that at the time because that draws to much attention!!!! Them girls fell in love with him and thought that he was going to end up wifing one of them but he wasn’t attached to any of them. He was just attached to what he wanted and what he was doing to them then after he was done playing and paying them it was on to the next. I think a lot of them got mad and decided to put him and what was going on. Despite the fact that he’s a pedophile who goes after young girls cuz he know he can brain wash the younger girls and they will listen to him. But dealing with a grown ass woman is to much work!!! RKelly has a mind of a child and all I see is pimping, tricking, prostitution gone all the way wrong!!! He still has a sick mind but in this case I think everybody knew what they were doing. Like they say get out your feelings and no money in there. They girls should of just stack they bread n never got into their feelings with him it’s just business it’s never personal. At the end of the day open up a business invest into some property, open up a batter women’s shelter fuck a book we don’t want to hear how you fucked n sucked on RKelly they all in their feelings now they want to take they nigga down. The blueprint of who he is has been written stop it!!! Live & learn from this like most men they gone be where they want to be whether we like it or not!!!!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
DrumMajorSCSU .DrumMajorSCSU
Why are all the radio hip hop stations filled with white host?
Heisenberg Hace 7 meses
MJ next.
He fucked up but if you cant see they fucked up you're fucked up
james white jr.
james white jr. Hace 7 meses
The real brown people don't take ur eye off this mess going on R Kelly ain't non thing compared to what this government about to do to us true brown people of the world Trump is the issue at hand serviving Trump is the one that's gonna make u feel violated.
Zina Joynes
Zina Joynes Hace 7 meses
R Kelly is destroying young girls and we are saying he produces good music. What a society we live in now. Money is power
Pressure Boy Moses
Pressure Boy Moses Hace 7 meses
Why isn't the media and the public addressing and exposing the fact that R Kelly was consistanly raped and molested by a BLACK WOMAN while he was an underage boy? Why isn't these facts in the daily headlines? Why is this fact being publicly ignored and overlooked when it's the root of the problem? Facts only! No opinions please
Annabella Ramirez
Annabella Ramirez Hace 7 meses
Where can I find the documentary about surviving RKelly??..
Yep Hace 7 meses
Tuwanda Noble
Tuwanda Noble Hace 7 meses
My output on R Kelly I think R Kelly may have Dissociate Identity Disorder (DID) ... According to many of the testimonies heard, he seem to have distinct identities, or personality states that alternately take turns controlling him. Also in many diagnosed cases of DID, severe physical and/or sexual abuse, particularly during the person childhood is often involved. Just my opinion ...We all may experience dark forces that we adhere to, pray against, rebuke or indulge in... AND on that note I think our predominate exposures and experiences such as goodness (Godly) or darkness often determines the choice we partake in. To effectively change a behavior, pattern or cycle is to first understand its form. Once that is thoroughly understood, changes in the thought process can be made ultimately changing actions or behavior. With that being said, I think it is imperative that R Kelly, his children along side the women experiencing such abuse get appropriate counseling. Again Just my opinion
PowdaToastFace Killah
I respect big boy but I wanna hear black ppl talk about this
bigDdaddy89 Hace 7 meses
Big boys neighborhood is not the hood it's the barrio holmes
Clinton Stewart
Clinton Stewart Hace 7 meses
The People that are involved in this R. Kelly situation, new about this man long ago, Black people and people in general are more about the controversy and the money than helping or providing solutions. R. Kelly just needs help, why didn't his famly or all the people there were involved with R. Kelly during his come up and prime get him help???
teddy Roberts
teddy Roberts Hace 7 meses
One question for all of this is were was the parents cause I sure they was being pay off and now the money running low they are coming forward they are hippercrets
FONTAINE Hace 7 meses
need more black women in these radio stations
BeastySteven200 lol
BeastySteven200 lol Hace 7 meses
disturbing holy moses no God this is some weird devil things
BeastySteven200 lol
BeastySteven200 lol Hace 7 meses
karma iscomin for he when he goes to jail when i said soon they are gonna puthim some place
BeastySteven200 lol
BeastySteven200 lol Hace 7 meses
sickens your stomach God please help all the victims of his evil malicious manipulative ways!!!!!
BeastySteven200 lol
BeastySteven200 lol Hace 7 meses
i suffer from that where i cant go in the room of course!!!!! i have stories of so so many stories thats just the shii that happened to me pedaphile worst hes going to hell!!!!!! bastard
BeastySteven200 lol
BeastySteven200 lol Hace 7 meses
this is sooooo soooo fn disturbing! exactly!
akataluka songiso
akataluka songiso Hace 7 meses
All you clowns should apologise to R Kelly. If you have any evidence against him then take it to the authorities unlike all this nonsense you are saying on the air. Bums United Against R Kelly! And I'm just listening to more of R Kelly music right now.
L. James
L. James Hace 7 meses
So they couldn't go back to there rooms, but when there touring w/ him throughout the yr at the concerts free to leave, but wont leave. LMAO ALL THIS IS A JOKE. alot of you all have know real intellect or knowledge
Jovaughn Thomas
Jovaughn Thomas Hace 7 meses
Truthfully, I have never seen anything done by big boy before this. Glad to see he is still relevant smh
Wisdom101 Hace 7 meses
The women that was an adult when they hooked up with Kelly I don't feel sorry for them most of the time they just want these rich and famous men to impregnate them so they can get paid seem like kelly was smart didn't get them pregnant now these group's are mad 😠
ric Sosa
ric Sosa Hace 7 meses
Go to Instagram or POF you'll see all these females acting a fool but when these women hook up with a man with money and power
LovingAtlanta Hace 7 meses
🤬He’s a pedophile, child molester, female predator and most certainly a monster. 🤬😡
Leonard Carroll
Leonard Carroll Hace 7 meses
think about it if folks are worried ; f the laws just strap up and roll on your own
Leonard Carroll
Leonard Carroll Hace 7 meses
it's all about money seems somebody got cut off
Leonard Carroll
Leonard Carroll Hace 7 meses
if these folk are so concerned they would have the laws do as they do on drug raid pull a warrant and go in
Jay Roc wit da locs
Jay Roc wit da locs Hace 7 meses
I believe he has done most of these things but please don't be so dismissive as to say how could they get all these women to be on the same page to tear down one man. that can easily be done people manufacture lies and verdicts all day everyday.
Chantelle Tucker
Chantelle Tucker Hace 7 meses
Can't stand when people speak on the mind of other's r Kelly did not force grown people to do nothing they were in a position to say no and blow the lid of this long long time ago
Aseza Msizi
Aseza Msizi Hace 7 meses
Hes got a song out with Usher that sas,same girl and both of them has got herpes, how ironic
Rory Jordan Sr.
Rory Jordan Sr. Hace 7 meses
BDSM !!!!!
TheRealJesus Hace 7 meses
Fucking nounce
kaduffy ripped
kaduffy ripped Hace 7 meses
Where we're the parents..they got paid
Tyra High
Tyra High Hace 7 meses
Them damn sound effects are annoying
VictoriousScorpio Blessed
From the last episode, Asante Mcgee stated, " I would stump for hours to get his attention," but then she got fed up and packed her bags and left. Ok that does not sound like someone who was held against their will. She was also with him for two years before moving in with him in Atlanta. If she did not want to live with R. Kelly she had a choice but she was willing to go. R Kelly seemed to be controlling to the women he had with him and the controlling was a bit over the extreme. In the lyrics of "When we fuck" by tank he states you will end up calling me "Master" ok so they called R. Kelly "Daddy" same in reference of control. I am not condoning sexual abuse or mistreatment of women and yes Black women matter as in all women matter. I am on the outside looking in because it has become a social media massacre.
Douglas Wayne
Douglas Wayne Hace 7 meses
When you become successful dont try to engage with all these girls,them shouldn't come even closer. Get yourself a Kim like Kanye and make more money.
Tee Eff
Tee Eff Hace 7 meses
Has anyone read the eBook written by one of the underage victims, 'Confessions of Daddy's little freak'....That book goes into DETAIL! She didnt leave nothing out! RKelly needs to be locked up he earned every bit of 20+ years The book is like, $3 on ebay - left me like....WTF!
Douglas Wayne
Douglas Wayne Hace 7 meses
Feminism is pathetic. Talking of manipulation you put feminists at the top. R Kelly just a scape goat for the black feminists. They want men to lose their power and respect. Young men take notes, them will take you down.
Tobin Frost
Tobin Frost Hace 7 meses
R Kelly was doing what pimps do. Pimps seduce young girls all the time and manipulate them. They get them when they are young and impressionable.
jan rees
jan rees Hace 7 meses
No 14 year old can "know what they're getting into" and choose statutory rape and being manipulated into giving up their family and friends - that's typical abuser behavior, to isolate the victim so they don't have anyone to rely on except him and it actually doesn't matter how old someone is, they can still be abused, isolated, manipulated and made to feel so worthless that they will be vulnerable enough to do what the abuser wants.
Stephen Barber
Stephen Barber Hace 7 meses
BigBoy ...... shhhhhut up
Cliff  Davis
Cliff Davis Hace 7 meses
Damn this shyt every where. Y'all so invested in what's going on but did do all this when he drop new music tho omg. Bandwagon clout chasing at a all time high. Smdh It's amazing how y'all going with all these girls story about him yet it's girls still with him and y'all giving the team and the girls a pass by saying they victims manipulated brainwashed mind control. When he gave out his number they called. That says a lot. Stop it people and it's two sides of a story. Didn't K Michelle say they on his pay roll they getting paid to be act a certain way same way girls get paid to be but ass naked in a cage hanging from the ceiling of the club or in a money blowing booth dancing everytime people drop money in it at the front of the club. Because it's going on at a rich guy home it's called brainwashing manipulation the girls are victims. Um at certain jobs on the warehouse etc... They want u to ask if u can go to the bathroom they don't it's places that's off limits to employees. Meanwhile the bears left the game to the kicker who missed 10 field goals the whole season. Da bears 🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂
Alexander Coleman
Alexander Coleman Hace 7 meses
One thing I hate about these radio shows, they go with whatever side is majority of how people feel about scandals, just for the sake of their views. I really wish they'll have a somebody to debate from just agreeing with everything. We need that person that can open more questions. Where's the talk about the parents? Why they decided to stay? Where's the cult evidence? If we going to have a discussion, let's have a discussion. Let's talk about how Drea was cheering for her ex husband for the past 3 years, got in a beef with 2 of the victims. Why the girls were together cheering for Kelly in concert? Why Joycelyn family threaten her through intervention? Why one of the victims daughter said she was lying? Yall, I'm not defending R.Kelly, but I'm the type of person that want all the facts. Most of those questions in videos on youtube, look up Joycelyn intervention, the concerts
As a man, he should be thinking like we're thinking. He has a daughter too...reverse the role and just ask yourself is this right. HELL NO, it's NOT
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