Disney Doesn't Understand Lightsabers

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Star Wars gave us the Lightsaber. Disney threw it away. Why doesn’t Disney understand Star Wars and especially the lightsaber? We all wanted one as a kid, now, not so much. I’ll also show you which movie Rian Johnson copied for the Throne Room scene. It will surprise you. What has Kathleen Kennedy done to Star Wars?
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Thanks to Drunk 3PO for his “Rey” lightsaber photo (check out his ESvid channel)


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25 dic 2018






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Awesomeclean1 [CAB]
Awesomeclean1 [CAB] Hace 12 minutos
You may hate TFA, I get it, but you gotta give it credit for not being as bad as TLJ, hopefully JJ can redeem both himself and Star Wars with the Rise of Skywalker.
Awesomeclean1 [CAB]
Awesomeclean1 [CAB] Hace 10 minutos
Also, at Hollywood Studios, they sell the same Lightsaber for different prices and have different names, like Rey's Saber, Luke and of course Anakin's, but, all that's different is the scratches.
Conner Lindstorm
Conner Lindstorm Hace 33 minutos
Star wars died when disney got a hold of it
KatayokoNoTenshi Hace un hora
I assume Anakin called it a laser sword because that's what George Lucas thinks they're called as of about 1997. "Laser swords" and "gungas" that was the Phantom Menace.
charles kidney
charles kidney Hace 2 horas
Laser sword, light saber. SAME F-ING thing. Don't be so anal.
McNuggerYT Hace 3 horas
The movies have been pretty bad but Solo was so good
Mio B
Mio B Hace 3 horas
The throne room fight scene was awful, but doesn't she just grace the face because she's trying to stay "composed" like on the island where she trains on the rock, she just tries to touch it rather than cutting it in half. Idk im just guessing here. :p
SoundBoy808 Hace 3 horas
Star wars got so bad so quick with the final trilogy that I cant even be bothered to see the last one. And when I was young Star Wars ignited my love for cinema, and I loved the shit out of it. This video really gives a lot of specific reasons why it went to poo, and yes the throne room fight scene was shocking when you look at closely like you did! Hwoever for me it was the utter laziness of the story writing (ie just recycle the old stories again and again) that killed it. The first of the final 3 was literally just the first star wars again. FFS We wait all that time and all that you can do is come up with another fucking death star?
BTW my penis is small But anyway
The thrones room fight scene looked so cool in the cinema but when slowed down I could not stop laughing. The part that got to me was when one of them threw there weapon away in order to die 😂
Vesa Girsen
Vesa Girsen Hace 4 horas
How do you make fun of Star Wars.... This. Shame !
Speed _
Speed _ Hace 5 horas
‘tis but a scratch.
AnkasaurusRex Hace 6 horas
Man... Suck to say but i didn't realise how bad they fucked it up not just lightsabers and everything
Omegaoof !
Omegaoof ! Hace 8 horas
Finn is really strong with force just lacks training
[CGM] Sleo
[CGM] Sleo Hace 9 horas
And they dont spend shit on armor
Francisco Lupercio
Francisco Lupercio Hace 10 horas
The red suits were supposed to be ressitance to sabers
Kevin McQuade
Kevin McQuade Hace 10 horas
Really? Because he hit him worth the lightsaber without killing him? Have you ever heard of purposefully inflicting pain on an enemy? Your channel is so pathetic. Petty petty petty. You’re going to complain about choreography like it wasn’t a joke in the original trilogy.
Vengecroft Company
Vengecroft Company Hace 11 horas
In other news, Disney teams up with R. Kelly and pisses all over the Star Wars franchise.
ArchAngelHeavensAbove Hace 12 horas
Honestly. I don't consider anything after 2014 as canon. Which Lucas hadn't sold out like a bitch to the fuckheads at Disney. Would love if something happened to Disney and they'd go under and have to file bankruptcy.
Squirtle Hvac
Squirtle Hvac Hace 12 horas
Qui gon calm and focused while fighting, same with Obi wan and Luke and anakin. But Rey screams like crazy😂
Super- mat88
Super- mat88 Hace 13 horas
When They fight they have safety on
Adam D
Adam D Hace 15 horas
Rodlan Hace 15 horas
Can we all just declare the sequels as non-canon material that nobody asked for?
Mr.Random Hace 15 horas
South Park was right. We should have let China buy Star Wars.
ArcticCheetah 05
ArcticCheetah 05 Hace 15 horas
Reys lightsaber are you fucking kidding me Disney THATS ANAKINS
Sloppy Joe
Sloppy Joe Hace 16 horas
it was the tip HE USED THE TIP 5:40 it just knicked his back and did u not see the shit that man was hooked up to of course hes now fine he has great medical care stop tryna shit on shit or ill shit on your shit while u shit
Per Dilling
Per Dilling Hace 17 horas
Worst part is that you only scratches the surface of the throne room scene. I have like 10 more atrocious screw-ups on my list. XD
Dude the red knights are the evil witch of the west's guards.
Crypto1234 Hace 19 horas
I think Luke calls it Laser sword because Mark Hamill says that in his mind this is another Luke and another “time line” so He just sneak that line to set the tone of the movie and his mind
Colton Hunt
Colton Hunt Hace 19 horas
this video is so good
Just Saying
Just Saying Hace 19 horas
I’m sad...
TheG.o.a.t Nunez
TheG.o.a.t Nunez Hace 19 horas
Disney needed to just stay away from this and keep its mind on another lion king instead of ruining a trilogy
George Blanchard
George Blanchard Hace 19 horas
You could give that level of analysis/nitpicking to any other saber fight from these movies. Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, the lightsaber just wasn’t long enough in those moments?
Ville Rickardsson
Ville Rickardsson Hace 20 horas
2:44 I'm fucking cying hhahahahahhaha
William H
William H Hace 20 horas
1st point: I imagine all of the "grazing cuts" were more like near-misses with the very tip of the lightsaber, or like a light draw cut. 2nd point: Finn gets his ass beat every time he tries to use a lightsaber. He's definitely not trained but like, it's better than charging someone with a crowbar, right? 3rd point: The armor that those red guards are wearing is a specifically lightsaber resistant material. Highly uncommon hence the royal guard status. More of an old expanded universe lore-thing. 4th point: The Ray training scene was displaying a Type 1 stance which does focus on that kind of "silly" wide arching swing. It's mostly to get a more natural feel of the lightsaber's weight and range. In practical combat some of those "techniques" are actually useful for knocking back an enemies lightsaber with raw kinetic force, since lightsabers do tend to catch and "bite into" one another like you'd expect from a steel weapon. 5th point: When Khylo was fighting Finn, he was more or less just screwing with him. 6th point: No, you're right, the royal guards in the fight scene were acting extremely stupid and could have killed Khylo and Ray a dozen times over if they decided to stop actively trying not to hurt them. The choreography was downright terrible.
John Doe
John Doe Hace 20 horas
Besides General gerivous but even he was highly trained by dooku
Dungeon Boss
Dungeon Boss Hace 20 horas
Hey I liked this video but you got one thing really wrong, Finn wouldn’t bleed because the lightsaber cauterizes the wound. But I do hate those new films and you are otherwise right
ALEKX ENGLISH THEN Hace 21 un hora
Disney fucked up Star Wars forever
Jake Hace 21 un hora
Funny thing is thats how it realted to me
Senor Bentina
Senor Bentina Hace 21 un hora
Disney just fucked up star wars
White_Bizon22 Hace 21 un hora
As pointed out by someone on Reddit they turn Luke’s lightsaber on completely wrong too
FreshStreamFails Hace 22 horas
the prequel fights were so much better
Seb _
Seb _ Hace 22 horas
Why would he call it a laser sword? It’s called sarcasm yo. Also it’s not like Kylo put the whole damn saber through his back. *just the tip baby* this video is just another example of hardcore fake nerds trying way too hard to not like something.
DaemonCaedo1 Hace 22 horas
Even Mark Hamil doesn't really like a lot of the new movies. =\ 11:15 well you can't really compare talent like Ray Park to Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley. It's like they just got frustrated with them and said "Well this is the best we're going to get, we'll have to fix it in editing."
Jason Mills
Jason Mills Hace 22 horas
The Prequels shit on these Disney films
MCA Studios
MCA Studios Hace 23 horas
There are only 3 star wars movies to me.
SurrealSeal Hace un día
This is inspiring! I used to think someone needed talent, insight, or at least some level of originality to have a ESvid presence, but turns out you just need cheap overlay effects, an apparent blindness to completely contradictory arguments, and a willingness to pander. The joke is really on all those fake fans who think you need to waste time examining things, or even think there can be more than a surface level meaning to anything, let alone two sides to an argument. True geniuses always realize that anything that differs from the way they think it should be is just stupid and wrong. That’s all there is to it.
TheVertical92 Hace un día
I dont understand this "its a Lightsaber not a Laser Sword" thing. A Laser IS Light...wtf guys...what you are talking about. I understand that Lightsaber sounds better but technicaly its no difference.
Crit Chance
Crit Chance Hace un día
Idk, i probably dislike the new trilogy as much as you. That first point though, of people only getting injured by lightsabers, did you forget Obiwan with his fight with Dooku got a nick on his thigh in ep2? I agree tho, that throne room scene was kind of bad, but the other extrapolations, lile the lightsaber losing meaning, bit reaching.
ItsTheWeekend Hace un día
Whyyyy???? Rey should’ve been the one with the scar. She had no idea how to use a lightsaber or harness the force.
SWF Hace un día
It’s not Disney that don’t understand them. It’s Lucasfilm.
QuercusNatrix Hace un día
Laughing at all these retards saying "OMG IT'S JUST A MOVIE SHUT UP" Every movie would be a worthless preachy pile of shit if it weren't for people like Robot Head pointing out that there are shit-tons of flaws with how they handled something with so much promise.
jefthereaper Hace un día
"The coolest weapon of all time" up for debate really, I'm more of a nuclear bomb from afar instead of a light-saber up close kind of guy. XD All things aside though, really hate the new movies, never been a huge fan of Star wars overall, but it had a fun aspect to it that I did like, that was taken out by Disney. Heck I wanted this series to become darker and less of a gag, not lighthearted and a walking joke.
dmgbringer Hace un día
And i thought AngryJoe did a good job pointing out all the bad stuff in that fight scene. This is a whole new lvl.
Evan Tessler
Evan Tessler Hace un día
Yo this guy sounds like a total douche. He sounds like the kind of guy who would shame you for not remembering an exact quote from phantom menace. Fuck off just let people enjoy what they want.
3r0kw0n Hace un día
It hurts my fucking soul that the Prequels > Sequels
Discovery Hace un día
Someone has not read the books
impetuousace Hace un día
Kylo was toying with fin the entire time.. i like your video but when you willfully discount things like this throughout tour entire video, your bias really starts to lean on the viewer.
2 Phone
2 Phone Hace un día
The only thing you said that made sense was the disappearing weapon and the stupid fighting, but everything else like Finn using the lightsaber is fine, he is able to use it because he also has the force or is force sensitive. dumbass
Kappa Nanpa
Kappa Nanpa Hace un día
Disney Star Wars feels like some cheap Chinese copy of something you have much-coveted for a long time. The only thing in common with Star Wars is the name
Shelly Ricketts
Shelly Ricketts Hace un día
I Dont Like people Who rants About Movies. Calm down its just a Movie
G80 GZT Hace un día
also remembering how, since lightsabers needed huge battery packs in days of old, they got some new self coil system, which basically meant it was self contained in the little handheld saber stick handle but it constantly wanted to point straight up. forcing itself upward. balancing upright. not anymore....
Orion Wilson
Orion Wilson Hace un día
I totally get everything you're talking about, but if you take a very close look at each trilogy, you'll see that they're all different.
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys Hace un día
Lightsabers are no longer dangerous slice through everything that can only be used by Force users, for Disney it's just a stick to be held in your hand when you don't even use it.
SirMrMcJack Hace un día
This is why I was upset that disney made new films.... if they just had shown the script to a star wars expert (may I call you that?) like you it could have been much better in those scenes. But all in all I‘m glad that Star wars came back.... well.... with cute creatures like the penguin thing to make and sell plushies....
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Thompson Hace un día
2:08 i had that light saber still do
نادر الی راحمان
Do laser pistols also call to people?
Micah English
Micah English Hace un día
He so right though
Me is me not you
Me is me not you Hace un día
Anikans lightsaber had a button
Jon Thunder
Jon Thunder Hace un día
Light saber and laser sword are basically the same shit stop bitching retarded ass ESvidr wanna be
Lu do
Lu do Hace un día
Jedi can use the a mind trick to confuse the enemy. So in the throne room maby they use a mind trick.
Kenneth Stephens
Kenneth Stephens Hace un día
What a great video to run across lol
Lu do
Lu do Hace un día
stupid vid. A lightsaber cuts meat. But only where the saber hits the meat. So if only the top say 1cm hit somebody they will have a wound that is 1 cm deep. And yes u can survive this.
fasterthan trite
fasterthan trite Hace un día
prequel fanboys love sand lol
Cade Thumann
Cade Thumann Hace un día
To be fair about Kylo's first fight with Rey and Finn, wasn't he wounded by Chewie's powerful crossbow?
Nathan Lacam
Nathan Lacam Hace un día
7:05 Are we not gonna talk about the Reylo art? 7:07 is *DEMONETIZATION* !!!
Blue Planet
Blue Planet Hace un día
A moments silence please for all the sci-fi franchises we've lost over recent years. Doctor Who. Star Trek. Star Wars... R.I.P.
JunkDNA Reviews
JunkDNA Reviews Hace un día
I fucking love this video. I hate the last Jedi.
Nigward Hace un día
Wait... those red guards, ain't those elites that are trained as soon as they can stand? Shouldn't they be on a Jedi/ Sith combat lvl, if not stronger?
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski Hace un día
I could have written a better movie and directed it better too. It is a suck ass movie but I'm not sure how low on the totem I would put it compared to the other movies in the STU
EMinc Hace un día
Disney turned lightsabers into pompoms.. Truth is it happened way before Disney bought Star Wars, mostly due to merchandising I thunk.
Herlitz Art Studio
Herlitz Art Studio Hace un día
Episode VIII reminds me of Highlander II... Highlander survived the renegade version, hopefully Star Wars too; it all depends on this last film.
Han Yolo
Han Yolo Hace un día
Fight scenes with alot of people attacking one or two guys are hard to do. Same thing with the "tower of joy" fight from game of thrones. Horrible choreo, the whole fight is based on the "everyone waits their turn to attack so the main character can defend himself"-scheme.
Garrett Gates
Garrett Gates Hace un día
Garrett Gates
Garrett Gates Hace un día
Luke called it a laser sword to show how ridiculous that sounded. He then later “faced” down the first order as a distracted him and he wasn’t actually there. And kylo is teasing him and he didn’t even cut that deep. Neither did Rey. And KYLO WAS SHOT WITH A GUN THAT SENDS STORMTROOPERS FLYING!! Luke is also an old man who can’t do much. And how could someone hate the throne room scene. And yeah it’s not practical but not many scenes are. And she didn’t cut deep again.
Manuel Arturo Gomez Morales
Acorrding to KK, Ray can do all that and more cause she is a woman. and if you don´t agree you are a misogenist, end of story. Fuck Disney.
Nerdly Reviews
Nerdly Reviews Hace 2 días
A lightsaber is a lightsaber, all are awesome. And yes while Anakains lightsaber is hard to believe that they found it, this is a universe where you have to suspend reality. Like the reality of battle droids is that they are really interesting in the clone wars show, but in the movies they suck. And yes the cgi is different it’s still Star Wars. Epic fights, awesome characters. And if you want to nit pick then let’s nit pick Spider-Man 3 Peter finds his engagement ring in the AIR at NIGHT falling off a building. Also the planet under cloud city has a surface, there could be people down there that found the lightsaber bought and sold it over and over till it ended up where we found it.
Wayne Starkey
Wayne Starkey Hace 2 días
Disney also wants to destroy the image and mystique of the lightsabre because some view it as a symbol of masculinity or 'maleness'. Which has to be destroyed for it to be more universal. That's why in STAR WARS REBELS you are getting the Sith Inquisitors using lightsabres as helicopter propellers and flying through the air with them rotating around in a circle. Its to destroy the lightsabre and its symbolic meaning.
Allen Valentine
Allen Valentine Hace 2 días
Really?! You really think this proves anything,what a joke!
Why’s It That
Why’s It That Hace 2 días
I don’t understand how people think the new films “ruined” lightsabers when we saw a robot lizard man, who had no connection to the force whatsoever, spin four of them like they were airplane propellers. How does something like that carry the same weight as a samurai-like Luke holding his sword with subtlety and grace in TLJ? Also I don’t think anyone can compare the dialogue of the Crait fight to literally any scene, let alone fight, from the Prequels and say it’s somehow worse than those.
Forgotten Legacy
Forgotten Legacy Hace 2 días
What is the song at the beginning
Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance Hace 2 días
She doesn’t even activate it correctly. That wasn’t the power button!!!! 🤦‍♂️
Ches Hace 2 días
Are you the creator of light sabers
Haris Simeonidis
Haris Simeonidis Hace 2 días
If you haven't seen the star wars ix trailer it shows kylo striking a guy with his lightsaber but the lightsaber doesn't even cut through the guy it just makes him fall it is just ridiculous.
Louis Gehrt-Stoehr
Louis Gehrt-Stoehr Hace 2 días
i feel like star wars fans are like hip hop old heads like we get that the new shit isn’t perfect but hop tf off man
marticon666 Hace 2 días
They also got rid of the expanded universe so they could make this shit stain of a movie series. Best part of Rogue One was the Vader scene and it's the movie where they got light sabers and the force right.
shaun snow
shaun snow Hace 2 días
Man this is a lot of man baby tears.
The Gaming Mafia
The Gaming Mafia Hace 2 días
I think Luke called it a lazer sword to emphasize his point is all. Lazer sword sounds more cartoony and more like some hero in a legend wielding a great lazer sword.
Jaycob Moreno
Jaycob Moreno Hace 2 días
this just pisses me off
Droid96 Hace 2 días
Finn had his stormtrooper training, Kylo was injured, Luke was making a joke by saying laser sword, and if it’s a sword why can’t it scratch.
SunlightDivisor Hace 2 días
SJWs will ruin everything you love!
SPhilly Fanatic
SPhilly Fanatic Hace 2 días
“Is that a laser sword Johnny? No it’s a lightsaber you stupid fuck, this is why no one likes you!” I ctfu every fucking time i play that over and over 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 love your video content good good shit!!!!
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