Disney Doesn't Understand Lightsabers

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Star Wars gave us the Lightsaber. Disney threw it away. Why doesn’t Disney understand Star Wars and especially the lightsaber? We all wanted one as a kid, now, not so much. I’ll also show you which movie Rian Johnson copied for the Throne Room scene. It will surprise you. What has Kathleen Kennedy done to Star Wars?
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Thanks to Drunk 3PO for his “Rey” lightsaber photo (check out his ESvid channel)


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25 dic 2018

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Dominik Pukos
Dominik Pukos Hace 3 horas
Disney made me miss Jar Jar Binks.
Zachary Dimmick
Zachary Dimmick Hace 6 horas
My parents don’t understand why Disney starwars is terrible
BlueSpirit 29
BlueSpirit 29 Hace 7 horas
All I ask for is consistency. If you have a problem with the inconsistent “limb chopping capabilities” of lightsabers in the sequels, then you must have the same problem when it occurs in the prequels and OT. Because the same exact inconsistency exists. Here are a few some examples: Anakin’s frenzy on the sandpeople in AotC. Decapitates one but the other dies without even being cut. Literally within the same second. Padawan who protects Bail Organa RotS. Cuts through at least 3 clones but does not dismember them when he clearly should have. All the Jedi Anakin killed at the temple during order 66 RotS and all the 501st clones. No dismemberments when their should be. Anakin killing Nute Gunray on Mustafar RotS. Should have cut him in half but only slightly cuts him across the chest. That’s just a few examples from the prequels. From the OT just watch the entire Jabba’s sail barge scene from RotJ. Best example I can point to. Lightsabers have ALWAYS been inconsistent. Since that is the case, then if you have that critique or opinion on the sequels you need to be consistent with that towards the prequels and OT. All I ask is for consistency.
WenHong Liu
WenHong Liu Hace 10 horas
general grievious isnt a force user
Jimmy Leahy
Jimmy Leahy Hace 11 horas
I see the prequels as literal masterpieces compared to these soulless fucking cash grab pieces of shit. Instead of a rise of Luke Skywalker we need The rise of George Lucas.
AssassinoJaxon Hace 14 horas
So, what lightsaber does Rey use in the last movie?
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Hace 14 horas
In the words of general grievous, Your lightsabers will make a pathetic addition to my collection.
Oscar Does
Oscar Does Hace 14 horas
Luke is mocking the jedi when he said lazer sword Also kylo was being cocky with finn And have you seen the lenght of the lightsabers when he hit finn in the back and kylos face But the throne room scene is stupid
Oscar Does
Oscar Does Hace 9 horas
@bigmoney4635 you think he gives a shit and compared to finn kylo would just toy with him thats how at the end he easily disarmed finn now dont try and correct me
bigmoney4635 Hace 10 horas
Oscar Does being cocky while the planet is crumbling around him? Sounds like a great strategy
Broski Hace 17 horas
In defense of the one clip at 5:34, the saber didn't dig in deep enough to leave Fin in two nor did it slice him from his ass to head but it should've killed him from the looks of the position. **I do not defend Disney in (almost) anyway when it comes to Star Wars**
RAGING a lot
RAGING a lot Hace 17 horas
i agree with you but we can clearly see in AOTC obi wan getting slit by a lightsaber
TheBrickGuy7939 Hace 18 horas
The Battle Of Naboo was better than Crait.
bigmoney4635 Hace 10 horas
TheBrickGuy7939 Crait wasn’t even a battle. It was a total shitshow. Followed by the worst excuse for a duel in Star Wars history whilst cleverly ripping off Escape from LA
Crew Paul
Crew Paul Hace 21 un hora
I've never watched the new Star Wars films... After watching the trailer a few years ago and getting so excited when the Millennium Falcon blasted up into the sky, I just thought it can't get any better than that. I kinda knew then that they'd f*** it up, since all the bloodthirsty pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean weren't really that bloodthirsty. Plus after all the negative reviews I'm glad I gave them a miss, because my childhood view of the Star Wars universe is still intact... even after watching the prequels.👍subscribed
sins Hace 23 horas
Just noticed You're an exo....neat
MaxUnity Groups
MaxUnity Groups Hace un día
According to what they can do and how they look when staring down their point they are indeed "Plasma Epee's"....I'm just so sure of this, as they are most definitely not "Solar Kriss's". This type of blade(sadly? or better Homagely?) has become common place in Star Wars spin offs, other space like movies, FanFictions and Anime. Finn like some others might have latent force abilities, and some of those strikes might not have been deep, other than that Spot On Mate.
John Adams
John Adams Hace un día
I have zero interest in seeing the next one. The greatest indicator that they are doing a horrible job
Felix Abrahamsson
Felix Abrahamsson Hace un día
asddasasdful Hace un día
The company that makes cartoons for children does not understand weapons that are prone to dismemberment...gee :p
matthman 2018
matthman 2018 Hace un día
Something tells me that you hate The Last Jedi...
CRAZYD4VE87 Hace un día
2:05 I have that blue one lol
burt panzer
burt panzer Hace un día
I thought SOLO was going to suck donkeys... but it didn't, it was good. I even liked the one character I thought I'd hate, yep, L3.
Q.H.S Hace un día
This is why you don’t run anything into the ground
Jacob Garz
Jacob Garz Hace un día
Prequels: No one likes us. Kathleen Kennedy: Hold my green alien milk.
zbrown02 Hace 38 minutos
Jacob Garz still hate the prequels more.
JASON P.  Roberts
JASON P. Roberts Hace un día
So true
The Great Skink Priest
Dude you sound like Ben Mendelsohn.
witch blade
witch blade Hace un día
Thank You for pointing out all the fuckery it saves me time explaining it to the retards I'll send them here to learn
Alberto Hernández Colón
I read a stupid note earlier today stating that we hate the new movies because we are "sexist" but I'm pretty sure that titanium back spine dumb ex storm trooper is male.
Sandor Clegane
Sandor Clegane Hace un día
10:30 Arya Stark copied that move. 😂
Chef C
Chef C Hace un día
I agreed up until your biased view on Finns Injury. Not only was that painful and nasty looking for a Disney film but it was pretty accurate. Idk how familiar you are with injuries, A back slash and cutting off limbs are two whole different things man. They showed the deep laceration in his back as well as his skin and clothes being shredded by the saber.
UchihaYT Vlogs
UchihaYT Vlogs Hace un día
100% agreed. Mark Hamill warned us
Fabio Westpfahl
Fabio Westpfahl Hace un día
I hate disney
demonweber666 Hace un día
Vader chucked his saber,and a whole fuckin section of scaffolding came down! Qui Gonn pushed his saber through 18 inches of blast door! But now they just scratch.smh
"This is how the SWU dies, With Disney taking over"
Rook013 Hace un día
Now, we can make the argument that, outside of the movies, lightsabers have been used my multiple non-jedi/sith and can just leave such limited injuries. Granted, every non-jedi/sith that i am aware of that has used one is a badass, like Boba Fett in Legends, and not just fucking someone up would take a lot of precise intent........okay, maybe not the best argument in Disney's defense. As for the visions, that's normal for force items......but then why did she see her own life in the visions....GDI Disney, I'm trying to help you out.
tullyDT Hace un día
I agree with nearly every point you make, but in all fairness when Finn got slashed in the back he only got hit with the tip of it, like when Dooku cut Obi Wan's shoulder and leg in Episode II
PokeZelda Kart
PokeZelda Kart Hace un día
I’m sad that the only good movies in the most popular franchise ever were the first three movies and the rest could have been directed better by a four year old
BossFighter832 Hace un día
FUCK DISNEY! In the 20th century before they became a world- owning horrible capitalist corporation, they actually did good stuff. How the mighty have fallen
InsideSpoiled Hace un día
I'm a bit confused. You say Disney doesn't understand lightsabers but this wasn't a new thing. In Return of the Jedi (1983) the scene when luke was slashing his lightsaber at Jabba's henchmen it didn't fully take their limbs off instead it did the same thing that this film you critiqued on.
cdk2309 Hace un día
2:45 is that a laser sword johnny? no its a light saber you stupid fuck. bwahahaha lol
Starlesslemon Hace un día
The thrown room scene looked so good because the rest of the movie was so terribly trash
Zachary Hutchison
Zachary Hutchison Hace un día
You're right, lightsabers would be incredibly dangerous to use if you've never trained with one. *This guarantees nothing.* You said it yourself, there is precedent for the fact that anyone *can* use a lightsaber (in the OT no less.) It doesn't require the force to ignite = anyone can use it. Furthermore, every case it was used in the ST were situations it would have been *stupid* not to. "Well I have this lightsaber, but I'm not trained to use it. Guess I'll just die." Now, I don't like TLJ by any means. There's more than enough worth criticizing. When it comes to this particular point in the lightsaber argument though, you're just lending credibility to Rian Johnson: this *is* a manbaby argument.
RearAdmiralTootToot Hace un día
It's cuz his lightsaber was set on stun mode... dumby
Alec Gregory
Alec Gregory Hace un día
Luke calls it a Laser sword because he is mocking Rey... no other reason just that
dancing music
dancing music Hace 2 días
No one: Disney: I'm about to end LIGHTSABER'S whole career
Cinema Games
Cinema Games Hace 2 días
Um if that is Rey's Lightsaber, why was this older than the actress that played her?
Yoeri Adrian van Esseveld
They should hire ACTUAL script supervisors .... and get them from youtube! ESvid has the best script/movie logic analysts.
TheRokkis Hace 2 días
Maybe Disney understood that saber has a curved blade and just corrected the mistake made centuries ago ;) There's also vibroblade presented in Star Wars universe, it can block lightsaber, so having a trooper with something that can block lightsaber is nothing weird really. Also having a freaking hot thingy hit you doesn't throw blood around, the blood vaporizes. If you only hit with the tip you're not going to slice anyone in half. Also is it really so weird that even a lightsaber can make a scratch and not instakill on every hit? The movies never were about flying limbs, sure Disney toned them down from previous ones, but I don't really see any problem of having les splattery movies, imo it doesn't bring any extra value to the movie anyway. In the previous movies it was to make a point about lightsabers and add drama, not because it's fun to see separated body parts, in the later ones it simply wasn't even needed anymore. I didn't like the Disney Star Wars movies much and I don't like the term light sword, it's saber because it sounds cooler and so it should be. But points you made and I went over don't really hold up if you take a closer look. I get the feeling it's not even all about these "mistakes" you pointed out but a little bit of disappointment and grudge you wanted to vent out.
EVIL Co. Hace 2 días
Nikola Tesla's _Death Ray_ is the coolest weapon ever, the lightsaber comes in 2nd.
CornDogZ Animation
CornDogZ Animation Hace 2 días
Title of the video: "Disney Doesn't Understand Lightsabers" Disney: "Oh yeah?" *Releases Starwars Galaxy's edge Disneyland*
Aris Hace 2 días
Gosh last Jedi is so fucking retarded
A TheGreat
A TheGreat Hace 2 días
A TheGreat
A TheGreat Hace 2 días
Great video!
MrSmitheroons Hace 2 días
The new trilogy takes a completely different direction. For artistic reasons, certain things have changed. As far as I can see, they're trying to tell a story about individual, regular people, and how they fit into these intergalactic stories. As such, there's a lot more mundanity contrasted with the weapons and firepower. There's a lot of, "so what about these fancy technologies, I'm just a regular person." And, "Why should I stop being my humble old self from before, now that this whiz-bang technology is in my hand?" It lacks the thematic strength of the original three movies, but is able to explore more "regular people" feelings and experiences. For this to happen, firepower and tech has to have less impact/weight, and regular people stuff needs to be more important, such as communication and decision-making in the moment. Furthermore, people need to be able to try, fail, and get back up. Being hit with a lightsaber makes it hard to fail and learn... if you die. So they've become a bit less lethal. I think this is an unusual choice for Star Wars, and doesn't play to the existing strengths of the first three movies. But they have a chance to tread new territory and tell a different kind of story. If they can fully embrace that and take more risks to make the new direction pay off, then it could all be worthwhile. I'm sad they don't make bug swings like that, but I appreciate that they're doing something new, anyways. Your critiques would be relevant if they wanted to make three more movies following religiously from the original trilogy. But I think it's clear enough they did not try to do that. They are going somewhere else. It's not worse strictly because they changed the meaning of the lightsabers. It's only worse if their new choices don't lead anywhere. You can argue that the new directions don't work out, but I think heeding your analysis would be too constraining for a new trilogy to be made fitting with it.
Dominick Follano
Dominick Follano Hace 2 días
And this is why I don't count the new trilogy as canon in my mind.
Adriel Lamas
Adriel Lamas Hace 2 días
Theres always legends canon
Phylicia Bozzi
Phylicia Bozzi Hace 2 días
Somebody spends way too much time noticing this stuff, but I see your point.
Phylicia Bozzi
Phylicia Bozzi Hace 2 días
See now, I thought star wars was supposed to be about Anakin. 1 - 6. He's good. (1 - 2...ish). He's evil (2-5) and his redemption (6). Then they have all this other crap with his son and grandson Ben who cannot mimic his grandfather as he wants. The only things I like about the later star wars movies is Rey. Female with a lightsaber. It's about freaking time. Regardless of how stupid the choreography is or whatever, blah blah blah, I'm glad there is a female lead with a lightsaber. GIRL POWER! I didn't like Rogue One because it was boring as hell. 2 hours that could have been put into 1 hour. The only good part was the ending with Vader and Leia with the Death Star plans. What I thought was stupid was how EASY it was for Ben to kill Snoke. I mean, isn't Snoke supposed to be this powerful General/Emperor-like guy, not so easy to kill? Then with the slight force and stab of a lightsaber...DEAD. If he were really good, he would have had a premonition of that happening or something.
Phylicia Bozzi
Phylicia Bozzi Hace 2 días
Luke called the lightsaber a "laser sword" in one of the Disney movies. I'm surprised. I thought he would call it a lightsaber.
SN1P3RW01F Hace 2 días
Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.
Mason Stone
Mason Stone Hace 2 días
When this dude calls Kylo a Jedi 😂
North Land Reactors
North Land Reactors Hace 2 días
i was alright with everything but i have concerns on if he knows style cluster choreograph fights. like the one he judges from TLJ. all of the things he marks can be explained very easily and realistically. I also do doubt he reads the comics and or books because of his light saber damage comments. however, the rest of the video i can say is pretty spot on correct.
h h
h h Hace 2 días
Ur a loser that can’t move on from his childhood. Go take shower.
O.T. Rules
O.T. Rules Hace 2 días
Disney doesn't understand Sta Wars period
EricTheKartoonKing Hace 2 días
This is the stupidest, most whiney thing I've ever seen.
James Lawrence
James Lawrence Hace 2 días
Drop some nerd whining on youtube and thousands of likes from the other 0.00003% of the world population are BOUND to follow. lol ffs you people need to shave, shower, and go shit or something...
KroqueJa Hace 2 días
I agree with all your points, but - is it "The fights are more about emotional weight" or "Just walk up and grab it"?
Dantes Blood
Dantes Blood Hace 2 días
The star wars where Anakin is young is way better then this horrible prequals!!!👎👎👎👎these new star wars movies that JJ Abrams is making are garbage🚮🚮
bl4ze91 Hace 2 días
But yeah the new Disney movies are more comedy bull*hit than real Star Wars movies.
LUCKY Yee Hace 2 días
Adriel Lamas
Adriel Lamas Hace 2 días
Lucas did It like a lot
bl4ze91 Hace 2 días
Okay, a saber is in german language a "Säbel" but also a "Schwert" what means a light sword and light saber are both called "LICHTSCHWERT" in german language. Nobody would say "LICHTSÄBEL" lol..
bl4ze91 Hace 2 días
@Master Yoda True
Master Yoda
Master Yoda Hace 2 días
A saber is a type of sword.
Jygako Hace 2 días
brandon McCall
brandon McCall Hace 2 días
Rogue one is the only really good Star Wars movie out of the new ones, change my mind
Paul Raines
Paul Raines Hace un día
What, you want one of us to hit you over the head with a hammer and lie to you?
Weezy’s Official
Weezy’s Official Hace 2 días
Wow i never noticed all that trash in the throne room
Matthew Stueber
Matthew Stueber Hace 3 días
I like how the one comment on the bottom left at 2:00 is complaining about no gay representation and how they are discriminated against for even existing when life in America (probably where he is from) is now catering to any “minority group” like crazy😂 some people have to stop complaining and realize that Star Wars isn’t about making people feel represented in their sexuality rather make an *action* movie with a good story. Not playing identity politics.
Vitaminh D
Vitaminh D Hace 3 días
Is this why the new Star Wars video game has the same issues with lightsabers? No dismemberment and no decapitating heads off.
Zeevrn Hace 3 días
Women can’t write Star Wars
irfan ismail
irfan ismail Hace 3 días
Annnnnnnnnd u just earn yourself a sub :)
aus Tintacious
aus Tintacious Hace 3 días
3:14 lol
ST Piano
ST Piano Hace 3 días
Remember when qui gan got rekted
ST Piano
ST Piano Hace 3 días
Glancing blows exist
ST Piano
ST Piano Hace 3 días
Robot head doesn't understand dramatic irony
Red knight45
Red knight45 Hace 3 días
see? damn you disney
Justin B
Justin B Hace 3 días
Light sabre. SAS squadrons are Sabre Squadrons not saber. Called English.
Ethan Jimenez
Ethan Jimenez Hace 3 días
There is literally no difference it's where you're from, so stop nitpicking and stop being a twat.
Clayton Ray Randell
Clayton Ray Randell Hace 3 días
"Laser sword" is something a naive kid would say. I figured Luke was getting a dig in at Rey's childish hero worship. And Kylo was not trying to kill Rey. He wanted to convert her. Chopping Fin in half wouldn't endear him to Rey.
Kyle Swenson
Kyle Swenson Hace 3 días
Disney almost ruined Star Wars for me. They definitely don't do movies very well. There is still hope. They do pretty did pretty well with the animated cartoon Star Wars Rebels. Maybe the people who work on the animated series should be directing the movies?
chitlika Hace 3 días
Disney__fucking up everything they touch ever since Walts death
TheBrickGuy7939 Hace 18 horas
Wait until David and Dan show up in Star Wars after the atrocious GoT season 8.
Phobos Anomaly
Phobos Anomaly Hace 3 días
You sound like a crying baby, dude. "Waaah! There are powerful women in the new movies! I don't like that and so I'm going to nitpick everything to death! Waaaaah!" Fucking pathetic.
Phobos Anomaly
Phobos Anomaly Hace 3 días
What a bunch of bullshit. Crawl back into your hole, salty hater.
Rhett Hoffer
Rhett Hoffer Hace 3 días
Wow, I hate this video.
xVxFreshxVx Hace 3 días
Little Tony
Little Tony Hace 3 días
They don't care. It's a cash cow and they are bringing new generations of fans.. I honestly haven't seen any of the new ones cuz. Well, Disney... lol
Firebrand Hace 3 días
Well George himself used to call is a laser sword, ALL THE TIME, lol...
Firebrand Hace 3 días
@Rickedy Split I know... still, George called them laser swords on numerous occasions throughout the years.
Rickedy Split
Rickedy Split Hace 3 días
In the movies they're called lightsabers, they're called that all the damn time. The term "laser sword" sounds generic, bland and something that a person who has never seen a lightsaber before (like young Anakin).
Ian Simpson
Ian Simpson Hace 3 días
I have to say. The slightest cut shouldn't go 100% through. Use your depth analysis.
R Butterwick
R Butterwick Hace 2 días
We are only shwon kylos in the film
R Butterwick
R Butterwick Hace 2 días
Yes but the choreography should be intended on the siths side to go for lethal blows. Also besides that even the cuts we see should leave permanent scars.
Team SMSD Hace 3 días
Big oof.
Lok783 Hace 3 días
I believe Disney's contract with Lucas films was limited usage of the original characters therefore Disney in order to make it thier own franchise was forced to kill off the characters from the original cast, however one can write missing in action and still end the use of the characters without committing massive charactercide and alienating the fans of the original. It's tragic to kill off one or two characters, an actor may not wish to return to the role, but Disney wiped them all out, including Luke, which they ghosted. So then Disney creates a marysue character Rey who's more powerful then jesus with a light saber, kills snoke we were led to believe was some bad ass sith Lord and they hire a dopey actor for Kyle Solo who has no intimidation appeal. Disney just does not understand star wars And Lea flying around in space on a crack trip, how prophetic that was, and a waste of film.
Sparrow Song
Sparrow Song Hace 4 días
Dark O-man
Dark O-man Hace 4 días
I would have forgiven the film I think if luke had not died pointlessly or had ya know, actually been on the salt planet and instead of being a ghost, he had force blocked all the blasts at him then sent them back to the warmachines and then fought kylo one on one, apologising and saying how he was wrong and how Snoke was poisioning kylo and take it from there
Laks Hace 4 días
10:22 he could've killed her instantly with his second "dagger"
JCM Hace un día
Laks Yes then 5 seconds later it’s gone dumb fuck
Laks Hace un día
@Stormfox but he still had his dagger at 10:22
Stormfox Hace un día
Well, he could not have because his second "dagger" vanished into thin air, remember?
OTF_Jet Hace 4 días
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Hace 4 días
Does nobody remember when Luke hit Vader in the shoulder with his lightsaber? Did Vader get cut in half by that? No! But I get it: Being a negative cunt gets views, so you do your thing, man. But if you were honest with yourself you'd know that George Lucas didn't ruin Star Wars and Disney isn't ruining Star Wars... What ruined Star Wars? Star Wars fans!
Michael Beasley
Michael Beasley Hace 4 días
Matthew Curlee
Matthew Curlee Hace 4 días
No one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans...
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Hace 4 días
Disney makes the lightsaber anything they WANT it to be but this is the end-result when you have to accomodate a Mary Sue character.
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