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31 may 2020






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SCR33M Hace un año
I didn't mean to click this video, sorry.
kittykittybangbang Hace 23 días
@Drew Gooden Drew you should follow up this video with Camp Rock 2. And how apparently there was 2 versions of Camp Rock 2 that were under the same name.
quinn Hace 25 días
404 replied
chaebabys Hace 25 días
The heck 😭
Joseph Motherson
Joseph Motherson Hace un mes
@Drew Gooden All Hail King Julien
doomer Hace un mes
No worries
Hunter Hace 3 horas
I never thought I’d have so much fun simply watching other people play a dvd game!
Emily Speck
Emily Speck Hace un día
Both a mom and her son gets two character cards and a golden voice each im tired of generational wealth
《 ☆ chaos ♥︎ 》
13:23 what that cat doin?
Devil Fruit Enjoyer
Devil Fruit Enjoyer Hace 4 días
And guy, if you’re out there, rock on Greg
Sera Tonin
Sera Tonin Hace 5 días
*Zune* 👁👄👁
To com fome
To com fome Hace 7 días
1:37 that's what they call an NPC
Void Leech
Void Leech Hace 9 días
“fuck it or suck it” -drew gonzalez, 2007
Mhammad Zaarour
Mhammad Zaarour Hace 10 días
why am i just now finding this channel??
Creeper Invasion
Creeper Invasion Hace 10 días
8:27 I'm 95% sure that's a plot point from The Hate U Give.
John Smitth from California
Breaking news, a low budget movie for kids isn’t Ibsen.
jakey Hace 11 días
amanda calling drew her son is the funniest thing
Logan Renfrow
Logan Renfrow Hace 14 días
This video and these comments are gradually starting to make me feel like a snooty pre-teen/teenager looking down on the people worshipping celebrities all over again.
Ethereal Elf
Ethereal Elf Hace 15 días
11:53 🤣
anna flood
anna flood Hace 15 días
I'm watching on the flip phone LOL
Hannah Werner
Hannah Werner Hace 16 días
I had the Hannah Montana DVD game and the DVD games for the first two High School Musical movies, but I never knew they had a Camp Rock one. Missed opportunity.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Hace 19 días
It is just a music video with more talking.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Hace 19 días
it only came out a decade ago and sucks
Jackie Webb
Jackie Webb Hace 19 días
stop it right now camp rock is iconic
Namjoon's fake laugh
Namjoon's fake laugh Hace 19 días
This was the second video i watched of drew, i thought they were siblings 🤡
Sophia Wahdan
Sophia Wahdan Hace 20 días
Please, Amanda and Drew’s interactions are so nice.
allibeth21 Hace 20 días
As someone who was homeschooled my entire life, HSM always made me a little jealous of what high school was "really" like... Come to find out it was all a lie lol. Also, I think part of the reason that HSM actually wasn't bad was because it was choreographed by Kenny Ortega, the same choreographer who choreographed Newsies the broadway musical, and the dancing in that musical is so so great.
Neeko Is A Cat
Neeko Is A Cat Hace 21 un día
11:49 it sounds like they're doing a ritual...
Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes Hace 22 días
I like to think this is how their date nights go
Emma Tang
Emma Tang Hace 22 días
HSM was my childhood, like it still comes up in my head every 10 minutes. It may make no sense but I love watching it to make fun of it, then belt the songs out. Yea me and that movie have a weird relationship.
Drucilla DeVille
Drucilla DeVille Hace 23 días
My school had all of this but absolutely everyone was too busy with struggling to keep up with extra curriculars and a normal school load to even have school spirit. Nobody cared. Not one could give a whoop whoop.
Skrot Hace 23 días
Hugh Keene Design
Hugh Keene Design Hace 24 días
"you're my guy" made me spit out my milkshake
Utsav Murudi
Utsav Murudi Hace 27 días
You guys should start a family vlog xD
BOSS Certified Productions
I just coughed up a lung laughing so hard lol
Gabby Hace un mes
Saying "High School Musical" is like reverse IDing someone - you say it and some people just leave the room, "Yup, I'm too old for this."
Mads Stokes
Mads Stokes Hace un mes
When I was a kid, my best friend loved Ron Weasley so I had to love Harry Potter. Jokes on her, Harry was the main character.
meme King 217
meme King 217 Hace un mes
I’m watching this video on
Noodle Janus
Noodle Janus Hace un mes
School envy is so true, as an Australian we have uniforms and don't even have clubs or teams. If you wanna do something you gotta find an out of school program
Rammie The Sheep Boi
0:02 🙋🙋
The Celestial Daughter
“What the heck are those two doin in a tree??” Is the only good line Troy’s dad delivers in all 3 movies
nicekid99 Hace un mes
the number one ranking student in my graduating hs class was part of the volleyball team, basketball team, jazz band, and symphony orchestra while also serving as part of the class representatives. being a part of multiple school organizations was common for us so i never understood what the problem was with east high kids.
Darksandwich 390
Darksandwich 390 Hace un mes
2021 1 november
Oggie Krstic
Oggie Krstic Hace un mes
Now that I think about it, there is no plot to the first movie. Many high schoolers are involved in multiple extra curriculars. It's a very forced plot.
Grayson Owens
Grayson Owens Hace un mes
Can't believe I booted up my Zune and this video just immediately started playing.
Dina A
Dina A Hace un mes
E  K
E K Hace un mes
"You're not normal Troy" you're good at dribble ball, you're more important than normal people
Amy Rose
Amy Rose Hace un mes
I had a high school musical DVD game that also came from a thrift store. Yay thrifting
Xylite Tighe
Xylite Tighe Hace un mes
Melanie Sitoy
Melanie Sitoy Hace un mes
Ironically, even though HSM is more popular than Camp Rock, nowadays, The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato is more famous and known than most of the HSM actors except Zac Efron.
Nora Archer
Nora Archer Hace un mes
you guys make me believe in love
Master Markus
Master Markus Hace un mes
11:50 - I just keep replaying that part because Drew ad-libbing "fuck it or suck it" kills me.
Candy Hace un mes
2:00 in and I’m still confused with the plot
Genten Hace un mes
As someone from Utah (where this was filmed), I can confirm that we only have East and West High Schools.
Brooklyn T
Brooklyn T Hace un mes
High School Musical was actually filmed at my high school in Utah, and sorry to disappoint, NO ROOFTOP GARDEN
Tinna Gigja
Tinna Gigja Hace un mes
Extras wandering aimlessly? Maybe have a person be in charge of what each character is supposed to be doing and give the extras some kind of directions.
T3chn0_Games Hace un mes
In the audience at the start where Troy and Gabriella are singing, there's a guy with a huge cowboy hat on
onion man
onion man Hace un mes
5:57 i should call her.
Chibi Cthulhu
Chibi Cthulhu Hace un mes
Apparently my aunt dated the Jonas brothers dad in high school. I don’t know why but I found that so cool as a kid, watching them on Disney channel.
Hace un mes
Why is drew and Amanda so underrated seriously they’re like the better version of every Disney channel couple lol
Augenstern Hace un mes
Lady Revan
Lady Revan Hace un mes
I am a simple woman. I see Amanda on a video? I click.
Lady Revan
Lady Revan Hace 13 días
this is so relatable
Deejay Bombita
Deejay Bombita Hace 13 días
I am a simple man. I see Kevin as a pfp? I like.
Alistair Arehart
Alistair Arehart Hace un mes
11:48 this had me crying XD
Jade Seliger
Jade Seliger Hace un mes
fun fact i went to east high and they’re rival school isn’t west in real life it’s highland
spangle bop
spangle bop Hace un mes
yes danny, I am in fact watching this on my zune.
Dancey Dance dance
Dancey Dance dance Hace un mes
Dancey Dance dance
Dancey Dance dance Hace un mes
They did that end scene in one take
Dancey Dance dance
Dancey Dance dance Hace un mes
My Zune is about to die
Thomas Hamre
Thomas Hamre Hace un mes
N ur second life as your wife "Amanda"?
Thomas Hamre
Thomas Hamre Hace un mes
Does she know about you hella fresh bf n gf?
Paint Panda
Paint Panda Hace un mes
In the musical version it’s a Romeo and Juliet remake called Juliet and Romeo. It’s more of a feminist, musical adaptation I guess? 😅
GamersWorld232 Hace un mes
"May I take your order?"
Silene Calatayud
Silene Calatayud Hace un mes
The only dvd game I ever played was the one at the end of Shrek 2
Dick Strangler
Dick Strangler Hace un mes
Amanda always makes the video so much better :D
Frankie McCabe
Frankie McCabe Hace un mes
“Rock on Kevin” is exactly what I needed to hear today i just didn’t realize it . Thank you
Walternate Hace 2 meses
You should look up East High in real life. It's in Salt Lake City and that's where they filmed much of the film. Definitely not on a beach.
Gabriella Belpre
Gabriella Belpre Hace 2 meses
I’ve been bingeing your channel for weeks. I had no clue you were the road work guy omfg
Ben Wilhite
Ben Wilhite Hace 2 meses
Yo I clicked the like button and he actually turned the pillow around. He's magic.
Leon Kuwata
Leon Kuwata Hace 2 meses
i had to learn the entire "were all in this together" dance for my dance PE class, and my god, that shit took forever
Cape Town Jess
Cape Town Jess Hace un mes
STOP. "HAD TO"?? 😂 I need more information, please.
RatCryptid Hace 2 meses
Camp Rock was easily one of my favourite movies ever as a kid I refuse to accept it wasn't perfect
The Lonely Mustard
The Lonely Mustard Hace 2 meses
It is in fact, mustard time.
India moneke Tramel
India moneke Tramel Hace 2 meses
I tooo was (and still am shh) in love with Joe Jonas 😂🤣
Spellbinding Circle Productions
Laugh all you want, my Zune still works 11 years later
Josh Riley
Josh Riley Hace 2 meses
Sunset Skye
Sunset Skye Hace 2 meses
I unironically adore the first two hsm movies. They were cheesy as hell, not relatable in the slightest, and I love them for it.
Angel of Death
Angel of Death Hace 2 meses
Imagine not having automotive engineering in your high school
yuri Hace 2 meses
I still can't believe I was so obsessed with Camp Rock as a kid that I had a Camp Rock themed 8th birthday party with Camp Rock decorations and a Camp Rock cake where I was gifted Camp Rock bedsheets that I used throughout the entirety of elementary school. I literally slept with Shane Grey's face on a pillowcase for about six years I-
Ccpizza Hace 2 meses
Bro I’m watching on my boost mobile phone
matthew fitzgerald
matthew fitzgerald Hace 2 meses
“they got car class??”
Megan McKinley Amarant
Jokes on you, this game is worth like $50.
Travis Rogers
Travis Rogers Hace 2 meses
Did he really call automotive car class 😂😂😂
Julia Kay
Julia Kay Hace 2 meses
I live in Madison WI. We have an East High School a West High School and LaFollette and Memorial High Schools. Unlikely perhaps, but is a real thing.
Casper Skye
Casper Skye Hace 2 meses
Idk why I'm binging your videos, but anyways, speaking of DVD games, Disney Scene It is pretty great. That is all.
Amanda Hace 2 meses
i know this video is a year old, but there is a high school musical dvd game....
Bri Angel
Bri Angel Hace 2 meses
my high school had an automotive class! we had a demolition derby every year at our school bonfire. sadly the drama department was on a shoestring budget tho :/
Rivers Cuomo
Rivers Cuomo Hace 2 meses
"Wait, there's scouts at this game?" NEED A DISPENSAH HEAH
Alex Daigle
Alex Daigle Hace 2 meses
After watching Breaking Bad its really funny hearing that HSM takes place in ABQ
Anxietywolfie Hace 2 meses
Sorry drew I wasn't listening I was just looking at the cat behind you 😼😅
brynn Termeer
brynn Termeer Hace 2 meses
You legititmelly have to react to high school musical the musical the series. It the most so bad its good movie and Big Red is the pinnacle of comedy. I don't know any of the main charecters names because I only watch the show for Big Red.
Melissa Moonchild
Melissa Moonchild Hace 2 meses
this was shot at my rival highschool, and yes its actually called East highschool
Kate Hace 3 meses
my school actually did a musical of High School Musical. all i have to say is that my schools interpretation was better than the movie.
Rose Hace 3 meses
Never liked Camp Rock ; HSM was a masterpiece of its time.
Eric Melton
Eric Melton Hace 3 meses
Nobody loves kevin. She really took a bullet for her friendship
muth Hace 3 meses
srsly one of the cutest couples (hope that doesn't sound weird or creepy or pervy ?)
I'm old for a ESvid viewer. I know this, I see it with almost all the people I watch. They talk about their nostalgia and their age and how their viewers are mostly younger than they are, and it makes me feel almost like I'm doing something wrong to watch, because I'm not. I know it's silly, too, because if you get to keep on living that's a good thing, probably. And of course I don't want to be one of the people who can't like the art or media or ideas put out by younger people. These movies aren't my nostalgia buttons, like they are for many of you. But it's still pretty cool to see how other people relate to the things that they feel were formative to them.
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